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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 17-Feb-2008 10:02am

You ask if there are any side effects? YES, THERE ARE: your wallet will shrink, and you will look like an idiot for thinking a pill will accomplish the same as exercise and good eating habits.
posted 20-Feb-2008 8:28pm

I purchased this from TV. Did what directions said to and chose to cut portions of meals. Lost no weight and had horrible stomach cramps!
posted 22-Feb-2008 5:08am

In my opinion, I think it's sad that we all have to think we HAVE to lose weight! I believe that if you realize who you are on the inside and learn to love the person you are, then the outside will not be such a challenge. Isn't it sad that we live in a world where we judge each other for the way we look? If you close your eyes and stand in front of a person and get to know them for who they are on the inside, and you open your eyes and see someone you didn't wouldn't matter that much..would it?
posted 22-Feb-2008 5:12am

And think about this...all of us are typing and we are all different people, but we are socializing with one another. Would you talk to the person you were typing to in a public place?
posted 22-Feb-2008 5:19am

Anywayz...I started taking Lipozene 11 days ago today and I have already lost 7 pounds. I am taking the 6 pill maximum and drinking a glass of water 3 times a day as I take each dose , 30min before my meal..which I didn't change. I eat normal stuff..pasta, veggies, a candy bar or two..even my Pepsi. I only exercise 2 times a week. It worked for me, but I honestly think it depends on how much fiber you already eat, including the fiber in these pills. People are different..bodies are different. Thank God we all don't look like a group of ants...all the same.
posted 26-Feb-2008 3:45pm

Well, I got back in the gym because my schedule is so hectic, that I needed more energy. I eat 5 small meals a day, don't eat after 7pm, and if i do get hungry after 7, i may eat an apple or light snack, I cut out the sodas, drink PLENTY of water, and that is the key when you are taking fiber pills, its very important to drink lots of water, because if you don't you won't see the inches/pounds go away. I also exercise at least 3-4 times a week, about 30-45 minutes each time. I have curves, and I don't want to be a stick figure, however, the exercising has boosted my metabolism, and I have more energy, and the inches are coming off. And it is true, when you are exercising you build muscle, so your weight may not seem like its going down at first, but trust me, if you are working out, you are losing some inches, as you lose inches first, then the lbs. But changing what you eat helps a whole lot, and I don't do diets, I just eat in moderation, and I eat a lot of greens, few carbs (needed for energy) and alot of protein. I am also taking Green Tea pills as well, and Colon cleansers are good to use. But again you have to drink PLENTY of water with these pills, which doesn't hurt at all.
posted 26-Feb-2008 4:02pm

Oh, and btw, in addition to my comment above, I did a search on Lipozene, and they said the main ingredient for the weight loss is called Glucomannan, which is MUCH cheaper than Lipozene itself. I just brought some for $3.87 off of This is a fiber, so again, drink plenty of water.
posted 27-Feb-2008 4:45pm

I wonder if those hwo say lipozene works, are'nt working for the company ? And they just say so to save their, so the peapole would continue to buy the product, it's not like the wonder advertisement on tv but it does help them even a little bit
posted 7-Mar-2008 9:42pm

I have been takin this for about a month now and it has not worked worth S***. It has only caused me to have really bad stomach craps, gas, and it has made me really backed up to the point that I'm bleeding I STOPED TAKIN IT!!! There has to be a better way then this. Please dont take these pills it will cause you nothing but a lighter wallet and a lot of pain.
posted 11-Mar-2008 12:09am

different people have different reactions
posted 11-Mar-2008 12:26am

I am 19 and a freshman at college and I have recently gained weight because of eatting from staying inside, and its gotten harder to work out from doing homework and having class only 5min walk away. Right now im on HydroxyCut but im looking for something stronger and considering using this product. I wiehged 150 and now 175! I hate it and im desperate!
posted 14-Mar-2008 1:55pm

Dear Freshman,
It is easier to gain it than it is to lose it. If you just don't have the extra time to walk, you can do squats while reading a book, lay on the floor when you do homework and leg lifts. Get rid of all junk food and stop drinking any and all soda! Drink water, and lots of it. Buy some healthier snacks and keep them nearby when you study or are rushing to a class...protien is key. The mention of a diet, I gain weight. I decided to not diet but to be healthier. I eat six times a day, drink more water than I want to and quit weighing myself every other day. I've lost more weight this way than I ever have. I also had to make a chart with things like water, fruit, fish (once a week), as a constant reminder of what my daily goal is. It is much easier and works. Everybody is different, it's trial and error; you just have to figure out what works for you. Hang in there! You can do it :o)
posted 17-Mar-2008 12:17am

I have a question i was wondering if lipozene does anything to your body if you have sugar or high blood presure?
posted 17-Mar-2008 1:02am

posted 19-Mar-2008 2:18am

Today I started taking Lipozene, I will log my results as well as take pictures. if all goes well with a sensible diet, exercise and water, this will I hope assist me. Be aware it's important to take a multivitamin supplement, b/c the fiber that this pill has tends to block out the absorption of those important minerals... so take a multi-vit.

posted 20-Mar-2008 7:33pm

can lipozene make u test positive on a pregnancy test?
posted 24-Mar-2008 3:57pm

i've been taking lipozene for less then a week and i've lost almost TEN POUNDS. For anybody who it "didden't work" for. You must be doing SOMETHING wrong, either that or your lying for some reason. Trust me IT DOES WORK!!!!!
posted 25-Mar-2008 7:07pm

Umm if I was to buy this pill which I probly am going to,, umm how much weight do u think i can loose byy April 14th ? and give me more infromation because im interested in this pill and im not tryingg to get severly injured by this so if you have anymore info send it to my e-mail pleaseeee
posted 26-Mar-2008 1:40pm

yeah, I have to say this stuff works for me. I want to lose around 15-20lbs.for summer, and already within the first week I have lost 6 lbs. As for the clinical trilas, that is my field, and I have never seen a "Controlled" Clinical Trial on Lipozene- therefore any data is suspect. And I do work out, but nothing crazy- just 30min- 1h about 3-4 times a week. It could be a placebo effect for me, but I honestly believe some things will work for some people and not for others- you have to find an individual routine!!! I seriously hope no one really thinks, fat is just going to dissolve off your body from a pill- it can act as an enhancer, but that is it. But as far as i am concerned- and I am not naive- I think it works- to be continued...
posted 1-Apr-2008 6:59pm

Lipozene is operated by scam artists preying on the vulnerable. Dont waste your money. Stand up walk for 5 minutes. That will help more than buying this trash.
posted 3-Apr-2008 2:38am

FYI, Lipozene is marketed by a california company, OBESITY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, LLC
Number: 200334510003 Date Filed: 12/9/2003 Status: active
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Agent for Service of Process

Complaints should be filed in california
The info above may be helpful
posted 5-Apr-2008 9:30pm


i havent tried these pills yet because i wanted to research the product better , and find out if people have really had "luck". i also dont want to toss my money out in hopes that this will work because money doesnt grow on trees , well at least not for me.

from what ive found its a fiber supplement , an expensive one at that , and its good to lower LDL cholesterol , blood sugar levels , and blood lipid levels , but so is any source of fiber. for $10 you can but glucomannan ( the main ingredient ) at any health food store , or you could just supplement high fiber foods such as citrus fruits , pears , prunes , beans , brussel sprouts , barley , oatmeal , oat bran , apples , bananas , blackberries , nectarines , peaches , plums , lentils , chic peas , black eyed peas , broccoli , carrots , coffee , and you could also supplement a glass of water with metamucil 10 minutes before each meal , also another good thing are konjac shirataki noodles which are made from the plant that lipozene is derived from they have recipes online for those noodles. really all lipozene is supposed to do is make you feel full so you dont over eat , since its fiber it aides in the proper digestion and weight loss. i dont believe you will magically shed hundreds of pounds by taking it but i do believe it can assist you with weight loss in addition to a lifesyle change ( eating better , exercising , and drinking a lot of water). i just wanted to share this info i found because it seems people are buying it just because the infommercial said to. i hope someone can benefit from this info and good luck to everyone in your weightloss , because like me a lot of people have struggled with weight their entire lives and it sucks being the fat kid , it sucks when you cant find clothes you like , but honestly there it no miracle cure.
posted 8-Apr-2008 1:31pm

Hello, I am an attorney investigating claims of fraudulent business practices on behalf of Obesity Research Institute. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with anyone who feels that they have been wronged by this company. Please email me at
posted 10-Apr-2008 7:57pm

Wow, I really do not appreciate the folks who say all you have to do is exercise or walk and to eat less and you will lose weight. I was an award winning body-builder once but I recieved disabiling injuries while on the job. I was okay weight wise though as I was still in my 30's and early 40's. Then I shattered my ankle and got RDS. I was in a wheelchair for over a year but still weight actually came off as I was losing muscle mass. Then, in November of 2007 I experienced some sort of pain issue on my right side inside the lower half of my rib cage. The pain went away with some detox tea after about 10 days. But, I started gaining weight, like 5 pounds a week. My daily caloric intake is between 800 to 1200 and I even did a "fat flush fast" for a week and I am still gain weight! did during fast week as well. Being disabled and a "gimp" makes it almost impossible to get exercise, but I still would walk my puppy at least 30 minutes every day. Then on 3/12 I fell and broke my other leg, so again confined to wheelchair and unable to exercise. I have seen commercials for Lipozene but never had the funds to try it. I was at Wal-Mart and found they have a 2 bottle (60 pills) special for $19.88. I take them with lots of water once a day at lunchtime and I am not hungry at all, clothes are getting a bit loser too and it has only been three days. So, not EVERYONE can just get up and exercise, some are disabled and can only dream of doing such. Going from 125lb with 4% bodyfat to 195lbs and probably 400% body fat is depressing as it is; please remember the saying your mom taught you "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
posted 14-Apr-2008 9:30pm

posted 15-Apr-2008 9:50pm

I just bought lipozene im going to try it for 30 days and i doesnt work ill tell you allllllll
posted 20-Apr-2008 11:01am

hello i have read the reviews some are bad and some are good but you can't knock something until you try it so i am going to be the one who trys it and i will give you real results i am a african american female i am 5'3 and i weigh 165 pounds so hear goes i will update with results soon
posted 22-Apr-2008 4:24pm

I just called in for a refund because I didn't like the first thing I read was that this pill could swell up and get stuck in your esophagus and cause you to choke. I mean, I know you can choke on anything but having that be the first thing I read kinda makes you think twice. Like do I really need this stuff? Nah let's do it the normal way by eating less and walking/exercising. Good Luck to you all
posted 28-Apr-2008 1:26am

Lipozene is a piece of crap. I used it and it did not work for me at all. Be careful if you are taking it, make sure you completely swollow the pills or else it will swell up in your esophagus and it will choke you.
posted 2-May-2008 1:30am

* Anyone who buys a diet pill is fudgeing pathetic * The american drug industry is as trust worthy as bush. Wake up you pathetic bastards
posted 3-May-2008 2:29am

Okay, so i weigh 235. Funny part is, i wear a size ten. [i'm a girl]. I'm 5'11" and have a lot of muscle, but i have fat i will never be able to get rid of. I have hardcore thyroid problems. I took lypozene for two months and lost 27 pounds. Good enough for me. I already jogged and drank tons of water. It just helped with how much i ate. I am a vegan, so alot of the food i eat are very empty.

just sayin.
posted 5-May-2008 4:36pm

I laughed when I saw this. {posted 29-Jun-2006 11:53am} Who needs school? What would you much rather have a pound of fat or a pound of musle?

What looks better?

This os about vanity not health. Didf you see those skinny people in starving countries?

Do the line up at buffets or health clubs and watch infomercials to spend disposable income on supplements?

We are blessed in this nation and we are selfish. (BTW..I am in the USA, Los Angeles) If you are on this web page you must be blessed too.

Selfish and spoiled we are in this nation.

Be careful, if you can still see your feet when you stand up, it make be taken away if we are not careful.

posted 29-Jun-2006 11:53am

whoever made the comment about muscle weighing more than fat needs to go back to elementary school. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat are both still a pound, muscle is just more dense than fat. Therefore you can be smaller and still weigh the same as you did when you were fat if you lost the fat and built muscle instead.
R. Shayne,Seattle Wa
posted 6-May-2008 6:19pm

OK! I ordered the Lipozene and started it on the first of May 08... I used my credit card...cost a small fortune but I knew what was being told on the phone and yeah I said yes... I got the MetaboUP along with it! I'm going to be 49 in June! Not sure what my weight was last doctor visit recent but the month before I went they weighed me in at 175...I'm 5'6" Oh and a female and I know I had put on more weight since my clothes said it all...Yeah they got alittle tighter...Well saw what they said about Lipozene many time on TV and wanted to try it! My legs are killing me from the extra weight on my body...My down fall is Pepsi since my youngest son is a big time pepsi drinker! He is tall and skinny...Well I started drinking a lot of Pepsi and drinking Coke at work...then iced tea with 6 to 7 packs of splenda...yeah have a sweet tooth...Oh I would sit at the computer bored and get on myspace and start snacking on chips and chocolate...I would eat 1/2 the big bag...Spring hit and I was felling fat and bloated...Yeah cause I was LOL... Well been taking the Lipozene along with the MetaboUP in the morning and the afternoon...My craving for the sugar stuff went away and quit the soda and the splenda...I even started to eat better...I have been eatting weird stuff...Craving spinich and peas LOL not sure why but eatting spinach in the morning and a fiber one bar...Yeah strange I know...I eat the can of peas and carrots while on the computer in the evening...No more chips or chocolate...The evening I got really hungry which was not good so I went to Fred Meyers and looked for something to kill my evening hunger and read many bottles and the Hoodia was the only one that was a appetite Suppressant alone...So problem solved...Have a lot of energy so walking the dog more to use it up after work...I'm on my feet all day and my feet are sore but still have energy so I go for a long walk and dog is happy...I couldnt have changed my diet with the help of the Lipozene...There is not a Walmart near my home but I hope to see if Sam's club will carry it if they don't already...Problem solved hopefully.:) I'm so glad I tryed the Lipozene...already see a difference in my clothes...I promise to keep you up to date...I hate to diet or exercise...Yeah lazy...But something is changing my bloating is leaving...I feel better...No side effects that I can see...Just need to stick to it and see what happens...Nothing works unless you give it time and stick to it...Drinking lots of water as it says and yeah switched to tea different tea's no sugar...Felling great and will give you a up-date when I notice more difference.Stick with it and lets get to looking and feeling better all you who are really not giving up and sticking to it...My goal is to take off 50 pounds and get back to the weight I was when I met Kurt 6 years ago...I looked good...Oh yeah the bowel movement are no big deal...I go when I get up...I take the Lipozene right then...take my shower then eat and good to go...I work 8am to 4 pm and go potty when I get home so no big deal...Later all!!! ;)Good luck to those serious about trying it! Hugsxxx See you on Myspace ;)
posted 6-May-2008 8:15pm

LOL I laughed at all my typo's... Yeah I'm the typo queen... ;) Next time maybe I should check my writing before I hit submit...NA...The typo's make it fun to laugh at... HA! HA! ;)
posted 8-May-2008 10:18am

you guys are all idiots. stop trying to get skinny fast. stop eating so much fat asses... damn... grow up
R.Shayne Seattle WA.
posted 8-May-2008 7:58pm

I say... if you don't have anything nice to say don't share it! Not trying to lose weight fast! Sometimes you need a kick start! So be nice! I'm eatting correctly now! Sometime in the winter when it's cold and no where to go you do stupid things like munch on junk! Well I did and now I'm correcting the damage! Nice to know some people think they are perfect and don't gain weight or do things that they should not! ;) If you don't have a weight problem then why are you checking out this site anyways? Hmmm Makes you wonder! Funny how some people have nothing better to do but wonder onto a site to make fun of others! Who needs to grow up? Yeah!!!
posted 10-May-2008 12:58am

okay i'm 5'2 and weigh 145 lbs and i'm wondering if that's over weight.
i feel as though i need to lose like 30 lbs and i was wondering if lipozene works for someone my size...
R.Shayne Seattle,WA
posted 10-May-2008 1:19am

Hi! :) Google weight chart! It show 3 different ones! Click on the one you want! Glad I could help! ;) If you're serious you can accomplish anything! I started the first of the month and so far so good! Try to stay away from gassy foods! Or keep extra strengh gasx around LOL... I find I do get bloated! I like spicy stuff! ouch! ;) Lipozene will work for anyone who will give it time to work! People don't stick to anything long enough to find out! I think to many people like excuses not to have to diet! Anything will work if you give it a long enough chance! This is just my choice! Be smart and stick to it and you'll do great no matter what you choose to give you a kick start!I'll be here letting you know how it's going for me! Best wishes! :) R. Shayne Hugsxxx
posted 12-May-2008 3:41pm

what weighs more? a pound of rocks or a pound a feather?
Answer: they're the same idiot, a pound is a pound!

so a pound of muscles WILL weigh the same as a pound of fat, no matter how you look at it
posted 13-May-2008 2:24pm

i'm fat and i'm proud

show some pride, there's no shame in being fat
it just shows people that you have money to afford food =)
posted 16-May-2008 1:12pm

this has worked for me so far.

make a meal.try to make it so that you can eat like a couple bites every 30 minute for like an hour.for me,i make a sandwich and cut it into 4 little triangles and eat one triangle every 30 minutes.then i eat a regualr meal.and before i eat dinner,i eat a granola bar.

lost me like 2 lbs in a week and a haldf...
R.Shayne Seattle WA.
posted 16-May-2008 10:55pm

Hi...Not everyone has time to portion their meals and eat that many time while at work so that would not work for me! I have a Fiber One bar with a cup of black coffee for breakfast...Lunch time I have an egg white scramble with tomatoes.spinach,mushrooms,salsa and heat a corn tortilla in the microwave and shread it up into the scramble and yeah it is great! I add fat free sour cream too at times...Dinner I have different things!Still have not gone to check my weight! Keep hanging in there! Don't give up! :)
R.Shayne Seattle Wa.
posted 19-May-2008 4:37pm

Well... started my diet on May 1st and already people have said something!That was yesterday! "Your face looks thinner and you look like you've lost some weight!" Oh yeahhh Feeling good! :) I was waiting for this first step! Today I went and bought me a new work dress blouse...looking better and feeling better! :) Keep drinking lot's of water everyone! Need someone to be there for you through this! write me here I will respond! :) Don't let anyone discourage you! Yes ...still craving the spinach! LOL Oh and when I go out I order a greek salad hold the dressing and hold the feta...I add salsa as a dressing...Oh and I have them add turkey to it! Need my protein you know! ;) I carry my extra strengh GasX...I don't leave home without it! LOL Oh yeah... and I drink a large glass of tomato juice in between my breakfast and lunch...I have never even like it! Yeah very strange! Keep lot's of baby carrots around to munch...Hummus for dipping vege's vege's vege's mmm...Drinking green tea and weaning off the coffee staying away from sugar and artitficial sweetners! Would love to hear your changes if any! Hugsxxx everyone! :)
R.Shayne Seattle, WA.
posted 20-May-2008 3:25pm

Oh and just wanted to add...I'm not losing this weight for anyone but for me! I have skinny legs and the extra weight is hard on my legs! Plus I'm almost 49 and I really want to look and feel better! I'm uncomfortble with 175 so that is my reason for the weight loss! It can sneak up on you if you don't pay attention and snack late at night and eat and drink a lot of sugar! I got my wake up call! Hope my alarm switch remains on! LOL Why I let myself go I don't know! But I'm awake now! :) I have my work cut out!
posted 21-May-2008 8:46pm

Question...For those who have bought Lipozene at Walmart...oe else where! May I ask how many mg's they are and if they are the same company! How many doses? Just wondering if it's the same company! Thanks!
posted 23-May-2008 3:48pm

it's the same exact company and there's 30 pills in each bottle (you get two bottles just like the t.v./internet ads) except it's like $10 bucks cheaper and you don't have to pay for shipping and handling. when i first figured that out, i shipped mines back after i used up a whole bottle and got a full refund and went to walmart and got it $10 bucks cheaper =D
R. Shayne Seattle ,Wa.
posted 23-May-2008 7:58pm

I see Thanks! Mine came with 60 capsules that is why I'm wondering! Ohhh and you didn't say how many mg's??? Mine are 1500 mg's! I should see if Sam's club would carry them cause I have no Walmart near me! I don't care to drive to Lynnwood! To far for me to go! So how is your weight loss going if I may ask.
R. Shayne Seattle, Wa
posted 26-May-2008 4:00pm

Well... it has almost been a month since I have been using the Lipozene and I have also changed the way I eat and I will be honest it's not esy changing your ways! I must say I feel better and look better now! I have a long ways to go before I get rid of the pounds of fat I put on...But it took me many years to put them on so I won't complain...At least the lipozene has given me kick start I needed...I went to a new sites to find me a healthy way of eating and I like the one I found! The one I found is has to do with Alkaline way of eating and I really like what I found on that site!Eating raw foods! Refuse to get obsessive with it cause I will steam my spinach too! ;) Just google Alkaline Living or Alkaline foods or what ever way to find different things about it! It will help with my weight loss too and I read that Cancer cannot live in an...I think it said high Alkaine body! I like that! So giving this way a shot!I have been through 2 maglignant cancers so if it helps me from a third time...sweet...I'm a strong willed person...Cervical cancer and Breast cancer...was given 3 months and the other one 6 months to live...I was 32 and the breast cancer I was 39... yet I will be 49 in June...that is 17 years of extra life so far...It did affect my love life...the breast part...the doctor who did my reconstruction did a hack job...I was his first to try something new on...well it was not good...wish I could afford to get them redone but with my job ...well just get by...I'm a very pretty lady and have a great heart... not enough for a breast man and they all seem to be...Oh well back to the the other stuff... I found a great Vegetable and Fruit stand...They will be seeing me a lot now! MMM watermelon...I found a great recipe for making my own energy bars in my food processor and they are really good and they do help me a lot! I will make them once a month...I made a double batch...cut up into small square pieces and pop one in when I need it...I will tell you how to make them if you ask...Or check out the Alkaline site...I broke out my juicer and make my own juices and make a smoothy in my blender with a banana and 6 strawberries... Yum... I wash my vege's but don't peel them when juicing...Well... hope all is going well in your loss! :)best wishes to you all!!! :) Hugsxxx
Grays Harbor WA
posted 2-Jun-2008 6:13am

Thanks R. Shayne, I sure appreciate hearing how the Lipozene is working for you! Please continue to update us =)
BTW the ones at Walmart are also 1500mg by Obesity Research Institute.
I know you're doing a few different things but how much weight have you lost so far?
posted 2-Jun-2008 3:42pm

Hello! I have not gone to the doctors office yet to check my weight yet... My clothes are fitting better but it is slow going! Slow is better anyways! Thanks for the info on the mg I was wondering...To bad I don't have a Walmart near me...I loosen the capsules before I swallow them I have never had any problem taking them...If your wondering...I'm still taking the lipozene and now doing the Alkaline diet as well...If you want to learn about it...on the internet site it is "Alkaline diet" Or put in benefits of Alkaline diet...or just Alkaline...try them all ;) Also "Gone Raw" ...Fruits and vegetables have whole new meaning to me after reading the benefits of each one...WOW...Check that out...I enjoy using my food processor and blender and juicer again...I'm juicing most the fruits and vegetables cause eating them whole would take me to long...Grab a straw... ;) If you know anyone fighting cancer look up the benefits of "red beets" that one is awesome...I have been eating different things that are suppose to help my metabolism as well...I do have a slow one...but a slow matabolism is the way it is! My daughter is 5'7" she has a fast one... she is Vegetarian since birth! I was vegetarian when I was pregnant with her...I could not get her to eat meat she would get sick and spit it out... She is now going to be 26 this month she is a size 0 and about 105 if even! She has 2 sons...You would never know she had a baby...Well guess I am going back to being vegetarian again...So the weight will come off in time...No matter what...I will get to my natural weight...Have not seen a thin me in 6 years...I was 125 6 years ago...Well I'm sure tired of feeling uncomfortable and feeling least I'm strong willed this time and Lipozene helped me get started...for some reason it got me going which no other weight loss plan was able to do...hang in there everyone we'll get there just be patient... ;) Oh I do have a sweet tooth so I nibble on a few carob chips...It really helps me...Check this out...the energy bars recipe...Type this in..."energy bar recipe at gone raw" Hugsxxx R. Shayne BEST WISHES :)
R.Shayne Seattle, WA
posted 2-Jun-2008 10:24pm

Oh yeah and thanks Greys Harbor WA for the info! Much appreciation!:) Hugsxxx
R.Shayne Seattle, WA.
posted 3-Jun-2008 8:08pm

Well...Just got back from the doctors office...1 month gone by...175 - 5 pounds = 170...45 pounds to go... :) Made my day...Hang in there and you'll do it too...5 cheers for R. Shayne!!!! Hugsxxx :)
posted 4-Jun-2008 4:29am

Anyone who buys into the dream that they can just take a pill and lose weight w/o any kind of work deserve to be scammed by these people. Why do you think we see so many of these advertised, b/c people like you continue to buy this crap. Get educated. Go do some exercise and eat better. There's no "magic" pill.
posted 4-Jun-2008 2:32pm

I too have been on Lipozene for a week and no results. It came without any food guidance or anything so I am quiting and going to try Leptitrex.
R.Shayne Seattle, WA.
posted 4-Jun-2008 8:06pm

One week! I didn't either! WOW! You really expect it to work that fast? Patience is needed! It will work in time! When you start... get your weight checked at your doctors office so it is accurate! Only check it once a month! You didn't gain it all in one week so please be patience and don't expect it to come off in one week and have a positive attitude! I don't know about you but I'm a sensible person to know how to eat right if I want to see results! And like I said before I know there is no magic pill but sometimes it take someone or something to give you a kick start and this was my choice! ;) I have nothing else to say to the negative...except find something better to do then bother us who are trying and hang in there everyone! Look forward to the next weigh in a month! Hugsxxx R. Shayne One word! (PATIENCE) ;)
posted 6-Jun-2008 1:12am

posted 6-Jun-2008 7:14pm

lipozine did not work for me. i did not lose a single ounce. it helped my daughter but not me.
posted 12-Jun-2008 2:01am

I took Lipozene twice and it made me gay both times.
posted 12-Jun-2008 11:36am

posted 12-Jun-2008 12:53pm

Found this info. Thought it may be helpful to some....
Glucomannan is the Western name for vegetable fibers derived from an Asian plant family known as konjac. Glucomannan does not dissolve in water, but forms a thick, gooey gel when exposed to fluids. The body does not digest glucomannan, so the resulting large soft mass moves through the intestines and may trigger intestinal muscle contractions. Therefore, glucomannan is thought to be an effective bulk-type laxative, even though it may take up to 12 hours to be effective.
Glucomannan has also been studied for treating obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Studies in both adults and children with severe obesity showed varying degrees of weight loss associated either with taking supplemental glucomannan or with replacing some of the usual diet with foods made from glucomannan (konjac) flour--the dried and ground tuber (underground stem) of the plant. Generally, glucomannan is believed to discourage overeating because it creates a feeling of fullness because the fiber in it swells. Because stomach contents may stay in the stomach longer, the individual does not feel hungry as often. However, in most of the research studying glucomannan for weight loss, study participants also drank large amounts of water and followed a reduced-calorie diet.
Possibly due to the same delay in stomach emptying, glucomannan may improve blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. Because the absorption of carbohydrates from foods is slower when glucomannan is taken, blood sugar levels may not rise as high or as fast as usual. Some preliminary results from animal studies also suggest that glucomannan may increase the sensitivity of body tissues to the insulin that is produced or taken. In several studies, taking glucomannan has also appeared to lower blood levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL, or "bad" cholesterol), and triglycerides. Although more research on this possible use of glucomannan is needed, glucomannan may increase the elimination of cholesterol and its components from the body. It may also keep bile acids from being reabsorbed in the intestines, further reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, because the body uses cholesterol to produce more bile.
posted 12-Jun-2008 4:49pm

There are a thousand gimmics out there to grab your cash. Eating a balanced diet and exercise are the keys. But, one thing I DID find our researching is that since the late 1970's something has been added into about 85% or more of processed foods, and that is HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) which adds a lot of weight in people, especially in the belly! (Look around you, and notice all the belly fat on even thinner people! You will be amazed. Since no one cooks anymore we are all prone to this issue. Don't take my word for it. Do your research on this. I cut out all processed foods with this in it. Which means you have to cook and eat meals NOT processed in most cases. In 3 weeks I have lost 6 pounds--with NO added exercise yet. Pass this information on, and eat more natural produces and use foods without High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. It will NOT be easy, I guarantee you. Off this HFCS for 3 weeks now, I just noticed, too, that I no longer crave sweets. We are being harmed and we don't even know it. And companies are getting rich off of harming us.
posted 15-Jun-2008 10:36pm

does the pill work????? Im gonna try n c... but plz can someone give me a good advise? n what can I do to lose 70 lbs
posted 18-Jun-2008 1:52am

I am a typical healthy person, I am in the United States Army. I tried lipozene for 3 months and actually gained 10 pounds. It wasnt muscle either, I was trying to tone down. Thanks lipozene, for you misleading adds, you're a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 22-Jun-2008 11:54am

read the damn box, under the word lipozene," a more profitus kon jack" for those of you that don't speak latin.ha!
posted 26-Jun-2008 6:34pm

OK, Im going to say something that will sound stupid because its against the law but its the only drug that can safely help you lose weight without exercising. I was 335lbs when I got out of High School. I smoked pot for like 5 months and ate randomly (that means sometimes fast food sometimes real meals or ramen noodles) I dropped like 75lbs the first 2 months and 30 more in the next 3 months. I smoked heavy all day long off and on and didn't ever exercise once. I actually got lazier but the rate at which my metabolism got accelerated to I never had to move and lost weight. There are side effects, like I was addicted and when I couldn't smoke I was angry or depressed. It is easy to lose that addiction though as it is just mental and not physical addiction. I dont recommend doing what I did but THC can work wonders. BTW I haven't smoked in about 5 years and I work for the government now, military. I know this sounds like the worst post ever but I know what its like to be 100 lbs+ overweight and just want to drop the pounds quick cause you hate yourself. If you do try it please be responsible (as much as you can).
posted 5-Jul-2008 3:36am work for the military now and you are still telling people that they can lose weight from drugs...nice! Drugs are horrible...and I believe this whole thing is about Lipozene, so I dont know why everyone feels the need to put their two cents in about every other way to lose weight. If you have tried it...great...put some advice in, but if you haven't...then why waste the readers time by posting things that have nothing to do with it! I just started taking lipozene and I am just the typical 24 year old trying to lose 5-10lbs...Not too sure if it works yet, but I can say it does help you go to the bathroom!
posted 6-Jul-2008 1:00pm

Lipozene suppresses your appetite if taken the way it's supposed to be taken. I took it 45 minutes before I ate, and after practically one bite, I was full over my head! It does work.

People's bodies are different, and react differently to different things. Yeah I felt the effects of Lipozene, but my friend who gave them to me did not.

It's fiber. It helps your digestive system and aids in helping you feel full. (You know you've seen your grandparents with those big cans of that fiber mix -- Metamucil?! LoL) That's all it is I think, but in pill form.

Just find what works for you. That's my opinion.
posted 6-Jul-2008 6:31pm

I've been taking Lipozene for about a month ive lost 12 lbs with very light exercise and watching what i eat not starving myself. All PILLS have side effects so if ur looking for the perfect diet pill good luck. Im sticking with it. The side effect I have experienced is using the bathroom alot but you know what I think thats a damn good thing. I dont think ur body needs to hold on to the waste. I can tell u another 2 pills u may want to try that ive had awesome results with as well is xenedrine and hydroxycut those 2 made me violently thirsty. but i had good results . what works for some may not work for others we are all different.
posted 8-Jul-2008 11:05pm

A friend of mine was taking Lipozene for a while when he started having severe lower stomach pains and then appendicitis. I don't know if it was linked to the Lipozene but you never know.
posted 12-Jul-2008 9:46pm

This Bill guy is obviously very bored.. i scrolled down this entire page and this guy just kept leaving comment after comment.. lol.. A good friend of mine just gave me a 2 pack of these pills and I want to try them. but I have seen nothing but negative reviews. I will check back in 10 days (which I think is kind of crummy.. because the commercial said it was a 60 day supply yet when i read the bottle it said to take 2 capsules 3 times a day) and there are 60 pills lol!! Hmmm.. wonder what that's all about?!?!?! We shall see.
Cinders :)
posted 17-Jul-2008 8:15am

I just bought Lipozene at Walmart yesterday and haven't started them yet. The box has 2 bottles of 30 pills each for $19.88. I don't know what the cost comparison is compared to the tv ads. I failed to write them down when I saw them. I'm starting it today and will report back after I've tried them for a week or two. I only have about 5 pounds to lose so I thought the investment wasn't much. I do exercise daily and watch what I eat, although I'm not a calorie counter. Good luck to all of you who are trying to lose weight, whatever method you choose. It's never an easy process no matter what your excess weight is.
posted 15-Aug-2008 10:01am

Article says it all,0,1535060.story
posted 18-Aug-2008 6:37am

I gained my weight from stress and all this weight is belly-fat. So I bought Lipozene from my locate Wal-mart for $20. bucks. I've been taking it for 05 days now. Now, I know I may still have some ways to go but damn I'm feeling extremely bloated & gassy. I run 02 miles everyday plus 20 mins of ab work. I have never been a big-eater. I don't eat breakfast (except on weekends), lunch is light & dinner depending on mood. I'm just hoping this stuff works...I've already tried Relacore which didn't work at all. I've also went on the Lemonade diet but could only stand 04 days of it. It required 05-07days of NO FOOD to lose 10 lbs.
posted 3-Sep-2008 3:51am

I just got Lipozene from the tv ad and they said it would be here in 3 weeks, well it came in 3 weeks and 2 days, not bad! I am kinda hesitant to try it now after all the comments on here, but I've already spent the money, so what the hey? I hope that all goes well and I lose some weight. I will try it tomorrow and check back into this site in a week or two. Good luck to all who are going to give this a try. Think good things and good things will happen!!!
posted 11-Sep-2008 1:24pm

I have been using Lipozene for 3 weeks now and IT WORKS FOR ME :D ..I started out weighing 250 ..Today I weigh 230 ..20lbs in 3 weeks ..awesome! ..thanks lipozene! the beginning i wore a size 22 i can fit a size 18!! ...still shedding inches! friends have made comments about my weight loss and i feel great!!
posted 29-Sep-2008 8:32pm

actually i tried them nnow i have server digestive problems i cant hold down any food and when i do i constantly have diarea and this is from the pills
posted 1-Oct-2008 11:49pm

i want to talk to someone about your product
posted 1-Oct-2008 11:52pm

yes i have experience with this product i've been taking for two years and lost one pound i do 30 min on ab machine and 30 min tread mill i want to know who i can talk to about your product im not happy with it
posted 1-Oct-2008 11:54pm

do you have nothing to say
posted 7-Oct-2008 8:52pm

All ya'll should try Leptitrex... it the best.. I lost 15 pounds in 1 month!!!!
posted 21-Oct-2008 11:02am

This is my 2nd day on the pill and I've lost 2 lbs already! Of course your not going to loose weight if you don't change your eating habbits. Come on it's common sense. Loosing weight is a mental challenge. You just have to stick with it!and a little will power comes a long way. The pill makes me feel full along with drinking alot of water! So I recomend it to anybody.
posted 22-Oct-2008 11:57am

okay third day! I've lost 5 lbs! Seriously I drink a ton of water and I think thats part of it, And I havn't been eating after 6pm so yea I'll keep posting everyday or every other day! so yea it keeps working! o n thats my comment above!
posted 23-Oct-2008 1:10pm

okay forth day! and Today was bad...I coughed one of the pills back up and the powder covered my throat and I thought I was choking! then I vomited about 10 times after that and the powder was still caked on my throat...then I was afraid to eat....but I'm still gonna take them just to see how a weeks worth treats my body...o and I've lost 6lbs
kay kay
posted 28-Oct-2008 2:50pm

I just started using lipozene yesterday...I hope it's gonna work for me!!!
posted 31-Oct-2008 4:46pm

This stuff does not work. I wish that I had known about this site before buying it. I followed the directions exactly and exercised three times a week. The only thing that it did was to raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels. My doctor said that it is worse than a scam because it can harm people's health. He told me to stop using it immediately. I did and three weeks later my blood pressure was back to normal. I could have had a stroke! Trying to stop the automatic shipments is just about impossible. I had to close the CC account because I could not get the charges and shipments to stop. Hours of phone calls and a registered letter and still the charges continued. I had refused the delivery and sent it back refused, but this company doesn't care. They want to make as much money as they can in a very short time before the Attorney General closes them down. It is bad enough when a product doesn't work, but when you have to close an account to stop the charges it is just terrible. I read one post where the user states that he had a 60 pound loss in one week! My god, who wrote that...A company rep?! No one could lose 60 pounds in a week unless they had a leg removed! I hope others read this site before they have to cancel their credit card account to stop the shipments. The tactics used by this company are the worst that I have ever experienced with any product!
posted 31-Oct-2008 5:21pm

Some of the posts are telling us to eat less and exercise more. While this is known to be benificial, this site is not meant for exercise and eating is to evaluate a product. Please stick to the basics and offer a truthful opinion on the merits of THIS PRODUCT. Health tips belong on other sites.

On another point...posts that report a 60 pound weight loss in one week are just plain stupid and should be removed.
posted 15-Nov-2008 4:32pm

first of all let me tell everyone that i just got the pills today at walmart for $20.00 yes two bottles just like on the infomercial,but no shiping no handeling but also no refund, but on the other hand they will not be sending me another $70.00 bottle every month and notrying to talk me into fifty other different things that i dont want. so if its worth 20 bucks and 10 min in line at walmart i suggest that you pick it up there. I will start taking 1 pill before every meal tomorrow only one because i plan on working out and eating right not just laying on the sofa and hopeing that the weight falls off. i will update you in 30 days
posted 17-Nov-2008 9:38pm

I have been taking lipozene for about two weeks now.. in the first week i lost 7lbs just doing my regular work. I drink lots of water..and always take the pills 30 mins before each meal. A friend of mine has been taking them now for about 2 months she has lost about 20 lbs so yes its does work. Always drink the recommended amount of water if not more. If you do this and take the pill 30 mins before each meal, you feel full when it is time to eat...and not eat as much..i have also found i like to drink water with my meals too...where before it was milk.
posted 3-Dec-2008 11:29pm

I have not lost much weight with Lipozene either, however my penis is growing out of control. Also my pubes are growing like weeds. Its like I have a Chia pet in my pants.
Secretly Taking Lipozene
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:41am

my boyfriend secrectly ordered lipozenze from watching a commercial. he also, amazingly, oredered a subscription to some magazine company that the operator convinced him could be a christmas gift for me.
he received the pills in the mail, and started secretly taking them! he hid them from me in a small box above the tv. i kept seeing the charge on the checking account and started fussing about it. he called the company and lied and said he NEVER received the pills and for them to STOP taking $29.95 out of his account. i started screaming in the background and he demanded he asked the operator, "Hey, how are those pills supposed to work anyways?" He admitted that he had stubborn body fat that would not go away. And said he had not been eating any cookies, homemade pizza, or honey-mustard chicken wings! when he got off the phone, I tricked him into showing me the pills. now we both are SECRECTLY taking them, and have agreed to NOT tell our family and friends. when i stepped on the scale this morning, i had gained THREE (3!!!) POUNDS! we may call back and complain again. the pills do make you go to the bathroom!
don't waste your money! just exercise. my boyfriend and is saying, "use the pills all the way to the end, and call and tell them you didn't receive the shipment to get more free bottles!"
posted 11-Jan-2009 6:09pm

Well, I just purchased the product on a whim. I was at Wally WOrld (Wal-mart) and have been taking about taking a lifestyle change seriously but could use some extra incentive to see results a bit more quickly than what I would see by my own discipline and exercise;so i purchased it. I figured, the more I shell out the more loyal i would be to sticking it. Then...I came home researched it online and found 50/50 of words about the product. In short, tomorrow is "THE DAY" Lifestyle Changing Day and I paid $19 for it and yeah its fiber but alonge w/my exercise regimen and eating plan, lets see how much it contributes tooo..
Stay Tuned..........
posted 12-Jan-2009 4:47pm

Lipozene is not as advertised. The people behind the product do not respond to cancellation requests - you'll have to close and re-open your account. False advertising and dishonest: Just try to do a 30 min workout each day, eat fruit, greens, fiber and measured amounts of protien, and have a positive attitude. You'll lose weight. Just make the goal realistic. But please, don't put your trust in an establishment that preys on your vulnerability and misery.
posted 17-Jan-2009 2:00pm

are there any side effects
posted 30-Jan-2009 7:10pm

Im 5'4 ,140 pounds and im taking the pill lipozene COMBINED with smaller portions and exercise. It's only been about 6 days and i've lost about 3 pounds.My goal is 15 pounds. You can't just expect that some pill is going to burn fat while you just sit there and stuff your face with fattening foods!! In order to burn fat you need to work up a sweat,get your heart working,burning calories,THUS losing the weight. Then again,Everyone is different, so what may work for some may not work for others.The directions on the bottle say to take two pills three times a day 30 mins before each pill ONLY if you want to lose more then 30 pounds,but if your like me,then i would sugggest only takin one pill two or three times a day with a full glass of water before each meal.
posted 3-Feb-2009 4:39pm

I just started lipozene yesterday and so far i am happy with them. i do drink lots of water, i take them 30 minutes if not longer before i eat, and i do not eat after 7pm. i had taken messurments yeseterday before i started them, and i took messurments today at the same time, and i have lost 1 inch already. and yes it does make u use the bathroom. i think this product is great, and i can't wait to see results after i'm done with the 2 bottles...which i did buy at walmart. anything that is on tv for sale, u CAN FIND IT at stores. you just have to look around. well good luck to everybody that it is working for, and im sorry for all these people that it didnt work for. as alot of people has said on here, EVERYBODY'S BODY'S ARE DIFFERENT, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, MAY NOT WORK FOR OTHERS...WHAT DOESNT WORK FOR YOU, MAY WORK FOR OTHERS.
posted 4-Feb-2009 1:54pm

is liozene good for teens
posted 5-Feb-2009 6:56pm

i would say not, ur body is still growing
posted 15-Feb-2009 12:14am

I Like LIPOZENE, I take two if these before each meal I can only eat half of what I normally eat, I have lost 12 lb in about one month, Yes I do exersize about three to four days a week and yes I do see results. FOR YOU PEOPLE THAT JUST EAT EVERYTHING THEN NO YOU WILL NOT LOOSE WEIGHT. Lipozene will help if you work with it. I LOVE IT AND I DONT CARE WHAT AMY OF YOU THINK.
posted 17-Feb-2009 10:32am

My mother just passed away in December her death is still unknown. She was only 51yrs old and it had been 2months that she had been taking Lipozene. I'm in the process of figuring out wether or not these pills had something to do with it.
posted 23-Mar-2009 3:32pm

Well i am not a big person at all. I am slim tall and my right weight. I ordered liposene for the belly fat. Even if you have a flat stomach you can have belly fat. I should have read the pros and cons first. This is only a fibersource. There is no medicinal ingredients in it for wt reduction. If everyone in the US would do a "colon cleanse" that would work as well as lipozene. Then of course moderate exercise daily such as walking and watch your carbs. If you are finding that this works for you then you are doing something different. After reading all the negative i sent mine back unopened for a refund. When you order something look for what is in it and the info on a reputable site where they check all these products. It takes more effort and time to return products plus the wait back on your CC.

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