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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 29-Mar-2009 5:02pm

i was really thinkin about gettin LIPOZENE and decided to stick with an orignal regimen and that is too work hard and not be so lazy that i have to result in poppin a pill to lose weight thank you for postin that (may26) to ppl who are thinkin of buying it STOP BEING LAZY AND EAT RIGHT AND EXCERCISE that is the best PILL :)
posted 1-Apr-2009 11:52pm

Hay guys if anyone really is interested in losing weight and ive used it personally and lost 23 pounds in 2 months and iam as happy as can be. The best product out there is some products called Herbalife. Its all 100% natural and its 30 day full money guarantee and also it helps lower cholestoral and helps with may other things such as diabetes. they also have many other great product for your skin and other thing. If u guys are actually interested u can email me at these products arent out at any store you have to special order them. they are a bit expensive but they are all worth it...
Patricia Colings
posted 8-Apr-2009 5:20pm

I have asked you to stop sending this product. It does not work and I have returned last shipments. I am stopping payment on my credit card ,because that seems to be the only way to stop you.
Patricia Collings
2316 Lake PaulaDrive
Supply,N.C. 28462
posted 13-Apr-2009 8:19pm

posted 24-Apr-2009 11:18am

it really does work
posted 24-Apr-2009 8:34pm

I get so irritated at these people who say...Excercise is the only way to go. Ive been overweight my whole life.Im 28 yrs old and Im at 268. Ive always been a large girl. But, I was a cheerleader for 6 yrs, gymnastics for 2 yrs, dance from 14yrs old till a couple years ago. I played basketball in school and volleyball and I ran track. And yet, not ONCE did I loose weight and I dont eat junk food. I just bought a box from walmart and Im starting it on Sunday. I also have been going to curves for 2 months and Im on my feet as a retail manager for 10 hr days.
posted 24-Apr-2009 8:40pm

An aerobics instructor at the ladies gym told the class about this product. She is in her 50s and looks fabulous. I bought two bottles for 19.95 - guess the price has come down!?

That was 2 days ago and I def feel like it affects my appetite, I LOVE FOOD, I weigh 145 but I am only 5/3 - so I look like an apple on a stick. They don't make me jittery or restless. I work out every other day, with weights and cardio bike, so, I feel that with the help of these pills and the excerise, Im on my way to getting in shape. You must read the directions. Drink the water with your pills, its important. also - wait the 1/2 hour before you eat, or you will throw up, I did. nice, huh?! Good luck all that are serious. Annelouise, Ft Myers Florida
posted 25-Apr-2009 7:22am

I got them from walmart for 19.95 for 2 bottles. 30 day supply
posted 28-Apr-2009 2:20am

Hi everyone, I was planning to get one with Lipozene but I asked one of my friend about it and she told me that will cause with Throid Gland problem if you take any of diet pills or shot whatever. Have u heard anything of this sitution?
Anonymously Awesome
posted 28-Apr-2009 7:38pm

Can teenagers take Lipozene??? I would really like to know because i dont want to be this musch weight forever especially at my age. It is stupid because i am not as big as i think i am but i would like to change. People still make jokes about my weight and i hate it and i am very lazy, so i really dont want to have to exersize, so i want to know if teens can take this dietary pill, Lipozene.
posted 29-Apr-2009 7:57pm

I've heard the active ingredient actually works to surpress hunger. Is that true?
posted 9-May-2009 10:28am

hello.So um i got lipozene yesterday.Im going to try it.but i think im going to fast to.(i fast btw)Should that be healty or work faster.I work out.Not tremendously.but.just asking.any comments.?
posted 9-May-2009 1:47pm

I bought mine at Costco for $19.99, Costco has a money back guarantee, no questions asked policy. If I'm not satisfied by the time the first bottle is gone, I will take it back and get my money back...NO RISK THERE! If I have success I will let you know.
posted 10-May-2009 12:48am

FYI, "lipo-" refers to fat in general, not just liposuction. So the name is relevant, at least in terms of what they're claiming.
posted 15-May-2009 5:06am

please please please do not buy this product. do not buy this product especially if you are not "obese". at the time when i was researching the product i could not find any bad reviews so here is mine, maybe i can help someone in the future.

i just started taking lipozene yesterday. not even 24 hours ago. i am a wreck. i am very very sick, i cant stop shaking and i woke in my sleep to find that i am literally melting. i am not obese i just need to loose about 15 pounds (that I gained from being at school "freshman 15") i did not realize this was so potent because i have taken other "natural" supplements previously. anyways i am so sick and am a nervous wreck because it looks like i lost 10 pounds over night. if you poke my belly it is so sot becuase half of the fat that was filling it yesterday is gone. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY! if you buy this product and have the same outcome, although you may desperately want to loose weight, it feels like having a eating disorder, it is the worst feeling on earth do not do this to yourself. please. I am sitting here popping high calorie foods in my mouth because i am so shaky and nauseous. Oh and it gives you really bad diarrehea and gas. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
posted 23-May-2009 11:34pm

WOW............ all of these comments were ummmm INTERESTING...... I ordered lipozene a few months ago but havent taken them yet. I plan on starting this week since I am also starting weight watchers. When i ordered them they took so long that i called them b ack and told them that I did not reveive anything and they gave me all my money back. It was a total of about 100 dollars. Then a few days later I get the box with lipozene inside. lol so i got them completely free.!!!!!!!! so if they dont work..........its all good!
posted 5-Jun-2009 10:50pm

My brother ordered this product. I felt concered. Another tv pill for him. I wondered what was being said about this product so here I am. I have decided that it's probably not the best idea, it's a fiber based pill without published studies and it's apparently a trap towards money theft. I guess I'm going to tell you that diet and excercise is the key. Eat less than you need and you will lose weight, it took years to put on casually and will take years to take off. Set realistic goals. and keep track of EVERYTHING you eat. I did that and was very shocked to see how easy it was to get up to 2000 calories. I did that by the end of lunch on day one. I'm down 8 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm happy with the progress and will keep on going.
posted 6-Jun-2009 11:14am

I recently bought the two-nbottle pack at Walgreen's because someone had done a smash-and-grab on their supply of Alli (my preferred, WORKING metod). At $24.95, I thought "What could it hurt?" Well, it hurts ME. My stomach has been in agony for the past 3 days, I'm forever running to the bathroom for painful bowel movements, and overall I just feel awful. I just put in an order for Alli, since it has actually been working for me. My lesson learned: go for quality, not price.
posted 6-Jun-2009 11:15am

I've been taking Lipozene for the past week, and I would say it has helped me to eat less. I take 2 pills with a big glass of water 30 minutes prior to eating, and it makes me feel full. I still eat, but I'm eating smaller portions. It is too early to weigh myself, but I would say it has helped me to eat less calories. I still exercise 5 times a week. I can definitely tell a difference with the way my clothes are fitting me at the end of this week. We'll see what happens when I'm done with my 2 bottles. BTW...I purchased my 2 bottles at Costco for around $20...from what I've read on another site, do not purchase directly from Lipozene because they may keep charging you monthly payments...look for a local retailer who carries it...Costco or Walmart.

Anonymously a 38 year old mom of 2 girls, DO NOT TAKE THESE PILLS. You are YOUNG and can walk that weight off. Instead, buy yourself a $5 pedometer and get up to 10,000 steps a day. Just get some music going and go for a walk everyday for 30 minutes. The weight will come off along with eating healthy fruits and veggies.
posted 7-Jun-2009 8:42pm

Hello. I'm from another page on this site, the No Flour No Sugar diet. I just wanted to say you all might want to consider NFNS as the next diet you try. People often confuse NFNS with a low carb/Atkins diet. It is not. I have lost almost 50 lbs doing NFNS, 45 of it in the first six months. I have been on this eating plan for a year. I have never gone hungry, and in fact, have never ate better. Fruits and vegetables are encouraged. I had given up on weight loss before NFNS. I am taking an anti depressant and an HRT, both known to cause weight gain. Diabetes is rampant in my family...still, the weight came off. I have gone from a size 16 to a 10. It is a healthy, steady way to lose weight. Weight loss does come down to calories in, calories burned. NFNS keeps your blood sugar levels stable, your cravings disappear, your appetite naturally decreases and the pounds come off. I have yet to start an exercise program, although I am busy most of the day. This is the most healthy way to eat. And that's something we all need to do for ourselves, eat healthy and reap the benefits.
posted 28-Jun-2009 2:04am

i read alot of posts on the lipozene and alot of people are saying heavy people need to get there arse up and jog, well for some that may be true, but for me i work a job that i walk 8hrs a day 4 days a week and change patients diapers, i cut my food intake in over half considering i worked at pizza hut for 2 years and it was all you could eat type of deal(yes i did eat alot), i drink around 25 6oz cups of water on my shift cause we sweat bad, i swim 2-3 days a week for bout 2.5 hours, and im a active firefighter, and i still weigh 304lbs)5'10"), i just lost 4 inches in my waist but im the same lbs as before the job. im hoping this will give me a extra boost to help me cut weight im about to start jogging in a trashbag and sweatsuit and see if that helps. im getting despret i hate being fat its just a horrible thing. i wore a size 48 in 8th grade im in my 5th semester of college 20 years old and i fit a size 44, it might not seem like much but i am happy and im sure my girlfriend is too (4 inches in 2 months)
posted 19-Jul-2009 12:07am

Lipo 6 created a complications for me and it gave me a esophagus spasm and I was missdiagonsed for heart problem and I went through 2 angeoplasties
to found out that it wasn't my heart, it is my esophagus spasming. I will go through ENDOSCOPY ON 07/22/09 to exactly know that why is going on with it, I am praying to my Allah that there will be nothing serious or to worry about it.
posted 11-Aug-2009 1:43am

anorexia = thin...
no pills needed.
the end.
posted 16-Aug-2009 3:50pm

I bought Lipozene at Wal-mart and i have been taking it for the last 3 days and i noticed little "grape like" light green balls in my stole. This pill is not digesting in my system. I don't know why this is, gel capsules are suppose to digest the best. I have googled this and have found other people on forums like this with the same problem, but i can never find their posts in with all the other bs. If you have had the same problem let me know, (but i know that most people don't really check out their stole).. Thank you for you time everyone.
posted 19-Aug-2009 8:44pm



posted 4-Sep-2009 12:50am

Who are we kidding, if it were that easy no one would be over weight. The reality is that we need to make healthy choices of what goes into our body. Forget about any kind of diet pills, just exercise and eat healthy. Everyone's body is different, the important thing is to be healthy. I finally looked into the mirror and stop kidding myself, I am now exercising and eating healthy (it's very difficult, but not impossible)
posted 17-Sep-2009 7:26pm

well ima 19 year old i am 5'1 and weight 149 i started taking this pills just yesterday sep,17 2009 im over weight like 20 pounds and i want to know how fast it works and if it will work on me what do i have to do fo it to work???
judith 19
posted 17-Sep-2009 8:50pm

oh i ment to say september 16 2009 if u reply to wat i said lewt me now is for me
posted 27-Sep-2009 11:36pm

Does anyone have any feedback on taking this along with other medications? I take Allegra D allergy medicine every day and have found that the lipozene didnt allow the allegra d to completely dissolve. I am just concerned as to when I should take medications/ birth control and if this will effect the effectiveness of the medicine. I stopped taking the lipozene until I find out more about this. I am happy with the Lipozene, but stopped taking it because I am not sure if it will mess with the medication. Thanks for any feedback!
posted 8-Oct-2009 3:00pm

Almost two years ago my husband deployed and I took it a little hard starting eating like crazy, however I gained some weight and was not thrilled when I looked in the mirror. I wanted to look better to show off myself when he got home, so I saw the commericals to for Lipozene and I did think this is a miracle pill. So I got it and started using it and nothing happened. So, then I added a diet and moderate exerise. I was about 180 pounds and by the time he got home 12 months later I was at 135. I think that with eating right drinking the right things and doing exerices did more than the pill, however they may of helped too because I still did take them. Dont know if its one of those mind things that you need to take it because you think thats what makes you lose the weight or if it does help. I dont know and am not giving false hope to everyone because I did bust my butt, eating the right things and making sure to exercise. I even made the exercise fun because my three girls wanted to do it with me.
BY THE WAY WALMART SELLS LIPOZENE FOR 20.00 dollars you get two bottles as well.
Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight and for those of you who have. As long as your doing it for YOU and you stay with the diet and exercise you can do anything.
Please remember that no matter what PILL you choose or surgery that its not a MIRACLE you still have to put yourself into it.
posted 13-Nov-2009 7:08pm

THEY DONT WORK!!! Plus, they like to STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!
posted 27-Dec-2009 2:22am

This pill made me fart continously....I farted all day, night and people were scared to death. They didn't know what was happening.
posted 27-Dec-2009 2:30am

My husband wanted to add..due to my taking the pill--my house smelled (because I could not stop farting) so bad he had to sleep at the house next door. He thought it would be wise to tell the full story.
posted 31-Dec-2009 9:37am

FYI FOLKS Walmart has them for 19.95 and they only get stuck in your throat (like any other pill would) if you don't take them with a lot of water. I bought them,haven't tried them yet....not sure if i want to if they cause excess gas...but the box recommends 8 ounces of water and so do i,they are huge capsules!
posted 6-Jan-2010 1:29pm

Started taking Lipozene yesterday. I'm going to start with only 2 pills a day (one in morning/one mid afternoon) because I'm taking other meds so I don't wanna be taking too many pills. But I'm eating right and exersizing any time I can. I'm exactly 162.4 (and have been this exact number for a week now...don't really know why it hasn't changed). I'm only 5'1 (I know I'm short). I have done thorough research on Lipozene and decided to just try, if I don't see much result, I'll stop the usage. Only paid 20 bucks so its not that big of a deal. I'll check back in a week :]
posted 12-Jan-2010 1:52am

Okay...its been about a week and I'm down to 159.8. Not really sure if its from the pills or the workouts but I'm happy with the progress :]
Lipozene and WW
posted 15-Jan-2010 3:18pm

Hi I started weight watchers and started using Lipozene the day I started the program. I am 5 ft female and weighed in at 201! I know yikes! After 2 c-sections in the past 5 yrs I have really struggled with my weight. I tried doing the wii fit and cutting out fried foods and sweets but still struggle!! I am the kind of person that can gain 5lbs just by looking at the desert menu.

I am hoping this weight watchers is going to help me lose atleast 50lbs or more and lose it for good! I have been on it a week and lost 5 lbs so far! I will try to keep everyone updated!

As for the pills they kind of make me hungry when I take them. Does anyone else think that? I haven't noticed any other side effect.
Lipozene and WW
posted 15-Jan-2010 3:20pm

obtw I purchased them at sams club I think for $15? I really not sure how much they were but it was cheap!
posted 22-Jan-2010 12:11am

I'm 5'3" and 144 lbs. I just got this product today and I'm planning on using it, I would love to get rid of 10-15 lbs
posted 22-Jan-2010 9:00pm

I've been taking Lipozene for 2 weeks now and have lost 16 pounds. I have cut my portion size with it at meals and started exercising along with staying away from junk food.
Starting weight was 159 now 143. I have had none of the bowel problems a lot of people have stated I don't know if it is the pill working or my change in eating habits but what ever it is I am going to continue doing it.
posted 23-Jan-2010 10:27am

I've been taking these pills for about 2 weeks now and have lost weight (5 lbs). I have not had any side efects, and no changes to my digestive system. BUT I have also tried other weight loss pills that made me gain weight, so I think you just have to find what works for your body. And I doubt anything will work if you're not eating well and excercising regularly.
posted 25-Jan-2010 6:50pm

Just Try Meth!
posted 12-Feb-2010 2:59am

hi i purchased my 1st bottle of lipozene last night however i tried it today b4 supper i was quite full and now here it is 2 am almost and im hungry lol!!!
i want to snack on sumthing but i dont want to waste 2 Pills just 4 a snack altho i am not sure if it has caffine in it or not.DONT WANT TO BE UPP ALL NIGHT! well i read on the only ingreidient its labled and fiber fiber fiber it is lol!
but this is the time i usually eat is when im off work at home no one around on line. i guess were all here 4 the same thing, weight loss. i heard this stuff is to be really good. now looking at the comments well lets put it this way when ur in a bad relationship and when u want out what do we normally do? we weigh the pros and cons and if theres more bad then good we should leave that person but if theres more good then bad then its workable i would think! same with this i see more negative comments per lipozene rather then good ones! well if i had read this last night i maybe wouldve returned the bottle however the seals broken and i already started so il test it being that its to late lol!!! well cross ur fingers ill post you all in 7 days unless i lose dramatically or sumthing ill post earlier!!! who knows will see! current weight is 188.5 going 4 140pnds on a 5''9 frame not big boned med boned!!!
posted 17-Feb-2010 9:21pm

hi im six foot one an weigh 139 lbs i keep the wight off by not being a fat peace of crap and running at least 5 miles every day, its not very time consuming it takes less than an hour. so stop using all the excuses and just get up and do something.
C. Lit
posted 18-Feb-2010 4:57pm

Poster before me: If you are six foot one and 139 pounds you must look like an Ethiopian. Think about how much you could save on X-rays next time by having the doc just hold you up to the light! You are a dick and who you calling fat?
posted 2-Mar-2010 9:59pm

hey person b4 c.lit,so u run 5 miles a day?that doesn't mean your means u can 2 yr old does a lot of walk 45 mins max.lift 2 hours and box with wrist weights on for 5 3min rounds.good luck with the knee joints btw.
posted 12-Mar-2010 12:46am

well after reading all these comments, i'm going to try this pills anyway---i'm originally a pill failure can't seems to be consistent on taking them. but i'm going to ignore the negative and try these pills myself since i only pay $16 for it at walmart---i'm going to start tomarrow march 12 2010 and make a post on march 15 2010 and see---3 dys are enough to see if a product works
posted 20-Mar-2010 3:55am

everybody says work out blah blah blah. well guess what im 20 yrs old. 5'2 134. my thighs are huge. i cant run because i have no cartilage in my knees. so to everybody who thinks working out is key. i walk 2 miles a day with a knee brace on for the past 4 months ; meanwhile on a healthy diet drinking 8 bottles of water a day. and no weight loss at all. i just got home from buying this product and damn it im starting tomorrow!
posted 22-Mar-2010 4:30am

Started taking these 1 week ago, and have lost 4 lbs already. I'm going to stick with it and hope by my May Graduation that I will have 25lbs or more gone. Will update everyone by then.
posted 5-Apr-2010 6:50pm

What if your only 16, will if effect you differently?
posted 21-Apr-2010 5:03pm

I dunno if anyone else has this (lazy and didn't read post(s)), but I am getting a soapy taste in my mouth whenever I try to eat something. That'll put anyone off their food me. But I do have to go potty more often (wow, sounds like a 5 year old there) and its a lovely shade of green...huh. Must be the extra fiber. Which is awesome for me, because I was definitely not getting enough before!!! So that made my Wal-Mart purchase worth it, even if I don't loose any weight... Oh, so you guys know, I asked my Dr about this and she didn't recommend it...something about iron or metal in the product???
posted 18-May-2010 12:58pm

well reading all this comments, some are good some are bad but i'm going to try this lipozene pill, because after my second child i did gain alot of wait. I'm 26 and 5 feet tall and i weight about 160 not so sure i dnt like to weight my self.When i had ymy first child i gain weight but i worked out alot and i did loose wieght and jumped back to my normal weight which is 115, i know i might get b/k to that bt i want i least to be 125 or 130 the most..note...fiber doest make you go to the bathroom often cause is cleaning you're colon.. soo let's see what happens im trying it and ill post my results God bless everyone....
Monika Ausborne
posted 18-May-2010 6:12pm

Well i must say it worked for me i lost 6lbs in a week and the only reason that it didnt work was because sometimes i would forget to take it it is the only pill that i can take that does not make my heart race or makes me short of breath i guess thats because its just fiber if u dont like it dont take it
posted 25-May-2010 12:15am

i really want to try them but at the same time i am very scared to take them
posted 9-Jun-2010 8:56am

Today is my 3rd day and I am still unsure. My throat has been hurting the last 3 days and I am not sure if its bc of these. As for going to the bathroom, I have only noticed a slight difference. I will most likely bring these back to gnc as a sore throat everyday is not worth losing the 10 pounds I wanted to lose.
posted 2-Jul-2010 9:24am

hi i started taking these pills yesterday, im doing the six a day like it says to. i started these cause i did the insanity workout and a higher protien diet but gained 17lbs in a month so im sad i gained weight instead of losing on insanity but so far i have lost 2lbs not changing my diet and i drink a lot of water which i always did anyways. i hope this works and will do a weigh in every week. im hoping to lose 25lbs. good luck to all of you out there trying what you think is best.
posted 2-Jul-2010 9:26am

sorry i started july 1st not on the 2nd.
posted 14-Jul-2010 1:46pm

Hi, I have been taking Lipozene for 5 months now. The last 2 days I developed sore throat. The doctor gave me steriod shot and suggested I take Zpak(250 mg) for 5 days. I am going to stop taking Lipozene. I lost 50 lbs in 5 months using the product. It was great until I read about sore throat can be caused by Lipozene. I guess I'm at the weight I wanted to be and no need for Lipozene anymore.
posted 1-Sep-2010 2:50pm

Im 5'1 I weighed my self Aug 19,2010 I was upset to see I weighed 210lbs..I hear about the diet pill lipozene and decided to give it a shot and I gota say I have lost 4 pounds in week..I work a full time job walking 8 hours while im there..I also walk in the morning 30 min a day 5 times a week..I also eat alot healthier and cut bacc on alot of greasy foods I eat baked chicken, salads, fruit, tuna everything is light wit small portions I take the pill 30min before I eat and drink at least 6 bottles of water a day...I am happy that I lost jus 4 punds may not be alot but it shows this works!!!..Im goin to continue what im doin IM LOVIN THIS PRODUCT!!!
posted 27-Sep-2010 1:25pm

idk i've tried alot of ways to lose weight started it a couple of days ago i bought it at walmart and so far ive lost 6lbs ... idk it does not hurt my stomach or ne of that i take two @ once and eat maybe once a day and im not hungry as much .. i really hope my weight continues to come off
posted 5-Oct-2010 3:51pm

Does anyone know if this product has caffeine in it? Even the smallest amount can land me in the ER with a heart rate that's through the roof....
posted 29-Oct-2010 3:42pm

okay i have a few questions some one please help me out i am 16 and i take the known birth control (depo shot) and ive gained a lot a lot of weight i smoke about 10 cigarettes a day (i know its bad) but would it be harmful to me if i was to get on the lipozene meds? and if i do once i lose the weight and go with a proper work out method and i feel ive gotten on the right track and i can stay on it how should i go about getting off of it that my main concern because once i lose the weight obviously i dont want to gain it all back so... email me at please some one help me out!!???
posted 30-Nov-2010 8:54pm

I just recieved my purchase of lipozene, I'm a bit concern now, especially after reading some comments that were negative. Well I guess I'll give it a try, and see what happeneds, because I'm very desprate to loose weight befiore New Years, because I'm tired of being the thickest cousin out of 100. I'm currently at 200lbs. I just want a quick fix before the holidays that's all. Yes I do know that the slow way is the best way, but I'm in a hurry!
posted 13-Dec-2010 11:36pm

posted 29-Dec-2010 2:25am

Ive been reading all the comments. I think it is really uncompasionite of people to say people are stupid for trying a diet pill. Of course everybody knows how to lose weight. diet,exercise,etc,etc. But If you can do that, then you dont need this website, and you have no idea how hard it is for a person that is obsese. In the past, I have never lost one pound from exercise. I would just eat as little as possible. Now I have quit smoking and gained about 40 pounds. I am working from home,and it is hard not to eat constantly. If I can find something that makes me not hungry, it would be a great help. without bad side affects, that is. I want to try this product, and I have bought it from Walmart 2 for 1 at 20 bucks. I dont think that is expensive. and if you dont like it, all you have to do is return it for a refund. so what is the big deal about wasting your money? To me that is a very small amount to pay for losing weight. Most diets work if you can stick with them, but few people stick with them. Im not worried about wasteing my money at this point. thats the least of my problems. why would I, if I can get a easy refund? Losing weight would be worth any amount! what i am concerned about is this choking thing. do regular fiber pills cause choking too? I agree with KINSYY. These haters on here need to post somewhere else, because they have no idea what it is like to be powerless over food. Or maybe they are just sitting there with their fat ass, telling us what to do and not doing it themselves. If someone would like to email me with their progress with lipozene, you can email me at
Good luck to everyone that is trying to lose weight and not judging other people.
posted 29-Dec-2010 2:34pm

I would love to be a size 0 also. but with my big hips that would be impossible. when i was really skinny i was a size 7, but mostly a size 9. I have a very small waste and small boobs. At this point I would be esatic to be a size 14. which is pathetic when I see old pictures of myself. what worrys me the most, is that i am continueing to gain weight and eat like a crazy person every day. and i started smoking again and it doesnt seem to help.
I called the pharmacy and they said that just take the pill with a lot of water and sit up for a half hour before laying down. I read on the computer, and the pharmacy said that i could have the choking affect with any fiber pill on the market. he said it could happen but it is very unlikely. I am not feeling too good today because i ate too much yesterday and was sick most of the night. I am so discusted with myself. I cant even stand to look at my self on live video.
I am going to try lipozene today or tomarrow, and i will keep you posted.
when my income tax comes, i am going to buy exercise equipement, and try sensa also.
i have got to stop stuffing my feelings with food, and deforming my body. i am also going to try weight watchers.
thanks everybody for listening.i hope someone will write me with some good news.
posted 29-Dec-2010 2:36pm

all this weight thing started when my son died, and that was 11 years ago, and it still hasnt stopped. i probably weigh about 170 from 125.
posted 22-Jan-2011 12:58pm

I have taken the injections in the past for energy and a little "boost", and have had great results! I have struggled with an eating disorder for years, and although I don't "need" to lose weight, I decided to try the injections again after about six months. For some odd reason, I think I am having some sort of adverse reaction to the shot! Within one hour of getting the shot, my leg started to burn like it was on fire! For the last two days since getting the injection, I am experiencing sob, and tightening of my chest! Also, my throat feels "funny", has anyone else had a similiar reaction?
posted 24-Jan-2011 12:43am

i wnt to no if it really works
posted 5-Feb-2011 12:29am

i just want to know how long it is until ill strt to see results im getting married soon and i need to loose weight fast ive gained about 49 pounds in the past 6 months lol crazy huh from stress and eating when i get bored and all i would like is for sumone to comment back on this with there info and advice
posted 25-Mar-2011 11:17pm

my daughter n i just statred this we r on our 2nd day n we havent lost anything yet but it does make u feel fool and go to the bathroom lol...i will update soon, o n we r excer. a little so we will c
posted 9-May-2011 9:40pm

Hey I was wonderin,how long does it take for lizopene,to get here. It was shopped 05/18/2011
Its now 05/9/2011 md they took off another 59.99
posted 26-May-2011 12:08pm

So let me get this straight... I take this lipozene stuff and I have water weight gain, cramps, and I crap my self skinny??? I DON'T THINK SO....LOL are they for real??!! I do all of that during my PMS cycles... :) LOL
posted 26-May-2011 12:13pm

But I am I hope this stuff works. I'm pushing 300 lbs. I'm hoping to be pretty and skinny soon so a man will find me attractive enough to marry me. I want a family. I'm 35...getting older and my dream is dieing. I want a baby. I wanna be happy. Wish me luck.:) xxoo
posted 26-May-2011 12:24pm

I dont think teenagers can take these pills?... you need to read the bottle but i am pretty sure in the commercial they placed it at the bottom of the screen...but you should talk to your parents they know what's best for you. take care. :) xxoo
posted 21-Jun-2011 12:51am

Everyone has differences in how they loose weight. Everyone is different. So just because one person had a really hard time with a product, does not mean that everyone else will.
posted 22-Jun-2011 8:20pm

Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.
posted 23-Jun-2011 8:40pm

I need some more info on this pill. My aunt has been taking this pill for a week and a half and has lost 4 pounds! I would like to know if you HAVE to eat 30 mins after taking it, as well as I wanted you guys to know walgreens sells 2 months of this pill for only 30 bucks, if you are seriously interested try for cheaper I swear, make life easier!!
posted 19-Jul-2011 7:31pm

Hello! acefebe interesting acefebe site!
posted 21-Jul-2011 7:27am

Can an 17 year old use lipozene?
posted 7-Aug-2011 4:49pm

How long before the FTC will shut this scam down?
posted 18-Aug-2011 10:40pm

i want to use it so bad to see if it dose work i only weight126 and im 4.11 they say that im over weight for my hight but i walk every day and i really dont eat much at all so i dont see why i cant lose any pounds and i sweat like carzy so i just dont get it at all
posted 1-Sep-2011 6:54pm

Why did I poop out my lipozene pills????
14 yearolds :D
posted 17-Sep-2011 11:44pm

hey so imma buy lipozene cuz i wiegh almos 200 lbes and im female and 5'0 ....short ik. i changesd everything about my self, my eye color, my hair, got xurgery so i can smell, hear and swallow again :D its a new me BUT im gigantic and i NEED to loose this weight ASAP before i get like a heartattack and die or get diabetes
posted 20-Sep-2011 1:16am

Ok so I am 20 years old I am a Little Person. I am 4'4" tall. My Dr and my mother have always told me that I should be between 85 and 95 lbs. I am 123 lbs. as of today. I am not seriously overweight but Little People tend to have bad joints in their legs and back. I have terrible knees. I walk around Wal-Mart for an hour and Iím up all night rubbing my legs to get to sleep. The weight that I have gained is really taking a toll on me. I have tried Hydroxicut and it made me so sick and I didnít lose any weight in the 2 months of taking it. So, today I went to Wal-Mart and bought Lipozene for $20.00 (rounded to the nearest dollar) and another store I bought some shape-ups that come with a simple workout CD. I am willing to give anything a try to get myself at a healthy weight for my height. If it doesnít work it doesnít work. Wish me luck.
posted 22-Sep-2011 3:58pm

Hey I want to know do Lipozene work? I have try so many product and nothing work for me, I also workout 4 days and 2 hours each time and the weight have'nt moved at all. I feel so bad that I trying to hard to lose weight and nothing have work. Please someone tell me does it work?
posted 24-Sep-2011 6:19pm

I have been on Lipozene for about a week and I have lost 3lbsÖ. I havenít had any stomach pains other than the ones that tell you that you have to go to the bathroom, which isnít bad at allÖ (This may vary with other people). It made me feel full and made my portion consumption smaller. I have been able to eat anything I like to eat including sweets such as cookies and pie. I personally like it and am going to continue to use it. One thing that I like most about it is that it doesnít make me feel ill... I am very sensitive to medications. I would personally recommend it to anyone that is willing to give it a try. =]
mrs hope
posted 20-Nov-2011 1:45pm

posted 30-Nov-2011 5:09pm

I was wondering that can age 11 take the pills cuz she keeps complaining about how fat she is but she kinda has alot of weight on her,so please help by replying
posted 5-Dec-2011 3:46pm

posted 13-Dec-2011 10:25am

I'm on my third bottle of lipozene and I do not see or feel a difference in my weight at all. I'm really wondering what this product is suppose to do? This may sound gross but after a bowel movement which is brought on by prune juice( reason being, once I started these pills I cant go naturally), I can see the pill still intact. And I drink alot of water throughtout the I'm lost as to what now?
posted 3-Jan-2012 9:55am

i'm trying the lipozene as soon as it gets here, i'll keep ya'll posted thanks
posted 16-Jan-2012 3:10pm

so answer me this i jus got my lipozene yesterday n i started takin dem dis mornin did any else feel extra hungry rite after they ate breakfast please answer me
posted 27-Feb-2012 7:40am

I just started it... Hope it works
posted 27-Feb-2012 7:42am

Are u crazy?! Do not give an 11 year old any form of diet pills!!!!! It could kill her!
posted 21-Mar-2012 6:15pm

i took lipozene and have 40 dyas vaginal bleeding oh my god i need do complaint!!! alert!danger!!
posted 22-Mar-2012 3:58pm

Atention for All Person bleeding because took "Lipozene" and bleeding, please contac me! me too.
posted 22-Mar-2012 6:15pm

persons 'parnes or parents died and bleeding because took pills "lipozeneo somebody who interesenting in legal action pleas contact me at
posted 3-Apr-2012 10:36pm

I have a huge willpower issue when I get home in the evening... even If I ate a late lunch at work I feel almost driven to eat instantly upon arriving home which can be anywhere from 7-8pm...if I dont eat right then I will most definitely eat later while watching tv... I dont want to... its almost like an addiction, I am not obese.. I am 5'7 and approx 180lbs, I can easily afford to lose some weight and this night time addiction is hindering my success. I work out three to 5 days a week doing the thin in 30...30 day shred, or something else high impact... this is barely effective simply due to my nite time eating..and going to bed directly afterwards, and sometimes waking up a few hours later feeling as if i need to eat, almost like im thirsting to death only eating and not hungry... the fiber pills fills up my stomach and literally removes that feeling I get at nite.. and now my workouts can be more effective..if im only taking the two pills on my way home from work and before i go to bed I should be okay not to midnite snack, it is due this that i have put on a bit of a muffin top over the past winter... i was doing so good at working out and eating right and losing 5lbs a month regularly the only difference between now and then is the nite time binge. this Lipozene dont have to be a three times a day regime it can be just the part of the day that is the roughest for you, or when your at a dinner or cookout you want to socialize at but dont want to overeat and know that you will..if you do anyways you'd prob throw it all up anyhow with there being no space in your stomach. there is the good and there is the bad with all pills.. this being fiber, can assist you with that edge you need at certain times of the day. i dont feel i need it at all during the day because i eat very little during the day if i do its usually turkey breast or veges or peanut butter sands.. I do not even have a sweet tooth, it when i get home i go .. like the cookie freakin monster only its not cookies its every thing
posted 29-Jun-2012 10:35am

I bought these pills 5 days ago and lost 4 pounds this does work its pretty cool!

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