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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 18-Jul-2012 12:45pm

I can tell you my husband took them and he has stomach cramps and bleeding bad out his bowels. Now headed to ER. Don't take these!!! He drank plenty of water ! Not a good thing to take!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 15-Aug-2012 2:59am

Day 4 on lipozene purchased @ Walmart..3 lbs lost. I've tried slimquick,alli,and sensa..none worked so fast. I walk bout 2 miles a day and eat healthy yet no weight loss till now. will update . I plan to increase my workout

Makes me feel full
posted 16-Aug-2012 9:40pm

Well, today I had got my supplement buy 1 get one free at wal-mart. Ive tried alli, and all kinds of other diet pills you could of. Today, is day one and can't wait to see the results.
posted 16-Aug-2012 9:41pm

Also, I do way about 350LBS. so we shall see how it will affect me ok see ttyl
posted 28-Aug-2012 8:27pm

Well im fixing to order this and after reading alot of these comments im kinda scared. Maybe it has side affects depending on the person. Will keep posted. Will see!
posted 30-Aug-2012 12:59am

Started lipozene on August 15 first week had to use restroom soon after meal. No cramps or any pain. Ive lost 11 pounds so far. However I notice a diference in inches lost over weight... My clothes fit me loose now so id recommend it. I do however think it doesnt work for all and it takes sticking to it past a couple Weeks. That is if no life threatening side effects or exteme discomfort lol
posted 3-Oct-2012 1:08pm

I bought the 2 pack from Walmart for $20. I'm trying to get in the habit of taking it twice a day before meals, but sometimes I don't eat breakfast, and sometimes I don't eat lunch, (sometimes I don't eat either) so it's hard to get in the habit. My dinners are part of larger dinners cooked for a family of 6, most of which despise healthy food, so I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can (not eating the starches, mostly just the veggies, but even those are cooked in butter a lot of the time). I need to lost a lot of weight, as I'm 5'2", and 214lbs. I carry a lot in my butt and chest, but too much in my belly, thighs, face, and arms. I get to the gym when I can, but I mostly just try to keep moving. Maybe this will help a little bit.
posted 4-Oct-2012 1:01pm

I started Lipozene 3 days ago after seeing a friend much thinner, she told me about it so i decided to try it and its been 3 days on it, i dont get hungry much and do go alot to the bathroom, also i see my face getting thinner n my clothes fitting better, havent weight myself, but i was weighin 211 , will update after weigh in.
posted 26-Oct-2012 4:01am

Deciding To Try It But I Dont Want It To Have Crazy Feeling And I Dont Want Any Complications I Just Want To Lose About 60lbs Im Still Very Sexy And Attractive I Just Think Its Time For Me To Get Rid Of The Extra Baby Phat. Alot Of People Sayin So Many Different Things ImScared To Try It. I Know Everyones Body Different But I Need This Done In A Month And Its Probably Impossible. Or Maybe Even Just 15 At Lease In A Month. Im countin On It Because If It Dont Make You Lose Weight I'll Sue Lipozene for False Avertisment.
posted 8-Nov-2012 11:25am

I started the pills I was good I lost over 150 pounds in 5 months working out exercising and eating right I stop taking the pills I'm still doing what I did before with exercise eating right and everything else and I've gained 70 pounds in 3 months. the pills make you gain weight really bad. my doctor said it's a waste of money and don't take it anymore. now I'm getting gastric bypass surgery I'm excited everything's going great and I wish everybody on here luck
posted 6-Dec-2012 3:12pm

run or walk a mile everyday and don't eat after 6 pm you will lose a lot taking lipozene
posted 14-Dec-2012 1:10am

i been taking them approx 48 hours i feel bloated taking these pills im very nervous about the outcome i hope they work
posted 28-Dec-2012 6:18am

Hi Jenni,I have heard about this. I think that while this might sound like a good idea to some, it doesn’t work in reality for the slpime reason that Christianity and Islam are mutually exclusive in their positions. They are miles apart on every doctrine of importance: the character of God, the identity and uniqueness of Jesus, the nature of salvation, the authority of Scripture even what to eat and how to dress. When Christians worship God, they’re worshiping God through his Son Jesus Christ (God himself forbids them to worship anyone else), and through Jesus only are they saved. No true Christian and no true Muslim would ever accept a combination of the two faiths. This doesn’t mean Christians aren’t supposed to be friends with Muslim people. In fact, I think it is important to get to know them, learn about their faith, see what makes our belief systems so different, and to live peaceably side-by-side. What are your thoughts?-John
posted 4-Jan-2013 9:36pm

Ive bout lipozene from Walmart for 19.00 and been taking it twice a day b4 meals for 3days and ive been having this terrible headache my eyes hurt so bad due to light and i really would like to know if this is a side effect because i really cant find anything on it.. So far the lipozene i can say is working far as my appetite im less hungry and cant finish all my food. I don't know if i lost any weight just yet because i haven't weighed myself but the only thing im worried bout is the headaches..
posted 12-Mar-2013 2:29pm

Just over a week of taking Lipozene, It has given me confidence to get the workouts going. Some of us have a very hard time losing the weight it took years to put on. I have lost 4lbs so far and almost 1/2 an inch in the waste I want to keep using lipozene as I have been yes sometimes your stomach will have a reaction to the pills if you are eating crappy. my goal is to lose ninety pounds. I am going strong so if it is working for you keep going sorry about those who it is not working work.
posted 28-Mar-2013 11:33am

I'm feelin insanely sick.... I hate it personally
Debbie M.
posted 31-Mar-2013 6:46pm

posted 13-Apr-2013 4:06am

I have been taking lipozene for 3 weeks now and i have lost 14 pounds i noticed it working first with my face getting thinner... i only take 1 pill each time anf usually only. wftwice. a day. i have not had any sideeffects or horrible reactions... lipozene billed me the amount they said they would and on the day they said it would be.. everyone is different and every body responds differently. i weighed 210 pounds starting out and i already feel better about myself. i am hoping i don't have to take the pills forever to keep the weight off and that eating smaller meals will shrink my stomach to not let me eat huge amounts and gain all the weight back...i am a manager at a fast food resturant and usually that's where i end up eating my dinner since i work from around 4 to 1 am... also i have stoppped dri.king pop and drink a lot of water and eating salads
.. hope it continues to work.. if anyone has had success with this and has kept the weight off please email me... thanks
posted 10-Jun-2013 11:53pm

I can not find an answer to my question can a breast cancer survivor use lipozene
posted 9-Sep-2013 4:54pm

I just started taking lipozene yesterday. Yes it does swell your throat a little bit. And yes it does give you some what cramps and yes I've had difficulty swallowing it BUT you HAVE to drink plenty of water to wash it down. I've had a baby when I was 15 years old. I weighed 182 when I had her. Before I got pregnant I was 134. I'm 160 now and it's been since July 9,2012.(when I had her). I'm trying to get rid of this baby flab! I am still full of stretch marks hopefully this Lipozene will knock off all this extra baby fat and I can get back to my old body! I'm about to be 17 in January !! Pleaz wish me luck. :)
posted 4-Mar-2014 11:45am

i'm just wondering if a 17 year old can take lipozene.
posted 9-Jun-2014 8:43pm

I have tried Lipozene in my endeavors to lose weight. I have had varied degrees of success, but nothing actually took my appetite away, or really even decreased it. Instead of Lipozene, you should try the Lady Soma Detox because it worked for me.

I have not only noticed a drastic decrease in appetite, but when I do eat, I appear to get full much quicker. I also have no more late-night cravings, which is of course a major win. I highly recommend Lady Soma's Detox for anyone who has experienced the same obstacles.
posted 14-Jul-2014 1:39am

Lipozene is the crap!! Its only been 1 week and ive lost 3 pounds and I can definately tell the difference in my stomach fat. Make sure you drink a bottle of water with each pill and excersice daily....
nemisis ;)
posted 13-Sep-2014 4:47am

Wow.... I'm amazed at how hard it is for most people to spell, lol. But 4 real, take all the pills u want, exercise till you drop, spend thousands on surgery, but loving yourself and being happy with who you are is priceless. Magazines and the t.v. Tell us who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to look like, but ill tell you I'm no Raquel Welch but I am sexy, turn heads, amazing personality and it all started from the inside. Forget anyone who don't love that part of you first. ;)
posted 10-Feb-2015 12:14pm

I have been taking it for 2 weeks and I look bloated and to be honest they make me more hungry! I already eat fiber so I don't need to eat more. I think I want my money back.
posted 22-Feb-2015 9:08am

Im about to start mine today. Will update later. Im 5'7" and weigh 204 lbs. Also people, please please please... its LOSE not LOOSE!!! As in " id like to LOSE weight so my pants will be LOOSE" I know its trivial but when adults constantly misspell a simple word, it irks the hell outta me!!! Come on now, we cant be fat and stupid. Lol
posted 22-Feb-2015 9:09am

And well said nemesis
posted 23-Mar-2015 6:29pm

I've been taking Lipozene for over a year, of and on). All of a sudden my Dr. tells me I have a fatty liver. I never had a fatty liver in my life before my last tests. Could there be any connection. I did lose a lot of inches with it.
posted 6-May-2015 6:50pm

my second day but I am eating healthy and jogging got to keep it up for the summer my weight 225 pounds I know got this and good luck to everybody
posted 6-May-2015 6:55pm

what would happen if I missed taking to pills throughout the day? comment back please
posted 10-Oct-2015 4:08pm

I seriously need to know why there are green pellets in my stool from using this. Is this a good thing?

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