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Medifast Diet


Medifast is a meal replacement program, similar to Slim-fast. Medifast products come in individual packets that you mix with water to create a "shake" similar to an instant breakfast drink.


Replacing meals with Medifast products allows you to eat less calories a thus lose weight. Medifast contains a blend of protein and carbohydrates, designed to make you lose weight without losing muscle.

Some Medifast products contain Super Citrimax, which is a natural appetite suppressant. Other Medifast products aloow you to vary the amounts of protein in them. There is also a Medifast formulated specifically for people with Diabetes, another for people with Arthritis, and one for coronary heart disease, plus one for women during menopause.

Medifast uses soy protein, which has been shown in research to have a variety of health benefits, particularly in women.
It reduces the risk of heart disease, helps lower cholesterol levels, and protect against the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

It is recommended that you see your doctor before you start using Medifast and also, regularly, while you are using it.

Medifast Specials


Some people experience diarrhea, stomach cramps, constipation, dad breath, chills, skin rashes, hunger, hair loss, or heartburn. But, these are rare.

Like Slim-fast, some people have trouble sticking to a reduced calorie diet and thus fail to keep off the weight they lose.


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  19-Jan-2006 11:05am created by bill
  4-Jan-2011 10:27am last update by bill

Dr. Del Nagro
posted 3-Mar-2009 6:25pm

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY. The company itself is horrible to deal with. We ordered a single month's supply to try it out. Yet we were somehow automatically enrolled in a repeat shipping program that we never signed up for. After receiving the second shipment, we called and cancelled the account we never signed up for. They called us back and verified the cancellation, however Medifast refused to pay for it's return shipping $40 and so we reluctantly kept the box. You wouldn't believe it, but we subsequently received a third shipment, which was the second shipment we never ordered. We called after receiving this third shipment. They verified the prior cancellation and didn't understand why they had shipped the third box and gave us a return authorization, however we had to pay for the $40 to return shipment, and they subsequently charged us $9.95 of initial shipping to us. However, per my demand they sent us an email once again verifying the account was cancelled and assured us that we wouldn't get another shipment. Guess what. One month later on our doorstep was box number 4. The third box we never ordered. After having to fax back a copy of the cancellation email that I luckily demanded that they send me, they conceded and after much hassle, had the fourth box picked up for a full refund. I spent so much time dealing with this hassle of a company and still they owe me $50 in addition to the fact that I had to use another $360 box of food I didn't want. This is so frustrating that I am willing to write this letter to warn anyone and everyone. STAY AWAY. DO NOT USE MEDIFAST. And the product isn't very good. You feel constantly hungry and it's tasteless food. Which is why we didn't want to continue ordering in the first place.
Angela Chase
posted 6-May-2009 8:13pm

I got very sick on this diet. The first day I ate 4 medifast meals and one regular meal. I went to bed with the worst migraine I have ever had in my life, I mean to the point I thought I had to go to the ER. I am not prone to them. I had to take 2 Tums because I felt bloated and gassy. I also had hotflashes and I don't get those either. I woke the next day and felt full, nausious and just plain weird. I couldn't eat again until 16 hours. I went on regular food and felt fine. I thought maybe I just ate too much, since I am not a big eater and began the following day just eating 2 medifast meals. I had a few heart palpitations. I ate 2 the next day and got more palpitations and that weird feeling came back. I tried to call and return the product since it was making me sick and they said I could only return full boxes. The return policy is bulls#it. How do you know if you are going to have problems unless you try it? I can see getting reimbursed only for the food returned and billed for the packets eaten. This has left me with half my order unreturnable. This is not a good practice to have. I also thought the customer service person I dealt with was rude. I also did feel hungry all the time, as stated above. I am 120 pounds and was seeking to lose only 10 pounds to lose tummy fat.
posted 27-Jun-2009 8:34am

I have been on medifast for over 5 months now and have lost over 100 pounds. The program is pretty strict, but if one actually reads and FOLLOWS the plan, the weight will come off. As written, the program calls for 5 medifast meals and 1 full lean and green meal every day. Any less than that, and you will be consuming far too few calories. Medifast is very clear about what is happening in your body during the first few days on program, and is up front about the side effects of the body switching from burning carbs to burning fat. Those side effects include headache, nausea, dizziness, irritability and hunger. It takes about 3 days to switch from burning carbs to burning fat, but once your body has completed the switch, those feelings go away. These effects have nothing to do with the medifast food, per se, but with how your body is using its available energy.
As far as customer service goes, I've never dealt directly with medifast, so I don't know first hand how good or bad their customer service reps are. I order from an affiliate, Take Shape for Life ( and have not had any problems with them. In fact, the one time I received a product I hadn't ordered, they told me to keep the item, and they shipped me the correct item immediately, free of charge. I have never had to return an item, but, again, they are up front about their return policy. If you have used 1 packet from a box, they will give you another product in exchange. If the box is unopened and returned within 30 days, they will give a refund. Now, I agree if you did not order something that they should accept it back without charge to you (especially when you have proof that the auto shipments were canceled before they sent it). Otherwise, we all agreed to their terms of service, including the refund policy, before even making the first order.
posted 10-Jul-2009 12:50am

To Angela, it sounds like you had a food allergy to something in the product. Maybe soy?
I too had a head ache the first couple of days and hunger but after that things went smooth. No more hunger or headaches! They say if you're hungry to have an extra meal or a snack of SF jello or SF popsicle. As long as it's something on the program you will not go out of the fat burning state. I have lost 25 lbs in 2 months with 15 more to go. Have never had a problem with customer service! If you sign up for beslim club you will get automatic shipments until you cancel (usually online via your account).
posted 6-Aug-2009 11:52am

If you have extra food I would love to buy a few items from you, On the medifast site they don't allow us to exchange/buy other peoples food, so this would be great for me. I like the scrambled eggs, puddings, raspberry tea, ALL of the bars, and crisps/snack crackers. Please let me know if you have any of these if so I would love to make a cheaper deal with you. Thanks :)
you could email me at
posted 19-Oct-2009 10:20am

I've been on the program for 3 months and have lost 37 lbs. I feel great, however I have developed a terrible rash on my hands. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem?
posted 28-Jan-2010 5:55pm

Most people don't know that soy is one of the most common allergies among people, not to mention that there are a lot of toxins stored in fat. In the first week on a very low calorie diet you release a lot of toxins - especially if you had a really bad diet to begin with - and couple that with a possible allergic reaction and the fact that most people ignore their water intake and you have a recipe for some unpleasant side effects. I never had any side effects and my hunger was quite managable and went away after the first week - sure did look forward to that Lean and Green though!
I agree with the previous poster, follow the *directions* and eat all your meals.
I've also never had to return anything so I don't have any comments on that.
posted 7-Feb-2010 10:57pm

Ok Angela... you need to check to see if you possibly have another issue besides wanting to lose weight. You're only 120lbs????? What in the WORLD are you doing taking medifast??? No wonder you got so sick, there was no fat for your body to feed off of! Medifast is a strict and intense diet because it is meant for people who need to lose 40...60...80..100lbs or more! You have "belly fat" issues? Then get a toning workout video and it will take care of that.. has nothing to do with your weight at this point.

I am excited to start medifast here soon to take off the baby weight I gained when I was pregnant plus the extra lbs I have always wanted to lose. Plus medifast is very clear about how the diet will make you feel in the beginning and you HAVE to STRICTLY follow it or you WILL be very sick. Its why they highly recommend talking to your doctor about it.

And the customer service thing... I am sorry but there is no business who is 100% excellent in that area because people are human and there is human error. You can't dismiss the diet because you had issues with returning the boxes... I am assuming you were trying to get the 2 free weeks? Then, yes, you clicked on something that would have you getting multiple orders. If you ordered online, you could have gone to the website yourself and cancle it on your own.... the only negative things I have read about this diet have been people who should never have started the diet because they just weren't ready to change thier lifestyle or people who never tried it to begin with! (or people who have the worst expectations... like miss 120lbs and people expecting gourmet food from a powder packet).
posted 7-Feb-2010 10:58pm

slim fast and medifast are no where near the same thing.
posted 24-Feb-2010 11:51pm

A great program IF YOU FOLLOW IT. Great customer service IF YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND what you are signing up for. If you want to feel good and get results...go for this program. If you need hand holding go to a center...they are springing up all over. I work with my TSFL coach and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 35 lbs in five weeks....That is ONE SHIPMENT of food if you get the one week free the math a great price for a healthy program that keeps you motivated because you see results.
posted 24-Apr-2010 7:52am

Angela is a re-tard, she did not even follow the directions in the first day. Then, she continued to be a retard by coming up with bootleg eating mannerisms with medifast-still not following directions, and finally, to prove that she does not know how to follow directions or even read, she then reveals that she does not even know the medifast returm policy which gives you 3o days to return the product as long as only 1 packet has been used in the box; that's sounds pretty reasonable to me!?!?! You're supposed to teat 5 meals and one regular meal; It's already a low-cal diet, no wonder...... I've already lost 30lbs! Somebody needs to register for 101 at the nearest community college. That Dr. Dal Nagro ain't even real. There is absolutely no professional eloquence in his/her speech, and to top it off,doctors don't worry about tasteless food, they write off the stupid $50, and worry about more important things like lowering the bmi's of their patients in order avoid or eliminate diseases caused by obesity. Try medifast; EVERYTHING might not be to your liking in the buffet line at Sweet Tomatoes or Golden Coral, but i betcha there's always something for everyone......
posted 1-May-2010 2:35pm

I used this to lose just ten pounds and I feel great! Yes I was hungry and tired the first week but it wore off. Its a great tool to teach you correct serving sizes and the proper way to eat 6 meals a day.
posted 3-May-2010 9:36pm

I have been on the Medifast 5 and 1 program now for 5 days and went from 301 to 288. I am thrilled. Yeah the food could taste a little better, but who cares. I am not on this plan for the taste of the food. It is edible and a couple of the products are actually very good. The first three days were not as bad as I had been reading about. I did notice today though that I am not hungry at all. I actually have to look at the clock to know when my next meal is due. I must have entered the "KETOSIS" state. I am excited to see where I will be in about 6 months on Medifast. Wish me luck!!
posted 12-May-2010 12:30pm

I'm ready for a change and would like to get serious about this program, but I'm having trouble getting past the taste of almost everything that I've tried so far. I'm not one that has a weak stomach, but I'm so strugling with the medicine taste and the oatmeal actually made me gag, and I'm not usually like that. Anyone else have this issue but find a way to get past it??? I'm looking for suggestions of food that you preferred or were better tasting. Or maybe some tips on the mixing of them HELP.......
posted 29-May-2010 8:07am

For those who do not like the taste of the hot Medifast foods, try the cold foods. I found that they taste MUCH better! I had to return all flavors of the oatmeal, the scrambled eggs, and the hot cocoa because I found the taste to be horrible and something I could not overlook. I do like the shakes, pudding and bars very much though.
posted 30-May-2010 4:07pm

I too had a nasty headache on the second day. It was so bad that I went off the plan. Now I am thinking of getting back on but plan to cut carbs and sugar before I start back to reduce the headache. I have a lot of weight to lose and feel this program will work. I was afraid the soy and sweetners were making me sick though.
posted 3-Jun-2010 9:12pm

Has anyone ever cancelled a contract with the Medifast center? I have experienced a loss of income and can not afford to pay the center's fees....I am still however, ordering the food online...What was the outcome? Can they come after me for the balance? Thanks.
posted 4-Jun-2010 4:30am

Post from May 30, 2010. I would like to report that I went back on MF plan and it is a success! The headache this time was mild and lifted in the afternoon. I am loosing weight like crazy, a pound a day! I have also adapted to the food and even enjoy it. This plan is awesome and is just what I was looking for. You've got to make up your mind to follow this, once you do, you will not regret it.
posted 12-Jun-2010 11:43pm

Ok, I ordered the plan and got the two shhipments of month's supply of medifast. I lost 30 lbs. and decided that I could try to maintain the weight myself by eating sensibly. I did lose weight on this plan so I can't say the product is bad so don't start flaming me about how I'm stupid and not all food is good and so-on and so-on.I do not know if the original poster is real but I can tell you from personal experience that MEDIFAST has the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with and that stopping autoshipping with them is virtually impossible. As I stated I cancelled my membership with them after 2 shipments but was billed and shipped another shipment at the cost of $294.47 now maybe that is small change to some of you but it is still a lot of money to me. My shipment was intercepted enroute and shipped back and it has been a week and 4 emails to MEDIFAST and still no response I've spoken to there "so called" customer service reps and have gotten know where, I will keep pusueing this until I receive my refund. In closing the diet is good but I can't recommend MEDIFAST simply because of the way they treat their customers. AVOID DEALING WITH MEDIFAST UNLESS YOU LIKE THROWING MONEY AWAY!
posted 19-Jun-2010 11:12pm

I'm on my third week of Medifast. I've lost ten lbs and thrilled...but I've developed HIVES and I'm thinking it could be from the soy or something else in the food. I've never had hives, so it's really bothering me! I have them everywhere but my face...Thank God. Has anyone else developed an allergic reaction?
posted 29-Jun-2010 12:03am

I completed my first week on Medifast. While I am am having some dizzines and feel tired, I believe it is my body adjusting and maybe even getting rid of toxins. I have consumed ALOT of sugar and chocolate this past year. Maybe my body is going through withdrawal. I lost 13 pounds my first week though. I am down from 289 to 276! I am sure it will slow down this week. I am excited about the progress. Yea, the food isn't the greatest but I used herbs and spices to bring out the flavor of the hot meals and lots of cinnamon on other things.
posted 2-Jul-2010 12:03pm

This is my first week on Medifast and I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days. I had alot of trouble for a few days adjusting to the taste of the food. I have also slightly cheated the first couple days but with healthy lowfat low calorie food. I figured out quickly that I needed to get rid of the items I did not like and only purchase the items I like. I also use spices on all the food. I am finally getting used to the food. I have found that selling your extra food on ebay is a great way to get rid of it. I also buy my food from ebay and the medifast website but I only buy the foods I like. Never tried the two week packs. There are coupons on the medifast website to get $25 off a $150.00 purchase or other coupon specials. I used this to buy what I wanted and it worked great. Hope this helps someone.
posted 2-Jul-2010 12:06pm

Has anyone tried the Medifast control centers and how does it help compared to just doing the plan yourself??
posted 7-Jul-2010 10:20pm

My husband and I have been on this diet since December 2010 - he has lost 70 + pounds and I have lost 40 - I am thrilled with the plan and the meals are what you make them - you can make soft serve ice cream out of the puddings and shakes - the cream soups can become little breads - the only thing I couldn't get a handle on is the oatmeal - other than that I love eating this way - and wish I could push past this 40 pound loss, but I am grateful.
posted 13-Jul-2010 5:42pm

As some people have said, I too have found their customer service really aweful. Without going into details about the problems I've had, I strongly suggest, if you have any sort of product or billing problems, get the name of every person you speak to and keep a detailed log when you spoke to them, what they said, etc. Get all promises IN WRITING, because chances are good that promises made by their "representatives" and even their "supervisors" will not be honored, and you will end up with a repeat of the same issue month after month. I hope for the sake of their company they manage to get some good customer service training going or they will be in for a rude awakening when their customers flee to other companies. It's too bad because the program itself is a good one. That said, we're all trying to get healthy. No use raising your blood pressure with a company that doesn't value the customer.
posted 14-Jul-2010 11:14pm

I just finished my first week and feel horrible. Keep being told it is toxins but I cannot function at work and have had to eat a few nuts just to continue. I get very nauseous, lightheaded/dizzy and achy all over. Even feel like I am running a temp at times. I have had the hot flashes and heartburn too. My nurse at work thinks it is my blood sugar and advises me to discontinue this type of diet. I have only lost one pound. At times, I do have great energy bursts but they are very short lived. After each meal, the energy burst occurs about 30 min later than subsides. At about an hour and a half later, I start to feel horrible again. Hard to think and even speak a clear thought. Afraid I would pass out or vomit several times including right now. Rarely feel hungry...just sick. Don't think this is going to work. I need to lose 30 pounds but think I'll have to find another option here. I have no idea whether I'm allergic to soy or what but this is bad. Oh well! Too bad I spent the money on it is about all I can say. Sorry!
posted 20-Jul-2010 3:31am

I signed up to MediFast for their diabetic plan. I found the food tasted OK considering it's diet food. I lost 17 pounds in 10 days, but began to have horrible diarrhea every day around day seven. Looking the ingredients up on Google I think it was from the artificial sweeteners. The plan I signed up for included an automatic shipment (and deduction from my bank account) for a second month. I phoned them to cancel my plan and it took four phone calls to get it canceled. They weren't too interested in canceling it and were rather pissy about it. Don't bother emailing them; they don't respond.
posted 30-Jul-2010 2:14pm

Hi - I've been following the plan 95% for about 2 months, lost 15 pounds, feel pretty terrific overall. But about 2 weeks ago started having very flushed cheeks. I am now watching reactions to each meal to see if the redness increases/decreases, and how it might relate to other activities like being outside (I wear facial moistuirizer with sunblock). I am not normally allergic to soy, dairy, or sweeteners, but fear I'm developing an allergy now. I'm not ready to leave the plan but may have to. Any suggestions are welcome.
posted 6-Aug-2010 1:23am

As a dietitian, I totally understand why the diet works (ketosis) ... but you can achieve that with real food (Atkins). The ingredients concern me ... way too much processed soy, one of the most common allergens, hydrogenated oils (trans fat) and high fructose corn syrup. Just those three made me shudder. I haven't tasted it, but have heard from other who gag on it. There are no enzymes or probiotics included ... the body will have a hard time digesting this dead food. Perhaps it works because it starves you ... people I know who went on it look like survivors of a famine. I would never recommend this program to anyone ... there are much healthier ways to lose weight.
posted 6-Aug-2010 11:42pm

I have been on medifast for five months and gave lost 50 pounds!!! I adore this program.
posted 15-Aug-2010 4:57pm

I too have developed hives I must be allergic to something in the MF bars or shakes I have had successful weight loss 25 pds in 5 weeks but my stomach hurts all the time and the hives flare up on everything except my face.
posted 26-Aug-2010 2:14pm

I have been on Medifast for three weeks. This time I did not have the side effects initially (hives, headache, dizziness), but at the end of the third week, I am getting them bad. It's too bad, because the plan really works for weight loss. Not only weight loss, but you don't lose body fat in any other diet, the way you do on Medifast. I have lost 2 1/2 inches in my waist in three weeks. I am trying to hang in there.
posted 31-Aug-2010 2:28pm

Are you people really kidding... what diet plan gives you side effects.. think about it you are suppose to feel "great" when you get skinney and healthy not sick. Its all a bunch of processed crappy foods. Low calorie, high soy, low carb... of course you will lose weight but you will pay for it. I have a friend that lost 95 pounds in 6 months on that crap and now is in the is a money making pyramid scheme... not a diet... Go on line and search about high soy foods and everyone in the world knows that any low calorie diet is not good for you. I would rather be fat then unhealthy eating that processed crap. Oh yeah they tell you that you will not lose you muscle mass but that too is a lie... If you really want a laugh go find their so called studies from John Hopkins... a joke. If you look on line everyone that loves the diet is still on it... very few people have lost weight and kept it off... Alos they have all the people selling it flood the internet so if you search medifast you will almost always find people on the diet or selling it.. STAY AWAY!!!
posted 19-Sep-2010 5:57pm

I had success with MediFast last year--I lost 43 pounds. However, I discovered a soy sensitivity & had issues with the inulin (fiber) that was added to the product. I met SEVERAL PEOPLE who experienced the same thing!! Also, my endometriosis grew back, and I had horrible PMS symptoms (POST-FULL-HYSTERECTOMY <MEANING, NO OVARIES!!>). I never thought that soy could do all that, so I kept getting medical tests for cancer/endometriosis. My estrogen levels skyrocketted! As soon as I got my Lab results, my doctor told me that NO ONE should eat that much soy a day, and that there should be a warning for people who are predisposed to cancer and endometriosis!! After 2 weeks OFF of the diet plan, I was back to normal, except for some new endometrial growths/tumors that required 6 months of Lupron. I followed the program (religiously) for 6 months. My thyroid is now impaired. I'm now a RD (Registered Dietitian) thanks to my MediFast experience. Medifast would NOT buy back the unopened boxes of food I'd purchased--even with a doctor's letter. I sold them on Craig's List. PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU DECIDE TO FOLLOW MEDIFAST!! I'm happy for the people who weren't medically harmed, but there ARE people who have been!
posted 29-Dec-2010 6:47pm

I lost 37 lbs in 5 months and regained 10 lbs which feels like 20. From what I've observed with my own re-gain and others, it comes back right in the belly. I've been reading about belly fat, caused by stress and cortisol.. I'm starting to think this extreme low calorie stresses the body, creating more cortisol and you end up with belly fat once you try to do the maintance portion. I had hair loss with this, so I had to stop losing weight. My hair is coming back in, but because I get so obsessed with the belly fat that I've regained, I'll go back on the fat loss program and I'm probably messing up my metabolism. Feed back is always, well you aren't following the program correctly... but the other women I know who also regained belly fat followed the maitenance program. So its not just me. I've been trying to find out how long term the weight loss has been for others who tried the program and how did they keep that belly fat from coming back? I really don't think I over ate.. and 5 lbs will come back in 2 days. I do 1/2 hour to one hour exercise everyday.
posted 14-Jan-2011 3:42pm

TO THE CHILDISH PERSON/PEOPLE WHO MADE FUN OF ANGELA... I swear i never sign up for these things, i normally read and research but never have the time to chat. HOWEVER... Your absolutely RUDE comments towards another person on here got me sooo mad that i just have to say something back. How can you judge anyone on here who wants to lose weight??? How do you know that shes not really short and maybe even does have a pudgey stomach to get rid of?!! You dont know her situation so BE NICE! If you want to help ANY then be supportive. Aren't you in the same boat like that rest of us that just want to feel good about yourself and lose your weight? Maybe you are the one with a big problem. You are probably one of those people who really is completely over weight so to make yourself feel better you treat skinny people poorly.

And Angela, if you are reading this, ignore the rude ones and just take care of your health and good luck in your journey. Stay strong!
posted 20-Jan-2011 8:25pm

I used the Medi-fast program on recommendation by a friend who lost 40 lbs. using the plan. (I lost 40 lbs. the traditional way and have maintined my weight for over a decade but found the last 10 lbs. very illusive to lose.) I tried the plan about 18 months ago and successfully lost the weight. Over the next year I gained back about 8 lbs. and thought I would do it again and maintain the loss with physical exercise since I am back in the U.S. However, this time I have experienced a major break out in hives. The good part is they don't itch yet but of course are very unsightly and some are starting to appear on my face. I was glad to read the comments about hives and to learn that soy is a common allergin. I lost 1.5 lbs in 2 days but will abandon the program for my health. I appreciated all the informative comments. Any additional experience with hives would be appreciated especially if you had success the first time with no reaction. Thanks.
posted 15-Feb-2011 8:59am

I am on my second day of medifast I am not loving it so far. I have been sick not able to stand and called out of work. I hope it gets better.
posted 15-Feb-2011 9:00am

Anyone have any tricks for the taste I just can't seem to keep it down. and yes I can have soy :)
posted 1-Mar-2011 11:58am

I LOVE this diet! It made me lose about 47 pounds in 2 months. Not only that, but it made me stinky at least 3 times a day. I can't get over how much I'm stinkying now, and I mean simply horrible fecal matter comes out of my anus. I LOVE IT!!
posted 5-Apr-2011 9:46am

I followed the plan to a tee, listened to my tsfl coach and had such severe migraines from this that I really thought I needed to go to the hospital. My stomach shut down. I'm still recovering, days later, still with a migraine. This plan is not for everyone. Soy allergies or built up toxins are probably my issue, plus a tendency to be low on the potassium levels. Beware with ANY diet it IS a strain on your body. And by the way, I lost 5 lbs in 2 days. I'd probably still recommend this to those that absolutely can't lose weight any other way but are otherwise in relatively good health. Get the weight down first, work on your eating issues in transition. Learn to eat healthy and exercise.
posted 5-Apr-2011 6:22pm

i love medifast. except when u go off it u gain it right back
posted 14-Apr-2011 6:19am

I've lost 22 pounds in 2 months on this. At first my energy level skyrocketed. Now I'm listless and STARVING all the time. If I'm going to gain it back when is stop it, why should I continue? There's no way I can stay on this long term. I want regular meals but plan on eating better. I have a physically demanding job and probably burn off the minimal calories and cars pretty fast. I tolerated the hunger at first when I was losing 5 pounds a week, now all I think about is the hunger and I know I'll fall off the wagon. Two pounds a week don't seem worth the fatigue and hunger if it's going to come right back on.
posted 22-Jun-2011 2:06pm

Hi everyone, I started Medifast 2 months ago on the advice of my doctor. For the first week I was horribly sick, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, migraines, etc. Then I entered the ketosis state and felt kind of weak and "high" for a few weeks. I lost 20 lbs the first month. The weight loss slowed down dramatically as I started to not like how I was feeling, and incorporated some of the "allowed" snack foods, and messed around with the plan a bit. I learned that nuts are too high-calorie but unsweetened peanut butter fills me up fast and it's slow going down and a treat. I crave nuts and salt. I learned that lowfat milk, for whatever reason, slows me down even though I never have more than a cup a day. I learned how to dress stuff up with large amounts of pepper, cinnamon, salt, a little bit of cream (a LITTLE bit)... still after the second month went by I felt pretty crappy - muscle cramps everywhere, skin breakouts, itching, nausea, awful disgusting bad aftertaste in my mouth, no energy. I still have a lot of weight to lose too. Went on vacation and ate all real food, but no carbs - omelets with veggies, burgers and salad, no bun, fish and asparagus, etc. When it was over I had not gained any weight and I felt fabulous. Jumped back on Medifast and felt nasty again. Jumped off, even added a limited amount of carbs, felt much, much better and started to gain weight immediately, so now I'm back on. This is just my story, I hope it helps some of you.

The Big Question: Is it really good for humans to eat food that was manufactured in a laboratory? Really? Maybe the answer is to eat real food but less of it? Any thoughts?
posted 30-Jun-2011 6:39am

My wife and I have been on the program for about 6 months. She's lost 50 lbs., I've lost 40. Some constipation all along, but be ready when you DO need to go. I've eliminated 2 of 3 meds for diabetes and 2 of 3 meds for blood pressure - that took care of the light-headness(and make sure to drink the water!). However, my wife has had a couple of severe migraines and I've developed some tinnitus (I'm trying to figure out if that's Medifast or another med I can eliminate). Good luck with the weight loss whichever way you go!
posted 14-Jul-2011 9:23pm

posted 10-Aug-2011 11:14am

Did Medifast for 10 months, lost 64 pounds, no side effects and rode my bicycle on average 20-30 miles per day the whole time. It does work for some of us. The key for this diet (and any other life style) is that it is forced portion control. Weight loss is simple - eat less and move more. ; )
posted 14-Aug-2011 12:53pm

I did medifast a few years ago... I lost weight, but I got horrible PMS... I also have endometriosis... I really think medifast is part of why it is so bad today. You CAN lost weight with the SAME if not better numbers as medifast if you have a healthy diet. Medifast comes with a warming label, always has, for women with PMS and other issues.
I really want Medifast to make a hemp/hazelnut/almond based shake with NO soy. I will drink that. i just can't have soy and dairy. I tried to return to medifast a few years ago. Lets just say it was horrible!
posted 14-Aug-2011 12:54pm

If you ever have issues with companies, feel free to go down to your bank, or call up your credit card company and reverse the charge. they will do it for you sometimes.
posted 4-Sep-2011 9:48am

Guess what? If you go off Medifast and go right back to your old eating habits and routine, you will (drum roll) (wait for it) GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK! That's right! If you gained weight after going off Medifast, then why are you in the drive-through line at Taco Bell so often, and why are you eating burgers 6 days a week? And do you *really* need that 500-calorie pastry every time you go to the coffee house? Really? Your dinner plate has enough food on it to last you three days. Do you really need to finish all that? Right now? The weight loss plan works. I had no issues with the powdered food--it's edible. But when you go off it, think about what you're doing. One last thing--you won't find credible research articles about these so-called toxin cleansers that people are talking about. Medifast doesn't mention it, which is one reason I chose them (the other reason was my doctor recommended them). Stay away from the toxin "cleansers"--they're selling you snake oil.
posted 14-Sep-2011 11:39am

I tried the diet for 2 days, on the second day my body started to tingle all over, my hands swelled and feet, and I had hot flashes all night, I really think I was having a reaction to the soy, it freaked me out, and I stopped the product, losing weight is not worth losing my health, I am still sick after going back on normal foods and my body is all messed up, i dont advise this product unless you have been thoroughly checked out by a doctor, which i did not do, not cool at all, good luck to those who can endure it
posted 26-Jan-2012 1:55pm

I have lost 14 lbs. on medifast and frankly, Scarlett.... I like the bars, the shakes and the Kibbles.(refering to the bbq snacks) Not great tasting food. I am an over-eater BIG time, and this isn't helping me too much. I need a "warden" to watch over me. Any ideas?
Jimmy Stephens
posted 1-Mar-2012 11:23pm

To the poster who said it made him/her stinky all the time-it does the same to me. Ive never stinkied so much in my life. But, I am losing weight and feel really good-no major side effects except constant stinkying. But I can deal with that.
posted 9-Mar-2012 8:57am

I got sick on this diet in the first couple of days, I had leg cramps do bad I could not stand. I have tryed to stick with it thinking it would pass. (Not yet) You do lose weight but is it worth feeling this sick over, I have been into it now for a few weeks and still feel sickly. Good luck if you try it'
posted 23-Apr-2012 5:03pm

I tried medifast, but I could only take it for about a week. Yes I lost weight about 5 pounds, but the food (that I recieved) overall is not good. I ordered the 2 week package for about $165.00 and was sent oatmeal, shakes, soup, and bars I thought I could easily do it for 2 weeks. The oatmeal and soup were awfull from day one. The bars were ok at first but gradualy seemed to taste worse and worse the more I ate them. The only thing I could recommend is the shakes they are good and stayed that way. I did learn that all the food is about 100 calories each except for your meal (meat and veg) Sorry medifast but I would not recommend your plan to anyone what I would say is try the slimfast plan tastes much better and cheaper too! Also had terrible gas and some diarrhea.
posted 26-Apr-2012 2:16am

It's not necessary there can be medical reasons for not losing fat when you are already following proper diet and exercise
posted 26-Apr-2012 8:35pm

Just went off medifast after three days. Had the same problems as some of you, continuous headache, extreme fatigue, bad breath, bad taste in mouth, leg cramps, night sweats, etc. I followed the diet to the letter, no cheating, and would have stayed with it longer if the food would have had some taste but it started to gag me. I did Jenny Craig a few years ago and lost 40 pounds, their food tastes great and many many choices. The food is more expensive and it takes a bit longer to lose the weight but I thought is was easy and convenient. It's not a quick fix like Medifast but I have never heard of anybody getting sick from Jenny Craig food. I'm going back to Jenny Craig to lose some more, slow and steady wins the race!
posted 30-Apr-2012 3:36pm

Loosing inches on this program is more for me than losing lbs. Realized I have to bring back exercise into the program to see the weight dropping. [anyone experienced this?] Food not too appetizing, but can be managed. When you lose your desired weight, I guess maintaining is not that bad.
posted 11-May-2012 3:46pm

I started Medifast 2 months ago and didn't have any issues until a few days ago. I lost five pounds and 2 1/2 inches from my waist. It's not much I know but it could be the other way around. Now I am experiencing diarrhea, bad gas, stomach rumbling. Its quite embarrassing however I plan to stick with Medifast.
posted 13-May-2012 1:09am

On medifast eight weeks and lost 16 lbs. Began having hives and inflamed joints and extra red cheeks. Medifast staff told me to focus on whey products and cut down on the soy ones -- and to drink 64 oz water/day religiously. This has helped tremendously. Still have lots of smelly gas and staff recommended Beano. I also have a sane counselor who believes a slower rate of weight loss probably helps keep the weight off long term. Depending on medifast isn't the answer, but it's a good jumping off point -- it's easier to exercise with less weight, which improves my metabolism and prepares me to maintain weight loss. I feel better about myself and hope this improves my chances for getting a decent job.
posted 15-May-2012 8:03pm

I have been on Medifast now for two months. I still have BAD GAS and it will not go away. It doesnt matter what Medifast meals i eat, still gassy and bloated. What can i take?
Anonymous MN
posted 23-May-2012 11:31pm

I have been on Medifast a week and so far all is good other than can't stand the oatmeal or the eggs but I am going to try doctoring them. I think the information about fat releasing toxins is very likely... I quit smoking two years ago after a 20 year 2 pack a day habit. A few months after I had quit completely (not even a puff) I broke out in horrible hives on my chest that lasted about three weeks. The doctor's could not figure it out but after it went away I started reading about others that have had similar experiences!

Anyhow, excited to lose on Medifast!
posted 1-Jun-2012 11:14am

I have been on Medifast for 6 months and have lost 70 lbs and am entering maintenance now. It works great for me, no side effects at all, and I don't anticipate problems maintaining the weight I've lost. It is about changing habits. You can't expect to lose weight and go back to your hold habits and keep it off. Maintaining weight loss is a lifestyle change, not just about the time it takes to lose it.
posted 18-Jun-2012 5:57pm

I have tried weight watchers, Nutrasystem, 1,ooo calorie diets and now Medifast. And I cant loose 1 pound. I went to 4 dr and an endrocronlogyst and they said they dont know why my body will not respond to any diet. The less i eat the more i gain. I am up 30pds. This is sick. So depressed.
posted 21-Jun-2012 5:40am

Woke up at 4:30 am feeling nauseous and like I was going to pass out. I felt this way when I was pregnant and it was because my blood sugar drooped from not eating enough. I am only on day 4 of Medifastband have lost 4 lbs. I did get up and eat a bar and took abite of a banna. I do feel better but do not like the feeling. I have followed the plan and love it. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.
posted 21-Jun-2012 5:42am

Woke up at 4:30 am feeling nauseous and like I was going to pass out. I felt this way when I was pregnant and it was because my blood sugar dropped from not eating enough. I am only on day 4 of Medifast and have lost 4 lbs. I did get up and eat a bar and took a bit of a banna. I do feel better but do not like the feeling. I have followed the plan and love it. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.
posted 29-Jun-2012 1:01pm

I joined the plan three months ago with poor results. The longer I am on the plan the worse I feel. I am having migraines and no energy. I talked with the people at the center but they insisted there is nothing in the meals that would cause this. I followed the plan to the letter and have only lost 12 lbs in three months. I desparately want to lose the weight but not like this. I still have to be able to function!
posted 9-Jul-2012 11:09pm

My husband and I have been on this diet for 3 months. I needed to lose 20lbs, so I did and now I'm in the transition phase. The side effects I have had are a few leg cramps here and there, and gas. But totally worth the weight I lost. My husband has lost 50 pounds with the same symptoms as I listed above up until 3 weeks ago when he started having the following symptoms: NO energy, very lethargic, migraines, eye pains, muscle aches and night sweats, and a couple of fevers. I am shocked to read all of the comments of similar symptoms others have had. I think it's a great diet and can help you with changing your eating habits for life (at least that's our hope)and may or may not be worth some of the symptoms it causes. My husband just went to the doctor and they drew blood and got a chest xray due to his symptoms. If he keeps feeling this way, then he'll probably start the transition phase so he can get on with his life. It's only been the last 3 weeks of these, what I would call, severe symptoms. We have 2 little babies and he can hardly hold them.
posted 10-Jul-2012 8:38am

Ive been on this diet for almost a month and only lost 5 lbs. I feel bloated all the time. I think Im lactose intolerant but am taking Lactaid before my medifast meals but the bloating continues im ready to give up on this diet
Debbie B.
posted 19-Jul-2012 7:35pm

My husband and I have been on Medifast/Take Shape for Life since February, 2012. I have lost 41 lbs. and he has lost 73 lbs. Just had a complete checkup with our doctor, and he was thrilled, cut our blood pressure medications in half, and said that we will probably be off them soon. All our blood work came back fine. I have been on all the other diets you can think of, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, etc. and none have worked like this. This has taught me that I can do without sugars and carbs and feel fine. It takes away the cravings and the hunger, whereas on the other diets, I was always hungry and always had more and more cravings for bread, pastas and sugars. I am also a very picky eater, but have no problem eating the foods, I enjoy them and love the brownie! I have such faith in this program that I became a Health Coach for Medifast/Take Shape for Life, so that I can help others along this journey to good health and feeling better about themselves. When joining the Take Shape For Life program, you receive a free health coach, there is no sign up fee, but yet you have someone there to help you through the program one on one day by day, either by phone, email, etc. You have no obligations, only to try the food, that is all that you are paying for, and after the first two weeks or one month, if you decide not to do it anymore, you are done. As far as the cost, it is $11.50 per day, which is a lot less than I would have ended up buying with all the snacks and stuff that I had in my house. Now I only buy for my one meal daily. The program is a 5 and 1 program, 5 Medifast Meals and 1 Lean and Green meal, that you do on your own. Again, not everyone suffers with side effects, it is definitely worth a try to see if this program can work for you, as it has worked for us and many, many other people. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me at Hope to hear from you. Debbie
posted 20-Nov-2012 3:17pm

The first week is hard for everyone, and your body getting hot is the process of ketosis happening where your body is breaking the fat the use it for energy.

You all might be too used to lots of calories or eating lots of meats and cheeses and feeling "full". I am used to Fasting - not eating or drinking from sunset till sun down. If you can do that you can train your metabolism to do almost anything. I fasted some days before I started medifast. I was nauseous the first day only because i was not used to "vitamin" enriched foods. I dont take vitamins but after I made it to my second week I was better and i returned the foods I didn't like that made me nauses and only stuck to what I did like. Also maybe you weren't drinking enough water to keep the food feeling more heavy or filling. I also don't loose weight easily i did nutrisystem too and never cheated and I lost 3 poudns then gained it back after a month - so stupid.

end of story, biological hunger will striket hard like 3 times a day but after your stomach rumbles you go back to being fine because your body took the energy from your fat. I would say if your still feeling hungry on medifast, try to start again after training your self to resist food. 30 million muslims fast a whole month from sunrise to sunset to learn that all things we need to survive are from god, and if god wills it we can survive, and given up food and drink - a mental and phsycial need you can learn to develop will power, patience, sacrafice, humbleness. so just remember is mind over matter unless your ill then take care of your self.
posted 4-Dec-2012 8:52pm

I have been on the Medifast diet since the 3rd week of August; lost 23 lbs. so far. Like so many others, the gassy bowels are an embarrassing problem - definitely due to the maltitol (sugar alchohol to replace sugar) in the crunch bars. Sugar alcohols are not meant to be digested and flatulence is a common side effect for most, diarrhea can also occur in others. As a result, I don't eat the crunch bars and found Simply Bars online, which are similar in the carb/protein ratio but contain no sugar alcohols. I canceled the BeSlim automatic shipping after the first month, preferring to order my own choices of food. It's good to try the variety of the Medifast product offerings and then select your own preferences.
Unfortunately, my husband had to quit the Medifast diet after 2 weeks. He lost 10 lbs pretty fast, but had a reaction to the soy protein. Soy is in every Medifast product and he turned out to have a problem with it. He's now on the HMR diet program - they have a variety of different shake products, some soy, some whey, etc. They also have pre-packaged meals like MREs that he finds palatable. The price of the HMR diet shakes/soups is about the same as Medifast TSFL; their prepackaged meals are more pricey.
I successfully changed my way of eating in 2001 to lean proteins/healthy fats and only veggie carbs, losing 40 lbs and keeping it off for 5 years. No bread, rice, beans, sugar or potatoes. Protein based meals. After menopause's delirious carbohydrate craving eased up, I found my self needing to lose that 40 lbs again but was unsuccessful without Medifast. Yes, the 3rd day of metabolic shift into ketosis is hard - shaking, weak and headaches. You need to know to expect that as well as the bowel gas. No amount of Tums, Rolaids or Beano will help and I think the TSFL website is disingenuous regarding the gas! Good luck to all.
posted 8-Dec-2012 3:08am

I had done medifast years before and decided to try it again after having a baby to lose the baby weight. I am in good health and do not have any issues.
Shortly after ordering my 2 month supply I started to notice whenever I ate the food I would get extremely sick. I was throwing up, so dizzy I can't stand and this would last for many hours. I really couldn't connect the two and just thought it was a coincidence. So I waited weeks and then try again and it would make me sick again. I called Medifast to tell them what happened and asked to return my food they said I couldn't return it because it was past 30 days. Here's what I have to say:
#1: They obviously know there food makes people sick and this is not an isolated incident. Hence, why they refused to stand by their product.
#2: There claims that this diet is healthy. If you are doing this diet you know that it is not healthy to eat a 700 calorie diet. But that still doesn't mean that it's okay to make people sick.
#3: The food does not taste good and its not worth risking consuming this toxic waste
posted 22-Jan-2013 6:21pm

All of you folks who talk about being sick the first few days or so or so sick you stopped. The issue is either 1 of 2 things. First and foremost - you may have a soy allergy. If you do - STOP EATING SOY PRODUCTS! If you don't have an allergy then the issue is SUGAR WITHDRAWAL. Yes there is such a thing. You have spent your whole life eating processed cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup in the form of candy, snacks, cakes, pies, and pretty much all foods you don't cook yourself. When you attempt to start eating healthy foods full of soy, protein, grains, low or no salt and no sugar your body is like that of heroin addict. So again, if you are not allergic to soy (go to an allergist and get tested) then it is a sugar withdrawal you are going through. Depending on how much sugar you eat per day, how fat your are and how long you've lead a sugar induced lifestyle the side effects of completely cutting off that sugar intake could be very extreme. But like all withdrawals, endure it, you'll be fine and you will learn never to return to that way of eating. If you find yourself having issues in the beginning of the diet - augment the diet with small amounts of sugar and gradually taper off. What I did was have a bag of skittles handy for the first few weeks. When I felt that headache and nausea and other wierd feelings, I gave my body 10-15 skittles. It went away or subsided. After about 1/5 - 2 weeks I was fine on nothing but the medifast meals and 1 lean and green meal per day. Never hungry or anything. Also YOU MUST DRINK TONS OF WATER ON THIS DIET. It will help flush toxins out. Also, do not do ANY exercises. Exercising is completely overrated and unless you plan on running a marathon or becoming the next pro football speed wide-receiver, you're just hurting yourself. Follow the medifast plan to the letter and remember what I have written here and you could be like me. I was on the diet for about 100 days. Lost 62 pounds, then went on the maintenance plan for 6 months and now I'm off it and have kept the weight off.
Nelle B
posted 29-Jan-2013 9:20am

Today is my 100th day on the Medifast TSFL diet. I have lost 43 pounds and I feel great! I didn't have any issues with any of the things I have read here. I agree with the last poster that sugar withdrawal can be hard. I stopped drinking sugary drinks in 1995. I hardly ever have even a diet soda anymore. Maybe once every 6 months or so. They are just too sweet. Maybe that's why this plan has worked so well for me, I didn't have sugar withdrawal. Anyway, my husband has tried this diet and he has had a lot of the gas, bloating and diarrhea issues that have been mention. He is very addicted to sugar and artificial sweeteners. He wants to try again when he can take some vacation days and stay home - to see if he can get past the bad part. It has worked so well for me, and we hope it will work for him, too.
posted 2-Feb-2013 8:00pm

Been on medifast 2 days I am having hard time swallowing all the water anybody have any ideas how to get it down
posted 8-Feb-2013 10:38am

This was my first successful diet. Lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks. I feel great. I don't love all the food, but I find i can tolerate all the sweet foods (cinnamon pretzels, iced-cappuccinos, bars, brownies, cookies, pancakes). The savory foods like soups turn me off but make me feel fuller. If you are having problems with water- try adding crystal light to it until you can form a habit of drinking it. I find it essential in the weight loss. Also, know that the first three days are the hardest. Push through it, and try never to get back to the point where you are constantly restarting. Remember, even 5 goldfish can throw you out of ketosis. If you are constantly hungry - double or triple your protein intake. I found this has slowed down my weight loss only slightly. Also, I believe if you don't like the food- you can try just eating 3 lean and green meals a day and get the same results. I choose to order the food as I feel its easier than cooking. Look into the 17 day diet, as well, as they believe Medifast may slow down the metabolism too much - which I worry about.
Mama T
posted 2-Mar-2013 2:02pm

So, from 2000-2007 I managed to go from 140lbs (at 5'3") to 182lbs due to sedentary, high stress job
And a reduction in exercise and simultaneous work-related snacking, triple lattes, airport food and junk.
I also went from age 28-35, which can impact metabolism if you are living that low-activity lifestyle too.
We wanted children, but my thoughts are that my weight and stress were im
Mama T
posted 2-Mar-2013 2:13pm

Oops... Continued...
Weight and stress were impacting that success. So, after a friend had success with MF,
I tried it. In 5-6 months, I went from 182lbs to 148. I went from a tight size 14 to a loose size 10.
For me, this was great success. I then transitioned off MF products and Maintained my weight.
Then, in Jan of 2008 we found out we weee pregnant! smile I gained 60 lbs with my first (born Sept '08) then after we were finished breast-feeding in 2009 with no MF- I lost all but the last 15 pounds. Then, in 2010 we found out we'd be having another baby in Aug 2011! This time I only gained about 45 pounds. Again afterwards on my own without MF I lost all but the last 20 or so pounds. Then, the lbs started creeping back on. Last week I weighed in at 178. Time to get serious. I started MF ( first time since my first success with MF in 2007) this week. I'm already down 4lbs. I'll post my progress! Love&light, mamaT
Mama T
posted 2-Mar-2013 2:23pm

That should have said last week I weighed in at 168 pounds not 178lbs!
posted 23-Mar-2013 11:00am

I've been using Medifast on/off since 2008. This is my last attempt to stick with it. The first go around I lost about 10 pounds in two weeks but went off. Didn't try again until 2009 and lost 30 pounds in 42 days (yes 42 days). Third go around in 2010 I lost the same 30 pounds in 42 days again (I had regained it). In 2012 I lost 20 pounds in a month and stopped. I regained each time because I went back to eating poorly. This time, 2013 is my final try with Medifast. I'm a food addict so having restriction is very difficult for me but an absolute must because even if I eat regualar healthy food I don't know when to stop (I never feel full, ever). That's why this diet has worked for me and had I kept at it I would have lost the weight 10 times over by now but I tend to fall off the MF wagon around 7 or 8 weeks. I have 100 pounds to lose and I've yo-yo dieted for the last 5 years of my life. I lose it and then take a year to regain what I've lost (sometimes not even a year, a few months). I am meeting with a therapist one time a week to help me with my food addiction, I am terrified to fail again and not only that I am terrified to lose the weight only to regain it. I think having some mental help with help me with the internal stuff as to why I overeat. Medifast does work but the food is processed and not that great tasting, I pretty much get used to it and zero pleasure from eating (which is what I need). My hips hurt, feet hurt, and I'm sick from being FAT. I can't stand one more minute weight 235 pounds at 5'4. I've weighed this much since the birth of my son in 2004. I'm tired all the time, can't walk down the street without my hips locking up and I am depressed. I must lose the weight and deal with my emotional/mental issues that cause me to turn to food to comfort myself.
Medifast does cause farts, constipation, and I had my gallbladder removed in 2012 because of the drastic weight loss in short amount of time. Yes dieting can cause side effects but look at what obesity is doing --- YOU DECIDE!
posted 3-Apr-2013 1:01pm

I've been on MF for 6 months and have lost 65 pounds. I don't order online, but go into a center. As far as sticking to it, going in will help with that where you are more accountable to the scale. It was more expensive, I'm sure, but there's no temptation to cheat when you have to go face someone every week. I don't think the food tastes too bad. After a couple of meals,I stopped wanting to add salt to the soups and sugar to the oatmeal. Hopefully this week I will be able to begin transitioning to some normal food. I would definitely recommend this program.
posted 9-May-2013 6:41pm

I have been using MF since early March 8. I lost 9 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Then I took a ten day "break" visiting family and traveling and managed to maintain my weight eating MF but also eating some big meals. Since April 1 I have lost another 16 . SO starting at 181 in March, I am now down to 156 (25 pounds lost in less than 9 weeks - 10 days so about 1/2 lb a day when I don't cheat) with a goal of 140. I have continually increased my exercise because at 181 I had stopped running and felt exhausted easily. There have been days when I worked out so hard I burned nearly 1000 calories so I ate extra MF meals or supplemented my lean and green I had started sleeping much better after losing weight and then about 10 days ago started getting night sweats. I am 51 so it could just be peri-menopause. But maybe my body has just had toto much soy. I don't think MF is the healthiest way to eat but neither is waling around with an extra 40 pounds. I had developed Plantar fasciitis, was tired all the time, could not fit into anything I owned, and was embarrassed to have a photo taken. I am gong on a 5 week trip to Europe starting May 28 so we will see how much more I can lose in 2.5 weeks and how well I keep it off on the trip where I will be enjoying the local cuisine but also walking 1 to 3 hours a day!
posted 8-Aug-2013 2:16pm

I am on Day 4. The first day was fine. On the second day, I started having heartburn and a headache. On the third day, I had extreme gas pains, indigestion, fatigue, and headache. I have not slept well since starting the program. Today I am in bed. I have a terrible, gnawing stomach ache, headache, extreme fatigue, and nausea. I have been dry heaving, but nothing comes up. I have not had a bowel movement since starting. I feel constantly hungry, but feel even worse after eating.

So far today, I've taken Tums, Tagamet, Alka Seltzer, and probiotics. Nothing helps. I feel like I'm poisoning my body with this stuff. I rarely ate sugar before starting the diet, so it's not sugar withdrawal.

I lost 2 pounds the first few days, but now have gained it all back.... WITHOUT CHEATING.

Is it worth it? Or should I stop now?
posted 24-Sep-2013 9:09pm

On day two of MF and my only problem is that now I'm too tired to exercise. I don't want to give up my exercise even for a day - I enjoy it too much. So I guess I wont do MF. Too bad because I really wanted to lose weight but I guess I want to do yoga even more badly than I want to lose weight. Guess I'll try something less extreme. I just don't know anything else that actually works to lose fat and weight.
Jimmy Stephens
posted 1-Jan-2014 10:07am

I lost quite a bit of weight with this diet-about 40 pounds. The only different thing I noticed was how much it made me stinky. Seemed like I was always headed to the toilet-lol! Not stinkying as much now.
posted 14-Apr-2014 4:01pm

Iv been using Medifast for the past 6 day's. As with most people I experiences a lot of gas and diarrhea. Along with that today being my 6th day on the program, Im experiencing swollen glands on my breast and tenderness. It's insane tenderness. It's keeping me up at night. Also my stomach is tender to the touch along with my lower back in the area of my kidney's and shoulders as well. It feel like I went through a marathon race of some sort. Did any one else experience this? I spoke to my coach about it and she asked me if I was pregnant. I said no, to be 100% sure I took a test and yes it came out negative. Im starting to wonder if it's the food from the program. I have never gotten like. Has anyone had this same issue?
posted 6-Dec-2014 6:39am

Medifast is awesome. I lost 78lbs in about 8 months. The detox in the first few days can be uncomfortable, but definitely manageable. Once you get into fat burn/ketosis then you aren't hungry, have good energy, and the pounds just melt off. I got a free health coach through Take Shape for Life and I loved her help and encouragement through the weight loss and transition. She even had a facebook group for extra support. TSFL customer support had been nothing but amazing. I've only returned a couple products in the very beginning as I was learning what I liked, but we can eat 2 meals out of the box of 7 and exchange for something new. I love this program and have learned a lot from the curriculum that my coach gave me by Dr. Andersen.
posted 24-Dec-2014 5:27pm

My Medifast center is a ripoff. Contract says that if you can't tolerate this food for medical reasons, you can get a return of the unsued portion of the contract. I submitted a note after 6 weeks. I had terrible headaches and stomaches. Terrible constipation. However, Medifast says NO WAY I can get a return of money. Says I needed to have the note given to them within the first two weeks of the program. MOP WHERE in the contract does it say that. I have complained to Better Business Bureau. Also, when in the office with my counselor she would take calls from prospective that more money might come into that office! Beware of signing up for Medifast. If you do, try the one-month program first, do not sign up for long=term (they will try to get you to do this, trust me). oH, and when I told the manager, when I was signing up, that I had read on the internet about people complaining about stomach problems, she said "oh, don't pay any attention to that, those persons are not taking the probiotics like they should". Well, I took the probiotics like advised (even told to double up on them) and they did not help. The staff at Medifast want your money because that is how they make more money. Don't be stupid like I was.
Jimmy Stephens
posted 4-May-2015 1:48pm

Still stinkying more often than I used to, but that's fine with me. I'm keeping off the weight I lost. I don't mind it at all. All the stinkying keeps me cleaned out and that's the most important thing! Jimmy

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