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No-S Diet


No sweets, No snacks, No seconds (except on days that start with an "S").


The idea of the No-S diet is to give you guidance for restricting your eating without forcing severe deprivation on you. No-S also means No-Sh*t - avoiding fads and iffy science.


Created by Reinhard Engels on the Internets.


Some people want rapid weightloss or strong rules governing what they can or can't eat. No-S is probably too loose for them. I think that in the long term, No-S is a sensible way to manage your overall eating (without getting into the details of what you're eating), but it's also easy to fudge if you're prone to doing that.


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  14-Nov-2005 2:36pm created by romkey
  23-Mar-2006 9:07am last update by bill

posted 14-Nov-2005 6:05pm

No sweets?
posted 26-Jan-2006 3:51pm

Yup, no sweets... sorry!
posted 6-Oct-2006 1:10pm

I would like a list of foods that has no flour or no sugar in them
posted 17-Dec-2008 11:07pm

i would like a list of no flour no sugar foods
posted 8-May-2009 3:00pm

I've been on it for 22 days and have lost 15 pounds. I would suggest this diet to people who have problems with controlling food. It reduces the amount of time spent thinking about food as compared to plans which call for eating 5 or 6 times daily. And the plan does call for sweets, it just limits their consumption to weekends and holidays. For those who wish to have a normalized relationship with food, it's a reasonable idea.
posted 21-Jul-2011 9:42am

Is anyone trying this lately?
Debbie M.
posted 25-Aug-2012 8:52pm

posted 8-Oct-2012 12:59pm

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