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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 23-Sep-2014 11:58am

Good Job Deb, I will keep trying and someday I will be one of those people who finally GET IT. Balancing act of life, FOOD, WORK, SLEEP.FUN, AND THANKING GOD FOR HELPING US, SO WE CAN HELP OTHERS. ANNIE Have A Great Day To EVERYONE. Also, will let you no if this unwanted gut gets smaller. Ha,Ha.
posted 27-Sep-2014 2:36pm

What a beautiful day we are having late this Sept. I hope this is one of many before the cold winter sets in. I think about Christmas shopping for the kids and grandkids and it makes me tired. I guess I BETTER take one holiday at a time 1st. HALLOWEEN,2nd THANKSGIVING,and then 3rd CHRISTMAS. I am still trying to lose this weight by ridding one bad food at a time out of my diet and trying not to add a different one without knowing it. Not much to say today but pray everyone has a happy day, ANNIE
posted 29-Sep-2014 5:11pm

Debbie M.
posted 2-Oct-2014 7:19am

Good morning everyone.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Oct-2014 8:14am

We have had a ton of rain here today and yesterday. A nice long soak is always good for the trees before the winter begins to set in. Around here it's been pretty dry.
I hope all of you are well. smile
Debbie M.
posted 7-Oct-2014 10:33am

Anyone ever heard of Isagenix? I started it and have lost some weight. It's a nutritional supplement.
Debbie M.
posted 10-Oct-2014 12:34pm

How is everyone doing as we transition into the cooler weather? We have some pretty colors emerging around here. Its mid football season and our home team is having a great year! My daughter's soccer season has come to an end so sitting on bleachers is done. Only one more year of this for her.
I'm not sure if any of you knew this but my hisband got the promotions he applied for and is working from home now on a fuill time basis. I'm loving having him around!
Lets catch up! Tell me about you. smile
posted 13-Oct-2014 2:41pm

Hi Deb, Thought I would say hi and tell you everything around here about the same. Still want to lose this weight but sometimes you just get burnout. Try and try but it don't take much to derail a person. Well I will let you go and wish you the best its Monday the start day they say. So lets start again never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Take care to you and all are buddies. ANNIE
Debbie M.
posted 15-Oct-2014 8:50am

Lost 7 pounds as of today. I had a bit of a stall over the weekend, as I did indulge in too many football game snacks. But back on track this week. I'm going to boycot all halloween candy this year, as that strategy has worked for me in the past. It seems like having just a little opens the flood gate for me and I just want more of it. The truth is, I have had more than my share in the past and I can see the evidence of that on my stomach and back side. lol
Wishing all of you well...... smile
Debbie M.
posted 19-Oct-2014 11:07pm

I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. My daughter's birthday was today and I had lots of naughty delicious things that I was not supposed to have. Back in the saddle tomorrow. Must keep going.
I hope all is well with you kids. smile
posted 24-Oct-2014 1:25pm

Down 4 pounds this week, eating portion control,drinking 8 glasses H2O, not eating after 8 pm, 3 meals 2 snacks a day. Also, trying to eat 350 to 400 calories a meal, and 150 calories a snack or less. And I write down what I eat so I no where I am and why I am there, life time commitment because I really have an eating issue. So ,I enjoy what I eat and I don't feel deprived because I can have anything I want as long I watch my portions. Its a balancing act everyday. Good job. DEBBIE M. keep it up. ANNIE
Debbie M.
posted 25-Oct-2014 9:06am

Sounds like a super plane Annie.
I'm stuck at minus 7 but I'm still trying and looking forward to seeing more loss this week.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Oct-2014 8:45am

*plan* smile
posted 26-Oct-2014 8:57am

Morning ladies. I've read the posts since my last entry and I have to say congrats Debbie! Congrats to all of us really for trying to do this and have healthier happier lives. I have been unable to stick to it for awhile. I think I'm still adjusting to my new schedule. No one to take care of...I think I turned to cooking and food.

I'm teaching myself how to knit...I like it a lot...trying to stay busy. And this last week I've lost 3 pounds, down to 156.6 in preparation for a trip out of town. It seems to have got the ball rolling, so good enough. I would love to lose 5 more pounds immediately to be able to wear clothes I already own, but overall goal is 10 more pounds.

Great day everyone.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Oct-2014 8:53pm

Well done Connie! keep it up!
posted 29-Oct-2014 2:32pm

Still keeping a diet journal of what I eat. It sure keeps you aware of why you don't lose weight. But I really think its helps me stay on track. Guidelines are 3 meals, 2 snacks if needed, 8 glasses H2O, move more, and 8:00 stop eating, also try to keep calories 400 at meal and 150 at snacks, its a balancing act. Don't worry if you go over a few calories at a meal you can adjust them at the next meal or snack. That is what I am trying to do for now. Its seems to help. Not a fast way but maybe a lasting one. Let you know. ANNIE HAVE A GREAT DAY YOU ALL.
Debbie M.
posted 30-Oct-2014 9:24am

It's a great plan Annie! Way to go! smile
posted 30-Oct-2014 2:52pm

I'm hanging in there, still down just 3 pounds, but feeling positive.
posted 30-Oct-2014 7:20pm

Handing out Halloween candy and I haven't ate a piece. Holding my breath. I don't want to have any left. I still have my grandkids coming but I made them there on bag along with a little cash. I decided not to make any up for my children who are married, time to stop. Anyway I no they will eat some of there kids candies. Getting older and can't keep up all the traditions. Well, so much for another Halloween. Everyone stay on track or get back on it. ANNIE
Debbie M.
posted 31-Oct-2014 2:55pm

posted 4-Nov-2014 10:07am

Back from the wedding. I think I had a 5 pound loss, better than nothing! Couldn't stay 100% NFNS, but easily made healthier choices. Still going for gold and getting 5 more pounds off. Great day ladies.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Nov-2014 1:46pm

You can do it Connie. I'm struggling to keep my loss off. I think if I gave up I would end up about 300 pounds. I cannot stop thinking about food.
posted 10-Nov-2014 2:08pm

Don't give up Debbie M. WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN. That's the saying I've been told. I have been trying ,its slow but it does work if you learn to sacrifice for what your working to accomplish and that's to feel good about yourself. Also, you can have anything that you want to eat but just a little of the heavy stuff that got us in this shape. When I lose a few pounds I am going to get me one of my favorite treats. I no you shouldn't reward yourself with food but I am. What ever works for you will led to success. Talk later, have great day . ANNIE
posted 11-Nov-2014 2:36pm

Also, if you fall off the wagon get back on. Its a daily battle just like any other bad habit. Balance is the key to success. At least don't gain anymore unwanted, unhealthy weight for your frame. Best wishes to all. Keep trying to use your portion control that's a big thing. ANNIE
Debbie M.
posted 12-Nov-2014 8:27am

Thank you Annie, I appriciate the encouragement.
My father was talking about forgiveness yesterday. He said each day wake up to a new day with a new start. Forgive those around you and forget it. It's what Jesus died to do! To forgive us! So we must forgive also. This is the same with dieting. We must start out each new day fresh! And today I thought I would add forgiveness to myself. Forgiveness for letting myself down by gaining weight and not taking care of the body that God has given me. I start this new day forgiving myself and loving myself. It's a new day!!!! smile
Now..... on to portion control.
posted 12-Nov-2014 1:19pm

Amen to that. Its a new day and the only one your hurting is yourself if you don't practice forgiving others as GOD forgives us. ANNIE
Debbie M.
posted 13-Nov-2014 12:04pm

Whoo-hooo! Lots of slide offs on the Indiana toll road this morning. Send the snow back!
Debbie L.
posted 3-Dec-2014 2:16am

Wow, I thought I would check back in to this site. I haven't been here for years and I was happy to see some of the familiar names still here. I use to sign in as Debster. I lost my husband to cancer in April of 2012 and it has taken some time to recover. Still struggling with weight loss and I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. I hope all is well with all of you. I will have to read back over old posts and try to catch up. Debbie L.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Dec-2014 5:43pm

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry Debbie L. Its the most devistaing thing in the world, that I can think of, is to lose your husband. I'm sure you are having quite a time of it. Blessings to you.((hug)) I work with several women who are widows and they are finding their way. I am in awe of them, as they have become strong, self sufficient gales. Each of them have other family members they spend time with and they adore their grand children.
I don't remember how old you are Debbie L. or if you have any children.
Glad to see you back here.
I am fatter then I have ever been and do not go a day without thinking about my weight. frown But I don't do anything about it.
Debbie L.
posted 3-Dec-2014 9:38pm

I am fatter too. And right now struggling with diabetes. I am 62 years young (isn't that what they say). Sort of thinking about trying again. That's what made me remember this site. I remember always feeling comforted here. I have two grown children and a grown neice that my husband and I raised (so she is my third child). I have 2 grandchildren and another on the way in February. I have a lot of support but I miss Tom (my husband) terribly. He was Italian, loved to eat but was not fat. I got fat but he never minded. He said that he loved me that way. But I want to get healthy....maybe this can be a new start. Thanks for asking. Tell me something about yourself, Debbie M. (Great name, right?)
Debbie M.
posted 9-Dec-2014 6:36pm

My husband is Italian too! He used to be fat when we got married and I was think. Now it the other way around. He does love me too but I know he liked my shape when I was thin. He is encouraging and accepting at the same time.
I just turned 50 this year and I have 4 semi grown kids. 21, 19, 16 and 14. None are married and all live at home besides the 19yr old who is away at college. I'm picking her up tomorrow for the Christmas break. ITs will be great to have them all home.
I'm sure you miss Tom, I know I would Steve. We have a very good marriage and have been married for 26 years. We met in the senior year of high school and have been in love ever since. We have had the busiest year of our lives with a job change and a child going off to school. Crazy. I think I was stress eating.
But that has got to stop. I can't get any fatter.
I'm so glad you are here DebbieL. I'll try to come back and look for you often. This board has been quiet lately so it might be just you and me. :)
The no flour no sugar way is such a good way to treat diabetes. We can make good changes and lose a few! At least maintain during the Holiday season. THat alone would be a win. smile
posted 11-Dec-2014 9:19am

Just reading and catching up on all your postings. Hello! I'm busy with grandchildren this week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Trying to get all my water drinks, plus an apple for fiber, a few dates for fiber. I'm thinking about making a small pot of meat sauce and mix with some gluten free noodles, salad too. SMall portion!! Large salad; sunflower seeds make it interesting.!
Debbie M.
posted 11-Dec-2014 2:34pm

That sounds really good Kathy. Its so nice you spend time with your grandkids. I'll be writing Christmas cards out in the next few days. I need more stamps.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.
posted 13-Dec-2014 3:51pm

Seasons greetings everyone! I'm trying to be extra strong going into this holiday much temptation. Weighed in at 153.8 this morning. Slowly but surely so far.

It is always so revealing to read our posts, look at the reasons we eat, or overeat. Loss, stress, even good times call us to celebrate with food. If only we could replace the bad habits with some healthy habits. My husband is probably going to take a job where he will be on the road 95% of the time. I'm trying to be positive and supportive, but I think I will be pretty lonely. Food can't be my pacifier.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Dec-2014 9:04am

Merry Christmas Eve Ever to whoever may visit here today. I am wondering how many people will jump on the dieting band wagon yet again this Jan. I certainly can see the desperate need for it.
posted 25-Dec-2014 7:12pm

posted 27-Dec-2014 10:15am

Well....not weighing for awhile...way to much food. So much food, I'm tired off food.
posted 28-Dec-2014 9:15pm

Ugh, Connie I'm tired of food also. Most of December - way too much - and finally - going out to eat New Years eve, and eating dinner at my in-laws on New Years Day, because they don't go out New Years Eve! I sort of try to estimate how many calories I should eat at a certain meal, and try not to go too far over that limit. Happy New Years everyone!
Deb M.
posted 30-Dec-2014 7:51pm

Jan 1st, whose in?
posted 3-Jan-2015 10:16pm

I'm trying. (tomorrow)
posted 5-Jan-2015 10:33am

Happy New Year! I'm new and starting the no flour no sugar diet today. I'm pretty cranky tho without my sugar :) I've done this diet before and lost over 20 lbs. Last year (2013) a week before Christmas I fell at a HyVee gas station and broke my tibia and fibula. I had to have major surgery and rods in my leg and after 3 months of being on crutches I gained some serious weight. I live on the river and I need to lose this weight in time for bikini season :) I'm young (37 years young haha) and need to get healthy again :) Hope you guys can all help me with recipes and cravings.

PS I think I ate the entire two weeks around Christmas nothing but junk food and don't even want to see the scale, is that bad?
Debbie M.
posted 7-Jan-2015 1:11am

Welcome JoAnn! So sorry about your bad luck with the fall. (I hope the station is paying your medical bills) That is a terrible way to gain weight. I gain some myself after I fell off a horse and cracked my hip and got a concussion and broke both my wrists. But that was 30 years ago. The rest was a little before, during and after having kids. some medications that I was on for years did not help. I'm not on those anymore so what is my problem now? Inactivity due to ACL tears in both my knees. They are very unstable and I never know if I'll be in pain from one minute to the next. Walking is the best I can do as moving quickly is out. Biking is good. I have a bike I can ride in my livingroom. I really need to do that.
You said you did no flour no sugar before. How long did it take you to get over the sugar?
Bikini season is coming for sure. SO get busy!! You can do it!
See ya next time.
posted 7-Jan-2015 3:09pm

Hi Debbie. Sounds like you know exactly how I felt :) When you ask how long did it take me to get over the sugar, do you mean how long until I quit craving it? The first week is the absolute WORST, after that it trailed off...I think I have a salt addiction more than sugar or flour haha...I can't seem to go without potatoe chips...bad I know. This week has been very stressful for me so I'm kind of glad I'm on this diet otherwise I'd be in the cabinets lol...Are you on the no sugar no flour diet?
Debbie M.
posted 7-Jan-2015 4:37pm

I'm not on it right now but I should be. After I went on it a while back I made changes that I will never go back on. But I am not 100%. When I was 100% it was amazing how I had absolutely no gas. lol smile
Debbie M.
posted 7-Jan-2015 4:39pm

Oh yes and I know what you mean about salt. I love it too. It is not your friend when you get up there a bit in age. I'm 50. My hands swell and my rings get tight when I eat too much of it.
posted 8-Jan-2015 9:02am

I bought a new cookbook called Wheat Belly have you tried it? I need to pick up some stuff at the store to make the bread etc...looks like a great cook book, I like simple where they only list 4 or 5 ingredients, this has that..yay!
Debbie M.
posted 8-Jan-2015 2:02pm

I saw it at the library and may have even checked it out. Its been a while though. I do believe there is something to the "4 square meals" thast used to be talked about in the "old days". Protein, carb, fruit and veggie as well as good fro you fats at every meal seems to satisfy somehow. Just have to watch total calories for the day. I really need to get back to that. And of course watch sugar and simple carbs. Let me know how your bread comes out. What ingredients will you be trying first?
Debbie M.
posted 9-Jan-2015 12:28pm

Ezekiel bread is no flour no sugar friendly.
posted 14-Jan-2015 9:46am

Well I made some gluten free/sugar free banana bread, it was delicious :) Another thing I like to snack on is Smart Pop popcorn in the mini bags, makes me feel full. Yesterday for breakfast I ate some Ezekial cinnamon bread and two eggs. I need to go to the store tonight, any suggestions on gluten free/sugar free stuff?
Debbie M.
posted 16-Jan-2015 12:08pm

I don't know much about glutten free things. We don't have any ciliac disease in my house, thankfully. Sorry you are aflicketed.
Debbie M.
posted 19-Jan-2015 12:30pm

The sun is shinning here. Its a great day to go for a walk.
posted 26-Jan-2015 4:27pm

Any no flour no sugar snack ideas, (not fruit, I have one apple a day)? Cheese, and nuts are a constant. Maybe that's the best snack. Oatmeal, and eggs also. Sticking with no sugar is great; you don't get as hungry, and food tastes better.
posted 2-Feb-2015 11:08am

Morning all. The last time I checked I weighed 155 or 156, something like that. Big changes around here. My husband took a job where he's gone for months at a time. So, I have no one to cook for, so I really don't cook. It is very strange to be alone, but I'm adjusting. I have become addicted to knitting, so much to learn. I knit, knit, I sit, sit, sit! It has helped me transition to my new lifestyle and I think in time I will find more balance with my daily routine. I am staying NFNS 90% of the time and I am trying to eat more fresh food everyday. And once again I am trying to stay away from cheese! That is so hard for me, I just love it. Today I am making homemade tomato roasted red pepper soup. Yum!
posted 2-Feb-2015 10:54pm

Made it through the day without cheating...feels good!
Debbie M.
posted 5-Feb-2015 10:11am

Good for you Connie. How much have you lost?
Greg G
posted 21-Feb-2015 7:52am

Ok Ok Ok I tried every other diet again and again and I'm back here only about 25 pounds heavier.
posted 21-Feb-2015 11:50am

Hi I am back ANNIE.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Feb-2015 4:35am

Greg G, How does NFNS work for you?
I have also gained and have been off any program.
Hi Anne!
posted 8-Apr-2015 2:34pm

Where is everybody? I used to read this blog and I get comfort and inspiration!! What happened? I miss all of you!! I feel I want to cry to cry!
Debbie M.
posted 9-Apr-2015 2:41pm

Who are you?
posted 10-Apr-2015 9:19am

Morning all! I'm still here. Still trying to eat healthy and keep my weight down. My husband left in Jan, and I really went off the rails! I started eating premade frozen foods because cooking for one is terrible. I really liked the stuffed crust pizza and ate a ton of them! I always added some extra cheese. I'm sure you can guess where that got me. But a couple of weeks ago I sort of snapped out of it and quit eating cheese. My sister, who has celiac, has been visiting this week so I have been eating really healthy. We tried a couple of recipes from skinny eats (youtube) and this morning I'm back down to 155. So, I am back at it and feeling stronger than I have in a long time. Good luck to all of you in this quest for better health.
posted 12-Apr-2015 8:40am

Morning. 153.8 this morning. I ate leftover veggie dishes yesterday...guilt free! I think I have enough to last one more day and then I have to start preparing healthy foods again. It was nice sharing that job with my sister while she was here. First menu planning and then grocery shopping.
posted 13-Apr-2015 9:05am

My daughter is getting married next year and both of them are trying to eat healthy and lose some weight. They are trying to eat sugar, flour and grain free. Wow! No rice? Last week I used veggies for pizza crust, pasta and nuggets. Maybe I could go grain free too. I don't know. I have been able to get into 2 of my capri's, most of them are still way too tight. I'm in my third week of no fsr, so good.
posted 17-Apr-2015 10:06am

153.8...still! But I'm not complaining...I know I'm headed in the right direction.
posted 19-Apr-2015 9:45am

153.8 this morning. I'm eating a lot of speg squash and it has been weeks since I've had any cheese. I eat when I'm hungry and I don't eat when I'm not. So I am not eating three times a day, but that's ok.
Debbie M.
posted 20-Apr-2015 6:05pm

Connie, When you said your husband left in Jan did you mean he went on the road because in an earlier post you said he was going to be on the road 95% of the time. Is he in the road now or did he, gulp, leave?
It's so good you are trying again. I have been trying too and recently lost 10-12 pounds but I am still not back to the typical weight I maintained for a long time. I'm trying, that is what is important.
I like cheese too. Keep on keepin on. :)
posted 21-Apr-2015 9:29am

My husband accepted a position, within the same company, in Denver. He signed a 2 year contract, so he will be there a least 2 years. I worry about our finances...he is now supporting 2 households. He loves his new job...but we miss each other a lot. I keep telling myself I'm a military wife!

152 this morning. The scale finally moved! Debbie, your weight lose is great! You can tell when you loose that much feels so good. Whatever your doing, it's working. Yesterday I watched a documentary called Fed Up. I almost cried...our government should be held accountable in some way for the way they have allowed the food industry to write policy concerning food guide lines. The show was a real eye opener.
posted 23-Apr-2015 10:43am

Try the site Getting Skinny With Courtney,its like a Weight Watcher support group, free on Facebook its a big help.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Apr-2015 12:49pm

I'm so relieved to hear that connie. It must be so hard to be away from him. Will you go to visit?
I am enjoying the loss and I really want to keep going. As usual.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Apr-2015 9:49pm

Connie, K10 is coming to my house! Remember when you were coming up this way but it didn't work out. It would be so cool to meet all three of us together. Mid-May is when she's coming.
posted 23-Apr-2015 11:39pm

That's wonderful Debbie, that K10's stopping by! I see her on Facebook every now and then. I rarely get on there, but it's always nice to see her...she looks happy. Tell her I said "hi!"

Today I took my neighbor grocery shopping and for the first time I could tell I've dropped a few pounds. I could feel it in my jeans and it was AWESOME! I needed that boost. I have been very cheating...and it finally feels second nature to make good food choices. I think I weighed 153.4 this morning. Slowly but surely.

My latest food love is speg squash with a cooked turkey burger (cut into bite sized chunks) and a 100 calorie pack of guacamole and a dash of olive oil all mixed up. It is so yummy and very satisfying. I can't stand being hungry so I use a lot of speg squash for that. I still haven't had any cheese and I'm substituting olive oil for butter almost all of the time. Also, I'm limiting by Ezek muffins to a couple times a week, mostly I'm eating veggies with a small protein.
posted 12-May-2015 9:27am

Well crud! I had a family drama, everything is ok now, but I ate my way through it...I'm back up to 159! Dang...starting over...again.
posted 18-May-2015 4:20pm

Yes, this diet is somewhat difficult but doable. You have to have the mindset that you want this to work and it will. One thing Dr.Gott said if you mess up you just get back on the plan. ALthough messing up is just an excuse because can't and won't are the reason it sometimes fails.You can't do it or you won't so let's make up are minds and do it! YEA , to DR GOTT!
Debbie M.
posted 25-May-2015 12:59am

I eat my way though drama all the time. shesh frown Sorry to hear you did it too Connie.
I met with K10! She is awesome and we had a wonderful time. She's back in her home town now but I want her to visit again really soon. We toured a local University and eat at the local 'grab some grub' and a wonderful time was had by all. smile
I really need to get back to no flour and no sugar way of eating. Its the only thing that helps my gut. I'm bloated most the time when I eat the typical American diet and its packing on the pounds. When I have been NF NS in the past I have had NO gas! I want to be comfortable again. Today was pretty good. I will try to do it again tomorrow.
Have any of you tried Naked Juices? They are really good and have no added sugar.They contain things I would not normally eat like Kale and spinach. There are many many different flavors and different ingredients.
Good night
Happy Memorial Day everyone.
posted 23-Jun-2015 11:58am

Paloe diet is even harder to follow, but might bring more results, or more cravings? I think I'll just try to keep my snacks paleo!
posted 23-Jun-2015 6:04pm

Paleo diet is NFNS, also no legumes, grains, or dairy. Hard to find what you can eat sometimes.
Greg G
posted 19-Aug-2015 12:07pm

OK ladies, on the scale this morning and weigh 218. I am AGAIN starting NSNF. I will keep you updated on my progress (hopefully).
posted 27-Aug-2015 10:39am

Morning all...if anyone is there! I have a wedding coming up, Sept 12th. So shopping for a dress last Sunday. I ended up in front of a some huge mirrors and it was completely depressing. My weight is up...again...I'm back wearing a size 14 jeans. Of course I know how I gained it, eating everything and anything I want. And truly I have enjoyed every bite, but none of my cloths fit and I couldn't find anything at the mall so I have decided the indulgence is over and I'm back on nfns. I started on Monday, down 1 1/2 pounds and hoping to lose 10 lbs by the wedding. I would love to lose 15 in total. my starting weight was 163 and this morning it was 161.2. I can't eat anything I want and maintain a healthy weight. I am being really strict right now...I know once I get to weight I am comfortable with I can eat more, but for now it's lots of water and only nfns foods.
posted 27-Aug-2015 9:08pm

It's the end of the day and I ate NFNS all day!
posted 28-Aug-2015 8:52am

No change in my weight this morning, but today is my 5th day and I'm starting to feel settled in with this eating plan. Today will be a test, I'm taking my neighbor to the doc and she will probably want to have lunch after. I'm going to have lunch at home, I'll insist.
posted 28-Aug-2015 9:05pm

I made it home without being tempted to eat out, but I found myself hungry this afternoon. I pushed through it without eating before dinner, but it was tough. I hope that doesn't happen often. I need to increase my water intake, maybe that was part of the problem. Anyway, I'm committed and I hope someone joins me in this. Night.
posted 29-Aug-2015 2:47pm

Didn't lose anything...but didn't gain anything either! I think it takes time for my body to kick in and start dropping...I hope. I'm not having any trouble sticking to the plan...the last few weight lose attempts were short lived. I am being careful with my grain intake because my body converts that to fat lickity split. A banana everyday. Time will tell if I can do this again successfully.
posted 30-Aug-2015 6:38am

Good morning ladies, down to 214, no extraordinary steps just no wheat, no flour and no sugar. I lost weight with this diet before (went down to 199) but then got complacent and gained it all back. And then tried about 20 other diets that I couldn't stick to. This diet may not be perfect but at least I can stick to it without going crazy. So I will try to hang in there and hope you do too!
posted 30-Aug-2015 9:51am

I am hanging in there! Down to 160.4 this morning. 3 lbs lost so far! Honestly, I am not only sticking to NFNS but I am also limiting my intake. Sometimes I get hungry between meals, so I drink water and have a few cashews, very few. I know the foods I am eating are nutrient rich so I think it's ok to be hungry now and then. now way do I plan on being hungry forever, just now while I'm losing. I'm feeling strong so far, I can do this!

Good to hear from you Greg. Maybe we can motivate some others.
posted 1-Sep-2015 9:39am

158.6. Almost 5 lbs down! I confess I have had some hunger pains in between meals, but not huge cravings I can't deal with. My diet before was so out of control, my stomach needs time to shrink. I'm feeling strong enough to stick with this.
posted 29-Sep-2015 2:04pm

I watched a video this morning that brought me back here to check out the acitivity on NFNS. The video was called "Bright lights"..... I believe that was the name, I will have to check that out again. She is totally advocating the best way to change your brain so that you are able to be in control of your eating, to not have cravings and, to have long lasting success is to kick sugar and flour to the curb. I know from experience that NFNS was fabulous for getting rid of cravings and, also for not feeling hungry all of the time. I also know that life happens and that NFNS over time can be difficult. I am considering giving it a go again. I haven't totally made the commitment but, I think I can get to doing that smile
posted 11-Oct-2015 2:03am

Hello Connie and Bronwyn. I just thought I would stop by and say hi.
I think that NFNS is a great way to lose weight. I am addicted to sugar and I know it.
I need to cut it out of my diet. It has been very hot and humid here for a long time,
but fortunately there has been some cooling. Obviously, it is always too hot for me.
Take care ladies.
posted 13-Oct-2015 1:02am

Hi,,,, hey I mentioned the name of a video in my last post but, the right name was bright lines, not lights. I don't know too much about the program because I did not join the boot camp. I toyed with the idea but, I just don't feel like I should spend 1000$ for an 8 week program until I know I will actually do it. She provided some free interesting videos though that I feel I need to commit to at least some of the principles of the program. Of course, her big thing is taking sugar and flour out of your diet. She says that will go the furthest in helping you to get in control of cravings and over eating. The one time I did that for 2 months consistently, I honestly did find that I just wasn't always feeling hungry and craving something. I wish I had maintained that as just something I did all of the time. I lost 10 lbs. without doing anything else specifically and I felt good. I know one more of the concepts of her eating program is to quit snacking. She wants you to eat 3 meals a day.... not to be constantly snacking and thinking about food. I know thinking about food way too often and snacking is a big problem for me..... it is so much easier to over eat when you are snacking. It made me think of a friend of mine who has remained very thin her whole life, even with having had 6 children, she never snacks even when preparing meals. She never dieted as such, she just ate 3 square meals a day and, that was it. I don't know why that should be so hard...... but, I do find that kind of hard. Bright lines says that no flour, no sugar and eating 3 meals a day takes away the need to have incredible will power...... that you just don't have the cravings.

Nice to see your name there K10.........lets cut out sugar and give it a go smile
posted 15-Oct-2015 10:09am

Morning, all. I decided to get on here again. I am at aa plateau (167) and I just don't seem to get started downward again. Getting to be a hard time of year to lose weight again. Holiday parties and such. I thought I would get a head start. Any good thoughts????
posted 6-Jan-2016 8:01pm

Where is everyone ? Need to post or may lose this site instead of pounds! Hi everyone hope you had a nice Holiday last month and have great New Year !
posted 6-Jan-2016 10:51pm

Annie on Monday I started back on NFNS. I am doing this along with bright line eating. I am hoping to have more success with the addition of bright lines philosophy. The idea is that besides eating NFNS, you also only eat 3 meals a day with no snacking. You are also suppose to weigh your food to get the correct macronutrients. It is a little more focused than just NFNS. I am having the benefit of reduced cravings by not having sugar. I feel I am also benefitting from the discipline of not constantly snacking.
Debbie M.
posted 10-Feb-2016 6:42pm

Hey there peeps! I like that idea Bronwyn. Good to see some names from the past. I hope all is well with you. I on the other hand am fatter than EVER and need to focus on myself and get my out of control weight under control. I do good for a couple weeks and then fail. I just cannot seem to maintain my gusto. I still have all the kiddos (4) at home. 22. 20, 17 and 15. They are a constant hardship as they influence what is bought and served. I could just refuse to buy the junk but they bring it in and I cave. I am completely responsibkle for what I eat or don't eat. I need to be stronger. I hope you all keep coming back here for encouragement. I would like to.
2gorjus, how are you?? Good to see you Annie and of course my good olds who I keep up with other places Bronwyn and K10. Missing you all.
posted 17-Feb-2016 1:33am

Hey Deb, I am so sick of failing. I had a great start on the bright lines eating..... which includes NFNS and, then I returned to old habits. Then I became discouraged and, found myself bingeing on chocolate again😩😖😢. I know that no sugar is the best way for me to correct the direction I heading.
posted 22-Feb-2016 6:20pm

I am recommitting as well. I have ate myself up to 170! Just eating really REALLY irresponsibly. I'm on day 3. Just starting out again, but the cravings are already a lot better. Step one was a trip to the grocery store and an announcement to the family that I am doing this and if anyone is eating here, they are doing it too. I checked out the NFNS group on facebook, some good ideas on there, but I have to try and control my cheese addiction as well. Here's to us ladies...the group that just will not give up!
posted 24-Feb-2016 8:19am

167.2 this morning. I am missing my frozen pizzas :(.
Debbie M.
posted 25-Feb-2016 10:24pm

Connie, I love that you said we are the group that just would not give up. That made me happy and want to try.....again. Good day to you all.
posted 26-Feb-2016 11:21am

Well, we do always come back here for encouragement or to vent. We need to do both I guess. This has worked for all of us at some point, but it is so contrary to the SAD, it really takes a lot of effort. But so worth it!!!!
posted 27-Feb-2016 9:30am

164.4 this morning. This week has had some trials, but nothing I couldn't overcome. I have had some times when I was hungry, I always drank a couple glasses of water (a huge help!) or had a cup of decaf. A couple of times I could not wait for my husband to get home from work before I had my dinner. I've made sure I had a piece of fruit and some veggies everyday. I have not snacked at all between meals and I have stayed out of the kitchen as much as possible. I hope I can manage week two as well as week one.
posted 28-Feb-2016 7:14pm

I made the cloud bread (recipe on FB in the NFNS group) and had it with the soup from the same place. It was really good! The recipes on there are great. This week I'm going to try the mock Alfredo sauce (made with mostly cauliflower) to have with some prime rib I froze after Christmas dinner. And there's a cashew broccoli (I think) dish I'm going to try too. I ordered something off Amazon that turns your veggies into noodles. I need this variety.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Feb-2016 2:42am

You have some good ideas here Connie. Sounds like you are making progress. I wish I was. I'm in a really bad depressed state. I have some odd pain on my side that screams shingles. It's the 5th day but no rash has appeared yet. Maybe its not shingles. Still the pain is there. I guess I qualify to be in the "keep trying" category as I still come here. I wish something would click so I could take off and do this thing.
posted 29-Feb-2016 9:17am

I know it's much harder for you Debbie, than for me. I can clean out the kitchen, you have teenagers at home that are not eating this way. The temptations wear you down. I can only say I am ready to do this. For a long time I wasn't. I couldn't stay on it for more than 3 or 4 days. Having passed the first few days, I really am craving free. It feels like it may stick this time. 164 this morning. I am going to try a few more of the recipes on FB this week. I'll let you know which ones I like. Last night I made the cloud bread with sour cream to have with my soup, it was awesome!
posted 1-Mar-2016 7:49pm

Tonight I had the "mock mac and cheese." Soooo good!
posted 3-Mar-2016 9:23am

Down 1/2 lb. Yesterday I made healthy salt and vinegar chips in my dehydrator using zucchini. I don't care for vinegar, but the rest of my family loves them. Next I'll make Parmesan chips using cucumbers, then maybe some tomato chips. Something new to add to my list of nfns foods.
posted 4-Mar-2016 2:57pm

Wow,,,,Connie is back and as usual rocking the program😎😎😎. I have been working at getting back at the no sugar part at least. I read some disturbing news about chocolate,,,,,,my nemesis. Reports are saying that even high quality dark chocolate has been found to have lead and cadium in it. I am trying to stay away from chocolate and, using this information as inspiration. I need some bright lines in my eating to be able to have success.

Connie, the Chips are a great idea. I am curious about the cloud bread.

Debbie,,,,,,we can do this 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
posted 5-Mar-2016 11:54am

Morning ladies. Yesterday I was down 1/2 lb, bringing my total weight loss down to seven lbs. I feel only the slightest bit better in my yoga pants. I made the cashew sauce with sautéed spiralized sweet potato noodles and spinach. It was good, I added some diced baked chicken to it. I have never had cashew sauce, it was interesting. I grew on me as I ate it and will make it again. I dehydrated some fugi apples (my favorite) and they were wonderful. I made them for a seven year old girl who spent the night with me, she gobbled them down! The vinegar chips came out way too salty. I am going to make them again without adding any salt. Unfortunately, hubby and seven year old made pancakes this morning and I had to have one. Oh well.

Nice to hear from you Bronwyn, our resident food aficionado. We can always use your tips and advice. That is sad news about dark chocolate, that's my favorite as well. Where are you living now? I made the cloud bread with sour cream, but next I am going to make it with cream cheese to see which I like best.

How are you doing Debbie? I thought of you the other day, the weather was nice and I know you like to walk when the weather permits. Are you still working part time? You would probably benefit from some sun shine. I turned my dinning room into my sitting (knitting) room. It is the only room in our house that gets any sun light. I love it!

It seems winter has flown by, we really barely had a winter here in west TN, this is the perfect time for all of us to give this another go. Here's to use ladies...the group that just will not give up!
posted 7-Mar-2016 10:24am

Uh oh! Gained a pound, too much of some good things I guess. But I'll keep trudging along...can't hurt, might help.
posted 11-Mar-2016 2:47am

I just keep reading so many negative things about sugar. I find it hard to get sugar totally out of my life. I definitely do not eat as many treats as often as I used to but, I need to do so much better.

Connie we moved from Montreal back to Alberta just before Christmas. We have bought a little house and we are doing renovations. I don't have a kitchen at the moment....ripped out. I am using that as a bit of an excuse for not really following an eating program......always an excuse, eh😁😩😳😡
Debbie M.
posted 15-Mar-2016 3:37pm

Congrats on the house Bronwyn. I know it must feel pretty good to have your own place again. Do you miss your big house? Its sure was beautiful. I am recovering from a pulled muscle in you mif back right side. Its very painful and I have muscle relaxers and pain killers to help me out. My doc said I should not work while on them as I have responsibilities that might suffer if I needed to call a code. I took part of last week off and now the rest of this week as well. Who knew a pulled muscle could be so blasted painful.
I am working 22 hours a week now Connie. Still every other Sunday but they are all day time hours now. I recently caught up with a friend of mine who I used to go to grade school with. Lisa was and is a dear friend that I am glad to be reunited with. She has the same weight problem I have.
I hate to admit my weight. I would be so embarrassed to have anyone know what it is. At the same time why do I not do something about it. Here I sit in sweat pants and a zip up sweat shirt to hide my disgusting stomach. I won't be able to do that when the warmer weather comes. We have had such a nice mild winter. Its 65 today and it reminds me of how my "cold" weather days are dwindling away. I need to get on usual. I have not been walking at all. WE got a puppy a couple weeks ago and hope to walk her. If fact I might walk her today. her name is Scout and she is a black Lab. We got her from a breader in Michigan near Jackson. Boy are puppies a lot of work. She is at the stage where everything goes in her mouth including your hands. Ugh. She is cute though.
Debbie M.
posted 15-Mar-2016 3:38pm

Sorry, I meant mid back, right side.
posted 21-Mar-2016 11:26pm

Ah,,,,, mid back, right side,,,, I was wondering😂😂😂. Debbie we can stop the crazy train,,,,, sugar is the engineer of the crazy train. Why would this be such a tough thing to beat.... I just don't get it. Every day I plan to stay away from sugar,,,,,but, I am seldom successful. I know that removing sugar really helps to curb appetite and cravings.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Mar-2016 7:26pm

My back pain is all gone. It lasted nearly 4 weeks. Crazy. Speaking of Crazy train. I'm on it too. I fail everything I feel a the slightest resolve. It never lasts long.
posted 2-Apr-2016 10:09am

Blew my healthy eating plan for awhile. Back on starting today. Sometimes my "want to" just disappears! I'm not getting out of the house much, things are stressful here. Today I think I'll go look at atc fitness. And I thought about maybe trying meal replacement shakes, but which one? There are so many and I want one without sugar or chemical sugar. I need to have more social interaction, but that is hard for me. I think I'm becoming slightly depressed. But today I will try for healthy options, one day at a time I guess.

We redid our kitchen years back and it pretty much ruined me for fast food. What a bother it was!

I had to put one of our dogs down this week, she was 18, while at the vet a puppy came in and I caught puppy fever! Puppies are a huge amount of work, but geez, they are wonderful! We have had 2 black labs, they are such a wonderful breed.

Great day ladies,
Debbie M.
posted 2-Apr-2016 2:29pm

Connie we just got a puppy 5 weeks ago. She is a tremendous amount of work. But, as you already know, because you already have had dogs,after you put the work in, they are right where you want them and it all pays off. The best thing for a broken heart is a puppy for sure. Our pup is a joy and beautiful we are in full training mode. Ugh.
I have had success in the last week. Down three pounds. I feel like I can do this but I have a very long path to travel.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Apr-2016 6:15pm

Oh Connie, I forgot to say how sorry I am that your dog is gone. I lost a dog 5 or 6 years ago and it took so long to get along without her. What was your dogs name and what kind was she? 18 sure is a long time to live. That means you took very good care of her and you and she were blessed with a very long life. Was she a Lab as well? Seems like maybe she was a smaller dog as they usually live a little longer than Labs. The dog I lost was a Yorkie and she was only 5.5. I believe she had Lymphoma. Such a sad time with so much heart ache. Blessings to you COnnie. Tell us if you get a puppy new friend. :) We can raise them together.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Apr-2016 10:16am

I just looked at Ezekiel Bread in the frozen food section and it is up to $7.09 a loaf for the cinnamon raisin.
Our puppy has boundless energy. Its exhausting.
posted 23-Aug-2016 11:22am

I keep trying! I'm just eating too much.
posted 25-Aug-2016 9:08pm

Totally out of cooking for the last two weeks. Have a cold/cough for a few days. . I've been stationed in my recliner
posted 25-Aug-2016 9:09pm

Listening to politics, haha
Debbie M.
posted 21-Sep-2016 2:33am

Has anyone here tried no flour no sugar in combination with Fast-5? Dr. Bert Herring's program is amazing. I have lost 25 pounds since May 15 of this year doing Fast-5 alone. Ted Talks has a 16 minute video on him talking about the Fast-5 program. This is how I got introduced to him. He has a free book online that you can read. It has been available at no charge for ocer 10 years. Now he has an additional book called AC: The Power of Appetite Correction that you can buy, which I did. I highly recommend you read them.
Let me know if you do and what you think. Connie, I think you would do really good at this way of eating. :)
Debbie M.
posted 21-Sep-2016 2:37am

Another great read, which will change your relationship with food, is a book called The Obesity Code by Dr.Fung. It is filled with reasearch on the obesity epidenic, that America has been experiencing since the 1970's and why asnd how to overcome it.
posted 2-Oct-2016 3:49pm

I've heard of the Fast 5. I'll research it. I've been having raw vegetable with a little more than a dot of sour cream. Really chases away hunger!
posted 2-Oct-2016 3:49pm

That was me.
Debbie M.
posted 10-Oct-2016 3:13pm

Hi Kathy, good to see you. :)
Debbie M.
posted 21-Nov-2016 5:37pm

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
posted 26-Nov-2016 6:20pm

I just heard about this nfns diet/lifestyle. Any suggestions? Thanks!
posted 3-Mar-2017 8:20am

Morning I started 2 weeks ago and have felt great and lost 8 pounds..while the belly fat is what I need to remove, I must add that the swelling in my joints and pain are almost massage therapist was amazed at my thumbs..that were always inflamed and I can open jars and no pain..HAPPY for sure ! Every 2 days I make a pot of low carb soup and I eat it through the day or before my meals..eggs for brkfst and fruit..snack on nuts..started exercising this week and water aerobics next week , my metabolism tested at a slow 4 which is like at 61 I am getting healthy..Blessings to all on this journey
posted 20-Mar-2017 7:56am

Well, it's funny how life can be sometimes. I am back to my highest weight ever...I totally bailed on NFNS and then went nuts on food for quite awhile and here I am! Meanwhile, some of my sisters started NFNS after the great results I had and now they have lost weight. So, now I need to catch up with them. I'm going to commit to NFNS AGAIN and I'll look up fast 5 as well as dig out my hope diet book. Looks like I'm going to be reading today. I'm back at the point where I've grown out of all my clothes, such an awful place to be. But I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and now I have to deal with it. I have some great incentives, a couple of family trips this summer, but it feels like it's going to be harder this time. I have to read, read, read to get my head in the right place. I'll weigh in a couple of days from now and start posting. I wish us all strength and commitment in our goals!
posted 13-May-2017 3:19am

Hey Connie hello😎. I am attempting fast 5 with Debbie. Commitment is my struggle. I did Fast 5 last July through Nov. The only thing I changed was eating in a 5 hour window. I lost about 11 lbs and kept it off through the holidays and early part of 2017. It really doesn't matter what program you do..... what makes the difference I think is to keep doing it. I started having a longer and longer window, which gave me more and more opportunity to consume excess calories. My weight is up 4 or 5 lbs..... a constant battle. I came here tonight thinking of combining Fast 5 with NFNS...... that may be a winner.

I was glad to see your name here, it has been a long time. Sorry to hear your weight is up...... have you been able to get back with doing NFNS?
posted 24-May-2017 8:26am

Beginning...AGAIN!!!! Ugh! I have not been able to stick to NFNS for any length of time and I'm trying to figure out why. There are a few obstacles I can figure out easily, but I have to admit I'm probably my own biggest problem. My husband was away for a year and my diet just went way down hill. He's been back a year and I'm still trying to get back in the kitchen concentrating on fresh foods but I just don't want to! I'm in day 2 of this attempt and trying not to be stressed. Last night I fixed 2 dinners, one for me and one for my husband. He does not care for NFNS so that's going to be a struggle. Just have to do the best I can.
posted 24-May-2017 12:45pm

Made myself get on the scales...don't know how accurate they are...177.6. Could have been worse!
posted 25-May-2017 10:48am

Hi Bronwyn! It is good to hear from you. I'm on day 3 and it feels pretty good. I gave up cheese (my favorite food!) and last night I noticed I could see my ankle bones. Huh! I didn't realize how much sodium is in cheese. I'm keeping my options small while I begin this attempt, trying to keep from getting overwhelmed. So far, so good!
posted 2-Jun-2017 4:49am

Hi Connie. I am also struggling to be consistent with NFNS or with Fast 5. I really want to get back into the groove. I had expected to see some success on the scale this morning...... I was gravely disappointed to see a gain instead of a loss. It really set me off on a bad day of eating😔

Tomorrow is a new day ..... actually, it is the middle of the night and, I so wish I was sleeping😳😁😣
posted 8-Jul-2017 8:04pm

Starting over...again. I went back to my original posts, looking for inspiration, I have to do this. My weight is higher now than it was all those years ago. I need to keep it simple, stay on track, and stay out of the kitchen. I'm going to see if I can get some time under my belt before I weigh again and post it. Anyone else out there?
posted 10-Jul-2017 8:07am

178.6 yesterday.
posted 11-Jul-2017 6:42am

177.2 this morning. No snacking between meals. Portion control. Lots of water.
posted 18-Jul-2017 8:50am

Went out of town for a family reunion and of course ate everything!!!! 179.4 this morning. Back on track.

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