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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 24-Jan-2014 5:52pm

Hi Girls, I just bought a Nutribullet in an effort to get more fresh vegetables and fruits. It came in the mail today. Will let you know how it goes. I also bought a DVD with 4 different 24 minute workouts. I am hoping to start working out at Level One in about 2 weeks (need a little more time for my foot to heal). I feel a deep need to eat better and get stronger. I am not even sure why, except that I am almost 50 and I don't want to have a poor quality of life. I have one sister who is 67 and another who is 64. The oldest has always eaten well and exercised while the other never has and has always been heavy. The older they get the more pronounced becomes the difference between them. The little choices we make every day have a HUGE cumulative effect.
posted 24-Jan-2014 7:07pm

Debbie M.
posted 25-Jan-2014 9:34pm

Love that quote ^

I'd love to know how you like your Nutribullet. I'd like a Ninja or ultimately a vitamix but that is NOT going to happen. Way too expensive.
I got some kind of knock off nutribullet for Christmas from SIL. I'm pretty sure it was second hand. I have not tried it yet.

Thanks for your support you girls.
posted 27-Jan-2014 9:51am

144.8 I love it! I have made several small "nutriblasts" and love the easy clean up. I had a juicer a while back, but it was such a pain to clean. With this you just wash a plastic cup. I can handle that! I have had fresh spinach, kale, oranges, apples, grapes, frozen mixed berries, etc. I don't want to exaggerate but I honestly see a difference in my skin. I think this is the answer to better health for me. I found it on amazon for $99.99 and free shipping. I will report back in a week once my "new toy" enthusiasm calms down, but I think this is something I will use forever.
posted 30-Jan-2014 4:19pm

I've been reading what is accepted on the Paleo Diet- I would have to give up a lot of what I eat. Even peanuts and peanut butter. Milk and cheese - NOT allowed! I'll think about it. Tonight we are having pot roast, lima beans, and broccoli (wait till my husband finds out 'What - no starch??') I guess the Paleo Diet replaces peanuts with almonds, cashews, and walnuts, and other seeds. I can do that. It eliminates cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheese--!! Eggs are okay. Maybe I need this. How do you come up with cooked chicken breasts all the time for salads. Have to cook ahead I guess.
posted 3-Feb-2014 8:08am

144.0 find myself craving these nutriblasts...feeling good. I think this will bee the week to start gently exercising
posted 8-Feb-2014 8:04pm

142.0 OK so this wasn't the week to start :) but still really happy with the huge increase in fresh produce intake!
posted 17-Feb-2014 7:21pm

Well looks like more snow I am so tired of it, wish I lived where its warm. Karen I think everyone is hibernating under the covers to stay warm. I am still working on watching the sugar and flour foods I eat, are you? Dr.Oz said to eat the same breakfast and lunch and you would lose weight ,of course you no to stay within the 300 to 425 calories at each meal ,let you know how that goes. Did you have a nice Valentine Day? I got flowers and cookies. I see Easter candy already in the stores. Life is going to fast no time to enjoy it unless you just let things go, that might be good thing to do before its to late. Just e few words to let you no I am here. So HI to you all and will be writing again. God Bless.
posted 18-Feb-2014 8:25am

144.0. Hi All, kids are home again today with another snow day, but it will be 56 degrees by this Friday and I am looking forward to that! I finally began exercising yesterday. I committed myself to 3 times per week. I have learned that small changes done consistently do make a difference over time. I started doing a 30 minute workout DVD. It has a decent amount of strengthening exercises which is what I most want. I want to build muscle. Annie, I don't count calories. I realized I was seriously lacking fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet, and so I was constantly hungry and tired because, on a cellular level, I was starving even though I kept gaining weight! I found the no flour no sugar plan and it helped me cut out the empty calories and fill it with the fruit, vegs, and protein. My appetite was cut in half and I started to have more energy. Then I added the Nutribullet and I feel 20 years younger-- no exaggerating. Now I would like to firm up and feel stronger. I have added back some flour and sugar, but not too much. I thank God for leading me to the book Made to Crave, and for this website that helped to keep me focused and honest. I hope you will all be able to have your dreams of good health come true. Debbie, I have been wondering how you have been? And Kathy? And Annie, thanks I did have a great Valentines Day. Chocolate covered strawberries were my treat!
posted 22-Feb-2014 8:24pm

Hi Karen, Debbie and all the followers, I and doing a little better I realize stress makes me eat mindlessly. Like Dr. Phil says either you get it or you don't, be one that does. I so much want to fit in my shorts I wore two years ago, this summer, that's my goal and not to gain anymore weight. I believe in portion control and eating slower ,things we all no. I been waiting for the book Made To Crave to come in the library and its been months must be popular. By the way what is nutribullet never heard of it? Karen. I caught a cold from the grandkids I guess. Its not fun but it does take your hunger away a little, only upside to that. I better say goodnight all and have pleasant dreams. ANNIE
posted 24-Feb-2014 12:40pm

Hello, everyone. I have decided to give it another go. This time I WILL hunker down and stick to the plan. It can't get any simpler, NO sugar, NO flour. Not just a little bit, not some but NO sugar and NO flour. Small portions are good too. I will use a salad plate, not a dinner plate. I also need to cut down on salt too. Today, I am at 170. There! I admitted it. I don't want to be 170. Some good recipes and tips would help. Good to be back.
posted 25-Feb-2014 3:59pm

Hi Annie-- it liquifies fresh fruits and vegetables so you can drink them. I cannot recommend it enough. I learned from experience our hunger won't stop until we give our bodies the nutrients it needs...we feel constantly unsatisfied. The same thing happens spiritually. 2gorjus best of luck as you pursue health. I found posting my weights here daily kept me very focused, accountable and honest. Pulling for you!
posted 25-Feb-2014 6:29pm

Thanks, Karen. I was on here about a year ago but decided to stop stressing about my weight. It didn't help. I am still slowly sliding up. I have gone up 10 pounds for each 10 years of my life. When I was in my 20's, I weigh in the 120's, in my 30's I weighed in the 130's, etc. Now I am in my 70's so I weigh in the 170's. I don't like it. My pants are getting very tight. I will NOT buy a size larger. I have a smaller bullet mixer and I love it. I make smoothies out of any berries or fruit and Greek yogurt and ice cubes. can't be any simpler. Still 170.4.
posted 26-Feb-2014 7:57am

144.2 2gorjus would you consider throwing a few spinach leaves into the smoothie? It sounds gross (doesn't look too pretty either) but you honestly can't taste it and it is such an easy way to increase green vegetables in your diet. That is what made the biggest change in my energy level. Keep going!
posted 26-Feb-2014 5:56pm

Karen, I'll give it a shot. Couldn't hurt. I'll let you know. Still 170.2.
posted 28-Feb-2014 7:04am

146.6 chalking it up to hormones. I hope to be back to normal in a couple of days... We are heading into another 12+ inches of snow. Longing for Spring!
posted 28-Feb-2014 9:21am

Us, too, Karen. South Central Indiana. Where are you?
posted 2-Mar-2014 8:39pm

We caught a break...storm went south and now just 2 to 4 expected in NY/NJ :)
posted 3-Mar-2014 9:59am

We got lucky, too. We did get a coating of ice and about 2 inches of new snow on top of that. Might get up to 40 later this week.

I am still struggling with my weight. 170.2. Has been that for two weeks now. It is very easy to become discouraged. Some sunshine would help.
posted 4-Mar-2014 11:38am

144.0 I know we will all feel better when it warms up and we can feel the sun on our faces... Hang in there least you didn't gain any weight.
posted 4-Mar-2014 7:16pm

posted 6-Mar-2014 10:40am

144.4 tues thrust and sat WILL be my exercise days. Spring will be here before we know it!
posted 6-Mar-2014 11:18am

The sun is out and I can actually see some grass!!! All the way up to 40 degrees. Spring has sprung. Do you remember the old poem...

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz.
I wonder where
the flowers is...

I haven't thought of that one for years. Still not losing.
posted 7-Mar-2014 9:57am

Down to 170.0 today. Maybe it is finally happening.
posted 7-Mar-2014 4:29pm

143.6 It is all starting--Spring and daylight savings and weight loss-- yes!
posted 11-Mar-2014 5:53pm

Hi everyone - Hmm- I'm not at my lowest weight, but it's not bad. Still very watchful. Anyone think of any fresh raw veggies to snack on? We are trying to have a raw veggie with dinner as well as a cooked veggie - maybe should shoot for lunch also. Into radishes right now. I go to Yoga, bowl on a league, and babysit grandchildren, and have one or two other exercise classes per week.
posted 11-Mar-2014 5:54pm

Karen - I'm close to your weight, but I'm 5'5" - (Lost 1/2 an inch).
posted 12-Mar-2014 10:38pm

Hey ladies, I been reading your post and although it's great to see the weigh ins...would it be possible to log what you ate for the day? I'm curious as to what to eat. I started this diet last week I was at 152 and I am down go 148.8! But now I am running out of creative food options!
Today for breakfast I ate
Eggs with turkey and cheese
Snack- corn chips and salsa
Lunch- chicken with asparagus
Dinner- veggie patty with cheese and a side of salad

posted 13-Mar-2014 9:17am

Weigh in this am was 147.7!
When are we suppose to weigh in? AM on empty stomach or PM?

Making an egg white omlet with turkey and spinach

Stay tuned for rest of the day food log! wink
posted 13-Mar-2014 9:20am

Carrots is always great to add as raw veggie- plus they are crunchy!
But why not make a great side salad?
You an toast some almonds and stuff in place of croutons
posted 13-Mar-2014 4:42pm

Thanks for your ideas Mathai. I am using carrots sticks. I keep them in the fridge in a little bit of water, in a cereal size bowl. What are you using for turkey? I'm slow-heating a pre-cooked turkey tonight, to have with rice pilaf and broccoli. Love almonds. Do you toast slivered almonds?
posted 13-Mar-2014 7:49pm

So I usually toast almonds, put olive, chickpeas and use dark greens- if you like extra crunch, toast the chickpeas also!

Lunch I ate a veggie patty with melted cheese and avocado. Tasted like eggplant parm without the breeding.

Dinner I was bad wry-smile had a play date and ate grilled cheese....wry-smile
posted 13-Mar-2014 9:47pm

Do you use deli turkey? I don't think it's bad - Boars Head is without additives.
posted 13-Mar-2014 10:21pm

I actually buy cold cuts from trader joes, it is Hormones and nitrate free
posted 14-Mar-2014 7:50am

Mathai - Great. I think Boars Head is about as healthy as that. I live 45 minutes from closest Trader Joe's unfortunately.
posted 14-Mar-2014 11:34am

Have any of you heard of Jorge cruise belly fat diet?
posted 18-Mar-2014 10:17pm

Did I scare everyone off?

I'm at 144!
posted 19-Mar-2014 3:29pm

Sorry had sick kids and haven't been on computer in a while. I have been eating comfort foods lately. Tomorrow I will get on the cake send see what the damage is! Glad to be back and welcome Mathai, and congratulations! Keep up the good work!
posted 23-Mar-2014 1:38pm comfort food binge left its mark: 148.0, 146.6 and 146.4.
posted 26-Mar-2014 4:46pm

147.0. I was upset that my weight is still up so what did I do? Exercise? Drink extra water? Increase veggies? Nope-- went out and bought Nutella. I never keep that stuff in my house because it is a huge temptation. Human nature is confusing.
posted 31-Mar-2014 9:38am

146.8/147.0 sleet this morning. Thinking Spring! And walking again on the trails. Wishing you all a good week filled with joy!
posted 1-Apr-2014 1:28pm

147.6. I have no idea why my weight keeps going up, but I am committed to weighing myself everyday (as opposed to ignoring it and hoping it goes away)...
posted 2-Apr-2014 6:45am

Ate well, walked for a half hour got on the scale and gained weight again! 148.4 I refuse to give up
posted 3-Apr-2014 12:48am

Is it your time of month? I find I gain water weight of almost 4 lbs and it goes away right after
posted 3-Apr-2014 9:22am

Hi Karen, Looks like your holding the site together. I don't have much to talk about but I'm trying to lose this weight like everyone else. I am avoiding sugary sweets and breads. It's a hard thing to do. Daily struggle. I'm reading Made To Crave book I believe it will help me. Its putting food where it should be in your life not something to do when your tired, bored or any other feeling you have that you think food will fill that void. Keep Trying I AM. ANNIE
posted 3-Apr-2014 10:43am

147.8 it may be hormonal...not sure to be honest. Thanks Annie-- we will just keep trying one day at a time! The key for me is not to get discouraged and give up... It helps to know others are struggling too. Hope you enjoy the book!
2 gorjus
posted 3-Apr-2014 11:05am

Morning everyone. I've decided to get back in the swing of things. I stepped on the scales and I am up four pounds. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Well, yes, I do, I am eating too late in the day. I can't seem to break the habit of snacking after 8 PM. Also, my thyroid medicine hinders my weight loss. My dr told me it would be harder to lose weight while I am on Levoxyl. But I can't use that as a crutch. Sprong is nearly here and I am going to try walking again. I'll get on too. That helps to keep everything written down. Let's do things right this summer.
posted 5-Apr-2014 7:02am

144.4. Nothing like a stomach virus to get me back on track! :/
2 gorjus
posted 5-Apr-2014 3:46pm

Yep, a stomach virus will help you lose weight every time. Watch it, though, it's very easy to gain it all back when the virus is over.
posted 6-Apr-2014 11:40am

144.4 that is very true! I am using it as a reset, but now I need to use this opportunity and keep making good choices. I hated the feeling of helplessness watching the scale go up and up and feeling bloated and having my clothe not fit right. No food is worth that.
posted 6-Apr-2014 11:41am

Sorry, clothes. Wish there was an edit button :)
posted 8-Apr-2014 7:40am

One of my back molars is loose cuz I bit into an olive with a pit, in a Greek salad . So no nuts right now, Plus I have to eat very slowly. Had Chili and baked potato with broccoli and cheese (Wendy's ). It tasted great. Karen. How tall are you? That's probably a good weight for you. Going to eat oatmeal with a little quinoa and blueberries for breakfast now.
posted 8-Apr-2014 8:11pm

144.2. Hi Kathy-- yikes! Your poor tooth! Will it eventually heal itself and get firm again? I am 5'8"
Wishing everyone good health and peace.
posted 11-Apr-2014 9:43am

Ugh...147.2. Going for a walk :)
posted 12-Apr-2014 7:31am

146.6. Going for a walk again today. It is the best way for me to be more conscious of what I snack on. I think to myself, "You just walked for 40 minutes, do you really need that Nutella?" It gives me a little extra willpower and it is good for my health overall. I just need to overcome my initial inertia...
posted 12-Apr-2014 4:13pm

Nutella, s'mores made with peeps, Doritos and no walk...why is it I don't do the things I want to and do the things I don't want to? Thank God this pathetic weakness doesn't extend beyond food...
posted 13-Apr-2014 7:20am

146.4. I am a firm believer in fresh-starts. Today is a new day, filled with new challenges and new joys. I will not rob this day of its strength by also carrying the burden of yesterday and all my past failures. We are made to live in the present moment both in mind and body. Wishing you all good health and peace!
2 gorjus
posted 13-Apr-2014 1:00pm

Well said, Karen. I will start over anew, also. Today is day 1. Not tomorrow, but today. Right now.
posted 14-Apr-2014 9:34am

146.4 amen 2 g!
posted 14-Apr-2014 9:44am

Karen, Nope, the tooth does not heal-It was a perfectly good tooth- I only lost about 1/4 of the molar - I have a great dentist-He can fix it with a crown-it's a 2 part process-but good dentists are wonderful!

Karen-do you live in California-You seem to have weather that is good for walking. Do you listen to music while walking? Washing floors counts, so that's my exercise today.
posted 14-Apr-2014 3:47pm

A setback is only a comeback that was what I was told when I eat unhealthy.
posted 14-Apr-2014 11:01pm

I been having good and bad days...I keep saying this is my cheat meal! Ahhhh
I was down to at 145- after my cheat meals all weekend!
Weekends are the worst with all the events
2 gorjus
posted 15-Apr-2014 8:18pm

Yes, Mat, I have a problem with weekends, too. With my thyroid problem, it's extra hard but I'm trying very hard. The weather isn't helping. Sunday it was in the upper 70's. Today we had snow on the ground and it's in the lower 40's. That's Indiana for you...
posted 17-Apr-2014 7:33am

146.8. I have heard it said, "If you change nothing, nothing will change". Beginning today I will keep a food journal. Wishing everyone a peaceful and healthy day.
posted 17-Apr-2014 7:37am

Sorry Kathy, I didn't see your question-- no I live in NJ. I always walked with music until I recently misplaced my tiny iPod! Hoping to find it soon. I just layer up and walk on the trails in a county park up the road from me. Can't wait until it warms up again...
2 gorjus
posted 17-Apr-2014 9:51am

A journal is good. That is why I like you can keep track of what you eat. Also, you can type a food you might like to eat and if the nutritional value isn't what you want, you can erase it and add something else. I am still 174.2.
posted 18-Apr-2014 7:46am

145.2. Maybe it is working? Will keep journaling.
posted 19-Apr-2014 7:30pm

Just checking in. I'm planning on eating about 900 calories at Easter dinner. And about 400 calories in the morning. It's easy to overheat at holiday meals. We are going to my son' s mother -in-laws house. Happy Easter everyone.
2 gorjus
posted 21-Apr-2014 10:26am

Well, Kathy, I think I ate about 9000 calories.... Just kidding, but I did overeat. I feel so bloated. It's a good thing the pants makers use a very strong thread... Mini fast today. Lots of fluids. I need to get rid of the weekend. It was great, though. All the kids, in-law kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. And my sister. I loved it.
posted 22-Apr-2014 7:57am

147.0. Well, back to square one. I ate so many leftovers yesterday that it was like a three day weekend binge. OK ready to start fresh today-- blessings for you all!
2 gorjus
posted 22-Apr-2014 2:45pm

176.2. Sometimes a mini fast does the trick.
posted 23-Apr-2014 8:06pm

147.2. :(
2 gorjus
posted 23-Apr-2014 11:20pm

posted 24-Apr-2014 7:36am

146.4. 3047 steps. Started using a pedometer. Anything to help motivate me to start moving more!
posted 25-Apr-2014 7:26am

146.8 3007. Once Easter vacation is over I bet my steps will double!
posted 25-Apr-2014 9:34pm

I think no sugar, no red meat might be a good way to eat. A few days ago we had hamburgers for dinner (no roll), and I had 1/2 a hot dog, plus baked beans with chopped onions. I weight 2 lbs. more the next day.
Then lost it having fish and chicken the next few nights. I guess the baked beans probably had lots of sugar. My brother in law has stomach pain-it flared up today,and I know they had beef stew last night. I think his abdominal pain is caused by long time use of pain meds. But I just read that red meat will fuel the pain.
posted 26-Apr-2014 7:30am

147.0. 4930. Kathy I agree. I started to cut out sugar again and my husband bought me a large bag of Cracker Jacks. Despite my walking more and eating well the whole day I gained weight. Sugar is awful for our bodies. We weren't made to eat so much.
posted 26-Apr-2014 10:00am

No sugar, no red meat, lots of vegetables. Some fruit. That's all I'm doing right now. I'll even have some good whole grain toast with butter occasionally. Seems to be working. I have been eating pork chops, which I guess is a red meat. Oh, and less milk; I'm working on curing nasal drip, and curing throat clearing-gross. I gave up dark chocolate-yeah. It's easier to maintain weight, and saves money! Nuts are fine with me. Love them; good snack with a small portion of fruit.
posted 26-Apr-2014 10:01am

Chicken and fish are good, of course.
posted 27-Apr-2014 5:15pm

146.6. 5291. Monday it is back to school. Curious to see how much I will walk then...found a great app called "seven". It is a seven minute full body workout. Doing it once. Day and then will increase. Highly recommend it!
posted 28-Apr-2014 6:18am

147.8. 3566. Holy cow. Blaming salty snack before bedtime.
2 gorjus
posted 28-Apr-2014 11:19pm

Karen, what do the last four numbers mean? Perhaps you said but I must have missed it.
posted 29-Apr-2014 10:35am

Hi 2! It's the # of steps I am taking each day according to the pedometer. 4610 for yesterday. Really trying to lose those extra pounds that have crept up on me. The goal of 10,000/ day seems a little out of my reach right now...
posted 30-Apr-2014 9:51am

Oh, I see. Even 5,000 is out of reach for me. 173.2 today.
posted 30-Apr-2014 9:52am

that was me.
posted 1-May-2014 7:33pm

148.0. 3684. Still trying each day.
posted 3-May-2014 12:29pm

173.0. Now I have pneumonia. Can't win for losing. I am feeling somewhat better, though.
posted 4-May-2014 7:16am

146.8 x 2 days. One day I walked over 9000 steps and the next day 3600. Same weight-- go figure!
Hi 2-- sorry to hear about the pneumonia :( I hope you are better very soon!
posted 5-May-2014 9:14am

146.8 again
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2014 8:32am

Hi Everyone, So good to see those left on here. I have been very busy working and raising kids. We are transitioning to having older kids now. One will be 21 this year and is working full time. The next one is 18 and graduating from high school and will be off to Univercity in a few months. hHen then I will have two more at the high school. We will be leaving Jr. High behind and have the the one school locally.

We have had some major house expenses that leave us struggling on a financial level but surviving we continue to do.

In all of this I have been neglecting myself. ITs not that I don't think about dieting and what I should do. I think of it everyday. ITs that I am tired and I always think I will rest and be better tomorrow. My body is fat and bloated and I need to do something to feel better. This brings me back to no flour no sugar. I'm going to get Dr. Gott's book back out and refresh my memory. Some of the best times I have felt have been while eating NFNS.

So here I am. In my down time I will take a look at the last few dozen posts and see who is still visiting here.

I still correspond with Bronwyn in another area but wanting to see some new and old timies here.

posted 7-May-2014 11:03am

Hi, Debbie. good to see you. I just started up again recently, too. I have found that I always feel better when I am NFNS. Whether I lose weight or not, I feel better. I just kind of let life get in the way of myself. If that makes sense. But now I am trying to make better choices. Good to talk to some of the 'old' people again.
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2014 2:51pm

Yea, speaking of old, I'm turning 50 in June!!! Better than the alternative.

I hope your pneumonia goes away soon. Fell better.

I am staying 100% nfns today. Or at least I thought I was. I put some worchestershire sauce on a burger that I was cooking. Later I looked at the ingredients and the second two words were molasses and sugar. REALLY? I know it was just a tiny bit but I was really trying. I have decided to pretend it did not happen and just go on. smile

See ya around girls. And 2gorjus, get better!
posted 8-May-2014 6:20am

146.2. 5256. Welcome back Debbie! I often wonder how you are doing? I, too, will be celebrating my birthday in June... But my Big 5-0 will be next year. I hope the change in diet will help you feel better-- good health is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. I need to recommit myself to NFNS. I avoid it "in principle" and yet I eat lots every day. I agree with 2, I never feel as good physically as when I follow NFNS more strictly. It is Spring after a very hard winter....good time to start anew one day at a time!
Debbie M.
posted 8-May-2014 9:36am

Yesterday I did good. I avoided bread and ate well most the day. Then in the evening I ate crackers. Trisciuts, half a box practically.
Today I will try again.
Debbie M.
posted 8-May-2014 9:37am

PS: Hi Karen and thanks for the welcome. smile
Debbie M.
posted 8-May-2014 10:09am

Almonds for breakfast and coffee with 1% milk. Off to work for a couple hours.
Its going to be 80 degrees here today!!
posted 8-May-2014 10:04pm

Hi All, Glad your back Deb, I felt lost when you left also the others like Connie, Bronwyn and Hilda to name a few. I guess you were on when I started the no flour no sugar diet and when you got busy I thought maybe you gave up,and I don't need much to fall off a diet. Also carbs are for energy and if we don't burn them they become stored fat so Dr. Gott's diet does work if we want it to. So glad you all are keeping this site working. Have a great Friday, Annie
Debbie M.
posted 9-May-2014 9:40am

Hi Annie! Thanks for missing me. I did get busy and I did quit. Sorry to say. I feel frumpy and fat and like I'll explode. About the heaviest I've ever been now and I can't say I like myself too much. I just don't know where I will get the will to turn myself around.

posted 9-May-2014 9:47am

I am getting very discouraged. Still 173.0. What does it take? I know that because of my Thyroid condition, it is very hard for me to lose weight. But not impossible. I think. I have never been a breakfast person. I just don't get hungry till about 10;30, then it's lunch time On the plus side, I think I think my pneumonia is about gone. Now to get some energy back.

Debbie, my grandson is going to Valpo on a baseball scholarship. He had to be Red-Shirted this year due to a shoulder surgery. But look out next year.
Debbie M.
posted 9-May-2014 2:34pm

How disappointing for your Grandson. I feel like life has red-shirted me due to stupid knees. frown

My husbend senced my low mood and sent me some pick me up quotes in the email this morning. I feel much better.
Debbie M.
posted 9-May-2014 2:56pm

See, still me, typo's and all! smile I'm glad you are feeling better 2gorjus.
Debbie M.
posted 10-May-2014 10:28am

Ok, in a desperate effort to jump start my motivation to get loosing again I bought a couple days worth of lean cuisines. I know its not the healthiest, especially long term but I needed to do SOMETHING!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's and ladies who are not moms. You should have a fabulous day too!
posted 11-May-2014 8:06am

148.6. 7363. Happy Mother's Day! I wish I hadn't gotten on the scale this morning. I had taken a couple of days off from weighing myself, hoping that if I didn't focus so much on the weight they might just come off smile. Unfortunately, all I did was go up frown Wishing us all much good health and success!
posted 11-May-2014 9:41am

Happy Mother's Day everyone. 173.8 this morning. I can't seem to lose any weight. I need to start writing everything down. That usually helps.
Debbie M.
posted 11-May-2014 10:40am

209 today
Arent we mothers everyday?
Debbie M.
posted 11-May-2014 8:38pm

Karen, I love your step counting. Its fun to watch.
posted 13-May-2014 11:30am

147.0 8952. Thanks Debbie-- I have begun walking for exercise again. Our town pool opens at the end of the month. I always had the "how to" but was lacking the "want to" . Now I want to lose weight more than I want the snacking and treats. Nothing like thinking about yourself walking around in a bathing suit in public to help spur on one's efforts! :)
Debbie M.
posted 13-May-2014 2:23pm

HAHA, for sure about the bathing suit. Keep up the good work!
posted 13-May-2014 10:30pm

Hey, Deb what happen to Connie, Bronwyn, Hilda they helped keep us on track unless they think we are really not doing as good as we should. I am glad your back it takes just one thought to get this problem under control. Weight is something complicated because so many things can start a binge. Not much stops me from eating unless my other half says something about my weight then I get mad. But I don't stay mad for long. I will have to learn the new gals and there ideas on what they do to follow the plan. I do read threw some old post for recipes it is a real helps. Good night to all. ANNIE
posted 13-May-2014 10:31pm

Excuse my spelling. Annie
Debbie M.
posted 14-May-2014 9:05am

No problem with the spelling. I have a habit of "sending" before I prof-read! I'd like to see the other girls back too.

A resent study showed that women who carry a little extra weight live longer then men who comment on it. smile
Debbie M.
posted 14-May-2014 9:06am

see *proofread smile
Debbie M.
posted 14-May-2014 4:46pm

Anyone watch The Middle? ITs a good show for us at this time in our lives. smile
Debbie M.
posted 15-May-2014 12:22am

Yesterday I helped 9 ducklings get up a tall curb at Wal-Mart when the mama decided she wanted to change ponds. Following their mama, they all jumped down one curb and crossed the parking lot entrance but only the mom was big enough to jump up the next curb leaving the babies stranded in traffic. So me and a mail man who was passing by, parked our cars and one by one lifted the ducklings up the curb. The Mallard hissed at us a couple times from the bushes, as the little ones all ran towards her and disappeared into safety :)It was a good day. smile
posted 15-May-2014 2:16pm

posted 15-May-2014 7:02pm

Hi Debbie! What a great story! There are such beautiful moments in life. Glad you didn't miss it!
Debbie M.
posted 18-May-2014 7:22pm

My baby turned 16 over the weekend. Crazy! So proud smile
posted 19-May-2014 9:25am

149.4 7151 Friday I was 145.4 I do so well all week and then blow it on the weekend. I know I am not the first one to write this. I guess I should be grateful that at least I've gotten Monday through Friday under control smile Congratulations Debbie! Sweet 16!
posted 19-May-2014 10:42am

Count your blessings, Debbie. My baby turned 47!!!

posted 19-May-2014 10:43am

Sorry, the anonymous was me.
Debbie M.
posted 20-May-2014 7:16pm

Wow, to have a baby turn 47 is far in the future and sure sounds odd. I'll be 50 next month. The older I get the older *OLD* is to me. lol I know my kids think I'm old but I'm not. And my parents think I'm young.

I admit I have some body parts wearing out but my mind is the same. Actually I feel tired in the mind sometimes. I thought I would get wiser as I get older but with the way the world is going I feel frustrated. This world is getting scary. I fear for the kids. Look at all they have to deal with? I'm afraid for our future. For their future. Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? Maybe I'm just hormonal today. frown

Bad vibes at work today. Maybe SHE's hormonal. lol smileI can't wait to get out of here.

I NEED a vacation............a vacation that is not work. We will be camping this weekend. See? Work. Its joyful to camp but its a lot of preparation and clean up. The in between is fun though. But usually too short.
posted 21-May-2014 10:51am

My parents used to own a cabin on Flatrock River, about 25 miles from here. They loved it. All I could see was Mother still cooking, making beds, putting wood in the fireplace, and generally doing everything she usually did at home. But she loved it!!! Go figure!!! She would have spent all summer there if she could have. Not me. When I go on vacation, I want someone else to wait on me. To each his own.

posted 21-May-2014 11:04pm

Just caught up on the recent posts. saw the American idol finale tonight. Debbie, Ask Bronwyn to check in. I haven't posted calories in a while, I guess I got in to a good enough eating routine from all the months that I did post calories. won't be eating almonds much anymore. I'm getting a new tooth crown an I don't want to destroy it on almonds. Walnuts are softer though.
Debbie M.
posted 22-May-2014 7:57am

I need a crown too. $500.00 is my part so needless to say I will wait a while. Mine is cracked. It will be my second crown.
Off to wash the camper awning.
Good to see you Kathy. I"m glad you are doing so well on your calories. smile
posted 23-May-2014 11:21am

146.4 4812. Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day Weekend! Remembering all those who lost their lives defending us. May they rest in peace.
posted 25-May-2014 2:49pm

143.0. Yay! Dancing all night at a wedding really paid off! smile
Debbie M.
posted 26-May-2014 11:55pm

Super Karen! Snacking all weekend at camp did NOT pay off for me.
posted 1-Jun-2014 7:29am

146.2 yesterday our pool opened up for the weekend only. Definitely gave me the willpower to be extra good this coming week in anticipation of walking around in a bathing suit in public next weekend! Never give up!
posted 2-Jun-2014 8:32am

My husband and I have been on NFNS for a couple of weeks now, he is doing great and losing a lot of inches around his middle. I have lost a couple of pounds but not as much as I'd like. I am like Janie I think, overeating acceptable foods. Today, being Monday, I am going to try to do better with that. Nuts is the one thing I can't control, I have even thought about buying the small snack packs to see if that would work.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Jun-2014 11:17am

The snack packs are good but expensive. For my kids's lunches I have bought nuts in bulk and then separated them out into snack size baggies. Its easy to grab and It reminds me not to eat too many. The original container has the portion size and calorie count on it. I have a food scale so can make sure every baggie is the same.
posted 2-Jun-2014 9:48pm

My daughter in law put a yoga app on my ipad. So after dinner I take a 20 minute walk (some hills) and do 10 minutes of yoga. Lots of playing with grandchildren during the day. No sugar. No red meat. So that leaves chicken, fish, and turkey.

Susan, I use to overdo on nuts. And I think it was tension eating. I'm trying to switch the chewing habit to half apples. Let me know if you find any alternative to overeating nuts- I could use one.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jun-2014 10:33am

I am posting this partial artical because I was thinking about the good fats that nuts have and did a little research. This is what I found. It is by SockDoc:

Optimum fatty acid balance means two basic things – no harmful fats and plenty of the healthy ones. Harmful fats are the partially hydrogenated fats, commonly referred to as “trans” fats as well as excess vegetable oils. Trans fats are listed as shortening, margarine, and as partially hydrogenated corn, vegetable, soy, cottonseed or some other oil on a package. These fats cause a lot of inflammation and block essential enzyme reactions from occurring while also preventing the good, anti-inflammatory fats from doing their jobs. Even eating them a little bit is a problem because the half-life is a whopping 51 days. That means after 102 days there is still 25% of the stuff causing problems and over a year before some people can metabolize all of it entirely. This pretty much ends the debate whether to eat margarine or butter. Those still eating margarine because they were told it is better for cholesterol and body weight can see why it’s beneficial to change to butter and get the laboratory-made trans fat out of the diet 100%.
Healthy fats are the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Most people are deficient in the omega-3s because they are primarily from fish and flax seeds, and to some extent walnuts – foods often not consumed in high amounts. Most eat too many omega-6s fats found in processed, packaged, and fast food.

Healthy omega-6 fats are plentiful in most vegetables, nuts and seeds, and legumes but the ones found in soy, corn, safflower, and peanut oils can quickly inflame the body, especially when consumed with too many carbohydrates. So a good amount of both omega-3, (perhaps supplementing with flax or fish oil), and omega-6 fats from raw nuts, seeds and vegetables, and a diet absent of trans fats will allow the body to fight inflammation and recover faster, as well as lower cholesterol and heart disease risk. And, for the purpose of this topic, it will allow calcium to be pushed into the tissues to heal inflamed bursa. As a side note, two other symptoms of inadequate calcium metabolism due to poor fatty acid metabolism are calf cramps, especially ones at night that resemble “Charley horses”, and cold sores/fever blisters, including herpes simplex infections. (Yes, these are viral infections, but their eruption is often provoked by a calcium problem.) Also, although olive oil is a great fat to eat and should be included in every diet, it is not considered an essential fat because it is an omega-9.
posted 4-Jun-2014 8:29am

I like the part that says 'this pretty much ends the debate whether to eat margarine or butter'. I just like things resolved once and for all!
posted 4-Jun-2014 10:37am

Great article! Thx Debbie!
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jun-2014 12:52pm

Me too Kathy smile
Has anyone tried mixing room temp butter with olive oil to make it spreadable? You can keep it refrigerated this way and its still spreadable. I'm going to try that. I think it said 1/4 c oive oil to 1/2 cup butter (thats 1 stick), mix with blender and put into resealable container. At first you think you have made a terrible soupy mistake but after it cools down its a good consistency. Let me know if you try it and what you think.
posted 5-Jun-2014 7:19am

We just keep a stick of butter in the cabinet at room temp. We've done this for decades. It's safe. I learned it from Canadian friends.
144.6 today is our last day of school. Looking forward to beginning a new health routine...
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jun-2014 8:44am

We have done kept butter out too with no ill effects but I thought adding some olive oil had the added benefit of cutting down on the cholestrol calories from the butter and adding some good fat instead. I'm sure the amount would be small though.
I took a long walk in the rain yesterday with my golf umbrella. TOday is bright and sunny. Off to another walk. My MP3 player dosn't seem to be working. I wonder why? Its charged. Boooo
Debbie M.
posted 7-Jun-2014 1:33am

My daughter just went through commencement tonight. Sweet and sour. The emotions are crazy. Two down, two to go.
posted 8-Jun-2014 7:26am

144.0. It's my birthday weekend. 49 and feeling blessed! Have a great day everyone!
Debbie M.
posted 8-Jun-2014 10:21pm

Happy birthday Karen! Happy 49! Now we are both 49!
posted 10-Jun-2014 6:41am

146.4 over indulged for my birthday and I am ok with that! Now back to the routine!
Debbie M.
posted 10-Jun-2014 8:58am

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks

If you love cabbage, you are going to freak out about how good this is. Now, if you are on the fence about cabbage, you need to try this because this might be the recipe that converts you to a cabbage lover.

This is a simple side dish worthy of a dinner party and couldn’t be easier to make. Four ingredients, a couple of minutes to prepare and toss in the oven for an hour.

1 (approx 2lb) head of organic green cabbage, cut into 1″ thick slices
1.5 tablespoons olive oil
2 to 3 large garlic cloves, smashed
kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
spray olive oil OR non-stick cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 400F and spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Pull outer leaf off cabbage (it’s usually dirty and nasty looking), cut cabbage from top to bottom (bottom being root) into 1″ thick slices.

2. Rub both sides of cabbage with smashed garlic.

3. Use a pastry brush to evenly spread the olive oil over both sides of the cabbage slices.

4. Finally, sprinkle each side with a bit of kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

5. Roast on the middle rack for 30 minutes. Carefully flip the cabbage steaks and roast for an additional 30 minutes until edges are brown and crispy. Serve hot and Enjoy!
Debbie M.
posted 13-Jun-2014 10:04am

I'm full of anxiety. I have a lot going on within the next week. Father's Day on Sunday, Orientation for two days and spending the night on campus for my daughter who is going to college and then her high school graduation party next weekend. I'm not sure I can handle all this. I keep telling myself, its going to be ok, its going to be ok.
Debbie M.
posted 17-Jun-2014 9:23am

Junk food is not good for me. I know it and yet I continue to eat it. Why do I do this? It's the most preplexing this. Why don't I do what I know I should do?
posted 21-Jun-2014 6:04pm

146.0 loving this weather! Hope you are feeling better Debbie.
Debbie M.
posted 22-Jun-2014 5:57pm

Feeling some relief now. Graduation, Father's Day, Camping trip and College Orientation, and Graduation Party all are over. Thank you notes are filled out and ready to mail. So I am feeling some relief. Still need to fill out finacial papers for school. We are not even close to getting this first year of school financed so if she needs to stay home and take community college courses the first year then I guess she does. I hope not. tHat is our next focus.

I thought about, and think about everyday, losing weight.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Jun-2014 2:26pm

I turn 50 tomorrow. No plans which kinds makes me sad but I'm focusing on the fact that any day on the right side of the grass is a good day.
posted 24-Jun-2014 8:33am

So glad I checked in today! HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!!!
Wishing you many blessings for your best year ever!
Debbie M.
posted 24-Jun-2014 4:49pm

Thank you Karen, I'm having a wonderful day!
Debbie M.
posted 25-Jun-2014 10:52am

I made my frosting for my lemon cake out of cool whip and added yogurt. It still had sugar but it was light and fluffy and I'm sure had way less sugar than regular frosting. I wonder what could be used instead of the cool whip.
Debbie M.
posted 30-Jun-2014 10:34am

My husband suggested that I do something for just 24 hours. I was complaining about my gigantic stomach. So I am in my 20th hours of my plan. C'mon 2:00 when I reevaluate my plan and do somehting else for another 24 hours. Seems Steve detected a pattern in me. I don't stick to anything for very long. We thought if I changed it up frequently, I might make some progress. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Jul-2014 1:43pm

Going to the grocery store with no flour/no sugar on mind.
posted 3-Jul-2014 8:07am

148 definitely too many chocolate-vanilla twists with rainbow sprinkles on a cone. Interestingly, the more I have the less they satisfy... That always seems to be the way. How is the 24 hour plan going Deb?
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jul-2014 8:27am

I failed at that. I did however, buy lots of fresh produce. Too bad I also bought a box of Kelloggs Cracker Chips and ate them as I cooked dinner. I didnt eat the whole box as my kids were picking at them too. I let myself get too hungry and couldnt resist. In the evening I had cherries and watermellon. 212
posted 4-Jul-2014 10:06am

146.0. It isn't easy...
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jul-2014 11:35am

Happy Independence Day everyone. smile
posted 9-Jul-2014 9:33pm

Does anyone have a child with type 1 diabetics and if so is it hard to treat. I just found out my grandchild has it and I babysit him, he is 6 years old. What luck we have. Also where do you get information on this condition ? Thought maybe someone would have some knowledge on this. Thank you all.
posted 10-Jul-2014 1:21pm

I'm sure the parents will share all critical information with anyone babysitting their child who has diabetes. These days people with diabetes usually wear a pump but I'm not sure if 6 is too young for him/her. The internet is a great place to do research, of course. Best wishes and sorry about your grandchild's condition.
posted 10-Jul-2014 4:25pm

thank you.
posted 10-Jul-2014 9:26pm

Most hospitals have excellent diabetic educators. You might want to call your local hospital and ask the diabetic nurse educator if she could point you in the right direction for educational materials.
posted 11-Jul-2014 9:23am

Will do. thank you.
posted 11-Jul-2014 3:35pm

There are 4 macronutrients. A high level explanation of each of their functions is:

Protein, which is required for muscle retention/growth
Fat, which is required for healthy body functions
Carbs, which provide energy
Alcohol, which provides for embarrassing photos
posted 13-Jul-2014 8:58am

Its a joke ^ What? No sense of humor? smile
Debbie M.
posted 15-Jul-2014 2:50pm

Embarrassing photos! Thats about all its worth. lol

Can't seem to get on the wagon. Weight higher than ever. frown
posted 16-Jul-2014 6:43am

Haven't been on in a long time, and haven't weighed myself since my last post. 145.2 today. Wishing everyone a great day and freedom from the tyranny of food.
Debbie M.
posted 16-Jul-2014 9:36am

Good to see you can keep it under control Karen.
I'm facing a lot of life changing events right now. I know that shouldn't be a reason to over eat but its been what I'm doing. I really want to stop. I'm totally spinning out of control.
Time to grow up and put on my big girl panties. smile
My daughter got her dorm and room mate assignment yesterday. I'm so emotional. She leaves in one month.
posted 18-Jul-2014 9:04am

144.6. I need to thank God. I have no idea how I am back down again in weight. Just been focusing all my attention on prayer and being loving to those in my life. I guess I have been feeling more "full" lately.
Debbie M.
posted 18-Jul-2014 9:41pm

Debbie M.
posted 23-Jul-2014 11:16pm

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. --Dr. Seuss"
posted 24-Jul-2014 8:40am

144.2. One day at a time. Small steps add up over the long haul.
Debbie M.
posted 24-Jul-2014 11:58am

211 today
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jul-2014 11:53am

210.8 Trying to cut donw and make better healthful choices. More God made foods. Less processed stuff, although I still crave salty crunchy things at times. A few roasted red pepper Triscuits helps sometimes.
Kathy, where are you?

posted 28-Jul-2014 12:35pm

Hey good for you Deb, I haven't talked to you for a couple of weeks.. I was contemplating NFNS and checked this site. I haven't been here for a very long time. Happy to see your post and, that you are doing good things for yourself.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jul-2014 1:18pm

Hey B, good to see you here! Hope you continue your swimming. I'm always trying........always.
posted 29-Jul-2014 11:23pm

Hey Deb, I did a 50 minute swim jog and 30 minute walk. Unfortunately I ate 5 million calories ..... Geesh
Debbie M.
posted 30-Jul-2014 10:51am

Good job B! Just keep swimming.................Its been so cold here, I just can't believe it. A couple days ago we had a record breaking high of only 64!! It's usually scorching this time of year. Our pool is sitting there very lonly. smile On to ride my exercise bike! I got one at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. I wonder if it will ever warm up to normal summer temps this year.

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