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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 29-Mar-2007 5:47pm

I read this book last week and I have only been eliminating flour and sugar from my diet for 5 days but I am having no trouble doing it. I am not craving sweets and breads like I thought I would. It obviously stabalizes one's blood sugar.

This is the first "diet" (plan for eating) that I have tried that does not make me feel deprived. I have 30 pounds to lose and this time I KNOW I can DO IT !!!
posted 13-Jun-2007 8:04pm

My whole family is trying this diet not just as a weight loss strategy but a life change. Flour and sugar are two things that are not needed in your diet therefore this diet can only be benificial. We are having a hard time with the no sugar part though; not because of cravings, but because of the fact that sugar seems to be in everything. We love salad, but salad dressing is nearly impossible. Even bacon has sugar. That means we can't even put
bacon bits in our salad. I don't know how literal to take the "no sugar" factor. Otherwise we are already experiencing success. Even my 7 year old daughter is doing it and is experiencing increased energy.
Jim D
posted 25-Aug-2007 9:50am

Just getting started. Any Recipes out there on the net without having to buy the book. I am totally addicted to sugar and flour and need to find specific recipes that fullfill the sweet tooth w/o the sugar/carbs. Fruit will help but not be enough . Is there anything else out there? Recipes for snacks/breakfasts are needed.
posted 7-Nov-2007 2:19pm

Don't fruit juices and fruits have a lot of natural sugar. Are they permitted on this diet, it seems like you should limit the natural sugar too even though I believe that apples are good for fiber.
posted 10-Jan-2008 9:45pm

I have tryed alot of diets. I'm going to take a try with you.
I am 5 feet tall. I weight 200 pounds. I try to loose weight.
But.. just another diet is down the drain. So we'll see what this
one does. The problem is I need a list of the things I can eat
and the things I can't eat. I need this to go by and help me.
So we'll see if the no sugar, no flour helps. My e-mail address
is If you have anymore suggestions. Thanks.
posted 17-Jan-2008 9:49pm

I'm 52 years old, and I've been on just about every diet known, in my lifetime. And this is the first one that I've had any real success with!
I love it, because I'm never hungry. I don't feel deprived. And the weight is coming off.
I've been eating this way, for just over a year, and I've lost 50 pounds!

As for a list of foods you can, or can not eat.
The 'can eat' list is endless! It's as simple as reading labels.
If the ingredients list any kind of flour or added sugar, avoid it.

NO FLOUR: No white flour, wheat flour, rye flour, cake flour, corn flour, rice flour, potato flour, etc. Yeah, that means no bread, pasta, pizza or bagels. Even the Lean Cuisine kind.
But, it doesn’t mean no starches, or carbs of any kind.
You can still have potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, corn, cornmeal, oats, and barley.
You can have corn tortillas, and tortilla chips, as long as they are made with ground corn, or cornmeal, and not corn flour(read the label). That also includes Fritoes, Corn Nuts, and popcorn!
I have a cast iron tortilla griddle, and I heat the corn tortillas on there. It softens them, and gives them a good flavor.
I have made 'sandwiches' with the corn tortillas, using turkey, chicken, tuna, and even hot dogs! Not to mention soft tacos!

NO SUGAR: This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘sugar-free’. No sugar means, no added sugar. You can still have fruit, and fruit juice, or any food that does not list sugar in the ingredients.
Sugar that occurs naturally in fruit, dairy, and other foods is perfectly fine.
The no-no’s are cane sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, glucose, or sucrose, etc.
(Don't confuse sucrose, with sucralose. Sucralose is "Splenda", and you can have Splenda!)

To satisfy my sweet tooth, Blue Bunny makes wonderful yogurt, ice cream, and ice cream novelties, that have no sugar added. I also enjoy Edy’s, no sugar added, fruit pops, and sugar free Jello Pudding with sugar free Cool Whip!
Sugar free Reece's Peanut Butter cups are great, too!

Most bottled salad dressings have added sugar. I bought some Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix, and there is no sugar in the mix! I make my own dressing, and it’s better than the bottled!

Now, I can't say that in the whole time I've been on this diet, that I haven't eaten any bread or pasta. On weekends, or holidays, I will treat myself to one or two items.
This past Saturday, I ate a biscuit and gravy, at breakfast. And the Sunday before, I ate pasta at lunch. I still avoid all added sugar. I don't overdue. And I'm still losing.
Maybe if I cut out the weekend treats, and the fatty meats, like hot dogs, I might lose faster. But, I'm satisfied averaging one pound a week.

I don't even say I'm on a 'diet' anymore. It's just become a lifestyle, with me.

Just one more thing... I really don't pay attention to portion size. But, I have found that since I've been eating this way, I don't eat as much. My portions are getting smaller, because I get full faster.

It's not a diet for someone who wants a quick-fix weight loss. But, if you have patience, and read labels, you will lose weight!
posted 21-Jan-2008 2:16pm

This is the easiest way for me to lose weight. I started this 7-16-07 and have lost 45 pounds in 6 months. I went from a size 18 to an 8. I don't have to count calories or points or weigh anything. It has changed the way I eat and it is something that I can easily live with. It takes very little effort to lose with so many foods that I love being available. I can go to any restaurant and find many choices that work on the No Flour No Sugar diet. This diet has changed my life!
posted 2-Feb-2008 2:09am

what about drinking wine ? can you on this diet?
posted 8-Feb-2008 7:28pm

I was very encouraged to read the comments made by Leslie and Piper. I have struggled with wanting to lose weight for so long and finding it hard to stay on diets where you have to count every fat gram or every calorie. I started on Tuesday (it is now Friday) and I am amazed at how easily I have been able to give up sugar and flour. I am so totally a chocoholic and have for many years consumed so much chocolate that I just couldn't imagine being able to so easily give that up. I feel so much better in just these 2 or 3 days. I am eating fabulous food......avocadoes, nuts, fruits, sweet potatoes and so forth. It doesn't feel restrictive nor do I feel deprived. My local book store did not have the book and I am kind of dragging my feet with ordering it. I don't want to become obsessed like I always do when I start into a diet. I am afraid that the book will put a damper on my enthusiasm and that I will find that I actually do have to count calories or fat grams or whatever. My approach at the moment is quite "laid back" only when I am hungry, drink a glass of water before I eat, and eat anything I want that doesn't have sugar or flour in it. I guess over all I am concerned if I will lose weight but I do love the idea of eating and hopefully dieting this way. I also find that I am not craving things and that overall I am satisfied with eating less. All that being said I am afraid that I will replace my old bad sugar craving habits with now eating way too many nuts. Do any of you have any guide lines that you follow beyond simply eliminating sugar and flour? Obviously calories have to you roughly figure calories?

I just ran into this thread doing research on the NO Flour/No Sugar this actually a support group for this program? Also I hate the idea of using artificial sugars.......agave syrup is a natural sweetener made from agave fruit........does anyone know if this is appropriate to use. I don't want to stray to far from the real principles of the program and not have success.
posted 24-Feb-2008 5:03pm

I may be kind of writing to myself as this board seems to not be very active but it can be helpful to sort through feelings even if there are no answers. I have not had any flour or sugar for 3 weeks now (I did have a salad in a restaurant yesterday....and to the best of my knowledge the dressing didn't have sugar in it but I am not sure). I feel good. I have not been hungry and I have been amazed at how easily I have overcome my severe cravings for sweets in particular chocolate.....those cravings are not running my life like they used to do. This feeling of more control is so wonderful. My weight loss has been very slow but I am losing some weight. I would say that (I didn't record my weight the first week only started the 2nd week) I have lost 4 to 5 lbs. in 3 weeks. I would like to lose 40-50 lbs. It will take a year to do this if my weight continues in this pattern. I don't feel like I am on a diet in that I am not feeling deprived or hungry all the time. I feel this is something that can be done long term and in doing so a true life style can be made. I have struggled with my weight for 20 years and been very discouraged with other programs that I have tried to do (and i have done them all). Overall I haven't felt that any dieting program has offered to me the lifestyle change that I could live with that this one has. I don't feel confident at this point that the weight will continue to come off. I feel some concern that I will lose these few lbs. and then not continue to lose. I will keep you posted. I weigh every day and record it. I can see that my weight fluctuates down a little and up a little with an overall loss at the end of the week. For me this is helpful as long as at the end of the week I weigh less than at the first of the week. I feel I have replaced chocolate with nuts and I now feel I am ready to be more concerned about my nut consumption and I certainly recognize that eating too many nuts means I am consuming too many calories. My goal this week is to moderate my nut consumption and increase my low starchy vegetable consumption......a very doable goal. Checking my weight frequently I believe can help me to recognize those things that contribute to weight loss and those that don't.

I plan to check in here every Sunday to talk about my experiences with the No Sugar No Flour diet that week,
posted 2-Mar-2008 2:07pm

Well I am here alone but that is okay, no one else can "make" me lose weight. I love that I have not gone to a diet center or any group meetings but that I have made up my mind to follow the principles of this diet and I am. As I previously mentioned I did not record my weight the first week so I am not totally sure where my weight was at when I started. I have recorded the last 3 weeks though and I am officially down 5.2 lbs. in 3 weeks. I continue to not feel deprived. I have been to a coupe of parties in these 3 weeks and although it was a little challenging to figure out what to eat I did not feel deprived, sorry for myself or give up. I really do like this program and I am learning to be patient with the slow weight loss. I feel the weight loss is more "true" because I haven't crashed dieted or starved myself. I am also totally motivated to eat very "clean" and that feels so good. I have done the programs where you are basically eating "fake food". I eat all fruits, all vegetables, all meat, avocado's, nuts.....real food and good food. Have you done the packaged dinners......groan and gross. My last diet I did 3 years ago was very expensive and a very quick weight loss.....Dr. Bernstein. It costs over 600$ a month and you have to go to the center 3x's a week and get shots in your stomach or backside.......not pleasant I assure you. I had a stomach full of various stages of bruising....think purple, yellow and even some green. That was so lovely. I was excited though I lost 43 lbs. in just under 3 months.......they were on my back because they thought I should be losing faster. Well the deal is I am presently in the process of losing that same 43 lbs. now 3 years later...........!!!! weight loss also results in fast weight gain when you try to eat more normally.

Okay well this is my story and i am sticking to it..........not the story but the program smile
posted 2-Mar-2008 11:37pm

bronwyn, i just wanted to let you know that i read your posts and you should be very proud of deciding to make these changes. and congratulations on losing your first 5.2 lbs! we've all tried our share of "quick fixes" or expensive programs but this is truly the way to go-- just eating healthy and maintaining that state of mind where you know you're doing your body good. keep up the good work and good attitude and please continue to write with your progress even if this board becomes inactive. you never know when you'll inspire a silent reader miles away.
love, k
posted 4-Mar-2008 10:19pm

I have stopped eating sugar and white flour and I am only on it for 6 days. I have lost 9 pounds!! I am losing so fast and easy that I am nervous it is coming off to fast. I eat sandwiches (tuna with cut up celery, onions and i chop up almonds with light mayo on wheat bread) I also eat lean meat with vegitables, brown rice, and vegitables. Also, I love eating wheat pasta and I make a marinara sauce with hunts crushed tomatoes and grated cheese. Apples, cheese, etc. So I do eat. I feel great! I also drink lots of water. Good luck everyone! If anyone knows where to get a list of foods, I would love that. Thanks!
posted 9-Mar-2008 4:15pm

k, thanks for letting me know you are reading my posts. It sounds like you may have some experience with the 'no flour no sugar' program, I would love you to share that.

Susie, Leslie in the above post gives a lot of information about the food, but if you do a google search you will probably find more info. This particular program doesn't recommend using any flour during the weight loss phase not even whole grain flours. The one bread that does fit is the squirrely bread that has 'no flour and no sugar'. The other ones that fits the criteria of 'no flour and no sugar' is an ezekial bread. I like the carrot and raisin one and warm it and put a little light cream cheese on it. When you haven't been eating rich things for a while it tastes like carrot cake.

Well I continue on the same path of only about a 1 lb. per week, this week it was 1.2 lbs. This brings me down 6.4 lbs in one month (started Feb.11). If you don't think it sounds like very much than visualize 6 lbs. of butter........hey that is what I am not carrying around anymore...WooHoo!!! I can tell you how distorted a dieter's mind can become after years and years of stressing over the whole process of losing weight. Earlier this week I had the flu and the scale showed a 4 lb. loss......I was really sick but 'over the top' excited to see the scale down 4 lbs. I was excited to have the flu and worried about getting better and gaining back my 4 lb. loss,,,,geesh smile!!! The truth was it wasn't a 4 lb. loss it was some water loss. Here at the end of the week I think I had a solid 1.2 lbs. of actual fat again WOOHOO!!!! I worry that I will NOT continue to lose weight 'THAT IT WILL JUST STOP HAPPENING' but I can tell you that I plan to stick the course because I can live with this.......I am not "on" and "off" a program like the rest of the times in my life. Of course I will occasionally have something with flour and sugar in it.......but I really don't want to at this point because I feel good, I am satisfied and not craving junk at all.

One thing different this time around is that I didn't overwhelm myself with the complete overhaul for better health by focusing on everything at, water and exercise. I have a handle on the food and this week I am now adding in some exercise and naturally I will drink more water as I exercise. This is a gentle approach I am taking and one that I truly feel is leading to permanent good changes.

Looking fore ward to another good week of 'no flour no sugar'...... if any of you are having trouble getting started "JUST DO IT".
posted 9-Mar-2008 4:36pm

Very good!I always visualize a 5 pound bag of flour.. I have 11 pounds off now. Have not really changed anything.I will let you know I do.
Canadian girl
posted 14-Mar-2008 8:27pm

Okay, so far so good. Some rethinking of things, but overall, I'm not feeling like giving up, which has to be a first. I know that the first few days are always tough while your body objects to a change, but I was surprised....maybe it was the reality of the number on the scale and the reality of another birthday in August at the same weight, or worse than that. It cannot go any higher. I will be a diabetic. I'm on the road to that now.

So, it has to stop. I'm 43 years old...187 lbs, 5' 6" all. A size 14 if I'm lucky.

I'm not sure if the numbers are right, there's some PMSing going on right now, but it looks cautiously optimistic after almost 5 days. Maybe a pound or two...probalby water, but I'll take it.

I am allergic to gluten so the flour thing is obvious. So far, so good.
posted 16-Mar-2008 11:11am

There seems to be some activity picking up on this board. Again this week my loss is only -1.2 lbs. but WooHoo.......every week I am losing. I continue to love this program because I still do not feel deprived, craving or crazy. This week I went to a friends for dinner one night and out to eat another; and, both events were very positive unlike other times I have tried to go places on a diet. I found it easy to find things to eat and I wasn't obsessing nor feeling guilty about eating.....I just didn't have any flour or sugar. I also want to emphasize that I did not feel deprived and I made a simple statement at dessert,,,,"thanks but I am not eating sugar and haven't done so for 5 weeks". Prior to this I would have come home and just ate a bunch of junk with the idea of starting again tomorrow (and as anyone who has done this off/on approach, all or nothing kind of thinking you know tomorrow doesn't come tomorrow). I don't feel like I have to do this perfectly and that if I don't that I am a total failure. This is not a perfectionist program. I don't pay anyone else money for my losing weight (I have spent a lot of money that way over the years), I don't let my self esteem be determined by the person who is weighing me and there disdain because I only lost 1.2 lbs. I have ownership of this program......and that empowers me to make good decisions for ME!!! The truth is I still don't have the book so I don't know that I am actually doing things the way you are suppose to be doing them. I kind of don't want to know as I want it to be truly and simply NFNS.

I haven't got the exercise thing going yet and I do plan to move that direction this week. I am also planning to experiment with making dishes using Quinoa.

Best wishes to anyone who has decided to cut out the flour and sugar.......patience is the key!!!
posted 16-Mar-2008 11:14am

Hey, I don't know why my post came up anonymous but I am happy to attach my name to my -1.2 lbs per week so the above is not anonymous but in fact Bronwyn.
posted 16-Mar-2008 7:56pm

I am so ready to try this way of eating I have tried more diets than I care to even think about. I do know that my brother started doing this but he eats no meat or fruit. But i will not give up either of those because it is simply nature. But he was very sick and recovering nicely. He has also lost over 40 pounds since Christmas.

I will be starting this one as soon as I can get the ingredients to these wonderful brownies I saw on the show on Veria The Sweet Truth..... I bought the book she has out and I love the stuff she makes online because it all looks sooooo delicious. She does all her stuff sugar free/wheat free. She also says that buckwheat is an herb not a grain, which I didn't know.

But all of that aside I am weening some of the stuff out of my meals already. Just need to get to the store and get some ezekiel bread and some other things I wouldn't normally have here.

Before I forget all of you here and elsewhere should be so proud of yourselves for the effort put into just doing it. Many Blessing to you all.

posted 16-Mar-2008 8:12pm

This is just some of the info I found for this diet "No sugar No flour"

This diet plan, a national bestselling book, is what it says: lose weight by eliminating flour and sugar from your daily dietary intake. It is a basic premise of cutting calories by eliminating "empty" calorie foods. Dr. Gott has chosen flour and sugar as the main culprits of empty calories because there is little nutritive value to many foods made with these two ingredients. However, high calorie consumption from any food will cause weight gain. While Dr. Gott’s approach may sound easy, it is important to get a full understanding of flour and sugar in all its forms and shapes.
Flour, Flour Everywhere

At first glance, eliminating flour sounds easy enough? Simply do not eat white bread, right? You may be surprised at the long list of products containing flour. The following foods are made with flour and thus must be eliminated when adapting Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet:

* White bread

* Bagels

* Croissants

* Donuts

* Cereals

* English muffins

* Dinner rolls

* Sandwich rolls

* Crackers

* Wheat bread

* Rice flour (including rice noodles, cereals)

* Corn flour (including tortillas, cereals)

* Pasta (including lasagna and other pasta prepared dishes)

* White rice

* Pizza

* Cookies

* Cakes

* Pretzels

The exception to any of the foods listed above is their whole grain counterparts. For example, if you are choosing crackers or breads that fit on this diet plan, whole grain varieties are acceptable. Also, brown rice, corn, and potatoes are allowed.
Sugar All Around

No sugar sounds easy too. However, here is a list of all the types of sugar to be eliminated on this program:

* Cane sugar

* Beet sugar

* Sucrose

* Glucose

* High fructose corn syrup

* Molasses

* Honey

* Maple syrup

Furthermore, foods that contain these various sugars, thus must be abstained from, include:

* Ice cream

* Cookies

* Cakes

* Brownies

* Chocolate

* Candy

* Jams

* Jellies

* Specialty coffees using flavored, sweetened syrups

* Sweetened cereals

* Granola bars

Foods made with no-calorie sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame (Equal) are permissible.
Other Important Aspects

It may not seem as simple as it initially appeared; however, Dr. Gott does include several tools to help you follow his plan as easily as possible. Since knowledge of flour and sugar is so inherent to the entire plan, the book addresses the important aspects on food labels. There are also food lists, charts, meal plans, and recipes to assist with daily food choices. Exercise is discussed as well, with the recommendation of at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.
What to Expect

After digesting the full contents of Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet, one may begin to see similarities to the South Beach Diet or similar reduced carbohydrate diets. In fact, weight loss is a result of reducing calories by reducing refined carbohydrates in the form of flour and sugar. The strategy works because of the calorie deficit it produces. However, Dr. Gott is the first to announce that this is a slow and steady process, one that requires patience, persistence, and the occasional plateau, for which he offers tips for overcoming.

What the book does not discuss is the psychological aspect of eating habits, such as why we go for the chocolate or macaroni and cheese when we are feeling stressed, tired, or upset. Like all diets that rely on food restriction, this plan is not easy for the person who depends on bagels, donuts, and pizza for comfort.
Is It Safe?

There are no underlying hazards to this diet and it is not a rapid weight loss scheme. Dr. Gott defines a safe rate of weight loss as one to two pounds per week, which is exactly what he promises if you follow his advice. Because this diet plan includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and low fat dairy, it is appropriate for adults and children. However, to ensure that you are receiving an adequate amount of nutrition, including energy from protein, fat, and complex carbohydrate, and all your required vitamins and minerals, it is best to seek the support of a nutritionist who can assess your individual needs and adapt the program accordingly. Also, any person with specific health conditions, such as cardiac disease, diabetes, liver disease, or kidney disease should speak with their medical team before beginning any weight loss and/or exercise program.

posted 21-Mar-2008 10:02am

I started this diet 3 days ago. I didn't weigh my self the first day I started, but on day 2 I weighed 132.8 on day 3 132.2 and today 133.6--ugh! My first mistake is weighing everyday. Of course after weighing today I got discouraged and ate a small rice krispie treat. Then I decided that wasn't the thing to do so I tried to find other people's stories on the internet. I love that there are other people currently going through this too!
posted 24-Mar-2008 12:09pm

I didn't write here yesterday because this was the first week that I did not lose any weight. The weight loss has been slow but as long as I was losing a pound a week then I still felt encouraged. After all a pound a week is 52 pounds in a year. I did recognize that it would take me a year to lose my weight. I was hoping that today I would weigh and be down a pound and just be able to write I had lost a pound. I started on Feb. 11th which is 6 weeks ago. I have lost 7.4 lbs. in 6 weeks. My weight loss has been about -1.2 lbs. per week. Last week when my family had pizza I didn't. Last week at a party I knew everything had been in marinates with sugar and so forth so I did not eat that and just had a baked potato. I wasn't feeling deprived or sorry for myself at that point because I anticipated a loss. I had to make cupcakes for an event and I didn't eat those,,,,,,,,until last night when I felt I was going no place with my weight loss. This is an old pattern of mine and usually results in going off the program and eating crazily. Interestingly enough though......I didn't love them or feel like having more after. I realize that the scales play a big part in how I feel about myself and can so easily discourage me. I also know though that when I don't weigh myself that I let my weight creep up. I have stated that the key to this diet is I guess I am going to have to keep that in mind. One of the above posts indicates that the book gives advice to help you move off a plateau in your weight loss. I need to look for it again. I did find the cook book but I found so many of the recipes used lots of splenda and I don't want to replace one bad sweetener with another bad sweetener. I want to enjoy whole good foods and not junk food. I want a life style change and not a substitute for old bad habits (sugar......sweet everything).

I know that on-line there is a program called "The Wendy Plan" is an unoffical weight watcher plan where you switch your calories (points) up and down to get your metabolism moving again when you hit a plateau. I was wondering about doing something like that ....... however I haven't been counting calories so I am not sure how to really enact that kind of plan. I am reluctant to start onto a calorie count but maybe that will be necessary.

I still want this program to work for me because I feel it is healthy and good. I need to lose weight though to be able to maintain my enthusiasm for continuing. Any suggestions would be appreciated........did any of you find you hit platueas..........and how did you deal with that? Actually not only did I not lose weight but I gained half a lb.......groan!!!

I am not quitting and I am going to make this work. I need to figure out what I can do to get the weight loss moving. Truly I am happy if I lose even a lb this week but I need to see some weight loss. It is fun to see bigger weight losses but really a lost lb. will keep me going.

Here goes another week of not having sugar or wishes to all of you doing the same.
posted 27-Mar-2008 1:30pm

I wonder if someone could address whether wine is allowed on this diet?
posted 28-Mar-2008 7:12pm

I don't have the book but I would expect that he would address that in the sorry I can't look up the info. I did a quick internet search and it seems the in process of making wine sugar is added to the fruit. In my reading it appears that in some cases depending on the sweetness of the fruit or the lack there of that there may be a lot of sugar added. I suggest you ask the retailer where you pick up your wine if he could advise you about a wine that does not have added sugar. If wine doesn't have added sugar than the only consideration would be calories. One mention on another site was that some California wines are not as sweet. Apparently Dr. Gott also has a column he writes that you can ask him questions but again I am not of any help in this respect as I don't know the e-mail address for this......maybe someone else on here would know that.
posted 30-Mar-2008 2:03pm

Well I would just like to post my weight loss for this week. I am now down 2 more lbs. This is my biggest weight loss in any one week but then again last week I had not lost. I read on another site a comment that Dr. Gott made about having a week when you don't lose weight.....he said then the next week lose 2 lbs....WOOHOO I did. I tried to eat more vegetables this week and less nuts. I have now lost 9.4 lbs. in 7 weeks. I did not have to resort to calorie counting which I dreaded doing. I made a big quinoa salad which I had for lunch for 3 days with various and assorted additions to it to change it up and down for flavour....very yummy!!!! I had been buying Ezekial cereal (which is okay but I prefer oatmeal or museli) but this week I discovered ezekial bread. I had been using Manna bread which was not that great. Someone above mentioned how good the Ezekial bread is so good!!! I got the raisin and the sesame seed one. I love the raisin bread toasted with a light spread of lite cream cheese and unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon. I had the sesame one with one of my favorite sandwiches....avocado, tomato and cheese and sprouts. If you are getting bored and haven't tried the many yummy possiblites with Quinoa and Ezekial bread.....I highly recommend that you try it. There are many good recipes for quinoa on line.

For any of you who are just contemplating this program I would highly recommend giving it a try. I am so highly resistant to weight loss and I hate the usual strict diet programs. My friend just joined LA weight loss and was bragging about her 3 lbs. loss the first week. Now she is already struggling with the food and the stupid expensive bars and not losing weight nearly as well as the first week. Quick fixes are not the answer. Yes I still worry that I will stop losing weight.....I still have 40 more lbs. to go. I am looking at it in 10 lb. increments though and I have almost got to my 1st 10 lb. loss and that is so exciting. By the end of April I hope to have lost my second 10 lb. increment and so forth. If I could lose 8 to 10 lbs. every other month.......I would be thrilled. I am still eating such yummy and wholesome food.....eating when I am hungry and not craving. There were 3 Cadbury Hazelnut bars sitting on the cupboard since Friday. I loved that they could sit there and not call my name.....never has this happened to me. My cravings for chocolate would have been enough to throw the towel in and eat all 3 of them and then drive to the store for more. This is how I want to live my life...not in fear of chocolate or anything else having control over me. My thin friends have chocolate bars and candy sitting around their house and they don't eat it. I am so thrilled to have been able to be so non effected by these candy bars. I could look at them without that out of control feeling to eat them and then not be able to stop. I don't really want candy and junk around my house.....that isn't the point I just don't want stuff like that owning me and having control over me. Geesh it would be nice to be able to have a bag of chocolate chips here for the occasional making of cookies. I used to try that but ate the chocolate chips immediately and never had them for the cookies......I'm just saying it feel goods to feel more "normal" around these things.

Best of luck to all you doing the can do it and once you do you will want to feel this good all the time.
posted 1-Apr-2008 3:52pm

Some foods you can eat on this diet that may be helpful - Triscuits do not have flour - whole wheat cereal biscuits, no sugar - Polaners jam has no added sugar - Irish Oatmeal with raisins or a banana and cinnamon Sweet potatoes make a great and filling lunch - corn tortillas no flour
I eat alot of fruit, unsalted almonds, triscuits with cheese, ice cream fudge tracks, no added sugar and low fat Been following diet about a year, lost 30 lbs and now maintaining. Cholesterol lowered to 157 from 259 It is a life style now and I have a glass of wine every day!
posted 1-Apr-2008 8:55pm

I just started this way of eating a few days ago (last Thursday to be exact!). I have not yet purchased the book, but have been doing ok. I have been eating white rice (I could have sworn I read somewhere that you could?), so I will have to nip that in the bud asap.

I am still craving sugar like mad and it is very hard to keep my hand out of the leftover Easter candy. However, I am determined to lose 25 lbs by Aug 1st.

I was attracted to this diet for several reasons. First, there is no counting! I just cannot seem to maintain an eating plan where it takes so much work to keep track of everything. Secondly, I eat waaay too much sugar, and like an alcoholic, I think I just need to go cold-turkey. I quit smoking a long time ago the same way. Third, I can eat potatoes and cereal! I love shredded wheat, so that's been nice. I never even considered Adkins because I couldn't give those things up. This plan includes real food and allows you to eat from all the food groups.

Bronwyn, your posts have been fun to read. I think it's much smarter to lose the weight slowly than quickly. You are doing great and you seem very motivated.

Thanks to those who have posted what they have been eating. Since I do not have the book, I have no recipes to follow yet and the ideas have ben inspiring. One product I have found that I love is a whole wheat tortilla made by Tam-x-ico's. It's in the refrigerated biscuit section. It's made from stoned ground whole wheat - no flour of any kind, wheat or otherwise.

I found this page while searching for NFNS support groups. I hope more people will post here.
posted 1-Apr-2008 11:14pm

I thought we could not have wine. There is alot of sugar in there., I have been following and still have lot 15 pounds. I gain a pound, and lose a pound. I have 40 more to go. Any suggestions on how to get past this. I am eating protiens, wheat bread, popcorn, wheat pasta (The bread, pasta and popcorn not everyday) Vegetables. I love the sugar free candy. (Have to watch that. It does a number on your stomach if you eat to much. What am I doing wrong?
posted 2-Apr-2008 5:58am

I couldn't sleep tonight. If I have anything on my mind (and it doesn't have to be big at fact I can't quite figure out what I have on my mind tonight but something that is keeping me awakefrown Anyways I came down to the computer to pass some time while my family is peacefully sleeping away upstairs....groan!!! I didn't really have anything to look up so I just clicked into this word, I thought I was on the wrong site with all these new posts. It is certainly nice to see others writing besides myself......I was starting to really bore myself smile

Hattie I think that is great that this has become a lifestyle for you.....that is what it has to be to have continued success with losing or maintaining. That is why I like is the only program I have ever done that I feel it can be a lifestyle.....some occasions are more difficult than others to do NFNS but overall it is very doable.

Mona I believe the problem with the white rice is that it is so refined just like white flour and sugar that it responds in the same way.....digests quickly, raises blood sugar levels and leaves you quickly hungry again. I think you will find that the more you cut out things low in fibre and nutrition the less problem you will have with cravings. I suspect that there are a lot of us that have had that same feeling of being out of control with sure has been one of my big struggles and has definitely been the largest contributor to my largeness smile So, you know when they came out with those studies how dark chocolate was so good for us......I immediately switched over to dark after all I want to be healthy smile........well if dark chocolate could make us healthy I would get an award for outstanding health. The thing is though I did go cold turkey on it and I don't miss it like I thought I would. I was seriously eating a good 600 calories a day in dark chocolate.....yes I know no one said to do that!!!! I have fooled around a little with the no sugar chocolates...sweetened with maliltol and splenda.......and not only can they upset your stomach but they have no nutritional value plus they do have calories and I honestly think they increase my appetite. I have decided to not get them very often.......I do so much better with appetite control and satisfaction to say nothing of the good I am doing for my health when I make my choices of what to eat based on nutrition......limit the amount of empty calories. I also wonder if I am eating too much of the Ezekial breads and those kind of things because I read a statement that Dr. Gott made saying the good thing about not eating bread is that you are avoiding the calories associated with the things that commonly go on bread or bagels. I do try to be conscious of what I am putting on my ezekial toast but I have started having 2 - 4 slices a is one of those fast and easy fillers. The thing is I need to up my veggie intake....those are the filling, low-fat, low calorie items that we should be getting a lot of. I like veggies but they aren't as convenient as the less nutritious choices......crackers, chips, breads and etc.

Susie I read the free on-line hackers diet(written by an engineer and he provides free on-line tools for tracking the ups and downs together with a trend....I don't use it as I am not computer literate enough) a couple of years ago and he talks about that up and down fluctuation in your weight. His belief is that you should weigh everyday so you can monitor how your eating is affecting your weight. He also said that you should not attach too much emotion (RIGHT)to that fluctuation because it is normal. He said look at your weight write it down and follow what happens in the week and regulate your intake of food accordingly. I have seen the same thing with my weight up and down but at the end of the week I have seen it settle into a 1 lb. loss. I have kind of looked at it like...hmm my weight isn't really heading the right direction this morning I want to be more conscious of eating worthwhile things today. This week I have been eating a lot of the wrong things...albeit they have not had flour or sugar in them but still they haven't been as good of choices or really clean eating and I have been more craving and hungry because of it. Susie doesn't your wheat bread and wheat pasta have flour in them? I have 40 more lbs. to go as well.......lets cut out the non-nutrition things and focus on good, whole foods....clean eating. When I make these things for lunches I am more satisfied and have less cravings....really yummy salads with good things in them....I make a warm bean salad with a sun dried tomato is delicious and stays good for 2 or 3 days in the fridge, I make really yummy quinoa salads......things like that stay with me longer than say P.B. sandwich on Ezekial.

Oh my gosh I am even verbose in the middle of the night. Glad to see this group growing. I feel a little off track last couple of days.......I am back to better and more nutrition food choices tomorrow. Why do NFNS and also no nutrition, eh!!!
posted 2-Apr-2008 9:04am

Something to add....When I flipped thru the book at Barnes & Noble it listed sample menus. Dr. Gott does recommend portion control. I have not been measuring, but have done WW off and on for about 10 years so I pretty much know what 1/2 of rice looks like on a plate. I also have a food scale around here somewhere. Perhaps I should dig that out.

About wheat bread and wheat pasta, I believe what I read about the diet said that if it contained wheat flour, it was a no-no. The whole wheat pastas I've seen all contain wheat flour. The only "bread" I've found that works with this plan is the tortillas I mentioned in my last post.

I have not yet used products with artificial sweeteners like Splenda. I am trying to beat my sugar craving first before I allow myself to try it again. I have a feeling I would just eat the entire container of jello, or pudding, or whatever it was!

Bronwyn, I had to laugh about your switching to dark chocolate because it is good for you! That is sooo me! I like dark chocolate anyway, but when I found out it was "healthful" it became my regular midafternoon snack. Not just one ot two pieces of Dove, but 10-12. Once I start, I just cannot stop.

I think I really need to buy the book. I'm sure it would clarify some things for me. We are headed to a waterpark tomorrow with the kids. I hate waterparks, or anyplace else where I'm required to be in a swimsuit all day. I've purchsed some cute cover-ups though. Eating will be difficult, but I've decided to just do my best. I'm bringing some almonds for a snack.
posted 2-Apr-2008 4:33pm

Maybe those craving chocolate should try sugar free jello chocolate pudding. I thought the recipes in the book were too complicated for a normal person. I made a casserole with drained canned asparagus, Progresso mushroom soup, brown rice and colby cheese. I have made a jello salad with sugar free jello, a cup of cottage cheese and drained can fruit. Keep it simple.
posted 2-Apr-2008 7:27pm

Today was easier, as far as cravings for chocolate went. It was still there, but less.

I made a casserole for dinner tonight that included chicken, brown rice and cream of chicken soup. Ooops. Cream of chicken soup lists as the second ingredient, "wheat flour." I ate it anyway, but just a little. I filled up on sweet potatos and green beans. Does anyone know if all cream soups contain wheat flour?
posted 2-Apr-2008 8:16pm

Mona I am not sure if all cream soups contain wheat or not but they do contain a lot of salt, MSG and other nasties. You can easily make your own cream bases with no chemicals, as much salt as you want and lots of flavour. I like a creamy red pepper sauce....great on broccoli or as an addition to different soups you want to be creamy. I roast a whole red pepper or you can buy red peppers already roasted. After preparing the red pepper I throw it in a food processor with some lite cream cheese(which isn't totally free of some additives as well), possibly a little grated cheddar, some milk and cornstarch and blend it all up. Then I cook it for 2 or 3 minutes in the microwave. Salt and pepper to taste and it is delicious and adds wonder flavour to lots of different dishes you want a cream base for. I also do the same thing minus the red pepper for cream bases I don't want to have the red pepper flavour for and add whatever flavours I want to that such as a roasted leek chopped up. I just want to get away from prepared or canned foods as much as possible so I do a lot of experimenting, and I do admit that I love to cook so I don't expect eveyone wants the extra effort. Good for you on eating lots of veggies......
posted 5-Apr-2008 5:27pm

Just found this site as i was looking for information on the NFNS diet. Thank you to everybody who has left an input. It is very helpful when looking for a way to lose, hoefully, some weight.
posted 8-Apr-2008 7:53am

I did my weekly weight-in today and only lost 4/10 of a pound. Um, I think I need to adjust my portions! I have been walking almost daily, so that's good. I still have not gotten over my sugar cravings, but they are better. I broke down and bought some of the sugar free chocolates. I had one after lunch yesterday, and it helped with the craving. They are NOT low calorie at all, but I did just have one (which is a first for me!).
posted 8-Apr-2008 3:00pm

I feel a little stuck at where I am at as well. Sunday I weighed in 1.4 lbs. heavier than last Sunday. Meaning that I have a net loss of only .6 lbs. in 2 weeks, ugh!!! I feel I am just teetering here at a 8 to 10 lb. loss in 2 months. Today I weighed back at the 10 lb. loss spot. I feel like I need to kick things up a little in order to start things moving again. Mona I do think that portion control is important.....Dr. Gott indicates that the reason you lose weight on this diet is because you are eating less calories. Cutting out sugar and flour just within itself cuts out a lot of calories and calories that are usually lacking in nutrition or empty. There is only one day in two months that I have had sugar. I had dessert Sunday night in frustration. Anyways my point is I think I am doing really well with the no flour no sugar part of the diet but I still eat too much. I don't want to really mess with my metabolism (not sure I can do anymore damage there actually wink by eating too little either. I did a lot of reading last night about zig zag, wendie plan, calorie rotation and so forth. I think I need to do some of that......but more simplified and still not having sugar or flour. NFNS has been very effective in controlling my cravings and making me feel more "normal"....... I am going to aim for 1200 calories NFNS for 2 days then 1500 for 2 days then 1800 for 2 days and then Sunday off but still no flour no sugar. I still don't want to get into heavy calorie counting so it will be a bit loose.....on the 1200 calorie days I won't have nuts or any high calorie things. I am going to aim for 200-250 meals 5 or 6 times a day on the I never feel really deprived or starving. For instance I just ate about 225 calories.....1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 very small banana and a mandarin orange....with lots of cinnamon. I think a little protein with each mini meal. Anyways I am going to give this a go and reserve the higher calorie days for the week-end. I also ordered a book called "lemon with water"......the reviews were really good on it and I believe it will fit well with this program and maybe give me a bit of a boost to having more success.

I have to keep reminding myself that "patience is the key"....... any of you who are frustrated keep telling yourselves that!!!!!
posted 9-Apr-2008 7:43pm

Okay to this point thinking about calories has turned me into an idiot who can't quit eating......counting calories or anything else has always been more negative than positive for me. I loved this program because I simply wasn't obsessing about food.

geesh......I dont' want to let this whole thing cave......I think I am straight back to just NFNS
posted 10-Apr-2008 3:42pm

Try just having one slice of the Ezekial bread when you make a sandwich.
One cracker I have found that has no flour is HOL-GRAIN Brown rice crackers. The ingredients are brown rice, salt, onion and garlic. You will probably find them at a health food store in the gluten free section. Smuckers all natural peanut butter makes a great dip for a sliced medium apple. Deviled aggs are good. Make a root beer float if you are craving sugar, using diet root beer over 1/2 cup of no sugar added vanilla ice cream. Diet coke or any diet drink makes a great "shake" if you stir it up with the no sugar added ice cream. I think the key to staying on this is variety and quick preparation. I welcome any sugestions for snacks or easy meals.
posted 12-Apr-2008 2:25pm

I just made a soup from an idea I got from Weight Watchers. I googled "5 can soup recipe" and made my own 4 can soup today.

1 can black beans rinsed
1 can diced tomatoes with the juice
1 can low sodium mixed vegetables drained
1 can low sodium Progresso garden vegetable soup

I put it all in a big bowl, stirred it all up, divided into four servings and microwed the first one for lunch. I covered and refrigerated the other 3 bowls for later. Just added a little pepper to season.
posted 12-Apr-2008 5:19pm

Hilda I think that is such a good idea to make up a big batch of something nutritious and filling so that you can grab a bowl of that instead of something high in calorie when you are hungry. I have seriously hit a plateau and haven't been successful in getting serious about counting calories, however, I also haven't given up the principles of NFNS. Last night I bought a bag of Stover Russel sugar free chocolate pecan delights. I know that is a dumb thing to do because they taste quite good and albeit they don't have flour or real sugar in them they are high in calories and I ate 6 of them,,,,geesh,,,,,that is 360 useless calories. I wasn't doing this the first month I was on the program.....I see no reason to start now, eh!!!

I think I will go and make a quinoa salad and a lentil soup to have in the fridge.....thanks for your suggestion to make up something.
posted 14-Apr-2008 1:57am

I was just reading over my past postings and realize that I kept saying,"I am afraid the weight loss will stop" about self fulfilling prophecy, eh!!! Shoot I really have started to get discouraged. I didn't do the program today. That is really the first day since Feb. 11th when I started the program. Overall it wasn't overly interesting or exciting to eat off program. I actually liked the way I felt more so when I stick to no flour no sugar. I want this to work......I assume I am eating too much and I don't have to assume that I am exercising too little smile......that is totally a given!!! I notice that Piper and Leslie and many others on other sites have lost large amounts of weight following this program.......I need to believe I can do it and make the program work for me!!! I can't stop here I have 40 more lbs. to lose and I want this weight gone and forgotten about. After all these years of struggling with the obsession and the discouragement that is part of the whole weight loss battle I want it done with.....I want some new focuses in my life....there has been way too much energy and disappointment put into this one.

Back to NFNS...............
posted 14-Apr-2008 1:45pm

HI Everyone!
I'm new to this diet, a co-worker told me she lost 80 lbs on it, so I'm hoping to shed the baby weight I've put on this year. I have about 30 lbs to lose. I've been on this diet for about a week...which is probably to early to see any major changes. I feel nervous that I may be gaining sometimes because of all the things I'm "allowed" to eat, a lot of which I was depriving myself of before like cheese and corn chips and mayo. I still have not gone 100% though because I'm finding it especially difficult to give up breakfast cereal. I'm filling my bowl with strawberries and bananas and adding about half a cup of honeynut cheerios for crunch. I'm not a huge oatmeal fan and I like sweet things for breakfast does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb my cereal craving?
posted 14-Apr-2008 1:46pm

Also, I seem to be eating more this normal for this diet?
posted 14-Apr-2008 2:29pm

Rosey 920 I think that when you give up the sweet things that the cravings stop. I would suggest that you go easy on the cheese, mayo and corn chips as calories certainly do count and those items are high calorie items. You can eat them but I would suggest that you limit them. Do you like cottage cheese. I find I have cottage cheese with strawberries, bananas and whatever fruits I have around quite often for breakfast. I also like just a little chopped nuts on top or a tablespoon or two of grape nuts for crunch. I have never found that cold cereals such as honeynut cheerios keep me feeling satisfied very long and that they in fact leave me feeling hungry and craving. My experience with the NFNS program is that it requires a lot of patience as it is not a fast weight loss program. It gives you the opportunity to develop some good long term changes in your eating habits. Read Leslie's post from above she gives a lot of information about NFNS and also her success story. Piper from above also had great success. If you really want to eat cold cereals you could have muffets or shredded wheat.....both have no flour or sugar in them or as well grape nuts fit the criteria of the program.

Presently I have been on the program for 2 months and have lost 10 lbs......I am in a holding pattern at the moment and I am anxious to move off of this plateau and to continue on with weight loss. Actually I would be interested in your co-workers advise about how she lost the 80 lbs. on the have a great resource right there in your office. Did your co-worker lose consistently or did she lose and plateau and then start to lose again? Anyways, good luck you certainly can do this and it is one of those programs where you can eat normally and not end up feeling super deprived or hungry all of the time. AS far as the eating frequently that is what seems to be the best advise given by many programs at the moment.....I am not sure which is best. Sometimes I think I eat more because I eat frequently but I don't know.
posted 15-Apr-2008 10:26am

What is quinoa? I live in Missouri and have never heard of a quinoa salad. Please give me the recipe.
posted 15-Apr-2008 10:29am

I have been eating Kashi Go Lean cereal and was eating Malt o Meal puffed wheat until it was recalled this week.
posted 15-Apr-2008 10:45am

Thanks for the input. My co-worker did hit a plateau, she was on a similar diet before, although the difference was she could have wheat flour as long as it was "stone ground". We received the Dr. Gott's book at the library where we work and she wanted to give it a try. Knowing I've been struggling to lose this weight I've put on, she asked me to do it with her.

I myself lost about 65 lbs right out of high school, but I had a major lifestyle change, (no more homecooked meals) and I used ephedrine to do it. I became obsessed with my body and my family and husband started to worry I was losing too much weight. I got pregnant with my first child and stopped dieting altogether I gained about 20 lbs more than I should have. about a year and a half later I joined a gym was finally getting my body back then surprise baby # 2 is coming! I did really well with the 2nd pregnancy only gaining about 20 lbs total. I was really busy with the two babies so losing that baby weight seemed effortless.

Then we built "The House". The project that should have taken 6 months, took 2 years. WE MOVED IN WITH MY PARENTS. I gained more weight in those nine months that I did With both my pregnancies! I know now that diet pills are dangerous and I don't want to do it that way again.

So there's my full story. this has been a life struggle. I know many can relate.
posted 15-Apr-2008 3:09pm

Hilda: Quinoa is a highly nutritious is classified as a grain although I understand it isn't really a grain. It has more protein than other grains and unlike other grains it contains all of the amino acids. It is as rich in calcium as milk but it does not have any cholesterol and much less starch than rice and wheat. It is also lower in calories than other grains. You can find it at any health food store and probably in the natural food section of your local grocery store. There are so many varieties of quinoa salads (check the internet to find one that appeals to you) and I just add whatever I have on hand to create a salad. Cook one cup of quinoa with 2 cups of liquid. With a stainer over a bowl, wash and rinse your quinoa until the water runs clear. My favorite way to cook it is put one cup quinoa and 2 cups broth or water in a pan and bring to a boil, cook for a couple of minutes, cover and remove from heat and leave covered for half an hour and then fluff with a fork. Use like rice or pasta, make a dessert in the same way you would rice pudding or make a salad. I like to put in chopped red pepper, chopped red onion, little peas, chick peas, some feta, fresh mint and oregano, season with salt and pepper and make a little oil vinagrette to dress with. Try it you will like it........I think smile
posted 16-Apr-2008 1:06pm

I read you have to soak the quinoa for 8 hours?
posted 16-Apr-2008 4:20pm

Hilda I have never heard or read that anywhere so I don't know. I have several books that have quinoa recipes and one book is specific to only quinoa cooking. I have taught some classes on working with different grains and I simply haven't run across that information in any of my research on quinoa. I do know that some people think that lentils have to be soaked and they don't so maybe that was one persons take on quinoa preparation. The quinoa can have a bitter taste if you don't clean it and rinse it well but this is remedied with washing and rinsing it thoroughly. Not all of the saponin that naturally coats the quinoa is removed before packaging. Some brands need more washing than others to remove that coating. The best rule to follow is to wash and rinse it until the water runs clear. Another advantage of quinoa is that it is gluten free.
posted 18-Apr-2008 3:25pm

Added some baked chicken to my 4 can soup recipe and it is even better. Today I am making the pumpkin pie pudding. Variety is the key, I believe, to long term success.
posted 19-Apr-2008 10:06am

Just found this site by mistake. I was trying to find out if wheat spaghetti was allowed on this diet. 3 girls from work and I have started on this diet. We just finished up our 3rd week. The first week was rough but for the most part we haven't been hungry. I noticed that the sugar cravings are alot better and I finally have some energy. We found heartland brand spaghetti and it just says wheat durum on the list of ingredients. Is durum considered flour? We were excited because we thought since it didn't actually say flour, that it would be allowed. Any suggestions? I really enjoyed your postings. I got a few good tips I can't wait to pass on. Thanks!
posted 19-Apr-2008 7:07pm

newbie: Nutrition > Glossary >
Flour --- Durum-Semonlina

The best quality pasta is made from 100% durum wheat. Durum wheat is a high protein, hard wheat which contributes to the characteristics of good pasta.

The endosperm of durum is called semolina. It is a granular, hard substance resembling sugar.

Macaroni and spaghetti are made from this. A byproduct of semolina milling is durum flour which is used to make noodles. Both semolina and durum flour are enriched with B-Vitamins and iron.

Semolina and durum flour are sold commercially in specialty food stores. The greatest share of the product is sold to pasta manufacturers.

**Sorry I really think your spaghetti is made from flour. I haven't tried the rice ones but there are noodles made from rice....not rice flour. You can reintroduce pasta and some of those things into your diet when you have lost your weight. This isn't a permanent thing. Dr. Gott eliminates sugar and flour in the weight loss part of your diet because overall those items tend to be higher in calories and not incredibly nutritious. The flour and sugar products also tend to be high on the glycemic index and therefore leave you feeling hungry more quickly and craving. Make your sauces and sefrve them over brown rice, steamed quinoa, roasted vegetables and so forth.

I have had an interesting week. I really fell into a slump because I was no longer losing weight. I became sloppy with my eating (not as strict as previously with avoiding sugar and flour). Old habits die hard. I fell right back into binge eating of know because I was going to get it out of my system and start all over againsmile Well for 3 days I have not been eating well.....I have been eating chocolate (man it makes you feel crummy, really). Today I finally stood on the scales deciding to just face the reality of the scales and get back on the NFNS wagon again. Lo and behold I have not gained any weight.....woohoo!!!! Now I am back and determined......oh I do hope I am back and determined...chocolate is my minefield!!!!
posted 20-Apr-2008 9:36pm

I've decided, that after two weeks of not losing weight, that I also need to incorporate the counting of calories. As much as I hate that, I don't see any other way. I cannot maintain any kind of portion control on my own (yes, I am really that WEAK!), so this seems to be the only way for me. I will still do NSNF, but with 1600 calories per day (or less).
posted 21-Apr-2008 10:22am

Hello there. I am just starting the diet. Can anyone give or send me some sample daily menus? I just want to make sure that I am eating the correc things. Thanks, Donna
posted 21-Apr-2008 1:53pm

I started this diet few days ago, I made a mistake with eating white rice, I now know that brown rice is ok. I'm concern how much brown rice and beans I can eat weekly, I wonder if twice a week will be ok. Also I love arabic coffee 100% pure, I notice that my favorite cream(coffe mate) has corn syrup, so I quit the cream and now I drink my coffee with low fat milk, and no sugar. Im afraid of eating corn tortillas even if is made of ground corn, so I'll try to eat 2 tortillas twice a week. I had done the atkins diet in the past and lost a lot of weigh but I like this nfns diet because I can still have my carbos. I need to loose 30 pounds. I tried to purchase the book but I cant find it anywhere. Please post more menu's ideas. Thanks.
posted 21-Apr-2008 7:37pm

Ginger, you can find the book on Amazon if you want to buy online. If not, I have found it at Borders and Barnes & Noble.
posted 21-Apr-2008 8:41pm

I have just ordered the book from Amazon. It is unavailable at any of my local bookstores here. I think it is hard to find at the moment because the hardcover books have mostly sold out and they are now awaiting the release of the paperback. A couple of weeks ago Amazon said the hardcover was unavailable but this week-end I noticed you could order it again but the paperback has not been released. I have done the program for two months without the book but I am at a crises moment with the program and feel that I need to read the book. In two months I lost 10 lbs.....very slow loss but enough to keep me going. I quit losing weight and together with that I also lost my motivation. I began eating sugar and have found my ability to be "normal" with eating sugar is not yet possible or happening. I have been eating tons of chocolate and desserts. I feel crummy.....emotionally and physically and yet I am having trouble returning to my previous impeccable commitment to the NFNS. I hate the feeling of being out of control and the frustration and disappointment that occurs when you struggle to get back on track....with no luck!!! I never felt like I was just hanging on by the fingernails when I was NOT eating sugar and flour it seemed very doable to have NFNS.....until I started to eat it again. I did not feel deprived or craving. I think for me sugar is like alcohol is for an alcholic......I can't have a little. I am really good at having no sugar....I am terrible at having a little bit of sugar. I know I need to go cold turkey like I did to start the program but, I have to figure out how to do that again. I was up 2 lbs. today and I do not want to be back to square one AGAIN!!!!
posted 21-Apr-2008 9:59pm

I totally agree with Dr. Gott. There are a number of 12-step diet plans that abstain from sugar and flour, such as Compulsive Eaters Anonymous (CEA-HOW), Overeathers anonymous (OA-HOW) and Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA).

It is very hard to find good recipes so books like this are god-send. I recently found a website started by a member of ceahow that allows people to share abstinent recipes. The last time I check there were over 100 recipes.

If anyone is interested the URL is
posted 21-Apr-2008 11:39pm

I got on the website and found several new recipes to try. Having the sweet potato fries tomorrow and the pumpkin pie when I get the ingredients. That's what I was wanting. Easy,quick and simple recipes.
posted 22-Apr-2008 9:43pm

I heard about this diet in a newspaper and I have enjoyed reading all the posts. Bronwyn! don't give up! It sounds like you just need to get back on track any way you can. I read all your posts from when you started and it was going good for you so don't give up, you can do it. Let us know how you like the book.
posted 23-Apr-2008 12:20pm

Missy thank you for your encouraging words.......I am clinging to your "don't give up" statement. Today I am up 4 lbs. and I worked too hard to get those 4 lbs. off. I can't let this continue. I am still clinging to the other 6 lost lbs. and refuse to let it go any further. Okay here are some of the bad things about sugar.....(for me) (1) I overeat when I eat sugar (2) I am left with a hunger that is never satisfied.....cravings (3) I again have heartburn....I wasn't struggling with that sans sugar days (4) emotionally I am disappointed in myself and feel like a failure when I am eating tons of chocolate (5) overall I just don't feel as happy physically or emotionally as I did on NFNS. My motto is "I am really good at having no sugar....I am not very good at having a little sugar so I am better off having no sugar". I think I kind of let things go waiting for the book to arrive and the thought I would start off again on the right foot......I have no idea how long the book will take to get here and I am not going to procrastinate my progress by getting back to square one with my weight before it's arrival (duh....that would be so dumb). I will review the book for you when I get it.
posted 24-Apr-2008 1:25am

I received the NFNS book today. I haven't had a chance to read the book yet but I did flip to the suggested menus.........I can tell you that I have been eating way more than the suggested menus suggests to eat. I think I need to get much more serious about portion control.

I'll let you know more as I have a chance to read more of it.
posted 24-Apr-2008 8:47am

I have been limiting my calories to 1600 or less (usually less) all week. I really think that is the key to this plan. The NSNF part will force me to consume "better" calories, and help me to feel more full.

Dr. Gott's column apprears in our daily paper. He has stated more than once that this is not a diet where you will lose weight quickly. It SHOULD come off slowly, i.e. 1 -2 pounds a week. I can honestly say I have not missed the bread. I'm starting to really like my whole grain tortillas. It's the brownies, doughnuts, cookies, etc. that's killing me!

I was told by a neighbor that a food co-op is a great source for whole grain products. I will have to check that out. Also, I made some pasta made from rice flour (gluten free) and my family didn't even notice. You have to cook it longer, and it's pretty expensive, but they won't touch the whole wheat pasta with a ten foot pole.
posted 25-Apr-2008 12:35am

Made the sweet potato fries. Had a large sweet potato so I hand cut it into fries, cooked only half of them and froze the other half to bake another day. Melted a little smart balance margarine and a pinch of nutmeg in the microwave and drizzled it on the fries before baking. Sprayed aluminum foil with Pam and made a foil cookie sheet to line the real cookie sheet with for quick clean up. Yummy!
posted 25-Apr-2008 2:38am

I hosted book club last night and a shower tonight for 50 people. I decided since I wasn't doing well that I would make my fresh start after both of those events and so I am. I still haven't had a chance to read the book but I am going to start that tomorrow to help kick off a new "re"-beginning.

Mona you are so right about the calories....and doing NFNS helps with limiting calories as long as you make good NFNS choices. When I did NFNS faithfully I felt great. I think the weight stopped coming off as I got sloppy with my NFNS choices.

My goal was to lose 40 lbs.....and it still is with probably another 4 added on to that. That is a lot of weight to think about so I was thinking as a group we might consider looking at losing body fat in 5% increments and report our success on something more bite size.
posted 25-Apr-2008 1:03pm

I am thinking of starting Monday/Tuesday. We have a packed weekend ahead and I need to have a chance to look into what all you guys have posted about what and what not to eat! I want to get that ezekial? bread also.
I think it might help me having somewhere to go to discuss, complain and vent... so I will say thank you to all of you ahead of time. Nothing else has worked for me so far. I gained weight with my last child 5 years ago, I am 44 years old and the weight has not come off. I need to lose 20 pounds. I never thought that I would have to say that, but there it is for all to see. I am also going to try to walk 30 minutes every day so if that's my goal, maybe I will make it 5 days a week. Happy weekending everybody...
posted 25-Apr-2008 1:35pm

Yeaaah! I check my weigh today and after a week of following the nfns diet I had lost 3 pounds, yes I do walk almost every day for about 30 minutes, and I'm not starving, I eat everything as long as there is no added sugar or flour. I also eats a lot of fruit to satisfy my cravings for sugar, especially mangoes and oranges. Good luck to all of you!
posted 25-Apr-2008 2:30pm

I bought a cooler at Dollar General this week to pack food to take on a 2 hr car ride day trip to a mall to go shopping. It worked out great to have my snacks and drinks ready for the day. I was able to eat a "naked burrito" at a Mexican restaurant at the mall. It was rice, black beans, chicken and cheese. Corn chips and guacamole. Came home with a lot of the snacks uneaten, but it felt good to be prepared.
posted 27-Apr-2008 2:25pm

I just started the NFNS ating plan 2 weeks ago, and I was setting my expectations per all the reading I have done (1-2 ponds per week). I am a rather large man and could stand to lose 100 pounds. During the first week I kept saying to myself, since I am so large I would lose upwards of 5 pounds. Then I was thinking I would disappoint myself if I did not lose 5 pounds. So I reduced my expectation to 3 pounds. At my weigh-in last Sunday I was shocked to see I had lost 9 pounds. Whoo Hoo!! SO I go tonight to my mothers house for dinner, that is where the scale is. Wish me luck for my 2nd week weigh-in.
posted 27-Apr-2008 3:32pm

WooHoo is right ..... good for you POPPJOBB. I start back tomorrow on the NFNS but I think for sure I better keep my expectations of weight loss at 1 lb. per week.....and truthfully I will be grateful for that. I have been busy and haven't got to reading the book. I keep putting off my re-start until I read the book....that is just prolonging my start and a ridiculous procrastination tactic.
posted 27-Apr-2008 8:59pm

Hi All, I'm glad to have found you. I started this diet today! I've had the book for probably three years, though. I didn't weigh myself, but I know I'm about 170 or a little less. I would like to lose 30-40 pounds.

Looking forward to posting and learning and losing with you all!
posted 27-Apr-2008 11:30pm

I started out April 1 at 194 and today weighed 190. About a pound a week.
Not hungry and enjoying the challenge of creating new meals without flour or sugar. Today I got a blender. Love crushed ice in the summer and I think it will be great for iced coffee and diet sodas.
posted 28-Apr-2008 10:20am

Pumpkin (pie) Custard

Lightly spray pie pan with no stick cooking spray
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Stir together:
1 cup milk
10 packets Splenda
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ginger
1/8 tsp. nutmeg

Beat in one egg
Stir in one 15 oz can Libby's pumpkin
Bake 65 minutes at 350 degrees. (Check at 55 minutes)
posted 28-Apr-2008 10:37am

Thanks for the recipe Hilda. I also found the site really helpful.
posted 28-Apr-2008 1:34pm

Hi!! I just happened on to this website, was talking to a friend this weekend and she suggested something like the NFNS way of life.Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have gained 60#! Ugh!This past July I started having swelling in my face,lips feet and it progressed to my tongue and throat. Now I carry an epi-pen with me everywhere.Doctors thought maybe I had lupus, many tests and multiple drugs taken but finally the diagnosis was idiopathic angioedema. In other words, they can't find a cause for the swelling and hopefully will resolve someday.My eating has been horendous so I am looking for a healthier way of life. Before July, I was a healthy 36 y.o. with 2 awesome boys and a very supportive husband--thank god for that!! My health has just deteriorated. So reading all of your notes, it looks like I can eat shredded wheat(of course not the sugar sided kind). Can I use sweet n low? Can I have wheat pasta, no wheat flour? diet pop? I love ice tea,is that ok?
posted 28-Apr-2008 5:40pm

No sugar, but Splenda, etc. is ok. You can have sugar free pudding and sugar free Jello.Diet soda ok, but water is better, of course.If it has the word flour listed in the ingredients it is off limits. Whole grain cereal only.Look for the word flour. I found some multi-grain Cheerios, but didn't buy them yet. Iced tea with Splenda is ok.I have found this diet is part Weight Watchers, part South Beach. No sugar added ice cream and fudgesicles ok. Try more sweet potatoes than regular potatoes.Lots of fruit and vegetables. What did your doctor suggest?
posted 28-Apr-2008 5:54pm

the rheumatologist i saw put me on plaquenil and said that he didn't know what was wrong with me, later wanted me to start imuran-an immunosuppressant that in high doses they give cancer pts. i have stopped the plaquenil and didn't take the imuran. i went and got a second opinion from IU Med Center, was told that they didn't think it was rheumatoid in nature. i also went and saw IU allergist and he said it was not any kind of allergies. Currently i am taking xyzal, antihistamine, zantac twice daily(helps increase the effectiveness of antihistamine, and singular at night.what bread do you suggest?even if it is wheat flour, it still off limits right?
posted 28-Apr-2008 8:39pm

Is popcorn allowed on this diet?
posted 28-Apr-2008 9:45pm

Yes, Rosie. I would get the low-cal/fat kind.
posted 28-Apr-2008 9:49pm

will someone give me what they eat in a typical day please?
posted 29-Apr-2008 8:04am

Well, I weighed myself this morning and I only lost 6/10 of a pound. I have been walking like crazy and keeping my calories at or below 1600. It is "my time," so that may have something to do with it. Maybe next week will be better. On the upside, I am still motivated. I'm not quite sure why, but I am.

Missy, here's what I ate yesterday: Breakfast: bowl of shredded wheat (non-frosted) with strawberries and milk, Lunch: brown rice and a little shredded cheese wrapped in a whole grain tortilla, sugar-free yogurt, Dinner: talpaia (broiled), brown rice and green beans. Snacks: a tangerine and a bag of 100 calorie lowfat popcorn. I had one scoop of surgar-free butter pecan ice cream for dessert last night.
posted 29-Apr-2008 1:37pm

Mona don't give up, the key to this program is patience. It certainly doesn't sound like you are eating too much, in fact it sounds like you are being very careful. I only notice 1 vegetable in your whole day. Vegetables are really the thing I would bump up. I try to get at least 5 servings of vegetables a day. Vegetables are chock full of vitamins, minerals and fibre plus very low in calories. Did your whole grain tortilla have flour in it?

momof2boys....sorry to hear about all of your health challenges. I think the NFNS diet would be healthy for everyone and I hope you will have great success on it. In reading Dr. Gott's book he refers to a couple of sweeteners that I think are a better choice than the artificial chemical sweeteners. I will go and get the exact names and post was a liquid fruit sweetener and one was agave syrup. I wonder about replacing bad habits with bad habits full of chemicals. I am hoping to change my cravings for sweets to cravings for healthy alternatives instead of unhealthy alternatives. When I look at labels on packages and see lots of big words that sounds like something that might be in antifreeze or some such thing I really wonder about the benefit of eating it. The one thing I have learned is that my tendency is to push the envelope no matter what I am doing.....I am presently eating NFNS so I find myself leaning toward the high end of the calorie and fat range of NFNS products....corn chips, nuts and so forth. I wasn't doing this when I started and I was having more success at that point. If we are trying to lose weight we probably also have some habits that need to be looked at and changed.

Yesterday I started back on the NFNS program.....I am thrilled to be back and have decided to be smarter this time and stick with the good choices I was making at the beginning of my start on the program (Feb. 11th). I got off track but I found the way back and I have a new determination to make this is the best of all worlds possible in the diet field. I need to eat and exercise in a way that I have success which of course is the way to keep up your enthusiasm. I am presently undoing some of my bad choices which led to a 4 lb. rebound......this mornings trip to the scales shows that that is coming down as well.
posted 29-Apr-2008 3:04pm

Ezekiel sprouted bread can be found in the freezer at the health food store. Thaw one slice a day or less. I toast it.
posted 29-Apr-2008 3:06pm

I try to keep the no sugar added ice cream to 1/4 cup. Stay under 1/2 cup for sure.
posted 29-Apr-2008 9:33pm

Yes, Bronwyn, the tortilla is whole grain (no wheat flour) and they are delicious! I posted the brand name in an earlier post - can't remember it now and I ate the last one yesterday.
posted 29-Apr-2008 10:31pm

thanks for the info everyone!
posted 30-Apr-2008 12:06pm

the name of the whole wheat tortillas is Tam-x-ico's, i found them at krogers refridgerated section $4 for 8 of them-$$.
do you think i can drink diet cranberry ocean spray and eat light n fit yogurt by dannon?
Miss BJ
posted 1-May-2008 2:47pm

I've tried this program. It gives great discipline to measure portions. The portions are what we need to get by and be full. I do not believe that if I have a cup of caffeine coffee instead of decaf that I've failed. I know too many people are too strict with this program. But be careful and love yourself and eat proportionately with proteins and veggies and fruits. You will find that you can enjoy food and have a treat once in a while. I have days where I do feel hungry, but that's okay. Drink water or a soda; that will fill you up.
posted 3-May-2008 1:05pm

i got on the scales this am and have lost 4 pounds!Yea!! i didn't like the corn tortillas but will try the tamixco brand. i am really surprised that i am not ravenous for food but i feel pretty good and not all that hungry.
posted 3-May-2008 6:28pm

Good for you momof2boys....that is exciting. Does the ocean spray drink have sugar.....that is the criteria for drinks. I think water is still the best calories. This program is really about reducing calories and the NFNS is a healthy way to do that. I am not familiar with most of the brands that are spoken of on this site as I don't live in the States. I am able to get wraps and breads that are made with sprouted grains and no flour and I find they are quite good.
posted 6-May-2008 8:06am

Well, I'm down 2 lbs this week, thanks to counting calories. Still doing NSNF, but I think it's the low-cal diet that's doing it. I'm walking a lot, too. I must say, I can tell I'm getting older! I'm currently in my early 40's, and 10-15 years ago I could have dropped 5 lbs in a week with the way I'm eating and exercising. I guess those days are gone!
posted 6-May-2008 8:07am

The above post was from Mona.
posted 7-May-2008 11:43pm

Does anyone have any new recipes for one? I am single and on this diet alone.
posted 8-May-2008 10:02am

There are a lot of no sugar no flour recipes at: There is a new Pineapple muffin I recently tried that is awesome.
posted 9-May-2008 5:30pm

True confessions.....I have had a hard time really enthusiastically or completely doing NFNS since my weight just got kind of stuck at a 10 lb. loss (with 40 more to go). I have continued to somewhat follow the NFNS principles but, the truth be told old habits are creeping back in and I am finding myself returning to eating flour and sugar more regularly. The interesting thing about this is that my old (kind of out-of-control cravings are starting to run my life again)and I just can't explain it exactly but I don't feel great. I am really tired and kind of bloated feeling. I also feel kind of blue and not at all energetic.........hey could it be that sugar and flour aren't that great for us???? I felt so much better during February, March and the first part of April when I tried to be really strict about my food choices. Even with all that being said I am (for some stupid reason) having a hard time getting back to the original enthusiasm and commitment I had for the NFNS program. I know no one can do this for me and it is up to me to get going again......I am just venting here. Cold turkey worked well last time and I suppose it would be the way to go again this time........
posted 11-May-2008 11:54pm

I posted recently that I started this diet, but I've since decided to switch to another program. It's a gentler approach, I believe, and it's designed to eliminate cravings slowly. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you're interested, the book is called "Potatoes not Prozac" and the website is

So far I'm just doing the first step, but I'm very intrigued.
posted 16-May-2008 11:32pm

I am still very happy with this diet and don't feel deprived. I have lost 8 pounds since April 1st and feel like this is what I was hoping for - a loss of 5 pounds a month. It's been fun searching out new recipes on the internet and I have felt so much better.
posted 17-May-2008 1:18pm

Hilda you have given me some encouragement to get back at this seriously. I felt just like you.....much better eating this way and not deprived....until I started to deviate and get sloppy with the eating! Once I faltered I was plagued with cravings again. How much weight do you need to lose?

I just put on a big crock pot of spicy black bean chili and I will serve it with chopped avocado chopped tomato, chopped greens,a little grated cheese and fat free sour cream with a no flour no sugar cornbread. I slice the cornbread and put it under the serving of chili.
posted 18-May-2008 12:04am

When I started this diet in August of 2007 I weighed 250 pounds. I now weigh 175! This diet is absolutley awesome! And, I even drink wine, which I don't think is allowed on the diet, but I only do this on a rare occasion. There are foods that I never knew that I liked that I have discovered. These are not out of the book, just things I found on my own. Some of my favorite things are:

Mashed Calliflower (kind of tastes like mashed potatoes)
Spaghetti Squash with tomato sauce(tastes like spaghetti to me)
Yams or sweet potatoes
Trader Joes no flour whole grain bread

I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14! Although the weight loss has been dramatic so far, I feel that it may be tapering off slightly. I would still like to lose 25 more pounds, so I'll keep in touch for if and when that happens. Good luck to everyone on this diet, it really worked for me.

Oh, and another thing I noticed is that people on here are weighing themselves all of the time. I've found that if you weigh yourself only once a month, your more likely to see better results. Your body has to change and start breaking down things in a different way, so I think it takes just about a month to even really see the success-but trust me, stick to it, it works!

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