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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 26-Jan-2011 12:38pm

I wish I had stayed off the scales today. In fact I wished I would stay off the scales most days. It is so frustrating to see the fluctuations. Today I weigh a lb. more than I did yesterday, even though I stayed within my limits. What does that number on that &(&*&%&^*(*)( really mean? How could I truly be a lb. heavier than yesterday......really???? Okay that is it....and this is going to be hard, really hard as I am totally addicted to the scales.......I am only going to weigh once a week. I am already feeling some scale withdrawal pains smile
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 1:06pm

Aww relax, that happenes to me all the time. I only post when I see a loss. The scales can go up for many reasons. How much salt something had, if you had a BM, heh, and that time of the month, how much water you had just to name a few. Don't worry. Keep within your limits and you will see results.
What is your goal? One or two pounds a week? How much could the scale move on a daily basis anyway? Hang in there. We all feel that way sometimes.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 1:09pm

Being where we are, South East tip of Lake Michigan we get alot of what you call Lake effect snow. And winters are very overcast. It would be much easier to take with the beams about you.
46 degrees F? Nice. At least its in the 20's today. Its been i the teens and singles most of Jan. Our normal is about 32.
posted 26-Jan-2011 1:31pm

Debbie I know, I know ......relax,,,,yes I need to relax and just let this annoyingly slow process happensmile Thanks! My goal is actually only 1 lb a week. I wonder if I will have to reduce my calories to what they say I would have to do for 2 lbs. a week, in order to just lose the 1 lb. a week. I hate to reduce more than I have to because, I want to be able to do this for ever. This isn't a short term plan....a permanent long term program. I ordered a funny book today that was recommended to me for more alkalizing dieting ideas......"Crazy Sexy Diet". People said they stayed up all night reading it because it was so interesting and funny.....hmmm, not sure a diet book will keep me up at night reading smile
posted 26-Jan-2011 1:40pm

This is a quote from a review on the "Sexy Crazy Diet" :
" After reading through Kris Carr's book, which is so smart and classy and motivating, I'm ready to jump in and give it a try. My favorite quote from the book is this, "Do the best you can and if you stumble, don't marinate in guilt. Get back on the wagon and start anew. Life is too sweet to be bitter, so JUST DO YOUR BEST."

I think mostly we are trying to do our best so we better not waste time "marinating in guilt",,,,,,
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 2:09pm

I love it! Marinating in guilt! HAHA
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 2:11pm

The other day Kathy Lee said women of a certain age should not show clevage. Because of the peach pit effect. Ewwwww, Would that be wrinkly skin on the chest above the actual boobs?
posted 26-Jan-2011 2:40pm

I have had terrible sunburns in my youth (attempts at trying to tan my not very good tanning skin),,,,I mean terrible burns. I have lines on my chest from sun damage (some times they aren't very noticeable and other times seem so obvious).....I hate them and I never feel very comfortable in a low neck with those yucky lines. I don't know what the peach affect is....that sounds like fuzzy to me and I wouldn't say my chest is wrinkly but there are these etched lines and quite high up on my neck....hate them. I actually have noticed those lines on other women as well.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 3:48pm

Peach pit. Sounds like grovey. Heh not the 60's grovey.
posted 26-Jan-2011 4:04pm

Bronwyn: I just bought a Vitamix at Costco. They were having a "roadshow". I am really excited about it.
posted 26-Jan-2011 6:12pm

oh wow K10...excited for you, you will love the Vita Mix. I think they should have me doing demo's and promoting the vitamix.....I love it. What did you pay at Costco in the states? Listen Vitamix really stands behind their product.....super good customer service. My friend had been sticking her vitamix in the dishwasher a couple of times a day for a couple of years.....don't put it in the dishwasher. It wasn't working as well as she thought it should be. I told her to call them. They told her not to put it in the dishwasher and sent her a new one....totally free. Blendtec has a much shorter warranty and not very good customer service. I grew up with a vitamix and although I am not using that one, it still works. woohoo....k10
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2011 9:21pm

vita mix. I want one.
posted 26-Jan-2011 10:52pm

This is so stunned that I can hardly believe it.......I wrote the meals down that I planned to eat today on fitnesspal. I thought this is great because it is all figured out and I know where I am at. I went to town to do a few things and missed lunch but I had forgotten I missed it,,,,until dinner when I was so hungry, I thought in the world. I had recorded the calories and not consumed them....ha, ha!!! The problem is I am a little over hungry.....dinner didn't satisfy me.

Debbie you do want a vitamix.......
posted 26-Jan-2011 10:52pm

I thought what in the world,,I am starving.
posted 26-Jan-2011 11:48pm

Bronwyn: It was $394 plus our crazy sales tax, which is 9 1/4%.
posted 27-Jan-2011 12:42am

What do you use the vitamix for?
posted 27-Jan-2011 12:47am

K10,,,,when they have the Vitamix shows here at Costco....$499. plus GST (5%) your price is good to me.

Hilda a vitamix has many uses. It is a super high powered can not make green smoothies as lovely and smooth in a regular blender. I honestly use mine for smoothies more than anything but, I have also ground flax seed, made dressings, made ice cream, soup and so forth. People who haven't had a high powdered blender such as a vitamix will balk at the price and say their $30 blender can make green smoothies. I tell you it just ain't so.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 7:47am

Yes, I would love one but it ain't gonna I have 2 $30 blenders that I don't use that much. But I can appriciate a good machine.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 7:52am

Help me celebrate, I lost an even 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!smile
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 7:53am

~I'm doin the happy dance
posted 27-Jan-2011 7:59am

Debbie M- Aren't you feeling awesome? What have you been eating? How long did it take? Can we see your food diary? I am hoping to get to 10 myself this week. I have lost 9 so far. Today I have 2 meetings with food involved. I hope to do a lot of networking and not so much eating.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 8:13am

Hilda- I am feeling totally awesome. While the scale does go up at little at times it is going down on a regular basis. I started exercising Dec 26th. I started watching my calories on myfitnesspal(thanks to you) early January. I will open my diary but I don't want any judgements as it is not totally nf/ns. I try to stick to better choices but don't always. smile
My basic goal this year is to watch calories and exercise. And mostly to lose 47 pounds by my 47th birthday in June.
Congratulations on your new low. I know you feel fab too!
posted 27-Jan-2011 9:34am

Good morning to you strong determined ladies! I was out and about all day yesterday and I missed so much happiness on here! Bronwyn, I'm sure your 1 lb was water. Don't go back to once a week weighing...too much time in between. Maybe you could weigh every three days? I am going to weigh this's time to face the music.

Debbie, you are doing so good! And 2g...keep it up. Hilda, your such a planner...I need to do better at that again. K10, you'll have to tell us what your doing with your vitamix. I want one!

My eating is much better. This weekend I'm going to stock the kitchen and keep it totally healthy.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 10:11am

Super to hear form you Connie and thanks. I agree with your idea on the weighing issue. Once a week is letting too much time go by. My thoughts lead me to think that if I cheat, I have plenty of time to make up for it before the next weigh in. When the scale dosn't move or goes up I can see the results right away and its time to do better.

55 minutes at the mall today. I stuck up a conversation with a 30 something who had the most tragic life. Time flies when you're listening to something interesting. I saw a couple other people there I know there too today.
posted 27-Jan-2011 12:23pm

Debbie: Way to go. I am so happy for you.
Hilda: Great for you too.
Bronwyn: I would like some of your favorite recipes for my Vitamix. My mom wants me to get her one today. smile
Connie: I know we can do it.

I have had the out-to-eat week from you know where. Monday was a skate party for Oldest's theater group, which meant junk. Tuesday, hubby and I went out to eat with the youth pastor and his wife. Wednesday, our family went to Red Lobster for my dad's birthday dinner. Tonight I am going to Chipotle with my group of friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Saturday we are getting together with a group of 20-somethings to discuss starting a Bible study group with them.


The support I have received from you all has been great. The unconditional love and support is what I need.

Youngest had an opthamology appointment yesterday. When you have rheumatoid arthritis you can lose your vision, it is not common, but possible. She was given an IV with some dye and they looked at the veins and arteries in her eyes. It was very interesting. Everything looks good so far.

Have a wonderful day ladies.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 1:16pm

K10, we love ya no matter what.
Its just clicking for me right now and I know it will for you too next week!
posted 27-Jan-2011 3:07pm

Thanks Debbie.
posted 27-Jan-2011 3:26pm

ditto...we love you K10 and none of us have been dealing with the emotional stress you have......but start to take care of yourself as well smile

Oh my word Debbie and girls are really rocking it on the scales. I haven't got to any exercise yet and I think that would help. I didn't get on the scales this is weird I am scared to weigh today and tomorrow is my weigh in. I have been sticking to my cals really pretty well. Debbie I as well don't do 100% NFNS....pretty close but to me the calories are the focus.

I made zucchini sticks last night that were so yummy and well received.....Just cut zucchini into fries, toss with oil, garlic and parmesan cheese and cook in the oven on 425 for 20 to 30 minutes....until nicely browned.
posted 27-Jan-2011 3:27pm

Oh k10....I will think about the smoothies....I have been doing some pretty hard cores ones lately and I have been only one drinking need to introduce yummy ones
posted 27-Jan-2011 3:38pm

Bronwyn: Thanks so much for your support. Those zucchini sound wonderful. I will have to try them.
posted 27-Jan-2011 4:07pm

K10 you can start with any fruit that you have on the bottom of your vitamix.....I think your kids will like it best if you have a banana......then you could also add mango, pineapple, pear and so forth.......add either a cup to a cup and a half of liquid (even water,,,,,more creamy if you add almond milk, or cow's milk or whatever kind of milk you drink),,,,,,then next I fill the container with greens (spinach is your easiest to start with....eventually you will want to mix up your greens)....leave enough space to add frozen fruit......tropical mix or strawberries or whatever you have.....(start with a cup and a half of fluid)....then start at the lowest and let the machine turn the bottom mixture into a juice........start to turn up the machine and be ready with your plunger to plunge to help things move........peaches, bananas, pineapple, all fruits are good........this is a test to find your tastes

after you get going you can add extra nutrients like hemp seeds, flax, protein powders,

right now this is the one I make almost everyday:

1 to 1 1/2 cups unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1 banana
1 Tbsp. hemp
scoop of amazing grass chocolate super food
lots of greens, spinach, collard greens, dandelion, chard, kale and so forth
frozen strawberries

I love that son doesn't care for it and my husband won't even try it

I have that one almost every day

Now if I want my son to benefit from having the greens.....I keep it simple, greens and fruit and yoghurt or milk
posted 27-Jan-2011 5:07pm other thing I really like is a drop of simply organic (I believe is the brand) flavouring
posted 27-Jan-2011 8:35pm

How many calories in that shake?
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2011 8:43pm

I'm going to make that zuchini tomorrow.
posted 27-Jan-2011 9:17pm

Anonymous (not sure which one you are),,,,,calories 325, carbs 50, Fat 10 Protein 14

It is a meal.....and satisfying,,,,,oh and healthy
posted 27-Jan-2011 9:31pm

I did pretty darn good today...I had one little slip up, but it was minor. As always, I feelbetter as soon as I get back on track. I had my olive burgers tonight, no bun of course. Tomorrow I'm working and I will be thinking of my next trip to the grocery all day. I must be prepared! Night all. BTW, the last time I shopped green zucchini was $1.98 a lb! I wish it would go down, but not likely.
posted 27-Jan-2011 11:00pm

You guys this is insane,,,,remember how often we had tortilla chips and salsa for a snack because it was they are way too high in calories and probably fat and salt as well. I just had some for a snack and then figured it out. I am okay because I could accomodate the calories but it wasn't all that satisfying and it was a lot of calories. I definitely wont' be having that very often.
posted 28-Jan-2011 12:13am

I got a Mr Yam sweet potato wrapped in plastic at Walmart that you microwave for 8 minutes, and it was wonderful. It did not need butter or anything on it.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 7:56am

We had sweet potatos baked the other day. I agree, they did not need all that junk on them.

I also agree about the tortillas. I have not been eating them or crackers much. They are just too expensive calorie wise while you are trying to reduce.

I want to list some good carbs and bad carbs according to a study I looked at on line. I can't remember the sourse though.

Good carbs:
Bread made with sprouted grains, rice, spenlt. millet, quiona.
Sweet potato
All fruits and veggies

Bad Carbs we do not need:
Whole wheat bread

Another list within this study talked about things that stress our livers:
artificial sweetners
high fructose corn syrup
processed soy products
hydrogenated oils

Good fats:
real butter
coconut oil
oliver oil
raw nuts

Bad fats:
hydrogenated oils
canola oil
vegetable oil
butter substitutes

Good fats actually help you burn fat, they do not make you fat.
posted 28-Jan-2011 8:40am

152.4 this morning. I had to know...I couldn't wait to weigh any longer. Not as bad as I thought...but I'm back up to 10 lbs to lose. Off to work today, later gang.
posted 28-Jan-2011 9:56am

Had some snow last night. Very bad day for my friend's funeral. Overcast, gray. Someone said (I forgot who) that it can be in the 20's with bright sun and it feels warmer than 40's with clouds and gloom. It's all in your head.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 10:40am

Sorry about your friends funeral. Can any day be good?
I was at the mall walking this morning. There was a lady puching her dog in a doggy stroller. I paused to see it. It was a Yorkie just about the size of the one I had. I started to talk to the lady and found out the dog was 13 years old. I told her I lost my Yorkie 2 month ago and I began to cry. I had to walk away because it hit me so hard. I miss my Tiffany still. I'm ok now but I was surprised at myself.
Went to Walmart after and got the food I need to entertain friends tonight. I'm going to try to save some calories for a glas of wine or two tonight. It's all in the planning, right?
I'm so happy about tonight. We haven't had friends over in so long.
posted 28-Jan-2011 11:51am

Connie your weight sounds fabulous to me.....celebrate by getting right back on track.

Hilda thank you so much for finding MFP.....what a good find.

Debbie I re-read your entry a few times.....I thought you meant the woman was punching her dog in the doggy stroller and I thought what in the world.....

2G....funerals of a friends ..... those are really hard, they seem way too soon.

K10...we expect you to be on track Monday....okay!!!!
posted 28-Jan-2011 12:19pm

Bronwyn: I WILL be back on track. That is a promise! I have to be or I will never even come close to my 42 pounds by my 42nd birthday in October. I wonder how I will do? I have the photo session in May with my family too. This Monday is a good day to start because it will mean that since Tuesday is the first day of February, I will be on target that whole month and then the months after that. I am excited and again I thank you all for the encouragement. smile I bought some Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agava. This is ok to use, right?

2G: So sorry about the funeral. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of our friends death.

Debbie: I have a stroller for my dog, but I had to re-read it too. Sorry about you missing Tiffany. Thanks for the list.

Connie: Not as bad as it could be. We will all be so happy when we get back on the wagon, no matter what way we are doing it. I do plan to be NFNS.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 1:19pm

There go you typos again.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 1:38pm

you? lol I mean my typos.

I'm at a cross roads today. Remember a couple weeks ago when I went to a friends house and ate way too much? I thought about why I did that and realized I did it because thats what I have done for years when getting together with friends. It was all in habit. Maybe a little to calm myself. So today I am going to be mindful of what I am doing and how I am feeling. I am not going to stuff myself just because thats what I used to do. THAT is how I got fat in the first place.

When I walk in the mall I see and smell a lot of goodies that are being prepared for the day. At first I used to think the smells were the enemy. But I have learned to embrase them and think of them as good. Good because I know how they taste and they are a treat. Then I think about how much of a certain thing I have already had in my life. Like cheese corn or pretzels or cookies and pizza. I realize overendulgence of these things has caused me to be who I am today. And I am not williing to give up my future skinny me for another taste of something I've had over and over again. Just sayin...............
posted 28-Jan-2011 2:03pm

Good insight.
posted 28-Jan-2011 2:13pm

"There go you typos again"......honestly Debbie I love all of OUR typos they always give me the giggles at the computer.....laughter is so good for the soulsmile

Debbie you have hit the nail on the head, "the fat in the vat", or whatever.....habits are the reason we are fat. My thin friends habits are why my friends are thin. I think at parties I eat not even from temptation as much as habit and something to do (to calm have a focus)! You can go to your party and have fun and eat "normal".....that is where we are headed to "normal" obsession with food at all!
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 2:31pm

The truth is, I think tonight will be a continual stuggle. But I am willing to do the wiggle. It will be a battle of telling myself no. But I am prepared to do it. smile
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2011 2:33pm

Great Scott the sun is shinning!!! smilewink
posted 28-Jan-2011 2:44pm

Debbie dear don't even think of it as telling you self no.....pick the things you should have and tell yourself, wow I can have these and enjoy them. Don't even consider the things that you have to tell yourself no about.....go with the positive...YES, yes I can and want that yummy item.

I am getting my hair cut and highlighted....haven't done that for a long time....the highlights anyways.
posted 28-Jan-2011 3:07pm


Are you one of the many who wishes they could turn the internal calorie-burning oven up a notch or two and help shed a few more stubborn pounds?

Maybe you need the right fuel for your fire!

Did you know that leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, turnip greens and collard greens are rich in iron, which helps boost your metabolism by supporting your red blood cells' ability to transport nutrients throughout your body?

If you think the winter weather outside is "too cold" to be eating leafy greens, then change your thinking and decide that you wanna be hot, hot, hot on the inside!
posted 28-Jan-2011 3:08pm


* Turnip greens fight the good fight against rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin A helps support the health of the synovial membrane that lines the joints, while vitamins C and E helps fight free radical damage that may deteriorate joints. And copper supports the production of connective tissue that is often damaged by arthritis.

* P
posted 28-Jan-2011 4:11pm

k10...I just realized you might wonder why I am addressing this stuff to you....because of the vitamix and green smoothies smile
posted 28-Jan-2011 7:14pm

Thanks Bronwyn. I figured that out. Thanks for the info on the turnip greens. Now, what is the best way to hide those from a nearly 15 year old? wink
posted 28-Jan-2011 7:16pm

I weight the exact same as I did on my last weigh in on the other site. I wonder how this will change by Monday? I always seem to start a diet when my cycle is here. I am not going to worry about it, I am just going to do it!
posted 28-Jan-2011 11:30pm

I am still in love with Myfitnesspal too. I told a church friend about it tonight at Walmart. Told her about the Mr Yam's, too.
posted 29-Jan-2011 10:04am

Thanks, guys, for the kind words about my friends funeral. A very bitter wind was blowing at the cemetery. Thank goodness they had a canopy thing set up to shield us somewhat.

Did you ever notice you can gain 2 pounds over night but it takes 2 weeks to lose it? Go figure.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Jan-2011 11:18am

OK, I didn't do too bad but still snacked too much, so not great either I'm ok with it. It will probably stall my downward motion a bit but I'm prepared for that. Go me! Right back on track.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Jan-2011 7:40pm

Everyone is out partying on a Sat. right?
posted 29-Jan-2011 9:26pm

Not me....Debbie I am home. We have winter back after a fabulous week of temps. in the 40's and 50's. I really struggle with these up's and downs. We get these chinook winds that come in and warm up the temps. and melt the snow. You get your hopes up that winter is over and then you get lambasted with cold temps and more snow......geesh!

I have 500 more calories for today but I kind of just want everything. I am having a hard time figuring out best to spend those calories. I was over on the calories last night so I want to be sure to spend wisely tonight. It is 7:40 here so I don't have tons of hours to deal with.
posted 29-Jan-2011 11:35pm

I tried to make a sugar free lemon jello salad with crushed pineapple and sugar free cool whip and pecans. It was just okay. Does anyone have any low cal jello salad ideas?
Debbie M.
posted 29-Jan-2011 11:56pm

We have a ton of ice built up on our eves. Now water is coming into our daughter's bedroom window and dripping inside down the wall!! And our septic tank appears to be full as it has thawed the ground above the lid and husband had to dig it up. Now there is a standing puddle over the lid. I guess we will have to get it punped out on monday. What next?
posted 30-Jan-2011 9:42am

We are supposed to get 1/4 inch ice sometime on Tuesday. It may go north of us but we have to prepare. I was at 168 yesterday. Eat your vegetables and fruit everyone. Stay healthy.
Debbie M.
posted 30-Jan-2011 6:27pm

Good advise Hilda.
We are going to get the same storm!EEEK
posted 31-Jan-2011 2:27am

We had rain today. Youngest was having pain in her hips AND shoulders (new place) yesterday. I asked to check the weather and sure enough we had rain coming. I hope her shoulders hurt because of how she slept. She woke up this morning with dizziness. She is prone to this, but her meds can cause it too.
posted 31-Jan-2011 10:00am

Oh, this poor child! Is she able to go to school? I feel so bad for her. I asked our preacher to put her on our prayer list. I dont know her name but God does and that is what matters.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Jan-2011 10:55am

Hi guys, I wish I could say I did better this weekend but it is what it is. I did manage to walk 3 laps at the mall. We got there after it opened and had to dodge people. Not ideal.
Today is Monday and I am counting on you K10 to begin to love yourself. You need to take your half out of the middle even though you have many worries. If you care for your body you will be able to handle the stresses of life better. Just make a small course correction today. It doesn't have to be perfect. Let us know how you're doing.

I'm waiting on the septic guy to come between 10 and 2. I'm not a good waiter. Water still stands above the lid. We heard of a system that converts your anaerobic tank to an aerobic tank thus revitalizind it and saving its "life". My neighbor bought this system a couple weeks ago and it seems to be working. Anyone ever heard of it? Its called Areo-Stream.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Jan-2011 11:23am

I mean Aero-Stream
posted 31-Jan-2011 11:25am

2gorjus: Thank you so much for putting her on the prayer list. I know prayer works and if it is God's will He can cure her. She has been home taught by the school district since November. As of next week she will be officially home schooled through an online high school. My oldest has decided to do this as well. Everything is done online and they have teachers that they are accountable to.

Debbie: You are right, I need to take care of myself to be able to handle these things better. So sorry about the septic system. We have a sewer not a septic system, so I don't know anything about them.
posted 31-Jan-2011 11:26am

I forgot to put my weight. 193.4. I haven't decided how often I will weigh yet.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Jan-2011 1:33pm

Thanks. I know the physical problems of a house are not important when you compare them to the suffering of a child. I'm so sorry about her condition. But its in God's hands now and we need to have faith that he will care for her as he sees fit and has a plan.
posted 31-Jan-2011 2:09pm

Thanks Debbie. Problems with a house can cause major problems for the household.

I used my Vitamix. I did make a broccoli cheese soup, but it was too frothy for me, so I only had a few bites. This was probably better since it probably had way too many calories with the cheese. I am now drinking a mango banana smoothie. I added about 1/4 cup of oj to help it along. I didn't let my frozen mango thaw enough and I thought I was going to break my new machine. I don't know how to count the few bites of the soup I ate though.
Debie M.
posted 1-Feb-2011 10:14am

So this nice big storm is coming our way to dump a foot or more of snow on us. At least everything will look nice and white. Bundle up everyone.
posted 1-Feb-2011 10:26am

Morning. We had a rough weekend. Too much drama to go into, but I can tell you it really wore me out. I think I am under too much pressure to get on top of things. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but honestly, I am just hanging on. I am determined to be stronger for myself. Rain today, possibly turning to snow later. I'll check in later after I get some stuff done. Hilda, have you googled low cal jello recipes?
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2011 11:25am

Sorry Connie. Hang in there.
I'm about to read a book by Candace Cameron. She was on TV plugging her new book. They are holding it at the library for me. I hope to go get it before the storm comes. ITs called Reshaping it All. Let me know if you read it too.
posted 1-Feb-2011 2:19pm

Debbie, I will trade your 2 inches of snow for our one half inch of ice! Broken trees, limbs everywhere,cant drive, at least all my 'kids' are home. The police dont want anyone driving unless it is an emergency.

Speaking of police, I sat all morning watching the funeral of an Indianapolis police officer. They had to have it in the Conseco Fieldhouse, that is where the Pacers play, because of the ice and snow. I have a son-in-law who is an Indianapolis Metro Cop. I am very grateful it was not him. But I wish it was not the other mother either. The police officer was pulling over a car and the driver pulled a gun and shot him seven times. Be grateful for the police and fire fighters.

Taps is the most sorrowful thing ever!
posted 1-Feb-2011 2:30pm

Sorry Connie...take care of yourself.

Cold here.....brrr but no ice storms. I hate the dangerous.

K10,,,,I have never made soup in my vitamix.....foamy soup does sound unappealing. K10...I never add juice, your fruit together with water makes the juice.....1/4 cup probably wasn't enough fluid. Make one out of the recipe book to get the hang of it.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2011 2:43pm

So sad about the officer. frown

Ice can be so violent on the environment not to mention the physical body! We have a lot more than just 2 inches and are expecting a blizzard tonight. I think the ice is going to strike to the south of us thankfully. More like middle Indiana. Fill your bathtubs with water in case the power goes out, so you can flush your toilets.
Stay warm everyone.
posted 1-Feb-2011 3:46pm

So sorry about the harsh weather many of you are receiving. I won't tell you about mine. Just remember how crowded and over-priced everything is here and that will make you feel better. At least I hope so. smile

I know someone who was 8 months pregnant when her husband, who was a patrol officer, pulled someone over and he was shot and killed. They had all types of fund raisers and such. I bought a t-shirt. Years later, Youngest went to school with the little boy who's father it was that was shot. Small world for sure. She is remarried and is celebrating her 8th anniversary today.

Debbie: Good idea about the water in the tub.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2011 6:07pm

Yes, small world indeed.
posted 1-Feb-2011 7:42pm

I have always wondered how people could summon the courage to become police officers. Having grown up in a house with seven daughters and no boys, we were never exposed to "guns" or shooting of any kind. No one hunted, no one went into the was cat fights only. I recently shot one of my son's handguns and I really disliked it. I'm not saying people can't enjoy shooting, I just know I will never be one of them.

Looks like we are not getting snow. Thank goodness. I have to take my MIL to traffic court tomorrow morning at 9. She took off in her truck the other day and went on the naval base and hit someone. She is not supposed to be driving! Sometimes she makes me crazy.
posted 2-Feb-2011 1:01am

Have the judge take her license away so you won't be the bad guy.
posted 2-Feb-2011 9:46am

My car cover blew off my car last night, so I just took it off. We did not get much bad weather. A lot of rain yesterday. Daughter in St. Louis is not getting home. She has a 30 minute commute to the south part of St. Louis. University has apt near her office she is using until ??????

Are any of you snowed/iced in? Hope everyone still has power. Still at 168. 10 pounds since beginning of January. I give the credit to and keeping track of what I am putting in my mouth. I am still not exercising. Just housework and an occasional walk at the mall. Need to get serious about that.
posted 2-Feb-2011 9:56am

Made it through the night with power! Thank God!!! I worry so much about my husband's breathing machine. It is electric. We do have a large tank of oxygen for backup, so I guess I better quit worrying. No electricity would also mean no heat so that is a big worry too. Only wind today.

The young officer wasn't married so no children. His parents are BOTH Metro cops so they know what it is like. They also had one daughter who married a marine. But she is not in law enforcement.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2011 10:41am

School is closed today. I just spent an hour and a half blowing out the driveway. Its really cold and windy. 4 feet in some places from drifting. We do have power thank goodness.
posted 2-Feb-2011 11:46am

My thoughts and prayers are with you all struggling with the weather. We are having high winds in some areas near us, but our trees aren't moving at all. Trucks are blown over on the highway. Stay safe.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2011 12:06pm

The mall closed for the first time in 14 years and Notre Dame closet too! smile
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2011 3:33pm

Yey, the plow came down the street!!!
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2011 4:00pm

Groundhog Day 2011: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Quick End to Winter. smile
I guess I'm alone here today.
posted 2-Feb-2011 6:45pm

sorry but it is really nice here wind and in the high 40's or low 50's...continuing through to Sunday when the weather is suppose to dip again........honestly it is so strange we go from super cold to really nice (well in the 40's and 50's) in a flash......the saying here is if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes

hope you are all careful and just stay home

still doing MFP....and feeling positive
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2011 7:54pm

Good to hear it Bronwyn. We have had over 91 inches of snow! Its usually 52 inches by this time. Big, big winter for us. I'm not complaining, just marveling.
I need some cheer leaders. My momentum fizzled. Hopefully I can get to the mall tomorrow and walk. With the kids back to school I hope to find my grove again.
posted 2-Feb-2011 10:25pm

That time of the month. UUGGHH!! Eating too much, but the last two nights I haven't done any of the night time eating. There is one improvement.

It is going to be warm here this weekend. I hope you all are safe, warm and you have power.

Good night ladies.
posted 3-Feb-2011 9:32am

Thanks K10, I'm glad you are having good weather. I was just thinking about baking on a nice warm beach! My daughter agreed we should go right away! smile

My progress always stops during that time of month. But I have found that even with a little cheating for cravings, if you stay mostly true the scale will drop a little the next week. But while progress is stifled it can be frustrating. The pre-menstrual time is when I am the hungriest. And I think that is now for me. I'm feeling ya.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2011 9:35am

that was me Deb
posted 3-Feb-2011 10:14am

Morning ladies! 152 on the dot today. This is my new starting point. I've already planned my food for the day so I AM FEELING STRONG!!!!!!! Got to have a plan. I will be gone almost the entire day today, and tomorrow as well. Debbie, plan your "temptations" if you can. Maybe that could soften the blow a little. Good for you for getting back on track immediately. The scales do go down if you stick with it.

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel that I was talking about the other day? It's getting brighter, although still a little ways off. I hope all of you are well and have a great day. I just realized I am semi positive today and I haven't felt that in a long time. It feels good.
posted 3-Feb-2011 11:10am

Connie: Good to hear an upbeat tone in your "voice".

190.5 this morning. I was over my calories yesterday, but I haven't been eating late at night. I think that has made a HUGE difference. I am really trying in regards to that. That is my "baby step" right now. I will see how I do by Tuesday morning. That will mean one whole week of no late night eating.

What are you all planning on doing for Super Bowl? We will be having some young people over for the beginning of our small group Bible study. We will then enjoy the game together. I will be making things that I can eat. I will be making my quick and easy tortilla soup and a buffalo chicken dip I found. Both are NFNS.

Debbie: Feel free to visit anytime. smile
posted 3-Feb-2011 11:52am

Oh my word....I just made a long post and it disappeared.......i hate that!!!
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2011 12:33pm

K10, I'm packing.
posted 3-Feb-2011 2:54pm

See you soon Debbie.

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