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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 16-Mar-2013 5:39pm

2 gorgeous that is a funny ad,,,,,and really they can't say anything on the internet that isn't true, can they? smile

deb... don't know what to think about dr. oz but it does bug me how he promotes one thing after another and I think some of the things he promotes are later proved to not be great or even safe

i believ he was promoting HCG.... and there has certainly been a lot of bad things come out about that

i keep telling myself I need to KISS and then just do it smile
Debbie M.
posted 16-Mar-2013 6:32pm

Oh yea the French model one was a riot. Second day of Green Coffee Bean Pills. If I die, you'll know why. smile

We went to Legends Resturant at Notre Dame for lunch today. I had to get the Reuben sandwich. I only ate half as I was so full. I wonder how many calories that was?

For anyone following the bald eagle cam at Alcoe the first egg has a visible hole in it now. We should had chicks soon!
And Justice (Dad Eagle) has brought a fish to feed them already! What a good nesting pair these are.
posted 17-Mar-2013 8:29am

Debbie, type it in to myfitnesspal. Maybe they can tell you how many calories.

Exactly what site do you go to for the birdnest?

Thank goodness the forecasters were wrong. They said 1-3 inches. We had nothing at all. No sun either but at least no snow.
posted 17-Mar-2013 10:31am

I type in Alcoa Eagle Cam and I pick the site that says Davenport. Click on that and scroll down just a little to click on the live camera. You can read all about the hystory of this comany and the nesting pair. THe fist baby has hatched and seems to be doing well. We hopefully will have another hatching soon. We will be naming the babies soon.

193 today
Debbie M.
posted 17-Mar-2013 10:32am

Of course, that was me. smile
posted 17-Mar-2013 1:29pm

Debbie, was the Reuben Sandwich (1/2) good? It sounds good!
posted 17-Mar-2013 1:30pm

Maybe 1/2 was 400 calories-a nice lunch!!
posted 17-Mar-2013 4:07pm

Yes, I figured about that much. I did have thousand island dressing with it.
posted 17-Mar-2013 5:07pm

Debbie-Have you been walking lately? I walked about 30 minutes (hills) at about 6:45 to 7:15 last night. It revved me up so that I couldn't sleep until 12:30 AM! And my back is sore! But if I do it again today (slightly earlier) I'll wear a back brace.
posted 17-Mar-2013 9:04pm

I can't believe 1 triscuit has 20 calories. 1/2 an apple is about 40 calories, and takes a lot longer to eat!
Debbie M,
posted 18-Mar-2013 9:49am

I walked yesterday with my husband who was taking it easy due to sore muschles. We walked 2.1 miles. He replaced his fuel pump Saturday which required dropping the fuel tank to do it. THats why he is sore. My shins were sore because I wore a pair of boots with a moderate heal on them to the mall while husband was working on the car. Every step hurts.
I love triscuits.
We have two eaglettes now!
Debbie M.
posted 18-Mar-2013 9:57am

*muscles* smile
Debbie M.
posted 18-Mar-2013 1:32pm

2gorjus, Did you find the Eagles? There are two chicks! You have to catch them during feeding time s=as its cold and the parents sit on them to keep them warm. THere are still shots of them on the site though. So cute!
posted 18-Mar-2013 7:55pm

Yes, I did see them. This is wonderful. I love it.
posted 18-Mar-2013 8:28pm

Are you all on Facebook?

How often do you all have fish and 2 vegetables for dinner? I think I'm going to try to have it more often.
Debbie M.
posted 18-Mar-2013 9:22pm

2gorjus, I tuned into the eagles at this time last year but I missed the hatching. It was amazing to see them grow and finally fledge. I peek in several times a day. smile They are going to vote on names soon. I hope you participate.

I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now. They are wonderful! Quite inspiring!

My 17 year old was asked to the prom. I just found out it is the Friday that I planned to go camping and have already made reservations. The blessing is, the prom is going to be on May 24th wihich is a Friday. Proms are usually on a Saturday. So we will just leave for camping in Sat AM, instead of Friday. Oh well. We will be staying until Monday. It will be fine. Just lucky it could have been right in the middle fo the week end. This way we get to do both. smile
Debbie M.
posted 18-Mar-2013 10:10pm

Wow! Congrats to the winner of the biggest loser!!! What an amazing transformation.
posted 19-Mar-2013 8:59am

I saw the last 3 weigh-ins on the Biggest Loser. The winner was in great shape-
posted 19-Mar-2013 9:12am

good tuesday to all the beautiful people on this site!
my weight is 143 today, no gain no loss!
Since last Tuesday I ate out big dinners twice..and I only walked twice and no yoga class! I notice that my body maintains weight much better now..I think no sugar no flour is the secret for hormones balance!
Lets move more and drink lots of water!
warm wishes for all
Debbie M.
posted 19-Mar-2013 9:22am

Good advise Kathy.
posted 19-Mar-2013 10:01am

Had an 'up' weekend but am on the downward path again. 169.2 this morning. I have to remember to keep away from the Reese's Cups in the next few weeks. Easter candy is a big hurdle. Have to fix 12 Easter baskets, so you know how much candy I'll have to buy. We'll see how much will power I have. Or don't have...
Debbie M.
posted 19-Mar-2013 10:40am

Wow, 12 baskets! I thought I had a lot with 4! I'm going to put things in like movie tickets and nail polish and phone cards. My kids don't need candy. Well maybe a tiny bit. Any other non-candy ideas?
Debbie M.
posted 19-Mar-2013 10:46am

I wanna be the biggest loser. To have an hour glass shape again would be my dream come true.
I know, I know, you have to work to succeed.

We have sideways snow today. It better come now, because tomorrow is spring. Everyone knows there is no snow allowed in spring.
Happy Spring everyone!
Debbie M.
posted 19-Mar-2013 1:58pm

I meant good advise Sue. smile
posted 19-Mar-2013 6:31pm

Debbie-Your Easter baskets sound so cute. I was never good at E. baskets. Had 2 boys.

I thought I was on to something. I read you should stop eating when you are at a certain number out of 10 fullness. If 10 is the fullest-then let's say stop at a 7. Or another thing-why do we eat unless we are at least 7 out of 10 hungry.(10 being the hungriest) That's my new thing-well, I"ll eat 3 meals a day-but only snack when I'm at least 7 out of 10 hungry(10 being the hungriest).
posted 20-Mar-2013 9:21am

I'm going to add ear buds to youngests basket as hers are broken. No candy sounds better and better.

I have decided, at the erging of my family, to register for the 5K race with the rest of them.I was going to do the fitness walk after but they told me I could walk if I could'nt make it the whole way (or any of it) but they would see me at the finish line. I have 77 days to work up to what ever I can do. I might go look at knee braces. The finish line is at the 50 yard line of the Notre Dame Stadium. Dosn't that sound interesting? And we get a T-shirt! Well its something to work towards.

I made a breakfast sandwich for my son today. A mini bagel, slice of cheese, canadian bacon and a fried egg. It came out to just under 400 calories. Seems like I could make something sililar with less fat.
Debbie M.
posted 20-Mar-2013 9:30am

That was me above.
I'm going to make a green smoothie today and really look at what calories are in it. I've only ever guestimated. If it comes out good I will not have to rethink it everytime I makle it. I love that I eat fat free greek yogurt and spinach in it because its so easy to drink it when I might not otherwise get it in for the day. I'm thinking about this for lunches daily.
Dinner will be a modest protion of what I make for the family. And something like the samdwich above for breakfast. Maybe use only egg whites for the egg and no cheese and two pieces of canadian bacon, only 20 cals each. An english muffin would actually have 120 cals VS 110 for a mini bagel. I do believe we need some carbs but there must be better carbs than a bagel. Maybe it dons't matter. I just want to keep breakfast between 3 to 400 calories, including 4 oz of OJ. And I like the litte sandwichy idea. They make ahead and can be microwaved for the kids.
posted 20-Mar-2013 9:33am

Debbie, I used to have an hour glass figure, then all my 'sand' shifted to the bottom!!! Now I'm more of a bowling ball...

Not only do I have all those grandchildren, now I have 7 great grandchildren. It never stops. I love it, though.
Debbie M.
posted 20-Mar-2013 9:44am

I remember that hour glass shape too well. And I miss it. I look just like a tomato! Not that large of thighs like some women but the stomach and breasts are large. I should be less than 150, more like 130. 196 on the scale just now after breakfast and half dressed. Why did I do that?
I am out the door now for a walk with my MP3 player. I love listening to Kimbra while I walk. My Mp3 player is so crisp and clear I can hear so many more details I don't hear on my CD player at home.

Wow thats a lot of babies! You are so blessed. More to love! How many babies did you have yourself?
Debbie M.
posted 20-Mar-2013 12:30pm

Ya know the Couch to 5K program that I heard about? I looked it up and tried the first step today. I did it! I actually did it! It called for 5 minutes of a brisk walk to warm up. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I carried a timer with me to know when to change. After that I did another 12 minutes of cool down walking. The program says I am suppose to do this 3 times this week. It says resting and recovery time is important in between work outs. I didn't go very fast, in fact my jog was more like a crawl, heh. But I did it! And I feel really good about myself. smile

I came home and made a smoothie with spinach, strawberries, greek non fat yogurt and almond milk and whey protein powder. It made 3 cups for a total of 300 calories. I only drank 1 cup and put the rest in the fridge. I don't know how it will keep but I was full after one cup.

Did I mention that I DID IT?!!! I was thinking about the biggest losers on TV the other night. They did it and it was not easy but they did it anyway. Guess what? I did it!!!
Debbie M.
posted 20-Mar-2013 12:32pm

Did I mention that I did it?

This program says it will take me to jogging 3 miles in 60 days. I have 77 until Steve's 5K. I wonder if I can really do it? What am I saying? I am going to do it!!
Debbie M.
posted 21-Mar-2013 9:24am

Today is a rest day. I thought I would be more sore. I hope it dosn't skip a day.

Its sunny and snowing today. Dosn't it know its spring out there? smile
posted 21-Mar-2013 9:29am

Hey, Debbie, did you do it???? LOL

I can't do that sort of thing because of my RA but I can walk. I think I'll wait till it warms up a little. It's still in the 30's here.

Still 169.2. Just can't seem to break the Weight Barrier. I'll keep plugging, though.
Debbie M.
posted 21-Mar-2013 2:32pm

2gorjus, Its been hard to watch the eaglettes. One has been bullying the other and its hard to watch. I didn't see it but someone said the same thing happened last year but eventually it stoped. Did you notice the same thing? I hope it stops soon.
posted 21-Mar-2013 10:18pm

Kitchen is being remodeled-Life is disorganized-I'm not posting calories-we'll see what happens.
posted 21-Mar-2013 11:48pm

Debbie you know I love green smoothies and have made them for years. I do have to be careful though as all the add ins I like really do add up in calories quickly. It seems innocent enough as you add in yummy nutritious stuff and then I am shocked when I figure out the calories. I had one late at night a couple of nights ago I had missed dinner, was hungry and thought the green smoothie was a good choice. I usually drink about a quart, that is what green smoothie girl recommends for everyday consumption. I hadn't thought about the fact that it was a lot of liquid to drink before bed..... smile frown

Deb you sound very positive and going for it.... good for you. yes you should never weight after breakfast with your clothes on smile
Debbie M.
posted 22-Mar-2013 10:12am

1:2 second Couch to 5K today. I'm off to get ready. I seem to have lost of bit of momentum between the last one and now. I hope I can do it...........................................................
Debbie M.
posted 22-Mar-2013 10:54am

.........................................I did it! smile
It wasn't easy today as I am in full flo. frown
posted 22-Mar-2013 5:47pm

Debbie, I think you want to rest when you have a full flo...but I should say, YES! You did it again.....good for you!
Debbie M.
posted 22-Mar-2013 9:57pm

Trust me, I wanted to. But I didn't want to miss only the second workout. I just had to push through it.
posted 22-Mar-2013 10:23pm

Great job on the 5K Debbie.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Mar-2013 4:03am

Kathy, I hope you didn't misunderstand and think I actually did the 5K. I am only doing the trailing that takes 2 months to do a 5K. Tomorrow will be the 3rd day of training. (Its 3 times a week) smile Just wanted to clairfy. I don't mean to sound negative but it is highly unlikely that I will be able to complete the training, although I am giving it a shot.

I can't lie, its really hard. My body feels stiff and old. But I'm hoping I will get stronger in my bones and muscles and I'll make progress towards more stamina. What else have I got to do besides get stiffer and older? I just hope I don't get injured. I'm being very careful.

Its almost 4 AM. I was tossing and turning so I got up and put away the clean dishes, folded the towels in the dryer and am sitting here now. I wonder if you are up Bronwyn.

I have been eating too much. I have dreams daily and nightly of getting slim again. It will happen, one good choice at a time. I need consistency. I can't seem to get out of my head. Same thing, different day.

Husband is still doing great. He hasn't missed a day and he has lost a couple more pounds. That puts himn about 10 pounds less than me. I need me some of that mojo!

debbie m.
posted 24-Mar-2013 1:53pm

1:3 was really hard today. I'm afraid of next week as the plan reverses the walking and jogging so you jog 90 seconds and walk 60 for 20 minutes. I might have to repeat the first week as I'm not sure I can do what is called for in week 2.
I was a little sick last night so that might have something to do with it. I will try and we will see.
During todays work out I caught myself with negative self talk. I can't do it. I want to quit. This is so hard, but I stopped and just repeated I can do it, I can do it. I needed some positive vibes and it helped me get through it.

Off to work 2:30 to 11.

Have a good Sunday everyone. smile
posted 24-Mar-2013 6:35pm

Debbie-You don't have to jog the whole 5K right? Anyway,good luck-you can only do your best! mY son and daughter in law ran a 10K today. I don't feel like posting calories, but I should get back to it tomorrow. This idea of eating until you are only 70% full-well, let's just say it could get out of hand. My daughter in law mentioned to me also along the line of stopping eating before you are full-that food expands in your stomach after you finish eating! Gross! That's no fair.
Debbie M.
posted 24-Mar-2013 9:21pm

The actual 5k dosn't come until June 1st. I sure hope I can do it. I'm sure I'll have to walk some of it.

I can't imagine a 10K. Have your kids been running for a long time?
Debbie M.
posted 25-Mar-2013 2:45pm

How is everyone today? The kids have a day off school so I am at home with them which is a treat during the week.

I feel like I want to feed my body better to have more energy to exercise. If I eat better and weigh less, it will be much easier to jog/walk. I am going to sign the whole family up for the 5 K today. I have heard it is ok to walk part of it. If I end up jogging a minute and walking a few it will be alright with me. I want to diet to weigh less for jogging at the same time the jogging will help me to lose the weight. Its a beautiful partnership.
posted 25-Mar-2013 9:24pm

I wish I could do the 5K with you - I would also jog a minute and walk a few minutes. My son has been running off and on since he was around 15 - He's 32 now. And I don't know about my daughter in law; but at least 3 years that I know of. What kind of sneakers do you have? Do you carry water? Don't you feel great when you run even a little- Sometimes I run a little during my walks-even 15 seconds now and then, but it feels great.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Mar-2013 12:21am

I have not carried water with me yet. I'm not usually gone more than 30 to 35 minutes at a time. I walk for 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after my 20 minutes of alternating walking and jogging. I do feel really good after. Last time I was pumped up enough to not want to go back into the house. I picked up sticks from the yard and swept out the garage. The best thing is that it has made me want to eat better. I know I will be so much more comfortable at a lower weight. I ordered some heavy duty running bras online. I hope they fit. I NEED them. You should have seen the getup I wore last week to keep those puppies in line!! lol smile

I'm a bit nervous as the work out calls for 90 seconds of jogging tomorrow(Tuesday). I know that will be hard for me. But it increases your walking time to two minutes from one and a half. I'll eat an hour before I go. I'm such a beginner but have found so much support on myfitnesspal. People are so encouraging that I really feel I can be successful. But what is successful? I used to think success was running the whole 5K. But now I know success is simply trying and doing more than I used to do. Having this to focus on and look forward to is priceless. Really, anything can be motivating if you are excited about it. Find something and do it.

I bought a great pair of Asics Gel GT-2170 last fall when I was having trouble with my hip. They are great and worth the money spent on them. They are slightly big but are just right if I wear two pairs of socks in them, which is good for running anyway.
Good night.
posted 26-Mar-2013 10:30am

Oh Debbie, you sound inspiring!!
"I used to think success was running the whole 5K. But now I know success is simply trying and doing more than I used to do. Having this to focus on and look forward to is priceless. Really, anything can be motivating if you are excited about it. Find something" That's sooo true.
Debbie don't forget to drink water all day..a LOT of it because it helps you lose weight that's a fact!
I am going to walk in the park for one hour and attend my yoga class in the afternoon!
It is my Easter week holiday and I am eating out everyday...I just want to enjoy the break time but food is the center of any activity and everything we do!! I am eating very healthy but way above my average calories.
I did not expect weight loss this week but I also did not gain any!! I am at 143 pounds. I make sure to drink water all day.
Good Tuesday everyone and let's be mindful of what we eat every meal and every snack.
warm wishes
Debbie M.
posted 26-Mar-2013 10:41am

OK!! I did it! I really had to keep with it and near the end I was actually yelling out at myself! Haha what a site. Week 2, work out 1 DONE! Plus an 18 minute cool down walk. I rock!

Thank you Sue, I hope you really enjoy your week. Good for you for doing yoga. I want to do that too.
Water, yes I need to drink more.

"I, for one, would much rather swoon over a few thin slices of prime beefsteak, or one small serving of chocolate mousse, or a sliver of foie gras than indulge to the full on such nonentities as fat-free gelatin puddings....The pleasures of the table that lovely old-fashioned phrase depict food as an art form, as a delightful part of civilized life. In spite of food fads, fitness programs, and health concerns, we must never lose sight of a beautifully conceived meal." - Julia Child

So lets be good to ourselves and take the time to create beautiful meals. Lets celebrate eating. smile
posted 27-Mar-2013 9:49am

Well, I guess I am going to live. I was sooooo sick the last few days I really doubted it. I went to church Sunday then a group of us went to lunch at the pizza place. I had a personal pan sausage pizza (which I have had dozens of times) I got home about 1 PM. By 3, I was feeling 'funny' by 5, it was full blown projectile vomiting. All evening, then about midnight the diarrhea started. This lasted till about 1 in the afternoon. A friend brought me some 7-up so I didn't get dehydrated. All day Tuesday I was wrung out like a dishrag. But today I am back in the swing of things. Taking it slow though. One good thing, I lost 4 pounds. I guarantee it will come back almost as quick as it went.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Mar-2013 10:58am

2gorjus, thats terrible. I remember being sick like that. I'm so glad you are feeling better now. Do you think it was food poisoning? Did anyone else in the group get sick? Thank goodness you are well again. It would be so nice for the 4 pounds to stay off. That would be the only consulation.

We had to have my van towed to the garage for repair and I think it will be done today. After all we have been though it, it needs new spark plugs and wires. I hope it will be good for a while because as old as it is I don't want to put a lot of money into it. Still its better than having a car payment. Seems like it always something taking a chink out of the budget. Life is expensive.

Lots of house work to do today so I better get busy. I need a dinner idea. What are you making?
posted 27-Mar-2013 8:13pm

2 gorgeous.... that sure sounds like food poisoning ..... I am so susceptible to food poisoning and have had it 6 times. I am leary of eating out, I do eat out but I am pretty careful (absolutely no buffets). I guarantee you will not have any sausage pizza cravings any time soon.

Had to put down our regal, handsome black standard poodle today (13 years old,,,, been a part of our family for ever). Sad day at our house frown
Debbie M.
posted 27-Mar-2013 9:58pm

Oh MY GOODNESS Bronwyn, I am so sorry about your dog. I can still cry at the putting down of my dog 4 years ago.
Time does help but it is still so painful. Its amazing how we get so attached to our furry friends. They give us so much and its only good. They listen to us when we are happy, sad, crabby and never give us anything but a knowing look. God gave us this wonderful creature for various reasons but I firmly believe they come to us for a reason. My pup was only 5 and a half so it came as a complete surprise to me when she got sick. I expected she would be with us unitl well into the teens years as small dogs live longer than some large breeds. She was a yorkie. I thought she would grow to a ripe old age because I thought I took such good care of her. But no one can predict the future. I think GOd gave her to me to get me though thebrain tumor surgery I went though. She was always at my side and stayed in bed with me every minute I recovered. I wish I sitll had her but it was not in the cards.
I know your heart is aching and there will be many tears. I hope time does heal the hole in your heart.
Once again I'm so sorry. Bye bye regal, handsome black standard poodle. (they are so beautiful)
posted 28-Mar-2013 1:41am

thanks deb......he will be missed

spending night 2 with my 5 week old son is out of town and i am just getting my daughter-in-law up to nurse,,,,,20 month old and 4 year old fast asleep

there is a reason we have our children younger...... so tired

eating totally off the wall.... need sleep, less stress and better eating schedule......OH EXERCISE WOULD BE GOOD IDEA AS WELL smile
posted 28-Mar-2013 8:26am

Oh My goodness Bronwyn, what a schedule. Are you making their meals too? You must be playing with the children during the day? I have a 17 month old grandson-I think he is the most fun thing in the world!! I was just at his house yesterday for a few hours-we had so much fun! I only see the 11 month old baby a few hours a month-the mother works full time, and they are busy on the weekends, and her family lives right around the corner.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Mar-2013 11:53am

I sure am looking forward to a new baby in the family someday. You girls make it sound wonderful. I havent gotten to hold a baby in so long.

I did my Couch to 5K today! It was the same as the first one this week. 5 minute brisk walk, then alternate jogging 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. Tnen I added a 15 minute cool down. I'm telling you it was not easy but your body responds when you push it. I have to say I didn't think I could do this but I am.

My scale was down today but I don't trust it. I might be dehydrated from drinking some wine yesterday. I'll weigh again tomorrow.
posted 28-Mar-2013 12:59pm

Debbie, where do you run? Is it in a neighborhood? I need somewhere to try what you're doing, and I'm a little embarrassed to run right in my own neighborhood.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Mar-2013 4:14pm

I am running in my own neighborhood. I too was embarrassed for my neighbors to watch me out the window. smile So I walk the first 5 minutes away from the house. I did not want to be too far from my house in case of injury so I run a block over and keep turning around and use the same couple streets. I've been so focused on my timer that I really don't notice much else going on around me. Today was the first time I actually ran past my house. I do it about 10 to 10:30 AM and I have not seen anyone out yet. I guess if someone saw me at this point I wouldn't care. I'm really proud that I am doing something at all!
I weighed myself this afternoon and it was only half a pound more than this morning so maybe I have lost some weight.
smile smile

You could go to a high school near by and use their track. I thought about that but I'm sticking close to home for now.
Really Kathy, nobody cares. Just do it!
posted 28-Mar-2013 9:37pm

Thanks, Debbie. I am going over a 'plan'- a route. It's been so awfully cold. I go to the gym and exercise-but the temp. outside just isn't inviting. But starting tomorrow it should be warm enough for a walk and a little 'run'.
posted 28-Mar-2013 9:38pm

Debbie-I don't even know when the high school track would be available. Weekends, and evenings I suppose?
Debbie M,
posted 28-Mar-2013 11:56pm

I'm pretty sure you can use a high school track anytime it isn't occupied by students. But I'd call the office and ask first just in case. Of course during track meets would be out but I think they would be empty most times during the day. I'd love to use a track especially for how clean and even it is to walk/jog on. I'm so happy for you to start. Let me know how it goes for you. Did you look up the Couch to 5K plan on the internet? They have some good tips for taking it easy and progressing slowly to avoid injury. Check it out.

I just finished week 2, work out 2. I'm going to just do it everyother day. That gives me 3 days one week and 4 days the next week. The rest day in between is so important for me to rest and recover.

How old are you Kathy? I'm 48. My birthday is near the end of June.
posted 29-Mar-2013 8:11am

I'm 62. I thought the track team would be using the track after school. Mid-day during school hours might be a possibility. I will look up Couch to 5K. I'm still going to go to the gym - I see friends in the classes there. When you're not working it's important to see friends regularly-they become like your work friends!
posted 29-Mar-2013 10:08am

Several of my friends walk in the cemetery!!! It is flat, smooth and fenced in. A very nice place to walk or run. You can also say hello to all your loved ones who are there waiting for you!!! OK thats a stretch, but it is a nice place to walk.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Mar-2013 11:43am

Hey thats a good idea about the cemetery. I asked my daughter about seeing other people at the track and she said there were some. I love that you have friends you are like seeing at the gym. Its so important to have friends. I don't see friends nearly enough.
Speaking of workiing. This is my holiday to work. Easter day 3:30 till 11. My mom is going to cook dinner and we will eat at 1. Then later in the day Husband is going to take our 3 girls to stay with releatives for a few days! It will be a mini vacation for us even though son will be home. He just works and does his thing. I also agreed to work an extra shift today. The money is good but I don't really want to be away form the kids. Today they start their Spring break.
Debbie M.I
posted 30-Mar-2013 8:31pm

I got in my run today. My husband went with me, as he did one day last week and he said he could tell I have already gotten stronger. My runs were 60 seconds at a time last week and today they were 90 seconds.
My sports bras came today and I am dissapointed. I can send them back if I want to. They don't fit as I wanted but I have not decided yet. Today I wore three of my regular bras all at the same time. lol

Happy Easter tomorrow.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Mar-2013 5:50pm

How is everyone on this beautiful Easter Day?

I had dinner at my moms house, bless her heart for cooking. I took baked beans. Now I am work until 11 tonight. :)

Husband took all the daughters down to mil and sil's house 2.5 hours away. He will be back without them by the time I get home. We will have a few days to ourselves. Its going to be nice but I will miss the girls. SOn will be home but doing his own thing with work and gaming.

Even though I know I am growing stronger I am afraid to do my week 3 workout tomorrow. Its much harder than last week and I feel like I could barely get the last one done. The program says I can repeat any part of the program over again if I feel I need to, but I don't want to waste my time either. I also don't want to push too hard and get burned out or injured. I suppose there is no right or wrong answer, just to do it according to how I feel. I just don't want to be lazy or regretful in either direction.

I'm going to try on those sports bras again before I send them back, I just don't think they will do the job. Iis too bad. I really wanted them to work out. For 40 bucks a piece I think they should be PERFECT.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Mar-2013 7:08pm

I have to tell you, this exercing is really helping to make better choices in my diet. I don't seem to want to eat things with flour and sugar in them as much. Its easier to make better choices because I have put all this effort into working out. Then I don't want to blow it by having a garbage filled diet. Making better choices has actually helped my carb crabings fade and this in turn has helped me eat less and a better qualitly of food. Its like one hand washing the other. smile
posted 31-Mar-2013 8:38pm

Debbie-Glad the exercise is working in several ways. Also-I think I have the best snacking idea yet-Buy a fresh bunch of parsley at the grocery store-mine is large leaf parsley. It is Very Tastey! And you get the satisfaction of chewing. Plus I eat it while sipping warm water with lemon. It's my tv snack now. I think I can prevent any weight gain this way. Even after you lose enough weight, you have to work at not gaining it back!
Debbie M.
posted 31-Mar-2013 9:21pm

Good tips kathy about always being diligent. Your "tea" sounds yummy.

Bronwyn, I know you are a self professed ranch snob. smile I'm not sure if you have before, but could you share your recipe? I had some commercial ranch dressing tonight, and although I liked it, I always think about you when I have it.

By the way, Connie!! Where are you?
posted 1-Apr-2013 5:41am

Debbie I must be a ranch dressing snobsmile..... I never have ranch. If I used to make my own I don't remember the recipefrown I do hate the ingredients in most salad dressings you buy. I always make oil and vinegar dressings.

Kathy... chewing on parsley.... you will have the best breath in town smile You certainly can't knock a healthy, green snack like that. Not going to lie I really enjoy popcorn with a movie.... never even thought of parsley smile

Deb you can do week 3.... you are doing so well smile

Too much sugar today..... easter candy, treats a friend brought over, grandson's 3rd birthday party...............I want to get back to good eating. I have been off track for a while and I hate the way I feel when I eat poorly.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Apr-2013 8:51am

Thanks Baonwyn, MAybe it was Connie who made her owon dressing.

I'm about to get dressed to do my work out. I'll let you know how it goes.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Apr-2013 5:48pm

Lots of typos going on up there. Sorry.
posted 1-Apr-2013 11:29pm

Debbie, you are really doing it !! wow !!
chest bras are the best!! believe it or not I started wearing them just few months ago for the first time in my life!! They are so comfortable and supportive at walking, yoga, or any exercise you do..I got them from macy's they were on sale...
Bronwyn, I am like you, my salad dressing is lime or lemon, olive oil, or vinegar! clean, yummy and healthy..
and I have two granddaughters but I would love to have a grandson, day!
I am not losing weight for some reason..I guess I have to move more and eat less!
my easter break is over... it was short and sweet....will be back to school tomoro...I am just like students, don't feel like going back to class after having a break!
Let's all be mindful of what we eat!
warm wishes
Debbie M.
posted 2-Apr-2013 9:23am

Thanks for the well wishes but yesterday did not go so well. I was all ready to try my next work out and with my first jogging step I had a strang pain in my knee. I decided to walk the whole day. I felt a strang stiffness. Today I"m a wreck. I feel like my knees are still and maybe puffy on the inside. Ibuprophen today.
posted 2-Apr-2013 12:30pm

Dang knees.... know all about annoying pain and restrictions with kneesfrown Maybe do 2nd week again and build super slow.

Leaving tomorrow to go to the States to see my pregnant, very sick, daughter. Excited but, as always wish I was thinner and the whole trip would be more pleasant. So sick of the emotional and physical pain, and unhappiness with my weightfrown
posted 2-Apr-2013 12:40pm

What is a chest bra? Dont they all go on your chest? Maybe I am just dense.

Debbie, take care of that knee. That is my major problem. I cant do much of anything because of my knee.

Still not losing. Stuck at 168.8. I need to see what I am doing wrong and correct it.

On the bright side, baseball season is here! My grandson is a senior this year so it is bittersweet. Next year, it's on to Valporaiso University. Up fairly close to you, isn't it Debbie?
posted 2-Apr-2013 1:10pm

Hi ladies. I am doing this online diet bet thing. You put money into the pot by credit/debit card and the one I am doing is a goal of losing 4% in 28 days. My cousin set it up and I am hoping it is the kick start that I need. The pot grows as people join. Whoever makes it to the 4% goal splits the pot. It is located at
Bronwyn: Sorry about the loss of your dog. My Dachshund, Matilda is 8 today.
Debbie: I hope your knees are better soon. I actually looked up to couch to 5K plan it might be something I will try. I remember when your little one got sick. Time just flies by doesn't it?
Have a great day.
posted 2-Apr-2013 4:58pm nice to hear from you. I am going to check out the site you mentioned.

I wondered about the chest bra as well smile

Okay I have decided to lose 10 lbs. instead of 50 smile Maybe that will be more doable,,,,, it will at least get me back into my clothes (not that I am going naked or anything smile
posted 2-Apr-2013 11:06pm

Honest to God, here in Los Angeles they call it, "chest bra"...oh my! that's so funny..ahahahaa..ladies ladies..2gorjus, Bronwyn..It was Debbie who brought it up when she mentioned that she was shopping for a sport bra or exercise bra..You know what I am talking about now? the comfy type that is soft, wirefree, no straps and keeps the twins in their place! smile

Feel better, Debbie!
posted 3-Apr-2013 1:44am

Well that is funny... that in Los Angeles they have to specify where to put your bra smile

Here we know where our bras go when we are wearing them and when we aren't wearing them they can be put in a chest of drawers smile
posted 3-Apr-2013 9:29am

Funny, Bronwyn. Maybe it's a California thing. Sue are you a Valley Girl??? HaHa!

Once many, many years ago we had a house fire. Afterwards, we had to write down everything that was in the house that was lost in the fire. One of the things my husband wrote down for the bedroom was a Maple 4-drawer Chester drawers!!! We laughed about that for years.
posted 3-Apr-2013 11:20am

2gorjus, yes I am smile
Debbie M.
posted 3-Apr-2013 11:24am

Well I have been peplexing about the chest bra for days! I even looked on line at macy's but found nothing! I decided it was a sports bra that came across the top of the chest as well as the bottom and flattened everything else out in between. smile Thanks Sue, wink smile (We belive you)

My knees are no better than they were. I guess I really did them in. I know I have unstable knees but I thought as long as I kept them straight they would be ok. They do not like it, so I no choice but to rest until they feel normal again.

I started to get very depressed about it because yet again I am literally tripped up in my quest for fitness and trimness. But then I decided to go the the library and find some dvd's on yoga and pilates. I checked out 7 of them and can used them for 3 weeks. Surely I can still build muscle and strength without having to strain my knees.

And the best thing it about it is.........I won't need a chest bra!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming......................
Debbie M.
posted 3-Apr-2013 1:05pm

Oh bother, typos again. Sorry.
posted 3-Apr-2013 10:16pm

Oh, yes, my dear Debbie, most definitely you will need a two drawer chester bra to do certain yoga positions, just ask 2gorjus smile ahahahaa..ahahahaaa...
Debbie M.
posted 4-Apr-2013 12:42am

HAHAHA For sure! A DD two drawer chester bra! I miss the days of a meer B chester. But what ever I have, I would just like it back up where it used to be. frown
I was going to do one of those dvd's today but procrastinated. At least all the laundry is done, the kitchen and one bathroom is clean.
I'll be picking up the girls tomorrow. A 6 hour round trip. Thats if I don't stick around and visit, which I will, so I need to get an early start if I want to be home by supper when hubby get home from work.

Good night all.
posted 4-Apr-2013 1:40am

Sorry Sue but I think we will all be having some fun with the chest bra for a while smile It is obvious that we were all unaquainted with that saying. I am on the road (well in a motel).... tried to eat well today. It is so easy to snack needlessly when you are traveling.... I did reasonably well.

Deb don't get discouraged.... running just may not be the right exercise for your knees, I know it isn't for mine. Google exercises for strengthening your knees. I am not nearly enough consistent enough with my knee exercises or any other exercise but, I do believe the knee exercises will help if I get more consistent.

Well long day tomorrow.... better get to sleep.
posted 4-Apr-2013 2:05am

I toguhht the same thing when I first heard about it. I toguhh, What on earth is the appeal in a bunch of old shoes hanging from a tree. But I was definitely wrong. It is more like a collection- some shoes on the tree look brand new! But I think it's to show that people are more than what we seem. It seems silly but I like to think that a bunch of strangers throwing shoes into a tree shows that there is a part of people that we sometimes forget is there.Everyone still has an inner child and can believe in something different.
posted 4-Apr-2013 2:06am

The shoe tree has its own beauty about it gelnraely when I think of shoes hanging off of things I think of garbage or waste or stuff that someone doesn't want anymore, but the shoe tree is different. It's just a collection!I love all of your Michigan photographs everyone looks so happy.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Apr-2013 8:46am

I saw a program on TV yesterday about intermittent fasting. On the fasting days you actually could eat very healthy food up to about 400 to 500 calories. You do that for two days. Then you have 5 feeding days. Did anyone else see it? His name was Michael
Debbie M.
posted 4-Apr-2013 8:48am

oooooops.........sorry, Michael Mosley. Look him up. Very interesting information.
Getting on the road too soon. I'll be thinking about you Bronwyn. Be safe.
posted 5-Apr-2013 7:40am

The Final Friday Docktail Parties are a HUGE SUCCESS!!! A BIG Shout Out goes out to CRAIG BRIDGES for your part in making the Sarasota Sailing Squadron THE PLACE TO BE on the FINAL FRIDAYS of the month. It's a great time with a great band (from 7:30-10:00pm) and great fdrines. And is family friendly, too. We wouldn't miss it.
Debbie M.
posted 5-Apr-2013 11:50am

surprise Pilates is not for weenies!!!
posted 9-Apr-2013 12:29pm

I'm back and it looks like a lot of trolls have been here smile I exercised today and I am recording my food. True story Debbie..... "pilates is not for weenies".... nor any other exercise for that matter frown
Debbie M.
posted 9-Apr-2013 4:01pm

Welcome back Bronwyn. Glad you are safe and sound. smile
I have decided on a diagnosis for my knees. I did not see a doc. I'm going to try to strengthen the muscles around knee caps by sitting and putting weights on my feet then holding the legs out and bending them slowly. This is suppose to build up strength and reduce the pain that comes from climbing stairs by keeping the knee cap in line. Wish me luck. This might be good for you too BRonwyn.
Dr. Debbie smile
Debbie M.
posted 11-Apr-2013 11:36am

I've had a cold for a few days but I got a lot of sleep last night for the first time in a while so I feel pretty rested. THe knees are finally feeling almost back to normal. You really have no idea how good it is to feel good until you don't. Lets count our blessings.
I've been looking some more at Micheal Mosleys programs on PBS. He has 3 programs that I know of and they are enlightning in the areas of diet and exercise. Try to look catch them some time. I actually found one to view online. Its called Eat, Fast and Live Longer. The other one that is coming up os called Gut. And there is one on exercise, don't know the name. The science behind it all is very interesting to me. Maybe you'd enjoy it too. One study showed how they put sucrose into the drinking water of mice and its effects on them developing disease very early in their lives. There goes that sugar getting a bad wrap again. But we knew that didn't we?
posted 11-Apr-2013 1:15pm

I am checking it out Debbie.... I will get back to you when I understand it better. However from the little reading I have done it is not complex...... 2 (not same back to back) days a week eat only 500 calories and then eat normally the other 5.
posted 11-Apr-2013 5:46pm

Hi Everyone,
Debbie and Bronwyn I am a firm believer in fasting and I have done it numerous times in my life. I have been trained since childhood to fast for religious reason but when I came to this country I stopped doing the traditional religious fasting. Fasting is an ancient method to cleanse, heal and lose a LOT of weight. There are so many types of fasting and the ultimate one is the water fasting (some claim they healed all kinds of serious illness including cancer by just water fasting). I have done water fasting three times in my life and typically you lose a pound a day! Most important thing is to educate yourself about the subject as much as possible to make it a successful and beneficial experience. Your body and your mind have to be prepared to go through it because it is not easy specially water fast. My last water fast was in 2005 and It was for 12 days, it was life changing experience. I think I lost about 15 pounds! I felt spiritually and mentally enlightened! Honestly I don't have words to describe the experience..
Today with the internet you can find tons of info, websites, forums, youtubes, blogs, stories, etc about all kinds of fasting...
one thing about aches and pains (knee and joints pain) remedy... ginger root is the secret. Try to incorporate ginger into your daily diet and you will feel a LOT better!! There are so many ways to do that. My favorite is peel a small piece (size of your thumb) cut into small pieces and pour boiling water on. cover and let it sit for a while, squeeze lime and sip all day!!
and my weight is the same...
warm wishes
Debbie M.
posted 12-Apr-2013 12:25pm

Thank you Sue for the ginger recommendation. I bought some today and will try it out this afternoon.

Also, I appreciate your experience with fasting. I'm not sure I wouold want to do a 2 week fast but I am interested in the well documented health benefits of intermittent fasting.

I am doing the Fast-5 diet that I found online. IF you want to know more about it just google Fast-5 diet summary. You can even download the whole book for free. But the summary gives a great idea about what it entails. Its super simnple. Its fasting but you get to eat everyday.

What country are you from Sue? Your English is great.

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