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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 29-Feb-2016 9:17am

I know it's much harder for you Debbie, than for me. I can clean out the kitchen, you have teenagers at home that are not eating this way. The temptations wear you down. I can only say I am ready to do this. For a long time I wasn't. I couldn't stay on it for more than 3 or 4 days. Having passed the first few days, I really am craving free. It feels like it may stick this time. 164 this morning. I am going to try a few more of the recipes on FB this week. I'll let you know which ones I like. Last night I made the cloud bread with sour cream to have with my soup, it was awesome!
posted 1-Mar-2016 7:49pm

Tonight I had the "mock mac and cheese." Soooo good!
posted 3-Mar-2016 9:23am

Down 1/2 lb. Yesterday I made healthy salt and vinegar chips in my dehydrator using zucchini. I don't care for vinegar, but the rest of my family loves them. Next I'll make Parmesan chips using cucumbers, then maybe some tomato chips. Something new to add to my list of nfns foods.
posted 4-Mar-2016 2:57pm

Wow,,,,Connie is back and as usual rocking the program😎😎😎. I have been working at getting back at the no sugar part at least. I read some disturbing news about chocolate,,,,,,my nemesis. Reports are saying that even high quality dark chocolate has been found to have lead and cadium in it. I am trying to stay away from chocolate and, using this information as inspiration. I need some bright lines in my eating to be able to have success.

Connie, the Chips are a great idea. I am curious about the cloud bread.

Debbie,,,,,,we can do this 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
posted 5-Mar-2016 11:54am

Morning ladies. Yesterday I was down 1/2 lb, bringing my total weight loss down to seven lbs. I feel only the slightest bit better in my yoga pants. I made the cashew sauce with sautéed spiralized sweet potato noodles and spinach. It was good, I added some diced baked chicken to it. I have never had cashew sauce, it was interesting. I grew on me as I ate it and will make it again. I dehydrated some fugi apples (my favorite) and they were wonderful. I made them for a seven year old girl who spent the night with me, she gobbled them down! The vinegar chips came out way too salty. I am going to make them again without adding any salt. Unfortunately, hubby and seven year old made pancakes this morning and I had to have one. Oh well.

Nice to hear from you Bronwyn, our resident food aficionado. We can always use your tips and advice. That is sad news about dark chocolate, that's my favorite as well. Where are you living now? I made the cloud bread with sour cream, but next I am going to make it with cream cheese to see which I like best.

How are you doing Debbie? I thought of you the other day, the weather was nice and I know you like to walk when the weather permits. Are you still working part time? You would probably benefit from some sun shine. I turned my dinning room into my sitting (knitting) room. It is the only room in our house that gets any sun light. I love it!

It seems winter has flown by, we really barely had a winter here in west TN, this is the perfect time for all of us to give this another go. Here's to use ladies...the group that just will not give up!
posted 7-Mar-2016 10:24am

Uh oh! Gained a pound, too much of some good things I guess. But I'll keep trudging along...can't hurt, might help.
posted 11-Mar-2016 2:47am

I just keep reading so many negative things about sugar. I find it hard to get sugar totally out of my life. I definitely do not eat as many treats as often as I used to but, I need to do so much better.

Connie we moved from Montreal back to Alberta just before Christmas. We have bought a little house and we are doing renovations. I don't have a kitchen at the moment....ripped out. I am using that as a bit of an excuse for not really following an eating program......always an excuse, eh😁😩😳😡
Debbie M.
posted 15-Mar-2016 3:37pm

Congrats on the house Bronwyn. I know it must feel pretty good to have your own place again. Do you miss your big house? Its sure was beautiful. I am recovering from a pulled muscle in you mif back right side. Its very painful and I have muscle relaxers and pain killers to help me out. My doc said I should not work while on them as I have responsibilities that might suffer if I needed to call a code. I took part of last week off and now the rest of this week as well. Who knew a pulled muscle could be so blasted painful.
I am working 22 hours a week now Connie. Still every other Sunday but they are all day time hours now. I recently caught up with a friend of mine who I used to go to grade school with. Lisa was and is a dear friend that I am glad to be reunited with. She has the same weight problem I have.
I hate to admit my weight. I would be so embarrassed to have anyone know what it is. At the same time why do I not do something about it. Here I sit in sweat pants and a zip up sweat shirt to hide my disgusting stomach. I won't be able to do that when the warmer weather comes. We have had such a nice mild winter. Its 65 today and it reminds me of how my "cold" weather days are dwindling away. I need to get on usual. I have not been walking at all. WE got a puppy a couple weeks ago and hope to walk her. If fact I might walk her today. her name is Scout and she is a black Lab. We got her from a breader in Michigan near Jackson. Boy are puppies a lot of work. She is at the stage where everything goes in her mouth including your hands. Ugh. She is cute though.
Debbie M.
posted 15-Mar-2016 3:38pm

Sorry, I meant mid back, right side.
posted 21-Mar-2016 11:26pm

Ah,,,,, mid back, right side,,,, I was wondering😂😂😂. Debbie we can stop the crazy train,,,,, sugar is the engineer of the crazy train. Why would this be such a tough thing to beat.... I just don't get it. Every day I plan to stay away from sugar,,,,,but, I am seldom successful. I know that removing sugar really helps to curb appetite and cravings.
Debbie M.
posted 23-Mar-2016 7:26pm

My back pain is all gone. It lasted nearly 4 weeks. Crazy. Speaking of Crazy train. I'm on it too. I fail everything I feel a the slightest resolve. It never lasts long.
posted 2-Apr-2016 10:09am

Blew my healthy eating plan for awhile. Back on starting today. Sometimes my "want to" just disappears! I'm not getting out of the house much, things are stressful here. Today I think I'll go look at atc fitness. And I thought about maybe trying meal replacement shakes, but which one? There are so many and I want one without sugar or chemical sugar. I need to have more social interaction, but that is hard for me. I think I'm becoming slightly depressed. But today I will try for healthy options, one day at a time I guess.

We redid our kitchen years back and it pretty much ruined me for fast food. What a bother it was!

I had to put one of our dogs down this week, she was 18, while at the vet a puppy came in and I caught puppy fever! Puppies are a huge amount of work, but geez, they are wonderful! We have had 2 black labs, they are such a wonderful breed.

Great day ladies,
Debbie M.
posted 2-Apr-2016 2:29pm

Connie we just got a puppy 5 weeks ago. She is a tremendous amount of work. But, as you already know, because you already have had dogs,after you put the work in, they are right where you want them and it all pays off. The best thing for a broken heart is a puppy for sure. Our pup is a joy and beautiful we are in full training mode. Ugh.
I have had success in the last week. Down three pounds. I feel like I can do this but I have a very long path to travel.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Apr-2016 6:15pm

Oh Connie, I forgot to say how sorry I am that your dog is gone. I lost a dog 5 or 6 years ago and it took so long to get along without her. What was your dogs name and what kind was she? 18 sure is a long time to live. That means you took very good care of her and you and she were blessed with a very long life. Was she a Lab as well? Seems like maybe she was a smaller dog as they usually live a little longer than Labs. The dog I lost was a Yorkie and she was only 5.5. I believe she had Lymphoma. Such a sad time with so much heart ache. Blessings to you COnnie. Tell us if you get a puppy new friend. :) We can raise them together.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Apr-2016 10:16am

I just looked at Ezekiel Bread in the frozen food section and it is up to $7.09 a loaf for the cinnamon raisin.
Our puppy has boundless energy. Its exhausting.
posted 23-Aug-2016 11:22am

I keep trying! I'm just eating too much.
posted 25-Aug-2016 9:08pm

Totally out of cooking for the last two weeks. Have a cold/cough for a few days. . I've been stationed in my recliner
posted 25-Aug-2016 9:09pm

Listening to politics, haha
Debbie M.
posted 21-Sep-2016 2:33am

Has anyone here tried no flour no sugar in combination with Fast-5? Dr. Bert Herring's program is amazing. I have lost 25 pounds since May 15 of this year doing Fast-5 alone. Ted Talks has a 16 minute video on him talking about the Fast-5 program. This is how I got introduced to him. He has a free book online that you can read. It has been available at no charge for ocer 10 years. Now he has an additional book called AC: The Power of Appetite Correction that you can buy, which I did. I highly recommend you read them.
Let me know if you do and what you think. Connie, I think you would do really good at this way of eating. :)
Debbie M.
posted 21-Sep-2016 2:37am

Another great read, which will change your relationship with food, is a book called The Obesity Code by Dr.Fung. It is filled with reasearch on the obesity epidenic, that America has been experiencing since the 1970's and why asnd how to overcome it.
posted 2-Oct-2016 3:49pm

I've heard of the Fast 5. I'll research it. I've been having raw vegetable with a little more than a dot of sour cream. Really chases away hunger!
posted 2-Oct-2016 3:49pm

That was me.
Debbie M.
posted 10-Oct-2016 3:13pm

Hi Kathy, good to see you. :)
Debbie M.
posted 21-Nov-2016 5:37pm

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
posted 26-Nov-2016 6:20pm

I just heard about this nfns diet/lifestyle. Any suggestions? Thanks!
posted 3-Mar-2017 8:20am

Morning I started 2 weeks ago and have felt great and lost 8 pounds..while the belly fat is what I need to remove, I must add that the swelling in my joints and pain are almost massage therapist was amazed at my thumbs..that were always inflamed and I can open jars and no pain..HAPPY for sure ! Every 2 days I make a pot of low carb soup and I eat it through the day or before my meals..eggs for brkfst and fruit..snack on nuts..started exercising this week and water aerobics next week , my metabolism tested at a slow 4 which is like at 61 I am getting healthy..Blessings to all on this journey
posted 20-Mar-2017 7:56am

Well, it's funny how life can be sometimes. I am back to my highest weight ever...I totally bailed on NFNS and then went nuts on food for quite awhile and here I am! Meanwhile, some of my sisters started NFNS after the great results I had and now they have lost weight. So, now I need to catch up with them. I'm going to commit to NFNS AGAIN and I'll look up fast 5 as well as dig out my hope diet book. Looks like I'm going to be reading today. I'm back at the point where I've grown out of all my clothes, such an awful place to be. But I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and now I have to deal with it. I have some great incentives, a couple of family trips this summer, but it feels like it's going to be harder this time. I have to read, read, read to get my head in the right place. I'll weigh in a couple of days from now and start posting. I wish us all strength and commitment in our goals!
posted 13-May-2017 3:19am

Hey Connie hello😎. I am attempting fast 5 with Debbie. Commitment is my struggle. I did Fast 5 last July through Nov. The only thing I changed was eating in a 5 hour window. I lost about 11 lbs and kept it off through the holidays and early part of 2017. It really doesn't matter what program you do..... what makes the difference I think is to keep doing it. I started having a longer and longer window, which gave me more and more opportunity to consume excess calories. My weight is up 4 or 5 lbs..... a constant battle. I came here tonight thinking of combining Fast 5 with NFNS...... that may be a winner.

I was glad to see your name here, it has been a long time. Sorry to hear your weight is up...... have you been able to get back with doing NFNS?
posted 24-May-2017 8:26am

Beginning...AGAIN!!!! Ugh! I have not been able to stick to NFNS for any length of time and I'm trying to figure out why. There are a few obstacles I can figure out easily, but I have to admit I'm probably my own biggest problem. My husband was away for a year and my diet just went way down hill. He's been back a year and I'm still trying to get back in the kitchen concentrating on fresh foods but I just don't want to! I'm in day 2 of this attempt and trying not to be stressed. Last night I fixed 2 dinners, one for me and one for my husband. He does not care for NFNS so that's going to be a struggle. Just have to do the best I can.
posted 24-May-2017 12:45pm

Made myself get on the scales...don't know how accurate they are...177.6. Could have been worse!
posted 25-May-2017 10:48am

Hi Bronwyn! It is good to hear from you. I'm on day 3 and it feels pretty good. I gave up cheese (my favorite food!) and last night I noticed I could see my ankle bones. Huh! I didn't realize how much sodium is in cheese. I'm keeping my options small while I begin this attempt, trying to keep from getting overwhelmed. So far, so good!
posted 2-Jun-2017 4:49am

Hi Connie. I am also struggling to be consistent with NFNS or with Fast 5. I really want to get back into the groove. I had expected to see some success on the scale this morning...... I was gravely disappointed to see a gain instead of a loss. It really set me off on a bad day of eating😔

Tomorrow is a new day ..... actually, it is the middle of the night and, I so wish I was sleeping😳😁😣
posted 8-Jul-2017 8:04pm

Starting over...again. I went back to my original posts, looking for inspiration, I have to do this. My weight is higher now than it was all those years ago. I need to keep it simple, stay on track, and stay out of the kitchen. I'm going to see if I can get some time under my belt before I weigh again and post it. Anyone else out there?
posted 10-Jul-2017 8:07am

178.6 yesterday.
posted 11-Jul-2017 6:42am

177.2 this morning. No snacking between meals. Portion control. Lots of water.
posted 18-Jul-2017 8:50am

Went out of town for a family reunion and of course ate everything!!!! 179.4 this morning. Back on track.

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