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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 1-Jan-2009 9:37pm

Oh my Goodness....I just read over Hilda's comments about measurements.....that post probably came in while I was typing.....I could probably find a tape measure big enough, but I would never, and I mean NEVER recover from the shock!!! but it would be interesting, though
posted 1-Jan-2009 10:24pm

Debster, keep weighing at WW for the time being. Or get a new set of scales. Watching our weight is a GREAT way of staying on track. And do take your measurements. I took mine recently. I wish I had done it long ago because I lost weight and my jackets are now too big. It would have been interesting to compare.

Be happy of heart Debster! You are going to change your life. You have a lot to lose and that will take some time. But you will have noticeable results sooner than you think. Trust me, just stay away from F&S. And watch your portion sizes. I don't mean starve, just be sensible. When you get hungry between meals, choose something that will not sabotage your eating plan. Make sure your pantry is stocked. Then relax, it will happen.

Bronwyn, you sound ready to go! I've been waiting for you to catch up with me. Come on.

And thanks everyone for your kind words. I am in a good place emotionally. I will be fine.
posted 1-Jan-2009 10:44pm

Well I haven't had any flour or any sugar today.....woohoo for me. However, I didn't get out like I planned to and get groceries and a book to keep a journal in. I haven't eaten really balanced actually I really need some groceries but still I haven't had any flour or that is a start. My drive way is about a 1/4 of a mile long and it is totally blown over,,,,,like I am basically snowed in. I should have taken a run for it and seen if I could make it out but I just wasn't up to the drama of being stuck. My husband and the kids are in the 4 wheel drive and they made it out when they left this morning (they called back and said it was pretty iffy in spots).....I should have followed them out but I was moping around here and then the wind picked up again and the driveway got even more drifted.

hmmm.......,measurements,,,,,I still don't think I want to measure or weigh today.....a couple of days of NFNS and then I will do the recording. Debster you know the truth is weight isn't truly the issue it is how our weight makes us feel....your weight makes you feel bad and my weight makes me feel bad. Maybe we just really need to take triplet Mum's advice and be happy to lose slowly but surely. The problem is that when it is slow I am not sure it will continue. Part of my problem is being so impatient with the process and so tired of the process that I give up too quickly. I have said so many times that patience is the key but I don't listen to my own advise on that.....I know I did not gain weight over night but I still want to lose it that waysmile
posted 2-Jan-2009 12:55am

I was watching Benny Hinn briefly tonight and he had a doctor on the show talking about how drinking tea suppresses your appetite and also spices can help you lose weight.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Jan-2009 3:33am

In my new book YOU ON A Diet, it recommends eating 6 walnuts 20 minutes before eating a meal. The nuts will leave your stomach and begin to enter your duodenum which releases the chemical that triggers your satisfaction recognition in your brain. That makes you eat less. When I woke up at 1:00 I decided to do the dishes. I ate 6 walnuts before I started and I'm still not hugry for anything else. I think there may be something to this.

I broke my coffee pot while cleaning up the kitchen. My husband is going to freak out in the morning. He drinks coffee everyday. About 3/4 of a pot. I'm sure I'll be running out to find a replacement. I only drink a mug or so each day. I find I really don't need it anymore. I also have started to drink it with only 1% milk and not splenda. I just feel better somehow.

I want to give each of you a cyber hug. Debster especially you. Don't you dare get a new scale. You will be registering on your scale in no time at all.

Bronwyn, I know your heart is breaking over your kids but you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and do what you need to do! I'm happy to hear a tone of determination in your voice. Even if you keep having to start over and over. And its super you have been NS/NF today, that is great!

My kids made gingerbread cookies last night. I didn't have one. It was easy to resist some how. I had 6 walnuts at a couple different times yesterday, maybe that helped. My husband on the other hand promply had 3 cookies and milk. He should have known better (had gastric bypass, remember?) He felt terrible. He bloated up and felt yucky. Had to take Gas-Ex. He was mad at himself. Thats the beauty of that surgery. There are consequenses for your actions.

Does green tea come in decaf? And is it as good for you as the regular stuff? I'm thinking about drinking that tomorrow. I might have some blueberry green tea.

Good night to anyone who may still be up. (Connie, Bronwyn) I think I'll read for a while and then check back.

Debbie M.
posted 2-Jan-2009 3:42am

I just remembered we have an identical coffee maker in our camper. All I have to do is run out and get the pot. Life is good. :o) To bed now.
posted 2-Jan-2009 9:23am

Good morning.....thanks for the support....I was going to order a new scale at this morning but you are right, Debbie.....I will not need to be in the 3's much longer and I am not going to waste my money. I am going to be in the 2's in 2-3 weeks at the most, so there. I am going out either tonight or tomorrow and stock my kitchen. I am throwing out all of the garbage and I am starting this new year fresh. I will take my measurements this weekend also. I may not share them yet but I will share them at some point.....when I can look back and say, Can you believe that I was once??????? Hey, do the same thing....we'll share in about 3 months....when we have fantastic results...and we will.

I am buying a supply of walnuts....does it have to be walnuts or do any kind of nuts work? I am partial to almonds and cashews....but if it must be walnuts, then walnuts it is...... are in my thoughts and prayers today. I am glad that you are in a good place emotionally.....stay in that place.

Debbie....don't forget to replace the pot in the camper when the snow far, no snow where we's just around the corner though.
posted 2-Jan-2009 9:24am

That's me.....Anonymous again....that's what happens when I type at work.
posted 2-Jan-2009 10:14am

Hi All -
Connie, a big hug for you. I know you feel like you're ok with how Jerry is, but you may want to try going to Al-Anon for some support and ideas on coping effectively. I have a very close friend whose 9+ years sober, and she is a true source of inspiration for me. She can't understand F&S addiction anymore than I can understand addictions to alcohol, but we do agree that an addiction is an addiction (high-functioning or not).
Triplet Mom - I agree that slow and steady is the true answer for long-term success, but I tend to be exactly like Bronwyn -- I want it over and I want it now!! Stupid and unrealistic, and has proven VERY unsuccessful. So, I'm going forward and doing it like you, one step at a time, even if it's a baby step.
I had oatmeal for breakfast yesterday and today, plus I'm using the Ezekiel bread for a sandwich at lunch. Dinner is protein and vegetables. For me, getting the 30 minutes of exercise a day is the killer -- I have to plan it in; otherwise, I run out of time by the end of the day. Once I get into the groove I should be ok. The effects of the sugar and flour withdrawal will kick in over the weekend, so maybe I can just pull the covers over my head until it's over. :)
The biggest difference is having all of you to share with and I am so grateful for that. Maybe this will be my year of success!
Do any of you know of a good sugar-free yogurt? I love Greek yogurt, but I just noticed that it has 7 grams of sugar in it!! Damn! I like having yogurt and a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack.
Debster, you'll be successful this time. Stay focused and keep posting to this site even when you're "bad" (hate that word - think I'll use "off plan" instead). We're all human beings with the same disease. I believe every one of us can empathize and sympathize with you and with each other. I am trying again, because if I don't, I truly believe that my life will be cut short and I still have a lot I want to do.
Have a good day and good weekend everyone!
posted 2-Jan-2009 11:05am

Morning all. I was up all night with a sore and scratchy throat. Great. I have taken all kinds of cold meds (hate them) and maybe I'll nip it in the bud.

Welcome to 2009, our year to shine! The first step should be to get rid of all the junk...I mean out of the house. I did that when I tried South Beach. It is such a fundamental step. If your not storing F&S, you really realize it is not part of your life. Also, you can't blow it in a moment of weakness if it's not handy. In time, you will find other things to eat when you want something "special." Mish, can you have plain yogurt with fruit and some Splenda? Or a banana? Cashews are allowed, just make sure you don't over do it. I always carry a small amount of them in my purse for when I'm away from home and need to eat something. It does the job. But watch out on how many.

I never liked rice or cashews. But now I love them. My taste buds were so tuned into sugar, everything else paled by comparison. Now, I'm enjoying real food and loving it. I have yet to prepare something from my new cook book, maybe I can come up with something today to make.

My weight this morning was 149.6. My average weight loss is now at 1.85 lbs a week. Over time my average keeps going slowly down. By my year anniversary I'll surely be at 1 lb a week. Just like the book said.

I am so happy for all of us. We all know what we want, how to get it and are feeling very committed. Maybe we've danced around the program, or bailed soon into it or gave it a good shot and became bored. Whatever. But we have never got the idea of NFNS out of our minds. We can't eat junk and not think about what the science is and why it's toxic to us. So let's quit fighting our good sense. The holidays are over. The excuses are used up. Nothing has been lost that can't be found. And we are so worth it. We need to take back our lives. When I mentioned awhile back that I was in a power struggle with my husband over my life, alcohol was involved. But I made a stand, I stuck to my guns and my life is now better. I like myself better, even he likes me better. Don't be afraid to change things. Eat to live.
posted 2-Jan-2009 12:34pm

This is triplet mom. Yes, I do not even use splenda or any articial sweetner. Anything that is not organic-made in chemical lab-I will not eat or give to my kids. For sweetner, I substitute pureed apples. I chop up the apples and add to the bananna bread recipe in NFNS cookboos or use dates/figs for sugar. I do not believe in eating anything artifical. My doctor's agree with me.

Today for breakfast - Coffee with unsweetned soymilk, banana bread, and fruit (apples)

I walked 30 minutes today to get a lotto ticket and returned.

This is my day off and will be shopping with my friend-window shopping and see Marley and me. We will sneak in or snack food, raisins, bottled water, and nuts, rice cakes.

My friend tried Weight Watchers for 3 years. Her weight goes up and down. I told her to try NFNS for 3 months. She checked with her doctor and everything is go.

This forum is for support. If you did not do well today, at least you tried. There is tommorow. Maybe try eating NFNS for breakfast one week. Then NFNS the following week, Dinner the next week.

I also hate to exercise. That is why I combine everything. If I shop at Costco I walk up and down the aisles for a few minutes then go back to get my items. Also make sure I eat before, so I can't touch the samples.

At work, I take the stairs, park far. At home, I vacuum, dust once a week as part of fitness. I go to park with the kids on Saturdays. The greatest investment I purchased from a garage sale is a $10 stationary bike. Whilel dinner is cooking, I get on the bike for 20 minutes.

You can make exercising fun without thinking about it. I hate the gyms. Also if we have bad weather, I have exercise DVD's I can workout at home.

Just try to move 30 minutes. Also, for one month I unplugged the TV--That help me from sitting on my butt and become a couch potato. Try it
Debbie M.
posted 2-Jan-2009 1:19pm

That is good advise about the TV. I think I am addicted to it. Its on a lot when I am here at home with no one else around. I like to watch The Price is Right in the late morning when I am cleaning up the kitchen from the morning breakfast and starting supper and making my lunch. Also the show The Doctors is on. I think we should have a TV in the family room that will only run if you are walking on a treadmill. heh
I wish spring would come earlie this year. I miss my bike.
I need to get the ns/nf cook book.
I got all my Christmas decor put away. We store it in boxes under the basement stairs. We vacuumed under there and I tossed some things I don't love anymore. It feels good to be done with that.
Going bowling with the family today.
Be good everyone.
posted 2-Jan-2009 2:14pm

Do you think I should buy the cookbook if I didn't like the recipes in the first book. I am into more simple food for one.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Jan-2009 3:04pm

Maybe you could borrow it from the library first. I might do that too.
posted 2-Jan-2009 8:22pm

Today I made sugar free instant lemon pudding for myself. Since I don't want to eat it for 4 days, I open the box, divide the mix in half and just make it with one cup of milk. I save the rest of the mix and make it later on. I love the butterscotch and chocolate flavors, too.I do the same thing with sugar free jello. Only make half a box at a time. Jello does stay good for a week, though.
posted 2-Jan-2009 11:44pm

Hey Connie how is the scratchy throat doing....I hope it doesn't progress into a full blown cold. My friend says to take 2 ibuprofens and to gargle salt water every hour to stop things from progressing. I have tried her method with success a couple of times but who knows if that was really what made the difference.

Debster I am going to try and make myself weigh and measure in the morning. I have been on program for 2 days but I know the scales will still be depressing. I am going to try and forgive myself for allowing this extra weight gain to happen....or forgive myself for letting my weight get out of control in the first place and then move on from there. I spend to much energy thinking about how stupid this is and how I should have never been heavy in the first didn't have to happen ..... BUT this is the present and I have to deal with the reality of that. Yeah don't waste your money on a scale that you aren't going to need in just a short period of time.

Hilda I bought the Oprah magazine. I can so relate to her comments on not being able to believe she has let herself gain back the weight again. I have wondered about my thyroid.....I know it is on the low side. I gain weight so easily it scares me. I kind of feel that things are a bit out of whack but I also think it relates to the on and off diet mentality I have.

Dang it .....Debbie I wanted to try your walnut thing and when I got the groceries today I forgot the walnuts. Let us know how you feel about the walnuts they suppress your appetite. If you think it is worth it maybe I will have to venture back out into this cold weather.

Mish I can't remember how much weight you were hoping to lose.

Okay I ate well today.....a few too many nuts I am sure but other wise good food and balance. I love triplet mum's idea of not using any artifical sweeteners I think I will give that a try......i never feel good after I eat things made with artifical sweeteners. I found like I felt I was going to blow up.....and so uncomfortable.

I decided that even though my husband and kids aren't here that I needed to make a good dinner. I made salmon baked with a pesto sauce, cabbage salad, sweet potato and patty pan squash. I decided to look after myself even though I was only cooking for my Mum and myself. My Mum seldom eats well so it often seems a waste of time.........she slicked everything up!!!
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:28am

hey does anyone remember one of the sites mentioned for NFNS recipes.....I found but there was one I thought appealed to me luxury NFNS or any of you remember I can't find the post that talked about it.
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:30am

Bronwyn...good luck with the weigh can do it girl. Hope, you feel better, Connie. Good night all and Happy Day 2, going on 3 of 2009!
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:36am

Bronwynn....Connie knows that name ....It's like www. Low Carb Luxury...or something like that.....good luck!
posted 3-Jan-2009 1:56am

Thanks. I looked on that website and it didn't seem like there were any no flour recipes but certainly no sugar ones. I found some dried bing sugar.....nothing just cherries. They are low in calories and really good. I am going to try them cooked in steel cut oats for sweetener. Tonight I had them in a plain yogurt with some grape nuts....really good...oh and I sprinkled cinnamon on it as well. I am moving towards treats being things like that instead of no sugar puddings and so forth.

Debster we are both headed to day 3.............

sweet dreams~
posted 3-Jan-2009 2:27am

Greetings. Skimming through the entries, you all sound welcoming! Bronwyn: I found this website today and found myself looking for your posts. You have been doing this almost a year! That is awesome. I can relate to a lot of your ups and downs. I did nfns a long time ago and lost 17 pounds, but regressed into flour and sugar. Did WW for 31 pounds. It is all back. I agree that I am thankful that I do not drink because I think my addictive personality would have me in big trouble.
I have started the nfns again Monday. I asked my sons to be my moral support. Tuesday I was tempted with KeyLime pie and chocolate cake. With their support and pistachios, I staved off the temptation, and was so proud of myself!
You CAN get back to the nfns and be successful! Look how you have stayed true to this website and inspired so many. I do want to go back and look up some of your recipes.
You can do it Bronwyn.
Happy New Year to all!
posted 3-Jan-2009 3:46am

Bronwyn, I am going to give the salt water gargle a try. I have been taking cold meds, but still wake up a lot from my throat. Just sinus I'm sure. But don't forget, I'm the big baby at being sick!

I have used so many recipes from lowcarbluxury. Some I have been able to adjust, others are just perfect as they are. When I cooked for my niece in N Carolina, that is where I got my recipes from. Good stuff. Congrats on going into day 3!!!!! You too, Debster. So, how are you doing with everyone gone? That might make it easier for you to get organized with shopping. Your dinner for you and your mom sounded so 'oo la la'! I guess you can't help it...your a gourmet at heart. But as long as you stick to NFNS and watch your portion sizes, it will be great. I wouldn't mind eating gourmet NFNS one bit.

I spent the entire day watching final episodes (recaps) of seasons on celebrity fit club. I know, I know, weird stuff sometimes, but the results were amazing. Some of the celebs were losing 4-8 lbs a week. They were working out so hard. Exercise was a very organized part of the show. They did a lot of it. But diet was written down and changed dramatically. I was just glued to the tv! The show lasts 100 days and everyone (but one) lost weight and gained strength. Pretty inspiring stuff. It made me face the fact that I need to exercise, weight train etc. Someday. I still plan on buying a weight machine. I have even decided on one, the Bio Force. It is MUCH more affordable than the Bo Flex, and in the reviews, people liked it better. But right now I have no place to put it. And my treadmill remains broke. So, someday!

Welcome Kathleen. As I always say, you've come to the right place. Good luck on your journey. You know, luck has nothing to do with it...I should say good determination. That's the key.

I'm going to try and get some more sleep. Talk to you all in the morning.
posted 3-Jan-2009 10:14am

Morning. I didn't get much sleep last night. I googled "salt water gargle for sore throat" and did it. I think it has helped. But while reading into it, I found out a lot of people recommend cayenne pepper for a sore throat cure. So, I'm going to try that today too. Anything to get my throat, and now ears, soothed. I'll let you know how it goes, but the cayenne pepper testimonials were amazing.

148.8 this morning. Yesterday, while NFNS, my diet stunk. It was not well balanced at all. And it will probably be that way today too. By the way, I just cleared my throat and it feels a ton better! I need to settle down and come up with a menu and grocery list. I have snack things, but it's time for real food. Today I'll try something from new cook book. I have been trying to do that for days.

Today is day 3 for some of us...yippee! It is so good to be past day one, before you guys know it you will be weeks in and noticing weight loss and flatter tummys. Just take it one day at a time. NFNS!

A rainy day here. Nice.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:10pm

Yes, I do believe the walnut thing is working. ( I find it hard to stop eating almonds or cashews or peanuts because I like them too much and they have many calories) I like the fact that its walnuts that he recommends because they are not my favorite so I don't feel like over eating them. I do like them though. I just take 6 out of the bag and close it up and back into the cuppboard they go. The reasoon its walnuts is because they have the highest antioxidant properties of all the nuts according to the book You: On A Diet. I think you should ALL read this book. It's full of scientific information about how and why your body needs and reacts to foods and how and why we store fat and how and why we should aim to reduce our fat. Please everyone try to find it at your library. Call and reserve it. Go pick it up and read it. It will give us lots to talk about together, and a great understanding of some of the questions frequently posted here. It delivers the information in an entertaining way. So don't think its boring dry information. I'm 3/4 the way through it now.
They also recommend cinamon as a natural blood pressure lowering agent. 1/4 tsp a day.

Did the salt water gargle all my life, its one of those old tried and true home remedies.

Congrats Connie! New low isn't it?

Welcome Kathleen. I used to pretend my middle name was Kathleen when I was a kid. Its really just K.

Good job B and D and 3 days, keep going.

We ordered pizzas at the bowling alley yesterday. I had the toppings off of two pieces and threw away the crusts.

193 today sheesh
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:12pm

Hey Everyone, Lets post what we eat for a whole day and get some ideas of things we can have.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:45pm

I just saw something on TV that caught my attention. They had a picture of a girl a size 18 that lost 24 pounds and went to a size 12. She looked terrific. Thats what I want to do. Usually they have someone that they say goes from a 20 or more to a 4 or some unrealistic size. This girl looked like me and so the after picture was really motivating. It was totally realistic. Just thought I would share.

My husband said I am having a manic episode. My Doc said I am ever so slightly bi-polar. When I have these "up" times it can really effect my spending in a not-so-responsible way. Thats another one of my resolutions besides weight loss. To spend cash only. NO NEW CREDIT. Can anyone else relate?
posted 3-Jan-2009 1:42pm

This is triplet mom. If anyone thinks there weight gain is due to thyroid you should really go to the doctor and have a thryoid blood test. That's what I thought before and it turned out my thryoid level was normal. Try not to self diagnose oneself.

I also have a slight cold. Have been gargling with salt water every 2 hours, drinking green tea, and eathing chicken soup.

I am just staying home and resting.

One of my friend's called me asked me to take cake and cookie decorating classes with her. I said no due to health reasons and on the NFNS diet. She was upset. I guess there are some friends that try to sabotage your diet. I told her we can get together for a walk and come over for dinner at my home. She wanted to take a cookie decorating class.

I said no.

Make sure your friends and family know you are on the diet do not let anyone try to stray you from your goal this year.

Do not be to hard on yourself. If you just had one cookie or chocolate, be proud you did not binge on the whole package. Next time try to avoid eating the cookie or chocolate.

As I said, try to do everything slowly.

Debbie M. if you have your manic episode trying walking or exercising it may help.

Anywas, have to go gargle with salt my throat hurts and I have a runny nose.

I also eat a whole clove of garlic. I smash it up like butter and eat it corn tortilla or ezkiel bread. or make garlic tea.

It helps colds. also Take Vitamin C and Drink tons of water.

posted 3-Jan-2009 1:51pm

Kathleen sweet of you to think I am motivating when in fact I have been a dismal failure myself smile Actually though that is all in the past as I have really got my head in the right place and I want it to stay there. I hope you join us.

Debster I did the weigh in but I can't find a tape measure.....I have to admit I haven't tried really hard to locate onewink I think as part of being really serious about getting healthy and into shape I will start to post my weight like Debbie and Connie do. I would much rather be posting either one of their weights than mine but......this is s process and I will be posting better weights as time goes one.

Today my weight is 208.4. This puts me back to pre-Christmas weight. Although I have to admit that my pre-Christmas weight was a really high weight. One day in the holidays I got on the scale and weighed in at 212...........that really freaked me out. I felt pretty bloated and stuffed all holidays.....dumb, dumb, dumb,,,,,,,,,that is not a good feeling. Some how I equate holidays with stuffing yourself with treats.....and in fact that just makes you feel miserable during the holidays.

Debbie M. eating the tops off of the pizza is one of Suzanne Sommers tips because on her program you can't combine certain things. I do want to try the walnut I will make sure to get some walnuts. Actually the book sounds interesting I think I will try to pick it up as well. I agree with the need to work towards things that are realistic. At my age and with my long standing weight issues I really can't expect to be a size 4 or 6. My friend decided to work at being a certain size instead of weight.....she decided that she wanted to be a size 12. She looked so good at a size 12. She had probably been about a size 20 or 22. Unfortunately like many people do she saw getting into a size 12 as the end of the goal and had no plan for maintenance....she dieted to lose weight and then she stopped when she got there. I know all too well that the dieting part is only part of the have to forever eat healthy and different than you did when you weighed more. Really I have no idea why I haven't done that in the past because I always felt so much better emotionally, physically and spiritually when I was at a better weight and eating better. Sorry I am rambling here but the thing is NFNS can be something you do forever.....and when you are in maintenance you can have the occasional chocolate cake and key lime pie if you choose to do that.

Triplet is a recipe I put together trying to find something without flour and sugar that was a is sort of a take off on a lara bar but I think could easily take this into the movies.

134 grams dates (sorry I will go and figure out what that is in an easier measurement,,,,I have a gram scale)
4 Tablespoons organic cocoa
1/3 cup walnuts
2/3 cups coconut

chop nuts and set aside
in a good food processor....process dates, cocoa and coconut
add nuts and process just to mix

roll into a long log and cut into 10 small bars....wrap individually and store in the fridge approximately 110 calories per bar (they are not big bars but they are yummy)

When I was doing well on the program (back last year) I was eating these one a day. I never ate any flour or any sugar and this seemed to be a real treat.

Debbie M....this sounds so bossy sorry smile but don't keep your nuts in your cupboard keep them in your fridge or your deep freeze preferably. Nuts are so high in oil that they go rancid very quickly. Who knows maybe they are rancid by the time we buy them I don't know.
posted 3-Jan-2009 3:05pm

Finally made a menu and grocery list. My son got me the NFNS cookbook and then 3 other "sugarbusters" type books. They all have some recipes without S&F, although most have flour in them. But I picked out a few things I can try. One book is written by a restaurant owner. Those recipe's are pretty fancy, you would love them Bronwyn, but I think I can handle them.

This mornings weigh in was a new low. It is amazing to me. I have ate so much cheese and mashed potatoes lately, I thought for sure it would be up. Bronwyn, and everyone, I think it is pretty obvious that ANY flour and sugar we eat goes straight to added pounds. Remember when we could eat anything we wanted and never gain a pound? Well, the opposite is true now. Our bodies can not tolerate any more S&F without very negative effects.

Before I started NFNS, I was at an all time high. And an all time large size, a 16. And it seemed, even though I had gained it over much time, the last 15 lbs came on very quickly. I was gaining rapidly. If I hadn't started NFNS when I did, I've no doubt I would have gained even more at an even faster weight.

Did not know what to have for lunch. A baked sweet potato or potato pie. I went with the pie. So cheesy, and it is part of this diet. What a great way to eat. Make a list of all the foods you CAN eat and you will be happily surprised.

The cayenne/tomato juice drink was not any better than the salt water. I'll stick to the salt water.

My husband is talking about losing weight. He said he didn't want me serving potatoes because they were "bad", high carb and all that. I tried to explain to him that real foods are ok, but he is stuck in the "Atkins" way of thinking. I had miserable results with Atkins. In three weeks I lost 7 lbs, but felt awful and couldn't eat that way one more day. It is going to take me some time to convince him.
posted 3-Jan-2009 3:38pm

Connie do you recommend the cookbooks?

Really late breakfast.......Steel cut oats cooked with chopped up dried bing cherries.....topped with cottage cheese, 1/2 banana and a few sugar at all not even was very good. I started the oatmeal with cottage cheese as part of the zone diet is very satisfying.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Jan-2009 4:58pm

I had a V-8 juice
2 slices of spam (of all the crazy things)
Egg salad on a rice cake
home made vegetable beef soup
1/2 banana
coffee with 1% milk
posted 3-Jan-2009 5:15pm

I had my 2 cups of coffee with half and half, then 8 oz of tomato juice with 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper. Not so great. Then potato pie for lunch. Dinner tonight will be salad with cider dressing, I'm adding Splenda to sweeten it up. Kind of like a wilted salad dressing. I hope it's good.
posted 3-Jan-2009 7:47pm

Dinner was great! The fam loved it, but I had to sacrifice my diet to pull it off. I tried to use Splenda in the dressing, which I had to boil, and it wasn't working, so I added some sugar. I used as little of the dressing on my salad as possible, but it had sugar in it. I'm going to separate some of the dressing for just me next time. Anyway, great reviews so I'll make it again.
posted 3-Jan-2009 8:00pm

Breakfast: oatmeal with splenda, raisins and milk. Banana
Lunch: corn chips and cheese. More of a late snack.
Dinner: shrimp, green beans, clementines.
I wonder if I will ever be able to handle just a small slice of chocolate cake or a single cookie. Once I start, I doom myself with each additional one. And for me to go six days with nfns and still be in a good mood is amazing! I can eat 6 candy bars at one sitting. Then my day has just started. Including headache, crabby and so disappointed in myself.
Very satisfied on the nfns. Don't want to weigh myself, at least not yet. I find that I get a little obsessive and then determine my success only on what the scale says, not how I feel. Right now I feel great and want to continue, regardless of the number on the scale.
When I was doing Weight Watchers I got to a certain size and was thrilled, but I relaxed and gained it all back.
Salted sesame seeds are a great snack. Swiss Miss sugar free hot chocolate is great!!
I asked my sons to be my moral support while I do this. My 17 year old asks me how my day is going and it gives me chance to rehash the day!
My husband on the other hand... When I was down 14 pounds on WW, I gave him my bowling ball to hold and walked into the other room. He was bewildered. I asked him what the ball represented, he didn't know. I said that was how much weight I had lost so far. He hadn't noticed. I only need to lose 30, so he power of perception... I am 5'6" and at the time 159 pounds, I think it was noticeable! Oh well.
I feel today is another success @ 7pm. I will snack before the evening is out, but absolutely nfns.
posted 3-Jan-2009 8:57pm

Kathleen, as you discover all the wonderful foods you can eat on NFNS, you will not look to a future with F&S. There is no need to ever go back to the old way of eating. I have found when I do eat F&S, my stomach is messed up for a couple of days. And I get so bloated! My extremely health conscious sister calls flour "glue." And I think she is right. Also, after some time you will find sweets do not taste as good as you remembered. Congrats on your 6 days of success! My weight loss was not noticeable until I passed the 15 lb mark. When I reached 20 it seemed everyone started to notice in my face first.

Yesterday on celeb fit club, they had all the folks carry the lbs they lost, in plastic blobs, in a back pack while they ran. Amazing what 30 lbs of plastic blobs looks like. And to think that was in them! And in me!

Bronwyn, I do think the cook book is good. I'm still looking through it, but I think I would recommend it. I hesitate with you only because your culinary skills may be more advanced than the book. But I am finding good stuff so far in the breakfast chapter. Funny, considering I don't eat breakfast! But I would like to have some of the things to have around. And if Jerry will get on board, I could make things for him. The entree section needs more reviewing on my part. I usually run into trouble getting ingredients. We'll see. I'll spend some time soon with that section and let you know.
posted 3-Jan-2009 10:59pm

Hi Everyone....Welcome, Kathleen....I am struggling here.....I don't want to say much because I am so darned disgusted with myself....Haven't gotten everything out of the house yet and the parties just keep on rolling....another one tomorrow. I have been running around with my niece getting so many errands done and I have not spent one minute of time on myself and getting organized. I feel like the failure of the group. So... Bronwyn....don't be proud of my success...I am really having a hard time...I may be the worse addict in the group. Maybe stupid gastric bypass is the answer for me.
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:56am

C'mon Debster!! The hardest part for me to learn is that we can start over. Not tomorrow, but now! Even after we made the biggest slip ever!! Today is the 1st day of the rest of our lives. You can do it. Make a good choice for your next meal for the feel-good feeling again! I know you can do it!
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:58am

We are just a sampling of the people who struggle with food, weigh, self-esteem, etc...
Where are we all from. Chicago, IL.
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:59am

Where are you from?
posted 4-Jan-2009 2:44am

Triplet mom- Here. I thought about gastsric bypass once but if you stick to NFNS you will loose the weight.

One of my coworkers had lap band. she is having so much problems with gastric bypass.

After I saw that I decided no way. NFNS is slow but it is a lifestyle.

Let's give each other a high five.

Took a nap all day feel better now. Drank nothing but Green Tea all day and water.

Had an apple for lunch and banana. no appetitte from sore throat and sinus problemes.

Ate a few blueberrys.

going back to bed.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jan-2009 3:02am

I'm your neighbor Kathleen from Northern Indiana.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jan-2009 3:07am

"To take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole
staircase: just take the first step."

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
posted 4-Jan-2009 5:23am

Debster, just stop for one minute. This is not a big problem, you just need to focus again. And to do that you need to stop running in circles and concentrate. Still partying huh? I don't envy you that! But surely soon the festivities will pass you by and you can begin again. Step one, out of the house with all that junk! Step 2, stock your fridge and pantry with great tasting NFNS foods. I would do that immediately, then sit and plan a menu and a grocery list. The weight you haven't lost, you will lose. So what if you took a week off! Not a problem. We have just made it through the holidays, so do not look at yourself as behind, think of yourself as a survivor! All through the holidays we have all been thinking about NFNS, and that in itself is a positive step, even if we couldn't always act on it. Stupid bypass surgery is not for you. Slow and steady healthy eating is the way to go. Triplet mom is such a great example of NFNS over time. You are going to do great. I hear your frustration, but remember that is only temporary. You have not failed, your just trying to learn a new life style. There surely will be bumps on that road!

Kathleen, I'm from Michigan, but I've been living in TN for 30 years.

Debbie M, how are you doing? Keep up the enthusiasm for NFNS. I really do not get too excited about this diet for myself anymore. It is just the way I will always eat now. There is value in accepting it and knowing that is what eating will be like forever. A quiet acceptance I guess. But always it feels like a huge improvement over what my life used to be like. Remember when I said sugar and anxiety were linked? Maybe there is a link with sugar and ever so slightly bi-polar? I know everyone says they feel better on this plan.

How are you doing Bronwyn? And Mish? And Hilda?
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jan-2009 10:28am

Connie, I have been much more stable in the last several months. Sugar does contribute to my depression and anxiety but has been so much less since I've been sugar free. Alchohol is the same way. It is extremely depressing. I have to stay away from it at all costs.

Its true about shopping. You have to have a plan or the wrong plan will find you. Stocking your panrty and frige with legal things and getting rid of the bad is essential. I'll be doing that today.

I have never in my life lost weight without gaining it back and more.(until now) As soon as I stop the diet plan the scale would begin to rise again. This time it has been so different. I have been able to keep this weight off even with the occassional cheating I did over the holiday. Its the first time I ever went thought the holidays without gaining. I may not be the biggest loser on this board but I am in it for the long haul and I know I will continue to lose more (someday) Strangely I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds over and over and over again in the last couple months. I don't really consider it gaining as much as a natural flux. But I am ready to begin the journey DOWN the scale. I think I am just eating too many calories. I really miss exercising. Maybe I can take a nice walk today.

194, 194, 194 and then 192.5 heh (had to weigh 4 times to get it right)
posted 4-Jan-2009 11:16am

149.2 this morning. I had such a small salad last night for dinner, I ended up having cereal around midnight. I always weigh heavier after I eat at night. I did manage to eat NFNS. Last night my husband asked me if I had any of the Godiva chocolate left! What!!! I'm surprised he would think I kept it in the house. That box went out of here the first day it showed up. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes this eating plan is 24/7 forever. I guess not.

You sound good Debbie. Not wigging out over what could have been. Good for you, since that would get you nowhere and probably lead to backlash. Time to keep a running journal of what your eating maybe. Or just try to keep an eye on it until the kids go back to school and you can find time to really come up with a plan that will work for you.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:02pm

Yes Connie, The kids go back to school tomorrow. And while that brings new stresses of its own, it does bring time for me to sit quietly and plan what we will all be eating. It will be a relief to have time to myself again.
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:46pm

Doesn't anyone else have this happen....I was really excited to share a link with you guys for over 1500 NFNS recipes and I tired to cut and paste the URL and I couldn't then I could not get back into this blog for like 24 hours after my attempt. Other times I have tried to cut and paste it has taken even longer to be able to get back into this site. That is the last time I think I will try that because I always have trouble with it (well not always I have been successful once or twice). Anyways on recipezaar they have all these recipes for the WW core program. At the beginning the little blurb says that in the core program you can not have flour or sugar and so they formed this site to pull together all of these recipes without F or S.

Debster you know I have done all the stupid eating and then being disappointed in myself and then the whole feeling of failure and the feeling that I can never be successful. One of the things that I think contributes to my not fully committing (although at the moment I am on day 4 of NFNS) is the thought in the back of my head that I can't lose weight that I can't be successful coupled with the thought that maybe I will have to do Dr. Bernstein again. I wonder if you too have a plan B.....gastric bypass.....and keep thinking really you are going to have to do something more drastic to lose the weight. I also realize that food doesn't have the proper place in my is too many things for me and I want it to become just fuel for my body and eat only when I am hungry and finish when I had just enough. I don't mean that I don't think we should enjoy our food.....but over the years I have eaten much and many times for reasons other than hunger. I read in the "overfed head" that when we eat when we aren't hungry that those are calories that our body can't use and they become stored as fat......the body doesn't know what to do with them because they don't need them for fuel for your body. Do you have Dr. Gott's book. I have never realy followed it at all and I think that is a mistake for me. Yes this is NFNS program but truthfully it is a little more complex than really is about calories as well. I want to have it too easy.....but as I observe thin people I find that they really don't binge eat or think about food all of the time. I think I should really try to follow some of Dr. Gott's meal plans because it is balanced eating and less food than I usually consume. The intention of leaving out the flour and sugar is a method for reducing calories but beyond that it also helps to reduce your appetite and cravings making it easier to eat less. I know I continue to enjoy to many high caloried things like nuts and corn chips......I need to pay more attention to some of the high calorie things to have success.

Debbie M. I still haven't picked up a book to journal in.....I am sure I could use something here.....have you started to journal you intake yet? Although I am NFNS going into my 4th day....I have been eating too many nuts....but the advantage is that I have cut down on the cravings and I am feeling better. Tomorrow is Monday the perfect day to start journalling and paying more attention to portions. Today I weigh a lb. more than I did yesterday.....I hate that but yesterday as I was snacking on tons of nuts.....I knew today my weight would be disappointing. I just don't know what is the best way for me to keep track of my progress as I find the scales so discouraging.

You guys see if you can find that website for all those NFNS recipes.....I won't try to post it is on recipezaar under WW core program.

Connie you are not on and off with the program......I really think you won't fo the up and down thing....good for you for making this a lifestyle not a diet.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Jan-2009 2:05pm

Thanks for the recipezaar heads up. I went there but had to type in ww core and they came right up. I printed off 3 recipies and can't wait to try them. Corn bread, polenta pizza, and generals chicken. I'll let you know how they were for me.
posted 4-Jan-2009 3:15pm

Debster have you done the core program on does it you count points or what????
posted 4-Jan-2009 4:49pm

Bronwyn, thanks for the heads up on recipezaar. I have been to that site before, but missed a lot of those recipes.
posted 4-Jan-2009 7:02pm

Day 7 nfns. I have decided to weigh myself every 28 days. I find the scale sooo discouraging that I feel stress think about weighing myself tomorrow. 4 weeks will give a number that is more likely to be down if I can keep this up and I would rather take the number once a month rather than be dreading it day after day, sabotaging myself! I will not weigh in for the 1st time for 3 more weeks. I feel good. I think I am more at ease with out all the flour and sugar in my system. We are all in the same boat! Let's row together!
Good eating this week.
posted 4-Jan-2009 7:04pm

found the site: Looking at it now.
posted 4-Jan-2009 9:28pm

This is triple mom. The first month I focused on NFNS and did NOT Weigh myself. Second month focused on exercising. Third month I started weighin myself only every 2 weeks.

Start slow. Sometimes if you step on the scale every week you get discouraged. But in time the weight goes down.

it is important to keep a journal and drink water too.
posted 4-Jan-2009 11:41pm

I weighed on my scales over the weekend and they said 180 not 177 like my mom's. I think the 180 is the accurate one, darn it.
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:09am

I am from Southeast Missouri. I think we still have to control our portion sizes and calorie intake to about 1200 a day to lose. I think the key is eating the 3 fruits and 5 vegetables that are low calorie and then you don't feel hungry for too much more food. You have to get your protein and water. Put your allotment of nuts for the day in a baggie, and don't go back for more when they are gone.
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:16am

Hilda, pick one scale and take that number and go from there. See-sawing back and forth must be frustrating.
Good job on the size 18 to 14, that is awesome! Keep up the good work and I am game to post measurements.
I will post them in a minute!!
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:21am

I wish I weighed 180. :o)
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:26am

Okay, don't know if it took longer to find the measuring tape or my waist!!

Here it goes: 38-38-47
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:43am

type in: free of flour and sugar
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:46am

What do you mean?
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:54am

With my family gone and with the end of the holidays I am so off schedule for what day this is........anyways I think this is the end of my 3rd or is 4th smile This is actually so easy to do when you focus on eating feels so good and you start to feel so strong in your commitment the more you do it. Like Kathleen I wonder about for myself weighing so much. I hated to see my weight up a lb. today when I had been sticking with the may have alerted me to the fact I was eating too many calories or it may have been a natural fluctuation of weight but over all I think it was discouraging. If I am really only going to lose 3 or so lbs. a month than the daily weigh ins may be nothing but discouraging and frustrating. However if I weighed weekly or monthly then I would be able to see a bit of a drop. Weighing everyday has been so good for Connie.

Today I warmed up the steel cut oats cooked with dried cherries and topped with cottage cheese and pear and cinnamon. I ate alot of nuts (darn nuts.....they are as hard for me to control as chocolate). I think I am going to start measuring out nuts and not allow myself to have anymore than the measured amount. Tonight I had cajun pork chop, sauteed mushrooms and roasted root vegetables with pomegranate molasses (it doesn't have any sugar in is concentrated pomegranate ( can get it at a middle east grocer). My son, wife and grandson came over for dinner and I made a date quinoa pudding for dessert. There pudding had sugar in it so I took the left over quinoa and made a pudding without sugar.....i put coconut and dates it it was yummy!

Debster are you back on board with us......if not tomorrow is a perfect day to get going!!!!!
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:58am

Debbie I noticed your response to Hilda about wishing you weighed her weight......I wish I weighed your weight smile
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jan-2009 8:23am

Thats funny Bronwyn, I WILL get there and YOU WILL get there too. I have faith in us! Everyone else too.
I liked the sound of the determination in your typing today. Good for you.
Love youself!
posted 5-Jan-2009 9:59am

Good Morning All -
Today is Day #1 of my new year and my NFNS program. Last party was yesterday, tree is down, decorations are put away, and sweets are out of the house. Triplet Mom, I like your idea of not obsessing about the scale and focusing on the food, meal planning and grocery shopping. My husband and I make menus every week before I head out to the grocery store. It really stops the impulse shopping and saves money. Tonight is my husband's homemade turkey soup that he makes with the holiday turkey carcass. It's so yummy and loaded with vegetables!

Breakfast was oatmeal and a banana with a glass of the V8 Strawberry Banana Juice (light) and vitamins. Mid-morning is yogurt and a clemantine. Lunch is tuna and cheese on sprouted rye bread and a clemantine. Mid-afternoon is Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb with Triscuts and another clemantine. For this first week, I'm eating what I want as long as it's NFNS. That's a bit more gentle on my system instead of starving and having NFNS. My goal is to make this a lifestyle, not another temporary fix where I lose 50-60 pounds only to turn around and pile it back on again - sick of doing that and it can't be good for my body either. As impatient as I am, I really am starting to believe that slow and steady wins the race.

I ordered Dr. Gott's book and the cookbook. Should have them by Friday. Never read either one, so I'm interested to see what he has to say, especially after hearing from all of you.

Debster, please hang in there - you can do this. Gastric bypass is not a solution. You still have to maintain good eating habits and an overall heathy lifestyle. Of the 4 people I know who have had the surgery (or the lapband), 3 are almost back where they were. One is successful, but she's told me she has to be consisitently vigilent about food and the amounts.

Bronwyn, my goal is to lose at least 100 lbs. in 2009. I have the tools I need, and more important, I think my attitude is in the right place. Once day at a time, and sometimes one meal at a time. If I can do this, you can do it too! Try not to let the wedding drive your success. Succeed because you want to do it for yourself.

Connie, thanks for all your support and positive attitude - you are an inspiration.

Debbie M, you make me laugh!! I wished I weighed 180, too. I'll get there and past it before the year is up!

Hey Kathleen -- I want your measurements!!! :)

Hilda, your advice is great! I'm trying to remember to keep my water bottle full at my desk.

Kathleen welcome to the group and good luck - sounds like you have a great start!!

Back to work - later everyone!!
posted 5-Jan-2009 10:24am

Bronwyn, I am always amazed at the foods you prepare. Most of the time I haven't ever heard of them, much less tasted them. You really and truly should be in the food business. How can you be so versatile and learned when it comes to food! Did you ever go to culinary school? You remind me of Rosie, Oprah's one time chef, who prepared such scrumptious meals for her diet.

Hilda, I think you should invest in a new scale at WM and use that from now on. They are not expensive and if the one you have now is old, it will be a lot more accurate. There was a 3 lb difference between my old one and new one.

Everyone sounds so committed! That is great to read.

Last night was not good for me. I got into the kids cereal and had 3 bowls. So this morning I feel lousy. I think my cold meds keep me from sleeping well, something I have a problem with anyway. So, I'm not going to weigh this morning. I'm bloated and having a sugar hangover. Tonight I will empty the kitchen of forbidden foods and the kids can decide whose bedroom it can go in.

Kathleen, good for you on measuring! You will be really glad you did that when you have great results to compare it to. I lost a lot of weight in my bulging thighs, so go a head and measure one of those. You don't have to post it, just save for you own amusement/excitement!

Hey Debster, how ya doing? The manic rush of the holidays feels officially behind us now, maybe you can get started again. I am so ready for down time. Just normal days and meals. With everyone home right now I am cooking more than usual. That makes it a little bit harder. I hope you are feeling it's a good time for you to get going again. Keep the faith!
posted 5-Jan-2009 10:28am

Oh Mish, I just read your post. Sounded sooooo good! Love you girl.
posted 5-Jan-2009 4:05pm

Oh my gosh we are such an enthusiastic group here I almost felt like finding the tape measure and taking those measurements and posting them.......hmmmmmm, maybe not quite yetsmile

Today is day 5 I think....or is it 4......see I do need a journal to keep track of these things. I am snowed in at the moment though and won't be leaving the house. A UPS driver just called and said they were trying to deliver a package but that my drive way was totally blown over and she couldn't get down my drive. That is one problem with living in the country....I just had it plowed on Friday. I am just fine though as I have the house full of NFNS good food.....and no junk. Actually I was so proud of myself because last night went downstairs and I hadn't been down there since the kids left. Sitting on the chesterfield was a box of mixed nuts covered with high quality chocolate.......never had one and got rid of them......really that is so amazing for me because normally something like that would have made me think of just going for it and starting again tomorrow. You do get stronger as you do this.....I remember before when I did this I got so that sweets didn't bother me at all and I started to think I was so strong I could have them if I wanted and then stop. The truth is I couldn' I have said before......"I am really good at having none but not so good at having just a little".

Debster we are waiting to hear from you......let us know how you are doing. If you are still struggling just stop take a breath and start this really can do that.
posted 5-Jan-2009 4:24pm

Where do you get sprouted rye bread? What brand is it?

I was referring earlier to to the website. In the search I had typed in "free of flour and sugar".
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jan-2009 7:01pm

Oh Debster! Where are you? You can't hide from us. C'mon.............its ok. We have all been there. :)
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jan-2009 7:32pm

My husband is making popcorn. I can never resist popcorn.
posted 5-Jan-2009 8:23pm

Debbie you can so totally have popcorn......just don't put caramel sauce on it smile

Debster........where are you~~
posted 5-Jan-2009 9:13pm

Debster: today is the first day of the rest of your life. We get that gift everyday! Each meal is the first meal of the rest of our lives. It starts with just one meal. If not this one, the next one is your first.
Thanks Connie on the thigh tip. I will add that to my other measurements.
I hope to not measure again for a couple months so that I can see a real difference.
Day 8 for nfns. I am amazed at how good I feel. I am with Bronwyn, I am not good at having a little of the sweets. Once I start, I am lost in it. I decided not to get a bag of sugarfree candy. Knew I would just gobble the whole thing right away.
Loving the Swiss Miss no sugar added hot chocolate!
Popcorn is great!
Lets go girls!
posted 5-Jan-2009 10:17pm is supposed to have some good ones. Did anyone watch Oprah today about her falling off the wagon? I also want to go to and read about that show.
Debbie M.
posted 5-Jan-2009 10:38pm

I just saw Truvia advertised on TV. I've never seen it in the store but I'm going to look. It's made from the stevia plant. I know most of you already know it. Its new for me. Do you recommend it?

Lovin my popcorn!
posted 5-Jan-2009 11:10pm

Hello Everyone....I am sorry that I have been awawy from the board for awhile...I think I have had a total meltdown....really down on myself. I fight with arthritis terribly...I need those knee surgeries, as I have mentioned before, and the cold weather that we are having in Maryland...and the barametric pressure affects me daily. I have difficulty walking and all of this extra weight just complicates things even more. I have had major stuggles over the holidays. All of the sweets are out of my house with the exception of one box of unopened chocolates....the crisp and chewy ones....and they are going out of here tomorrow. I think that the pain that I have really affects my moods. Exercise is so important when you have arthritis but it is so darned then I don't move and the pain gets worse...a vicious cycle.

Bronwyn,the core program of weight watchers was one of 2 choices. You could either choose flex or core. Core program was similar to the no sugar, no flour plan because it mainly focuses on all basic food groups...meat, fruits, vegetables, could eat as much of the core foods as you wanted until you felt "satisfied".....the only points that you had to count were 35 extra points that you were allowed for each week....they could be chosen from anything else....but they just discontinued the flex and core programs.....they started a new program called "momentum" This program encourages you to choose the original "core" foods but count points as well. A little more restrictive...I guess too many weight watchers could not determine "satisified".

Thanks everyone for checking on me...I am still not feeling 100% about everything...still disappointed with myself for sliding back.

My husband volunteers at a soup kitchen the first Sunday of every month (I used to do it with him for many years, but my knees are too bad right now). After church I went and got my hair cut and styled (it looks pretty cute) and then I went to a "plus size store" in our area and bought a few new clothes. I didn't spend a whole lot of money...everything on sale but it helped to perk my mood a little. I went to the food store and started to buy some items to stock my kitchen. When I got home my knees were really aching but I had accomplished a few things and I felt a little better. When my husband got home he said that he really liked my hair...he's a nice guy....I felt a little better.

Tuesday is my first day back to work in 2009. I am going to try and make it a "healthy eating day".They are calling for some "ice storms" tomorrow...some reports say morning and some say we'll see. I get nervous about driving and even walking in the ice.

My kitchen is stocked and I have all of the books....I plan to make some chicken barley and vegetable soup tomorrow night.

I am trying to get myself out of my crappy self-defeating mood. I am remembering all that I have to be grateful for and I have many things. I am grateful that I have found all of you and this message board. I appreciate all of your kind support and I wish each of you a healthy, happy and successful 2009. God Bless!
posted 5-Jan-2009 11:19pm

Hilda, I watched the "Oprah" show. I taped it and watched it tonight. I am going to check into her website too. Bob Greene promotes the healthy food choices as well....he may not go so far and to say NFNS but all of the successful plans are similar. Sugar and flour are addictive and getting them out of our system can only help those of us who have problems restricting them...meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains....we all know that that is the best way to eat. It really is a mind thing, isn't it...
posted 6-Jan-2009 12:38am

Debster I had to smile at your comment, "I guess too many WW's could not determine satisfied". Gee isn't that the whole problem knowing when to quit and then actually quitting. I liked a lot of the ideas in the overfed head but the crux of it is eating anything you want but only when you are hungry and only enough to be satisfied. Well if I only eat sugar and flour when I am hungry I am a lot more hungry more often. You Debster you are so totally heading the right are ready and your knees are so, so ready. Just like the Nike motto......"JUST DO IT".
posted 6-Jan-2009 6:31am

Good morning everyone....No ice in Maryland yet....getting ready for work. Taking my "get-a-grips" to put over my shoes in case the ice shows up later while I'm working. Okay Bronwyn....we'll just do this thing. I feel better today. It's a new day and a new beginning. Have a nice day everyone.
posted 6-Jan-2009 8:02am

Morning. I'm glad your feeling better today Debster. Your earlier post was much like some of Bronwyns previous posts. I guess the negative feelings from slipping are a cycle you have to go through. Maybe like a cleansing so you can start fresh with all that yuck out of your system. If so, then great! Moving on is what's important. I think you will notice a reduction in "aches and pains" on this program. I hope that happens soon for you.

Bronwyn, you sound so committed! And feeling better as well.

I didn't know Oprah fell of the wagon. I'm going to visit her website too.

149.4 this morning. I ate very well yesterday. Last night I tried new dish. Mexican, full of fresh veggies. It had way to much cilantro in it. But hey, cooking with fresh cool is that! Tonight I'm serving another first time entree...talapia. I'll let you know how that comes out.
posted 6-Jan-2009 8:33am

Glad to be starting another day nfns. When I did this years ago I was tortured because I felt that I should restrict myself further than the diet required. This time I am just going along, nfns. Not imposing my own rules like, no snacking, and making it harder than it already is.
Started day 9 with oatmeal w/ raisins and mild and a clementine. I love clemetines!
We can do it!
posted 6-Jan-2009 8:34am

'Oatmeal, raisins and milk' not mild. oops
posted 6-Jan-2009 8:52am

Kathleen, you are so right about just "going along NFNS." I just visited Oprah's web site and clicked on her diet. No way could I eat like that. After reading it I do think maybe I should try to watch my dairy, but her eating plan has no, what's the right word...depth, or richness or umph or something. A plain sweet potato is sad to me. I want some butter on it! Maybe just a little butter, but without it I would be feeling like I'm on a restrictive diet. Thank heavens for NFNS!

My daughter tried my cinnamon raisin bread. She really liked it. I think she is getting interested in NFNS. My son came home yesterday with 3 bags of Atkins food. I need to work on him!
posted 6-Jan-2009 9:12am

Cinnamon bread? nfns? Tell me more Connie!
posted 6-Jan-2009 9:39am

It's the Ezekiel bread...also known as the Bible bread. It is found in the frozen section at the super market. They have cinnamon raisin, whole wheat, english muffins and maybe more. They are all NFNS, made from sprouts and whole grains. Really good. They have to stay frozen, just remove what you need at the time. Debbie was using the muffins for pizzas. Health food stores for sure have them, and sometimes larger chain markets. I toasted my cinnamon raisin and then topped with a sprinkling of Splenda. So good!
posted 6-Jan-2009 11:55am

Oprah gained back 40 pounds and is now back to exercise. She was eating a bag of chips a day, organic blue chips and not exercising. I calculated my BMI last night and it was 30.9 as I am only 5 foot 4 in. That is obese. I have to get to at least 155 to be "normal" healthwise. That was a shock to me. 145-155 was the range. I was thinking 160 would be great. That was what Oprah got down to. I can see I am going to have to exercise to get there.
posted 6-Jan-2009 12:00pm

Tonight at 7 on NBC is a new season of the Biggest Loser. On Today on NBC this morning they had women who were half their size now. They said all of a sudden they flipped a switch and said" No more!"

Sometimes I think we need someone to kick us in the rear and ask why are you doing this sabotage to your body? Stop your whining and do what you know is right.
posted 6-Jan-2009 12:16pm

This is from a book called "Food for Thought", which has daily readings for overeaters. I thought you'd all be interested in today's reading:

Eliminating all refined sugar and flour may seem difficult, if not impossible at the beginning. Making the decision to avoid these foods, which trigger the craving for more and more, is what opens the door to freedom - freedom from the craving and freedom from fat.

We do not become free immediately. Some of us experience withdrawal discomfort, which is sometimes physical, sometimes psychological, and sometimes both. It is important to remember that the discomfort will pass, the craving will pass, and that if we remain abstinent, we will eventually feel much better. So much better that our bodies and our lives will seem new.

In order to walk into the world of freedom, we must go through the door of abstinence. We need not fear the pains of withdrawal. Growth is often painful. Many have gone before us and report that the eventual freedom is well worth the temporary suffering. Our Higher Power will give us the strength to endure and will never push us farther than we can go. When we are tempted to give in, a prayer and a phone call can save us.

Have a good day.
posted 6-Jan-2009 1:46pm

I actually have never watched the "Biggest Loser" but the other night I watched "Bulging Brides".....I hated how aggressive and offensive the physical trainer was. It seemed that his method was attack and insult.

Actually the Ezekial products are good enough that I could have them for the rest of my life instead of flour products.....mind you they are not cheap. I really like the english muffins, cinnamon bread, sesame bread, and I have also bought the tortilla wraps (haven't tried yet). I used all of my coleslaw mix yesterday or else I would try out a fish taco with my wraps today.

I have been eating a lot of coleslaw.....I love it. I just buy the cabbage coleslaw mix and then add raisins, apples, feta cheese, red pepper, red onion, pecans and as small of an amount of blue cheese dressing as I can to give it some moisture. I had that for lunch yesterday (a good size bowl of it) and a big cup of lemon ginger herbal tea.

I did get on the scales today and it is moving all too slowly......up a lb. one day and down a lb. another then back up a lb. I am going to stay off the scales for a while.
posted 6-Jan-2009 1:49pm

Kathleen just for clarification on the Ezekial breads......keep them in your freezer and toast them or else you will not like them. I like the cinnamon one with a light spread of lite cream cheese and topped with sugar free applesauce and sprinkled with cinnamon and a cup of herbal tea.
posted 6-Jan-2009 2:19pm

The Doctors also had a show on Weight Loss today. There is so much information out there for us.
posted 6-Jan-2009 2:22pm

Mish, I like what you submitted.
posted 6-Jan-2009 5:29pm

I just read on my home page that diet is more "key" to weight loss than exercise. Of course I know we need to exercise too, but we are going to be ahead of the game by doing NFNS. Kudos for us!
posted 6-Jan-2009 6:40pm

Today is the day for food tips! On our local tv health segment, they said a recent study shows carbs are as addictive as cigarettes! Which is saying something huge because I've always heard cigarettes are the most addictive thing ever. Also, there was a link to They were showcasing healthy snacks, but the whole web site looked good. Check it out.
posted 6-Jan-2009 6:48pm

Thanks for the 'Ezekial' bread tips! Can't wait to try them.
A customer brought in a box of See's Chocolates. I longingly looked at the pictures, smelled the box and was not tempted to blow 9 days of success! Quick turn around for my sons to be back at the high school: McDs would have been easy, though not filling in the right way. Scrambled my mind and thought: mac and cheese, turkey burger, fresh pears and a fruit smoothie. They are getting to eat better with my new mind set! I had some fruit smoothie and cheese. I am warming up soup right now.
I am loving all the support! You gals are great!
posted 6-Jan-2009 7:33pm

Okay what is the deal.....everyone else can cut and paste URL's onto this site without a problem smile I know I am not very computer savvy but I can cut and paste smile

Connie did they specify which carbs they were referring to that were as addictive as cigarettes.....I have some doubts about the accuracy of such a statement. Fruits and many vegetables have carbs in them. I for sure don't want to eat Atkins style if that was what they were promoting.

Connie I have also heard and read many times that diet is the the key point in weight loss......the benefits of exercise are immense and valuable for your health and fitness but not as valuable in actual weight loss. I am going to check out the link you posted, thanks.
posted 6-Jan-2009 7:49pm

Bronwyn, just type the website and the link will appear to the rest of us. No cutting and pasting necessary.
posted 6-Jan-2009 9:02pm

The study of carbs was done by people in New Zealand. I googled "carbs as addictive as cigarettes study" and a bunch of sites came up. I'll read them later. It will be interesting to see what they say, but I hope they are talking about bad carbs only.

I was feeling kind of crudy this afternoon and I perked up after I ate. Some days I have such a small appetite. Then other days, I need more. Tomorrow I will be at the hearing aid center with mother in law. They said to plan on all day. I'm packing cashews and a clementine. I'm even planning on cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast. I love this eating plan, I love it.
posted 6-Jan-2009 10:30pm do you have this tiny little appetite....that is what I want.........
posted 6-Jan-2009 11:44pm

If you go to you can read about how to contact a State Farm agent and get a free challenge kit that includes a pedometer. I never got one yet. It would be interesting to see just how many steps a day we do take. The goal is 10,000 a day.
posted 6-Jan-2009 11:55pm

I have been eating rice cakes with a little fruit spread or peanut butter on them. Ate my 2nd bowl of the 4 can soup today. Hadn't made it in a while and it tasted good. Added a little bit of leftover hamburger. I usually add leftover chicken or turkey. Is anyone baking a turkey breast for sandwiches and wraps? I saved all the leftover turkey from Christmas and froze it. Don't know why I only cook one twice a year on holidays. I, too, have been enjoying the clementines. Also camomile tea. It's good to eat the foods that are acceptable again and leave the junk behind.

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