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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 4-May-2009 12:18pm

Pumped this morning to "get on with the program". Green smoothies are going to be my only food in the a.m. for a while and I will see how that goes. I went on Sparks People last night and filled in both breakfast and lunch foods for today so I had a head start in knowing what I was eating and how many calories that would be. I think I will record for a while.......just to get back on track. I am having the green smoothie for breakfast and lima bean salad for inbetween snacks of corn chips or anything like that at this point.

Connie I am thinking this is it this time I am going to do it. I don't ever want to see pics of myself that I hate like the wedding pics. My husband wasn't being mean but he was surprised that I was so surprised by how big I looked in the pics. I guess I didn't really know.......or identify with being as large as I am even though we were all recently talking about measurements and I knew they were all 10 -12 inches bigger than they should be.

Debbie and Tres are you pumped? The rest of you are already doing it so well. Off to make the green smoothie....WOOHOO!!!!!
posted 4-May-2009 12:45pm

Bronwyn, I could not believe my fat pictures either. There are tons of them out there, some with me even heavier than the one I posted, but I don't have access to them for my computer. However, I have seen them and I would just become numb looking at them, as if I couldn't process what I was seeing. I could not believe that was me. Maybe we should put those around our kitchens for an added boost to our resolve! Or maybe not...depression should not be a part of NFNS and those pictures can certainly bring us down. I hope your "charting" is not to difficult. I think a major benefit of NFNS is the simplicity of it. I felt, and feel, so happy about NFNS. What else is there to feel about a plan that is so good for you, eating the way we were meant to?

I need to mention that one of the things, the major thing in my opinion, in my weight loss was the ceasing of night eating. I was consuming so many bad carbs during that time. I have had to completely clear out my kitchen of forbidden foods. If the other people around here want something off limits, they take it to their rooms at night. During the day, I'm fine. I don't think anyone else on here suffers from night eating, but it does go to show changing a negative behavior over time has huge results.

Today I am committing to not eating any cheese. A big deal for me. When someone was posting about Hugh Jackman's diet, I'm assuming the protein he existed on was lean protein. That would not include cheese, I'm sure. So, I'm going to cook my hamburgers (without cheese) and make some lima beans and eat smart. We can all eat smart today. Day one in a journey that will take us where we want to go. We can't focus on how long it will take...we will eat NFNS everyday no matter what. That is what we eat...that is who we are. Our bodies will respond by becoming healthier and the weight will go. IT WILL GO! I plan on being here for a long time...plenty of time to do what I want to do.
posted 4-May-2009 1:44pm

Connie: I don't get up in the middle of the night to eat, but I eat the majority of my calories after eight probably. I am on a mission to cut that out, I already have experienced weight loss from it just a couple of months ago. I don't how you eat your cheese, if it is shredded or just in slices? If it is shredded, shred it on the finer side then you won't use as much. At least I don't anyway.

Bronwyn: I can't wait to hear how we all do today.

I had oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts with some nonfat milk for breakfast. I like it, I don't know why I don't eat it more often?

2girls: Where are you?

We are on our way ladies we can do it.
posted 4-May-2009 2:16pm

K10......mid day report.......(well it is only 12:15) but eating is right on smoothie drunk, lima beans cooking. I have the habit of eating more at night than in the day.......I want to work on that as well.

I also wondered about 2 girl............

Hey Debbie and Angie how is it going today?????

Good luck on the cheese thing Connie............
posted 4-May-2009 2:18pm

We are getting to be such a big group and I don't want to leave anyone out in my good wishes for eating NFNS for to all the rest of you........Kathy, Hilda, Dianne and so forth.......we can all do this!!!!!!
posted 4-May-2009 2:44pm

So far today I have had a small bowl of cereal and the left over butter beans...not at the same time!
posted 4-May-2009 2:49pm

Cheese is calling to me! It is so filling...but I will resist. Today is the day for reality and following through on plans.
posted 4-May-2009 3:04pm

I think I'm more addicted to cheese than I am to sugar and flour! This is going to be something I have to work at. I'm going to peel an apple.
posted 4-May-2009 4:09pm

My mid-afternoon snack was 1/2 can of sardines. Plus, a small bowl of Greek plain low fat yogurt mixed with cottage cheese and jello (to wash down the sardines). I think that sounds like a protein meal. Lunch was a turkey sandwich and grapes. Breakfast was almond butter on toast. I went to exercise class at 9AM. And I did some errands from 1:00 to 2:00. I can't do any better than that.
I still take sips of slim-fast during the day, and especially right before bed. I guess a small glass of milk would be equivalent. I am still not into any nuts or cheese. I gave that up. Sips of slim-fast are less calories. I am interested in Hugh J's lean protein diet.
posted 4-May-2009 4:13pm

I thought I was going to make fruit and milk my snack of choice, but with the added protein I am not hungry for fruit. Does anyone ever buy the small individual size snacks of fish (i.e. tuna and salmon) at the grocery store? Eating lean protein zaps your appetite and interest in other foods.
posted 4-May-2009 4:19pm

This is just a strange day. I'm not sure what to do with myself, not getting much done. I peeled an apple and cut up some celery. The apple was too tart and I didn't have anything to put on my celery. So, I broke out the light laughing cow and had some with my apple and celery. It tasted awesome and I'm hoping that because it was light I didn't do too much damage. The cheese I normally eat (in joke) is shredded mexi blend. It's full fat and I use a lot of it on my rice cakes, melt it and top it with SF salsa. So definitely an improvement. Kathy's post reminded me I could have used cottage cheese. That's now on my grocery list. Anyway, I'm full so that's good, and I stayed NFNS.
posted 4-May-2009 5:40pm

My lunch was a turkey sandwich on Ezekiel bread with some mayo and pepperoncinis. I didn't add any cheese. I had a lunch sized bag of Cheetos. I am not going to buy those anymore because they have hydrogenated soy oil in them.

I am trying to figure out how to make my chicken for tonight. Any ideas?

We have someone coming at 5 p.m. to look at the house.

Bye for now.
posted 4-May-2009 7:20pm

I am so pleased! I just had a very healthy dinner that I prepared even though I am the only one at home. I cooked burgers on the grill, the first time I have ever done that, and made the baby lima beans. I used the Ezek buns, but they seemed dry, maybe I have had them too long. I used a small amount of mayo, fresh tomato and red pepper slices. I left off the cheese. The lima beans were great...I added a tsp of bacon drippings, a little butter and some salt. really good, all the flavors help to make me feel more satisfied.

Tomorrow I'm making a big tossed salad with grilled chicken. Something good every night, or almost every night, keeps me a happy NFNS girl. What is everyone else having?
posted 4-May-2009 7:38pm

I am glad you are all enjoying the other site, thanks for all the nice comments. It is a simple thing to set up...any one of you could have done it.

I just gone done with an hour on the exercise bike, a thirty minute run with the Wii, and about ten minutes of various strength training and yoga moves. I'm feeling pretty good about it! I am looking forward to hitting the trails with my regular bike soon.

I need to start some supper, I am thinking fish and a veggie of some sort. Then off to watch 24!
posted 4-May-2009 8:03pm

Wow've got it going on! I used to be very active, I just can't seem to talk myself into it. I need to walk the dogs, preferably one at a time. That will be my goal.

I haven't watched 24 since the first season. But I watch House when I can. Too many people watch other things at night.
posted 4-May-2009 9:52pm

Time to rest and read. I've missed talking to everyone today...and thankful for the ones I could chat with! I hope everyone had a good day.
posted 4-May-2009 10:15pm

Waiting for someone to come look at the house in the next few minutes. It is almost 7:15 here.

I had a chicken thigh, quinoa, broccoli with a little parmesan and a glass of non-fat milk.

We watch House and 24 on Mondays. We have it record on the DVR.

Diane: you sure did a lot of exercising today. Way to go.

Talk to you later.
posted 5-May-2009 2:20am

I did it. I am going to bed and I haven't eaten since dinner. Yay me!!! I wonder how many nights this will last.

See you tomorrow.
posted 5-May-2009 7:43am

It's Tuesday morning and I had lowfat yogurt with an apple, 1/2 a banana, and a tablespoon of SF PB stirred in. It was good and filling. Connie do you ever eat the LF string cheese. It is a staple at my house. A quick snack you can take with you, too. I did not hit a lick of exercise yesterday and I always feel better when I do even if I just get twenty minutes in. It is so much easier for me to stay motivated when I do 10 minutes at a time. I will do stretches and floor exercises then go do some house work and then while there is something on TV I will do 10 minutes on the eliptical, go do more house work and then 10 more minutes on the eliptical. I usually do some yard work and then in the evening I do 10 more minutes on the eliptical. Some days I change it up and work out with weights and arobics. I average getting in 45 minutes a day and feel so much better when I stick to it. It really helps to get your metabolism going. I think I am starting to go through "the change" and I have ordered some Maca Root that is suppose to naturally keep your hormones balanced. I will let everyone know how it works. My husband has high hopes!!! I heard on The Doctor's yesterday that eating carbs before bedtime was the worse thing you can do. They said it restricts lipids that produce overnight that boost your metabolism (or something like that) They said if you have to snack at night to make it a protein. I also have a fat picture and when I look back I can not ever remember being that big. It's amazing how you don't see yourself that way till you see it in a picture. I hope never to return to that size and I am going to fight it all the way! GO, GIRLS GO!
posted 5-May-2009 8:58am

Morning all. I opened the blinds this morning and the sun is out. So has been days. Lucky me, I have to run errands and I'm looking forward to not getting soaked.

I'm still feeling good about my food choices yesterday. That is a great feeling, knowing what Idid yesterday was on track. I just became lazy about my food choices. I remained NFNS, but I wasn't preparing healthy meals. I am going to do better!

Angie, good plan with the bursts of exercise throughout the day. It does all add up. Although I don't exercise per se, I do stay active all day. It's not the same I know, but it's something.

Ok, everyone have a great morning!
posted 5-May-2009 9:11am

Angie, I like watching The Doctors on tv also. I heard the tail end of that part about not eating carbs in the evening. So what would be a good protein snack? I sometimes lick peanut butter from a loaded teaspoon scooped out of the jar. You make it last. It sounds gross but someone at my exercise class told me about it.
Debbie M.
posted 5-May-2009 9:31am

I was off the site for a while because I tried to post a link. I should have learned from you Bronwyn.
I have a dentist appt. today for a cleaning.
I want to get some exercise in today. I think I'll hop on my bike. It's sunny and beautiful here today.
Going camping Friday for the Mother's Day weekend. The forcast is promising.
Cottage cheese and tomato for breakfast for me.
200 today grrrr
posted 5-May-2009 9:57am

Oh Debbie...don't be discouraged about the weight. It could be very temporary. I haven't been weighing lately, but I can say my pants are feeling tightish. However, I know when I stay NFNS I can drop off a couple of lbs easily just by changing what I eat, i.e. laying off the cheese.

I have to get started on my day.
posted 5-May-2009 11:08am

I jumped on the scale...144.6. That's NFNS doing it's thing!
Debbie M.
posted 5-May-2009 11:12am

Back from the dentist. He said I'm healing nicely. I told him the antibiotic saved my life. He said it did. Years ago an infection like the one I had would go into the persons chest and kill them by way of their heart. We live in good times inspite of the bad stuff.

I'm not discouraged by my weight. I know I have not been the best I can be on program but I am making progress.

A little house work and bike riding today. Good day to ya.
posted 5-May-2009 11:50am

Kathy I guess some good protein snacks would be the SF peanut butter, String cheese, boiled egg, nuts, cottage cheese...I like soy nuts but I try not to eat too many. I roasted pumpkin seeds last night and had a few while watching Dancing with the Stars. I go to bed at 9:30 so not a lot of snacking time by the time I get the kichen cleaned up and get my bath. Good work Connie! Debbie M if I ever want to post a site I just leave the .com off and I have had no problem. High 80's here today and humid. Staying inside. Have a great day.
posted 5-May-2009 12:44pm

Bronwyn, how are you doing? Have you been to the doc to get your test results?
posted 5-May-2009 1:55pm

Hi all.....stayed NFNS all day yesterday but I did not stay with recording my calories and I know I had too many calories. Went to the Dr. blood work was all good. He said my cholesterol was excellent and the blood work for diabetes was good. My thyroid is within normal but on the low end. He said the only way I am going to get my metabolism working is to get going on an exercise program. Because of my joint problems he highly recommends swimming......aquasize. Water stuff is such a lot of work for women.....shaving, doing hair, changing and all of that. I do need to commit to something though if I want to start to see results.

I eat really healthy and it pays on in my blood work.....but it hasn't worked so well for weight loss so I know it is time to consider getting serious about exercise. Connie you actually do exercise......your work is very physical. You have the benefit of a lifestyle that is active.....and I need to be more active.

Sounds like everyone is working the program......GO Girls!!!! I need to see if I can get some help with posting a is nice to put your faces with your names.

Off to make a green smoothie......
posted 5-May-2009 2:32pm

Bronwyn, I think the key here is staying NFNS. Congrats on the blood work. That must feel wonderful...I'm happy for you.

Today I stopped at the dry cleaner's. The lady in there complimented me on my weight loss. She has a heart condition and is trying to lose weight. She has lost some, but her doc advised her to lose more. She asked her how I lost and I told her NFNS. She said she bought the book awhile back and she was confused about it. Also, she's pre diabetic. So I stayed there for awhile to educate her. Come to find out she is consuming tons of sugar without knowinf it. She buys the frozen dinners, the yogurt treats...both loaded with sugar but labeled to be healthy. Our talk really opened her eyes. She is so excited now. She has a month before her next appt. The one thing she complained about was cooking for one. I totally get that. But by reading labels she should make great progress.

We are all doing so good!
posted 5-May-2009 4:07pm

I had an egg, a piece of Ezekiel toast, some hash browns and non fat milk for breakfast. My stomach has now been bothering for the last couple of hours. I ate this same meal on Sunday and had no problems. My monthly visitor arrived last night, to add to all of this.

One way to stay NFNS is to have an upset stomach.This will help me with my weigh in tonight at my class too.

Off to pick up my dog at the vet, she had her physical today.

Talk to you all soon.
posted 5-May-2009 5:02pm

K10, my stomach is not great today either. It does keep you from eating! Mine is because of all the beans I've been eating. Everything I've read says increasing fiber is good for you, but this isn't any fun.
posted 5-May-2009 5:31pm

Debbie M. I have been thinking lately about what your dentist said about how that infection would spread down to the heart or wherever. That could have been my situation before antibiotics. I would have been the person who would have taken good health for granted, and then suddenly my time would have been up, just because a wisdom tooth got infected. Thank goodness for antibiotics.
posted 5-May-2009 5:55pm

I was feeling a little hungry so I just had some frozen peaches and a string cheese. Only time will tell if that was a good or a bad choice.
posted 5-May-2009 7:32pm

Connie maybe you are adding too many beans too quickly. I do that sometimes and then I have some discomfort. Overall, I eat beans pretty often anyways but occassionally I eat too many and there are consequences. I really like beans and the more I hear of diseases like Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mad Cow and so forth it makes me feel like I would prefer to get my protein from sources other than animals. Who ever heard of Bean Flu or Mad Bean smile

The Dr. told me that I need to be really realistic about my weight loss. He said with a slow metabolism that I should be happy with a 1 -2 lb. loss per month. It is hard to stay motivated with that slow of a loss. By the way I don't have diabetes.....that is what I meant.......I had blood work done to see if I was diabetic or pre-diabetic (I do worry about that) but it looked good and without any worry at this point. How often do you think I should weigh when I am only looking at that kind of a loss? I know Debbie feels it is helpful to weigh often but some others don't find that helpful......I am still not sure what works for me. Connie you lost quite rapidly and weighed frequently and that worked well for you.

Todays food so far........... (breakfast) smoothie, (lunch)...... a salmon wrap in an Ezekial wrap and an orange, (snack)..... NFNS bowl of Fibre 1 with 1% milk. Tonight I will have either a lima bean salad or Tacos.

How are you all doing with NFNS today????
posted 5-May-2009 7:35pm

My neighbor next door, the retired navy chef, is in the hospital. He was doing so good on NFNS, he lost around 25 lbs. Then he got double pneumonia, rallied for awhile, and now is back in the hospital. His illness has caused him to lose another 25 lbs. They are giving him a 5% chance of surviving the night. He has a lung infection. He quit smoking 10 years ago, but he had started smoking in his teens. He is 60 or 61. And a great guy. We are shocked. He is refusing to be put on a ventilator. I just wish he would try it. My dad lived for 7 years after his first ventilator, the average is 5 years. So, it is sad around here.
posted 5-May-2009 8:34pm

Connie: I am so sorry about your friend. Does he have family close? I have heard of 3 people that have had major surgeries or illnesses in the last few days. My dad had heart by-pass 11 years ago and then had pneumonia that following year. Not related to the by-pass. It aged him so much at first. He looked so bad from it. He is fine now. I am glad he has you as a neighbor to be his support and to pray for him.

I am curious to see what I will weigh tonight. My husband and I have a meeting before with the pastor and it looks like he will be late, so I asked him to call the pastor. He got stuck in a meeting or something. He is hoping to make it on time. I hate when things like this happen.

Someone came and looked at the house again today. They were on time. I love that.

I am not going to eat dinner before my class and the class gets out at 8 p.m. how should I handle the no eating after 8 thing?
posted 5-May-2009 8:53pm

No word on my neighbor yet. He has two children close by. His wife lives with him. If you looked up "great neighbor" in the dictionary, there you would find his picture. That may sound funny, but it's so true I had to say it. I was having coffee on the porch with my other neighbor when family from out of state started to arrive. I'm continuing to be optimistic.

K10, you should have a mostly protein dinner. My mom had went to a nutritionist after she was diagnosed with diabetes. A very, very smart move most people do not do. Anyway, they told her to always have some protein before she goes to bed. It kept her blood sugars more level for the fast during the night. So, I'm thinking that late at night more protein would be good. And, it may seem more filling.

I am feeling a lot more like myself. The last few day's I have ate much more "rounded" and I have had a more satisfied feeling. So good deal there! I need to keep it up. Tomorrow, chicken. Whohoo!
posted 5-May-2009 9:17pm

Sorry about your friend Connie. He sounds like such a wonderful person.

K10 if you have a rule that you generally stick to......not eating after 8:00 then you are doing well. If you don't have a chance or don't want to eat before your class then just make good choices after your class NFNS (remember like Connie keeps reminding us that is the important part of the program)......I am thinking a salad with protein would be great. I had a big taco for dinner and I want to try and not eat anything else tonight.......that is an easy decision at the moment because I am really full. Keeping my resolve will be the challenge. I hope things go well at your class tonight. Hey K10 what is happening on the job front for your husband......are you still planning to move north if your house sells?

How are you doing Debbie M?
Debbie M.
posted 5-May-2009 10:22pm

My mom popped over today and said she was taking me out to buy flowers for my yard.
After we got the flowers she said lets have a hamburger and pulled into the Mc Donalds drive thru. She said she was not eating because she was on a diet. But she would have french fries. ha I ordered a cesar salad with grilled chicken. Yey me! For supper I had a hot dog with bun and some baked beans. Snack was popcorn while I watched the Biggest Loser. Breakfast was a cup of 1% cottage cheese and tomatos. Coffee with milk.
Even though I had a bun I feel successful today. It could have been alot worse.
I planted all my flowers today. I wasn't even moving around that much and sweat was rolling off my head. I guess thats what 50 extra pounds will do to you. I was so beat by 4:30 I fell asleep on the couch for an hour.
I laughed out loud when I read Mad Bean or Bean Flu. Good job on your blood work. When ever my husband gets blood work done he always brags that he gets an A+ (get it, A positive) heh
See you tomorrow all.....
Debbie M.
posted 5-May-2009 10:23pm

Connie, I want to weigh 144.6.
posted 5-May-2009 10:57pm

Debbie M. I want to weigh 144.6 as well,,,,,,,that is so far away,,,,,,,,@ 2 lbs. a month that is more than 2 years away (sigh)!!!! I am sure that I don't have to do the math for anyone on how long it is at 1 lb. a month smile

BTW I asked my Dr. about bioidentical hormones as there has been so much talk about that in the last few years. He said they are a talk show phenonemen and that there isn't any more evidence that they are any safer than HRT. In fact he said there hasn't been any extensive testing done on them......or studies like there has been done on HRT. He feels if there was extensive testing done that we would find that there are just as many risks as HRT. I don't know what to think about it. Last week on Oprah they had women talking about how much better they were sleeping and how they were able to take off some excess weight after starting bioidentical hormone therapy.
posted 5-May-2009 11:52pm

Salmon salad is great on Ezekiel English muffins.

I did the BMI calculator yesterday and found I still need to lose 30 pounds to be Normal and not Overweight or Obese range,
posted 6-May-2009 12:03am

I love eating almonds at night. They fill me up.
posted 6-May-2009 12:14am

I lost 2.1 pounds since our class 3 weeks ago. I am really pleased. I didn't have just protein, of course I was so hungry I didn't come on here until now.

I had a piece of chicken, some Triscuits with too much cheese, and some fruit. I won't have anything else though.

My kid wants the computer so I will talk to you tomorrow.
posted 6-May-2009 1:01am

Bronwyn: We won't be moving up north. We will stay locally. My husband works at two different locations, one is 13 miles from us but it takes him about 30 minutes to get to work and 40-50 to come home. The other location he works at is 52 miles away and it takes 60 minutes to get there in the morning and 60-70 minutes to get home. That doesn't make sense does it? We are trying to decide which location to live closer to. He may see about another job that is closer to our current location. They are looking for a new manager. This is a place my hubby interviewed with last year, but there have been some changes there.
Are the bioidentical hormones the ones Suzanne Somers promotes? If so, I have heard of them.

Good night.
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:30am

K10, I saw Suzanne on a show talking aobut the bio's too.

Good morning all. When I woke up this AM I felt still from working in the garden. But I'm doing ok now.

198.5 today
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:32am

Correction. I felt stiff, not still. hehe Although I really wanted to be still and not get out of bed. The morning came way too early today.
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:44am

I just read a terrific artical called The Truth About Carbs on sparkpeople. Did you read it Bronwyn?
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 9:48am

Wouldn't it be interesting if we all had to wear halter tops and low rise jeans? Our stomachs would be totally exposed for all to see. What impact would that have on what we chose or chose not to put into our mouths?
Clothing gives us a false sence of hiding. The truth is if you are fat you look fat. If you are not fat you don't look fat. Lets embrase the truth of what we look like and change it if we want to look different. Why would we expect change if we keep doing the same thing. Change comes from CHANGING. It may sound simple but if its so simple, why do I not change. What is the pay off for staying the same? I haven't been able to figure that out for myself yet.
posted 6-May-2009 10:29am

I think we have a fear of being hungry. We don't want to go through that pain, so we choose to go through the pain of being fat and unhealthy. Very illogical thinking. It's a matter of making right choices. Food is our drug of choice and it shows in our outward appearance.
posted 6-May-2009 10:40am

Good morning. I'm having coffee on the porch with my neighbor, so I'll be quick. 143.5 this morning. I didn't think I would see 143. I don't remember if I have been there before. Last night we didn't eat much.

I'll check in later.
posted 6-May-2009 11:43am

Debbie M., I am going to see if I can find that article. So do you think we should start to wear low cut jeans and halter topssmile I actually see a lot of young girls wearing low cut jeans and short tops that certainly don't look good in them. I also don't get the feeling that most of them are that self conscience about the blubber hanging over. Believe me I would be self conscious. In fact one of the really hard things about the aqua size is one having to go swim suit shopping and then having to wear a swim suit in public. Debbie I know it sounds so logical but I know I kid myself about it.....I think I look thinner than I am (you know carry ,y weight better than some) until I see myself in a photo or even a full length mirror. It is so true...."if you are fat you look fat". I don't want to be fat or look fat!

Hilda I do think that hunger rules us to much. I need to learn to wait and see if I am really hungry. I know I feel hungry a lot and yet I think it is also just the habit of eating too often. Connie how wonderful that you don't have that problem....that has really helped you. I think that we can stave off feelings of hunger when they are not truly hunger pangs.....just habits, or desire to snack out of boredom or loneliness or sadness or what ever triggers our eating when we are not truly hungry.

Did you see Suzanne Somers when she was on Oprah talking about the bioidentical hormones. I am not sure what it was but I thought she looked horrible......her face looked red, bloated and splotchy. She usually looks so good for her age but her appearance that day certainly wasn't an a good advertisement for bio.

Two whole days of NFNS.....sounds like we are all on the same strong wave to find the article Debbie.
posted 6-May-2009 12:06pm

Debbie M. I could not find the Sparks article. I looked all over the site and couldn't find it. My google search though did lead to some interesting reading on the subject with opinions on the subject very different from one person to the next. What was Sparks feeling on the subject? I know my Dr. thought cutting carbs leads to lack of energy.

I did find this article though and it may be helpful to many of us here:

Comfort Undereating, Anyone?

Here's a concept that could make losing weight a lot easier: comfort undereating.

We all know how easy and tempting it is to reach for something to eat--especially something that's sweet, rich, or salty--in times of stress. "Comfort" eating and "emotional" eating are two of the biggest problems for most people who struggle with their weight.

But one of the odd things about comfort eating has always been that it rarely actually makes us feel good for more than a couple of minutes. After that, we quickly end up feeling guilty or upset--especially if we're trying to eat healthy or lose weight. But still we do it, even though we know how bad we're going to feel as soon as we're done. That immediate reward we get from it really conditions us to reach for the food, and before you know it, you've got an automatic habit on your hands that's very hard to break.

Wouldn't it be nice if NOT reaching for something to eat in times of stress produced that same kind of feel-good reward? It sure would make it easier to break the habit of comfort/emotional eating.

Well, guess what? According to some recent research, those good feelings may be just what you can experience if you can manage to get past that first impulse to eat something when you need a little comfort.

Posted 3/19/2009 12:24:34 PM By: Dean Anderson : 111 comments
Read More

*to read more or to see the comments go to Sparks People Articles.....there are several pages of articles (although I couldn't find the one on carbs). This would be empowering to employ this technique.....or getting your reward of comfort from not eating instead of eating.
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 12:46pm

I couldn't get going on my house work so I took my dog for a walk. When I got back I did the kitchen and paid the bills.

Heh, before I went on my walk, I pushed my jammie pants low and twirled up my shirt. I just couldn't stand myself. hehe

I had some sea legs for breakfast. After I eat them I looked at the label and it had 3 g of sugar. Can you believe it? FISH with sugar? Our food supply is way out of control in this country.

Swiss cheese and red pepper for lunch.
posted 6-May-2009 1:00pm

I went walking with my friend this morning. I had shredded wheat with strawberries and bananas and milk. I started to get full so I just picked out the fruit. I should have just stopped all together but I didn't. I love how good fruit tastes now that I don't eat added sugar.

Yesterday my daughter said the strawberries didn't need any added sugar on them. I told her that the less she eats sugar the less sugar she will crave. She is 13 and I hope she listens to me. I wish I would have known about this diet before. It is so doable.

I am going to a bridal shower on Saturday and I am not even concerned about the cake. That is such a freeing feeling. It is at 1 p.m. so I will have already had lunch.

There is a ladies luncheon on the 16th at my church. It costs $12 or so and I don't think I am going because I just can't justify paying for a luncheon I won't be able to eat. The lady who is cooking does a great job, but she always makes things that are way too fattening and sugar-laden. Plus that is money I shouldn't spend on something like this. That could be a complete dinner at home.

Triplet Mom: Have you made your blog yet?
posted 6-May-2009 1:43pm

Hey gang. We had severe thunderstorms last night and the little dog freaked out, as she does when it thunders. I took her to the living room so my husband could get some sleep. Up way too uch last my bottom is dragging. I may have to take a nap!

Bronwyn,I think I know what your talking about with the under eating feeling. That's the feeling I get when I'm at a social event and I stay NFNS. It really does feel good.

K10, yesterday when I was talking to the dry cleaning lady, she actually got her empty food containers out of the trash for me so we could read the ingredients. Was she surprised! So much sugar everywhere, she had no idea. The food manufacturers are shameful. They label something healthy and the opposite is true. We are all so smart and savvy now about food!

Debbie, never quit reading the ingredients. Doesn't it make you angry? We are already boycotting, so to speak, foods like that. Today at the store, the NS rice cakes were sold out. I think word is getting around about NFNS. Yea!

We found out our neighbor has pulmonary fibrosis. We had no idea. His whole family is at his bedside. Apparently, he is resting comfortably and ok with the state of things.

I have given up my favorite cheese, (the hard stuff) and this morning I went back to the scales and weighed 142.8. That is definitely a first. In years and years I haven't weighed that. I can only attribute it to the cheese elimination. And, I doubt it will last. But it does help strengthen my resolve to stay away from the cheese. I hesitated to tell you all about the weight. I almost feel guilty about it. I want the same thing for all of you. But it is what happened and I think we should all be honest with ourselves and each other in our weight loss battle.

I think I'll see if I can get some shut eye. Probably I can't...napping is hard for me for some reason.
posted 6-May-2009 2:23pm

I bought a Fuji apple this morning at the store. So good! Much better than the Gala. I had it for lunch with 3 rice cakes and 3 laughing cow. That's 310 calories for lunch. And I'm full. Breakfast was the usual 2 coffees with half and half. I'm guessing 200 calories. Maybe a snack later, maybe not. I'll be getting some more apples and having them for lunch for awhile. Tonight big salad with grilled chicken. Homemade ranch and a sprinkling of raisins on top. Yum!
posted 6-May-2009 2:32pm

Connie: I am so proud of you for weighing that amount. Please don't feel guilty. You are doing so well and you are such an encouragement. I have hope that this will work when I hear of the success you have had. I have never committed this long to any diet. I am having a glass of OJ right now, but I haven't had any since Sunday. I am going to try and have it a few times a week is all. I heard on the news that juice prices may be going up, so that will save me right there. I didn't hear the whole story though.

Have a great afternoon. Someone is coming to look at the house between 1 and 3. I feel like I am waiting for a repairman with that time window.

Take care all.
posted 6-May-2009 3:34pm

K10 I feel for you......showing your house is such a pain. Have your realtor given you any feed back from those who have looked so far? It seems like you are showing it a lot.

Connie.....yes any of us who don't weigh 142.5 wish that we did......but we are also so happy for you. Connie you are thin.....and you look thin. The truth is I am fat and I look fat......Debbie M. really helped me to embrace the truth smile

Hilda I am going to check out how much weight I have to lose to be in the right BMI......that won't be any fun and I know I have done it before but I can't remember.
posted 6-May-2009 3:40pm

Hilda I have to lose 54 lbs. to be at the right hoo frown That will be my goal but in 10 lb.. increments!!!!
posted 6-May-2009 4:10pm

Connie what is your BMI now? Aldi's here has guacamole this week and some great frozen fruit with no added sugar. Bought 2 bags of fruit. Their deli packaged roast beef slices are wonderful too.
posted 6-May-2009 4:11pm

I want to lose 10 more pounds this year and wear all the clothes hanging in my closet from 5 years ago before they all go out of style.
posted 6-May-2009 4:12pm

Then I will get out the sewing machine and take them up if I lose more!
posted 6-May-2009 4:25pm

From the chart I followed, my bmi is between 20 and 21. I'm 5'9 and weigh 143 144. Does that sound right?

My neighbor passed away today. When I found out, my other neighbor called and we decided we would go pick up some food for the family. She recommended pizza (for the kids) and bbq for the adults. I said I didn't want to buy anything with F or S in it. She became really quiet. I told her I would call her back. I called my husband and asked his opinion. He told me to quit being weird and go buy the food. I did. By the time we got back all the family had returned from the hospital and everyone was very thankful. But, everyone also wanted to know how I had lost weight. All of the women there are overweight. I told them. Now I wish I had taken NFNS foods, although it would have been hard to do. I'm making some potato salad and I made a picture of NS tea. So I am going to be busy today after all. And sad.
posted 6-May-2009 5:17pm

Connie: So sorry about your neighbor. At least he didn't have to suffer long. You may have another chance to bring them an NFNS meal. The kids probably enjoyed the pizza.

I need to look at my BMI and where I should be. I just ate lunch, I was STARVING it is 2:15 here and all I had eaten today was cereal and OJ. I had 2 cheese and green chili tamales. NFNS though, and a cup of milk. While I was waiting for my food to heat I had 2 Triscuits and a bite of canned chicken. I was getting shaky I was so hungry.

Bronwyn: I haven't heard anything from my realtor regarding interest from people looking, it is probably better this way. I don't want to get my hopes up.
posted 6-May-2009 5:29pm

Sorry Connie! People are inspired by your success so that is the way you can teach them. It is more difficult to pick up NFNS meals. On Sparks people they were reviewing a new line of chicken at KFC.......grilled instead of fried. I doubt it is super healthy but it is an improvement over the original KFC......if you need to pick up anything else that may be something to consider.

Connie your BMI is really low.....good for you!!!! I think mine was 32 so I have a long ways to go.
posted 6-May-2009 6:15pm

I actually suggested KFC grilled chicken to my neighbor. She got quiet again. I totally freaked her out. She has had my NFNS book for months and hasn't read it. Oh well. She is so hugely makes me sad and frustrated. She may be 5'1 and she weighs over 300 lbs. I know I get on her nerves, but no one else is going to check her and she has learned she can't play dumb with me. It is what it is. Potato salad is done...takes forever. I feel like I've been on my feet all day. But then I think about what they are going through next door...shame on me! Yesterday I prayed my neighbor would not suffer and have a smooth passing. I feel like that happened.

posted 6-May-2009 6:23pm

Connie: I saw a thing that showed all the chemical things in the KFC grilled chicken. El Pollo Loco is good, do you have any near you?
posted 6-May-2009 6:29pm

My old bmi, pre NFNS, was 27.8. I weighed 188 when I started. I was right there with you guys.

K10 you are eating good! And Bronwyn, you still sound strong. Hilda, you can lose those 10 lbs, and then some if you want to! The one sure thing that I have done is stay NFNS. Only occasionally have I strayed. Most times it was an accident. NFNS foods taste so good. I mean, we are left with real food on this plan and I for one have been loving it. I was raised on canned goods. And packaged meals for the most part. All this fresh produce as the base in meals, not just as a side, is really empowering. I've become quite handy at chopping veggies. (I try and mimic the tv chefs!) I have only lost a few finger nails and when you chop things up right, it goes much faster. So all in all this last year has been very educational and yummy. And the payoff is a smaller frame. Why would any one NOT do NFNS?

Listen to me going on! I'm finally seated and it feels so good I feel like sharing. I think I'm going to sit here for awhile!
posted 6-May-2009 6:35pm

I looked up my BMI and it is 34.8 I am obese. That is with my weight being 178. To have a normal BMI (which is 18.5-24.9) my weight should be 97-127 pounds for my height of 60 inches. My goal is 130. That will put me just over the normal BMI for my height. I weighed 105-115 in high school, so I don't ever see me getting down to 97 pounds. I would say I am medium framed.

I was looking on something that says muscle weighs more than fat, I don't agree. A pound is a pound is a pound. A pound of feathers is still one pound. Muscle takes up less room that fat and burns more calories, but it weighs the same amount.

I have never cared what I weighed because I have always weighed more than I look.
posted 6-May-2009 6:48pm

K10, you must be a slightly muscley girl. I am small framed, and have really never had an muscle. Except when I ran, my legs were strong. I have zero strength in my arms. I think what they were saying is muscle weighs more than fat when they each occupy the same space. A ziplock baggie full of muscle would weigh more than a ziplock baggie full of fat. My brain is in slow motion today, I think I said that right.

We were out back talking about camping yesterday. My neighbors sister and husband had arrived in their camper. I said I would be happy as a clam camping in something like that. The husband said I wouldn't like it if I was a primping girl because it doesn't have a bathroom. My husband said I wouldn't like it. I just stared at them! I felt like if I had looked stronger, not like a girlie girl, they would not have said that. I mean I would try it. Whatever.
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:33pm

I think my BMI is about 33, 34. BUT and thats a big BUT, I will over come and lower my BMI. So there!~
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:40pm

Bronwyn, Did you find that artical? It came in my news letter. Did you sign up for their email news letter?
Debbie M.
posted 6-May-2009 7:44pm

The artical is in the Healthy Lifestyle section.
posted 6-May-2009 8:12pm

Debbie yes I found it and it was a good article. I also really liked the one about "comfort under eating" made so much sense. I have been trying to do that today.

Eating so far.....very large green smoothie, taco on Ezekial wrap with lettuce, tomato and avocado and an orange. Haven't decided on dinner yet and I am feeling really hungry so I will have a bowl of fibre 1 (NfNS variety) and then think about dinner. NO one is here to eat yet anyways.
posted 6-May-2009 8:59pm

Uuhh! I am so tired! Unfortunately when I'm this tired I never sleep well. Change of plans for dinner. I kept some of the potato salad for us and had it with grilled chicken and shrimp. I forgot I bought the shrimp, had to eat it. Anyway, good dinner. I can safely say I have had more than enough food today.

The grand kids will be next door for several days. I want to make them some NFNS cookies. My neighbor took my book over their so I googled for recipes. One that came up is for chocolate cookies. Google "Gretchen's No Flour No Sugar Cookies." The site is the great fitness experiment. The cookies sound good. With the truvia I think they would be really low cal. On the site I think it mentioned 20 cal per cookie if using sugar substitute. Bronwyn, have you tried truvia yet? And I can make the peanut butter cookies. I'll do that tomorrow.

This has been one long day. I stayed NFNS...I don't think I could eat any other way now. Love it. Night all.
posted 6-May-2009 9:45pm

Connie I mentioned in an earlier blog a cookie I made that was very popular. The only sugar is in the chocolate chips and there is no flour. Kids and adults alike have really liked them. I took them to an emergency prepardness class a couple of weeks ago and they were super popular. Google.....cook book 101 or Heidi Swanson and check out Nikki's healthy cookies. I am going to check out 'Gretchens'"...sounds interesting. Connie it has been said many times before but you are a great neighbor.
posted 6-May-2009 10:14pm

Connie I haven't tried the brand "Truvia" but isn't it Stevia? I have never had much luck cooking with Stevia or getting it right.
posted 7-May-2009 12:53am

I walked at the mall tonight with a friend for 30 minutes and had a great time. Then we went and had coffee and talked for over an hour. I ended up eating dinner later than I wanted, but it felt good to walk that much. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2009 2:02am

I had a successful day. I almost eat a yorurt from ALdi today. It was one of the Fit and Active ones. I looked at the label. 13 grams of fat! I poured it out. I remember a while back putting almonds and raisins in plain yogurt and loving it. ALso Steal cut oats in it.
Tomorrow is a shopping day. I must get some things that worked in the past. I told my husband he is not allowed to buy chips of any kind or crackers for a while.
Camping Friday. I must plan plan plan.
K10 CONGRATS on your 2 point something pounds! Thats super.
And Connie, You are an inspiration.
I am super motivated.
posted 7-May-2009 5:28am

Good for you Debbie on getting rid of the yoghurt......13 grams of fat sounds outrageous. I just checked my yoghurt which isn't a low fat yoghurt and it has 4 grams of fat for a 1/2 cup serving. You would expect something called Fit and Active to have a better nutritional profile than that. I can't sleep and I was feeling hungry so I thought I would have a little protein......I had a few handfuls of sunflower seeds and then looked at the nutritional info on the back...............holy moly I wish I had done that earlier............320 calories for a 1/3 cup. Man the end of my 3rd NFNS and then I just had all those extra calories. Debbie my knee has been really bothering me the last few days......slipping out a little not totally out but it freaks me out that it will slip right out. I just can't imagine running on my knee at all......sometimes walking is challenging enough. Does your knee bother you much.......of course I am like 10 years older than you and my knees have been dragging around this extra weight a long time.
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2009 8:23am

My knees do not bother me on a regular basis. Only if I get active and do something stupid and injure myself. Usually when I'm feeling playful with my kids and I get it in my mind to pick up a basketball and think I can play a bit. Then I do a pivot or something like that and end up in pain hurting myself. I've been lucky so far to have not had cronic pain. But like you I have been told even 20 years ago that I had a lot of milage on my knees. I could be looking at arthritis in the future but so far I have dodged it. I have decided that running for me is just a recipe for disaster. I have to stick to riding my bike and walking. Like you, even with walking I have to take very mindful steps.

When I talked about the yogurt I meant to say 13g of sugar, not fat. I don't know what the fat was but I certainly didn't expect 13g of sugar.

Isn't it strange about nuts. Good for you but soooooo caloric. Last night I counted out the 40 peanuts that the jar said were 180 calories. It was a lid full. So few. I totally love sunflower seeds but I stopped buying them when I couldn't stop eating them. I especially like them in my salads. It's amazing how the calories really climb even in a salad if you put things in like nuts and cheese. (Cheese Connie);o)

I was feeling hungry too last night. But we had no food in the house. It was good for not being able to snack. It's payday for me so grocery shopping is top priority.

Good job on day 3 Bronwyn. I'm right behind you on day 3 today. Do good because I'm watching you. hehe

I can't believe I'm going to be 45 next month. It sure would go down a lot easier if I'm down in weight by then. My kids will be out of town with grandma the first two weeks of June. I'll miss them but it will be a good opportunity to have only the things in my cupboard that I can eat.
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2009 8:38am

198.5 today
I had a really depressing time turning 40. I was dissapointed because I was fat and there was no party. Even if there is no party at least I can be less fat. heh
Debbie M.
posted 7-May-2009 8:42am

Connie, Do you have any idea how many calories you eat each day?
posted 7-May-2009 9:40am

Morning! 142.4 this morning. I must have have been eating a zillion calories in cheese before! I mean, there was no such thing as too much cheese for me. My rice cakes were piled high with it, sometimes 5 a day. Eliminating that is obviously what has the scales moving for me.

Lot's to do today. Grocery store, baking and cleaning up across the street. My husband has all the tile up in the bathroom and I need to vacuum it and clean it before he grouts. I was supposed to do that yesterday. Last night my husband and I were talking and he hinted at his disappointment that I hadn't done it. Well, I wanted to squeeze his neck. I don't think he had a clue what yesterday was like for me. I filled him in. But today, I have to do it.

He told me about a man at work who was overweight and became diabetic. The man has lost 35 lbs and looks great. My husband asked him how he did it...the man said the diabetic diet. My husband asked him if that happened to be the NFNS diet and the man said yes. Then the man told my husband how his appetite is half what it used to be. This plan works. Stick to it gang. It may take some time, but it will work for you.

Bronwyn, thanks for the cookie info. I need to look up truvia on line to see if I can bake with it. It doesn't address baking on the box. I'm torn about what to sweeten with for food I give away. I may do somw with sugar and some with Splenda/Truvia and let them decide which they want.

Debbie, I have no idea what my daily calorie intake is. Probably less than what some people would think as healthy, but enough for me. When I'm hungry I eat. When I'm not hungry I don't. Charting calories seems like a chore to me. I will list my daily foods for awhile, how's that?

There was a good article on sparkspeople this morning about red meat. Of course it wasn't positive. It discussed the evils of processed meats as well. Advice to take to heart I think.
posted 7-May-2009 10:11am

I think I slept better last nigh.Maybe the walk had something to do with it.
posted 7-May-2009 10:20am

Confession time. I had 1 1/2 bowls of Cheerios and a handful of tortilla chips last night after 8 p.m. No excuses, I just wanted to confess.

Connie: Awesome. Are you replacing your cheese consumption with something else?
posted 7-May-2009 10:37am

K10, what possessed you? Can you substitute that behavior? First, I would get rid of all the forbidden foods from the house. If your serious, get serious! I haven't replaced the cheese, well, I have switched to laughing cow. It is a totally different animal. No salsa, etc. And I'm eating 1/3 the rice cakes. If the tortilla chips were NFNS, no harm done. If you have to eat at night, switch to a low fat protein. That might help, I don't know. What time do eat dinner? That seems like a lot of food after dinner. Do you eat enough dinner?

Time to scrape tile!
posted 7-May-2009 12:18pm

"Laughing cow is a totally different animal" smile

That is the problem with cheerios or that type of thing.....1 1/2 cups isn't that much because it isn't isn't nutritious or anything. Hey doesn't cheerios have flour in them.

I haven't any spinach or other greens here this morning, I have to go to town and get some because I like having my green smoothie so much......then again it is raining out and maybe I want something warm. I put some frozen fruit in my smoothie so it is a thick, cold drink........and such a beautiful healthy looking greensurprise

I don't want to eat anything with Flour or Sugar in it......I am back on the NFNS train.....where you just really want to pump up the nutrition and eat fabulously healthy. Unlike Connie though portion control is my problem. I have a nephew getting married on August 15......still some hope for getting off some weight before that. I like the idea of following Clean Eating principles.....Tosca Reno says that the top 12 superfoods are: Tomatoes, Skinless turkey breast, wld salmon, broccoli, berries, beans and legumes, spinach, walnuts (highest overall antioxidant of all nuts), Bison (the other red meat), Pumpkin, Soy (I disagree wiht this one) and Oatmeal. I actually think the walnuts are probably the only nut I should bring into the house......I don't over eat walnuts but I do like them. I have a hummus recipe that uses walnuts instead of sesame and it is so good.
posted 7-May-2009 12:27pm

I think part of the reason I ate was just being upset about the whole house thing. My oldest needs new tennis shoes and we have to wait until payday on Friday. She also wants to go to an event with church at the end of the month which is $25.00 and she needs a new bathing suit for that, because she really developed this past year, if you know what I mean. The suit she wants is modest, but expensive.

I wish we could have Cheerios. Why do they have to have oat flour and added sugar? The whole grain cereals are so hard on my stomach and when it gets warm I have no desire for hot cereal and eggs get old. Why does healthy food have to cost more?

I am in a funk. Hormones I think. Off to eat breakfast. Oh, I did exercise again today with my friend.
posted 7-May-2009 12:28pm

Bronwyn, here is my theory. When you stay NFNS, over time your appetite falls off. Why it takes time, I don't know. And could that time be different from one person to the next...I think so. But I think it does happen. There is a lot going on in our bodies and minds when we change the way we are eating. Our brains react, out bodies react. Some times those changes may be initially uncomfortable, but they are temporary. I am glad to be traveling on the NFNS train!

I'm going to make those cookies you recommended. And some peanut butter ones. This should be interesting since I am not a baker!
posted 7-May-2009 12:29pm

Bronwyn: Let me know about the hummus with walnuts. I like walnuts too, but I don't overeat on them either. I really like them in oatmeal with blueberries.
posted 7-May-2009 1:41pm

Back from the store. I'm fairly excited about making something new! Bronwyn, any advice about making meal out of almonds? K10, you need something healthy to have at night. South Beach has a recipe for egg/spinach muffins that are very good. You could make up a batch and have them on hand. My husband put salsa on them. They freeze well. The point is, get rid of the junk and get something healthy on hand. Immediately!!!!!
posted 7-May-2009 2:46pm

Thanks Connie.
posted 7-May-2009 2:48pm

Connie-What's laughing cow? I think I'd like it whatever it is.

Everyone-I wanted to tell you what my exercise instructor is eating. She has been eating like this for 2 months and will keep it up because she is preparing for a body-building competition in July in Massachusetts. If she wins she goes on to National competitions. She has: oatmeal with a banana for breakfast, salad for lunch, and for dinner chicken or fish, with brown rice and a sweet potato.

She looks fantastic. Slim as anything. Her arms are quite defined. Notice that it is also NFNS.
If I eat the way she eats I have to have more banana and milk for a morning snack. And another salad at 3:00.

She did say she is getting sick of the diet.
posted 7-May-2009 3:21pm

I'm taking a break. My friend called and wants to come over. She will be bringing the baby so I had to stop and sweep, vacuum and clean the bathroom. I'm just now ready to start baking and I'm already wore out!

Laughing Cow is a creamy swiss cheese. I buy the light. It is very unswiss like. So yummy. Today I had 2 rice cakes with 1 1/2 wedges on each. No time to eat an apple, yet. I'll get to it.

Kathy, your instructors diet sounds like my diet when I started NFNS. It was simple and tasted great. I ate like that for quite awhile. I could eat like that everyday. I wish my arms looked like hers!
posted 7-May-2009 4:18pm

K10......same web site as the cookies......101 cookbooks....the hummus is called "Hummus en Fuego". It is really nice. I like to top it with some feta, kalamata olives, some uprocessed garbanzo beans and a sprinkle of cilantro. I put is in a low wide a big pottery barn bowl. It is so appropriate for a party and has been a hit at any party that I have taken it to. Eat it with veggies and nfns crackers. note** make sure after you roast your walnuts to brush off as much skin as you is bitter if you don't. I don['t use nearly as much of the chile oil as she does......I don't want it that high fat......I make a 1/3 cup of oil and it does me for 2 recipes. I use just as much or more red chili peppers because we like it a little spicy.

Connie I hope that the cookies turn out. I had so much success with them everytime I make them. I do use coconut butter and it has a really coconutty taste. You kind of stack the looks like a little granola stack and looks yummy. I like that the only sugar is in the chocolate worrying about artifical sugar or what else to use. I honestly don't think these are bad......they are almost NFNS.
posted 7-May-2009 4:32pm

Connie, your neighbors are lucky people to have someone in the neighborhood go out of their way for them. I am sure they are very appeciative.

I found some great exercises for fat knees! Apparently the fat on the inner part of your knee (where your two knees meet) comes from walking incorrectly. If you walk your shoes inward you are more apt to have this issue. I do, in fact, walk my shoes inward. The way I understand it is that the muscle on that side of your knee goes limp (for lack of a better word) if it is not worked properly. I wonder if a chiropractor could adjust my walking traits. The exercises are on ttapp dot com. Hooray! Maybe I can enjoy shorts this year!?

I lost two pounds this past Weds. to Weds. .

These cookie ideas sound great!
posted 7-May-2009 5:31pm

Panic, Panic, Panic...........a friend just came over and brought my favorite chocolate bar.....toasted hazelnut organic Denman Island Chocolate. It is handmade on Denman Island. This is torture. I couldn't say anything to her because she is like 105 lbs. and I don't talk to her about this stuff.
posted 7-May-2009 5:39pm

Connie I throw (blanched.....has to be blanched.......well at least better if blanched) almonds into my food procesor and process until the almonds are like chunky sand (as fine as I can). I honestly think if you used the grain sweetened chocolate chips we are really close to a NFNS......healthy cookie! The chips I speak of are really expensive at least here.....don't know about there. I found Ezekial Raisin English Muffins today for $4.99, the bread was $5.99.......they were both about 2 $$$ cheaper than the other place I have bought them. In fact I had quit buying them because the price is so outraegous but they are so good and feel like a treat.

Can't throw the chocolate bar out but I don't want to eat it.............I want to save it for someone else as it is really healthy chocolate.

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