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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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posted 8-Aug-2008 10:20am

Bronwyn, it seems like you need something that you are passionate about that interests you enough to take your mind off the food. Can you start selling things on ebay? My daughter goes to garage sales and then sells the good stuff she finds. Do you take your mom to a senior center to see other people and so you can talk to other women? If your mom is able to get out of the house it is a lot easier to stay connected. Could you start a NFNS support group in your home where you talked to other people in person about the program?
Connie out of town
posted 8-Aug-2008 10:34am

Hey bronwyn. I got a lot out of your posting. I looked up ketosis on line and it says it is "the state at which our bodies burn fat for fuel." Sounds good to me. I understand your frustration more now, as you were not always large. It seems as our bodies are so contrary to who we are. My children are both large. It has been especially hard on my daughter. She is 20. But, as luck would have it, they both have very high IQ's and I have told them a million times, I would so rather they be large and not stupid. Very politically incorrect, I'm sure, but something a mother would say and to me, the TRUTH. For most of my daughters adult life I have been smaller than she. And never has a doctor told her to lose weight, so for the most part she's happy. She has a tiny waist, so her ratio is fine.
Travel day was fine. Flight delayed from take off for an hour and a half, by the time we were half way across the skies, I was starving. I opted for a coffe and half a can of pringles, then for dinner a greek salad with plain olive oil for dressing. The coffe creamer packet listed corn syrup as the first, of many, ingredients. Oh well, I used two. I think I picked the best items. I could have gone for a bag of Good Sense Trail Mix, but it was loaded wuth sugar.
I hate the idea of you going to Dr B's again. I hate the expense. You can do it on your own. 13 years ago I quit smoking. When I was going through the inital stage of withdrawl, I would jump on my stair stepper for 10-15 minutes every time I would have a strong urge for a cigarette. It worked. Keep that in mind. I remember you said you have bad knees. Could you sustain a mini work out for craving control? I have a bad back. Walking is my best option.
Today I will eat healthy. Best to all.
posted 8-Aug-2008 3:52pm

Hilda I think your information on sleep is significant. I have been reading about this as well. I didn't have too many symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes.....but I have had an enormous problem with sleep. I am often wandering the house too tired to anything really productive for half of the night. It isn't unusual for me to not be able to fall asleep until 4 or 5 in the a.m. (there have been nights where I simply never did go to sleep) and then I have to be up about 6:45. I often nap in the a.m. but it isn't overly restful sleep. I would say I don't get more the 4 or so hours of sleep and that is if I am lucky. No wonder I am dragging those tail feathers all the timesmile

Hilda I finally got my Mum into a day program this past fall. She went 2 days a week for about 6 hours. It was wonderful. My Mum hated it. After 2 or 3 months in the program they called me into the office and advised me that they were withdrawing Mum from the program as her needs were too great and she didn't fit in with the other women. It was a dementia program but I guess my Mum was more demented than the rest (black humour I know but I was so disgusted with our interview).

I actually do have projects on the go most of the time. I have made drapes for my whole home.....heavy silk, lined and interlined and pleated. I am not a seamstress so they arent quite as lovely as they could be smile......but if you don't look too close. Last week I made drapes for my first grandchild....due in Sept. I don't love to sew though.......I love to cook!!!!

There is nothing more challenging than quitting smoking.....if you can quit smoking than surely I can quit eating (all the time) smile Congratulations for beating that unhealthy habit Connie.

Connie I will fill you in on a product I am going to try. I bought it today. It would fit in fine with the program and may help.
posted 8-Aug-2008 9:59pm

I am not losing anything! I eat oatmeal with frosen fruit (no sugar added) for breakfast, triscuits as a snack, tuna salad (dill relish and low, low sugar mayo) on Ezekial bread for lunch and a salad with chicken in it for dinner (very little dressing) with a sugar free fudge pop for dessert. That is not every day. I have peanut butter (no sugar added) and no sugar added jelly on Ezekial bread occasionally. What am I doing wrong!!!!
posted 8-Aug-2008 10:43pm

Debbie if you are accurate in the recording of your food then I can't imagine that you are not losing weight. I know Janie had indicated her menu was quite sparse as well and that she was not losing. For myself I lose a few lbs. and gain a few lbs. and therefore seem to be going nowhere. I need some positive action on the scale to stay motivated. This program works so well for some and is slow and discouraging for some. I am looking for the Wendy Chant book "Crack the Fat Loss Code". I am wondering if I need to do something else to lose the weight and NFNS to maintain my weight loss. I would be interested in others opinion on the book I just mentioned.
posted 9-Aug-2008 2:44pm

Debbie--i'm having the same problem. I have not eaten ANY sugar or flour in over a month. I lost 6 total pounds in 2 weeks and am still there! Like Bronwyn, I need the scale to drop to motivate me! What do i do?? Help!
posted 9-Aug-2008 2:51pm

Kim and Debbie....go read about Wendy Chant's program< "Crack the Fat Loss Code". It is a carb cycling program that is suppose to encourage your metabolism to work more effectively. There are lots of really good reviews on Amazon. It is an 8 week program,,,,that you can repeat and repeat. The thing that I always struggle with with is the 1st week of many of these programs.....boot camp kind of stuff.....but you never do the first week again. Overall long term I want to do NFNS.....but I feel I need a boost at the moment to get some where with my weight loss. want your opinion.
posted 9-Aug-2008 9:18pm

I really wanted to kind of stay with this. I can do this. Not really a problem at all. maybe my portions are too big. I used to be an M&M junkie. Could not get enough. I have not had a dessert, cookie, brownie, candy bar, white bread, flour in a long long time. I can do this and want it to work. Thanks everyone for talking to me! Maybe we should write Dr. Gott!
posted 10-Aug-2008 1:33pm

Debbie we may just need to do this program better, eh!!!

Greg I hope you are doing well!!!
Connie out of town
posted 10-Aug-2008 1:40pm

Hello everyone! Made it through the wedding without cake! The dinner was fine, easy to make it fit the plan. However, there was three coctails. Bad, bad, bad. But the dancing had to have burned up some calories. Lots of dancing. I can hardly walk today. Such fun. Big breakfast this morning, I'm sure the bacon had sugar. Otherwise, traveling and sticking to the program is easy. My sisters did notice the weight loss. In my face, of all places!
I can't weigh in until Tuesday morning. We'll see how I did. My portion sizes have been bigger.
Bronwyn, I'm going to check out "Crack the Fat Loss Code" first chance I get. Thanks for the tip.
Love and success to all.
posted 10-Aug-2008 6:07pm

I honestly don't know how to do it much better. A little side item...I am a recent breast cancer survivor and am on Tamoxifen for 5 years total. My surgeon said that about 20# of this could be contributed to the medicine. Not comforting...unless I could put a sign around my neck saying "it's not ALL my fault!"
posted 10-Aug-2008 6:56pm

Debbie correction......I know I need to do the program better. You are right I don't see how you could cut anything out anywhere. Personally I know I can, should and need to cut back. Debbie you are right it isn't your fault that you are carrying some extra weight....and try not to worry about it you have been through a lot and you are a survivor. My husband had front-line double high dose chemo together with a stem cell transplant. Life is pretty precious even with a few extra pounds. Debbie you want to eat really healthy and keep your immune system strong.....don't be cutting back too much. You may even be eating too little and triggering the starvation hormone.

Wow Connie no wedding cake.....pretty impressive. At the moment I am out of is an emotional thing around the feeling of desperation and failure. Tomorrow I am incorporating a PGX shake into my program. I will write more about that later. Connie I seriously would value your opinion on "Crack the Fat Loss Code".
posted 10-Aug-2008 7:01pm

Hello Ladies, I seem to be in the same place as many of you. Started at 208 got down to 199 and pretty much I have stayed there... but I have been cheating a little... I know, I know... It's those damn Wynchips.

Debbie, weight loss or not, I think this is a very healthy diet, doesn't cancer feed off sugar? The foods I am over eating are sugar free ice cream, corn chips and full fat cheese. Are these foods a problem for you?

My best wishes to every one!
posted 10-Aug-2008 7:01pm

The above was me.
posted 10-Aug-2008 7:24pm

Bronwyn, Tried a few more diets myself since my last posting. If you want to incorporate a new idea, how about something from the south beach diet. Keep the NFNS and lower the allowable bread and rice (carb) amounts. The Ivillage south beach diet web site allows pictures, those people are skinny!

Hilda, what do you think about that idea?
posted 10-Aug-2008 9:47pm

Bronwyn, you are absolutely right. It's just that I have a 35 year class reunion 9/09 and I could stand to lose 20-30# and I didn't want to do it foolishly. Part of my problem was that while undergoing chemo I lost 18# and then when I could eat again I kept telling myself I deserved chocolate, pies, cakes, etc., etc. And yes, I know this is a healthier diet, but I want to look good for my reunion. Well, at least I have my hair back! It is so good to talk to you all. I will try and watch my portions a little better starting tomorrow. Plus, I know I need to exercise. Take care and God bless you all!
posted 10-Aug-2008 9:49pm

I really haven't read anything bad about South Beach. I know we all need to stay off the sugar because of the cancer possibility we might face. The flour is doing nothing for us. Whole grains seem to be good. I still only eat one slice of Ezekiel bread a day, and not every day. No rice really. A few corn chips and guacamole, some triscuits occasionally with hummus. I try to make sure I am getting the fruit and vegetable servings in every day. If I am really hungry I eat popcorn.
posted 11-Aug-2008 3:20am

Hi Greg. I read what Debbie and Kim are eating....not much food and they find they are not losing weight. I lost 9-10 lbs. and then things stopped for me and as it is with me I get discouraged and return to old habits and yes the @#$@#@# weight returns (that is pretty much the only swearing I do...really. What I do is engage in self-defeating behaviour when it comes to diets. You lost 9-10 lbs and then you found things stalled. Hilda is the trooper and the weight just keeps coming off. Reading the posts before I started this program I was encouraged by some of the people's experience with continued weight loss. This program can work. I really like NFNS concept but I have backed myself into a corner (on/off...stalls, disappointments,committed/ uncommitted...should be committed in a little white jacket smile where I guess I either no longer believe in my ability to be successful or maybe that I can't be successful with it alone. Overall and long term I want to follow the principles of NFNS, but I need to shake things up to increase my confidence in myself and in my ability to be successful in losing weight. Connie is having amazing success.....Connie I think you will see things slow down now as you can't continue to lose like that nor would it be a good idea to do that (I think you mentioned that you were fully aware of that as well). The bottom line though is that Connie has really been doing NFNS boot camp....the strenuous version. A number of these programs such as South Beach and Break the Fat Code have that phase 1 where it is brutal but you have success and success creates enthusiasm and enthusiasm creates a desire to continue. I need that enthusiasm to happen to me. When it comes right down to starving myself for a week though I find my enthusiasm dwindles...... geesh how could food have so much power over me when being fat makes me so miserable???? I am going to be the group's guinea pig...okay. I don't have the break the fat code book and I am not in the mood to do something that strict until the summer is over (which it almost is....). I am going to do the 3 day fruit detox by Jay Robb.....because I have it and I think I can do it. then the next 4 days I am going to do straight NFNS using a Slim Style Shake as a way of lowering my calories for a period of time and decreasing my appetite. You can do the 3 day fruit detox every week and use it as your diet plan and it is NFNS.....but a 3 day boot camp of NFNS that may produce some results and help with plateaus. Slim Styles shakes have PGX in was developed at the University of Toronto. I have been looking at it for 2 or 3 years and thinking I should try it but just never did......I am very wary of any of these things. I have been doing some research on it though and decided to give it a try. I don't have the Jay Robb shakes and I am not sure if any of the health stores carry it or not......I am not sure if I can find the right shake for the 3 day fruit detox but I am going to do it with whatever I can find. This is the theory or the info on reduces appetite by creating a feeling of fullness. It also helps to balance after meal blood sugar levels. It is a clinically proven appetite and weight control program....low on the glycemic index. The shake is whey protein and sweetened with stevia....also xylitol which I am studying about right now but no sugar nor aspartame. Gee what do I have to lose except a good 50 lbs. and here I go with my fingers crossed. Listen the NFNS program is healthy, good and doable long term....I like it and if I can shake things up with some tweaks to make it work better for me then I think I will be ahead in the long run for sure. I am not trying to confuse are all doing much better than I am and just be patient and keep with it. Hilda probably follows the program the best of any of us and she continues to have there you go follow the program, be patient and it will work. Debbie you may not have recorded your actual veggie intake but just from what I see I would try to up may not want to increase your calories much because of your immediate desire to feel better for your reunion.....but your health is more important than a reunion. Eat lots of veggies and some fruit.

I have eaten so poorly this week-end that tomorrow will be really hard on me.......wish me luck guys!!!! Your long winded on-line diet friend who is rooting for all of you.........
Connie out of town
posted 11-Aug-2008 9:19am

Morning all. Flying home today. I will not be surprised to learn I have gained a lb or two. I have stuck to the diet 90% of the time, but nibbled more and portion sizes have been larger as well.
Just a thought...before I started this diet I read a bunch of "personal triumph" stories on line. Almost all of them had a "no loss" component. But after a time, they started losing again. I'm trying to prepare myself for that. I'm sure it will happen to me, but if I stick with the program, my body will respond. One lady didin't lose for a year, and then went went down to a size 6. So even though I have been lucky enough to lose quickly so far, this is the program for me, for life. I feel better eating this way, and I feel healthy as well.

Hi Greg. I really believe a good part of my weight loss has been from staying away from cheese. I love cheese. And cheese loves me. I am carrying some of it around as I speak. On my hips, my butt, my stomach! When I first started NFNS, I noticed I did not seem so puffy. Maybe it was from avoiding cheese, sour cream etc...? And avoiding sugar, but substituting a lot of sugar free desserts is unwanted calories and maybe confusing to your body.

Hi Debbie. I agree with everyone else. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. With so much time to lose before the reunion, you can lose slowly. NFNS sounds perfect for you.

And bronwyn, shakes? Probably no one on this site knows as much about food as you do. I spent years on slim fast, to no avail. May I never drink a shake again! I know your shakes are different, but couldn't you achieve the same result with real food?

Well, time to get ready to go. I'm always so sad to leave all of my sisters, mom, family. But for one night, we "partied like rock stars!" Me and my skinny sisters. And as always, there was so much love. Girls rule! (How is it no matter how old we get, we come home and we are young again?) I love it. They surround me with support.
That's what we can do for each other. Don't give up guys! Give your bodies a chance to adjust. It will happen. Remember, we all said we didn't gain this weight in a month, it is going to take some time. It is too soon to be bailing!
When I want something sweet, I have a small serving of no flour cereal with stevia. When I'm hungry between meals, I have some high fiber veggies and some water. As my taste buds are "waking up", I'm discovering the true flavors of real foods, and I like them.
Success to all today.
posted 11-Aug-2008 1:09pm

Connie I watched a movie with my daughter last night that made me think of you...."Dan in Real Life". It was such a cute movie about this big family having a big family gathering.....I think you would like it!!!

FYI the slim style shakes are gross (the csnister cost me $43)......I will see what it does for my appetite.
posted 11-Aug-2008 4:48pm

I agree with forgetting the shakes and eating the real food. The South Beach Diet email I got today(not sure how I got on their email list, but I read them) says to treat your "cheats" as "treats", but to only have 3 bites of the off limits food and that should satisfy you. I,too, have hit a planned plateau for a couple of weeks, just because I want the new pants I bought to fit for another month until I can afford to go down another size. I am at 180, down from 194, was probably 199 at my highest before I started this. It has been too hot to do anything where I live. I am in Missouri and we finally have a break from the weather and humidity. It is supposed to be in the 50's tonight if I heard right.I still think a real life accountability support group may be the answer. I would rather eat a bowl of good tasting soup with some substance to it than drink a gross shake.
posted 11-Aug-2008 5:40pm

Hilda I am with you on the real food thing.....desperation does strange things to people. I just wish I hadn't spent the $42...geesh!!! I have never been a supporter of fake food. Congratulations Hilda on your great weight loss. What did you mean by "a real life accountability support group"? I can't remember exactly when you started but I would say 14 lbs. is a great weight loss.
posted 11-Aug-2008 10:48pm

I meant where you actually talk to real people in person, not on the internet. I always wished WW meetings had more time for people to share ideas at meetings. I went to an Alzheimers Support Group meeting tonight. I think it was better to see the expressions on people's faces when they were sharing. I think it was more encouraging and supportive than just sharing on a blog would have been. More accountable to weigh in every week, too.
posted 12-Aug-2008 12:27am

Oh so you aren't talking about our group here ..... but organizing people where we live to get together for support groups? Do you have people in your area that are interested in the NFNS program? I am not sure how something like this is organized. All bad things about shakes set aside my shake drinking today helped me to start getting back on track and lower in calorie intake....I think 1 or 2 days a week of low calorie via shakes may be helpful to me. The shakes are NFNS and high fibre...just not overly tasty.
posted 12-Aug-2008 1:32am

I was just thinking if this isn't working for you, maybe a person to person accountability would work better, as an addition to this. Maybe we should all put ads in our local health food stores or see if they would let us have meetings there. We have to brainstorm to find ways that work.
posted 12-Aug-2008 8:22pm

Hi gang. Made it home yesterday. Weighed in last night at the same number I weighed the morning I left. Then today, down to 170. So I actually lost a lb on vacation. I'm hoping to weigh in tomorrow morning in the 160's. My loss has slowed down, but it is still coming off. It's the diet. Even if it comes off so slowly I only lose a lb a week, I am sticking with it. It really works. Come on bronwyn and Greg, get back on board! Your bodies will figure it will come off for you guys too. Once it discovers it is not starving, it will let the fat burn. Ok, enough of that. I'll check in tomorrow.
posted 13-Aug-2008 1:18am

Wow Connie that is great. Your success is amazing and I believe that it is as a result of you really working the program as kind of a phase 1 of South Beach. It has really paid off for you. Your first week or two were quite stringent. I think doing it the way you have has given you a lot of enthusiasm for making good choices even when you were off at a family gathering, party and wedding. I need to be far more restrictive with myself......oh yeah and stay out of my favorite room, the kitchen!

Who else but Hilda would have a "planned plateau", geesh smile I never planned mine at all and I don't care even a tiny bit if my pants get too big for me and I have to buy smaller ones smile,,,,,,if I couldn't afford new ones at the moment I would proudly wear my baggy ones while I continued to shrink. Hilda y ou have discipline.
posted 13-Aug-2008 2:07am

Greg have you discovered something that worked better for you.....please share!
posted 13-Aug-2008 10:56am

I began this diet on July 20th. I weighed 185. This morning I weighed 168.
I think one of the reasons I'm losing is it has been a long time since I even tried to diet.
I am beginning to see my "old" body emerge. I think only exercise will slim my thighs and shrink my love handles. Soon the weather will improve enough for me to get outside. Old clothes are fitting. So, all continues to be good here. I have decided I might have a tummy tuck. Multiple surgeries on my stomach have left that area a mess. I don't know, we'll see.
Good luck to everyone on the plan today.
posted 13-Aug-2008 11:29pm

Over a 100 No Sugar No Flour recipes at
posted 14-Aug-2008 8:07am

Morning. Weighed in this morning at 170. I guess I gained 2 lbs yesterday. Or my scales are worse than I thought. I feel great.
Where did everybody go? Posting on this site everyday keeps me focused on my goal. Thank you Anonymous for the recipes tip. I went to happy2bme last week and checked it out. I also really like I have been able to modify a lot of recipes there.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 14-Aug-2008 10:42am

Baked Sweet potato fries are my favorite! Thanks for the lowcarbluxury website.
posted 15-Aug-2008 10:08am

170 this morning. Losing has certainly slowed down. But still happening. I'm in for the long haul. That's what this diet is all about. Time is going to go by, whether I am eating smart or not. Months from now I CHOSE to be slimmer! Already I can fit into last years clothes. Great reinforcement! And of course I have the jeans. The ones I have saved from way back when. My favorite pair. Who knows if I'll ever get them on. I'm guessing I would have to lose another 20 lbs. I can't imagine it. But we'll see. I'm looking forward to going into the holidays without guilt. And I will eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas the usual fare. It's just too good to pass up.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 15-Aug-2008 12:42pm

You totally have the right attitude Connie. You knew you couldn't continue to lose like you have been doing so that won't throw off your enthusiasm for the program. I believe the expected weight loss is about 1 lb. per week and you had that great advantage of the quick induction weight there you go. Patience, and you will be into your favourite jeans in approx. 20 weeks, right around Christmas. Along the way you will be into many other clothes you haven't been able to wear.
posted 15-Aug-2008 2:04pm

From your lips to Gods ears!
posted 16-Aug-2008 9:31am

Hello ladies, I have been trying the south beach diet. If you search Ivillage south beach diet you will find a very informative site about how many carbs you can eat and still lose weight.
posted 16-Aug-2008 11:06am

Morning all. Greg, good to hear from you. I tried the south beach diet a couple of years ago. It worked, but my fam detested the food. So that didn't last long. This is the longest I've stuck with anything in a long time. This morning I weighed in at 168. My scales must be the worst! But it is nice to start dancing in the 160's. I may have ate too much yesterday, so I'll watch it today. I feel great. Had breakfast this morning of sugar free bacon and a couple of scrambled eggs. What a great eating plan! Do any of you remember the "fit or fat" craze? Bailey something or the other began it. That was me in 1994. No fat whatsoever. I became a vegetarian and promptly became severely anemic. I was sick all the time. And, I never really lost any weight. I was carbing up all the time. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that on this plan. Had a big salad last night with plain olive oil for dressing. I've grown to really like the taste of olive oil.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 16-Aug-2008 2:04pm

Greg what do you think of South Beach.....having some luck on the scales? I am debating between "South Beach" and "Crack the Fat Code". I leave in 5 days for a holiday and a family wedding. I decided to just try to eat well in the mean time and start whatever plan I decide to do when I get back. Both of the programs I am considering have a pretty tough induction that I don't want to be in the middle of on vacation. Overall I still love the NFNS program and I think I will return to that as a long term plan. I need to have a boost in my enthusiasm by having something significant happen on the scales.

Connie you are doing so well.....WOOHOO!!!!!
posted 16-Aug-2008 2:04pm

The above is me!
posted 17-Aug-2008 9:28pm

Hi everyone...I've enjoyed reading a few of the comments regarding this new way of eating. I have been eating this way for about one month now. My mother was my inspiration. She had to go to a "naturalist" doctor because of some health issues and he helped her by suggesting she "cut out" sugar and flour from her diet. Well.......3 months later, she not only feels 100% better, but she is not having to take at least 5 of her normal medicines that she used to take daily for diabetes. I was amazed at this for the health reasons and losing weight for her was an added benefit. I decided to try this and with my mother's help and all of her food lists and ideas, I have been able to do it. I bought the NFNS book at WalMart and have enjoyed reading it. I have been feeling better also and have ALOT more energy now. I like to look at this new way of eating as a "lifestyle" change and I'm doing this for health be "healthier", losing my weight is an added bonus and I LOVE IT!!! My weight has been coming off slowly, BUT consistantly. I have lost inches BIG TIME!!! I exercise at least 3 days a week and that really helps. My portion sizes are smaller and it doesn't bother me.....I'm full. When I get faced with a situation that involves sugar or flour (the BAD flour), then I just do my best. Sometimes I have had to eat it, but I don't have to eat it all. Let me tell you one thing..........when you do eat sugar or have that little binge (at least in my case)........OMG, straight to the bathroom!! My body gets mad at me and my stomach gets upset and I feel sick. I learn from my body now and know what it likes and what makes it sick. This has been the BEST thing for me. I was hypoglycemic I believe and my blood sugar was way out of control..........this has saved me. Thank you all for the wonderful posts and encouraging words. Stick with it and it becomes easier.
posted 18-Aug-2008 9:04am

Morning all. Welcome Andrea. Weighed in at 169 this morning. Last night my NFNS meal was so good, I had seconds! Not good for portion size, but there's no guilt because all acceptable foods. But then I was so full...almost uncomfortable. Before this diet, I could have ate that much easily. No weight gain, so fair enough! I have wondered what would happen if I ate some chocolate. I always ate that in bulk! I would probably feel sick. I am constantly looking up new recipes on line. That keeps my family on board. My thighs are slimming down, but a ways to go. Nothing exciting coming up for me. I can just concentrate on healthy menus and staying busy.
bronwyn, have fun on your trip. Let all the goodness around you in. You will come home energized and committed!
Everyone, you know what to do today!
posted 18-Aug-2008 11:06am

Greg, what made you abandon NFNS and go to South Beach?
posted 19-Aug-2008 11:34am

Morning all. Weighed in at 168 this morning. I found out I am a stress eater. Very stressful day yesterday, and I couldn't quit shoving food in my mouth. All acceptable foods, again, but I felt very little control and then rather depressed. Still feeling funky today. I guess I need to stock up on chopped veggies today in preparation for more stress. I've got to get my positive attitude back.
Great day everyone.
posted 19-Aug-2008 11:58am

Above is me
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:00am

I am probably not going to reach my goal that I had set for my birthday originally which was 170. I am hoping to get to 175 by then, though. I am still very happy with the food choices. I know I could have done it if I had gotten off my rear and walked or exercised. All the research still says get off the sugar and flour so I am sticking with it. I feel so much better and am still getting remarks that I have lost weight. I can't really see it anymore myself. I guess I am used to myself now at this size.
posted 20-Aug-2008 9:10pm

I'm like you Hilda, can't seem to exercise! You should be very proud of your weight loss. Your statement that you "can't really see it anymore" is very telling. You've come a long way and your in it for the long haul. Setting deadlines is always risky. I do it all the time. I have started to relax a little about how fast I'm losing. I know I'll get where I want to be eventually. I feel so much better on this diet. And finally, people have begun to notice. So, hurray for us!
I wonder how Greg is doing on South Beach. NFNS is tons easier than SB, in my opinion. More options, better food. One thing I did get from SB is a taste for olive oil. Definitely good things to learn from SB, just not as easy as this.
posted 21-Aug-2008 2:56pm

I found this website today and I'm thoroughly impressed on how well everyone is doing. I can't wait to go to the grocery store tonight and get started tomorrow. My best friend's wedding is in November and its in Cancun, which means swimsuits! Yikes! I bought a bodybugg like they use on the biggest loser and have religiously kept a food journal for the past few weeks, but have easily "fallen off the wagon" working as a bartender in an event center...catered food ruins my diet every time i work. I think the NFNS plan is just the boost i need. Today, I weighed in at 176, so we'll see. Also, has anyone tried stevia sweetner? It's made from a plant and is 200 times sweeter than sugar and SweetLeaf makes Stevia Plus which has fiber too. I love it. Keep up the good work everyone!!!
posted 22-Aug-2008 10:00am

Hi Lynn. I use stevia. I only require sweetener when I eat cereal. I am very lucky in that I do not drink anything with sweetener. I think that is a big contribution to most peoples carb consumption. I was dieting for a wedding, now over, but I will be on this plan for life. I had a huge initial weight loss by eating veggies and low fat protein with the occasional cereal. I also drank lots of water. It worked! I was never hungry. I have dropped off the water consumption, but I need to get back to it. I always carry a small bag of cashews for when I'm out and need something. But only a small amount, they are so calorie rich. Good luck with the plan. Give your body time to adjust.
posted 23-Aug-2008 9:57am

Morning all. Well, I have been a bad girl again with the cheese and chips (somebody stop me!), and I went back up to 170 yesterday. Today back down to 169. Yikes! I really need to get to the store and stock up on veggies again. Time for some serious menu prep as well. I just can't seem to find the time and my eating has gone down the drain. My daughter is moving back into her dorm today and company from out of town dinner tonight and I'm taking care of the most un-house trained dog ever. This weekend is going to be crazy busy and my resolve is a bit low.
Hope everyone else is well. bronwyn, tell us about you trip.
posted 24-Aug-2008 6:40am

Hello Ladies, Well I must confess, South Beach was too hard for me. I just don't eat that much meat, I'm more a natural carb eater. So my diet became no diet. Have not gained much weight, Iím still around 200 lbs now. I will have to deal with the inevitable plateaus on NFNS. But the truth is itís still the only diet I was able to stick to for any length of time. Although itís not perfect it is much better than my normal diet. Yesterday I finally bought the book and Iím back on board. Starting from scratch, 8/24 200 lbs, this time my first goal is just 195 lbs, for only a five pound loss. Five measly pounds, thatís it. Nice to be back! Greg
posted 24-Aug-2008 11:16pm

Greg, it's good to hear from you.
posted 26-Aug-2008 10:32am

Morning all. I thought I posted yesterday...but it did not show up. I had out of town company and ended up on Beale Street for a night of wining and dinning. I avoided the fried pickles, but ended up eating off the plan anyway. Plus, I have have just been kind of slipping. I ended up gaining about 3 lbs. Got back on track yesterday and hopefully I can stay strong. When I get super busy I slip up. Time to menu plan and drink some extra water. The good news is my company noticed my weight loss and are eager to buy the book and start the plan.
Welcome back Greg. I understand your frustration with SB. My family hated the food. NFNS is easy to stay on even if the family is not on board.
Everyone have a great day!
posted 26-Aug-2008 10:35pm

I just got home tonight so I will make this quick. I haven't had time to read the last few days entries yet but I will do that in the morning after I unpack. Greg I did read yours as I was anxious to hear about your experiences in the last few days. I am thinking along the same lines as you with actually reading the book and actually doing the program. I have gotten back into some bad habits but my previous experience with NfNS was that it did not take long to break those bad habits once I started doing the program. I am thinking of not freelancing the program this time but to actually follow the book. I, like Greg, am finding the other programs not as livable and doable as NFNS (I know that grammar was way off sorry)!!!! Greg I think the 5 lb. at a time weight loss goal is really a good idea....a little easier to live with than 50 lbs. at a time. In fact you only have about 15 to goal.....that is like 3 sets of goals to set.

Connie don't let bad habits slip back into your program......don't let your weight go up any more.
Why don't we all try to really do the NFNS program as Dr. Gott intended it to be done.
posted 27-Aug-2008 4:53pm

I read the post everyday and I totally enjoy hearing about/from everyone. It really does help me. I have gotton away from the exercise due to me hurting my knee while I was on vacation (but I was jogging/exercising while I was on vac so that was a plus). I went to see my sister in IN and I had to have Pizza King Pizza.....I gained 4 lbs while I was up there even with the exercise! I didn't feel bad though because I knew what I was doing but I can't resist that pizza. That was three weeks ago and I now have 3 of those 4 back off. I feel great. The way that I am porportioned you really can't tell if I lose weight unless I lose 20lbs or more....then people are like wow, you lost weight. I am 41, 5'5" and currently weigh 154. I have lost approx 14lbs on this way of life and I love it. It is so easy to adapt whereever you go......thank you to everyone for being such an inspiration.
posted 27-Aug-2008 5:31pm

Thank you Tres for the encouragement! I have to lose 3 lbs I gained. I'm trying to not let it get me down. The good news is I don't feel like I normally do when I give up on a plan. I am still committed to NFNS. This week has been very frustrating. Next week, I'll be back on top of things. In the meantime, I'll be as food as I can.
Good to hear from you bronwyn. I've been on this plan for over a month. Isn't it funny how old habits slide right back in? Look forward to hearing about your trip.
posted 28-Aug-2008 6:13am

Well Connie be happy about your 3 are still way ahead of the game which for you only started 1 month ago. I am back to square one and have decided I have to be honest with myself. I have not "truly, truly" done NFNS for really quite some time.....really a long time in fact. I have to be honest with myself about that.....I have dabbled in the program but since clear back in April some time I started to slip, slide, and be sloppy with the program. Why did that happen.....I was feeling good, I wasn't feeling deprived, I felt I could do this as a lifestyle; but, I hit a plateau and when I quit losing weight I forgot all about the great things I just listed as positive reasons for continuing a NFNS plan. Had I been patient then I believe I would be in a much better spot today. I didn't immediately start eating flour and sugar but I did deviate from good choices of NFNS items......I started to eat more nacho's, more nuts and too many high calorie items albeit they didn't have flour or sugar in them. I quit snacking on veggies and fruits as the rule. wonder the weight loss stopped. I can not lose weight eating nacho's on a regular just "ain't" going happen......nor large amounts of nuts. Once I started down this destructive path and became discouraged then it was easy to start into the old sugar habits.....just here and there at first until I was again eating huge amounts of sweets on a regular basis.....of course with the idea that that would be my last sweet thing and then I would get really serious about NFNS again. There were way too many excuses for why I would do it again and again telling myself that it would be just this one last time.....HELLO BRONWYN YOU ARE ON THE PATH OF NO RETURN TO NFNS IF YOU KEEP ON CAVING IN EVERY TIME THERE IS A SWEET PUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! In fact I am now taking the initiative to put the sweet in front of body tempting me, I am right out there buying the "crap" myself!!! I have to recognize that at this moment I am out of control and back in my self destructive eating patterns that only result in my gaining weight. I need to and I want to turn this around and be honest with myself......if I am going to do NFNS then it can't be every other day or once or twice a week or whatever nonsense I have been telling myself and then continuing down the slippery, slimy sugar road to weight gain, excuses, disappointments, discouragement and finally throwing the whole towel in. I am at my max weight and max discouragement. I have to get back on track and stay on track my whole life....yes I know the reality is that there are times when you are not going to be perfect but what I am saying is that after all these years of yo-yo dieting and large weight gains I am a person that has to recognize that I can't go on and off programs I have to work at this all of the time. Most thin people do work at staying thin,,,,,I have to work really hard to get thin (or thinner, or just healthier) and then I will have to be conscience forever of eating in a way to maintain that weight loss.

Sorry everyone I just had to get this burden off my chest....I am feeling so crummy and out of control and sooooo FAT!!!!

Tres you are doing so well.......and you are right it actually is easy. You just have to do it then cravings stop, you feel good and you are sto thinking about food 24/7!!! I am frantically looking for my book because I want to start to follow his menu plans....I have never done that and I think it would be helpful. I hope to locate my NFNS book kids leave for University on Friday and then I am going to plan my meals around Dr. Gott's meal plans.

Oh my gosh what a rant (so sorry!!!) is the middle of the night and I over ate a lot of sweets and I feel crummy and can't sleep.
posted 28-Aug-2008 9:01am

Bronwyn - You can do this.....we all know you can but you need to have a talk with yourself and tell "yourself" that you can. Ok, so you slip up..recognize that you slipped up and get right back up. Don't stay down and say well, I messed up I might as well stay will only get lower and lower.....get up wipe yourself off and move on. I have struggled with weight all my life and it doesn't help that I have three other sisters that are a size 2, 4 and 6 and my mom is even smaller (in weight). I have the curvy hips, big butt and small waist - my sisters are all small. I have done evert diet imaginable....Nutri System (worked until I started eating real food), South Beach, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Mayo Clinic Diet (eating alot of lettuce until my stomach would cramp at night and I was pooping green), Diet pills..I cold go on and on but this is the only "LIFE STYLE CHANGE" that I have found easy to follow, stay with (I do slip up but I get right back on), feel good on, not deprived, eat foods that I like and taste can do know enough about the ends and outs of you slip are human.....take baby steps but at least take steps. We are all here to pick up back up and walk beside you. We are all in this for the long haul.....this is not a diet but a Life Style Change.....I have to eat like this the rest of my life or I will gain weight back. Come On Bronwyn......YOU CAN DO THIS!

Greg - This Life Style Change does have a few limits....but if you really dig into it it is easy to follow. I made a cheese cake when I was on the South Beach Diet with Splenda (I know we have had a few discussions on that topic before) and the crust was was awesome and legal on the South Beach......also it sounds really nasty but Ricotta Cheese with Almond Flavoring as a is really good and takes that sweet tooth away.

Connie & Hilda - You are such an inspiration.....Thank you from all of us.

Now I have rambled on.......those are just my thoughts - Everyone have an awesome day!
posted 28-Aug-2008 9:15am

Such a coincident! Nachos and nuts are my down fall as well. I was going way crazy on the no flour tortilla chips! Yesterday I actually did pretty well. Unfortunately, my daughter left some cashews behind (not the brand I usually buy) and I was munching on them when I thought maybe I should check out the label. Sure enough, sugar! So in the trash they went. That is the only way I can stay on track. Removing forbidden foods from the house is key. If others want something off limits, they can take it to their rooms. I think I have come to the point where weight loss is going to require exercise! And Lord knows I need it. Of course I keep putting it off. But I do have a plan. A book on tape for early morning walking. I also have a treadmill, but my son borrowed and broke it. My husband says it can be fixed. Now if I can just get him to fix it! I also need a device to use with the cd's I can get from the library. Monday I will get all of that lined up. Until then I am absolutely committed to NFNS. And after reading your entry bronwyn, I think you are too. You seem to have never put NFNS completely out of your mind no matter what you were eating. It has always been there waiting for you.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 28-Aug-2008 9:54pm

Connie I think nachos and nuts were my "gateway" food smile for starting to slip but it was only the gate I have also returned to eating sugar and so I have both issues to deal with. Too many high calories food and then discouragement with lack of success and then on and on. I am not going to make the serious commitment until things settle down here with some our schedule. I know starting Monday is a cliche' but I do think it would be a good day to get back into the diet seriously.

Thanks Tres and Connie and best wishes for a good long week-end to all of you here.
posted 30-Aug-2008 10:13am

Morning! Good news...I have dropped 2 of the 3 lbs I gained. Yesterday my legs looked much trimmer. Some of the excess fat on my thighs is finally burning off. That has always been a problem area for me. I only noticed it yesterday because I wore jeans, normally I wear very loose clothing. They are still my size 14 jeans, but they did look better on me. I have been able to stay out of the kitchen a lot this week. But I will be doing more cooking in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck.
Since I've been on this plan for awhile, I have come up with some favorite foods. Simple things to prepare. I think I will be concentrating on those meals for awhile. That way I can spend more time focusing on trying to get in some exercise. The variety of options is low, but I love the dishes so I am hoping it will work.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 30-Aug-2008 1:12pm

Great news Connie. What are your favourite dishes?
posted 31-Aug-2008 11:19am

Morning! Today is my day of liberation...I have been taking care of my mother-in-law's dog for 2 weeks. The dog is not house broken at all, barks all night, and many other yucky stuff. Anyway, today she goes home! I am getting my life back. That must sound crazy, but I swear this dog has ruled the roost.
bronwyn, I am going to make a list of the foods I eat for you to peruse. First I have to go clean some dog messes up from the carpet, rent a carpet cleaner and get to work. I will check in later.
By the way, I weighed in at 178 this morning. Lost the three lbs I gained. This diet works!
posted 31-Aug-2008 3:26pm

Connie from where I stand 178 lbs. sounds great but I think you imagined your weight higher than it really is.....I believe you weighed in at 168????? Am I right?????
posted 31-Aug-2008 7:51pm

Yes, you are right. I mistyped! For some crazy reason this morning I weighed 167, but then went to 168 and stayed there.
OK, carpet is cleaned. What a blessing carpet cleaning machines are. One more day of cleaning and I will not be grossed out anymore.
A lot of my recipes I have got on line at If you haven't been there...go. They have all kinds of categories and the recipes are easily adaptable. Here are some of my favorite.

Spinach Meatloaf
Roasted Vegetables
Butternut Squash Au Gratin
Speghetti Squash w/Fresh Tomato Sauce
Japanese Chicken Kabobs
Southern Whiting Fillets (not on www.lowcarblux)
Zucchini Gratin
Grilled meat

Currently, I am eating grilled meat with rice, cottage cheese, veggie and sliced tomatoes. I kind of mix it all up and have it at least 3 nights a week. I am using boxed rice, but one without sugar. Those are some of the meals I have had recently. I will dig back further to make sure I haven't omitted a "keeper." And I have decided if I eat nuts, they count as a meal. I remember a skinny friend once telling me , if she snacks, she skips her next meal. To her, it was one or the other. So, I think I'll adopt that plan too. It really makes you think about snacking!
Tomorrow we will be having lots of good food. I may gain my 3 lbs back again! But I'm not worried...I know it will come back off.
Everyone have a great holiday!
posted 31-Aug-2008 11:14pm

If you need motivation I would recommend Dr, Phil's book, The Ultimate Weight Solution, the 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. I would keep it handy, highlight the parts that are most important you, and re read them until you have it practically memorized. He talks straight. Decide to reclaim your health and your life.The better your food choices, the better the results.It's up to you to recognize which food choices support those goals and which do not.
posted 1-Sep-2008 4:59pm

Weighed in this morning at 166. I was so busy cleaning yesterday I ate little, snacking mostly. But, I plan on making up for it tonight! It was nice seeing 166 for the first time in years, even if it is only briefly. It lets me know I am still losing.
Hilda, I will look for Dr Phil's book. I have heard of it, just never thought about owning it. Thanks for the tip. And bronwyn, how was your trip?
posted 2-Sep-2008 10:32am

I read a tip today that says to get the last 10 pounds off to "stand rather than sit an extra hour a day." At your desk, the Dr.'s office, the soccer game, etc.
posted 2-Sep-2008 12:57pm

Weighed in this morning at 166. Kind of surprised since I had seconds yesterday. But I did modify my recipes as much as possible to eliminate sugar. Leaving out the flour was easy. I really think once our bodies figure out what is going on, it gets on board and drops the fat. The time it takes for everyones body to figure it out probably varies, but that has to be the case because I am still losing. And I haven't begun exercising yet.
Everyone have a great day!
posted 3-Sep-2008 12:48am

I found some Ezekial English muffins........yummy!!!!
posted 3-Sep-2008 10:01am

Are the Ezekial muffins sprouted but "no flour"?
posted 3-Sep-2008 10:04am

I have been listening to Beth Moore's website , the
very first set of lessons is "The God of all Comfort." It is about comfort and addictions. We have let food be a comfort and it becomes an addiction.
posted 3-Sep-2008 10:33am

Morning all. Weighed in at 165, then 166 this morning. Yesterday I had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I had an order of rice and beans. Very filling, I even brought some home. I stayed away from the bowl of chips. I was not too far away from a health food store and I thought about checking to see if they had the Ezekial bread, but I figured I didn't need it. I've been on this plan for over a month and I've done ok without it. In a way, I just kind of feel I've had it with food. I've been an overeater for so long, this is refreshing. And having less options has been easy as well. It reminds of me when I was very young and picky and wouldn't eat anything! Still no cravings...that has been the most important part.
Good luck to everyone today.
posted 3-Sep-2008 12:14pm

Hi! I have made a commitment (to myself) to not eat any sugar or flour for 10 days, sort of as a boost to get me going. I want to get that crap out of my system and see if then it will be easier to say no more often. So, last night I was just playing around on the computer and googled "no sugar, no flour" and, of course, it eventually brought me here.

I do not have the book, never heard of it before, and don't intend to buy it, but I have enjoyed reading some of the posts here. I tried the No-S diet, but weekends come too often and I never got my body to stop the cravings doing that.

I have done a very strict food plan before with no sugar, no flour, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine, three meals a day, weighed out and planned the night before. I just couldn't maintain it any longer. It was driving me crazy! But I had the best weight loss I've ever had doing that. That part of it was awesome. Now, if I can just find a way to make it more liveable, I think it can work. This looks like it might be. At least, this way I am making my own rules for myself, based on my lifestyle, and the events in my life.

It's obvious to me, even without reading any books on it (though I have read several) that sugar and flour are not good for me. They make me want more. I can never seem to get enough. Then I feel stuffed and have to deal with the guilt of knowing that I am going to gain more weight. What I'd like to do is not have it MOST of the time, but be able to ONCE in a while.

Also, I am not getting on the scales, because I also have learned that it doesn't help me. I'll lose the weight, if I'm eating the right stuff (or, more importantly, avoiding the wrong stuff), and I'll know it by how my clothes feel. If I get on the scale and see a gain or even a plateau, I'll get discouraged and think "why bother?" So, no scales for me, either.

Phew! Talk about being verbose! Anyway, I'm glad to get this out "on paper." Comments appreciated.
posted 3-Sep-2008 3:09pm

Hilda the Ezekial english muffins are sprouted and have no flour or sugar....I think they are good. I am not much of an egg eater but without any "bread" I can't eat them at all. YOu can have a nice breakfast or lunch with an egg poached in salsa topped with a little grated cheese served over a toasted "english muffin" and a nice preference is sliced avocado's layered with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red pepper and some basil topped lightly with feta cheese and a vinagrette.

Connie bread has never been my down fall like sweets mentioned you haven't struggled with sweets that much. The "bread" makes me feel more satisfied when I occasionally have them.

Jillybean, I am rather chatty as well....glad to have the company smile I was interested in hear about your experience with the NO S diet.....I had considered trying it but knowing myself so well I knew that I couldn't bounce back and forth like that. When I did NFNS faithfully I eliminated my cravings for sweets...and it felt great. I haven't had the success that Hilda and Connie have had....they are amazing but I also think I could have continued to lose slowly if I had not given up and got discouraged. I didn't get going on this on Monday as I intended and I am reluctant to say I am back on board....I have failed previously when I have made such declarations but I can say that as of yesteray and today I have not had any flour or sugar.....not artifical sugar either...WOOHOO for me. I wonder about the scales as well.....I am very heavy and so easily discouraged.
posted 3-Sep-2008 4:44pm

Welcome Jillybean. Good luck to you on your ten day plan. I could never give up everything! Coffee is a must. I try to use stevia, but sometimes I use artificial sweeteners. Just stay with NFNS and you will be fine. I began this plan on July 20th. I have lost 18 lbs. I have been very sure to stay away from flour and sugar. I have watched my portion size and I have not snacked between meals. I drink lot's of water. My cravings have been completely removed. I had a hefty sweet tooth and pasta was included in every meal. Being relieved of sugar and flour has stopped the cravings. In fact, my appetite is half what it was. I'm sure because my blood sugar is steady now.
I just read an article on Yahoo...100 diet tips. One of the tips said "It is more stressful to remain fat than to eat healthy." I thought that sounded good.
Today I noticed my jeans did not bunch up on my thighs when I sat. WOOHOO! I am still wearing my size 14's, but they are so loose I need to see if I have any 12's to try on. Like everyone I have all sizes stashed in my closet. I'll let you all know what happens.
bronwyn, if bread does it for you, I'm glad you have found a healthy choice. For me, Uncle Sam's cereal with stevia is satisfying. I am glad to be hearing from you. I hope you can stick with this...I know you want to.
posted 4-Sep-2008 7:34am

Morning. Weighed in at 164 this morning. This eating plan is amazing.
Everyone have a great day.
posted 4-Sep-2008 7:49am

Thank you, Bronwyn and Connie, for the welcome. So far so good, but this is the beginning of day 3. Often the third day of my diets are the downfall. I think withdrawal hits me on this day, because cravings get pretty rough and I often cave. But, I just had a GREAT breakfast and plan to take very good care of myself today and hope to be able to ride it out and report back tomorrow with success. Don't you just love the internet for connecting people with similar experiences?
posted 4-Sep-2008 9:53am

Jillybean this is my 3rd day as well. I made the mistake of getting on the scales today...I know better. There is nothing to report in the way of success on the scales. I was sure there would be at least a lb. as I have been very such luck but I refuse to let that discourage me, my pattern is to only lose a lb. a week at best. The first ten lbs. I lose will be a repeat of the same 10 I lost when I first did this program and then regained it. I hate losing 10 then gaining it again and having to lose the same 10....geesh!!!! That is a pattern I want to break.

Connie I don't even know what to say to are doing so amazingly well......just trying to be happy for you instead of insanely jealous smile

Jillybean if you continue to eat NFNS you will overcome your cravings for them....truly it is an amazing process....jusst stick with it.
posted 4-Sep-2008 3:47pm

You are all an inspiration to me. I hope I can join you NFNSers. The mind is strong but the body is weak. Still researching and gearing up for the change. So many past failures have made me skeptical of my ability to follow through.
Bronwyn, get off your tushy and do this thing you want so badly. I believe in you. The time is going to pass anyway so JUST DO IT. Take my cyber hand and walk with me.........We can do it! I should take my our advise. I think I will. What am I a man or a mouse? A woman or a wouse? lol
posted 4-Sep-2008 3:53pm

Debbie this is day 3 and I am doing it.....sounds like we have both struggled with failures causing us to feel we can't do it. I read once that the first step to success in anything including losing weight was believing we could do it. I got your cyber hand much weight do you want to lose?
posted 4-Sep-2008 6:25pm

bronwyn, don't be inspired! My weight loss has been dramatic because I AM NOT MESSING AROUND ANYMORE!!! I have had it, HAD IT, with my life continuing down the same path. Meaning, every year that goes by I somehow gain 5 lbs even when I try not to. I am eating to live, not living to eat! I'm cutting out the fat, flour and sugar and the lbs are melting off me faster than I can believe. Veggies and lean protein, with occasional cheese, chips, etc are all that I need to eat. I will gladly sacrifice the foods that have turned on me and made me fat. I know one day I can have forbidden foods within reason. I'm not there yet. I have my eye on the prize. We all deserve to do this. Keeping things simple has allowed me to NOT sabotage myself. All that junk food will be there forever and ever. I look at junk food in the store and I think SCREW THAT! I can have the body I is not impossible. Soldier up girls...this is a battle we can win!
Love you guys
posted 4-Sep-2008 8:37pm

I want to lose at least 50 lbs. I have been hovering around 205 for at least 6 months. 7 months ago a cat scan discovered a brian tumor and it had to be removed. It caused so much swelling that I had to go on some very powerful steroids that made me so hungry I gained 10 lbs. I have recoverd very nicely since then but have not lost 1 ounce of that 10 lbs. Its very frustrating, much like the "baby weight" some of us gained during pregnancy. You gain 30 and only lose 20 leaving 10 extra to struggle with. I did that 4 times in 6 years.

I don't know what I should weigh at 44 years old. I weighed 130 as an athlete in high school. I don't know if that is realistic or not. I suppose I would be happy between 150 and 160. I'm 5' 5" tall.

I can walk and ride a bike but any exercise requiring running or side to side motion is out now for me because I have no Anterior Cruciate Ligaments in either of my knees. Blew those out in my 20's.

As I was eating birthday cake tonight I was wondering how soon it would be before I was willing to say no thanks. I thouth if I can't do it NOW I will never do it. I am going to start (now) TOMORROW. September 5th will be my new beginning. I'm with you girls!!
Here I come!!

posted 4-Sep-2008 9:11pm

Debbie, you have one thing going for you that you may not realize. As an ex-athlete, your body will respond to trimming down faster than a non-ex-athlete. That is a proven fact. For one year I did the running/road series/half marathon thing. I was 35. I had never ran a day in my life! I read every running book/magazine I could get my hands on. I remember reading that fact more than once. Your body will remember. The diet trend of the day back then (1994) was all fat was evil, carbs were the way to go. We'll, I ran my but off, ate pasta like crazy, avoided fat and never lost a lb. Plus I became anemic.
I recently went to a wedding and did not have cake. I now look at foods as good and bad. I think that is necessary when trying to eat right. I don't just mean bad, as in, those cookies are bad for my weight. I mean bad, as in, those cookies are putting me one step closer to diabetes. And... they ARE messing up my weight. You couldn't pay me to eat a cookie! This is war and I have identified the enemy.
Told a good friend about this diet a couple of weeks ago. She has lost 4 lbs. Now her mom is on the plan too.
posted 4-Sep-2008 9:36pm

What inspiration here tonight!

Well, I made it through the day with no sugar/no flour and no snacking---until this evening. Still NS/NF, but I had some nachos w/cheese and a little cantaloup. I figure I could have done worse, but I wish I hadn't done anything at all. Oh well, won't do a bit of good to beat myself up over it. Just wanted to be honest about the experience. Good night, all.
posted 4-Sep-2008 10:46pm

Jillybean.....although nachos aren't the best choice on a regular basis because they are caloric, they actually are NFNS and the cantaloupe is a super choice.

Where are Hilda and Greg? I was wondering how Greg's first year as a teacher is going.
posted 4-Sep-2008 11:12pm

I have been watching the Republican National Convention and getting excited over Sarah Palen's nomination.
posted 5-Sep-2008 1:55am

Jillybean the anonymous was me. Hilda this is ridiculous because I am Canadian and can't even vote but myself and my Canadian husband have been totally following this whole election procedure through out the last year (at least it seems like a year). WE have been so involved that I think we should be able to vote just because of that wink I have told my cousin in the States a few political facts that she knew nothing about and she thought I was totally crazy because I follow so much U.S. political happenigs, funny eh! I think Sarah Palen is so sharp. I also liked her humour in what is the difference between a hockey Mum and a pitbull....cute, eh!!!

Connie you are totally explaining what happens when you stick to NFNS..."I went to a wedding and I had no cake". I found that kind of thing so easy to do after I had followed the program for just a short period of time. I also find that is kicking back in again with the completion of day 3 of NFNS
posted 5-Sep-2008 6:46am

First things first...Sarah Palin is quite amazing. bronwyn, I haven't been watching the coverage that much because I've already made up my mind. With all the local elections, I'm overdosing on pitching speeches.
Remember to give your body time. If this weight loss can happen to me, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! You made it through day 3 of the eating plan you will be on for life. The weight loss WILL happen, because you made it through day 3 of the eating plan you will be on for life. It is time that will do it for you.
I agree that Jillybean's snack choice was excellent. NF chips and low fat cheese are a favorite treat of mine.
Everyone have a successful day.
posted 5-Sep-2008 7:46am

Well, what a nice surprise this morning! I'm glad you all are so supportive of me. It's going to help. I woke up with the memory that I'd snacked last night and wasn't feeling so great about it. You girls have made me re-think it and be a little nicer to myself. My plan in NS/NF, not "no snacks ever"! Plus, my daughter made cupcakes and left them lying around all day and I didn't come close to eating one, or all, of those! So, I guess I do not have any reason to beat myself up. Thanks.

I'm heading to the grocery store this morning, picking up some more things for my cupboards and fridge that are good choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great day, friends.
posted 5-Sep-2008 9:13am

Hi Connie and all, I hope you are right about my body remembering how to be thin. I just haven't been active in a couple decades. Don't you think that is too long for it to remember? I'm still geared up for this challenge. I have a friend who has been doing this for a while. She has gone from a tight 14 to a comfortable 10 in just a few months! Ahhh to be a 10 again. I'm an 18 now with a round apple body. Hard to believe I used to have a 24" waist when it is over 40" now. But, I WILL succeed.

Holding cyber hands across the board.
posted 5-Sep-2008 11:55am

Debbie...I am positive your body will remember. I read it and lived it. Let me explain. I had never ran before and I joined a road series with my husband and some others. I was so committed and determined. The series consisted of 12 organized runs. 2 races each @ 2 miles, 4 miles, 3K, 6 miles and 1/2 marathon. I ran every day for a month and every other day for the remainder of the series, always being able to complete the distance at home before I showed up for the race. We only had to do one of each race to complete the series. The first race, 2 miles, I finished dead last. By the time I reached the finish line, everyone else had gone home! There was a car following me just to make sure I could finish. It was so embarassing. That's when I started talking to everyone and reading all I could. People who were heavier than me, shorter than me, basically everyone was better at it. I soon found out the others had a history of physical activity. Even when I was in school, I never did anything physical. Gym class was a nightmare for me! You are going to do so good on this plan. By the way, I did finish the road series, having never stopped to walk even one time when in a race. That was a big deal to me. So many people would walk/run through them. I have never been so healthy as I was that year. Except for the anemia. But I will never do it again. It was ALL I did that year.
164 this morning. I went to try on some old jeans and they were gone. I guess I got rid of them. It has been years since I've worn them. But all the size 14's fit without being too tight. I had grown out of them. And a dress I bought last summer, and grew out of, fit loosely. There is that. A way to go, but always headed in the right direction.
posted 5-Sep-2008 3:06pm

You sound like a very determined person Connie. I hope you are right. I am doing well today but I need to go get groceries to make sure I have a like minded kitchen. lol Good luck to everyone over the weekend. My football team is playing their first game this weekend and the snacks are sure to be out! Raise you water glasses girls for at toast, To making wise choices!
Hands across the board,
posted 5-Sep-2008 9:14pm

I can be very, very determined...annoyingly so, I'm sure. Unfortunately, I can only be determined about one thing at a time. No joke. I should never be in charge of anything, I'm just the darn best cheerleader around. That's why my husband has his masters and I worked to support us while he got it. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining. I like my position as supporter. It's where I am most comfortable and happy. Today I ate well. Tomorrow menu and groceries. Time for some fresh veggies.
Great night to all!
posted 6-Sep-2008 12:14am

Time for bed and I wanted to share in my own personal celebration before I go. I DID IT! I had a whole day without sugar or white flour. It was so easy. I think S & F really do set you up for craving more of the same. Groceries and menues for me tomorrow too Connie. If anyone wants a recipe for black bean chili just let me know. Its my SIL and its terrific.
posted 6-Sep-2008 2:41am

Just completed 4 successful days in a row. Good for you Deb....hey you know it is no flour not just white flour, right! I love black bean chiliif you have a killer recipe I would be interested.

Eden makes a can of organic lentils with onion and bay leaf.....nicely flavoured for making quick salads with....very tasty and super quick. I don't follow any particular recipe just mix the lentils with fresh chopped red pepper, chopped red onion,chopped little cubes of a really nice cheddar or feta,chopped herbs like cilantro or mint and oregano chopped spinach (any of that kind of thing and I even sometimes like a little chopped apple) toss with just a tsp or two of a nice red wine vinegar and then top it all with a mixture of fresh lime juice mixed with a little olive oil. I change it around and do tomatoes and avacodo with spinach, cheese and lentils. Easy, nutritious, good fibre.....could be also sauteed and served over rice. Hey Connie no time in the kitchen hardly at all smile
posted 6-Sep-2008 2:43am

Hello everyone, I am new. I want to start this diet but I don't know where to start. Should I get Dr. Gott's book? What is the best advice? Help!!!!
posted 6-Sep-2008 2:56am

p.s. Actually in the dressing for the salad a put a bit of cumin and salt in the olive oil and lime juice

PINK....welcome aboard, read through some of the old posts and you will find lists of food for the NFNS program. Really though it is exactly what it says,,,,NFNS. Keeping that in mind Dr. Gott also says that calories do count so you can't stuff yourself on high caloric things just because they don't have flour or sugar in them and still lose weight (dang it, eh!!!) There just isn't any magic except for the fact that cutting out sugar and flour reduces your truly does!!!! I believe it is back in January or February that a woman by the name of Leslie (in the above posts) gives a lot detail as to where to get started. Hilda does some lists about what see keeps on hand. You don't have to wait for a Monday or anything start now....tomorrow look at labels and if the label says flour or sugar don't eat it. Do a google search for menus for NFNS diets. Above are websites with NFNS recipes. There is tons of info on-line you may not feel a need to buy the book.
posted 6-Sep-2008 6:09am

Hello ladies, I love my new job, have not thought about food choices this last week but have not gained, still 200 lbs. Glad to see more people on this site. Bronwyn, hang in there and maybe take that advice about not using the scales so much. The diet is easy enough to stick to but sometimes the scales cause frustration. Wishing you all a wonderful week end!
posted 6-Sep-2008 9:14am

Good morning, friends!

Me, too, Bronwyn! I'm still with you! Felt like a snack last night and had an apple. Man, I had these wild dreams all night! I am staying off the scales, but I feel SO much better already, after only three days of NS/NF. The puffiness is gone from under my eyes. My rings are looser and my belly is a tad flatter. Woohoo!! Here's to a great weekend, sticking to my plan!
posted 6-Sep-2008 11:10am

Ok, Let me get this straight so I'm not messing up. 100% whole wheat is ok, right? Thats what I was thinking. Please hurry up and tell me if I'm wrong.

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