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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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Debbie M.
posted 25-Jan-2010 11:19am

I think your daughter has a good place to eat. Sure they will have things she should avoid but.....choosing the chicken or fish, cooked vegetable and low fat milk is going to be key to her success. Can she take out fresh veggies and fruit for snacking? I used to do that when I was pregnant for the first time and working at the hospital. I LOST 10 pounds because I made better choices. Then I gained 18 in the rest of the pregnancy. I had an 8.9 baby. Wow, those were the days.
posted 25-Jan-2010 4:12pm

It isn't earth shattering news and it isn't something I didn't already know but you can eat so much volume when you are eating clean. I have been counting points (for a week)and I made a commitment to eat clean. I am NOT using points for chocolate or any thing other than filling healthy food. Previously on WW (years ago) I tried to fit in as many treats as I could and then run out of points and be hungry. On NFNS I sometimes ate too many corn chips or rice crackers......or too much good food period. Counting points can be challenging as you really have to know the points in what you are making and consuming......easier to do for one than for a group. I am not really a recipe person......I like to create and put together things so that doesn't work well when you are counting calories or points....because it is hard to know what the count is. Connie maybe you could discuss with your daughter what foods are clean foods and filling foods.....foods that stick with you and keep you full longer and without cravings. She could supplement the food in the cafeteria with raw fruits and veggies.

I weigh in tomorrow....hope to be down at least 2 lbs. We will see. Debbie and K10 would it help to have some one weigh you in once a week. Instead of paying weight watchers you could make a fund and have your daughter or husband weigh you in and record your weight and keep a jar with the money in to do something special when you lose 5% of your weight and then 10% of your weight and so forth.....or keep it all until you get to your goal and then buy some new clothes with it. Right now registration was free but it costs 16$ a in 4 or 5 weeks that would be a new pair of jeans or a sweater or whatever.
Debbie M.
posted 25-Jan-2010 4:46pm

Great suggestions Bronwyn! My husband would be happy to do it for me. I hope you get the loss you want. Even one pound would be encouraging. Let us know.
posted 25-Jan-2010 7:21pm

We are trying to help the dog get acclimated. He had surgery this morning and so he is drugged and sore. He keeps whining...poor thing. I think he is looking for his owner. The other animals are wary. Cats are on top of the tall furniture and the tow other dogs are walking around skittishly. It is going to be a long night. The dogs name is Bo, we are adopting the name Beauregard or Bocephus. Can't decide which yet. I think we are leaning toward Beauregard.

Ate NFNS today! Yippee!
Debbie M.
posted 25-Jan-2010 11:03pm

Good for you Connie. And eating well even under all that stress. Good for you.
posted 26-Jan-2010 8:38am

Good morning. Last night went better than I thought it would. We set up the extra large crate we have and put Bo in it about 9:30. He whined for a good long bit, but husband laid on the floor next to him. Then he settled down and slept. We let him out about 1:30 am and back in the crate. He whined much less and settled down. This morning he whine only occasionally. He is a lot of dog! And my first male dog. No hiking so far. That would get him a new home asap. I have to work today, so he will be in the crate for 4 hours until my daughter can get home. Somehow, even with "new dog issues," life seems to be getting back to normal. It must be being in my own house. It makes all the difference.

Later ladies.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2010 10:23am

Well Connie, I know some might dissagree but the crate is the way to go. You have to protect your house. He will settle in but do it very slowly. How old is he and what kind of dog is it?
posted 26-Jan-2010 11:41am

Connie: I am so glad you are taking in Bo. Poor thing must really miss his dad. It sounds like he has felt secure in the crate and ultimately it will be easier on all involved. Plus, it will keep him safer since his surgery. Same questions as Debbie.

Bronwyn: Great suggestions. Thanks.

Have a great day everyone.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2010 12:01pm

I just had a Lean Quizin for lunch. My husband bought me 5 of them thinking he was helping. What do you all think?
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2010 12:02pm

I was also going to say Of course they are not NSNF but at least they are calorie restrictive at around 300.
posted 26-Jan-2010 2:05pm

Debbie is that something like Lean Cuisine. I haven't heard of the ones you got but I am sure they are pretty much the same. I don't find them very filling. I think you can make something for 300 calories that is more filling and healthier. They are going to be more processed and higher in sodium. See how you feel with them.

Good luck with the dog! I feel we have more animals than I want, a big dog and 3 cats, so I would be stressed with the addition of another one. See Connie you get right back to are so good at that.

First week at WW...weigh in today....down 3.5 lbs....woohoo!!! The first week is always the best so I won't expect more than .5 to 1 lb in the following weeks but I am still happy about today weight loss. I am such a snob though I really struggled to sit through the meeting and listen to blah, blah, duh conversation altogether with some poor advice. I love counting points and I love being weighed in so I will continue. In fact I have bought 12 weeks tickets so there you go I made a commitment.

K10 why don't you and Debbie set a day and a time for a weigh in with your can be a date! Get a jar ready to keep the money in.....really put it in and really don't take it out until you lose 5%, !0% or get to goal. Do it every week at the same time......a real commitment.
posted 26-Jan-2010 2:38pm

Bronwyn: Congrats on the 3.5 pound loss. That is so awesome. Your idea is something to think about that is for sure.
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2010 3:51pm

Super with the 3.5 pounds!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. I bet you will continue to lose. Let me know the day you weigh Bronwyn and I'll post my weight that day too. Like how much money?
Debbie M.
posted 26-Jan-2010 3:52pm

Who is going to join me in watching The Biggest Loser tonight?
posted 26-Jan-2010 8:14pm

Debbie WW costs me $16/ week.
posted 26-Jan-2010 9:50pm

Bronwyn,you sound so good! Maybe you have found what works for you! Your 3.5 pounds is VERY IMPRESSIVE! A very great start. Go ahead, be a snob. We all are in regards to one thing or the other. I can't wait to hear reports from you.

The new dog is much more settled down. I just don't know if we can keep him. The vet bill was $411.00. He got into a tussle with out little dog. He didn't hurt her badly, but caught her near her eye and she has swelling and some bleeding. I know they will all learn to live together but our house is just too small for 2 big dogs and one little dog and three cats. But we will all be fine for now.
posted 27-Jan-2010 12:20am

What kind of seasoning should I put on steamed asparagus? I am liking these steamed vegetables. This was from Aldi's and not in a steamable bag, just regular frozen.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2010 7:57am

Bronwyn, I meant how much money do we put in the jar? heh

Aw Connie, Your dog got bit? Were you there when it happened? I hate dog fights. They totally freak me out. Do you ever watch The dog Whisperer? It's on NGC. Cesar Milan is so talented when it comes to correcting dogs. He's amazing. I love to watch him. He's cute too! :o)

Anyone watch Loser last night? While I'm still watching, I'm just not as into these players this season.
posted 27-Jan-2010 9:13am

Morning all. Last night went very well. I put Bo in the crate around midnight and he settled down much quicker than the night before. I was up late hemming and mending jeans for daughter. She is going back to the dorm this morning and starts her new research position today. She'll get 10 hours a week. The best part is she is excited about it.

I wasn't here when Bo snapped/bit Sadie. Daughter was and apparently it was just a fast reaction, no real fight. Bo seems to be responding to commands, at least he is learning. He is like one big muscle! But sweet really. We are going to ty and find him a new home, but only to the right family.

I haven't been able to watch tv in forever. I am so ready for my life to get back to ready. NFNS is the very first step. We are in for some snow and ice. Off to the grocery store to get stocked up on healthy foods.

Hilda, I love to sprinkle some dill weed on my asparagus along with my butter. Yum! I originally started with a recipe for butter, minced garlic and dill weed. For ease I just use the dill weed. Try it. But go lightly, too much dill would overwhelm.

Ok, off to the store with a clean face and sad hair. I'll shower when I get home. Out to lunch today with friend.
Debbie M.
posted 27-Jan-2010 6:23pm

My Dad's cousin Carroll died today after a 2 year battle with Lung Cancer. I really liked her and havent seen her in many years.
posted 27-Jan-2010 10:16pm

Debbie, I have noticed before that death seems to come in waves. Anyone else ever notice that? Some people cross our paths briefly but leave a lasting impression. I'm sorry you lost someone you are so fond of. I'm sure she liked you too.

I think we have found Bo a home. I'll know more tomorrow. My friend came over today and she called him a puppy. He is super friendly and smart. Of course I am going to be very picky about who gets him. I will miss him a little, but our house is too small.

Off to read a bit before sleep. I hope everyone had a great NFNS day. Night.
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2010 7:44am

I have two girls home today. One with a stomach ache ad the other with a sore throat. Nothing serious I'm sure. One is in bed and one is watching Monk on the couch. I guess I just didn't care if they stayed home today.

Super job getting a home for pooch Connie. It's the right thing to do.
posted 28-Jan-2010 8:21am

Morning all. Debbie, I don't understand your post. If they are sick they should stay home, right? Or do you think they are not "too sick" to miss school but you thought you would let it slide? And if you did decide to let it slide, do you see that as a character flaw on your part? I am very curious about where your head is. There was something negative in your post and I am worried you are being too hard on yourself.

This dog is so good. I left him out of the crate all night last night and he did perfect. He woke me up this morning by standing by my bed whining. I jumped up, took him out to do his business and all is well. Dang it, I'm going to miss the beast when he goes! Of course he woke me up earlier than I normally get up so I could have used some more sleep, but I'll survive.

With any luck I'll be home all day. Later gang.
posted 28-Jan-2010 4:29pm

Debbie: So sorry about Carroll. There have been times when I know my kids aren't all that sick and I have let them stay home. I figure that is what good grades are for, they allow for some bonus days off. One of my fondest memories was when my mom called in sick to work and she let me stay home too. I don't even remember what we did that day, but I sure remember that.

Connie: At least if you give Bo to your friend you will get to see him won't you?
Debbie M.
posted 28-Jan-2010 5:13pm

Connie, What do you mean character flaw? Yes I meant the kids probably were not too sick to go to school and I let it slide. Is that a character flaw? Yes I'm sure my post did have a negetive tone to it. I have been negative and depressed.
posted 28-Jan-2010 6:56pm

Debbie, what I was trying to say is that maybe you were being hard on yourself for letting the kids stay home when they were not too sick. I let mine stay home once in awhile too. Some people (not me) would think that is wrong. I don't know, I was just hoping you didn't have a voice in your head all day giving you a hard time.

Bo is gone. My friend took him. She took to Bo and that was that. Apparently Bo is for her Godfather, but she is staying with him so she will make the adjustment smoother. Bo is a good dog. I left him out in the house when I ran errands today and he was perfect...again!

Chicken spaghetti and fresh green beans for dinner. So yummy! I know the spaghetti is very fattening, but basically NFNS and I felt like splurging.
posted 28-Jan-2010 6:58pm

Communication on the computer is so difficult. When you talk in person to some one, or on the phone, you hear their voice intonations and you understand what they are saying better. Actually, even then communication is really tough. Debbie, Connie was reaching out to you and showing concern. She was afraid that you were being hard on yourself for letting your girls stay home even if they MAYBE were not sick enough. We have all let our kids stay home from school from time to time even though we questioned whether they really needed to. Read the last sentence:
" I am very curious about where your head is. There was something negative in your post and I am worried you are being too hard on yourself." I think Connie picked up on your mood and was concerned for you.
posted 28-Jan-2010 6:59pm

Oh Connie we posted at the same time.....sorry I was speaking on your behalf smile
Debbie M.
posted 29-Jan-2010 3:17am

I saw Dr. Oz talk about light boxes the other day. He said Short ?something? florescent bulb exposure is good for SAD. I missed part of it.

Thanks for your concern B and C. I did feel down but I'm sure I going to be fine. I know what you mean by tone of voice and inflection on the computer. Maybe Charactor wasn't a great word to use?

That reminds me of a joke about someone sitting down on a bus next to another person and the first sitting person says "Do the voices in my head bother you"?

My girlfriend called and asked me out to lunch. So I left the girls home to get their own lunch. HA!

Back to bed now. The darn dog woke me up to let her out. Good Dog, bad dog, I can't decide. heh
posted 29-Jan-2010 9:06am

Morning ladies. Well, I hope we cleared up the "character" misunderstanding. I really do. Bronwyn, thanks for the explanation. Debbie, I use full spectrum light bulbs everywhere in my house. They are the purple or blue looking ones. I love them. They are getting harder to find since they will be illegal in a couple of years. Boy, does that make me mad. I have been stocking up on them. I truly believe they help with my mood. I think they will eventually have full spectrum florescent bulbs. This is a change I do not want to make and it drives me crazy that we can't purchase what we prefer.

150.2 this morning. I have to tell you, I was scared to weigh! I am back on track now, but the last couple of weeks have been sloppy eating too much to be healthy. I used up the last of my NF spaghetti pasta last night. I have to get myself into Memphis to get some more. Such a pain, but well worth it. Tonight I will use up the rest of my elbow for goulash.

We have ice and snow is going to be here soon. Everything is closed. I prepared with groceries the other day so I say...bring it on! Bo is happy at his new home. He stands nose to nose with my friends little girl. Apparently they are fun to watch. What a relief. My home is back to normal, all the cats are down off the furniture and the other dogs are moving around more freely as well. Ahhhhhh.

Coloring my hair today. I colored my eye brows yesterday, they came out pretty good. We are slaves to beauty rituals!
posted 29-Jan-2010 10:22am

Connie: I truly don't understand the flourescent lightbulb thing, don't they have mercury in them and when they break or decompose in a dump won't that ooze into the ground?
posted 29-Jan-2010 12:46pm

Yes, environmentally I think they are a nightmare. They have special disposal instructions...I wonder how many people will take the time and effort to do that. They are mass produced in factories that give off huge emissions that are harmful to the ozone and they give off the saddest light ever. Seriously, I will not use them. I haven't tried a full spectrum one yet. I really hope they are full spectrum. Of course they are even more expensive. They are so large and cumbersome they don't fit a lot of lamps people already own. They also do not give off any warmth which aides in warming a room during low light seasons when you need warmth. Just makes me so mad!

Babysitting this morning. Lot's of snow on the ground (for around here!) and beautiful to look at.
posted 29-Jan-2010 6:58pm

We got rain, sleet, ice and snow! The tree branches are staring to fall in some places around here. That's not good. Tonight the temps will be well below freezing and so the roads will be a big mess by morning. It's kind of a "stuck in the house" feeling...I love it! I didn't get my hair colored today so I can do that tomorrow. And make my goulash.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Jan-2010 11:01pm

Connie, I have been thinking about coloring my hair again. I havent in over two years. Since before the surgery on my head. I'm thinking about coloring it myself and then going to the salon for highlights. I did this once before and really liked the results. It not only gave my hair wnderful multi-colors, it gave it more body and managability. Now that my hair is much longer and well past my shoulders, it needs some perking up. It will also allow me to get a price break by doing the base color myself on a monthly to 6 week basis. When the roots grow out I just color them. Then after seceral months, off to the salon for more highlights. Maybe two to three times a year is all I would need for the foil weaving. What do you all think?

Good night. I think I'll have a Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and diet coke with hubby.
posted 30-Jan-2010 9:53am

Debbie, I think coloring your own hair is the best way to go. My sister (the ex hair stylist) thinks anyone can do an all over hair color at home and save lot's of money. Of course you do need to go to the salon for highlights. I go to the salon about twice a year for all over hair color. Usually it's because of a family event I need to attend and I don't want any missed spots in the back. Coloring your hair is such a boost. You know I watch What Not To Wear regularly, and they really show what a difference our appearance makes to our own self esteem. I know you have concerns because of your surgery. Have you been given an "all clear" on applying hair color? If so, do it.

Ok, lot's to do today. Color hair, pay bills, make goulash, light housework and laundry. It should be a good day. Everything out the window is covered with snow. The dogs are peppy when they get out there.
posted 30-Jan-2010 2:53pm

Hey, where is everybody?
posted 30-Jan-2010 6:59pm

Daughter's family was here with the new baby. She saw the Pediatric Opthamologist and she wants to schedule and MRI. She passed the eye dilation test fine. She does not have Horner's Syndrome. The problem may be from the delivery when the doctor pulled her out it may have damaged her neck or shoulder. The doctor noticed she turns her head to one side and not the other. She may have to get physical therapy. They will do an MRI in their hometown next Wed. We had snow while they were here and they are traveling home today. At least a 7 hour trip with several stops.
posted 31-Jan-2010 12:05am

A friend of mine had such a hard delivery. They gave her an epesiotomy, used vacuum extraction on the head AND tried forcepts and ended up with a C-section anyway. Her son ended up with nerve damage in his neck too.
posted 31-Jan-2010 9:00am

Morning all. Hilda, that sounds like "good news, maybe less bad news." Keep us posted. I'm glad you had a chance to love on that baby for a bit. There's nothing in the world like a little one.

Still snow on the ground here, 18 degrees right now. When I look out the window everything is shiny with ice on it. It will start warming up today so maybe the roads will get better very soon. Daughter is coming home for the day. She bought some jeans and I always have to cut off a couple of inches on them and hem them back up. Really, the poor thing, short and overweight. She is sticking to the NFNS plan so far. She is also trying to get some exercise in.

Today I will be sewing and ironing. Husband is going out of town for the better part of the week so it should be quiet and peaceful around here. Great day all. Debbie and K10 and Bronwyn, how are you ladies doing? And Brenda and cat and Gammy?
posted 31-Jan-2010 11:02am

Is the nerve damage permanent on the baby? I am hoping the physical therapy is all she will will need if anything. There are a lot of prayers going up in her behalf.
posted 31-Jan-2010 11:05am

I was just reading about eating your fruit on an empty stomach or an hour before meals. This is something Sugar Busters also recommends. No fruit after a meal. Also drink hot liquids with your meals, not cold.

This is a new email I got today. Never heard this before. When you do drink fruit juice, take a small mouthful and mix with your saliva before swallowing. Any comments on this one?
Debbie M.
posted 31-Jan-2010 11:36am

I have heard of the saliva thing before. WHat does eating fruit on an empty stomach do?
Debbie M.
posted 31-Jan-2010 11:38am

Yes, the baby is 16 now and the damage is permanent but minimal.
posted 31-Jan-2010 2:47pm

Hello ladies. Week 2 was a little harder. A few cravings for sweets. I have stuck to the plan completely for these 2 weeks. My weight has been up and down this week. Hard to believe it could go up since I'm only consuming 1,000 to 1,100 calories a day. Anyway, it was down this morning for a total of 8 pounds lost in 2 weeks. When I say I've stuck to the plan, I need to confess that my plan is a slight modification of NFNS. I'm allowing myself 2 slices of whole grain bread per day and small amounts of peanut butter and light salad dressing which contain some sugar. These modifications make it much more likely for me to be able to stick with it and don't seem to be too inconsistent with the goal of eating healthier.

Although I've never done WW, I've had experiences similar to what Bronwyn posted earlier this week about using up your points on snacks. In the past, I've used up all my calories on "lite" processed foods that left me craving more. With NFNS, you eat more filling/satisfying foods making it much easier to stay within a calorie (point) range.

Still need to work on exercising. Went for a walk around the block yesterday since the sun was shining (I completely understand the posts this week on the effect of gloomy weather). Felt like going farther but it was still pretty cold out.

Connie, thanks for the tip on asparagus. I'm always looking for new recipes/ideas. Yesterday, I made southwestern beans and rice from a Sparkpeople recipe. I added a can of chicken and served it in corn tortillas (spray each side with Pam and put in hot skillet briefly to soften). Yummy and very filling!
posted 31-Jan-2010 3:35pm

Brenda,I would limit the bread to one slice a day, even if you are eating Ezekiel which is NSNF. Try lettuce wraps and put the peanut butter on an apple. I think the email I got was refuted on Snopes.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2010 12:09am

Brenda, I understand about your tweeking the program. Last year when I was losing I decided that I would use regular salad dressing instead of diet. I couldnt stand diet dressing and it ruined the whole salad for me. I would either put my salad in a giant bowl where I could really tossing with a small amount of dressing or dip my fork in the dressing and then take a bit of salad. It made such a difference for me. I didnt feel deprived and it was tasty. Its amazing how much flavor is in a tiny bit of dressing.

Congratulations on your 8 pounds!! Thats just awesome. Obviously whatever you are doing, its working!
posted 1-Feb-2010 2:07am

Hi ladies. I will be taking a break from here until March. I hope things go well for you all and I will miss chatting with you, but it is something I need to do. Take care all.
posted 1-Feb-2010 8:43am

Morning. This is strange...I posted last night, but it's not showing up. K10, why will you be away?
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2010 9:10am

K10, Hey Lady, gonna miss you. See ya in 4 weeks!
posted 1-Feb-2010 11:16am

Debbie, are you reading anything? How the doc appt for your son go?
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2010 4:56pm

I'm reading a book called Brain Rules. My Doc recommended it as he is reading it right now too and said it was interesting. My Doc wants us to see another Doc for testing. He also ordered blood work. We havent moved forward with any of it yet as we have new insurance. We found out my Doc of 17 years is not in our network anymore which thows a wrench in a few things.
I need simplicity in my life right now. Ever feel like that?
posted 1-Feb-2010 7:11pm

Oh yes...I feel like that from time to time. Usually when I have just gone through a strenuous period. Then I need some of what I call"down time," but really I need to simple things up and do the basics only for awhile. It's good for you. Changing doctors is a pain, but since it sounds like you have no choice, try and make the transition as positive as you can. It will be hard, but the healthcare of you and your family is worth all the effort you can put in it. Get son to the doc, he needs to get the help that will make school doable for him. I'm glad your reading...I was hoping it would be something a little light and funny.
posted 1-Feb-2010 9:34pm

K10 -Are you doing the fast in February?
Debbie M.
posted 1-Feb-2010 10:30pm

Hilda, I think she is. Along with fasting from the computer.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2010 9:28am

I must have been retaining a lot of water yesterday because my weight was down 4 pounds from yesterday.
posted 2-Feb-2010 11:04am

Wow! 4 you feel less bloated? You should be happy and sassy all day. Yesterday I was so hungry all day. I ate and ate. All NFN, but I really was constantly eating something. I'm glad that doesn't happen everyday.

Errands this morning and then more ironing. Tonight pork chops marinated in Italian dressing, NFNS rice and a green veggie. Should be good. Husband went to Whole Foods and bought me some NF pasta. Tomorrow night shrimp scampi. I need to get a menu and a list together. Maybe later today I can work on that. Great day all.
Heather H.
posted 2-Feb-2010 2:58pm

Good morning all,
I have been lurking on this page for a few days and really enjoy reading everyones stories of success as well as frustrations. I am 36 and a mother of 3 year-old twin boys. I had a wonderful pregnancy and actually was back to pre-baby weight 7 days after I had the boys. However, the weight started climbing once we brought the boys home because my weakness is sweets and when you are sleep deprived you grab for the quickest thing, usually something with sugar. During my pregnancy I could not stand anything sweet and craved salty and sour things instead. Guess I should have taken that as a hint that sweets were making me fat!!!

I am 20 pounds above my pre-baby weight and about 40 pounds from where I feel comfortable and healthy. My husband and I decided to start the NFNS lifestyle and this is our third day. We have both noticed an increase in energy and my husband says he feels smaller. When he explained "smaller" to me he was really trying to say he felt less bloated and I feel the same way as well.

I was wondering if anyone here suffers from PMDD (Premenstral Dysphoric Disorder)? About 4-5 days each month I get highly agitated at even the most minor things and my research on the NFNS diet stated it may help control mood swings. I am hoping for good results and will keep you posted on what I experience.

I look forward to hearing more about everyone and sharing experiences. Hope you all have a great day!
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2010 4:24pm

My PMS totally disappears some months when I have been consistent with NFNS. So I think you should be very hopefull! Welcome and congrats on your TWIN boys. How long did you carry them and how much did they weigh? Are they fraturnal or identical?
Its nice you are doing this together.

Good for you and I look forward to watching your journey!
Connie, yes I was really bloated and I do feel much better. I don't really know what caused it. I just know I was on the scale weighing 4 pounds more and it freaked me out. WHat a strange fluke. 202 today. I really want to see 180 again. Look out here I come!!
posted 2-Feb-2010 4:59pm

That's the Debbie we know and love! Just concentrate on what your eating, it get easier over time, remember? I'm glad you are feeling better today.

I ran my errands, but never made it to the ironing board. Needed a break from it I guess. There's always tomorrow.

Welcome Heather. There are many wonderful things that happen when you eat NFNS. But I am especially glad that you have the opportunity to start your kids eating the right way when they are still very young. NFNS is good for anyone at any age. Any limiting of S and F will be helpful to their health. You will lose the weight you want if you stick to it.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2010 6:07pm

Hey remember triplet mom? She did a wonderful job of raising her kids without sugar or flour. She was a wonderful inspiration. I miss her. Wish she waould check back just to see how things are going with her.

I miss Bronwyn too. I hope she is doing well on WW.

Now we have twin mom Heather!!

Thanks Connie, Hopefully my "down" time is past and I will start making more progress now.
Debbie M.
posted 2-Feb-2010 6:28pm

I just coarsly chopped yellow and orange sweet peppers, onion and tomotoes, sprayed with a small amount of olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Baked in a 425 oven for 20 minutes. Yummm!!
posted 2-Feb-2010 6:39pm

Debbie, that does sound good. Yes, I remember Triplet Mom. She said she wanted to start her own website. I hope she is still doing well, I'm sure she is.
Heather H.
posted 2-Feb-2010 6:52pm

Thank you for the warm welcomes.

Debbie, thanks about the news regarding PMS. My husband thanks you too! ;0)
I carried the boys one day shy of 34 weeks. Christian was 5 pounds one ounce and Kai was 4 pounds 12 ounces when born. They stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks, but have been relatively healthy until they started daycare this summer and were exposed to all kinds of germies. I am hoping a NFNS diet will help with their immune systems and help them fight those germies in the future.

Connie, I am glad to get my boys eating healthy as well. We have tried to keep them away from sugary snacks and processed foods as much as possible and I think a NFNS diet is going to be a great way to stick to that. I think it will give them a really good head start to healthy eating habits for their life.
posted 2-Feb-2010 10:52pm

I bought some asiago cheese today and baked it on a rice cake in the oven until the cheese melted. I wonder why you can't put rice cakes in the microwave?
posted 3-Feb-2010 4:18am

Hey Debbie are you still using melatonin? I haven't heard you mention it for a while and I wondered if you still used it and, if so, if you still thought it was effective. Was the dose you were taking...... (.3 mcg). I remember you said that the specific amount you took was really important. I am so tired of not sleeping......I am not napping, I am not sleeping in late, and I am busy doing things most of the day and still can't sleep.

I am just plugging along with the WW program and haven't been in to weigh yet this week. I weighed in on Tuesday last week but I want to change my weigh in date to Friday so I am waiting until Friday this week. I am planning to do the Wendy Plan which is just basically WW but you rotate your points instead of having the same number every day. It is suppose to help with plateaus, so we shall see. Anyways, I want to make the day I weigh-in my higher point day so I have a week again before I weigh.

Debbie I am not really doing the same program as you guys here so my comments or input doesn't fit here that well. I am liking the control I feel from watching portions through counting points. Since I last attended WW many years ago they have changed the method of recording your points. At the top of the page you put your total points for the day and then as you eat you subtract your points from that amount. This is a much better way to do it as you can see where you are at better I think. If you want I will list a typical day of eating with the points. When you are eating clean, filling nutritious foods you can eat a lot of volume and avoid being hungry.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 7:24am

199.5 :o)
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 8:22am

Super job carrying your twins Heathe! Nice size too. Do they look much alike? My friend has twin boys that are not identical but look so much alike anyway. I just saw the Duggar baby born at 25 weeks gestation due to mom having pre-eclampsia. This child was only 1 pound 6 oz. when she was born in Dec.09. I wonder how she is doing today?
I had a c-section with my first and then 3 V-bacs. Each has its own advantages.

Bronwyn, I have been using the melatonin on and off. I do think it works and I think you should give it a try. I didn't have any bad side effects. Its a hormone your body produces anyway to control your sarcaduim rythms. This gives you a little boost. Take it about 2 hours before you want to get sleepy. Yes the does was .3mcg. I would take it every night for two weeks if I were you. Then you can get an average and see if it helps you. Not sleeping is just horrible. It can really impact your weight loss too, I hear.

I love the way you write your points at the top of a page and then subtract them as you go. It reminds me of Richard Simons Deal-a-Meal. You took your cards from one side of the folder and as you "ate" the cards you move them to the other side. I always thought his program was sensible but people made fun of the poor guy so much. He has a good heart though.
Tell us your weigh on Friday. I hope you lost some more!!

I'd love to see a typical day of points when you feel like posting it. Very interesting to me. I am doing something a bit different too but I'm keeping it a secret for now! hehe

Hilda, I microwaved rice cakes once and they got all soft and weird. I don't know why thought. Maybe it has to do with the "glue" that holds then together.

I feel so much better than the last couple weeks. I had brain fog big time. Depression is awful. I hope I'll
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 8:28am

ooops, don't know what happeneds. My computer hiccuped.

I hope I'll chug along without it for a while. I seem to have 2 or 3 episodes like this last one per year. Seems like thats when I undo all the good I did while I felt good. Go figure. There is a place around here called Cookies By Design. They have the most beautiful cookie bouquets you ever saw. They are frosted cookies that stand up on a stick like a flower. On the way home from dropping my little on off at school today I drove up to their store front and looked at the pretty dispays. I might get one for my kids for Valentines Day. If you want to look at them go to the web site by the same name and add dot com.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 8:31am

My WORD!!! Those cookies are expensive!!! We won't be getting those this year. We are not made of money. heh Sure are cute though.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 9:50am

My mom calls me everyday and tells me which part of which room she has spring cleaned. When spring actually gets here she will be finished and will go outside to start playing in her garden. I wish I had so much ambition.
posted 3-Feb-2010 11:51am

Debbie, it is so good to hear you sound so positive. Good to hear from you Bronwyn. You do not have to be "contributing" to this site in any certain manner. We all miss you when you are gone and the truth is, this is a place about losing weight and eating better so anything you talk about is good. It sounds like WW is the way to go for you. Sorry your not sleeping. I continue to do so so. I guess I always end up with enough.

I spent the morning going through the mountain of mail/papers/cards that have been stacked in the kitchen. Dealt with all that and now I guess I will iron. I'm probably going to spend the day in my pj's. If I'm not prepared to leave the house I will stay home and get the ironing done. A mind game I guess, but it works! Great day all.
Heather H.
posted 3-Feb-2010 11:53am

Good morning Debbie. The boys are as different in looks and personality as night and day. Christian is very serious and analytical and Kai is the sensitive one and he is the "pleaser". He wants to help with everything and loves to be praised for his help. When we are out and people ask us if they are twins I tell them yes, but only because they have the same birthday...nothing else is the same. They are protective of one another though and cry when the other one is upset, so they have that twin bond and I am hoping that stays with them.

That info on the melatonin is great. My mom and my husband have had trouble staying asleep. Does the melatonin help you stay asleep? Since my mom went through menopause she wakes up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.

This morning my husband and I both woke up feeling very bloated. Is this normal for the first week of NFNS? I was feeling less bloated yesterday (day 3) and today I feel huge! Does the body go through some sort of "detox" when you take away sugar and flour? I did have a headache all day yesterday, but feel much better today. I am going to try and drink a bunch of water today to start flushing my system...maybe stuff is backed up. HeeHee =0)

Bronwyn, I did the WW program for a while and was quite successful. I lost 23 pounds in 14 weeks before I got pregnant with the boys. If you stick to it it's a great program. My mom and aunt are lifetimers, but my mom was a little depressed when we moved out of state in june and she gained 10 pounds back, so she is going to the meetings every week and feeling much better. She is sticking to the WW points, but also incorporating NFNS and hoping she will see some loss on the scale. My mom says she feels like she has more evergy since starting NFNS along with WW.

Well ladies, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 2:09pm

Staying asleep is just the problem I was having and it did help that! Its worth a try for her. Some people swear by Melatonin but I have heard some it does not help. Its worth a try. Its not too expensive.

When we increase our veggies we naturally become more gassy. Watch your fiber too. Increasing water is a good idea.

Your sons sound adorable. Do you plan on anymore? What part of the country are you from?
posted 3-Feb-2010 2:58pm

I swear listening to Joyce Meyer or will relax you and you'll go right to sleep within 2 min. I unplug my laptop and it hibernates.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 3:35pm

I wish I could unplug and hibernate sometimes.
posted 3-Feb-2010 4:40pm

Debbie those cookies are ridiculously expensive but, they are cute. Just think of all that sugar and white flour you are not going to be wasting money one, eh smile

Heather everyone has done WW's at one time or another it seems. Most people who stick with the program lose weight.....most people eventually fall off the program and gain the weight back. Truthfully though I think that happens with every program that you quit doing. I guess that is why they have life time members......because you have to stick with it and do it the rest of your life. I feel that especially with doing the Wendie Plan that I can do this for the rest of my life. With the Wendie Plan I can have my higher point days on the week-end which is when I struggle the most. It isn't restrictive and it encourages good the fact that in eating good you can eat to satisfaction and not be hungry all of the time. The important part for me is the keeping track of my points and staying in my point limit. I have come to terms with the fact that I am an overeater, an emotional eater and even some times a binge eater. Oh yeah and also a that if I don't do it perfectly then I do it perfectly horribly. I have been on and off diets for so long and yet never achieved the weight I want to be at, in fact I am the heaviest I have ever been. I recently saw a picture of myself together with my two best friends......both of whom are in really great shape. It was pretty hard for me to even look at the pic, it is so discouraging to see how heavy I am. You know every now and again some one will say, "gee she sure let her self go". I am the person who let my self go and I am so sorry about that......lots of sadness about that. However, on the bright side I continue to learn that this is a forever thing and that I can't be on and off......I have to be ON and ON all of the time.

I am eating really healthy but, I am not really doing NFNS eating whole grain flours and truthfully it is working for me. I don't have very much bread because it adds up in points to quickly but, I do have some. Also I am not really having any sugar other than a bit (very little) agave or xylitol. You know I have always ground my own wheat and made things from scratch. I have bumped that up to soaking my flours (24 hrs.) prior to making anything with it. This gives the flour many of the same benefits as sprouting and it is so much easier. There are enzymes in grains that are difficult for our body to break down and can cause discomfort, as well your not being able to access the benefits of the grain. By sprouting or soaking the grains you break those elements down and make the grain more digestible and nutritious. Soaking is so much easier than sprouting with almost the same benefits.

Hopefully you will be having a quieter week this week Connie.

I hope things are going well for K10.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 5:34pm

My family will be having the two giant pizzas that are in the oven. I wish I was to. But alas that was the old Deb. I am the new and improved Deb!! I will be eating something else. I might just run off to the store while they make pigs out of themselves. I, on the other hand will be weighing less tomorrow morning. :oD
posted 3-Feb-2010 6:59pm

My sister was curious about my weight loss. She can't agree with NFNS, but she is back at weight watchers and going strong. I guess it depends on the individual and how they want to eat. Just being aware of refined flours and sugars and how bad for us they are is such a huge step...we all should get gold stars!

This week is much easier. I have hit the domestic issues hard and am now feeling in control again! You go Debbie...passing on pizza while everyone else is eating it! That behavior is going to reap big benefits and will get easier to do. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bronwyn, I'm sure your diet is uber healthy. Finding a plan you can stick with is the first step I suppose. Time to fix dinner.
posted 3-Feb-2010 7:00pm

Debbie put pizza toppings including the pizza sauce on top of a bowl of brown rice.
posted 3-Feb-2010 7:03pm

Connie your sister may not lose weight like you are truly amazing at losing weight but, if she eats clean and uses her points for good whole foods and not junk then she will lose weight in a healthy way. She may need the discipline of points and weigh in days just like I do.
posted 3-Feb-2010 8:31pm

My sister lost her weight with WW a few years ago. She doesn't have much to lose, but she did gain back a little bit, so she is trying WW again.

Bronwyn, you are eating just like the person that you are. Grinding your own grains, eating clean...that is who you are. NFNS probably was too removed from your idea of healthy eating. I, on the other hand, did not eat healthy before NFNS. Or at least, not as healthy as NFNS has taught me to be. NFNS has been very good for me since not only have I been able to stick with it but because I feel like I have improved my diet for the better.

Daughter is trying NFNS again. She is sticking with it so far. She has no problem eating that way around here. Actually, all my family likes the meals I prepare. But they are older and I know that makes a difference. I have been wanting to put in a garden and grow my own veggies. I will be totally responsible for it. I just need someone (husband? we don't always work together so well!) to get me started. It's a dream I have had for awhile.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Feb-2010 9:36pm

Connie, the key to starting a garden is keeping up with it. If you are going to be responsible for it alone keep it small. They can get out of hand real quick.
We totally loved out tomato garden until the next year. What happened was the tomatoes that fell to the ground and were not usable seeded themselves and came up as volunteers the next year. I didn't have the heart to pull them up and thought the more the merrier. BUT that crowded the garden too much. It was hard to get between the bushes. Mosquitos and spiders abounded. It was miserable. We still got plenty of tomatoes but so much went to waste and it was a mess. So as I said, keep it small. I really loved the english cucumbers we planted. When you pick them small they are soooooo tasty! I didnt have any luck with green beans. Always had pesky bugs that loved em.
What would you like to plant in your garden Connie?
posted 3-Feb-2010 10:25pm

Debbie M-Put Pizza toppings on top of an Ezekiel tortilla.
posted 3-Feb-2010 10:29pm

Does anyone else think the Toyota recall is being blown out of proportion by the media? My car is a Scion and not involved. I am just very skeptical about what is reported.
posted 4-Feb-2010 9:02am

I wondered the same thing Hilda. Recalls happen every so often.

Debbie, I want to plant tomatoes, mostly roma so I can jar my own sauces. And green beans and zucchini squash. That would be enough to get me started! I would also like to plant some black raspberry bushes because that makes the best jelly ever. They would go on the back fence row and just be kind of wild. I also would love to have a couple of fig trees. I could get in trouble there! Anyway, I do not even know how to get started in preparing the soil. I need to read up on it a lot.

Today I'm running MIL around. Hopefully not all day!
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 10:17am

You will need to have your ground tilled. As for your soil, that depends on your area and what it needs. Plenty on the internet to help you get started. I would take a soil sample to a local green house. They will have plenty of suggestions for you.

the best jam I ever made personally was a strawberry jam that I used only half the sugar it called for. I picked the berries myself. It was a very satisfying experience.

I had some oakmeal for breakfast and 3 steamed carrots for a snack.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 10:57am

I am taking my son to the Doc Tuesday morn to see if he will give him an ADD med to try. I have had contact with his teachers and his grades are not good. Do you think I should take away all his video games and computer? He will stay on them all the time if I let him.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 11:05am

Well I know now that 3 steamed carrots last 1 hour in my stomach and I'm hungry again.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 11:12am

I am so frustrated with my kid. I need to separate my kid from myself. Something I have always had trouble doing.

Think good thoughts, think good thoughts, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..........
Heather H.
posted 4-Feb-2010 12:22pm

Good morning all!

Debbie, thank you. My boys are precious, but their impish qualities come out as well. I have a step-daughter who is 20 and a step-son who is 17. The twins are my only bio-kids and they are enough for me. I know my mom would have liked to have had a granddaughter, but I am done. Children are expensive and a lot of work. I LOVE my boys and count my blessings I got two healthy babies at one time. We live in Oregon now...moved here from Sacramento, CA in May 2009. We LOVE it here. There are true seasons, where as in CA it was mild temps all year round...kind of boring really. Oregon offers us more opportunities to do things with the boys outdoors like camping, hiking, fishing, going to the coast, etc. Not to mention there is great snow skiing only an hour from us. We really think where we moved will be a great place to raise the boys. The schools are good where we live as well (for when they get old enough)

Congrats on your will-power with the pizza. I bet you felt great the next day knowing you made the right choice.

Connie, we had a small garden in our yard a few years back and thought we would try 6 different tomatoes...they all sounded good. We were quickly overwhelmed with more tomatoes than we could eat or give away! We decided when we do our next garden we will have no more than 3 plants. I have never made my own sauces or canned anything. Do you need anything special to do that? Is it a difficult process? It sounds like something I might like to try.
Heather H.
posted 4-Feb-2010 2:32pm

My mom just e-mailed me and said her co-worker convinced her to have a piece of coffee cake. She said after 30 minutes she felt HORRIBLE!! Does your body really make that big of an adjustment when you consume flour and sugar? I know I feel GREAT, have much more energy, and seem to be thinking clearer, but I was thinking it may be psychological being that I am only approaching the end of my first week with NFNS. If that is how sugar and flour effect the body I am NEVER going back. =0)
posted 4-Feb-2010 7:14pm

Just made it home about an hour ago. Cold and rainy all day. Not a good day to run errands, but we had no choice.

Yes Heather, eating F and S again after abstaining for a while can definitely mess with your digestion and your make you feel lousy. It has happened to me more than once. Last spring I was in MI and not able to eat NFNS for 3 days straight. On top of that, I ate some serious sweets. I can't tell you how terrible I felt. Physically and mentally. When I finally was able to eat NFNS I was almost in tears. True story.

My friend is here from Oregon and she is heading back there first chance she gets. She loves it there. I think she will probably move back this year. The way she makes it sound, I would love it there too! She lives around Bend. Where are you?

Debbie, I wouldn't restrict your son completely, just put limits on it. Maybe you could give him the choice of when to play. Like one hour after school and after dinner. Or something like that. Otherwise he is going to feel punished and school may be out of his control right now. I know he knows you are a loving mother, so setting time limits shouldn't be too hard for him to accept. Give him time though. I think about how hard his days must be in school and I really feel for him. If he could do better on his own, he would. Don't you think? Your taking him to the doc and monitoring his after school activities. I think you are doing great.

Our neighbor has a tiller we can borrow. I have a lot to learn about gardening...but I'll get there.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 8:16pm

Connie, You said the same thing as my mom about not totally resticting his gaming. I set a limit of 1 hour a week day and 2 hours a day on the weekends. I told him I was considering no gaming at all. I think that made him accept the limit I did set.

When I called the Dr. Office today, the office lady said it would be quite a while before he could be seen. But then she said "Oh wait, there was a cancelation for Tuesday." I think this was a God send.

Heather I had the same gutteral reaction to sugar and flour when I consumed some after being off of it for a while. It was very dramatic.
posted 4-Feb-2010 8:18pm

I was eliminating flour from my diet, but not sugar. This evening, however, I totally went overboard on the flour and feel horrible. I know if I could stay away from flour and sugar my weight would get into a normal range. I am 5'5" and weigh 207. I would like to get down to the 160's.
I would like to join this group.
This evening I just purchased a book from Amazon called Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings---And 7 Steps to End Them Naturally.
posted 4-Feb-2010 8:20pm

Could someone suggest a sample menu for NFNS. A typical day. I would really appreciate that.
By the way, I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am 47 years old. I had success with Weight Watchers in the past,
but have gained 1/2 the weight back over a 5-year period.
Thanks everyone.
posted 4-Feb-2010 8:45pm

Welcome TammyGirl. I would get a copy of Dr Gott's book. I bought mine at WM. Ok, if you have been reading the posts you know eating NFNSis good for body weight, mood and overall health. I think everyone should eat this way. It is going to take a little time for you to get your acceptable foods list together. For now, just read every label. If it says flour, any kind and/or sugar, don't eat it. Be careful, sugar comes under many names. Breakfast could be Ezekial cereal, puffed rice cereal, Ezekial bread/toast, Ezekial muffins (my favorite), eggs, lean protein meats and cheeses, oatmeal. Lunch could be salads, rice cake nacho's, sandwiches, soup, lot's of choices. Dinner is easy, meat, potato or rice and a veggie. Cottage cheese is good anytime. Just spend sometime thinking about the foods you like to eat and the chances are there is NFNS substitute. I would give you more advice but I am barely keeping my eyes open! This eating plan makes you feel so are going to love it.
posted 4-Feb-2010 9:25pm

Don't forget the fruit. A small apple really does fill you up. Sugar free jello or sugar free pudding if you have the need for a dessert.
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 11:27pm

Welcome Tammy, Life is so much better at the weight you want to be. I think 160 is a very reasonble goal. Portion control is something that is not talked about too much on this diet. It can be hard to loose with out soem sort of restriction. I would recommend counting your calories for a few days. It really open your eyes to see how fast food adds up to 12 to 1500 calories. After a coule days you get an idea of where you need to be in portions and don't have to add up the calories any more.The bottom line is, if you are not losing weight you are eating roo much.

Again Welcome! You and I are practically twins! Funny Heather?!
Debbie M.
posted 4-Feb-2010 11:49pm

Come to think of it, my goal is always one pound lighter than I already am. :o(

One two skip a few, ninty-nine a huundred!!!!

Its amazing to me at 200 pounds that I could still be alive if I weighed one hundred pounds less than I am now.
I'm not saying I'd be healthy, just alive! :o)

Goin to bed now. Good night.
posted 5-Feb-2010 9:31am

Thanks for the big welcome Connie, Hilda, and Debbie.

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