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No Flour, No Sugar Diet


Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet presents a simple, straight-forward way to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. All you need do is eliminate flour and sugar from your diet.


This diet book contains common-sense techniques on how to eat better and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It gets you to focus on foods that are nutritional and satisfying. Thus, you can both lose weight and become healthier in the process.

You can eat brown rice, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. But, you have to stop eating foods like bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, white rice, cookies, sweets, and cakes.

Many excellent recipes are included in the book with have no flour and sugar, yet taste delicious.

The approach is to keep things simple by just eliminating flour and sugar, the two primary food ingredients that are causing the obesity problem in America. Our culture has become addicted to sweets. This book helps you break the addiction and get on track for eating healthier while losing that extra weight.


Dr. Gott is a medical columnist published in over 350 newspaper daily. He is a practicing physician with a general practice in Connecticut. He's also the director of medicine at Hotchkiss School (a prep-school).


Giving up bread and sweets may simply be too hard for some people. Sugar is in a great majority of products sold today. While the diet sounds simple, implementing it and sticking to it is quiet a challenge.


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  31-Aug-2006 11:02am created by bill

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Debbie M.
posted 28-Oct-2008 10:38am

I totally believe that now about getting off sugar. I have struggled with depression for years and this is the first time I have focused on sugar. I had always dieted with the idea that fat was the enemy. Low fat diets left me starving all the time. With this no sugar no flour diet we can have the good for you fats that help to fill you up and keep you satisfied longer. My depression has lifted and I have had a much better outlook on life in general. I really think America is so over weight now because of the sugar that is put into low fat foods. We have all been brainwashed and its time we all learn the truth about sugar. Have you noticed that sugar is EVERYWHERE. I just saw an add on TV for pancakes that had cinnamon rolls in them. What the heck? Lets just sweeten up everything. Its an epidemic. I'm happy I know the truth now.
posted 28-Oct-2008 10:44am

Oh Bronwyn, you crack me up! You like weird huh? I did not do the recipes from the book. Most of them were too frou frou for my family. Being miles away from water, there is not a lot of seafood that is not already frozen. And, like the South Beach Diet book, many of the ingredients are unknown to me. So I just apply the principles to the foods we normally eat. I have found so many recipes on line and occasionally I try a new vegetable.

Debbie, get right back on that horse! I know Bronwyn would tell you to stand firm in the face of temptation because the alternative screws with your weight and your brain. After a couple of days have gone by you'll feel like yourself again. What happened over the weekend is NOT FAILURE!!!! It's just a small detour...I've had a few myself.

155 this morning. I hope it sticks, I've been at 156 forever! I missed dinner last night. We have a settlement offer in our battle over my fathers estate. Tons of phone calls and emails since all seven daughters have to sign off on it. We talked way into the night and I barely managed to heat up a plate of leftovers for my husband. To get this huge mammoth monster behind us would be such a blessing.

I think I have been at 156 since around Oct 8. I am going to remain committed to this plan. Maybe I have lost a lb, maybe not. If I have, it took about three weeks to get it off. But you know what, that was three weeks of eating really great food and never going hungry. Before NFNS, I surely would have gained a lb or 2 eating really great food and never going hungry. So the plan is still working for me. And I haven't even started exercising yet. I went to early voting the other night and had to pass a class of Jazzercise on my way to the poll. It looked fun. It is in my future.

I guess I'm trying to say, stick with it. If you fall off, get right back on. Over time the results will happen. The old adage "you didn't gain it overnight, you won't lose it overnight" are the truest and fairest words ever spoke. We all are smart enough, tough enough and patient enough.

Hilda, how are you doing? And Jennifer and Cammie and Tres? How are all of you?
posted 28-Oct-2008 11:09am

Connie it is true, I like unusual things......but I like unusual things that taste good smile and the recipe last night didn't fit that criteria. I had hoped to adding some new ideas to my regular dinner meals. One thing I noticed in his one week menu ideas was that he would have something like just a "Greek Salad" for me that doesn't seem very filling. Connie when you first started the program and was losing weight so quickly would you say you ate quite low seemed that way to me by your descriptions.

Connie that whole estate thing sounds so stressful. Did you all agree to settle on the offer last night. Some times you just want these things over with, eh!!!!

Debbie M. Connie is have to forget about the week-end and the scale at the moment and just do the program. Discouragment is the hardest is so hard to see the scales go back up but if it is your time of month that would account for most of it so stay off the scales for maybe a week and just do the program.

I have said this many times but I will say it again and mostly for me......this is a plan that requires patience, for most of us the weight loss is slow and that is okay if you are patient. If you only lost 4 lbs. a month that is still 48 lbs. a year......and that is without starving and changing your lifestlye too much (so something you can live with long term).
posted 28-Oct-2008 11:23am

Bronwyn, my calories were very much lower after I started NFNS. In part, that was because I was eating like a horse before. Tons and tons of food all day everyday! I remember feeling like I was just sick of food, I had ate so much of it. I had that feeling again yesterday. Some days I'm just tired of it. Tired of shopping for it, fixing it, cleaning up after it. When that happens, I go with it. I don't eat much. I make sure I drink lot's of water and everything comes out ok.

Last night, due to the celebratory mood, I had a white russian. It hit me like a truck! One was more than enough. No way to not have sugar with that is something I will only have rarely. But it is a form of cheating I suppose, but I just don't consider it.
posted 28-Oct-2008 2:59pm

Hi everyone! Sounds like there is a lot going on in the group.

Bronwyn, I was on Dr. Berstein's about 4 months and lost about 40 pounds. My friends and family all told me that I looked great, and should stop dieting and I did. 6 months later I was practically back where I started from...a waste of time and money, since I gained even more besides. Now I'm going to take my time.

I have been eating pretty much what I want to eat, just avoiding sugar and flour. I make a mean soup...usually chicken/turkey or beef with lots of veggies, and my husband is happy with that and a small baguette. Needless to say, I stick with the soup..a couple of bowls and I'm good. On the weekend I made know, ground beef, kidney beans, peppers, onion, canned tomatoes and the appropriate level of seasonings. That lasted for 3 days, on and off, and I took it up a notch the last day by adding a bit of cheese and a dollop of sour cream. I have also had the Ezekial bread with a bit of cheese and an apple slice, broiled in the oven for breakfast...that's a great treat for breakfast! I've been trying to be careful of portion sizes, but so far I've been sticking to the plan.

Bronwyn, are the corn sticks like tortilla chips? I don't have a Safeway nearby. My supermarket has corn tostadas though, and I have had them for breakfast with melted cheese. They are nice, and I don't get too much because my dog likes to share.

Debbie M., I'm glad to hear your depression has lifted. If it becomes an issue again, though, try a vitamin B compound. It worked for me, and it's what Dr. B. uses to keep people happy when they're starving themselves on his diet, so it's proven itself over time.

Since I don't have the book yet, can anyone tell me if water consumption is a requirement for this diet? If it is I can handle it...just need to know.

Lady Di., I can't say I know where Plymouth Meeting is, but I've been to Erie, PA. Are you at the other end of the state?

Have a great day everyone. Be back tomorrow.
posted 28-Oct-2008 5:06pm

Becca people I know that have kept their weight down after Dr. B. go back for tune-ups constantly, like every time their weight goes up 10 lbs. or so. I don't know why but now thinking of having a needle in my stomach 3 times a week sounds so repulsive. My stomach was varying shades of green bruising for months.

Becca the thing I am talking about is Corn Thins....they are like a rice cake but thin and crispy. They are 70 calories for 3. I haven't looked at other stores for them but I don't think they would be hard to find in most stores.

I used some of the chicken from last nights disaster in a was okay. Now I don't really feel like making dinner tonight. I had made a double recipe last night but considering no one would eat it last night I can't imagine there would be takers tonight.....groan!!!!

I wish there wasn't a big block of Bernard Callebaut in the cupboard....I'm feeling tempted this afternoon.
posted 28-Oct-2008 6:17pm

I am having a bowl of Uncle Sam's for dinner tonight. I like doing that once in awhile. Husband has a business dinner and boy can have a frozen pizza. Tomorrow I am going to try a new recipe, I'll pass it on if it's a keeper.

I cannot imagine shots in the stomach! And to think you did that for months...yikes! Was there a specific eating plan that went along with the shots? Too much weirdness there.

Water consumption, in bulk, is not part of the plan. But I found out that it really helps, especially in the beginning. I followed the plan by Brenda Waston in The Fiber 35 diet. She says take your weight, divide it by 2, and drink that many ounces of water a day. It is a lot of water and we discussed it on this page. As long as you are able to empty your bladder when needed and space it out over the entire day, it's perfectly safe. What she say's in her book, and I found to be true, is water can be very filling. Especially when taken with some high fiber food. And I mean more than a glass at a time. I would divide my oz's in half to be drank before and after lunch. And I counted my coffee as oz's. I drank 90 oz's a day and was never hungry. Be sure to quit drinking around 7 pm or you'll be up when you don't want to be. They say hunger is sometimes thirst in disguise. That was true for me. I quit eating so much when I started drinking water and I have never gone back.

Bronwyn, I'm going to google Bernard Callebaut.
posted 28-Oct-2008 6:18pm

No way could I keep that in my house! Good luck.
posted 28-Oct-2008 10:46pm

Do not buy things that are that tempting. Get them out of your house. Get them out! Get them out!- The Cat in the Hat
posted 28-Oct-2008 11:41pm has some interesting ideas. Has anyone found any other good websites about eating no sugar and no flour?
posted 29-Oct-2008 12:38am

My sister was telling me today about the Japanese Banana diet where you eat a banana or two and room temperature water for breakfast. I have been having a half a banana and 2 cups of coffee for a long time now and I am never really hungry for more breakfast. Sometimes I forget to eat anything else until lunch.
2 bananas supposedly will lower your blood pressure 10%. This has gotten to be such a fad in Japan that they are selling out of bananas.
posted 29-Oct-2008 1:26am

Anonymous.....the cat in the hat is a very smart cat!!! Hilda I have all of Rick Gallops books, (he is the authour of the website you sighted). He is presently looking for people to join a test group for doing the G.I. diet clinic. He ran one last year and it was very successful. I would love to join it but you have to have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes to qualify. The program is very similar to least no sugar but you can have limited amounts of whole grain flours. Like you can have half a W/W pita with your hummous and veggies. I have made several of his recipes and they have been really good unlike last nights disappointment. In the G.I. Diet clinic book there are 13 weeks of sample menus and some writing assignments to do. Maybe we should run our own clinic.....for 13 weeks.

On Rick Gallops program in the weight loss phase you eat only from the green light lists of food.....also his recipes are divided into colours.....while you are losing weight you can only eat from the green light food lists. Bananas are not green light. I was curious about the Japanese diet though. There are always interesting idea from one program to the next....which conflict with each other. Maybe we should do our own combination.....out together a great plan, sell it, open clinics, write books, offer programs!!!

I am going to google the Japanese diet.........
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:05am

Today is a beautiful day. My dog and I went for a walk with friends from 7-8.00 this morning, and it was a wonderful way to start out. We have snow for the second time this month, but the weather is mild, and there is no wind. Diet or no diet, I am in a blissful state.

How is everyone else doing? Obviously I am the 'morning person' in this group. Before setting out, I had my sugar-free juice and 'Xtra SHARP' and a few strips of bacon, and treated myself to coffee and a slice of fresh pineapple on my return. Now I have to hit the books, because I have 2 papers due November 10th, and an NP conference from Thursday to Sunday next week. Time is running out!

Have fun playing with other diets...this one is as much as I can handle at the moment. I think I'll weigh myself tomorrow, and see if anything is happening. All prayers to that effect are welcome and appreciated!
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:51am

Morning all. Weighed in this morning at 153-154. The scale went back and forth so often, I gave up. But a loss finally.

I guess I only hear about the more "main stream" diets. I remember an aunt of mine saying bananas are a hearts best friend because they have so much potassium. Good news for me since they are one of the few fruits I like. I only eat them rarely.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:58am

Good morning,

I'm taking my cat Coffee to the vet this AM. She is such a small pitiful little thing. She has been scratching and losing fur and now has scabs. At first I thought it was bit marks from her brother Tiger. He is nothing like her, the total opposite. He is big and fat and very social.

I weighed myself just now. back to 194, thank goodness. Its a relief. That naughty camping weekend is gone and so is the extra weight. Just one more pound until my lowest is back. For now 11 pounds off in 7.5 weeks. I think I'll walk this afternoon before the kids get home. That seems to make a lot of difference.
Loving all the new activity on here. Make good choices.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:00am

Congrats Connie!!!!!
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:56am

Connie determination seems to really pay off for you,,,,,Yeah!!!! That was a super quick bounce back for you too Debbie,,,,,

Becca there are a lot of Rick Gallops Low G.I. diet recipes that totally fit in with not necessarily another diet just some good recipes.

Anyone have serious sleep issues,,,,,I never sleep well and I feel so draggy this morning.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Oct-2008 2:08pm

Do you snore? That can really interfere with a good nights sleep. Leaving you tired and groggy or foggy all day. It can also affect the way you keep weight on. Have you ever studied sleep apnea? Its worth looking into especially if you snore.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Oct-2008 2:14pm

My cat has allergies, poor little thing. And a yeast infection in her ears. She had to get an antibiotic shot for a secondary skin infection from all the scratching. That was a quick 200 hundred bucks. Ouch. What we don't do for our pets.
Tacos tonight with whole corn tortillas.(no flour, I get them at Wal-mart)Its one of my families favorites.
posted 29-Oct-2008 3:00pm

I don't have a snoring problem, but I do have a sleeping problem. It started the day of my hysterectomy. Decreasing hormones is to blame. If I sleep 4 hours straight, I feel great. That has happened only about 10 times in six years. About every fourth day I'm pretty worthless.

I really love the roasted red pepper sauce. I had it 2 nights on broccoli and then finished it off with corn chips. Now I'm thinking it would make a great dip. When I made it I used reg cream cheese and it was very rich. I'm wondering if I could drain some cottage cheese and use that instead and make it less caloric. I am going to play around with it.

I looked for the corn thins. I couldn't find them by the rice cakes. I'll search the chips aisle next time.

Debbie M, so sorry for your cat. The condition sounds miserable. I hope it clears up soon. I know what you mean about quick money. My husband always says we shouldn't spend on the cats, we have 4, but for some reason we can on the dog. I just go ahead and spend on them all when needed. One of our cats has a thyroid disorder. It is constant money. But, what are you going to do?
posted 29-Oct-2008 3:16pm

Debbie I don't think snoring is my issue....I have restless legs and restless mind. I just can't relax and fall asleep. At the moment snoring could be an issue.....I have a terrible cold.
Lady Di
posted 29-Oct-2008 6:55pm

I am responding to Anonymous....But I think it may e Becca....Plymouth Meeting is very close to to answer your question....yes...I am on the other side of the state...where did you say you were from...
Lady Di
posted 29-Oct-2008 7:05pm

I am stuck at 160...any advice...I feel great with no sugar and no matter what I am no changing that...but I just want to lose another 5 to 10 pounds...actually 5 would be great....I am 5'6"....and not a youngster anymore...but my body sems to love this weight....HELP....
posted 29-Oct-2008 7:41pm

I think it is about mixing it up a bit. Some nights I have a bowl of cereal for dinner. That is something my sister who is on WW does. I try to make sure I don't have high cal foods twice a day. Or every other day for cashews. Lots of water. My down fall is cheese, so I stick to Laughing Cow Light. Just 35 cal a wedge. I don't eat allowable breads and very little fruit. I do eat rice cakes more than I eat chips. I don't snack and I usually eat a balanced dinner and nothing again until morning. It seems to me, the less I eat, the less I want to eat. If I get really hungry in between meals, I eat. But I'm careful in my selection.

Tonight's dinner looks good, but smells funny. It's a flank steak with red wine sauce. The sauce smells strong. I'm also having creamed spinach and roasted red potatoes. I'll probably throw in some cottage cheese. I'll let you know how it tastes.
posted 29-Oct-2008 9:26pm

Everything for dinner was good except the flank steak. It was tough and chewy. The guys loved the wine sauce.
Debbie M.
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:38pm

Sorry to hear about your restless legs. I have those too but only on occassion. My husband used to have them more often but now that he is thin it is less frequent. When he does have them it drives me up a wall. He moves them every 15 seconds on the dot. I have stood there and watched the clock. I have to leave the room when it happens because it jiggles the bed each time the leg comes down with a plop. When it happens to my legs I have to get up. I take an Advil and have a cup of Sleepy Time Tea and have a HOT bath. It seems to do the trick for me. Good luck as I know it can be a horrible misery. As for the restless mind the only thing I can think of that might help that is exercise.
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:40pm

I made my 4 can soup and have eaten it for lunch yesterday and today. Cooked cauliflower and stunk up the house. What is the recipe for creamed spinach, Connie? That sounds good to me.
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:48pm

I googled corn thins and it seems that there are several varieties. Which ones taste best? I am guessing I could get them at a health food store.
posted 30-Oct-2008 12:49am

I went back to April 1st and reread all my comments. It really helped to remind me of what I had eaten in the past. Our new Huddle House has sweet potato fries on the menu. I hadn't made kidney bean salad in a while either. I made turkey salad today and was planning on making salmon salad tomorrow. Love those Ezekiel English muffins. I still have not tried the cereal. Did Bronwyn ever read Dr. Phil? I never started my food journal. And after reading the article about losing twice as fast when you write down every morsel, too. I need to practice what I preach! Has everyone re-engineered their environments? Kitchen, office, car?

I have started shopping for clothes at Goodwill. I have really found some bargains lately. Mostly jackets, sweaters and t shirts. Pants are harder to fit. I'm getting rid of my too big clothing.
posted 30-Oct-2008 2:40am

Hilda I like all the corn thins I have tried...plain, sesame seed and I am not sure what else. I think the reason I like them is they aren't as thick and stryofoamy as rice cakes. I like them with P.B. and banana, scrambled eggs and topped with diced tomato and avocado, with refried bean and cheese and so forth.

I have a friend who has always been very thin and she always shops at Thrift stores....not consignment where things are more pricey but Goodwill type thrift stores. She dresses so nice. She said there are always much nicer clothes in her size...size 4 or 6 because people will lose weight and buy that size and then not be able to wear it very long because they gain their weight back. Do any of you have a long torso...she has a very long torso and it is such a nice feature for clothes looking nice and i think it is also very slenderizing.....I have a short torso....dang it!!!!

I have not got back to perfect yet but I definitely am making some progress. I see that I am down a couple of lbs. on the scales as well so I am doing some things better.

Lady Di being stuck at 160 sounds quite nice to me smile What weight did you start at?
posted 30-Oct-2008 5:52am

It is going on 4:00 and I haven't been able to get to sleep yet....groan!!!!

I did take the opportunity to also google corn thins......there are tons of ideas about toppings for the corn thins.....thanks for the google suggestion Hilda. I notice you can order them from Amazon but I didn't check the price.
posted 30-Oct-2008 6:56am

Hi all!
Well I weighed myself this morning and, hallelujah, I lost two pounds. I was wondering if anything was going to happen, because I don't look or feel any differently.

Lady Di...I live north of Toronto in Markham, Ontario.

Congratulations, Connie!

Sorry to hear about your cat, Debbie M. I had mine in to the vets last week because she was vomiting blood. Turns out she might have an ulcer, but she responded well to the treatment she got, and is doing fine. $110. for 1/2 hour. I'm in the wrong profession. Muffie is 18 years old, and we are not planning any heroic measures at this point; I admire her fortitude, though!

Bronwyn, my heart goes out to you. I know what you are going through. I have both snored and had restless legs. I know what it's like trying to get along on very little sleep. Best thing you can do is to grab naps when you can.

Got to move along now to take the dog for his walk. Have a great day!
Debbie M.
posted 30-Oct-2008 8:53am

YEY Becca Two pounds Horray!!!!
posted 30-Oct-2008 9:31am

Morning ladies.

Congrats to you Becca. Two lbs gone is great. It is the sign of things to come.

For creamed spinach, I buy chopped frozen spinach and thaw it overnight. Then I rinse it, drain it, squeeze it almost dry. I add a pat of butter and microwave it for a couple of minutes. Then I add cream cheese until its thick, then some milk till it's creamy. Microwave for a minute or two until warm. Salt and small bit of pepper.

154 this morning. I actually saw 153, but it didn't stick. If I have added correctly, I have been on NSNS 15 weeks, almost 4 months. I started at 185. 31 lbs lost over 15 weeks equals 2 lbs a week. Since my losing is slowing down, I will probably average out to a lb a week by the year mark. And I will be doing this for a year...forever even. I have had a few detours, but always I've got right back on track. I've stayed at the same weight a few times, but it always eventually it moved down. Persistence is the key here. That and portion sizes. If we stay on this for a year, we could all lose around 50 lbs. Of course, the numbers would vary a bit among us, but you get the picture. What's a year? Nothing much. Without NFNS we would gain instead of losing.

I wore my slim fit size 12's. Maybe I already shared this, if so, sorry for repeating myself. They looked tight, but great. There were compliments from family. Then my husband said maybe he would try NFNS. But he won't. He drinks too much beer and travels with an expense account to fine dinning as a rule.

So for me, it's you all sharing with me on this diet. We can do this. We are doing this.

Love you guys!
posted 30-Oct-2008 9:42am

How much cream cheese in the creamed spinach?
posted 30-Oct-2008 9:49am

I did notice at Goodwill that there were a lot of nice size 4's in the suits. I have had some size 12 and 14 suits in my closet for 5 years. I am back in a couple of the 14's. I have been watching Kathy Lee and Hoda on NBC in the mornings, Love their clothes. They are my inspiration.Don't know how they get their arms so slim to wear the sleeveless dresses though. Must exercise a lot. My favorite dress when I was younger was the sleeveless knee length sheath/shift. They were so easy to make and I sewed constantly. They were in style again when my daughters were teenagers and I made some for them too.
posted 30-Oct-2008 7:31pm

Maybe 1/3 to half a block of cream cheese. And, I buy the 1/3 less fat.

Here's another tasty thing for dinner, or brunch or breakfast.

Potato Pie
1 bag Simply Potatoes (they are plain hash brown potatoes sold unfrozen in the processed meat or processed cheese section)
1/3 c butter, melted
1 c sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (I use the reduced fat)
1 c monteray jack cheese, shredded (I use half with jalapeno's and half plain)
1 c cubed ham
1/2 c cream (I use half and half, or you could use milk)
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt

Grease a deep dish pie pan. In a bowl, toss butter with potatoes. Mash into pan, up sides as well to make a crust. Bake at 425 for 20 min. Remove from oven and reduce oven heat to 350. Combine ham and cheese. Pour evenly over crust. Beat eggs with cream. Pour over cheese mixture. Bake for 35 min.

Good stuff.
posted 30-Oct-2008 9:52pm

Thanks, Connie. And thanks for the recipes. I just thought that I would check in before hitting the hay! Good night all, and sweet dreams.
posted 30-Oct-2008 10:07pm

Reporting in as a perfect NFNS day!!!!!

Wow Becca good for you going to bed at such an early hour.....that is half of my problem. I am such a night hawk. I start feeling energetic about this time of night.
posted 30-Oct-2008 10:17pm

I just discovered Nestles no sugar added hot chocolate mix. 50 calories.
posted 30-Oct-2008 10:21pm

Bronwyn, good for you. I am on my third day. I went to a birthday party tonight and had no cake or ice cream. Came home and had the hot chocolate instead. I did not make my 170 goal but I am determined to get there in 10 weeks or less. I'd like to make it by New Year's Day.
posted 31-Oct-2008 12:15am

Google: When Lisa Meets 40

A New York lady decides to lose weight for her 40th birthday. Lisa Spodak has a lot of good ideas. Found it on my local news tv website tonight after watching all the Sarah Palin interviews on our local tv station. She was in Cape Girardeau today. My sister and her husband stood in line for 2 hours in the cold to see her. They said they were very glad they went. If you are a Sarah Palin supporter go to and watch her interview. It was shown on Fox news live.
posted 31-Oct-2008 2:57am

Hilda you are really steadfast with this program and patient I am sure you will make your goal. Hilda, you said you were on your 3rd day.....were you off program for a while???

Connie your potato pie is very similar to "funeral potatoes"......I have to admit they are pretty yummy. Okay, that is a pretty caloric and high fat big of a serving would you have and would you have some lower fat things to go with it like a salad or something.
posted 31-Oct-2008 9:01am

Good morning one and all! Patch and I just returned from our morning walk. I admire your fortitude, Hilda. I'll look for the hot sounds like a good alternative to coffee, which I seem to be drinking a lot more of. What kind of sweetener do they use in it, do you know?

Yes, Bronwyn, I am an 'early to bed, early to rise-r'. I am much more effective in the a.m. than at night. My social life sucks, for the most part, but it has improved significantly since I found all of you here! You mentioned a red pepper dip or sauce, Bronwyn. Where can I find the recipe for that? It sounds like something I would like to try.

I had a great day essay began to come together for me, and I was significantly more prepared for my class than I have been of late. Given than I will be attending the nurse practitioner conference this coming week, I have to get everything done in the next 5 days. I am suprisingly feeling less stressed the past couple of days, which I attribute to the prayers of family and friends. It seems as though I might just make it through. I got an A- on a care plan returned yesterday, and that was both reassuring and gratifying. Enough to keep me forging on...

The very best of days to you all!
posted 31-Oct-2008 9:03am

154 this morning.

The pie is too high fat to eat often I guess. I made mine in a glass pyrex pie plate and forgot to grease it. But it didn't stick at all so I will always omit that part. But I think it's important that we eat different things when we can. I tasted this pie at a friends and knew it would be a hit at my house. I'm only cooking foods I really like. Otherwise I would probably be scouring the kitchen looking for something tasty when I shouldn't be.

I divided the pie into 8 slices. I had 1 for lunch and 1 1/2 for dinner. Yesterday was a long, busy day so I was running low on energy and no time to cook so I never got around to making a side dish. I think it is very filling. The guys liked it, but they wanted more spice, (I also did not add the salt, didn't miss it one bit) so I'll either use more pepper jack cheese or add jalapenos.

So, yesterday that's the only food I ate. I was full all day.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my father's passing. I have a video of "his life" that we showed at his funeral. Last night I watched it before going to bed. It always brings a tear. In it, there is this big bear of a man with seven little girls all around him. Then him and seven girls as time passes. Him walking each of his seven girls down the aisle. And then grandchildren. You know what, I wish my dad could have seen the video. He would have been so proud.

Evil step mom has come to us with a settlement offer. We will accept. She has spent all of her inheritance on attorney's and now has no money left to fight with. The terms come with the condition that none of us girls will have any claim on the proceeds of a lawsuit she is bringing against the hospital for wrongful death. Our attorneys say she has no chance of winning. She is just so greedy. I hope the hospital attorneys stop her in her tracks. But all she is interested in is an out of court settlement. She is suing for millions. I don't know how she sleeps at night.

I've been pretty emotional the past few days, I guess most of the week. I haven't cheated on NFNS, but I feel uncentered and kind of spacey. And lazy maybe. I can't seem to get anything done.
I did manage to remember to buy candy for tonight. So, I'll be home all day. I'm trying another new recipe tonight. It's a crock pot meal. I will let you know!

Great success to all today, I'll check back later.

P.S. Bronwyn, Funeral Potatoes...yikes! That reminds me of a book called "Being Dead Is No Excuse...The Southern Ladies Guide to the Perfect Funeral." It is a hoot of a book with lot's of recipes. If you ever run across it you should pick it up.
posted 31-Oct-2008 11:45am

I have been on maintenance for a while. I had planned to have a plateau til about September but it has gone on too long. I can't find the smaller size pants I like. I am still in the taken up in the waist 14's. I may have to switch to a different style, but I like no pockets, zip up the front pants from Worthington that I can wash, hang up to air dry and never need ironing. I have a black pair and a tan pair. I had grey in the 16's but now I can't find that style anymore in the fall clothes. I may have to try the JC Penny catalog. I am hoping to wear a 12 short by the new year. I just don't have the money to replace the wardrobe as I go down, so I stick to 2 pairs of slacks and one pair of jeans. I can do laundry every day, so it's no problem. I am determined to stay away from the Halloween candy tonight. I already know what it tastes like. I made the canned salmon salad and I like it much better than tuna salad. I am going to a Halloween alternative church carnival tonight that has free hot dogs, soda and popcorn. I will stick with the popcorn. I will have the no sugar added hot chocolate later for my chocolate fix if needed.
posted 31-Oct-2008 1:50pm

Wow I can't believe that it is halloween tonight. This is usually such a bad time of year for me to be eating so much candy. I haven't picked up any candy at all. Normally I would have bought it and ate it and had to replace it. The truth is (even though I kid myself that we need candy) no one comes to my house. We live in the country and down a long drive way. I really am not strong enough to have a bowl of candy sitting around. I should pick up something though as it would be embarrassing if some one actually showed up....hmmmm... it doesn't have to be candy.

Connie your potato pie does sound yummy,,,,,kind of an unadulterated funeral potatoes, which have mushroom soup, sour cream, lots of butter and then buttered crushed potato chips on top (with lots of cheese between the chips and potato part). My problem is definitely the amount of food I the whole day you really didn't eat very much and you were satisfied. I am trying to eat less.

Hilda I think that sheath style dress you described is so classic. I will never be wearing anything sleeveless myself. I had such thin arms at one point in my life but I don't know they are not attractive at all anymore I don't even like how short the sleeves are on summer things. That also sounds like a very classic pant style and flattering. I checked out Lisa meets 40....pretty impressive story of determination.

Becca are you in a nursing program?

Debbie how are things going for you?
posted 31-Oct-2008 2:37pm

I put the candy in the car overnight! What I don't hand out, I will give away or throw away. All the way to the bottom of the dumpster. No chance of recovering it. For the last 10 years, or more, I have bought Halloween candy, ate it, and had to buy more. Once I start eating chocolate, there's no stopping me. No more!
This will be the first time I will have had control over myself. It feels good.
posted 31-Oct-2008 3:30pm

One of my son's birthday is on Oct. 29. When he was young I would make cakes decorated with candy to take to school, then one for the family party and of course one for the friend all sorts of other sweets and treats. There would be tons of candy and chocolate around. Then I would start into the Halloween stuff....first the stuff I bought and had to replace and then the kids treat bags. I was so out of control with my sugar cravings at Halloween and totally binged on junk for days. It has been a while now since I did that and I am so glad to be out of that phase of my life........Yuck!!!
posted 31-Oct-2008 5:05pm

OMG! We have all been so bad at Halloween! I remember sitting by my kids on the floor while they sorted through their bounty waiting to take their rejects off their hands! When they were small they would insist I take my pick.

It makes me wonder what life was like before sugar had such a hold on us. My mom swears she never had a sweet tooth, but I never saw her without a coke in her hand. She never made the connection. God bless her, as kids we were never allowed pop. So she saved us those calories! I, in turn, never developed a taste for pop and never bought it for my kids. But the whole rest of the world was drinking it, so they got plenty anyway.

I will be glad to have this day behind me. I found out yesterday I will be having a houseful for Thanksgiving. I hate to start into the busy holiday season. It seems overwhelming. Time to start making some lists. I really need to change my mindset. Oh well.
posted 31-Oct-2008 5:41pm

I don't know I can't seem to focus on doing anything productive today. I have lots of concerns at the moment and I am not sleeping well. I am glad to say though I am eating well.

Connie I checked out your book...."Being Dead......." it looks pretty funny!!! I guess this is you.....a southern Belle, eh!!!
posted 31-Oct-2008 5:59pm

I wish I was a southern belle....according to the book, they have a lot of latitude with men, families and life in general! But, I'm born and raised in Michigan, a northern girl at heart. It's funny, I'm always teased here about my northern accent. But when I go home (MI) I'm teased about my southern accent. I think I tend to pick up on the sounds around me and mimic them easily.

I know what you mean about not being productive. I think we should forgive ourselves for it and try to do better tomorrow. I take a sleeping pill before bed. Have you ever tried one? Without it I can't fall asleep. With it or without it, I can't stay asleep. I hate it. Before my hysterectomy, I was the best sleeper ever. I really miss a good nights sleep. I'm sure bad sleeping habits result in weight gain. When you don't sleep, everything is off. I think a lot of my overeating was in an attempt to give myself much needed energy. There are not enough calories in the world to make up for lack of sleep. But my body thought that was what I needed, so I did it. Now I reason with myself over food. Do I need it, is it time, whats in it?????

Now those thoughts are second nature. Maybe that's a big part of weight loss, sticking with something long enough to not have to obsess over it, it just seems natural.

Still waiting for the crock pot meal. The whole house smells good.
posted 31-Oct-2008 7:34pm

Data on the crock pot It's boring. I don't know what I'm looking for...a beef recipe...something really tasty, like maybe with a sweet and sour influence. I now have a ton of cooked beef I'm not crazy about. The dogs are eating good this week.

We opened the gigantic, huge, mega bag of individually wrapped candy and no one has knocked on the door. Well, my son says "great," he's going to eat it until it's gone.

I should have saved some room and had a bowl of cereal with some splenda on it. Something sweet for the occasion. But now I am too full. Tonight a good book and cuddle time with pets.
posted 31-Oct-2008 8:19pm

I have the bowl of chocolate bars at the door too......yikes!!!! I hate that and as well not trick or treaters but it is only 6:15 here so hopefully there will be kids coming to get this "temptation" out of my house.

I am cooking a spicy pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and a salad.....I am going to eat until well satisfied to try and avoid the goodies at the door.

I am reading tonight too. I am probably 2/3 rds the way through "Infidel"....quite interesting.

Sorry about the crockpot meal.....that is always disappointing especially when the aroma is the house is smelling so tempting.
posted 31-Oct-2008 9:15pm

Bronwyn...I googled "Infidel" after reading your post. It sounds like an amazing book. I would be embarrassed to tell you what I am reading. It's nothing trashy, but it has no historical or political value whatsoever.

My reading taste has become a positive step for me. I only want to read funny or intelligent fiction. For a long time I was reading deep dark things, or at least they had that effect on me. I just couldn't keep real life, or lifelike, tragedies out of my soul. Of course, at the time I thought I was seriously deep and knowing and understanding of such things. A friend of mine insisted I read Janet Evanavich and I've never gone back. I just want to laugh. One day I will include real life again, but not yet.

Nice night all.
Debbie M.
posted 31-Oct-2008 10:48pm

I did it and I did it good. I had about 6 fun size snickers. I'm very regretful for doing it. I was under a lot of stress(a certain person came over)and I gave way to temptation. I also had a couple peanutbutter cups. Naughty me. I just sat here on the couch looking thru the candy that my littlest one got and ate one after another. I'm glad this day is over. Blasted candy.
You were all so strong to resist. I'm proud of you and your strength. I really need to shop for good stuff tomorrow. Its so important to have on hand the things you need to succeed.
Good night all.
posted 31-Oct-2008 11:19pm

I was good at the carnival. Had my popcorn and diet soda. As I was leaving a 6 yr old ran across the floor and almost mowed me and my mom down. He hit me in my left leg on the outside. I feel like my whole body was jarred. His mom was nowhere around. I'm sure another hyped up kid was chasing him. If he had hit my mom she would've fallen. I'm leaving at 8am for a wedding in Ms. Hope I can walk! and drive!

Debbie M. eat very healthy tomorrow!
Debbie M.
posted 1-Nov-2008 12:24am

Oh I will. You all have no idea the damage I have done to my body. I am paying for all I ate earlier this evening. I had no idea I would have such a violent reaction to all this sugar in my body. Just the thought of more candy makes me feel even worse than I already do now. I feel so bad, I hope I can sleep later. I havent been able to yet. I keep having to go to the bathroom.

Hilda, I hope you arent too sore tomorrow.
posted 1-Nov-2008 4:47am

Debbie it is so strange how old habits are so tough to kick. I had no intention of eating any of the candy tonight. I did not even feel tempted to.....I was okay. I had walked by the bowl a few times and really paid no attention to it(it was on a table in the hallway by the front door). Then I was walking my Mum down the hallway and thought I would offer her one and stood there myself and ate one after another until I had had probably 6 (small chocolate bars). I thought where the heck did that come from. I have to say though that it is so minimal compared to other fateful Halloween candy binges.....that I am not even concerned about it.......this was progress. My husband must have noticed the bowl looking a little diminished (it was very small to start with because it was only for an emergency should someone actually come) and he has no interest in stuff like that......He picked up the bowl and went and dumped the whole thing in the good that is gone.

Connie once you expressed some concern about your daughters weight. I have this mind that won't shut off at night when I go to bed. I lay there and think about things that concern me. My youngest son is just 19 and his hairline has been receding since he was 15 or 16. His hair is so thin, wispy and receded that it just looks really bad. He is such a nice kid and every time I look at him I feel sad that he has this to deal with this. His brother that is just over 6 years older has a really beautiful, thick head of hair. My younger son looks older than his older brother because of his receded hair line. He isn't someone I think that will do bald well ( i know it can even be quite popular and that some guys look good with their heads shaved)....and he really is at the point where he will have to shave. How this relates to your daughters weight is.....we live in a society so obsessed with weight, hair, teeth and just looks in general. Do you ever obsess about and worry about your daughter and how her weight may affect her socially. I have a lot of hair I wish I could give him some of it. My son has a girlfriend and they are really great friends but she is very, very fashion conscience and I wonder if she will end of losing interest as well as he ends up having to shave.......okay, so these are the kind of things I think about when I go to bed at night. I was so tired when I first laid down tonight and then 2 hours later I gave up and got up.
posted 1-Nov-2008 6:35am

Chocolate would keep me up at night. There is just enough caffeine in it. And I have ate so much sugar that I have I have a sugar hangover. When that happened I would then eat a large amount of protein to try and compensate. Lot's of calories.

Hilda, having your back jarred is painful. My back is somewhat delicate and every time it get's jarred...ouch! I'm glad it wasn't your mom though. She might not recover quickly...or worse. Kids can be dangerous!

Bronwyn, Lot's of thoughts from your post. Yes, my daughter has a weight/body type problem. She has inherited a huge bottom half. Not just her bottom, but her legs. They are short and without knees or ankles. But she has been that way since late middle school. It is something she came to terms with a long time ago. Although she still hates it. In any relationships she has had, it was just part of the equation. She is very pretty and smart as a whip, so thankfully there are guys out there that rate those qualities higher than tiny legs. She has mentioned to me a desire to have lipo done. My sister had the same problem and had it done with good results. But that is just a dream for somewhere way in the future!

But my dad was balding and even tough he was late on in life, it drove him crazy. It is amazing the before and after pictures I've seen of balding men. No doubt your son is affected by it. And there's really nothing to be done that isn't terribly expensive. My first thought is that his girlfriend isn't such a catch if she can't see beyond it. But I'm sure it's more complicated than that. If his self esteem is tied up in his head of hair, then I see misery ahead for him. I guess all you can do is tell him how wonderful he is and support that at every chance. I have a feeling he will be fine. You sound like such a loving person and he has been surrounded by that all his life. When his maturity catches up with his age, he might just surprise you.
posted 1-Nov-2008 6:37am

And Debbie M, sounds like you were in a "social eating" situation. Not the end of the world. Just do NFNS again. You've lost nothing that can't be regained. I once had too many m&m's (and understatement!) and actually can't eat one to this day.
posted 1-Nov-2008 9:38am

154 this morning. I usually weigh myself 3 or 4 times at once. Today it started at 153, then went up a lb. But what a thrill to see 153. It tells me it's on the way. I don't know if it will be here in days or weeks. But I know it is coming. Even if I gained a lb or to, I know eventually my body would find 153 again. I am in a fat burning mode. Staying on NFNS is why. I have noticed I am losing differently than I had in the past. My thighs are thinner. My love handles are slowly melting away. My waist is back. I can see the muscle line on the back of my thighs. Four months of NFNS has produced the results I want. And it will for all of you too. I want to read your posts after you have been NFNS for four months, staying true to program. I want this for you all sooooo bad.

With perseverance, I will lose maybe two more lbs before my scheduled cheat date of Thanksgiving. And now I'm wondering just how badly I will cheat. Sugar and flour does not sound as good me as it used to.

I'm going to try and accomplish something today! After the last couple of attempts at a new beef recipe, I feel tired of food again. Bronwyn, I would like to read your pork tenderloin recipe.

Got to go feed 6 animals breakfast. They are circling me!
Debbie M.
posted 1-Nov-2008 12:33pm

193.5 this AM. I am so surprised. I have been back to healthful eating today. I am feeling loved and cared for on this board. Thank you all for your encouragement. Where would I be without you all?
posted 1-Nov-2008 1:27pm

Yeah Debbie M! This is such a successful plan...we just need to stick with it.

Beautiful day here...high around 74. I finally got the winter clothes down from upstairs and in the wash. Everything smells like mothballs. Had some Uncle Sam's this morning with some Splenda. We are going to get some Popeye's chicken for dinner. I've had enough beef for awhile.

Best to all
posted 1-Nov-2008 2:30pm

I notice that those of you who seem the most successful are always posting your weight. I hate to post my weight because I lost and then went back to where I originally started..........I won't rehash that whole scenario but I think I will start to post my weight.

Last Saturday I weighed in at 208. This Saturday 206. I am going to weigh and post my weight on Saturdays. I htink that may keep me better on Friday nights.

Connie thanks for reading all my middle of the night rantings about my worries. When it comes to my kids i obsess and worry about things for them too much.....what good does it do. You seem well grounded.
posted 1-Nov-2008 2:55pm

Sometimes I am up in the middle of the night too. I like to think I'm well grounded, but truth be told, my kids are sassy and I have to let a lot of things go. Of course, my son is 27 and my daughter is almost 21, so they think they know it all anyway. We hope to have my son moved into his house in a couple of months. I can't wait. He will be across the street, but we are ready for a break from each other. Then, I will have to get used to being all alone most every night. I don't know how well I'll do with that. I'm hoping for the best, but I'll probably hate it.

I think posting your weight is fine. I keep an eye on mine because it works for me to watch it. It is a bit of assurance everyday that I'm headed in the right direction. And if the scales say I'm not heading in the right direction, then I can get on top of it before too much damage is done.

I can't wait for this weekend to be over. No more scary movies on tv. I'm home alone a lot and I like to have it on for background noise. Except the weekends, when I actually watch it sometimes.

Laundry calls.
posted 1-Nov-2008 3:31pm

Connie does your husband travel every week? You sound like you are home a lot just like me. Sometimes I wish I could get a job and be away from home more. Have other things to focus on besides worrying and eating. Do you ever think about working. I can't imagine what kind of work I would be able to get at this point in my life. I have a BSW and many years ago (before I had my family) I was a probation officer and a child welfare worker. I certainly don't want to do that kind of work anymore nor would I have the opportunity to I wouldn't think. I have only worked 1 year in the last 27 years. I don't think that make me too employable. It worked well for me to be at home when the kids were all here but it feels a little empty at the moment. I am sure my Mum is going to go into long term care in the near future. I don't feel very fulfilled in being here without a reason. I supposes there are a lot of jobs out there for overweight, middle aged women smile
posted 1-Nov-2008 4:08pm

I loved your post, until the last sentence!!!!!!!! Stop that.

I put all my eggs into my husbands basket and he got the BS and masters. He is math guy, a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a masters in Systems Analysis. By the time he went to school, we had started the family, so I worked. I worked at a grocery store, but I only had my HS diploma, and could only find part time work. So I supplemented with a couple of house cleaning jobs. Thanks to my mom's great training, I was very good at housecleaning and made more money doing it than retail. So, after a while I picked up more house jobs and began doing it full time. Then I began my commercial cleaning business. Did that for a while, but let it go when my husband started traveling. I went back to house cleaning until a couple of years ago. My husband makes ALL the money. Most of the people I cleaned for became like family to me. It was hard to let them go. They still call wanting me back. But I'm done. I have been cleaning for 25 years. I still work for a retired Judge and wife. They are in their 80's and live way out of town. I can't leave them. I have been with them for over 20 years and the misses panics whenever my retirement comes up.

Sometimes I think about getting a part time job again. Maybe at Lowe's or something. But I have been spoiled rotten working with people who really appreciate my efforts and let me change days whenever I need to. I just think working for someone (probably younger than me) and getting grief would not sit well. My mouth would get me fired. And I stay busy here and working across the street. Always something to do.

You will be surprised how busy you become when the house empties out. You will undertake projects you never could when kids were home. And you know, for many years I did the whole second shift thing. My husband has traveled for years and I was the one with the kids and the meal prep and everything else while working. I am not going to do it anymore. I can't.

But we are beyond valuable as employees. We are past the child bearing/rearing age. We are settled and we are wise, wise, wise! We know who we are and we don't act like idiots. If it's a part time job you want, you won't have any trouble. Women have become middle management and recognize a good thing when they see it. Think positive.

But I think it's important for you to spend some time after you get your mom settled to think about what you want. You have had a lot of pressure on you in the one place that should have been your sanctuary. I know you wouldn't have had it any other way, but you need to be someone else now in your home.
Debbie M.
posted 1-Nov-2008 5:02pm

Hey, I love the way you talk Connie. I still have a little ones, 8, 10, 13 and 15. Still at 44 years old I know the empty nest will be here and I will not know what to do with myself. I love hearing positive words for us ladies. How old are you Connie and Bronwyn and anyone else that wants to share?
Bronwyn, I felt funny about posting my weight at first too but when I saw that Connie did it everytime I thought that was real and honset and it would help me stay on track so I started doing it more often. Sometimes its hard when the weight goes up but it makes me realize it is obviously something I have done and I'd better get back on the straight and narrow. Super about two pounds. C'mon, you can keep going now!!
posted 1-Nov-2008 5:33pm

Debbie, "8, 10, 13 and 15" makes me shake in my shoes! I barely raised the 2 I have. But truly I did it on my own for the most part. My very best friend from HS adopted and has a fifth grader. Good heavens! I am 50 in Feb. (That was really weird to type!!!!!) My husband is 4 years older. I keep saying "I never thought I would be sleeping with an older man!" Good thing he has a sense of humor most of the time.

I think by the time we raise our children and support our husbands and reach out to support our extended families in what ever they need, we are beyond gifted. Men may rule the world, but women are the rocks they stand on while doing it. There have been a handful of times in my marriage when my husband cooked or cleaned or did laundry. Maybe 5 or 6 tops. And when that has happened, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. He is very traditional. I think that is probably true for most households. We do it all. But I think there is a division of responsibilities. My husband makes good money, but if I was paid for my work, well, who could put a price on it!
posted 1-Nov-2008 5:37pm

I don't get you guys! Why not buy treats that you either aren't fussy about or that are allowed on the diet. Then you won't feel bad about either not having them or having them, respectively. Say potato chips, or those small raisin boxes. I'm not personally big on those fruit leather things, but they give kids energy and they seem to like them....probably more expensive than chocolate, and the rest of those goodies, though. As Connie implied, though, there can be benefit from binging every now and again.

Yes, Bronwyn, I'm a nurse. I am taking the NP program at a local university, and have my hands full...for the next 2 years, as a matter of fact. I had some fellow students over today working on a group assignment, and I managed to avoid most of the dietary traps...I bought a variety of nuts, and served Chinese food. I did have one spring roll, though! Shame, shame!

Sorry to hear about your back Hilda. Hope you recover for 24 hours, then heat to relax the muscles (unless you are Chinese,and then it's no cold, I believe). I was good last night too. It was easy...I let my Mother hand out the candy. I was busy working, and only went to the door when my nephews (and their great dane) arrived, dressed as a devil and a skeleton. 'Got some cute pictures.
posted 1-Nov-2008 5:38pm

I think I should change my name to Anonymous...what do you think?
posted 1-Nov-2008 6:26pm

This is funny...I get to give you an example of my "traditional marriage!" Ok, so we decided the guys, husband Jerry and son Cyrus, were going to bring home chicken for dinner. They come back from running around without chicken. I say "where's the chicken?" Jerry say's "We had a hamburger so we didn't get any. But I can go get some for you if you want it." Keep in mind that chicken was my idea! So, of course I am not going have him go out to get chicken for just me. But he was sincere when he asked, he would have gone. But only after his nap. He is snoring as I type. So, I finished of the creamed spinach with corn chips.
posted 1-Nov-2008 8:21pm

At least your husband would go and get you something...Most of the time mine won't leave the house after coming home from work. I have to admit that he does more than I do around the old homestead, and has for a number of years. He complains a lot, but he digs right in and gets things done. 'Wouldn't trade him for anything.
posted 1-Nov-2008 9:23pm

Nor would I trade least not without a fight. There was a time when he wouldn't have offered, but with age comes a mutual respect, I guess that's what it is. That and the fact it's the weekend. He pretty much doesn't have any energy left over on weekdays. And I have been cooking very very regularly since staring this eating plan. And good food too.

But I would keel over from shock if he did anything domestic! We were raised at opposite ends of the spectrum in that regard. Good for you, Becca, getting a keeper!

I'm finishing off this day with a cup of creamy decaf. It is very filling.

Everyone have a great night...hope you sleep tonight Bronwyn, you and your well deserved 2 lbs have sweet dreams, ok?
posted 2-Nov-2008 1:44am

Wow Connie you are quite the business woman....good for you!!! I am impressed when people can get a business up and running. I have dreams but not the follow through.

In my defense Becca I didn't bring the chocolate bars home.

A full day of no flour and no sugar....albeit a little short on a balanced eating plan.....a little short on vegetables today.

Connie 5'9" and a 153 lbs...........fitting into a slim 12 pant......I think you must be looking pretty good.
posted 2-Nov-2008 5:13am

Concentrate on those dreams of yours. I think the hard part is figuring what you want to do. In my case, I had to make money with a flexible schedule, so cleaning was perfect. I answered an ad in the newspaper here in our small town. The lady of the house knew Jerry and that was the beginning.

I am looking much better. But not quite there yet. I have never been able to settle on a number for a goal. I guess I'm just planning on seeing how far I get in a year. But I would like to be in a size 10. The size 12's are very tight. I have worn them, but they aren't the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I really think I can lose maybe 5 more lbs without working too hard at it. Just sticking to the plan.

I have had many days that were light on veggies. I rely on my vitamin to do it's job on those days. And fruit is never really consumed. I still have a good bit of fat to burn off. So, I remain committed!

Giving up flour has been easy. And really, giving up sugar hasn't been exactly difficult either. As long as I don't let myself get too hungry.
posted 2-Nov-2008 9:00am

Morning all. 153 this stuck. Now I've got my eye on the 140's. I can't believe it. Last night my husband asked just how much I have lost. I told him and he confessed he wanted to lose 15 lbs. With his oral surgery starting this month, I think he may get there fast.

Time for me to menu plan and grocery shop. I'm just not feeling it today. There must be something in the freezer I can pull out.

Have a good start to the day all.
posted 2-Nov-2008 3:59pm

Oh Connie.....a 140.....that really is in your sight. That sounds like a fabulous weight.

Connie I noticed that you put cottage cheese into everything or serve with everything. Last night I had some left over little roasted potatoes....I sprayed a frying pan and threw them into it to warm and then I threw in some cottage cheese and some parmesan cheese. I threw in some fresh spinach to just slightly wilt and stirred a bit to disperse the melty cheesiness of the whole thing. I put in a bowl and topped with fresh chopped tomatoes (salted and peppered), a dollop of sour cream and just a bit of cilantro. My gosh that was so yummy and filling and may I add so easy!!! This dish helps to get in some veggie goodness as well.
posted 2-Nov-2008 4:14pm

Yeah...that does sound yummy! I have really been trying to stay away from regular cheese as much as possible. That was always one of my down falls. I use light items now, in the cottage cheese and sour cream. I really limit my sour cream. And laughing cow is great.

I remember my oldest sister once telling me the worst thing I could eat would be sugar and fat. And she was so right. Now, I've eliminated sugar, decreased my fat and it's working. She did this years ago.

I worked diligently across the street this morning. I'm sanding/painting cabinets. What a job! I wish my son could have afforded new ones. We are taking an ugly little house (and man, I'm not kidding!) and making it beautiful. He is going to be happy as can be in there.

I think I found a good recipe to use with my left over beef. I sure hope so. I still have a lot left over from the crock pot roast.

I've got to go get Jerry's clothes ready for his week away traveling. I'll check in later.
posted 2-Nov-2008 10:56pm

I wasn't even sore after the Halloween jarring by the 6 year old! It was a miracle.
posted 3-Nov-2008 12:51am

The cottage cheese melted was very cheesey......I had never tried that before. I used very little parmesan....that is why it is great.....a good flavour kick without using very much. There are so many ways you could work with the roasted potato dish.....lots of variations with other vegetables. I had one more serving of left over little roasted potatoes to deal with.....I will see what works well in them tomorrow.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Nov-2008 7:33am

Hilda, I'm so glad for you and your back.

I had good news from my scale today. 192.5 I was not expecting that. It put a great big smile on my face and made me feel like what I am doing is all worth it. My weight loss has been at a snails pace lately. But I don't think 12.5 pounds in 8 weeks is horrible. Its the kind on weight loss that is real ands wont be rushing right back on.

I never tried to melt cottage cheese either. I'll have to try that.

I went to a birthday party yesterday and didn't have the cake and icecream that was served. I didn't even want it. I did have the chili and fritos that were served though. My sister in law is also on this diet, 3 weeks longer than me and has lost 20 pounds. She said how good I looked and it was such a needed boost.

I found a flea on my dog to I'm off to the vet to get her treatment medicine. My cat seems to be doing better.
Chat later, bye
posted 3-Nov-2008 9:13am

I am so glad to read the good news from Debbie. And to hear her sister in law is having success is just more affirmation. 8 weeks under her belt and the results are adding up!

Debbie, I was exactly like you when I had to attend weddings. The first time, I was so worried about facing the cake. Would I cheat, wouldn't I? Then, when it happened, I couldn't have cared less about it. What a relief! Cake is one of my very favorites, and to have zero temptation was so liberating. I had been on the plan a while by then, so maybe that's why. The longer you do NFNS, the less you want F an S? I have a feeling you are going to keep going strong. Before you know it, months will go by and your weight will be much lower.

Good news about your cat. And your dog is going to love you for taking care of the fleas!

153 this morning. Yesterday I did find something in the freezer, rib eye steaks. I forgot I bought a box of them from the meat market. They were on sale for 4.99 a lb. Anyway...beef again! But this time it was delicious. We were all so busy yesterday, I didn't make it to the store. So, I only had instant mashed potatoes. Bronwyn, I can imagine your eyebrows drawing together a over instant mashed potatoes! But, my daughter loves them, so I keep them around. When I prepare them, I omit 1/2 c of water on the front end, and at the very end, I add sour cream to make up the difference. They are so very good tasting. It was a fabulous meal.

I should go across the street, but other things are going to keep me tied here. My niece from NC emailed me yesterday. Her in laws are coming for a visit and she wants some recipes. Time to go through the recipe box. And ups is going to deliver. So, I'll be around today checking in.

Great day to all.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Nov-2008 10:02am

What is your total loss now? And in what amount of time?
posted 3-Nov-2008 11:08am

Hi everyone! How did you all enjoy the weekend?

I'm going to be brief this morning because I have two essays that I have to get to due to the conference this week.

Connie,you must look great at 154. You would probably reach model status in the 140's.
Good for you! I could only dream! I'm thinking 155 would be good for me at 5'7". I've been there before and consider it an acceptable weight for myself. How did the recipe for the left over beef turn out...I might be looking for one soon. I never know what to do with the left-overs once I have cooked one.

Bronwyn, your potatoes sounded amazing! It's hard to believe that you can eat food like that on a diet and still lose weight! I'm going to love this one, I think.

To all, I didn't mean to sound judgemental about the Hallowe'en candy...just a musing that didn't come across as intended. I have a hard enough time sticking to a diet without making it difficult for myself. I suppose I'm lucky that I only have a husband bringing other goodies into the house, and I can get him to keep them out of my way for the most part.

Hope your back is improving, Hilda.

Debbie M., how is it going with you?
posted 3-Nov-2008 1:00pm

I began NFNS on July 20th. 15 weeks ago. I started at 185, I'm down to 153. I jumped into this plan with everything I had! I changed everything. I ended up losing very quickly right away. I have only messed up a couple of times, and it never lasted more than a day. I have probably cut my caloric intake in half. I don't miss F&S, so I will probably never go back to it. When I went off F&S, my appetite disappeared. Sometimes I feel like I have to make myself eat. Last night before I sat down to dinner I was not hungry. But once I started eating, I ate everything on my plate. I don't worry about what I'm eating, I still have fat on my body to burn and I take a vitamin.

I am going to toss the roast. Today I bought some chicken and shrimp. The roast was seasoned with Italian seasonings. No one here liked it and I'm afraid the seasonings in it are too strong to overcome. It's just me and Cy, so I really don't want to mess with it. But, when I find that beef recipe that I'm yearning for, I will post it.

Even though I have lost 30 plus lbs, I am a long way from model thin. And I never expected that. I just want smooth lines form one end to the other. Watching my bulges disappear has been the biggest thrill of all. I still have some. Maybe I always will. I would never have lipo, although I think I would like to have a tummy tuck. My stomach is a mess. It's not so big, just scarred with different bulges in it above the scar. No diet in the world can fix it. And the bulges aren't even consistent. But that is something I would do way in the future...maybe.

I'm going to try and make the red pepper cottage cheese dip. Tomorrow probably. I'll keep you posted.
Debbie M.
posted 3-Nov-2008 3:15pm

I have a Sweet Basil Rub I want to share with you.

1/2 TBS lemon juice
2 TBS extra virgin olive oil
1 TBS Basil
1 TBS salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp sugar (I use splenda)
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp paprika

Mix all the above into a paste and rub all over washed and dried chicken. Roast uncovered at 350 for 2 hours depending on chicken size. 5 lb. bird 1 3/4 hours, 6 lb bird 2 1/2 hours. Let stand for 10 minutes before carving.

I used the left over drippings and meat for chicken and noodles the next
day. (noodles for my family)
I love this flavor! I hope you try it.

I had a successful day today. The above chicken will be my dinner with some steamed broccoli and a salad.
posted 3-Nov-2008 4:06pm

I'm going to try it! Thanks.
posted 3-Nov-2008 6:18pm

I'm sick of telling kids to do their homework. :o)
posted 3-Nov-2008 6:21pm

Sounds good Debbie M.m I will try that.

Okay more on the left over little roasted potatoes.....I used half left over roasted potato and also roasted sweet potato. I warmed them in chunks together with peas and some roasted onion. I threw in the cottage cheese a little parmesan...... yummy and filling, fast and easy....WooHoo!!!!
posted 3-Nov-2008 6:24pm

Wow, I just had something so good...prosciutto wrapped around fresh mozzerella cheese. My son brought it home and we stood there and snacked it all gone. Of course this means I'm skipping dinner, maybe a bowl of cereal. I kept thinking it would be even better if I dipped it into honey mustard. I would have to make my own,NS. Definitely something I will have again.
posted 3-Nov-2008 8:13pm

Hi everyone! I started my NFNS diet about two weeks ago. I found this blog late one night and read the entire thing! I couldn't find it again, but came across it tonight, yeah! Anyway, I love the blog.
I am getting married in June and have been needing to take off some weight for a few years. I have tried everything but have never been as excited and as at ease as I am with NFNS. I could stand to lose about 35 pounds. In the past two weeks I think I lost about 2-3 lbs. My fiance has supported me by not eating flour or sugar along with me, and he has lost at least 8 lbs (I hate him!) and really doesn't need to take much more off.
I don't mind cooking for dinner, but find my lunches at work are starting to bore me. Does anyone have any good ideas? I also found a cornbread recipe that I am going to try out as soon as I get to the market. If it is good, I will post it. Anyway, I have enjoyed everyone's comments. Best wishes to everyone!
posted 3-Nov-2008 8:54pm

Hi Julia, welcome.

For lunches I usually have left overs. I made a batch of white chili recently and froze several individual sized servings. Or you could make NFNS dips to have with veggies. Really, there's tons of stuff you can have. I would try to stay away from a lot of processed lunch meat. I love cheese and laughing cow light is great on anything.

Are you sure your cornbread has no flour of any kind in it?

Best wishes to you. You have plenty of time to lose the weight for your wedding. And this is a great site for support. Do you have the book?
posted 3-Nov-2008 11:27pm

I like my 4 can soup for lunch. Do you have a microwave at work? Refrigerator? Try salmon or tuna salad in a lettuce wrap, a different fruit every day, jello, sugar free pudding, guacamole and corn chips, a salad from the supermarket deli,Ezekiel english muffin for a bun, triscuits and cheese. I would make up 5 menus or more and rotate.
posted 3-Nov-2008 11:40pm

Welcome Julia,my daughter -in-law is gluten intolerant and I make a NFNS corn bread for is straight cornmeal no flour and it is sugar free (no artifical sugar either) is quite good served with a chili on top of it or as a dessert with a little butter and no sugar jam.

I have eaten NFNS today but I am afraid too much....I have had the munchies tonight.
posted 4-Nov-2008 1:46am

One more thing.....what would be the best choice at a Vietnam restaurant. The vermicelli bowls are my favourite. I am not sure if the noodles are just rice or rice flour. Tomorrow night is my friends night out.....we call ourselves the SOB' old broads (not my favourite name but it is a fun group). There are 9 women all about my age and we have this monthly "thing" of doing whatever we decide to do.
posted 4-Nov-2008 1:47am

correction..."Vietnamese".....we are not going to Vietnam smile
posted 4-Nov-2008 8:24am

You know Bronwyn, that is one thing I wish I was part of...a girls night out. If I were still living in my home town I could probably make that happen. But, not here. Have fun. I guess you'll have to stick to meat and veggies. I have never ate in a Vietnamese restaurant. I have had those days when I ate too much NFNS. But stick with the plan. You will either have not gained any weight, or if you gained a lb, it will come off immediately and you will continue losing. It is no big deal. Some day's we are just more hungry than others. Eating NFNS all the time will keep you burning your fat stores.

153 this morning. Lot's to do today. But first, my creamy coffee. This has to be my favorite time of day. Quietness and coffee!
posted 4-Nov-2008 8:48am

Hi Julia,

Best wishes to you on your engagement. A June bride, how lovely. You have lots of time to lose weight the healthy way. Welcome aboard.

193 this AM. I'm ready for my weight loss to pick up a little. I'll be drinking a little more water like Connie says and beef up the veggies some more. Walking always seems to help me too. We may break the record today according to the weather report we might break 75 degrees today. Not bad for November. I'll have to take a nice long walk after I get back from my daughters school.

I voted bright and early. I went to my polling place and the doors were locked. I was stumpted, so I went home to ask my husband where the place was. Apparently I went to the wrong door. So I went back to try again and had a good laugh. I'm glad there was no line. It sure will be an exciting evening tonight.

My yorkie needs to be groomed so bad. Her hair is long and dirty and matting. I put her frontline on her for fleas (I saw one a couple days ago)so she can't be bathed until Friday. She is getting a shot tomorrow.
Poor pup. Tiffany is 3 and such a joy. Our last dog was a Lab. Loved her too. Going from an 80 pound dog to a 9 pound dog sure was different but both have their good features. Do you have dogs anyone

Have a great day.

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