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Nuphedragen is a diet pill based on a scientific theory that our brains have a battle going on inside of them between two forces.


One force is CART (Cocaine and Amphetamine Regulated Transcript). The other is NPY (Neuropeptide Y).

CART prevents us from gaining weight and triggers weight-loss. CART increases your body's metabolism and reduces your appetite. It also prevents storing of fat in your body. As you've probably noticed, the C & A in CART are Cocaine and Amphetamine. These are powerful stimulants... and both work as fat-burners and appetite suppressants as well.

On the other hand, NPY triggers weight gain. It provokes a stress reaction in your brain that causes it to stimulate appetite and store fat, while lowering your metabolism (you use less fat/calories). In the distant past, the cave-man days, when food may have been scarce, this was a useful process to have. It allowed our ancestors to survive famines. But, in our modern world, where food is plentiful, it just makes us fat.

Nuphedragen contains 4 ingredients that activate the CART process in your brain. They are:

DiCaffeine Malate - This is a compound related to caffeine which is also made from malic acid. It has a thermogenic, fat-burning effect, very similar to caffeine. This gives you the "C" in CART.

ChocamineŽ - This is extracted from the cocoa plant (yes, the same one that is used to make chocolate!). But, don't worry, this one isn't fattening. It has a number of compounds in it, some of which are healthy caffeine. It also increases serotonin levels in your brain to help relieve stress.

Phenylethylamine - This substance is similar to amphetamines, it gives you the "A" in CART. It is the reason why people who eat chocolate often have a feeling similar to love.

Synephrine - This is a relative of Ephedra (a well known weight loss compound, though it was banned because some people had heart problem from taking it). It's a stimulant, a fat-burner, keeping your metabolism high so you burn more calories and fat.


Nuphedragen is currently a little expensive. Though, if you buy in bulk, you can save. Also, some question wether the ingredients really do what the claim to.


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  13-Nov-2007 2:38pm created by bill
  12-Mar-2009 7:52am last update by bill

posted 12-Dec-2007 5:02pm

Can you buy Nuphedragen in a store or is it just sold on line?
posted 27-Dec-2007 1:27pm

Has anyone tried this?
posted 6-Feb-2008 5:39pm

The pills give you a huge caffiene high, and if you stick with a 2,000 calorie diet or lower you're pound to lose weight just on that... I did it with a 1,500 calorie diet with daily exorcise and the weight did start to come off. It's very hard for someone who's been overweight all their lives to just exorcise and see/feel results. This isn't a miricle pill but it does do most of what it says it does. If you can't sleep at night, for the love of all that is HOLY, Do NOT take this pill. The "high" it gives you lasts at LEAST 6-8 hours... sometimes I'm buzzing everywhere just of the recommended dossage of 2 pills a day, but if you want the full effect, try to do the highest dossage allowed on the bottle... Start out slow though.

If you want this to work even better, keep the low calorie diet why you're on the pill-- take the pills for two weeks and stop taking them on the second week's friday/saturday and sunday-- so you don't become immune to their effects.
It also needs a lifestyle change to a point, and as they say if you can't lay off the snacks and eating junk all the time, then you really don't need to waste $60+ a month for these pills...

((Did you know that a tiny pan-Pizza has more fat than THREE BigMacs from Mcdonalds? Lol... isn't that nuts?))

Anyway, good luck and if your pockets can handle the ammount it costs then by all means, try it.

((Also... it's addicting because of what's in it. Becareful.))
posted 6-Feb-2008 5:43pm

Oh... you can kick off around 20 pounds the first month and the following months up to 15-- Even though doctors say that's a bit unhealthy, it's normal for overweight people to lose weight more than others on their first few months. I went from 235 to 172 LBS in close to 5 months (That included the random cheating I did with the fridge.. Mmm... I made love to cambel and progresso soup too often. rubs against it)

Good luck everyone! love love love
posted 15-Mar-2008 8:08pm

I got my first bottles in the mail the other day. So today I took one, about a half-hour before lunchtime. At that time, I was starting to feel a little hungry, but decided to wait the 30-minutes-before-lunch the bottle suggested.

Six hours later and I haven't eaten since breakfast. I'm just not hungry. And I didn't have the late-afternoon drowsiness I often get. I don't feel high, I don't feel jittery... and I don't feel like eating.

posted 7-Apr-2008 9:15am

I have just purchased some diet pills off the internet, anyone got any updates? Am eager to hear other real peoples stories and experiences

posted 16-Apr-2008 11:54am

I have tried many, many diet pills, and frankly I am tierd of waisting my money! I really want to try Nuphedragen, but am scared to spend so much money for nothing. I just finished a bottle of hydroxycut extreme, and that didn't to a lot for me, so if there is more people out there that have tried Nuphedragen PLEASE tell me if it's worth the $$$$, Thanks
posted 18-Apr-2008 11:21am

Here is what I find strange. Many of these products are popular and all, but they get lousy reviews. See for what I mean. Hydroxycut is a good example. Something like 50 people have reviewed it over there and it does not seem to perform well.
posted 19-Apr-2008 4:14am

shooot I took it to late in the night and I can't sleep!! My first time!! I guess I won't do this again now will I..
posted 19-Apr-2008 6:24am

can i buy it from their website,i am in the UK,and how long does it take to ship?
posted 25-Apr-2008 1:02am

WOW!!! i just took my first bottle and I lost 37 pounds. I weighed 320 and got down to 287!!! I was on a pretty extensive cardio and weight program. I have gotten tons of compliments and have ordered 3 more bottles. I emailed the people at Nuphedragen and if I get similar results again they are going to put me on their website. My goal is to be a ripped 240. TRY THIS crap!!!
posted 6-May-2008 4:21pm

Do they plaster their name all over the package?
I would love to try this stuff because I have trouble concentrating, lack of energy, and snacking. Does anyone have any negative side effects to report? With Slimquick hoodia I felt slightly sick and nautious and headaches. Anything like that?
posted 9-May-2008 12:31am

what if you weigh 130 at 5'4... will it work? has anyone tried it that only wanted to lose like 10 pounds? thanks let me know!!!!
posted 12-May-2008 11:43am

I weigh 154lb at 5'7 so also wanted to know if the tablets will work to lose 10-15lbs? Do you have to be majorly overweigh to see a difference?
posted 17-May-2008 4:22am

I can honestly say that these diet pills are the best in the marketplace today. I consider myself a diet pill expert after trying lots of the ones available today, presciption or otherwise. They do work and I have lost 14lbs in 3 weeks. I do try to have weekends off though, just because I hear that they could become addictive if taken for long periods. Good luck x
posted 23-May-2008 1:00pm

Anyone with just about 20 pounds to lose, lost weight on these? Im just a tad overweight but dont want to feel like im having a heart attack.
posted 28-May-2008 4:09am

Hi There

I tried this product and it did nothig for me, no high, no energy boost nothing! it states to exercise and do a low cal diet which lets face it will make you lose weight!! I have two bottles sat in the cupboard if anyone wants them!
exercise addict
posted 10-Jun-2008 12:49pm

Is nuphedragen a gimmic? I have always maintained my weight with exercise but am getting older and it is getting harder to maintain my size. I just want to lose 15 to 20 lbs. Will this stuff help or should I look at one of the other programs such as Orovo Detox?
posted 11-Jun-2008 3:05am

Koodaberry - e-mail me, please!
posted 17-Jun-2008 1:13pm

Koodaberry email me...
posted 20-Jun-2008 11:26am

Been on them for 3 weeks. I have yet to see a pound come off. SAVE YOUR CASH!
posted 23-Jun-2008 8:29pm

so what is the final verdict yes or no moist said yes but some said no! should i buy them??? and can you get these at GNC?
posted 23-Jun-2008 8:29pm

sorry most said Yes
posted 11-Jul-2008 12:58pm

they worked for me..........but I don't take them past noon, and I don't take them for more than a week straight without a break. Just one pill doesn't make me jittery at all, and it does take away my appetite. I am ready to order my 3rd bottle. Ive lost 15 pounds without any side effects. The most I have ever taken is two pills in one day. Im going very slowly and mostly trying to do a low fat diet. I would have lost more, but have taken hiatus's where I just stopped taking the pills and didn't diet at all. I think that is a good way because you can get a bit immune to the effects. Hoodia didn't work at all for me. It gave a rebound effect of if it was a low blood sugar reaction. Annie
posted 8-Aug-2008 11:05am

This is my second day on them and I have to say I'm impressed so far. I have been taking only one in the morning. I have tons more energy, and I didn't want to snack last night at all, felt really full. I have had no side effects, for the first time ever, I have hope this may work. I can tell you, I won't be taking any after noon due to the excess energy. However, I can instantly feel the difference on the energy level.
posted 10-Aug-2008 12:20pm

If there are any sexy females in the Charlottesville VA area that want to get all sweaty to los the weight, post your email address. This is for real, I am good looking and in shape..
posted 16-Aug-2008 1:43pm

Help, I need a PM diet pill.

Well, I've researched just about every pill and tea and cream(no creams work). Most pills don't work at all, but the teas will make you give the toilet god more gifts than you ever thought your body could produce in a 24 hour period of time. Then 3 days after it's worn off, the swelling in your entire digestive tract (yes from start to finish) might go down. This gives you enough time to ask yourself, was this really worth the painful burning I still feel from behind for the 3-6lbs of crap that I gave up to the toilet god. Prep H will be your new best friend. Oh did I mention you won't eat. You will never feel a hunger pain because of the major griping pains from the liquid fire shooting out of you round the clock until it wares off. Several times I had the silly thought I could get up, but my legs had fallen asleep and any movement I made produced more bowel actions.

Ok, now pills, this nuphendragen is $10.00 cheaper than fenphedra. It is missing the humulus lupulus(canabis/hops). Same company. Hell same web page, but the bottle and name is different. I give I took this(fenphedra) about 2 years ago and lost 32lbs in 30 days. Didn't sleep the whole time. Probably why I lost my mind. I felt great, but I was compared to a drug addict by my not so lovely altered personality which left everyone around me fearing the worst outcome for their lives. But I was happy even though they weren't. I felt no one should disturb my happy time. Had no conscience, but I was happy. I am 5'10" 180lbs and 3 kids to prove my abnormal shape is natural. My daughter took all my prettiness and made it better for herself. Now that's just selfish she could've left me something. I love her, I made that. She is so beautiful. I'm ok. She'll have it easier than me. Back to pills. Orovo detox seems interestingly enough to try. Also I took 4 atro-phex(1 a day) couldn't sleep for two weeks, but I couldn't eat either. So, since I am insane, and obviously immortal, I will have a cocktail of orovo detox, atro-phex, fenphedra, and now I just need a pm diet pill that works. Any thoughts, anyone? I really like sleep. My favorite past time, but insomnia problem is reaccuring reguardless of diet pills or not. Explains the insanity. Well, it's my excuse.
posted 21-Aug-2008 3:16pm

Just received the nuphedragen, and am trying it for the first time. It is a little after noon, so hopefully it won't keep me up tonight! Tried everything; we'll see how this goes. After having children, it is hard to keep the weight off.
posted 25-Aug-2008 6:53pm

I tried theses and didn't lose any weight. I was eating clean and working out. Waste of money.
posted 11-Oct-2008 8:57pm

Im up for trying these most people seem very happy with the results
posted 1-Nov-2008 1:10pm

Well I got my first bottle today. Through nothing but diet and exercise I have went from 183 to 170 in two weeks I hope with the pills I can speed up the weight loss and use them to help maintain for the first year. I sustained major injuries from a bad car wreck and gained 72lbs in 1 1/12 years while I was in a cast and then brace. Now two years latter it is time to get the old me back. I just want to get back down around 120-125. I am hoping these will help get my motab back and help with my energy levels. i do a half hour of cardio a day but need to incorporate some weight training in at least twice a week to shape and tone my body as I loose the weight. Does anyone have any good tips on weight training for back and arms? Iam at a loss when it comes to weight training.
posted 21-Nov-2008 8:00am

Dont take these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know noone will listen to me because your all adament on loosing a few pounds. but these pills arnt worth it. Just buy a gym membership!

Ive just got out of hospital because i took a few too many. But i have to say the constant throwing up did shift a bit of weight!
posted 8-Dec-2008 6:38pm

i just want to loose 20 lbs, are these pills it for me?
posted 3-Feb-2009 4:02pm

Which site did you order from? or
Jose Martinez
posted 4-Feb-2009 2:36pm

Hello, I have just placed an order about 2 days ago from ebay. Im really eager to try these pills since the last crap that I tried were called NiteTrim and I doubt it even worked on me. Yeah, I lost some noticeable weight but I also drank alot of green tea and did some aerobics at night and the whole deal of running. Lost weight...was it cuz of NiteTrim? Doubt it. But now these seems to be helping alot of people. Ima give them a try. I weight right now about 190 lbs and I wanna lose around maybe 20-25 lbs. I'll keep you posted.
posted 10-Feb-2009 12:38am

I am interested in buying some form of diet pill and am interested by these,if anyone has any good/bad comments or tips Id love to chat.
posted 27-Feb-2009 4:03pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!! These pills have made a big difference in my life since I purchased them, I went from 240 lbs to 182lbs in about 4 months, i used to exercise and do the healthy diet thing but it wasnt working i purchased the pills and kept doing my same exercise routine and the weight just started to fall off. Thanks guys
posted 9-Mar-2009 6:33am

WHAT website did u guys order from? I live in PA How long did it take to come
posted 25-Mar-2009 9:16pm

I'm really wanting to buy this but I'm afraid that if I don't like it they'll send me another bottle next month a charge it to my credit card. Does this happen?
posted 30-Mar-2009 9:53pm

ok, so im 25
5'2 106 pounds. i am just wanting to lose a little weight in my thighs and belly. is this diet pill way to extreme for me???
posted 31-Mar-2009 12:50pm

How long does it take to receive it? I ordered it a week ago and still haven't gotten it. :(
posted 11-May-2009 3:03pm

I am wanting to lose a little before a mexico trip- any suggestions in regards to this pill or anyother-- please let me know thanks so much!
posted 13-Jun-2009 2:46pm

I want to try these pills but I am skeptic...I have tried other over the counter pills and for some reason, none of them work for me. 2 years ago I used prescription Adipex, I took it for 3 months and lost a ton of weight, like 40 lbs. I have since gained it all back. The adipex was awesome, I felt great and was never hungry. I want something with the same effects as the adipex but without the prescription, my doctor refuses to give it to me again. Any suggestions, do these really work?
posted 17-Jun-2009 5:18pm

I bought the pills i took 4 today i think i hould only take 2 for the day and try that because i felt weird all day..Cant knock it yet, i will try only one tommorow but i didnt like my face being red because i was in a cool office all day
posted 24-Jun-2009 4:06pm

Got my dr to give me Phentermine. LOVE IT!! I feel awesome! Haven't been hungry all day and I have a ton of energy! And it's nice not having to worry about my credit card getting ripped off over the internet. I'm 5'5" 158lbs. My goal is 125. Good luck to everyone!!
posted 3-Jul-2009 4:13pm

Hi everyone go back to the person who just said "DONT TAKE THESE" They are telling you the truth
I myself tried them i took 4 in one day my god i was awake all night i was afraid i would have a heart attack
my heart was banging all night and i had to have a cold shower i kept loosing my breath it was so frightening i was goning to go to casulty. They are no good for you. I have tried pills before and this never happened never again i have learned. please let my bad experience make up your minds.
posted 5-Jul-2009 3:36pm

i have been taking diet pills for 10 years now.all kinds but i always go back to taking stackers.i lost 100 pds the first year.and i kept most of it off for 8. now since lat august i have gained en extreme amount of weight. i have gained 80 pds back and i feel horrible.i continue to take the diet pills because i think it might work again,but do to taking the pills for so long i feel it is part of my daily regiman.i know they r not working and i am destroying my body by continueing to take them.I am now in severe adrenal failure and i have heart problems.i can no longer get up in the morning and not take something to help me stay advice to those who wish to lose weight,do it pill will magically make the fat smart and do it under a dr. supervision.obey the time frame of how long to take pills.
posted 27-Jul-2009 3:15pm

I just ordered these from the website but nowhere does it list how long shipping takes and I'm a bit worried because the invoice I was emailed was from just a yahoo email address.....thought that was strange for a business.

Anyway, for those that ordered them - do you remember or know how long the shipping is? If I ordered them today how soon until I get them.


posted 31-Aug-2009 7:10pm

Unfortunately I have just finished a container of nuphendragen and I am sorry to say I have no weightloss, instead I have put on just over a kilo, which feels like fluid, not fat! I haven't put on weight since I had my daughter so I'm a little suprised as I am very active with sport and vibra-training. I would recommend Horleys Ripped Factor and LS7 as I have had success with these products in the past. Its a real shame as I paid $140 NZD due to the fact that I ordered 1 bottle via their website and with exchange rate and postage it worked out 2 times dearer than most weightloss pills sold here whihc I feel are more effective. The upside is, it does help you with your workouts and gives you a good wake up vibe in the morning, but it is a very expensive coffee!!! Good luck to all those trying to lose weight and congrats to those who have!!
posted 6-Sep-2009 12:30pm

"I just ordered these from the website but nowhere does it list how long shipping takes and I'm a bit worried because the invoice I was emailed was from just a yahoo email address.....thought that was strange for a business.

Anyway, for those that ordered them - do you remember or know how long the shipping is? If I ordered them today how soon until I get them.



i did the same thing. did you ever receive the product or did i just get ripped?

if anyone knows please advise. they have the option to pay w/ paypal which makes me think its probably ok, but i want to know if not so i can take immediate action w/ the better business bureau.


posted 14-Sep-2009 1:46am

dude the reason you are saying DO NOT TAKE THESE THEY WILL MAKE YOU SICK is your problem. you took 4 your freaking retard.
posted 27-Sep-2009 10:07pm

i started the pills today, im at day 2, and honesly, everything is going good. i have no side effects at all, hope i wont get any either... i did the one pill in the morning and one at lunch. i have enough energy to last me through the day. right now its 10 pm and honesly, im ready to go to bed. im not tired tired, but im not "caffinated".

appetite wise, i think these pills are amazing! im not hungry, physically. but this doesnt mean that mentally i will not want that delicious cheese cake in the fridge... (i know.. what is that cake doing in the fridge when im on a diet, right?) what im trying to say is that these pills will not take away the desire for food. they do take away the "grrrr" the tummy makes, and the physical want of food. the rest, its up to us to resist.

most people will keep the weight off if they lose it.... if they change their life styles... if u go back to eating the way u did before, of course u will gain the weight back. its natural.

i go to the gym daily, and eat about 1500 cals a day. i weight 234lbs right now, i went down from 248lbs in about 2 months only with diet and exercice.

i wanted to try these pills because sometimes u just have to have faith and see for urself. everyone is made different. till now, everything is going good. im alive, no heart attack, no high. nothing.

only side effects were: loooots of urination, my thirst sky rocketed, appetite went down and i have lots of energy!

i'll keep you posted on the weight loss.. that, i cannot tell yet.. :D
Madison B
posted 27-Oct-2009 5:41pm

I have just bought the Nuphedragen. I took it 3 days ago. I took one an hour before I ate, which all I had was yogurt. Then I didnt feel nothing so I took another one. I felf pretty good, like I was in a good mood. Well I then took it yesterday, I only took one though, and I was kinda irritable. I dont know if it was from the pill or if it was just something else. Well I woke up and took two. I hope taking 2 doesnt hurt me. I am going to head to the gym and see if I have the actual energy to workout. That is mainly why I got the diet pill, I dont eat like I am suppose to because it just adds fat to my body and plus I dont go to the gym because I dont have the energy. I was 147 and now I weigh 102. NO diet pills no nothing. Just set it in my mind and did it. But Im not really healthy. I was to run, jog, workout, and feel damn good about myself. That is why I got the pill. Feel free to email you info about the pill good or bad/ pros and cons. I would love to hear.
Madison B
posted 6-Jan-2010 11:35am

so can you buy this pill in stores or just online??
posted 7-Jan-2010 9:26am

i been taking this pill for the last 4 weeks and i have lost a total of 30lbs
posted 3-Feb-2010 1:55am

Okay, so Ive tried over the counter diet pills, nothing works! I've dieted & excorcise and though I do lose weight, there is always a point to where I can never cross, and nothing helps me! I need to lose 20 pounds to be where I should be, will this pill really help? Is it really that good?
posted 11-Mar-2010 10:29am

I bought this pill today off of the official website. I will keep everyone updated on how long it took for it to be shipped, noticable side-effects, and weight loss progress.
posted 18-Mar-2010 9:13pm

I did not get any shipping information from them after receiving the initial ordr confirmation but i ordered on Wednesday and received it the following Tuesday. The packaging was not horrible. I take 2 per day today is my second day I started yesterday on Wednesday. I felt just a slight jitter but no other side effects. I still get hungry which is good so i'm not straving myself and i do not feel sick and can sleep just fine so far. I did notice an increase in energy and mood. The most important is that it is a great appetite suppresant i suffer from late evening and night craving and snacking after eating two tacos for dinner i could not eat anything else and but mentally i wanted a donut. I work out about 3 times a week about 1 hour each time t the gym and do fitness vidoes about once a week. I'm 5'2 1/2 and 165 i been working out for 2 weeks and got down to about 163 my goal weight is about 145-150. I will let you know how it comes along. It does make me thristy and i drink water so that's good because i usually don't drink water at all.
posted 18-Mar-2010 11:04pm

SO I just got done doing a 55 minute work out to kim kardashian fit in your jeans by friday cd and i did notice a little left chest area pain but i have felt shortness of breathe prior a couole of weeks prior when trying to inhale deeply and i jst quit smokin on monday so i'm not gone to blame that on Nuphedragen, as of yet.
posted 19-Mar-2010 7:18pm

I took 2 as directed today and they really do supress my appetite and it really allow me to steal eat and my body gives me the hunger signals which is good. I too my lunh pill at 12:50 and was eating by like 1:30. I felt the lift and mood and then after running up wo 12-14 flights of stairs coming back from lunch at 2:15(which I do everyday more than once). i was not able eat much for lunch I was a bit out of breath as usual not out of breath but panting and i felt my heart race increasing noticed a little jitter in my hand i was okay with that until i felt pressure in the chest and it felt a little painful i begin to breathe deeply and didn't have a problem with that an then i felt better, the botle says you can take one 30min before working out but if it will make feel like this i don't want to do that. I got done with dinner at 7pm and i was hungry for it. i did crave a donut afterward and was only able to eat a half of piece. Good news though, I weighed myself and my scale says 160 i will confirm this at the gym tomorrow with their scale.
posted 27-Mar-2010 9:18pm

No kidding you say don't take these. Follow the directions!!!! You may be lucky your bloody heart didn't explode!!!!
posted 15-May-2010 6:40pm

Just curious why there are no posts after March 27?
posted 28-May-2010 8:47pm

I'm 5"0 and 170 I'm trying to lose 35 pounds I just started them let's see where I get
posted 26-Jul-2010 1:32am

ordered these pills two weeks ago and havent received them. i think it is a scam. domestic shipping shouldnt take more than 4 or 5 days no matter where they are. by the way no address on their website. no about us. no contact information hardly. just a number and an emial address.
posted 2-Aug-2010 5:10am

posted 18-Sep-2010 5:06pm

Okay I got my pills yesterday..bought them from ebay at 40$$ not much different than other pills it looks like. I have never taken a diet pill before so I am not sure what the difference between this pill and others. I work out regluarly and I dont believe in stupid food diets where it restricts you to rice patties. I dont eat junk food and rarely ever fast food. (I am not taking this with the sole intention of changing my eating habits)I drink lots of water and restrict cokes to maybe one a have a sweet tea I also work out for about thirty min at least three times a week. I am a veteran and I do know how to work out and keep myself in shape. However, after two kids I'm having problems keeping off about fifteen pounds. I dont think I am fat but I would like to lose a little. I'm 5'8 have a naturally athletic build, female, weigh at 165 with no health problems.

Yesterday I took my first pill before dinner. did not seem to change the amount I desired to eat although I generally do not eat large portions anyway so that didn't bother me. About an hour after I took it I started to feel like I had just ran a mile. Heart rate was up and I had a head rush kind of like the first time I ever smoked a It was not bad was kind of like the only time I ever drank one of those energy shots felt like I wanted to jump up and down and run around in circles. I was out side at a football game and it was hot already but I felt like I was sweating a lot more than would be normal for me doing nothing but standing around. was also a little shaky. I drank about four bottles of water in the next hour one after another and got a little light headed at one point. After about two hours it felt like the effects had worn off. I was able to sleep fine that night.

11:00 A.M today...decided to take my first pill before my work out....can say that it absolutely helped my work out. I ran my two miles in 15min instead of 18 min. Didn't feel the urge to slow down at all.(probably should have ran two more..poor knees can't handle that) Drank a lot of water again afterwards and sweated a LOT but water is not bad for you so it does not bother me. A little shaky again but that is normal after a good work out for me. No light headedness this time

At 3:00 PM I still have A LOT of energy. Can't find enough things to do around the house to fix my energy rush heart rate is at 107. No shakes or sweating anymore. Will take my next pill around six PM will keep updated info.
posted 5-Jan-2011 11:47pm

well i never take diet pills of anykind, i bought NUPHEDRAGEN and just finished them i was at 195 i am now down to 170 I used to be a jogger and now i can run 3 miles under 18 mins, I know theres alot of cons on this stuff but i have to say it works. If u buy NUPHEDRAGEN you have to work out and diet right.
posted 23-Mar-2011 12:26am

I take them and maybe it's jus cause I already weigh 115 but I'm tryna lose weight for a sport. Wen I take them I don't feel tired in the mornings, also they make my stomach hurt a little but that might be because I don't eat breakfast or lunch and I take them in the morning so it might just be that I haven't eaten yet but I haven't seen any weightnloss yet and I'm a bit more then half way through the first bottle
posted 30-Mar-2011 4:04pm

why there is not proper contact information how can we provide our credit card detials

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