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Orovo is a diet product that claims to give you up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss in 7 days along with reductions of wrinkles lines and acne.


Orovo was inspired by an Oprah program in which "10 super foods" were presented which give you "Age-Defying Beauty" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The wife of Orovo's CEO immediately tried these 10 super foods. While she didn't end up looking 10 years younger, she did lose 10 pounds and the acne she had struggled with was gone.

From that experience, Orovo was created. Of course, eating the 10 super foods was time-consuming and expensive. So, Orovo was created in pill form to condense all the essential ingredients in an affordable and easy to take form.

Orovo claims to give you 10lbs of weight-loss in 7 days, reduces lines and wrinkles as much as 90%, complete acne and blackhead cleared up in 30 days, while giving you motivation, happiness, and health and energy.

The 10 super-food ingredients are: Buckwheat, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (yogurt), Flaxseed, Garlic, Soybeans, Wheat Grass, Barley, Cayenne Pepper, and Acai. Orovo adds 4 more ingredients: Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Idebennone.


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  7-Nov-2007 3:34pm created by bill
  11-Jan-2010 3:07pm last update by bill

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posted 25-Dec-2008 3:11pm

Hi all,
I've read something about this Orovo, but I haven't bought it yet, I have several questions about it though. First, I don't know how many bottle should I buy for the first cycle. And then, I'm 18, can I eat this???
posted 25-Dec-2008 3:21pm

Sorry, more questions about Orovo. Cuz I don't know this product very well, I really don't know about the DFB thing, is it another product that we need to eat together with the Orove? And is there any difference between 6 DFB and 7DFB??? THX~~~
posted 26-Dec-2008 11:15am

Im pretty sure im going to order the orovo detox this week. For those of you who have been on here for a while - like KRKR - have you been only taking the detox the entire time? does anyone know the difference between taking just the detox or taking the fat burner or the orignal orovo?

Also, I noticed some of you who have been on the orovo for a while are taking less pills a day and never taking a break - like KRKR taking only 2 a day in the morning. I like the idea of taking less pills a day, i HATE taking pills and can barely get down my daily vitamins, meds, etc, as it is. Why did you decide to change the recommended dose? Did you start off with the recommended and then change it over time? If so, what differences did you notice and why did you change?

Sorry for all the questions! haha!
posted 27-Dec-2008 8:46pm

alright, so i haven't posted on here in forever. and i actually haven't even gotten on to read the postings until today. so i'm back. needed a little break i guess. it was getting way too monotonous for me. now maybe i'll have new people to talk to!! hi Lauren! so i've always taken the detox. and for as long as i can remember i've always cut the dose and only taken it once a day with no weeks off. i think the first week i did it as directed, and didn't like the side effects. i'm still taking it, just because i like it, and it works for me. my weight loss is totally slowed, but i'm not gaining, and for the last 2 weeks at least i'm not dieting at all. after i'm done with my monthly cycle which has blessed me with its presence over the holidays, i want to get out the tape measure and see the total inches lost, but my weight loss is steady at 19 pounds since i started in the beginning to middle of august. i'm so freakin happy. i feel good, i'm more confident, and after the new year, i really need to start to exercise in some way. that's weight loss with absolutely no effort other than diet. so i have 2 pounds to reach my goal, and 7 pounds to reach my pre pregnancy weight. how amazing is that. that's my story of the day. hope it helps and motivates someone out there!
posted 29-Dec-2008 5:04am

Hello to everyone on here Ive been doing alot of research on diet pills and ended up here. I really want to try Orovo but im kind of scared. i ended up in the emergency room about 5 years ago because of diet pills.the doctor ended up telling me i was caffene sensetive. I quit smoking in march and gained 30 pounds!! so im willing to try this pill. will i feel like im tweeking or will my heard be pounding out of my chest?? i also have acne so i thought it was great for that too.
posted 1-Jan-2009 4:58pm

Hello ive read alot about orovo and i feel like trying it. But, im a full-time student and i also work. About the side effects, are they major? Will they effect my everyday schedule?

I will be super happy if someone who has tryed it would answer my question.

Thank you. :)
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:00am

Hey guys! I started Orovo today. I felt a little jittery, a little nausea, but had lots of energy. I cleaned and organized my entire house...the jitters and nausea was surely worth the energy. I have taken hydroxcut, ripped fuel, metabolife, stacker 2, pretty much all of it and think I will like this best. I've worked out for years on top of taking supplements. Everybody just remember that results are based on the individual. Don't judge your outcome based on other's result. Everyone has their own weight, diet, etc. We are all different. Sharing positive feedback will surely help each other though. I'll keep you posted.
posted 3-Jan-2009 10:48pm

Hello! Thanks KRKR for getting back to me.

I ordered the detox from ebay - it came in like 2 days. Today was my first day - I took the recommended doses. I felt pretty normal, a little nausea but no big deal. I had a lot more energy than normal and also was a lot less hungery than I normally am - pretty much not hungry at all and got full quickly when I did eat. The pills gave a similar feeling that adderol gives.

My goal is to loose the 8 lbs I gained over the fast few months and holiday season :( with the recommended detox doses and then cut down to only 2 or 4 pills a day total to lose the last stubborn 12 pounds (ive been stuck at 130 forever)and get to my goal of 120 lbs.

Im going to try and just eat healthy, thinking about doing the small 6 meals a day, and my GOAL is to go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Im keeping track of my daily weight and will keep posting!
posted 4-Jan-2009 9:14pm

i'm rooting for you lauren!
posted 6-Jan-2009 1:17pm

Hey all,
I've been reading through these posts...boy there's a lot.
I decided to give my diet and exercise regime a boost by taking orovo. I've been on it for a week. Nothing too crazy. I used to drink a lot of coffee so the caffeine doesn't bother me. Once I started taking Orovo though, I've stopped drinking it...even though I love it.
The one thing that is really bothering me though is the burning sensation in my throat and THAT normal? It must be from the Cayenee pepper and capsasin. It's just weird feeling.
The other thing I noticed is that cheese does not taste good anymore. haha. crazy!
idaho mama
posted 6-Jan-2009 3:39pm

I had my son 2 years ago. I have been exercising and trying to eat as healthy as possible with a 2 year old around but I am not getting the results that I want. I have heard great things about this product so I ordered it. Today is my first day taking it. So far I have not experienced anything strange. I have more energy than normal and do not feel dizzy or dehydrated. I have not had to chug coffee like normal and I am not unusually hungry. So far so good but I will continue to post my results.
posted 7-Jan-2009 11:38am

this stuff kind of sucks.....
posted 7-Jan-2009 1:31pm

i broke into the 130s club! i'm hoping it's not a scale blooper. i'm down 22 pounds since august, and feeling great!

if i have burny throat, i just drink another glass of water or green tea or whatever. it always helps me!
posted 8-Jan-2009 12:35pm

Well I have been working out for over 3 months 5 days a week. 3 with strength training and 2 with 60 minutes cardio. I have only managed to lose a few pounds. I am also eating right. I am extremely frustrated. I ordered the Orovo Detox after reading this sight for hours. I took my first dose today and feel fine. Was a bit jittery, but not so bad that I didn't want to take it again. I am also extremely energized which is great since I run a daycare! I don't see much on here about adult acne though. I am 27 and have suffered from acne all my life. It isn't severe but enough that I won't go out of the house without make up. Anyone notice anything with their skin??? Will keep you posted on my weight.
posted 8-Jan-2009 8:05pm

hey snick, i hope the OD works for you, sounds like you have the lifestyle habits down pat, just need an extra boost. i don't have a major acne problem, a scattered break out here or there, especially around my period, but just have yucky skin in general i think. terrible eye circles, and just uneven skin, as you say, won't go out without makeup. being on detox for going on 5 months now, and i can say there is absolutely no change in my skin whatsoever. that's just me, maybe you'll have better luck.
posted 9-Jan-2009 5:49pm


I've been wanting to lose a few pounds for a while, and although I've started exercising more and eating better I thought I'd try a diet pill for the first time ever to help. I had a look on the internet for a while to see which one to pick and finally chose Orovo Detox - the miracle pill!

I was surprised to see you take 4 half an hour before breakfast and then 4 more half an hour before lunch, and I was ESPECIALLY surprised when I saw the size of the buggers - they're huge! But when my alarm went off at 7am this morning I took 4 and downed a glass of water. I then proceeded to put my make up on, but 5 minutes in noticed my pupils turn to saucers. Having done recreational drugs in the past this followed with an 'oh crap'.

I work full time and it's a 20 minute drive, but within 15 minutes I was totally buzzing. It really did panic me as my heart rate quickened, I began to sweat, and I felt slight pins and needles in my head and feet - signs of high blood pressure. My jaw started chattering and I had a really bad thirst; yes the energy was there but I felt weird and horrible. My boyfriend phoned to ask how I was and I felt like crying!

I know this sounds extreme and maybe I had a particularly bad reaction, but I'm amazed these pills are legal as they're basically amphetamines. If you're thinking of trying them please just be aware you may feel the same, especially if you're planning to drive soon after. I ate some breakfast and waited for the feeling pass before going to work, but it was about 2 hours before I felt normal again. Needless to say the pills went straight in the bin!

So just be careful. Of course we all want to take a pill and wake up 10 pounds skinnier but it's not going to happen. Be healthy naturally - don't put your health at risk for a pill.

Con x
posted 9-Jan-2009 7:25pm

Con x,

I think everyone reacts to the pills differently. Also you must have also believed the pills worked and were "miracle pills" because you ordered them with the rest of us. So sorry you had a bad experience with them I guess it is true that some things work for some while it doesn't for others. I took my second day today and had none of the jittery feeling I had yesterday and on top of that I got on the scale this morning as I did yesterday morning before my first dose and I had lost 3 lbs.


I have problems with going to the bathroom and one reason why I ordered these pills in hopes that it would help in that area and maybe clean me out and keep me regular. I still have not used the bathroom yet and didn't know if you usually do and if so when does that usually kick in. Thanks for the info on the acne.
posted 9-Jan-2009 7:29pm


BTW congrats on the 130 club. That is awesome. 22lbs in 5months is great. Can I ask if you are doing an excercise regimen and a diet also or just taking the bill. As you saw, I do excercise regularly, but the scale doesn't seem to budge that well. I think I eat pretty well, but obviously something isn't working right. Didn't know if you had any advice!!!

posted 9-Jan-2009 8:03pm

hey snick.....not sure how much you read from my other postings---so sorry if i repeat myself!--just so you know, i only take 2 pills in the mornig before breakfast and that's it. since i'm doing that, i don't take weeks off in between, i take 2 pills every single day of the month. this is what works for me. i definetely noticed the week that i first started, and was doing more pills, i took 2 or 3 before breakfast and lunch, i went to the bathroom more. now, not so much extra extra. i do go once a day. and i think i read somewhere, that since it is a detox, and especially for you following the dosing, it's important to go at least once a day because the job is to clean you out. so maybe try eating more fiber?? the other thing i do is use the slimquick drink packets, i only use one a day and i drink it when i take my pills first thing in the morning. now i hadn't bought any of it in awhile, just get it at walmart, but after christmas, i'm trying to be good again, and something in it, mixed with the orovo detox, makes me go about 5 minutes after i finish taking it. who knows. i have done absolutely no exercising. i wish i could, i have no motivation at all. i'm such a waste!!!! just this week i've started doing some stomach/core strengthening exercises to try to get rid of that mommy belly. i also have gotten really lax with my diet. carbs are what make me gain weight, so i try to limit myself as much as possible. lately though, i've been eating more. my breakfast and lunch consist of south beach diet cereal bars, along with a yogurt or salad or piece of fruit, and then for supper i eat a small portion of meat/fish, tons of veggies and a miniscule bit of noodles or potato or something like that. oh and my bad news is that my scale was being all freaky. i knew it was too good to be true, especially with how lazy i've been. i'm still at that damned 142. oh well, i was so excited, it's given me some new motivation. i'll get there......slowly but surely.......
posted 9-Jan-2009 8:06pm

con x == sorry the pills didn't work for you, but don't discourage other people from trying something that might work for them. i can't remember any other postings from someone who had reactions as extreme as yours. did you read through the ingredients to make sure there isn't something you're allergic to? definetely think you were wise to toss them in the trash............
Vamp Fangs
posted 10-Jan-2009 9:39pm

Hi everyone! So i've been looking into Orovo for quite a while! So I ordered my first bottle on friday and as soon as it gets here I will let you know! Can't wait to start!
posted 10-Jan-2009 10:03pm

Hi everyone. I have been thinking about trying Orovo...but I'm still really unsure. I'm 18 years old, a senior in highschool, and want to lose about 10 pounds. I'm 5'3" and weigh maybe 125. That may not sound like a lot but I'm really flabby. I just started taking a weight training class in school (for only one semester), and I am so I wasn't sure if I should wait and see if weight lifting helps me lose weight first or not. Plus, I have a really hard time swallowing pills. I'm sure it's just a psychological thing, but I just can't seem to do it! It's really annoying. But anyway...if anyone could help me out..that would be great.
Vamp Fangs
posted 11-Jan-2009 10:48am

Stick with the weight traning, it will really help. From what i've read Orovo is really strong and may work too well for you.
from Quebec
posted 12-Jan-2009 6:59am

Second day for me,....gas and diarrhea are here believe me! Big trouble at sleep either....will see!
posted 12-Jan-2009 9:00am

hey guys,i see a lot of people talking about the detox.
what about the original orovo? how does that work?
posted 12-Jan-2009 9:35am


I know diarrhea is a pain, but I really wish I would experience that for at least one days as I said in one of my previous postings that is one reason I ordered this was to help clean me out as I can't go like normal. Still no real movements though. Only one really small one. I am down 5lbs though, so I will take it and really enjoy the energy level I have.
Bekah Jane
posted 12-Jan-2009 1:37pm

Hi everyone.
Here is a little about me and why I decided to take the plunge and try Orovo Detox. I have a 5 month old daughter and needless to say my husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant 3 miscarriages and TONS of hormone suppliments (which arn't to easy on your figure) Finally after gaining 50lbs in a year we had our daughter Rayann (our Ray of sunshine) and now i'm ready and motivated to lose the weight. So that's why I decided to order it. I started taking my first cycle on Saturday and I feel so energized even though I came down with a cold a few days before I honestly think it has helped me get over my cold quicker. From Saturday & Sunday I have lost a total of 6lbs, which I have been going to the Gym to but I have been going to the gym with no success like that. I strongly support this supliment! I will give an update after my first 7 day cycle. But so far, I feel so full so fast. I am from the country and was always told finish what is on your plate! So even when i'm full and I know I should stop I continue eating until my plate is clean. Well with this I know when to stop, i'm not munching on stuff at work and i'm content not starving at all! Thanks for everyones posts! They are really helpful! I have not experienced any side effects, I was expecting to be in the bathroom all day with taking this but nothing has changed, I think I am peeing a bit more just b/c of how much more water i'm drinking- which is a good thing!!!
posted 13-Jan-2009 9:42pm

bekah jane~i am really excited for you! baby weight along with weight from medication is the worst possible combination. been there. still trying to lose it. i'm like you though, i feel great taking the pills, and have been less sick this cold and flu season than ever before. so keep going, you're off to a great start!
posted 14-Jan-2009 5:51am

hi ya'll!

I have ordered the pills today! Thanks for all the great advice and I look forward to your support! :)

Bekah Jane
posted 14-Jan-2009 10:54am

Okay so I am just SO excited today is day number 4 taking Orovo Detox...Went to the Gym this morning like I do every morning before work.. Did the dreadful walk of shame to the scale and I was SO SUPRISED!!! I stepped on and OMG.....I have lost 14LBS!!! I thought this was impossible! I am eating so much healthier! And from taking the pills I am full so much faster..
I am just thrilled! Can't wait to finish my first cycle and wait for my 2nd to start! I hope everyone else has good results too!!
posted 14-Jan-2009 1:05pm

So, I've been taking the regular Orovo for about two weeks now. 2 pills in the morning. 2 before lunch.
I notice no difference. The only thing I did notice is my riduclous bad breath. Even if I keep chugging water and mints it still smells bad. And I keep burping up spicey peppery-ness.
There is no difference in my energy levels. No weight lose. Even with my regular diet and going to the gym every day.
I thought I'd give this stuff a try since it seemed somewhat natural. But I guess I needed the detox, not the original.
I'm very disappointed since I accidentally bought two bottles. I know this isn't a miracle drug but I would've like to have seen SOME difference. sigh. bunch of crap.
posted 14-Jan-2009 1:06pm

i meant to say....Diet and regular trips to the gym...not "regular diet".
posted 15-Jan-2009 8:13am

I just have a general responce, some things may work for some people and not for others, diet and exercise is always a good thing. Eat healthy and exercise is added to every diet pill some people do both with no luck, some drop weight great, it is all about you body, and what you need.
I have lost over 20 lbs naturally with diet and exercise, I exercise when I can about 20 min a day and eat 1400-1200 calories a day, I did great at first then just stopped loseing weight, I have changed exercises and all that and for months nothing. I needed a boost to get me past it, you can get orovo without caffein if you want for those worried. I am not big on any product and havn't had major results yet, but its all natural so can't hurt- I have lost 2 lbs so far this week 3 days in, so we will see.
Don't give up anyone.... every thing takes time for results things don't just happen over night, like healthy skin takes time to heal so on.
posted 15-Jan-2009 9:55am

Hi all,

I did lots of research before i started Orovo original. I'm a first time diet pill taker. Yesterday was my first day...took two in the morning one at lunch. i can say it gave my gas and i get a bad taste after i burp. i drink about 5-6 bottles of water a day and i'm always up using the bathroom. it has surpress my hunger. i will be back tomorrow to see if i shed any pounds!
posted 15-Jan-2009 1:17pm

Hey mimi - This is my first time taking diet pills also. I quit smoking almost a year ago and have put on about 10 lbs that I want to loose. I started yesterday myself and I only started out with one in the morning and one at lunch (wasn't sure how it would make me feel). That has defintely not suppressed my appetite at all. I am going to start taking the full dose tomorrow. I am hoping it does something.
posted 17-Jan-2009 11:59am

I started taking Orovo 3 days ago and I have been feeling aweful ever since. I am tossing them in the garbage can and going back to the hardest method - eat less, workout more. I can't spend my time taking 10 pills a day and feeling sick all the time. I can't believe I fell for this.
posted 17-Jan-2009 2:54pm

Well, today i purchased my first bottle of Orovo Detox :)
I can't wait to try it out and see if its for me. A little about myself. Im a full time student and a part time worker. Im 18 years old and weight 180 :( I go to the gym about 3 times a week for 1hr but its hard to cut down on eating for me, so hopefully the pill will help me supress my hunger. My goal wieght is 130 wich was my original weight before i went into depression. So, i hope this works! Can't wait to try it out. I will post again after i try Orovo :)
Vamp Fangs
posted 17-Jan-2009 3:42pm

Day 2 of Orovo Detox, so far nothing bad just a few extra trips to the bathroom and a few more burps other than that nothing too bad. I have noticed that I have had more energy, allmost a twitchy energy afterwards.
A quick bit about me:
20 years old, 5ft 4in, 270lbs
I weighed in yesterday, and will weigh again next friday!
Good luck everyone!
posted 18-Jan-2009 12:23am

Ok im finishing day three and i have to say that this is not working for me at all. I have gained 2.2lbs. I exercise 6 days a week and eat very healthy. i wanted to lose 50lbs total. i was down 12 and that is changng ever since i stated taking orovo detox. I took hydroxycut hardcore for about 3 months 2 yrs ago and lost 12% body fat and 35lbs.

Also i am not noticing any more trips to the bathroom and no headachs energy any of that stuff. Im going to finish out this week and see how it turns out. If all else fails ill go back to hydroxycut hardcore.

Some personal info. Played football as a linemen. im 20yrs old 6'3 and weighd 292. I want to get to 240. 2yrs ago i lost 35 lbs from 300 to 265.
posted 18-Jan-2009 5:06pm

Okay .. 2nd Day of Orovo Detox .. Dont feel jittery unless i'm sitting/laying down. Did have a great boost in energy .. finally finished all the laundry (: .. Definitely having more trips to the bathroom .. but I guess its a good thing since I am now getting all the crap out my system. I'm 5'4 and weigh 157. I'm trying to get down to 130 .. i cant stay motivated at all so i barely do any exercising besides occasional roller blading & walking my doggy .. lets see how it goes
posted 19-Jan-2009 2:23pm

Today is my first day on the orovo detox.. i feel like im "high" oi dont like the feeling of it at all, it makes me ver shaky, but gets me a little energy, I also feel sick to my stomach, but it makes me not hungry. Im hoping these side effects are worth the weight loss if I loose any. I know pills effect everyoine differently, so we will see as the week goes by.
from Quebec
posted 19-Jan-2009 3:23pm

Ok, don't know if it's a mixte of everythings....but 11 pounds after 10 days!!!
Orovo detox + fat burner + diet + cardio(2-3 times week)= 11 pounds gone!!
9 to go!!!!
cRaZy MoMmY 79
posted 19-Jan-2009 4:15pm

Ok, so I've been taking orvo detox for 3 days now, and I have gained a pound. What the heck! I have no side affects except if I burp after taking them it tastes like I ate a seasoning packet or something. I havent noticed an increase of energy either. I have been eating as I normally do. I have been doing the 6 week body makeover eating plan....(the right mix of carbs/protiens/veges/etc. in 6 small meals a day) although I don't eat all six, its more like 2 or 3. And I drink more than the recommended intake of water. So riddle me this..... am I doing something wrong?
cRaZy MoMmY 79
posted 19-Jan-2009 4:19pm

I should also say that with doing the 6 week body makeover eating plan, if I stick to it and dont cheat too much, I lose weight (usually a pound or 2 a day) I just wanted a boost! I was hoping this would do it for me, but so far no luck. Will finish out the cycle though and see what happens.
Vamp Fangs
posted 19-Jan-2009 8:54pm

Day 4 and I feel awsome! I've allready lost five pounds! Super product!
posted 19-Jan-2009 9:10pm

Hey i'm 18 years old and am pretty active. I use to stress eat and went from 140 up to 195. On my own im down to 185 but id really like to get back down to 145ish. i stand at 5'8 so i think that'd be a good weight but i am wondering if this really works. It sounds like it would but i tried Alli and didn't see much of a result, i really want to lose like 20 pounds before summer, so anyone let me know if with the orovo detox pills they think i could achieve this goal thank you!!
cRaZy MoMmY 79
posted 20-Jan-2009 5:05pm

just a quick update to my ranting from yesterday. after being on orovo detox for 3 days I finally pooped....disgusting, but YAY! Unfortunately I havent stopped. But I did lose the pound that I gained the first three days! Wish me luck!
posted 20-Jan-2009 8:35pm

try acai burn that stuff works and its better for you. It does have some caffeine in it but you are only taking 1 pill before breakfast and 1 pill before lunch
posted 21-Jan-2009 12:28pm

KRKR: Did you start out taking the 2 pills a day every day or did you to do the 4 pills 2x's day on/off for a while to detox first?
I was just curious. I ordered the Orovo Detox and I'm trying to decide how to start it. I need to lose about 28 pounds. Thanks!
posted 21-Jan-2009 1:04pm

Rachel-i think in the very beginning i had one day of 4 pills before breakfast and lunch and felt very sick. after that i took 2 pills before breakfast and lunch for a week and then did the week off, and just felt kinda yicky that week off so that's when i decided to always take them with no breaks but only the one dose of 2 pills a day. it works for me. any more questions---ask away! i'm happy to share and hopeful others will have similar success stories!
posted 21-Jan-2009 5:10pm

hey everyone I just bought the pills and went ahead and started taking them today I feel so jittery so does anyone know what i should do?
Vamp Fangs
posted 21-Jan-2009 5:29pm

Hey Cadierob the jitteryness faded after a hour in the mean time clean or dance or walk.
posted 21-Jan-2009 6:16pm

Well when I first took it the jitteryness went away, but when i took it for lunch I still can not get the jitteryness to go away. I also feel kind of like throwing up so maybe I should cut the dosage I take?
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 21-Jan-2009 7:30pm

Hey all, anyone lose weight using Orovo Detox with no diet and exercise? If yes, what is your daily calorie intake and your daily activity level.
I starting taking Orovo Detox today. I'm thinking it's really healthy whether or not I lose weight but I'm curious as to the ability to lose weight without changing my diet habits.
Thanks for your advice.
cRaZy MoMmY 79
posted 21-Jan-2009 11:03pm

another update:
day 4 and I lost 2 lbs from yesterday.. 3 lbs total! not alot, but its a start!
posted 22-Jan-2009 11:29am

lazy-if you want to read back through my posts, you might find some useful information. i have done absolutely no exercising. i keep busy throughout the day i have a 3 and almost 5 year old. so we do a lot of errands and seem to be on the go a lot. i have no clue what my calorie intake would be on a daily basis. when i'm trying hard to be good i try to almost completely cut out my carbs. when i'm just watching, i'll eat south beach diet cereal bars for breakfast and lunch a lot and then eat supper however i like. i don't know, like i said, if you read my posts, i was pretty good about writing what i was doing, especially in the beginning which was back in august/september. well and the other major difference with me is that i only take 2 detox pills a day. anyhow, if you have any questions, let me know
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 22-Jan-2009 2:46pm

Thank you KRKR... Its day two for me... I ate like a pig yesterday and woke up today 2 lbs lighter.. weird, but I like it. The 8 pills/day is not bothering me so I will continue on that path.
Beginning weight 210
Today's weight 208
Goal weight 150
posted 22-Jan-2009 3:47pm

you're off to a good start!!!
posted 22-Jan-2009 4:01pm

well its been 4 days .. the sick to the stomach went away after the second day, maybe it was my body adjusting ive have lost 4lbs total so it seems good.. I notice if i drink alot of water, the more it works i drink about 60oz or more aday. I havent exercised yet but im going to tonight :/ all and all i tihhkn its good and worth the money! i think im aloso going to go through and not skip to every other week as the directions say. has anyone tried doing it straigh through??? Everyone seems to be doing good everyone keep up the good work!
posted 23-Jan-2009 2:01am

I just bought my first bottle tonight and after, I started reading all the posted comments. I don't see anywhere that some shows success on weight loss that is trying to lose 10-15 lbs. I am 5'7 about 155-157.
I want to drop 10-15 before my wedding this summer and hoping this will work. Any success stories out there to share with me?
posted 23-Jan-2009 2:04pm

Day three

beginning weight 210
Todays weight 205
Goal weight 150

Down five pounds in two days!
posted 23-Jan-2009 4:17pm

OMG!!!! I JST STARTED TAKING OROVO DETOX. I took it before breakfsst. I was just a little bit jittery and felt like throwing up and burped here and there. :( No other side effects. But, i weight myself just last sunday. i was 180. I just weight myself today and i lost about 5-8 pounds!!!! Is this even possible!!!!!! Im super shocked right now!!!
AND, i havent had lunch yet! Im super shocked!
posted 23-Jan-2009 4:19pm

Today is my first day taking orovo detox by the way.
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 24-Jan-2009 1:09pm

Day 4

beginning weight 210
Todays weight 204
Goal weight 150

Down 6 pounds in 3 days!
posted 24-Jan-2009 5:12pm

Day 2

Beginning weight 180
weight 175
Goal weight 130

side effects: If i get up, feel dizzy and burp alot. I feel lazy too D: and get mood swings. And feel like throwing up.
lynne d. - Glasgow
posted 24-Jan-2009 6:21pm

Hi everyone!!

REceived my orovo and Green tea capsules last week.
i started taking, as recommended 4+2 in the morning and at lunch. Really jittery!!!! So for a few days only took 2+1 for a couple of days, then started to take the 4+2 as stated. Taking the doses and building up gradually, i feel personally is better. Funnily, haven`t wanted to smoke (3 or 4 a day), and don1t want to eat all the rubbish i normally do at night watching the TV. After just 4 days, i`ve lost 4lbs! Not bad going. This week i intend to start some exercising as i don`t want to put the weight back on. As others have described, you do get a slight hot feeling about 15-20 mins after taking them, but only for maybe 5mins. Nothing major. Look forward to seeing if i get any other effects like wrinkle reduction and more energy, as i feel these would be a good side effect. Not been drinking as much water as stated, but i do drink quite a lot of water anyway. Going by what are in the capsules, i don`t believe they will do you any harm, as these ingredients detox the body, and if they help burn fat too, i`m all for it!! Only looking to lose about 10lbs anyway, and so far so good. I`m sure if you are on a calorie controlled diet, or at least cutting out rubbish, exercising and taking these capsules, you are bound to lose weight. And i would expect the hheavier you are the quicker the weight loss. Good luck everyone and happy detoxing!!!!!
lynne d. - Glasgow
posted 24-Jan-2009 6:31pm

By the way,. it is the Orovo detox and green tea capsules i`ve been taking.
from Quebec
posted 25-Jan-2009 8:39am

Ok, just finish my 7 days break after the initial 7 days in. Gain back 3 pounds from the initial 11 pounds lost, with the same routine, diet+exercise. My 2 cents advise, orovo detox is more likely a dehydratation process then anything else.
posted 25-Jan-2009 11:43am

MAYBE you people should get off ur couches and go to the gym, instead of harming ur body with these so called weight lose pills!!!
Screw You.
posted 25-Jan-2009 12:50pm

FYI: I go to college, work, take the pills, AND GO TO THE GYM.
posted 25-Jan-2009 3:12pm

posted 25-Jan-2009 4:55pm

I just started taking orovo today I took 2 in the am and 2 in the afternoon didnt want to take 4am & 4pm after reading all the effects so maybe ill do that for week one then take week two off and just take the green tea pills instead of mixing then start again with 4am 4pm? what has worked for others?? I am 5'4 150 and am hoping to drop 25lbs with diet and working out plus orvo...I'll take any suggestions
posted 25-Jan-2009 5:22pm

Day 3:

No more side effects. I don't feel full either. I feel normal. :(
But, I will try it for the month and hope for good results. Caffine has no effect
on me. -_-
No energy.
No jitters.
Bad Mood Swings and lazyness. thats all :P
posted 25-Jan-2009 5:30pm

I take 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. I would recommend not taking after 4pm. the first day i took it it had an effect but after the second day my body seemed to adjust to it pretty well, so i havent had to cut out my doses.
posted 25-Jan-2009 6:49pm

does anyone no about drinking any kind of beer and being on the orovo detox, if it effects it in any way
posted 26-Jan-2009 10:11am

Ok, I'm back! Just wanted to report that I got my OD pills Saturday afternoon and I started taking them this morning!
A little about me: I'm 28, not quite 5'4" and weigh 140 pounds but my BMI is very high. My body is mostly fat, so I'm pretty big since we all know muscle weighs more than fat. For the past week (without OD) I've been working out Mon, Wed, Fri with Turbo Jam and walking on my elliptical T, Th, Sat for 45 minutes. I also cut my portions down to whatever the item I'm eating says is 1 serving. Doing that, I lost 3 pounds last week.
I took 4 OD pills this morning (I took them one at a time with 6 oz of water each) then half hour later I didn't feel hungry (not sure if it's the pills or all of the water! lol) but ate my usual bowl of oatmeal and drank my mug of ginger "tea" (1/4 tsp of ground ginger in boiling water). I have not had any jittery feelings or feelings of nausea. At first (before I ate) I felt a little "weird" kinda like I do when I take darvocet for my monthly cramps...but after I drank my ginger "tea" that went away. Ginger is good for calming upset stomachs so maybe anyone who experiences that may benefit from some ginger "tea", as well??
So far, I don't have any more energy but I don't feel hungry at all.
Starting Weight This morning is 138. (up one pound from my loss over the last week...probably that darn Chipotle burrito I ate yesterday!!)
I don't really have a goal weight in mind. I just want my BMI to be lower in fat and I want to tone up and fit back into my clothes!
I'll keep any progress posted for anyone who is interested!!

Good luck to everyone!
posted 26-Jan-2009 10:45am

Unless you plan on taking OD for the rest of your life... the weight lost does come back when you stop taking them. Boo.
posted 26-Jan-2009 11:18am

I got 5 bottles of Orovo Detox for $199.95 (4 bottles + 1 free) last summer for my sister.
You are supposed to take it for 7 days and rest for the next 7 days. She decided to take them every day. No side effects. She lost only 2.2 lbs after finishing all 5 bottles.
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 26-Jan-2009 12:04pm

Day 6

beginning weight 210
Todays weight 202
Goal weight 150

Down 8 pounds in 5 days!

Breakfast - Small wheat bagel, hard boiled egg, fruit, cheese
snack - string cheese
lunch - Indian food or large ceaser salad
snack - apple
dinner - spaghetti with steamed veggies or chicken and rice with steamed veggies
snack - banana, pudding

Exercise - 30 - 45 min dancing
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 26-Jan-2009 1:41pm

You know, Orovo Detox may not work for weight loss, but it sure helps motivate people to diet and exercise. Nothing wrong with that. My guess is those who take it and don't feel well after are allergic to a component in the Detox. I have researched every ingredient in the Detox and they are all good for you so what's the harm? Just be aware of any allergies you might have to any of the ingredients. I'm just stoked that I'm back on my diet and exercise plan. Taking the Detox is motivating me to do something about my weight and health. Thanks to all of the positive, honest posters on here. Keep up the great work and remember, don't starve yourself, you don't have to starve to lose weight.. Eat lots and lots of healthy foods and stay active. That will do the trick.
posted 26-Jan-2009 3:28pm

Well ive done my first full week and lost a total of 9lbs im very excited!! I will continue this product its great!! with no side effects.
posted 27-Jan-2009 8:16am

am fat and i have no boyfreind detox is my only way to lose weight and i just started this detox pills this morning and i fill weird and very tired and i fill like throwing up, i hope it work because i waited for 7days for it to be delivered, how will inform you how it goes in the next few day
posted 27-Jan-2009 8:49am

damilola - make sure you're drinking lots of water! If you still feel sick, maybe try cutting back the dose to 3 and if you still feel sick, cut back to 2. You can gradually work your way up to the 4 pills, 2 times a day.

Day #2 and I'm down 2 pounds.

Start: 138
Today: 136

I feel great. I slept so good last night - first time in a long time! I wasn't jittery or sick to my stomach at all yesterday and so far today, I feel great, too.

I'm going to wait until I've been on it a week before I weigh myself again.

Good Luck to Everyone and keep up the great work!! :o)
posted 27-Jan-2009 10:23am

Started diet today - weight 187# - took 2 pills this am and will follow with 2 pills at lunch and will see how this goes before adding the other 2 pills to my schedule. Good luck everyone. I have a goal of losing 2# per week and hope to get down to 150#. Also started Weight Watchers Online along with the Orovo Detox pills.
Lazy but Hopeful
posted 27-Jan-2009 11:38am

Day 7

beginning weight 210
Todays weight 200.4
Goal weight 150

Is anyone getting dry skin from the Detox?
posted 28-Jan-2009 9:52am

I am a real person and I just started taking Orovo Detox...beginning weight was 205.8 I will keep posting and let you guys know if anything happens. :)
posted 28-Jan-2009 12:42pm

i'm excited for all you people just starting the detox pills, keep posting, it's a good outlet for you, and great encouragement for the rest of us!!
posted 28-Jan-2009 1:30pm

Day 2 - I am taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills right before lunch. So far - so good! No side effects - and I had no problem falling asleep. I have been drinking 50+ oz. of water. My weight watchers is also going well. I am doing it all online. I am HOPEFUL that come Tuesday when I do my "weigh in" that I will see some results.
posted 29-Jan-2009 8:19am

i still feel really weird i cldn't go to college because i really feel dizzy and i had a lot of headache but i sleep okay will it work if u smoke and use it in the morning and afternon and evening will it work because i will like to lose weight faster
posted 29-Jan-2009 9:25am

t's day 4 and I still feel great. I've been drinking a lot of water so my body is loving that. I'm usually really dry during the winter but my skin is actually becoming less dry every day. I'm guessing that is the hydration from all of the water because I don't have the time or patience to use lotion! ha ha

Anyway, I have been super busy at work so no exercise this week :( boo
But I have so much energy!!! It's hard to explain but it feels GOOD!! I take my 4 pills in the am, wait 30 min and have breakfast. I can really feel my metabolism kicking in to gear (that's what my "energy" feels like) so by the time lunch comes around, I'm STARVING. I take my 4 pills and wait 30 minutes and you'd think I'd eat like a pig with how hungry I get but I don't. I get full really fast now and if I snack, it's baby carrots or a kashi granola bar. I don't crave any sugary sweets and I used to drink soda like crazy. Haven't had one or even the desire to have one since I started the pills on Monday. I'm noticing my stomach is flattening out - I've heard that belly fat is mostly from soda and sugar/sweets. If that is true, then that would explain why this is happening.

Ok, enough for today. I'm still planning on weighing in next Monday morning so I'll post my weight and hopefully show more progress!!
posted 29-Jan-2009 11:07am

Rachel - sounds like you are going wonderful! I am still taking the 2 pills in the am and 2 and lunch. Maybe tomorrow I will up it to 3 at each interval. I still feel really good and I haven't had any side effects from the pills. I also have lost the craving for sweets. My snack in usally a clementine, or a few pretzels. I can't wait to see what you weight in at next Monday. My big "weigh in" date is next Tuesday. I am also drinking alot of water. Like about 50 - 60 oz per day. Good luck and keep checking in.
posted 30-Jan-2009 8:51am

I've been taking Orovo since Monday (its friday) and so far I havnt lost 1 pound I was on a 1,270 calorie diet b4 orovo and the 1st 3 days I could barley eat and only eat 800 calories im not able to eat 1270 cals again and I didnt go to the bathroom since friday then today and yesterday (eatting more I went once both days) It does give me energy and a first few days descreased appetite but is it supposed to make me lose wight by the bowel movements or what. I keep reading the instructions and it says im doing it right but I expected to loose like5 pounds by now (from the add lose 7 pounds in 7 days) but I dunno am I doin sumthin wrong. Im 5ft 2 and 147 pounds. I've been dieting (above calorie intake) and using Turbojam and red ab since monday and expected atleast a few pounds in weight lose. But I dunno.. Email me at if you think you know what im doin wrong..but Ill keep u posted
posted 1-Feb-2009 1:21am

this is my 3rd day, and i just got really sick from taking the pills.. i'm not sure if it's just that my body is weak and doesn't like the pills or what not.. for the first two days.. i had the general side effects of getting nauseas and i was really out of it.. "high" i guess people are calling it.. and i started getting stomach cramps... and then tonight.. i started feeling sick to my stomach... and then the pain got so bad that i started feeling nauseas and lightheaded.. i was legitimately afraid i was going to pass out.. i did end up having diarrhea.. but that was after i also went pale and had cold sweats..
i'm not sure about everyone else here.. but it was definitely way more intense than just.. oh, my stomach doesn't feel good..
posted 1-Feb-2009 1:23am

also, part of me is wondering if my bad side effects are because i've always had a high metabolism to begin with.. and i'm 5'10"
A in NW
posted 2-Feb-2009 9:59pm

So who is new to Orovo an what success have you had?I had been in the gym trying to work off 12 lbs to no avail.I went 5 days per week 3 hour long spin classes and 2 days of light lifting.I am considering trying Orovo.I got my wife on HCG and she has lost 15.5 lbs in 6 weeks.It works but you barely eat anything per day.I don't care for that.Anyway I welcome all replies.Hope you all are doing well.
posted 2-Feb-2009 10:09pm

Well I was going to take the detox all the wasy through and I got sick, well I still ate alot and wasnt doing anything excirse. I weight 1 week later after beein g OFF the pills and i maintained! Im SHOCKED.. im starting them again tomorrow for another week,, in excited
posted 3-Feb-2009 10:28am

ONE WEEK LATER: Starting weight - 187, todays weight - 183.5. I am taking 2 Orovo detox pills in the morning, and 2 right before lunch. I have also been on weight watchers for one week. I will keep taking the pills for another week and see what happens at my next weigh in. I am wondering if I would have lost that 3.5# by doing JUST weight watchers???
posted 3-Feb-2009 11:38am

Hi, Everyone! I just took my first dose of OD this morning after coming back from the gym. I am so glad this blog exists. I actually read some of your comments before I bought the damn pills. Anyway, I am on these pills with my fiancee. We are getting married in June and I have to lose like 20 lbs to fit into my wedding dress!!! He wants to lose like 30-40 lbs, mind you he's 6'0", 230 lbs. and has an athletic built. We are going to the gym everyday in the morning and we are watching what we eat. We'll see what happens by next monday. Btw, is anyone who has Diabetes type 2 taking this? Does anyone know if you can take it with this? I want my mom to try it, but she's diabetic and I just want to make sure it is safe for her to take. Thanks, Chaparre.

Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 140 lbs.
Ideal weight: 120 lbs.
posted 4-Feb-2009 12:08pm

Well I am down 3lbs since Jan 25th I am off for my 1 week. I only took 2 before brkfst and 2 at lunch... The only withdrawal from not taking the pills is a small headache... so after this week off I am going to do 3 pills before brkfst and 3 before lunch...see if I lose more weight... havent changed my diet much but I am doing alot of cardio!
posted 4-Feb-2009 5:42pm

Today is my second day on the pills. Nothing has happened in terms of my weight. I have begun to urinate quite a bit. I felt hyper yesterday morning, but towards the late afternoon I began to crash. I felt tired, but not sleepy. I did not sleep last night. I am scared that these pills are going to keep me up at night. I went to the gym again this morning. Since I took the pills yesterday I have been feeling hungrier than usual.
posted 7-Feb-2009 4:16pm

Hello all,

I am in my third of Orovo 7DFB and Orovo orginal. I have to sau that it gave me a bit of side effects, like nauseous,breathing problem, a little pain stomach... kind of you can keep going in your usual days but not feeling so good. I have also really dry skin... I lost 1lbs so far... will let you know at the end of the 7 days of &DFB and also after the end of the Orovo original.... I am just curious to know if that's true that we can be allergic to one of the ingredient, that can make the product dangerous for us? I mean I get really big trouble to breath just after taking the pills... and I read so much about Orovo, good and bad that I can't make my mind in it. I just never read anything dangerous about it... Anyway if you are getting the same kind of effects let me know.
posted 9-Feb-2009 2:04pm

I am on my 5th day of my 1st week of OD. I've lost 1lb so far. I don't know if it is because i've been working out and watching what I eat, stressing about my wedding or if it a combination of that and the pills. My appetite is weird. Sometimes I don't feel hungry at all then suddenly I get this hunger rush and I feel like I could eat a horse. These pill cause me to be hyper during the day, so that sometimes I can't straighten out my thoughts. Then by night time, I totally come crashing down. I feel unusally sore too. Yesterday I forgot to take my doze before lunch and I ate and I felt a headache come on, like a withdrawl symptom. I'm scared to see what I feel like once I have to come off them tuesday. I'm wondering if I should also be taking the fat burner. I wonder if it really works.
posted 9-Feb-2009 8:42pm

posted 9-Feb-2009 8:50pm


posted 10-Feb-2009 1:40pm

For me so far not so much weight lost, but side effects are quite important... The breathing problem is definitely the one that afraid me a bit... I am really felling that i will past off ... I mean kind of really strong... Other is that i think I am not loosing so much, but my body shape is changing a bit... I have not too much to loose, I would like to be 5kg less nothing more and at the end it seems difficult to loose! Anyway, I am agree that if it work, having the side effects is ok, but just make sure that you are not putting yourself in danger. I just stopped taking all the pills morning and lunch and will have only the 8 in the morning. I did that yesterday and today, and feel the good side of the pills... Feel dynamic, with lot of energy... side effects are less... And I am making sure I control myself in term of food... because at the end, it is hard anyway, so i think i like better to suffer because thinking a bit of food than because i am taking too much pills... :) and I think with both of it, it will work at the end! I will keep you posted on the next steps... I will check my Kg tomorrow and will let you know. I can't believe you lost 10 LBs KK19!! it is a lot! and good!!
posted 10-Feb-2009 2:30pm

OMG people. I can't believe this site is still up and running! The only thing this pill does is give you other problems to worry about and false hopes that it is the "magic pill" for weightloss. C'mon... stop wasting your money!!! Seriously!!
posted 10-Feb-2009 3:18pm

Must say that I agree
posted 10-Feb-2009 3:43pm

I think they are right frown shame but after trying this it seems to create so much other problems for so little results... but how you explain that some people are saying that they lost so much (like KK19)??
posted 10-Feb-2009 7:33pm

Today I am off for my first week. Suddenly I am so hungry! In one week I lost one pound. I was expecting 2 and I was so good about exercising and what I ate that I wonder if that made me lose the pound. I need to lose 20lbs by June for my wedding. I'm scarred I wont. I need to fit into this dress I got!
posted 10-Feb-2009 8:11pm

I beleive the pill effects everyone differnt. It seems to work for some such as myself, but doesnt seem to be as effective on others. IDK maybe its bc my fat a** aint sitting around eating instead im to hyper to sit down (lol) I guess we will never figure why that is. I will keep you posted after the end of this week. Today the breathing was better and I didnt get a headache, but I only took it this morning and not this afternoon. I plan on taking it back to back instead of taking breaks, (yes im that disparate to loose weight) I just cant seem to get my 'mind' right to do it on my 'own' without the guidance from a program or pills. My husband tried to help me with it because he knows how i feel about being overweight (this is the first time ive ever been overweight) but it just wasnt the right 'support' okay well enough of my babbling
posted 13-Feb-2009 4:25pm

Hi all.I started taking mine tuesday.Felt a little "stonedish" on the first day and a little highper then iv been fine really.maybe a little more energy.Its weird because some days im not really hungry but then once i have something to eat i can easily pig out,weird really.As for the weight loss,i think iv put on a pound???? or maybe just the same.I do feel a little slimmer round the waist tho and not as bloated.
I have broke out in a bit of a rash on my face ,nothing too serious ,just a few more spots,i have been using a face sauna so maybe this is the reason,tho it never normally happens.Also the first night i had a littletrouble sleeping and now i find myself yawning at tea time and can sleep fine.i would even say im more tired come evening time?Iv been reading some bad reviews of orovo,and starting to maybe wonder if this product is not that on the orovo detox.was hoping that even if i didnt lose any weight it would be good to do the detox.
posted 15-Feb-2009 10:12am

Hi all. Just o let you know I stopped mine after being too bad taking it. It didn't work for me, but I am now on Bio Synergy and it seems to work without any side effects... Not sure about OROVO, but I was feeling really bad and wired and didn't lost one pound.
posted 16-Feb-2009 4:25pm

How is that other stuff working for you?? Im about to quit this orovo im getting a bad headache and get lazy when night comes, so ive quit taking it, im going to try it one more round and give it a second chance lol! but id like to know how your doing on the other pills im open to any suggestions
posted 16-Feb-2009 5:01pm

Mmm actually it seems a light version compare to Orovo. But I am on the slimming pills and fat burner and I have in one week already shaped my body. So to explain... not talking about the weight... I just lost 2 lbs but I am really watching myself in term of food (no more junk food, no more chocolate... now it's salad + slide of bread or a big soup for lunch, and evening with 3 courses but light version always having soup, chicken or steak grilled + salad and a fruit and feel much better, not hungry at all. Every 2 days I allow myself on a chocolate bar (I love it!) or ice cream (love it too) ... I am never taking breakfast... i don't like it, just a black coffee. so just to be clear I was doing that with orovo but I've been sick like a cow and feeling I can't breathe blablabla.... so I kept the diet and just changed the pills, but I lost a bit of a weight... and the best is that I drop 1 size jeans already... I mean the weight is one thing and the body on his own is another one... and I feel better in my jeans and can already go back in the one I had before my daughter! so again for me is not about a lot just 5 kgs (that what I was thinking) but if I can't drop the 5 but can get the look I want without being sick I think the pills are ok. Again it may not work for all but I still thinking the objective of all this is feeling better, no making you worst and sick... and i think orovo can be a bit dangerous at the end... imagine if you are really allergic with one of the ingredient...or more. For me it is clear something has been like that and that why I was no breathing at all for about a week. So whatever is your decision just take care of yourself. Your body will tell you if it is good or not for you, listen it. I am happy to discuss again if you want and let you know how I am doing :).
posted 17-Feb-2009 4:56am

I dont rate orovo.Iv come off it after just over a wight loss felt ok in the daytime but by night i was reallt tired.Plus my skin was in terrible condition ,dry and spotty.I think there has just been a big hype over this product,more so with oprahs name mentioned.A complete waste of my money.although did by from ebay and got it a little cheaper.The only reason i bought this is because it came up as number one on a weight loss google product search.Wat a load of crap.
posted 17-Feb-2009 7:21pm

Yeah I am on my second week of orovo. I lost a pound during the first week, then I gained 2 the week I was off. I didn't change my good eating habits. Maybe it is because I am building muscle. I don' don't know, but it is not working fast enough for me. I was thinking of ordering it again, but I am hesitant and want a product that works! I am feeling weird today like something is stuck in the mouth of my stomach. These pills make me feel lethargic. They aren't even making me hyper anymore.
posted 18-Feb-2009 8:32am

hmm it made me Anonymous (lol) Thanks for the info london girl!
I noticed when I first started the pills after the second day the hyper went away. Then i got sick, thwn I got back on them I had every effect with the breathing, bouncing off the walls not sleeping just everything. Now Im back on them again and i seem fine, just a little shakey I notice if im on the go im good but if im driving or sitting it effect mes && i notice when I get the sick feeling, its from drinking tooo much water (but yet before it didnt bother me).. or I could just be werid! j/k
posted 18-Feb-2009 8:09pm

Just to let you know...for people who are afraid to try atrophex (get it from the vitamin shoppe or gnc) its about sixty bucks for ninety eight capsules. You can take it on an empty stomach and won't get sick. I take three in the morning an hour before I eat breakfast and three around lunch. You will be in the best mood of your life and lose crazy weight...atleast I did. I am down sixty pounds.
posted 19-Feb-2009 5:01pm

Well I have been back on it again for 3 days... and I feel good, no more effects so idk maybe my body was just adjusting to it again. I lost 5 lbs so far so I guess its a go!
posted 4-Mar-2009 5:36am

Hi all i have just orderd my orovo and awaiting delivery.
Have enjoyed reading all the feed back on this site and will keep you informed of progress.
posted 4-Mar-2009 8:04am

Well they arrived took first dose did the four and awaited the side affects so far so good not had any apart from the needing to pee more due to the amount of water iam drinking!!! but hey got to take lunchtime dose yet but so far so good!!
Will keep updating and will be honest any one else out ther starting od today?
posted 4-Mar-2009 2:40pm

im on my 3rd day and i dont believe its bad at all, i havent check my weight but i defenitly feel like i lost weight and i have more energy, no short of breath and i smoke ciggarates so iono wat people are posting up, doesnt make sence to me....its all about exercising and eating right, and its true how dis pill motivates you! im just doing it to detox my body and once im off imma keep my healthy lifestyle
posted 5-Mar-2009 4:55am

Hi first day went okay no sickness or side affects! drank loads ov water! all day.did av a little prob sleeping lst nite but not that bad.i also smoke!!! but trying to cut back got on scales this am and no weight loss! but iam eating healthy and this pill is motivating me to try and have a better lifestyle so thats good i know people will say its all in my mind but it makes you feel more determind to do it. Even went to a bday do lst nite and refused bday cake because wanted to give the pill chance and to say i have done it right all week. and then it will be true results for the week.
I am off for a swim today just a few lenths but intentions are good.
keep you updated will report how today goes tomorrow.
posted 5-Mar-2009 12:09pm

I finally quit the pills after one bottle. It just wasn't working for me. I am going to the gym and watching my food intake, but nothing. I think it was just draining all the water out of me and that is why I saw a weight loss of 1 lbs. Perhaps, muscle weighs more than fat, but my clothes didn't fit any better. These pills kept me up at night and restless during the day. I would have all this energy during the day and towards the afternoon I would come crashing down. I suggest you don't rely on this.
posted 6-Mar-2009 8:05am

Day two woz fine no probs and had a really good nites sleep.and drank loads ov water took them 4 before breakfast and 4 befor lunch. no probs with these. It is now my day three and i have only took 2 tabs today as i have a lot of meetings and did not want to be nipping out for a pee every 20 mins. same for lunch time just 2 pills will also have to just be 2 and two 2morrow as again got meeting and day in london so dont think i will be able to drink as much water. In fact have been eating a healthy diet with these but tomorrow will def be a very naughty lunch out!!! opps still work is work cannot be helped!!! weighed myself today have lost 1.5 pounds in two days so pleased with that just wounder how much ov that will go bk on due to london trip today and lunch meetings 2morrow!! keep you updated .
posted 9-Mar-2009 7:04am

Well back from london and back to it today by sat i woz compleatley off the pills due to not knowing when or what times would be eating.
Still had a fab weekend so worth it. So going to treat today as day one and start again will be taking two and two before lunch 4 tabs a day and run right through for two weeks in a row.
Keep updating and let you know how things go i dont expect any probs as did not get any when i did eight pills a day good luck to everyone .
posted 17-Mar-2009 11:39am

End ov week one 1.5 lbs lost tats 3lbs in two weeks but the best thing is the amount ov energy these pills give me they r fab and wen i am not on them feel very slow and sluggish!! would not want to stop them now on another week i dont av a week off but go right through on half dose.
posted 18-Mar-2009 10:10pm

hey all,

Orovo has a variety of products designed for different reasons. I have been an Orovo customer for 5 months and couldn't be happier. In the 5 months I have been able to try most of the different products. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns prior to taking any suppliment and I might be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck to all, stay healthy!!!

Natavi (Birmingham, England)
posted 24-Mar-2009 7:52pm

Hey everyone ^^ just thought I'd join in with the discussion seeing how I just ordered some orovo a couple of days ago. Well, I'm a 17 year old girl who's about 164 cm tall and weighs about 142 lbs ... I was about 160 lbs less than 3 months ago but after 1 bottle of orovo and one bottle of phentramin d I have lost a fair bit of weight =] Actually it's kind of weird because I preferred orovo to phentramin d for the following reason: it made my stomache feel weird and sicky therefore I didn't want to eat and drank loads of water, thus making me lose weight ! With the phentramin d I still really wanted to eat all of the time =/ so, after nearly 2 months of no orovo, I've come back for more ! I'll keep you guys updated =]
A in NW
posted 3-Apr-2009 8:23pm

Well after comtemplating it for 6 months I finally bought some last week,got it on saturday and started on Monday.I have not lost anything but it has only been a week.I am 5'7 1/2 171 lbs.I used to be 158 for most of ym adulthood.I would like to get back down to that weight.I went to the gym 4 days a week for 8 months and only lost 2 lbs.I did spin for an hour and light lifting but could not take off the 12-15 lbs i wanted so I am trying Orovo Detox.I hope it work like it has for some on here.TTYL
Biotch Hunter
posted 5-Apr-2009 1:54am

OMG--it has taken me several months to catch up on these posts!

Okay--so maybe that is a little bit of a stretch,but when one falls off the diet wagon, one needs a good excuse when they climb back onboard.

I have been busy doing 'mom of Senior' type things, like essay pimping for scholarships and such. My daughter should have her picture featured with the word PROCASTINATOR in Webster's.

Anyway--I have spent several hours reading these posts. Most of the success stories make me feel guilty and somewhat like a l-o-s-e-r, because I basically threw in the towel after my last bottle of Orovo ran out in August. After that--I did some reading about the Acai berry and ended up burning through a bottle of ACAI Berry Edge which did absolutely nothing for me. No energy, no weight loss and the only sense of well being I had was when I finished the bottle and knew I was not going to purchase another one. I felt pretty good about that.

I am still searching for a healthy source of energy with the added bonus of fat burners and as of this week, I am going to try the Isagenix products. I am going to try the nine day cleanse/shake program. I have two friends on these products and both have lost weight with very little effort, although I am planning on working out when I use it. I have a Wii fit, a treadmill, a cardio-glide and a very steep long driveway--what more could I ask for?

I am hating my wii, though. The first time I got on and had it weigh me, my daughters were present and I could tell when my little mii frowned and puffed up like a bloated blowfish,it was all they could do not to laugh. What was Nintendo thinking when they added in that little bit of humiliation?

I better get back to reading. I am still way back in December...
posted 28-May-2009 4:55pm

I just bought Gravitas couple days ago. I was wondering if any of you have had great experiences with this new detox system?
posted 17-Aug-2009 4:00pm

I just purchased a box of Gravitas from Vitamin World, lets see how it goes!

I'll keep you guys updated weekly, wish me luck. :)
posted 9-Sep-2009 6:26pm

He everyone, it's been a LONG time ! Well, I stopped dieting for sooo long, but about 3 weeks ago I started taking orovo again. I've gone from 144 lbs to 133lbs ! I'm so happy ^-^ I'm gonna continue to take these beloved pills because although I don't believe they actually BURN the fat, they do supress my appetite really well. Hooray !
posted 29-Sep-2009 4:54pm

i started taking the orovo 8 days ago, and lost 1 to 2 lbs. not really seeing the results i expected to see. i walk 2-3 miles 3 times a week and i eat pretty healthy. i'm gonna give it one more week run before i make a ruling on the detox.
posted 5-Nov-2009 10:58am

I just started the OD yesterday and I have not felt anything. I do feel really bloated
posted 30-Dec-2009 11:28pm

I took these over a year ago and all it did was suppress my appetite for a few days besides that nadda. It didn't clear out my system and all the things it claimed to do and it left me really disapointed seeing as I already barley had an appetite to begin with so in my opinion unless you have a problem with having a hardy appetite it wont do much or anything for you.
posted 13-Jan-2010 9:01pm

No offense to anyone on here, but it is funny how new users like myself trust everything that they read hear. Just because youve been a member longer than me does not mean that you are smarter. Please heed all advice before taking :)
posted 18-Jan-2010 3:56am

So Come on? Is that really the best that you can do?
posted 8-Feb-2010 9:41pm

Does anyone know how much caffine is in one pill? I take caffine pills that are 200mg each only take one pill ususally before school so I am hoping taking this orovo detox will not make me feel sick since I am used to taking caffine & if all the products in this pill are natural why does it make people sick? I bought this product about a month ago & I am trying to decide whether or not to try it & when I should try it so I dont want to be getting sick in class or work! .....

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