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Orovo is a diet product that claims to give you up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss in 7 days along with reductions of wrinkles lines and acne.


Orovo was inspired by an Oprah program in which "10 super foods" were presented which give you "Age-Defying Beauty" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The wife of Orovo's CEO immediately tried these 10 super foods. While she didn't end up looking 10 years younger, she did lose 10 pounds and the acne she had struggled with was gone.

From that experience, Orovo was created. Of course, eating the 10 super foods was time-consuming and expensive. So, Orovo was created in pill form to condense all the essential ingredients in an affordable and easy to take form.

Orovo claims to give you 10lbs of weight-loss in 7 days, reduces lines and wrinkles as much as 90%, complete acne and blackhead cleared up in 30 days, while giving you motivation, happiness, and health and energy.

The 10 super-food ingredients are: Buckwheat, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (yogurt), Flaxseed, Garlic, Soybeans, Wheat Grass, Barley, Cayenne Pepper, and Acai. Orovo adds 4 more ingredients: Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Idebennone.


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  7-Nov-2007 3:34pm created by bill
  11-Jan-2010 3:07pm last update by bill

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posted 2-Jan-2008 2:13am

I would really love some comments made by real people that have tried this product
posted 16-Jan-2008 2:19pm

I have been using this product for 2 1/2 months and have lost a total of 14 pounds. I truly feel like this product works. As for all the remarks about it being a "scam," I have emailed the customer service center several times and have always received a response in return. In one instance, they accidentally sent me 2 bottles instead of one and told me where to send the extra bottle to for a refund. I have had no problems in communicating with their customer service, and have found the product true in its weight loss capabilities. I question if many of the remarks made are from people who have actually used the product or by those who have just heard of it. Unless I haven't read the right reviews/comments on it, I haven't read anywhere where someone has actually used the Orovo product for weight loss and it hasn't been effective. I can honestly say that I don't feel like it has had any improvement on acne/wrinkles/fine lines, etc, but it has definitely helped with the weight loss. Hope this helps!
Nancy (in Tucson,AZ)
posted 2-Feb-2008 11:26am

I am (was) 40 pounds over-wieght... and after not being able to loss any weight on my own (even w/excersise regime, I finally started to do reseach online about the newest weight loss products on the market. (I have tried many different product, with no results, and alot of products make you feel really strange...). After researching the various products, I decided to pony up the money & give it a shot... Orovo DETOX works great!!! I lost 14 pounds in just under 4 weeks. It kills my appetite w/out making me feel gittery or weird. And my energy level & mental focus is phenominal!!! It works for me, maybe it will work for you. What have you got to lose... I'd say try it!
posted 7-Feb-2008 2:13am

"Thanks, I have spent quite a bit of time researching Orovo and Orovo Detox and it is quite clear that these products are scams."

Please share with us the research that convinced you the products were scams--otherwise you sound sort of like a scam yourself. Have you personally tried the product? Your answer to this will determine if I am to take your claims seriously or not. If you have not, then what are you basing your derogative statement on?

One of the things I have come across in my search for answers before I pop the actual pill is the fact that most people claiming Orovo is a scam outfit have brought up time and time again the fact that Orovo has been sold under another product name by the same Utah Company.

I say BFD. Have you people never heard of marketing? There could have been and probably are a number of reasons the product was renamed that probably had more to do with marketing appeal than anything else.

Since the questionable "other name" product doesn't seem to be involved in any lawsuit type actions like some of our wonderful FDA approved products are--I put that one to sleep.

Anyway--back to your smug reply to the poster who had lost weight on the product and felt it wasn't a scam at all;back up your claims, please.

I want to see cold hard facts. Saying it is "quite clear" and then not supplying any evidence is basically the same thing you have accused the producers of Orovo of.

As one poster observed,where are the negative posts about using this product? That is what I really am searching for on this product. If there is something we as consumers need to know other than it is not FDA approved (who gives a lab rat's ass)Please by all means, share that negative side effect or--whatever it is that convinced you this company is a scam--with us.
posted 7-Feb-2008 6:30pm

Did any of you people who are posting that Orovo is a scam even try it for yourself? I really don't think that you should jump on the judging boat without even knowing what the hell you are talking about. And hey, lets say that you did take it and it did not work for you. Maybe you are just trying the wrong weight loss regime. We are all not the same and we all have different body types. Our bodies do react differently to things. Maybe you need to find something else that might work for your body type.
posted 11-Feb-2008 11:43pm

I have been taking Orovo Detox for three days now. The first day was really bad, and I felt dizzy and really jittery, but I lost four pounds. Now I have gained that back, but I no longer feel jittery. I have been having a lot of gas and diarrhea, but no weight loss, and I am constantly thirsty so I am chugging water like crazy!!! Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it's not working for me! I am 30 pounds over weight and have plenty to lose!!
ivy from tx
posted 14-Feb-2008 5:21pm

I just ordered a bottle of orovo, I purchased it from ebay. It arrived in the mail today, so Im gonna try it out. Before purchasing it, I did research on it and was very hesitant to buy it, but I have to find out for myself. Im gonna start taking the pills tomorrow. I will let you know how how it goes.
Adeel from NY
posted 15-Feb-2008 12:46am

I'm skeptical about orovo. I've heard alot of people talking about it. I want someone that actually tried the product for over a month to give their comments. Negative or positive. This could really help others from wasting money and getting really sick. I would appreciate the honesty. Pe@ce
Tracy from TX
posted 15-Feb-2008 12:49pm

I am taking orovo and the detox and have lost maybe three pounds but I know it is not fat. I feel "better" from the detox pills that are filled with bran so you guess why I feel better and it appears that I have lost three pounds. I do not know if this going to help me lose the 50 pounds I put on with my two kids but I will keep using the pills.
posted 15-Feb-2008 1:28pm

I have just ordered a bottle to be delivered here in London, UK. All these different stories are just confusing me. I am already on healthy diet and light excersice regime and have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. Just wanted to speed it up a bit as i need to loose another 14 pounds. Lets see what happens and will keep posting. Just a little worried about the side effects. Better start over the weekend.
posted 17-Feb-2008 7:15pm

I purchased and have been on it for three days - taking it 30 minutes prior to eating - but before lunch and dinner. So far - i have not lost anything. I feel fine, not jittery. I also started my period which tends to make me puffy anyway. So we shall see. I feel better in my mood so that is good, also considering i am on my period.
posted 18-Feb-2008 4:12am

has anybody really tried this? does it work? i agree to the person below me.
posted 19-Feb-2008 4:25pm

i am considering trying this pill but i feel as though there cant be a pill that works without diet and exercise so i feel that pills that help people lose wight are a scam
posted 19-Feb-2008 9:43pm

I am considering trying this pill, but i like to go out on the wekends and have a few drinks . would that be ok?
Jo in UK
posted 20-Feb-2008 7:12am

I bought Orovo Detox a week or so ago and started taking it yesterday morning, along with the 7DFB (7-Day Fat Burner), also from the same manufacturer. Taking 10 pills (4 Orovo, 6 7DFB) before breakfast and again before lunch is tough going, so I've ditched the 7DFB and will stick to Orovo detox for the course and see how it goes. I've noticed that within half an hour of taking them I feel a bit hot and tingly inside, sort of like mild acid indigestion, but I wonder if it's the cayenne pepper and ginger in them!!
I'm on a (reasonably) healthy diet and regular exercise regime at the moment anyway, and I only have a stone to lose, but am using Orovo a) to see if it speeds up my weight loss and b) to detox my body following many months of comfort eating and drinking!! all I have to do is follow the course properly and see what happens. If it works, I'll use it again. If not, I won't!
As for some of the reviews above, I don't understand why the animosity between you all... this thread is purely for feedback as to whether this product works or not. So surely the logical thing to do it try and product and then give your honest opinion! That's what I intend to do and then it's up the individual whether to buy the product or not. One thing I have noticed is that there aren't many reviews on this product, other than comments regarding customer service issues, the company in Utah, etc, which is a shame because a lot of other diet products have genuine feedback from their users on which to base your decision to buy - or not to buy.
Will post back in a week and let you know how I get on.
biotch hunter
posted 20-Feb-2008 2:53pm

Okay--here we go, day two on Orovo. I got off to a very hesitant start yesterday at about 6:30 A.M. I am a sceptic by nature,and don't like putting anything into my system that I have not researched the hell out of. I do not use cold medicine, pain killers,etc., unless things are really bad. This past year, I had maybe two advil and a few tablespoons of Robotussin type cough syrup. I am not into taking 8 of anything, but I am going to give this a try.

I am also allergic to 27 different types of trees, bad enough where the allergist made me carry an Epi pen, so I was concerned about all the ingredients in Orovo. I tossed the epi out years ago,though, after fighting the allergists suggestion of immunotherapy (YECH SHOTS) and taking my chances. It's been eighteen years, and I now live out in the country with all those nasty trees that were supposed to kill me, so I guess I was right.

Anyway--what I am trying to relay, is that I do not take anything or trust anyone until I do the research or test the theory. Google is my idol, and I have spent several days and hours researching the ingredients that I was not familiar with. The two most questionable to me were the DMAE and the Idebenone. I will let you research for yourself, but both are basically wrinkle reducing, mood altering ingredients. There is science study info on each that is very interesting with of course, both positive and negatives effects. The DMAE has been used in studies with children with attention defficiencies and has been found effective in reducing the disorder.

Still, I have to admit, I was a little scared of those little Orovo capsules, especially since I am going to be popping 8 of them a day. So, yesterday, I put the four capsules on a toast sized saucer and examined them. Fear made me space the first dose out, one 8 oz glass of water per pill every fifteen minutes. When I didn't keel over immediately, I figured the next step would be to wait and see, and moniter every little thing that morning. It is amazing how in tune with our body we can become when we are looking for problems.

I also don't like breakfast (I know--the most important meal), so Day one, I really worried about what effects the capsules would have on the fact that my forced breakfast consists of one 4oz(sometimes less-depending on how many oranges I have)glass of freshly juiced orange juice. Which reminds me;something that might be helpful to persons like me who do not drink enough water; I found that if I use a 8oz cup compared to a 16oz--I drink the required water easily. Four of the 8oz. (one for each capsule) just seem to go down easier than two 16 oz glasses of water. I know this sounds crazy--I mean, they both equal 32oz of water, but it really is easier. I am a pro-water hater, and I can tell you without a doubt, drinking a full 16oz of water down to the halfway mark--the glass is always 'half full' never half empty. The 8oz glass of water, on the other hand, seems to be gone with a few hardy gulps. Also, ice water is much more appealing to me than tap water. We are on a well, though, straight out of the ground, so that might be why. The ice water runs through a filter in my fridge before it hits the dispenser.

Okay, so back to my first day. Like I said--I am a pure sceptic when it comes to diets, but I am not new to it, and I am going to post another little blog here about that below, since I am now rambling. I am sure someone out there just wants the facts without all the BS I have posted, so if that is you, please cut to the last few paragraphs.

Here are the things I noticed; for all that water I drank, I did not use the bathroom any more than usual and was regular as far as bowels--no gas or bloating, and no jitters or dizziness. I had my normal two cups of coffee and felt basically the same.

By noon, I was feeling the rebellion against my sister, who had suggested we try Orovo. I figured the pills were probably nothing more than a bunch of sawdust in some gelatin, so I started to throw little wrenches into the works. My first one was--lets see what bad things I can eat for lunch. How about a hot-dog, no bun- (don't like em) just that fat greasy dog and a handful of Freetos.

That is when I noticed the first side effect. I really had to force myself to eat the dog & chips. So--I am guessing the appetite suppressant was kicking in? Please know--I like to eat. I am not going to divulge my weight here, but suffice it to say, I weigh about 85 pounds more than I did before I had kids.

The next wrench had to be bigger. I decided to wait until evening to take my second dose, figuring, if there was going to be a buzz, I would know at about three A.M. or so, when I still couldn't sleep.

To make things interesting, and since I was actually hungry by seven, I ate two bowls of home-made chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, and later for a snack, two bowls of salty popcorn. We have a commercial popcorn machine that makes the deadliest coconut oil infested popcorn in existence. It was ba-d-a-a-d! I figured this combined with the extra intake of water would swell me to the size of the Queen Mary.

At about 12:30 AM (normal for me) I began to yawn, so taking the Orovo later than normal seemed to have no ill side effects.

This morning I got up,deciding I would pull a fast one on my 'little'(maybe 10 lbs overweight) dieting partner sister and just do the 'drink lots of water, eat right and exercise' diet. We all know that is the real key.

I tossed the Orovo back in my cupboard with all those vitamin supplements I purchased but have never used. I was going to see how many pounds I could lose on my own, while tricking her into believing I was on the same diet as her.

If you don't have four sisters or don't know sibling rivalry, back stabbing, bitchmania, or have never played King of the hill, this attitude will be lost on you.

Before I proceeded, I decided to chart my weight, which I had charted the morning before. I figured all that salt and water would have added at least two more pounds.

I almost broke my arm when I fell off the chair I needed to reach into the back of my cabinet and retreive that bottle of Orovo. What put me in that position? Probably the four pounds of weight loss staring back at me from my bathroom scale this morning. Serious--four pounds, after only eight capsules.

BTW--my scale is one of those doctor type ones that most people won't even stand on because it is so painfully accurate.

So today, I took my pills and feel a lot more confident about my decision to try this one out. I also took them all at once, with just a 8oz glass of water separating each capsule with no side effects. I figure the capsules prob wouldn't fill a tablespoon, if a person were to open them and pour them into one. I won't waste mine to test the theory, but 42 ingrediants X one tablespoon = not a whole lot of any one of those things listed on the bottle.

I am also going to be a good girl and get on my treadmill at least three times a week. I will continue to juice for breakfast, because it has always given me a burst of energy, and I love fruits and vegetables, so will make sure I do my regular intake of those, too. I am not going to change too much more about what I am eating, except I will not try to sabotage my Orovo with things like salty popcorn and weiners.

I will be back here with less to say for those of you who hate the long-winded, and will update you as I go through my first few cycles of Orovo. Good luck to my fellow Orovo users and PLEASE--share your experiences.
Heather, SC
posted 20-Feb-2008 11:26pm

Ok, after perusing through all the negative post on here this is my story, by the way thank you biotch hunter (I appreciate your honesty). I am a 37 year old 5í5Ē, 253 lbs woman. For most of my life I have been chunky especially after my children. My wonderful husband of course thinks I am beautiful. But if you donít feel that way about yourself then youíre in BIG trouble.

In my twenties I was hooked on AM300 great product gave me the jitters, never eat, cranky, gassy, but I lost 30 pounds in 6 months. After having my daughter (to which I blossomed from 185lbs to 282lbs we had gestational diabetes) my husband and I decided to go for another round of AM300 it sucked. Nothing same side effects no weight movement. Gave it up tried nothing for five years and resolved myself to the fact I was a mother and didnít need to impress anybody. LMAO that is a lie if I have ever heard one YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS (including your husband and children).

Five years later I had my second and final child during my pregnancy I had HBP no gestational diabetes though. So as soon as he was born my OB put me on HBP meds which I have been taking for the last seven years. My MD gave me some adipex one time which I never took (bc my husband said no way I would surely blow my heart up having HBP).

So of course like all of you I did my research and being a Realtor my looks do matter to people I meet. Of course my dispositions with sales and people have never held me back and I do have the WOW factor. I just donít look like the WOW I want to be on the outside. Today was my first day of Orovo detox. I AM IN HEAVEN! Being diagnosed with GAD (general anxiety disorder), HBP I was taking Prozac for the last five years. I threw away my bottle three weeks ago and yes quit cold turkey. My family would have given money for a huge bottle to feed me. But I knew in my heart I could beat this over anxiousness I was feeling.

When the bottle Orovo Detox arrived and I took the first set of pills by the way I only took four because again I am taking Diovan hct 320, I didnít want to stroke out on my family. My mood was superb, no jitters, no gas, no belching, very focused, no anxiety,no short temper, energy galore it was HEAVEN. I will keep you posted on the outcome for those of you who have HBP and taking Orovo Detox.

Let me end with saying it is not pounds that make me happy to lose it is my clothes feeling better on me and being able to see the pants sizes clicking down. I was very athletic as child in gymnastics, played goalie and a short stop. So I will never be PERFECT but if I can loose back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 185lbs that is a good start for me.

Play nice on here nobody wants to read your negative attitude. This is suppose to be designed to inform the community not declare your beliefs. At best it is herbs and the Asian have been using them for years.
Jo in UK
posted 22-Feb-2008 8:17am

It's day 4 for me on the Orovo Detox and I have to say, I think that they are working! This morning the lady I work with commented on how much weight I have lost and I am noticing a huge difference in my body in general. I look so much leaner and my clothes feel much looser. And I have lost about 5lbs since I started taking the pills on Tuesday morning.

As mentioend in my previous post, as well as taking Orovo, I'm eating a healthy diet (with around 1,500 calories a day), I'm walking my 2 dogs for 30-40 minutes morning and night and I'm drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, so that may well have something to do with my weight loss too! I have lost weight through diet and exercise in the past, but never this quickly!

I'm not having any side effects from Orovo Detox, apart from the fact that my face is rather spotty. I'm hoping that this is part of the detox process and that my body is getting rid of the toxins! The "warm" feeling I get after taking them is still there, but drinking plenty of water eases it very quickly.

My husband has been away all week, but he's home tonight so his reaction will let me know just how much weight I have lost! I think that he will be very pleasantly surprised!

I will stick with the pills until the end of the first 7-day course on Monday and let you know how I get on!
biotch hunter
posted 22-Feb-2008 12:47pm

Day four: Looks like two more pounds between yesterday and today, so a total of six. I have also been able to stick to the water regiment for the entire four days, which is monumental for me. I am doing 64 oz a day. My old GP, who once told me, water was the cure for most man-made ills, would be so proud of me.

A question for Jo; is the spottiness on your face rash-like (raised bumps, itchy) or just underlying color?

I am curious as to if anyone has noticed a difference in wrinkles after going through maybe two bottles of Orovo.

I tried the product Strivectin last month and did notice a few less nose bridge wrinkles. I am fifty-years-old, so as you probably know, most of my wrinkles are from smiling. Right.

I did sit in front of my computer's cam and got some side and frontal shots of my face the day before I started Orovo. I am going to do a comparison after a bottle. I am using one of those before pictures as a screen saver to remind me that I am REALLY old. I added some funky glasses, the number 50 and a flower covered coffin for fun.

Speaking of those glasses, I read somewhere where someone claimed Orovo actually improved their vision. Anyone heard that one, yet?

I hope Orovo works, because I am running out of diets to try. In the past, when I was a little less of a skeptic and more apt to try anything--I did a lot of the bad ones, but I Think Dexa-Trim was probably the worst I did, no Fen-Phen. I did do these, though;

1.The Cambridge Diet. Watered down chalk probably tasted better.

2.The Cabbage Soup Diet, AKA the burp and fart diet--the only thing you are losing is air.

3.Fit for Life. This one actually works, but you have to follow a mostly vegetarian diet and no foods besides fruit for first four hours of the day. I lost forty pounds in three months on this one and my friend lost 97 over five months! Seriously. I found that juiced OJ worked better than just fruit. Why did I quit? Where's the beef?

4. Slimfast; This one might have kept my attention if I could have convinced Ace Hardware to lend me their paint can shaker to blend it. I could never get it to mix right and I am not a fan of lumps, even ones I can identify. I wish I would have figured it out before I wasted my money on a can--they mean milk shake in the literal sense--as in, you have to shake the hell out of the milk to blend it--not milkshake, like what you might find at McDonalds. When we have twin calves or lambs, we end up bottle-feeding. The powdered milk feed we use always reminds me of my Slimfast days.

5. Carrington Labs or Mannatech? MVP Plus; This one kept me up to speed--legal speed --in the way of a huge Ephedra fix. The wild yam in this product also made me into a meaner bitch than I already am. It was truly amazing and I am probably lucky people started expiring from Ephedra or I might have kept using it. I got a lot done in a day. Mostly I am sure, because I was so bitchy, no-one wanted to bother me for anything so I had a lot of free time on my hands.

6.Atkins Diet. Constipation saved me from doing this one too long. I did get my beef fix, though. I am sure my arteries are glad I didn't stick with it.

Then there was #7, the Marine Diet; go Tuna and beets, no, really GO!

Then came #8, Weight Watchers, which works.I lost 43 pounds on this one, But wait until you see the size of the apples and potatoes you can actually eat. I searched a produce section for fifteen minutes once looking for weight-watcher sized portions and then it dawned on me--cut them in half, duh?
But to give you an idea of a correct exchange (what they called portions back then) size, look at cheese someday and try to picture the piece you are about to eat being the size and thickness of a playing card. Weight watchers, though, is definitely a keeper and probably the one I will eventually go back with when my brain finally convinces my mouth, the hole that feeds me, that behavior modification is the only way.

But I wasn't done after # 8. I even got my hands on the Grey Sheet, the diet plan of the not so secret society that is following a twelve step program that was lifted from the pages of some AAA manual. Hence the name;GreySheeters Anonymous. This one requires that you call up a complete stranger and confess your deepest darkest food sins. You also need to submit to that bag of Cheetos before you can conquer it, admitting that you turn to food for all your basic needs, because face it--you are a failure. That one got the finger all right, but it sure in the hell wasn't a 'thumbs up'
The only good thing about this one is that it is basically free and you can have all the caffeine you want between the three strictly monitored meals you eat per day. No snacks--No snacks! If you do,you are a b-a-d,b-a-d, b-a-d person and you better call up a stranger and tell them.

And last and I am not saying-- but not least, #10--good ol Nutri-System. Somewhere in my closet lurks a huge box of un-expired, un-inspired food entrees. Nutri-System would get my vote for most deceptive food ads. What you see on those pretty TV sized plates is not what is in the box. What's inside of the container tastes basically like the container itself.

Anyone on their third or fourth bottle of Orovo out there?
posted 23-Feb-2008 12:25pm

I have experienced in my first few days of orovo a lot of belching and sleepless nights ....literally. I don't know if the too much water I'm taking is making me feel a little nauseated and jittery. I do feel however, less appetite, more energy, and somehow I feel that my knees are not aching that much when I run. I feel that my body feels lighter and more manageable as far as movement goes. The insomnia it has brought on scares me though. I have not found anywhere that the lack of sleep was a side effect. Is anyone else experiencing this???
Heather, SC
posted 23-Feb-2008 4:43pm

Day 4: the insomnia has bothered me as well along with nausea; however it is a great mood enhancer and energy boost. My husband has been taking the pills with and he has lost 3.5 in four days. So we are thrilled but we would like to get some sleep. Stomach flu is running ramped in our childrenís schools so this may bee the reason why we are queasy. We have notice that after we eat that our stomach will cramp a little for about 30 mins. Then it goes away. My fast has changed colored a little I look like I have a tan on the bottom half of my face. So all in all the pill lived up to what I expected after taking the AM300 which is similar in all side affects but produces a better result for my husband at least so far.

Please keep posting and any friends you have taking the product please encourage them to post as well bc some of us out here will experience the same side effects and results.
Al, please let us know how you cured your insomnia we would appreciate and good nights sleep without waking up every two hours or soÖ
posted 25-Feb-2008 12:58pm

Oh my goodness thank you all for the post. I'm really thinking about trying
Orovo. My head is spinning because I keep reading, reading and reading about
different diet pills. The only one that I have ever used is Xenadrine RFA and it worked.
posted 25-Feb-2008 2:02pm

Having read all the reviews here and several other sites, I'm still unclear on one thing. I have tried many over the counter pills as well as prescription-required ones(the latter being the only ones which have ever worked for me)but I've never tried one that claimed to detoxify. Here's the question-- when taking orovo detox do you wind up with same or similar side effects you hear about from the medication Alli? Is there going to be much-too-frequent bowel movements? constant diarreah? uncontrollable gas? Never being able to be too far from the toilet because of stomach cramps? having to worry about this stuff while on a date? Please, I need honest answers! Recently gained back some weight I had taken off three years ago (only 12 lbs but I can't get it to come off!) and I am considering this product but really need to know about the possible issues mentioned above. Thanks!
posted 25-Feb-2008 2:44pm

biotch are too funny. i have bought the Orovo, i took it for four days, i didn't notice any difference, but I'm willing to give it another try.
biotch hunter
posted 25-Feb-2008 7:04pm

Hi Liz--and thanks (I think?) Anyway--I am on my last day of the first 7 day cycle and this morning I got up with a bit of a sore throat, but it did not persist. Don't know what that was about.

I have a question for those of you experiencing insomnia; How late are you taking your last doses? Was just curious, because I never seem to choke mine down before late afternoon, but I have not had any problems falling to sleep. Also a question for Heather with the half tan. Has that gone away? That is a bit spooky. I don't need to look any weirder than I already do. Hope I don't experience something like that.

I am trying to figure out ways to make sure I don't let down my water guard of 64 oz per day when I am off cycle. I am thinking about getting some frozen peas and swallowing one per glass or eight a day, just like I do with the caspsules to keep me in the routine of things. I know--crazy--but maybe it will work. If anyone has any better suggestions for keeping up with the water when we are off cycle, please let me know.
cajun girl + 30 lbs
posted 25-Feb-2008 9:22pm

I am soooo tired of reading and now i think i'm ready for the plunge. I'm 48, raised 5 kids, and a little thick around the middle. Now, i'm ready to look "hot" and loose those extra pounds i put on cooking gumbo's and etoufee's.
My question is do i buy the Orovo and the 7 day fat burner, or the Orovo detox and the 7 day fat burner. I also have adult acne that i have had for the past 7 years, and nothing from the dermatologist has ever helped, so i'm thinking that i really need to rid my body of toxins ( too many cracklins) i'm sure. So I was wondering if anyone has tried the acne cleanser and gel.
Sorry so long, but i would like to order tonight, and i just have questions.
posted 26-Feb-2008 9:31am

I bought the the Orovo detox and the 7 day fat burner but have not started it yet. I want to know if you are suppose to take the 10 pills together 1/2hr before breakfast? Is that healthy and ok to do or do you need to space them out?
posted 26-Feb-2008 10:23am

I don't even know where to start. I have been researching Orovo Detox for weeks. I was back and forth about trying it until I found this site. I am on the last day of my first cycle. I was a little weary after the first two doses, because I felt awful the whole day (nausea, headache). By the end of Day 2, I realized that I was feeling so crappy because I had caught an awful head cold/sinus infection.... but I was 4 pounds lighter. I feel a lot less bloated and I definitely have less of an appetite, in a good way. I have been eating 3 meals a day and feeling totally satisfied (I had a serious snacking problem before). As far as side effects, I haven't really had any. Besides cutting out the snacks, I haven't bettered my diet at all and my total loss as of this morning is around 5.5 lbs. I am looking forward to starting over again next week!!
posted 26-Feb-2008 11:47am

I just took at 10 pills 1/2 before breakfast and OMG that is too many. I felt like they were getting stuck in my throat. Like Jo in UK said i think 10 pills is too much.
posted 26-Feb-2008 2:19pm

It was good to read everything that is on this site. I have not been taking Ovoro long, however I have had some side effects. Belching and nausea and excess saliva. I think that I know what it might be though. The green tea part. It does work because even though I was not feeling well the first few days, I still lost weight. So I have just cut back on taking the number of pills. Would like to hear if anyone else is having the same problems. Anyway nice to read what ya'll have to say.

posted 26-Feb-2008 2:22pm

I just started taking the Orovo this morning. I felt fine after the first dose at 7am. I ate breakfast at 7:30. No problems. Around 12pm I started feeling jittery and I figured it was because I was hungry. So I took my next dose of 4 pills waiting 30 mins then ate lunch. Well I have been sick ever since. I have been vomiting for the last 30 mins and I feel horrible. I don't think I am going to continue if it means feeling like this.
posted 26-Feb-2008 3:29pm

posted 26-Feb-2008 4:13pm

i plan to start my second round of it, i took it for seven days like it , says but it has been 4 weeks. i should have waited a week and started it up again. i did not have any weight loss, the first week. but i think the longer you take it the weight loss in suppose to increase.
posted 26-Feb-2008 4:16pm

posted 26-Feb-2008 4:54pm

Today is my first day taking orovo detox. i have already taken my eight pills for the day and feel pretty good. About 30 minutes after taking my first 4 I felt a little jittery. I think that might have had something to do with the 2 cups of coffee I had before that plus I hadn't eaten anything since it said to wait 30 mins before eating. The jitters went away after breakfast and I felt fine. No side effects with the pills I took before lunch. Besides being a little jittery this morning I have had no other side effects besides having alot of energy. So far, so good. I have tried other diet pills and have yet to find one that actually works. I decided to try orovo because of all the good reviews so im hoping this one actually shows some real results. I will keep you posted over the next seven days.
posted 26-Feb-2008 7:41pm

do i have the take 4 pills before breakfeast and 4 pills before lunch
posted 26-Feb-2008 9:48pm

thanks so much to everyone who's shared their experiences so far.
i just ordered my bottle of orovo (original) but then realized that most of you are referring to results you've had using the orovo detox variety... does anyone know of significant differences or is anyone that's using the original kind getting such good results? i also got the 7DFB so maybe that will act as the detox factor?
any thoughts? it's not too late for me to switch to the detox one, just looking for feedback..
thanks again guys, keep it up!
posted 26-Feb-2008 9:55pm

Al and Heather from SC,

I've been experiencing insomnia. It is really scary and annoying. I've been awake for the past 45 hours. I tried sleeping last night, tossed and turned. tried closing my eyes, but for some reason, I felt like I was very alert. This is really bothering me. I started my second cycle of OROVO DETOX monday (yesterday) and that following night, I could not sleep. Today is my second day on it. I hope I get some sleep tonight.

But, the good thing is that I did lose about 10 lbs during my first cycle. This stuff does work, people. BTW, i'm only 19. I'm not going to lie , this stuff is awesome. I went from 147 lbs to 135.
posted 26-Feb-2008 10:20pm

I bought this product and havent received it yet. I just wonder, does anyone on Orovo detox smoke or drink? I am a heavy smoker (want to quit soon) and like to have a couple of coctails on the weekends. Im just wondering if it would be a bad thing to do while on this. Also, when it says detoxify, I am on birth control, does anyone know if orovo will take that out of my system?(i dont need another baby right now!) Maybe i am just a little paranoid but this product sounds awesome and I really want to try it. Any answers would be helpful. I have never tried a weight loss product before and am very curious.
thank you
posted 27-Feb-2008 1:15am

I just started taking orovo detox today and I too have been having nasuea and indigestion. I think I might need to drink more water but I have had more energy. I hope that I have good results for the amount of money I spent. I am a little nervous because of the other reviews I have read on the internet but hopefully this is'nt a scam because I have ordered 2 bottles and for $107.00 (including shipping), I will be really pissed off if I did is for nothing. I am trying to think positive, this is only the first day but I will keep you informed on my progress or lack of progress.
posted 27-Feb-2008 2:08am

just finished my 5th day with orovo detox and have been pleased so far (4-5 lbs lighter). Has helped to cut down on hunger and especially cravings, have had considerably more energy without the ephedra / jittery , Im about to have a heart attack feel. I really just feel better / more healthy. The only side effect i have seen was the fact that I urinated every 2 minutes for the first two days, this has since subsided and Im sure this was a combo of the pills and the amount of water i was drinking. I have wanted to drink considerably more water (which is a good thing) and have not had any desire to drink soda which i typically have a hard time resisting.

so far so good and it hasnt made me uncomfortable like other diet pills have and I have tried several. (hydroxycut, ripped fuel, exenedrine with ephedra) these didnt feel natural or healthy at all and greatly affected my sleep. I also struggled the weeks after discontinuing usage. once again, with the exception of frequent urination I really havent noticed any adverse side effects.

hopefully things will continue.
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:39am


so, its the start of my 2nd day. I just weighed in. lost 1 lb since yesterday morning. dont know if its from the orovo or just my weight fluctuating. we'll see tomorrow. at first, i wasnt going to weigh myself until my 7th day, but i couldnt help myself, 7 days seems like an eternity when im trying out a new diet pill lol. still no side effects (maybe the pills havent quite worked though my system yet, i dont know). i'll admit i'm a little nervous about what side effects i'll have. taking
8 huge detox pills, the toxins have to go somewhere right?? hopefully i just have to pee alot and wont need a diaper lol. those are the side effects of a fat burner and not a detox, right? i dont know. can anyone tell me about this? i would really appreciate any feedback. thanks!!
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:48am

oh, by the way i slept very well. although it was only my 1st day, we'll see how it goes. i noticed that some of you are having trouble getting to sleep. that wasnt the case for me, i actually went to bed early. still worries me a little, hopefully i wont have any problems. my last dose of the day i took at about 12:30 p.m. i dont think i could take em any later than that since they do give me a pretty good boost of energy. prob the earlier you take em the better. hopefully you get some sleep.
posted 27-Feb-2008 9:04am

I only took my 10 pills in the morning at 9:30 yesterday and I was not that hungry the entire day. I didn't eat lunch until around 2 so I didn't want to have insomnia that's why I didn't take the 2nd dosage. I did feel jigery in the morning and had to pee a few minutes.
I did not weigh myself this morning. Like Jen said I want to try to wait until the 7th day. We will see if I have the patience to wait that long. I will keep you guys posted.
posted 27-Feb-2008 2:40pm

This site is awesome, I have been doing alot of research on alot of different diet pills, and am very hesitant. I think I am going to give it a try though, I love biotch hunter's take on things. I am 34 with 3 children, and just cannot lose the 35lbs I am overweight. My one concern is that I have other medical issues, Fibromyalgia and Migraines, and I'm worried if there will be any interaction with my other medications. If anyone has personal info on that, I would love to hear about it. I'm going to order my first bottle today. I'll post results after I've started the pills. P.S. - I run a daycare, hence the nickname, just in case some of you were wondering/
posted 27-Feb-2008 2:50pm

I was just wondering if any of you that have experienced weight loss have changed your diet at all. Whether you lost a couple of pounds or more, did you start eating healthier and exercising or did the Orovo Detox just stop you from snacking? I'm actually curious as to smoking and drinking as well. I'm not a heavy smoker, but I do have a couple cigs a day and I am pretty social on the weekends. Please, please keep up the feedback!
posted 27-Feb-2008 2:51pm

Hey all,

Today is my first day after finishing my 1st cycle. I have to say I feel great. I still have great energy, and I haven't had any extra cravings so far. I will keep posting!
Heather, SC
posted 27-Feb-2008 5:47pm

Half tan is gone.... LOL may have been chocolate JUST KIDDING.. really think it was and over asorbent of nutrients. I was drinking a gojiberry juice twice a day too. GNC has it FINALLY got some sleep. I take 8 pills first thing in the morning around 7:30AM.

SOOOO glad that we are now having a positive experience on here. THANK YOU THANK YOU for everybody who is contributing to this post.
posted 27-Feb-2008 5:52pm

Hi all!
I started my bottle of detox on the 25th...with just one 4 pill dose before my breakfast...I decided to move it up today and take both doses, well do I have diarrhea! I guess this is a side effect, hopefully it doesnt get worse! I have headaches but take excedrine migraine cuz i cannot stand it...I have NO problems far...and I am unsure of weighloss... I seem to feel fine, do have energy, but the headaches really get me unmotivated..I am going to stick with it until sunday and I will let everyone know how I am doing...I am going by how my "fat" pants fit and hopefully they get somewhat looser!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!
cajun girl + 30 lbs
posted 27-Feb-2008 5:56pm

I ordered the same thing as you. I'm curious as to how these two work together. I am so glad that these posts are here so that we can know what to expect and get answers to our questions. Does it really take 5 - 7 days for delivery? Just so i can begin to prepare. I am going to try and quit smoking before i start this ( i really am a gluten for punishment)
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:06pm

cajun girl, the more i think about it and read i feel like we'll have the same results. after all the orovo detox is basically just regular orovo with detoxifying nutrients, so by taking regular orovo and a separate detox/fat burning pill, it should work out the same.. don't you think?
again, if anyone else has input on this we would appreciate it greatly.
i agree, these posts have been so helpful already and i haven't even begun using the orovo. thanks again to everyone for being honest and open with your experiences. it really is motivational.
cg, i'll let you know how long it takes to ship (i read 3-5 days, hopefully that's right)
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:06pm

oops, that last post was from me
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:14pm

I am 30yrs old, have a 10yr old and a 6 mos old. I am 5'4" tall and most of my life I have weighed from 100-125 lbs. I felt my healthiest and strongest and most beautiful at 120lbs. Now I weighed 169 at full term with recent baby. For several months now I have been jogging and eating well, but can't seem to get past 136lbs, just stopped losing weight! Getting older I guess plays a part! Anyway, I just finished my 7 day cycle with Orovo Detox and am down to bad, but I feel like its all been water retention. For the first couple days I felt jittery, but as long as I ate a good healthy meal 30 min after taking pills, I'd be ok. I'm almost depressed that I must stop taking them for 7 days!! Oh well, back on the treadmill. Oh and my skin has been noticibly better and softer looking.
posted 27-Feb-2008 7:20pm

oh, one more thing, for those who are skeptical about how this product works and what is in it, every ingredient can be looked up and easily explainswhat it does to help your body. My mother has researched every last herb and ingredient and every item is completely safe as long as you don't have allergies obviously. But alot of people are making a stink saying there are secret ingredients or no one knows for sure what is in them...well for those who don't know, it is clearly labeled on the bottle, and I have found the people who work at Orovo to be very helpful!!

Hope everyone has a really great day!
cajun girl + 30 lbs
posted 27-Feb-2008 9:00pm

Yeah, I think it will basically be the same, but maybe a little bit more intensified because it states that it is a jump start, so there may be a little more detox agents in it. We'll probably have to go to the bathroom more. But i'm ready. Let me know when you get yours and start. I'll do the same.
posted 27-Feb-2008 9:04pm

Hi, everyone! Ok so today was my second day of orovo. I still felt indigestion but I found that by drinking extra water it helped. I did feel a little nausea today but I found that it might be because I am waiting longer than 1/2 hour after I take the pills to eat. I was wondering if anyone else had type one diabetes because I do and I am not quite sure if these pills might be sending my blood sugars high a little bit. On a happier note I did notice that I have a lot more energy and it DEFINETLEY curves my appetite. I am praying that with these pills as well as cutting out all the junk I can get rid of the 30 lbs. I have been trying to lose since I had my 2 yr. old daughter.
In response to the person curious about anyone smoking and taking these pills, I do smoke and I have noticed that these pills actually have made me not want a cigarette as often as I normally do. I dont know if it is because of the indigestion, or if it actually has to do with the pills but that is another positive thing I have found with these pills. I will continue to keep everyone posted on my progress.

P.S. I think that this website is really great because not only is everyone able to see eachother's side effects and but it almost is like we are supporting eachother. I hope that everyone continues to write as I will.
posted 27-Feb-2008 9:26pm

Courtney I totally agree with you on this website, it is great and i was just thinking the same thing about the support group. Thank you also to the response to the smoking thing, who knows maybe I can quit! I am pumped for my pills to get here. I quit my job in June to spend more time with my son. I went from being very active and 125lbs to a lot less active 160 lbs. Its funny to think back and i thought I was fat then. I guess you dont realize how skinny 125lbs is until you put 35lbs on! This is the only place I could find any GOOD information on this product and how everyone is so honest. I guess I am a little afraid that I will be spending a lot of time on the toilet, but it doesnt seem to be a side affect for a lot of people. ( thats good) I wish everyone luck in trying to lose the amount of weight everyone wishes to. I will be sure to keep everyone posted once i receive and start my pills. Thanks everyone!
posted 27-Feb-2008 11:33pm

I was so excitd when the orovo detox bottle arrived. Yet i afraid to start because i'm on pain and heart medications. Does anyone know if you can take orovo detox with meds.
posted 28-Feb-2008 12:15am

I just started the detox and fat burner today and to be honest I'm a little scared. It's 12am and I can't sleep. I am exhausted, but can't seen to shut down to sleep. I've taken a few melatonin and it doesn't seem to be helping. I did notice by dinner I wasn't very hungry, but it's probably from feeling like I was going to vomit. My stomach is killing me, I'm so bloated, it hurts. I didn't drink very much water today, so I'm wondering if that could be it. I'm a little hesitant about tomorrow to be honest with you all. How much water are you supposed to drink?? I had a hard time downing all those pills, I'm thinking on cutting back or maybe just sticking with the detox and stopping the fat burner til my body gets used to the detox. Any suggestions would be great. I'm just hoping to get thru tonight and get some sleep and that my stomach will calm down...extremely bloated and uncomfortable!! Any feedback would be great, just wondering if anyone else has had the same side effects. Thanks!!
posted 28-Feb-2008 7:49am

Ok, so its the start of my 3rd day....

Like yesterday, I'm not feeling jittery like I did on my first day. The one side effect that I'm having are headaches. I didn't post that yesterday, but I wasn't sure if it was from the orovo or if it was just a headache. I think maybe it has something to do with me taking my pills too early? I dont know. I usually take my first 4 around 6:30am then my second dose of 4 around 12-12:30pm. I've had both headaches around the same time both nights, about 8-9 pm. I usually have 2 cups of coffee, maybe a couple of sodas, all before 4 pm. Doesnt orovo have caffeine?? maybe i'm having too much, i dont know. i'm gonna try to cut down on the caffeine today and see if my headache comes back...i'll let you know what happens.

On another note, that 1 pound did not come back. 1 lb in 2 days, not too exciting, but its a start. a couple more pounds this week and i'll be convinced that this is working for me. I've read that some people have lost like 10lbs in 7 days. Thats crazy. Dont get me wrong i would be happy to lose that much, but its so hard for me to lose any weight, so I would be happy with 2 or 3 lbs with this first cycle. We will see. Ok, so besides the headaches and jitters on the first day, I feel great and have had NO other side effects.
posted 28-Feb-2008 9:32am

ok so i couldnt wait to weigh myself. In 2 days i lost 2.8 lbs. Wow im happy. Only 37.4 more lbs to go. LOL. Basically i been cutting out most of the junk food i been eatting. I did drink about 6 bottles of water yesterday. I peed alot too. I did have a 10pm snack but not because i was hungry its just old habbits die hard. It is much easier taking the 10 pills now. It takes me an entire bottle of water but i feel better. I have not gotten any headaches and i have noticed i have alittle more energy.
biotch hunter
posted 28-Feb-2008 12:18pm

Hi Murfers--hope you are feeling better this morning. How much water did you take with the pills yesterday? I do 64oz a day, one 8 oz for every capsule I consume. I am starting to believe this might be the trick and plan on trying to consume even more water during my second cycle, which BTW I can't wait to start. Is anyone else experiencing almost the DT's when they are on their off days? I about went nuts the first day, I wanted to pop a pill so bad.

Anyway--back to your symptoms, I think you hit the nail right on the head about maybe holding off on the fb until you climate to the detox. I am doing a standing ovation right now for all of you out there who are able to down the detox and the fat burner all at once. That is SOOOOOOOO many pills! You will have the one up on all of us when we get to be old people and have to do three times that amount. Way looking forward to that.

Back to my off days. I was talking to my "little" sis last night, and she 'out of the blue' started describing off day symptoms very similiar to what I was experiencing. She said she could tell she was off the Orovo by her descending mood. She was also experiencing this crazy amount of unjittery energy where she wanted to do things like unintentional housework(not the intentional type like when your mother-in-law is coming to visit).

She was telling me all this on the phone, which I almost dropped into the vat of vinegar I was working out of. I was on my hands and knees in my kitchen, cleaning the baseboard with a toothbrush. I was on my last room in the house, because the bleach water I had used to get my daughters softball pants to a perfect whiteness had given me the idea of bleaching all the baseboard in every room but the kitchen, which has wood flooring, hence the vinegar.

Anyway, while I was down there, I noticed my cabinets looked a little dull, so they got a vinegar wipe down, too. I ended up knocking a empty package of crackers (I have teens) out of the pantry when I was cleaning the shelving and the crumbs (guess it wasn't completely empty and that's why no-one bothered to toss it) came out, so I ended up mopping down the kitchen floor, too. It seemed like the right thing to do after the baseboard anyway.

After I was done emptying all the old cereals out and deciding which ones were safe for the birds and squirrels, I ended up lighting insense because my whole house smelled like some weird douche product, so now we smell like Woodstock minus the weed.

At any rate, I would be interested to hear back if anyone else off cycle is having similiar experiences. At this rate, I will have my spring cleaning done and maybe be able to tackle things like my storage shed that has not been gone through in ten years or so.

About the smokes; Little sis has a friend that stated, as Courtney did above--that she is having decreased nicotine craves. This is truly amazing to me. I know how hard it is not to just get up in the AM and start your day off with a cigarette and continue right on through the day because you are craving them. Even a small measurable decrease is exciting news. I smoked up until about seventeen years ago when one of my older sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost a breast to it. I know--I know--not the same cancer, but I figure if she is pre-disposed to cancer period, I might not want to risk it and now the hard evidence is in on the nicotine.

Anyway--good luck to all of you who are even thinking about quitting. I will say, it was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. I will always be on my guard, because I can never really say I wouldn't ever do it again. It was that strong of an addiction to me. I just pray I never do, and you will never catch me preaching to someone else to stop--it's not that easy.

One more interesting thing little sis shared with me. She said she can drink wine on Orovo--but not the hard stuff, like whiskey. We were on the phone, but I know she must have heard my eyebrows go up because she right away reminded me that she is not a drunk. She said it was just a few shots and that she had just a little buzz on. She said she woke up a few hours later and started vomiting violently. I have never vomited any other way, but I guess she means with some force behind the movement. Another eyebrow lift got the fact that she did not pass out, but had fallen to sleep--not drunk, just happily buzzed. Anyway--she said she thought maybe since Orovo is a detox--the alcohol was considered toxic and that is why her body refused to keep it.

On a happier note--thanks to all the posters on here. I feel like this is a pretty great group of upbeat people sharing their experiences and I hope we all succeed in our shared goal of losing those extra pounds.
posted 28-Feb-2008 12:34pm

well i weighed in this morning... not all that happy for everything i am going is day 4 and I only am down .7 of a pound! any suggestions?
posted 28-Feb-2008 2:01pm

it sounds like taking the detox and fat burner (also detox) at the same time is putting you into overload. this would be fine and nice if you were taking in enough water to keep all the toxins and extra stuff "moving along" out of your system but it might be dangerous to detox without drinking enough. if you're bloated and uncomfortable it's probably because you've got a bunch of toxins ready to be let out but without the fluids to leave. it's happened to all of us, i'm sure. my suggestion is to just keep drinking more than you even think you can. water's not so bad! if that doesn't work, cutting back might be a good idea.

i read somewhere (wish i had the link at hand to send you) that orovo has an amount of caffeine equivalent to two large cups of coffee. so if you're drinking lots of coffee and soda already, that could be the cause of some adverse effects. caffeine is one of the top causes of headaches. and coffee depletes water from your system so if you're not balancing it out with water, chances are you'll get a headache (lack of water surrounding the brain causes the "cushion" to diminish temporarily and inflammation occurs, causing headaches). try replacing one or two servings of coffee or soda with water?

just some suggestions, hope everyone is feeling better and staying motivated. keep it up guys
much love, k
posted 28-Feb-2008 2:19pm

Hello everyone :)
I just have to say that this is great little blog happening here. I was actually looking up info for another diet product when I came across an ad for Orovo. So then I was going to research it and came across this website. I went back to college a couple of weeks after turning 30 and I have a year to go before I'm finished. I don't know if it was the magical age of 30 or taking evening classes or a combination of the two, but I started out a size 8 and I'm pushing into a 14. I try not to eat much after I get out of class, but I'm just like a kid when they get home from school-looking for something (anything) to eat. All that thinking makes a person hungry!! I got a treadmill a few weeks ago and started walking a mile and a half everyday. While I'm feeling better overall, my clothes aren't fitting any differently. To keep from feeling worse about myself than I already do, I claim my dryer is shrinking my jeans. So, this is my dilemma and the reason for a diet aid. I just need a little help. When I hear the word "detox", I automatically think of diarrhea. So, I am happy to see this isn't a definite side effect of this product. And, while this website probably isn't known to every individual that is taking it, I'm seeing more energy as a plus and some weight loss, which any is a good start, by most of the posters. And I am a smoker trying to quit, so when I hear that it helps with that too, well, that's just a bonus! All of this has convinced me to give it a try. So, thanks to everyone that is posting and I'll be back to keep you informed of my progress and side effects as well.
Have a good day :)
posted 28-Feb-2008 2:26pm

Oh, and I also have adult acne. It's not as bad as it used to be-I've been using Proactiv-but it's still there. Does anyone have acne and have you noticed any difference after starting the Orovo?
posted 28-Feb-2008 2:32pm

I have been Orovo original for about one week now and I don't really feel anymore energy. I also feel just as hungry as I did before... I guess I should have went with the detox version. I just ordered the fat burner too so hopefully I will see a difference with that. I guess next order I will try the seven day cycle version instead. I am not sure about the weight loss since I do not own a scale but my pants feel about the same. Oh well I will stick with it and hopefully I will start to see results. I know i am not drinking enough water and am working on that. This site really is great- it has kep me motivated to keep trying orovo.
posted 28-Feb-2008 3:24pm

i jinxed myself. i have the worst headache now.
cajun girl + 30 lbs
posted 28-Feb-2008 5:06pm

biotch hunter,
Are you really Erma Bombeck? You are hillarious. I cant wait till my order comes in to get started. I'm overweight, bloated, have adult acne, need to quit smoking, and my house is filthy. My baseboards haven't seen a rag since I was a size 6. Boy, how time flies. I love this site and appreciate all the comments.
"Real women don't have hot flashes, we have power surges"
biotch hunter
posted 28-Feb-2008 5:47pm

Hi twosassi

I hope you stick to your original plan of trying on your "fat pants" on Sunday. A lot can happen in a few days. I am looking forward to hearing back from you about how they fit and you have motivated me into looking for a pair of my own to try as well.

BTW--tikldpink73, I thought I was the only one who tried the dryer scam! LOL, was good to hear that from you. Thanks for your honesty.
biotch hunter
posted 28-Feb-2008 5:59pm

cajun girl + 30 lbs

Not Erma--she was too clean--although I loved her. She probably did her baseboards on a regular basis. Power Surge!! Love it! lol
posted 28-Feb-2008 6:40pm

For those of you that are having a hard time getting some sleep, I was on the orovo website and saw that they do have a caffeine free pill also. I dont know if that will help you or if you want to spend more money or not. Also they do have an acne program on there to for the people that are having problems with acne. All you have to do is go into and click on store. I hope this is helpful to some of you!
posted 28-Feb-2008 7:30pm

Hello everyone, just got my supply of Orovo Detox and 7-DFB in the mail today. I'm starting it tomorrow. I'm pretty hyped about this diet plan and hope it works well for me. I will keep you posted as I take it as to whether I have any side effects etc.

I'll be taking a protein shake twice a day (during breakfast and lunch) in addition to eating a low-carb, low-fat, diet with my normal gym routine.

So wish me luck! And I hope to report back good news.
posted 28-Feb-2008 8:29pm

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a good day! Well today was day 3 on orovo and I finally did not feel the indigestion and naseua ! I really think it has to do with drinking enough water and eating at exactly 1/2 hour after you take the pills. I again have not craved a cigarette AS MUCH as I normally do but this is not a MIRACLE pill that will make you quite smoking! I am still smoking! I am not weighing myself because I have found that if you do not weigh yourself at the same time everyday ( you should weigh yourself when you first wake up and before you eat anything) that it can give you FALSE readings, plus I have my period:( NOT FUN! and all women know that when they have their period they will weigh more than normal ! I also have not had any high blood sugars today so I think that either A. my body is getting used to the pills or B. it had nothing to do with the pills in the first place. I am going to judge if I lost weight by how my clothes fit me because I think that is the most accurate way to judge it. Well thanks for all the support and I hope my messages have been helpful to everyone as yours have been to me ! I gotta go my 2yr is pulling on my arm ! Time for her bedtime! LOTS OF LUCK EVERYONE!
Bran =)
posted 29-Feb-2008 2:20am

Hey Everybody! This is such a great place for positive support! Thank you all sooo much. After debating, I decided to give Orovo Detox a shot. Im about 5'1" and recently went from 110 lbs. in a size 1 to almost 130 lbs. Its really easy to get discouraged when Im eating right and exercising but the weight doesnt seem to be coming off. I recieved my first shipment today and will start tomorrow with everyones great advice in mind. Ill be back to let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
Biotch Hunter- You never fail to crack me up... =)
Bran =)
posted 29-Feb-2008 2:24am

By the way - I've had problems with terrible acne for years but could never seem to find anything to clear it up, despite trying proactiv and prescriptions from a dermatoligist. Any got lucky with some skin improvement? Let me know...Thanks =)
posted 29-Feb-2008 7:57am

yes, i think my prob with getting those headaches was too much caffeine. I didnt think the caffeine would effect me so much cause i do drink a ton of water throughout the day, but i was wrong. i'm happy to say that i did not get a headache last night. Yay! i still had my coffee yesterday morning, can't go without my coffee lol. I did cut back on the soda though. I only had about 1/2 a can. i'm gonna try to cut out the soda all together (prob why i gained alot of my weight in the first place), but that will definetely take some time. i would try the orovo that doesn't have caffeine in it, but i think in my case this might work better to help me cut down on the soda. I'll think twice before crakin open a pepsi! definetely do not want those headaches to come back!

thanks k
posted 29-Feb-2008 8:05am

Starting day 4....

As you can see above, my headaches are gone. Yay! With that gone, I have no more side effects (bad ones anyways). I havent experienced anymore weight loss besides that 1 lb after my first day :( I think i'll lose at least another pound by the time my seven days are done though. We will see. I do have alot more energy than usual and feel pretty good.
posted 29-Feb-2008 11:36am

Is anyone taking the original blend and seeing results?? If so how long did it take??
posted 29-Feb-2008 4:16pm

Thanks to everyone...I'm thinking it was a stomach bug. I was out of commission for 2 days, just starting to feel better today. I do think I took too many pills, will start out with just the detox, I really was wound up and couldn't sleep. I'm thinking I'll try again tomorrow, but just the detox to start with. So glad I found out about this website, very helpful. I'm hoping this stuff will really work as stated on their website, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
posted 29-Feb-2008 4:29pm

I nervously placed my first order of Orovo + 6DFB yesterday and luckily today (after searching for a couple of weeks) I finally found this site. Your comments/reviews are very helpful! I wish I had found it before I placed my order since it would have saved me a lot of time trying to decide whether or not to place an order.

I have a hsrd time swallowing large pills and after reading all the entries and learnig how many pills are required per day it dawned on me that I have no idea how big these pills are. If you are like me and have tried just about every diet pill out there, you know that some of them are like horse pills.

Can anyone give me an idea of how big the pills are and whether they are the chalky ones that get stuck in your throat or the easier to swallow caplets or gelcaps?

I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks in advance - I will be checking back regulary as I am anxious to see everyones progress...and hopefully I can write a positive review myself.
posted 29-Feb-2008 8:58pm

Hi everyone, ok so it is day 4 for me and I feel great! I think my body is finally used to the pills and I am happy that my sugars were perfectly normal today. My cravings for cigarettes have come back though. I think that the reason I wasn't craving them the first couple of days was because I had bad indigestion and it just made it worse when I smoked. Now I am totally back to my normal self! No side effects at all! I love the energy boost I have and I love the fact that I have NO appetite! Really helps me not overeat ! Now all I have to do is get the motivation to get on my elliptical and I KNOW I will be back to my old self in no time ! I really am praying this works for me because I am getting married in November and I want to me at least 20 lbs. lighter before then with enough time to get my dress refitted! PRAYING THIS WORKS! Well I hope everyone is doing well!
Oh and to Marlo, the pills are pretty large but the are not chalky, they are like the type that has the gel outside and you can see that there are 2 pieces put together with the powdery materials inside them! They go down pretty easy as long as you drink PLENTY of water because they have cayenne pepper and garlic in them so without alot of water they tend to give you indigestion! So my advice is take your time taking the 4 pills and make sure you drink plenty of water. OH and I am just talking about the orovo detox pills I have no idea about the other ones! But you are going to be taking alot of pills if you take both so if you are not a good pill taker you might want to alternate every other week. Take the 4 detox pills twice a day for a week and then on your week off take the other pills. I hope this helps you !
posted 1-Mar-2008 12:16am

Hey Marlo,

Trust me, I have a hard time swallowing pills, even the tiny ones. These pills are pretty big, but they are easy to swallow. They come in gel cap form. Just do what I do and think of all the possible benefits, that makes it easier for me. Anyways, are you trying orovo detox or the original? i'm taking the detox version and im just wondering how the 7 dfb works. Thanks and good luck
biotch hunter
posted 1-Mar-2008 5:26am

Bran =)

Thanks. I have been thinking this week my skin seems softer in general, especially my hands, which should be all dried out from the vinegar and bleach they were exposed to this week. It might just be all the extra water I am taking in because I know I have lived half my life dehydrated and what k said about the brain and the effects of lack of water is pretty scary. I have been fortunate (knocking on wood)about the headaches, but I know other areas of my body have suffered.

I have never had much of a problem with my skin and it is a wonder because I did some pretty strange things to it in the seventies. I used to get up every morning, grab a box of salt and scrub the peewads out of my face with that salt. I never used soap--just hot water to wet my face and then the salt scrub. I rinsed it by slapping myself silly with cold--cold water. Then at night, twice a week, I would take two eggs, seperate the yolk from the whites and walk around with a yellow face and stiff cowlicks all over my head for an hour or so. These I had to rinse off and out with extremely hot water, but I always did the final rinse with the water cold.
I was still following this little regiment when I married at 26. I about scared my husband single the first time he caught me doing my egg ritual. He teased me all the time after that when we made breakfast, always asking me, "Do you want em over easy or on your face?"

It might not have been the wisest thing, the eggs and salt, but I either have very good skin (which is highly unlikely since not much else seems to be any good)or that stuff absolutely worked on me.

About your current weight; I feel for you because I remember going from 98 to 115 in two months and having two doctors tell me I was being too hard on myself and worrying about nothing. I was 27. I even had freinds tell me I was being too vain when I worried about it. "You don't look fat so quit your bitching." they would say.

By the time I had my first daughter at 33, I had been maintaining a weight of 112 for several years with little or no diet restrictions. I was the girl that ate half the pizza to your one piece, but you gained all the weight. I pretty much drank or ate whatever I wanted. I was working out four days a week and going out dancing on the week-ends with my hubby, so that is probably how I kept it off.

Anyway--fate or a few well placed envy curses did a number on me and it all caught up during my pregnancy, a time when I felt so healthy (no morning sickness) that I took full advantage of the eating for two myth.

So now here I am, hoping this one works. If nothing else, it has pointed a glaringly red arrow at my bad water practice and for some reason, it just seems easier to get in those 64 oz when I am doing the Orovo. I just read that a person really needs more than 64 oz, but that is a good starting point. The article suggested something like add so many oz for every 10 pounds of weight you needed to drop above and beyond the 64 daily ounces we are supposed to drink. I am going to go back and see if I can find the article, but I think it was 8oz every 10lbs.

Anyway--good luck and have a great day. I am only awake this early in the morning (2AM) because one of my daughters woke me up so I could walk down the hall and get her a roll of toilet paper out of the hall closet. She had to run right past the hall closet next to the bathroom to get to our room, but guess she was so stoked (she watched a scary movie) she just kept right on running. Guess her freind and sister would not venture off the couch and make the scary trip down the well lighted, short, very modern, light carpeted, practically void of anything remotely scary (unless you count being the cleanest area in our house scary)hallway.
posted 1-Mar-2008 6:53am

Biotch hunter and Bran,

I am there with both of you on the weight gain. I'm 5'1 and went from like size 0 to 7 in two years. This 2 yrs that I'm talking about happened 4 yrs ago. I went from 100lbs to 143lbs. My weight of 143lbs has been with me for 2 yrs. Thankfully i have stopped gaining weight because i'm having the hardest time losing it, i definitely have to work to lose even a couple of pounds. I use to be one of those disgustingly skinny people who ate like a damn pig and, if anything would drop a pound or 2, but definitely not gain anything. Everyone use to tell me that one day it will catch up to me, but of course i never believed that. i think i was so use to eating what i wanted, when i wanted to, it took me forever to realize that i was actually gaining weight and that it for once was not just going to miraculously disappear. i swear it seemed like i just woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and realized that i was fat. i know, 143 for some people is a good weight, but not for me. I'm 24, 5'1 and filipino. 143 is definitely overweight for me. having to actually watch what i eat is very hard for me to do. my eating habits have drastically changed over the last year. must not be eating healthy enough because i have not lost any weight. thats when i decided to try orovo. i have lost one pound since starting, maybe more, i havent weighed myself yet this morning. i really do think it will help me to lose some weight and i love it that this site is here. its motivating to read all of the good reviews.
posted 1-Mar-2008 10:10am

Jen- I agree with you. I used to be the same way, eat whatever I want and not gain an ounce. I am 27 years old, 5'7 and used to weigh 125. Everyone told me I looked sick, but i still thought I was fat! Pretty sick. I guess I didnt realize how skinny I was until I gained 35 pounds. I am now at 160 lbs and hate my body. I quit my job in summer to spend more time with my son before he started school, and I guess I just let myself go! I dont even like to be naked in front of my boyfriend anymore.(even though he tells me my body is beautiful) I tell him he has to say that cuz he is my boyfriend! I have a hard time believing him. I cant stand looking at my cellulite legs or my stomach that looks like it did when I was 5 months pregnant! I received my orovo detox in the mail this morning and took my first 4 pills at about 8:45am. I am so excited! I hope this really works because I have been exercising like crazy and it seems nothing is happening. The scale always says 160! Hopefully a mixture of these pills and my new part time job, I will be able to lose this frickin ugly fat! Good luck to everyone and I will keep you updated as how they work for me!
posted 1-Mar-2008 10:27am

I've been reading all your comments and I'm so glad I found this site. I just ordered the Orovo Detox without realizing how much caffeine could be in those pills, and I'm super sensitive to caffeine. I could have a cup or two of tea a day tops. Otherwise, I get jittery and actually start to shake. Do those detox bottles say how much caffeine is in them? If it's alot, I want to get the caffeine-free original. I also have a sensitive stomach and some digestion problems, and I'm afraid taking 4 pills on an empty stomach could cause me some pain, as I've noticed many of your side effects are like indigestion and stomach burning.
I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me about the caffeine contents of those detox pills :)
Thanks and I'll keep you posted when I decide on the pills and start the regimen.
posted 1-Mar-2008 11:19am

kimbo, as I have read in other peoples comments, one person wrote that the amount of caffeine is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee. hope that was a little helpful
posted 1-Mar-2008 11:41am

Ok, so here I go again....starting out with just the detox this time, will add the fat burner later. I'm finally over my stomach bug, still a little tired, but want to try the detox again. I've already taken it and this time drank a lot of water, so far so good. Can't say enough about having this website to talk to people and have's kinda scary taking something you really have no idea will do to you, so this helps knowing that everyone is in the same boat. I've got about 60 pounds I'd like to lose. Had a total hysterectomy years ago and since then the pounds just seem to add if I smell food. I'm not a big eater, but I guess having my hormones all messed up along with a thyroid condition, I guess I was destined to gain. The only thing I really have to work on is exercise, I hate it, but I have to admit, I love the way I feel when I do work out, so I'm not sure why I just don't bite the bullit and suck it up and work out, I guess just laziness. I also love to drink wine, which I'll deffinately be cutting back, or stopping all together. I know while I'm on the detox it would be stupid to detox and then drink wine, why bother with the detox, right?? I just want to get healthier. I'm at the point in my life, 44 years old, that I'm getting scared of my health. I've never smoked, my whole family has, so I'm ahead on that end, but being so overweight, is not good. I don't even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I've always been a size 4-8 and now I'm 14 going onto a 16, scary. I'm just praying this will work for me. I just want to be healthy, not a size, just feel good about myself, care again about how I look and feel and maybe, just maybe oneday, feel sexy again. How wonderful would that be???? So glad we can help each other out through this journey. Thanks to all!!

Biotch----love your entries, you're a hoot!!
posted 1-Mar-2008 4:35pm

Hi y'all
I am on my second week of detox. Didn't notice anything first week, did not weigh in, decided my clothes would tell me. Did not notice a difference even though I started walking 10 miles every other day with another lady taking the pills. She insists her clothes got tighter, starts her 2nd week Monday. I finally weighed myself as biotchs sister insisted that I do that, she even brought the weighing machine in. I had thought I weighed 150 with clothes on, but turns out only 145 so maybe I lost a little but clothes hadn't shown so. I also take vemma, a liguid vitamin supplement and I drink two cups of coffee in the morning. Anymore than that always gives me a headache, taking the orovo didn't seem to change the way I felt. On the first morning of second week on it, tho felt a little wired but haven't noticed that again. Appetite seems to be down a little but I'm not a big eater anyway. Usually just eat a banana or slimfast for am anyway. I don't usually eat lunch but take the pills by 2 anyway as I have trouble sleeping and orovo has not changed that. I take sleep aids on and off, trying to quit them. Had to take 2 last nite as couldn'[t sleep at all.
I do notice that I wake up easier, around 4:30 am to make hubby get out of bed and I haven't been going back to sleep like I used to, instead I meditate for an hour. Have noticed that jeans feel a little looser today,so scale says I lost 2 lbs. have not changed eating habits nor drinking habit of wine at night. Don't think my skin looks any different. Only need to lose 10 lbs but its stubborn. Will continue with this week and see if any differnce by end of week before I order more. I keep a case of water in my truck and find it helps with making sure I drink plenty. May try something else next week for comparison. Will let you know, good luck ladies.
biotch hunter
posted 1-Mar-2008 7:04pm

OMG--she brought the scale in? LOL-- Gotta love her!

You are so right about those pounds being harder when they are less--but still--I think I know who you are, red, and I wish I was starting this diet looking like you. Hell--truth be told, I wish I could end this diet looking like you, but good luck anyway, because I do remember how hard it is when it is less weight--not easy. You will do it, though. I know you will.

Anyway--for those concerned about wine consumption--little sis turned me onto a alcohol free wine that is FANTASTIC. It tastes just like the real thing for those of you more concerned with the alcohol than the calories, like I am. I quit drinking seventeen years ago. I was sort of a kitchen lush by then, you know, one for the chicken and three for me.

Anyway--this product is called Fre' (I think that is how it's spelled) and I think Sonoma Vinyards puts it out. I need to compare the calorie count to the real thing. I get sort of freaked out when I drink it with little sis because it tastes exactly how I remember the real stuff as tasting--and I am always afraid she is going to switch it out for the real thing as an evil prank. I used to do some pretty super-human (ouch!) things when I was drunk, like thinking I could still roller derby style skate after 20 years off my wheels and stuff like that. I still have a lifer bruise behind one knee from when I fell out of a hot-tub, taking all the knobs with me on my way out.And no, I wasn't skating in the hot-tub, that was a different time. Anyway--the neighbors were mad at us for months!

At any rate,even the champagne version of this product is pretty good--not that I ever drank the good stuff, but it tastes real to me. And the Zinfandel (my old fav) tastes pretty darn good--not like that old TJ Swan crap, if you can remember those mellow days and whatever nights--kool-aid type wines. The Fre tastes more like some of the wines I drank (a lot of) when I was living in Sonoma and wine tasting was sort of an artform, but more importantly--FREE!

Good luck to all. I start my second Orovo Detox week March 4th. I will keep you posted to my results.
posted 1-Mar-2008 8:03pm

well i just got my pills in today and i feel very energized! dont feel weird at all! however the weird thing is that it makes me very hungry, which is weird for a diet pill to do. but i guess i will just see how everything turns out
posted 1-Mar-2008 8:20pm

Ok, I posted before I got the I'm on my 2nd day... tomorrow will be day 3 on the pills. This has been my experience: I wake up eat 2 yogurts with some fruit, (I added a few boiled eggs now for breakfast) along with a protein shake. I then go to work but for lunch eat a turkey wrap, some fruit and drink tons of water. I would wager I drink almost a half a gallon of water a day now with this product in my system. (I'm a big water drinker since I do cardio daily, at the gym, at home and/or at the skating rink). I can't say that the weight loss I'm noticing now is definitely because of the Orovo Detox formula but the combination of my eating habits, gym routine and this detox has had an amazing effect on me. I have more energy--and not ONE, let me repeat, NOT ONE, side effect. No headaches, no increased heart rate, no rapid breathing or sleeplessness. I've actually been sleeping rather well. Taking regular naps even on the weekend, for an hour or two, then turning in at night and being able to sleep without a hitch. I think the fatigue from my gym and cardio contribute significantly to my being able to sleep well.

One thing I have picked up on is the definition beginning to be very noticiable recently...ever since I've started taking the Detox formula... I've noticed muscle lines in the right places... and that tire I had consistently around my middle... (My stomach bulge!!) is getting smaller... my clothes are ALOT looser on me now, than 2 days ago.... and something else... I can't put my finger on it but I feel more alive... sorta hard to explain. I can't wait til my 7th day on this stuff... cause if I'm experiencing this now, and it's only my 2nd day... I can't wait to see what I look and feel like at the end of my week. I do take a multi-vitamin every day as well. (always have).

For those who do not know how this stuff works, let me tell you how I think I'm getting some maximum results: Low fat, low carb diet... TONS and TONS of water... (basically plan on making water your primary drink)... lots of cardio... daily if possible, and a muscle training routine (cause muscle growth stimulates your metabolism and makes you burn calories even when your sitting still)... also I take 2 protein shakes a day (one for breakfast, one for lunch)... combined with the Orovo Detox formula... This is the way to go.

I'll keep you guys informed about my progress as the days go on. I decided against weighing myself because the muscle gain from my workouts and extra protein intake, will counter much of what the scale would have said... I'm going with my clothes... and I'm HAPPY with what they are currently saying.

If I keep this up, I'll have to start shopping for some new sizes soon... >.>'' No money!!!!!!! But oh well. Keep ya posted.
biotch hunter
posted 1-Mar-2008 11:43pm


What type of protein shakes are you using? I want to try some once I get steady at working out. Any suggestions of good ones and which ones to stay away from? Thanks and good luck.
cajun girl + 30 lbs
posted 2-Mar-2008 12:15am

I feel like a kid at Christmas. My Orovo and 7 DFB came in today. After reading all the posts, I cant wait to start. I even went out and bought a scale. (call me crazy) I will post tomorrow night and let ya'll know how day 1 was.
posted 2-Mar-2008 1:09am

I just started Orovo detox came in the mail this afternoon but I was too anxious to wait until tomorrow so I took the first four before dinner. I've never taken any diet pills in my life but the claims about this one were too crazy to ignore. I am VERY in I weigh 250 lbs. It's 1 am now and I'm still wired. I also have really unpleasant heartburn and nausea. Oh man I hope this stuff works! I'll keep posting my progress.
posted 2-Mar-2008 7:20am

Biotch Hunter, I would suggest "Whey" type shakes. I'm using a decent brand I purchased on sale through GNC. It's from Optimum Nutrition makers called "Gold Standard 100% Whey". "Whey is more than other protein supplements, whey protein powder is commonly used by bodybuilders and other athletes to accelerate muscle development and aid in recovery. Some individuals with suppressed or otherwise abnormal immune systems or degenerative diseases use undenatured bioactive whey proteins to increase their antioxidant levels. Undenatured whey proteins are a good source of cysteine, a conditionally essential amino acid which is the rate limiting factor for the body's production of glutathione, an important antioxidant." -> from Whey has always worked for me, so it's the only type of protein (to be consumed as a supplement) I'd recommend. Good luck!
posted 2-Mar-2008 9:33am

Xiozen--what flavor do you use? I'm very interested in protein shakes, never tried them, but sounds like a good avenue to go down. My problem is, I usually am very picky about flavor, how do they taste? Can you add fruit to them? Can you use it as a meal replacement, like for breakfast, I'm not a huge breakfast person. I was looking at GNC to see if they came in sample packets, but they don't seem to. I'd appreciate any feedback---thanks!!
posted 2-Mar-2008 9:58am

Well, yesterday was my first experience on the orvo and to be honest with you, I didnt like the way it made me feel. It made me feel kinda "stoned" for lack of better word. I did feel energetic but my muscles felt really tired. I sometimes felt like I was zoning and was very jittery for most of the day. I was wide awake until about 2:00am. Its not that I had trouble falling asleep, I just didnt feel the need to go to bed yet. Once I forced myself to go to bed it didnt take me long to fall asleep. Does anyone know if these shakes will go away? Its a good thing I started on a Saturday or I probably wouldnt be able to function at work! I already took my first dosage for today so we will see how things go. I will keep you all updated!
posted 2-Mar-2008 10:45am

Murfers, I'm using Double Chocolate flavor. In order to enhance the taste, I add 2 packets of sweetner (usually Equal)... which makes it taste GREAT! You can add anything you like--usually I use one scoop to about 12 oz of 2% fat milk--adding in fruit or frozen yogurt works as well; but you may need a blender if you go all out like that.

Some protein shakes are "meal replacements"....they tend to run a little more on the expensive side vs just a protein shake which doesn't offer the additional meal replacement ingredients. Meal replacements are basically liquid food so they have a little bit of everything. I wouldn't suggest meal replacements unless you are really confortable with just taking it, and pretty much nothing else for awhile. To ensure you're still doing your body good, I'd recommend a protein shake as a supplement to a regular low-carb, low-fat meal.

1. EAS Myoplex (New Formula)
2. Nature's Best Isopure
3. Met-Rx Meal Replacement
4. EAS Myoplex Original Ready To Drink
5. Dymatize Elite High-Protein C

These are some of the top 5 meal replacement packets on the market. I'd suggest googling them each to determine which would work best for you--if meal replacement is your thing.

Good luck!

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