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Orovo is a diet product that claims to give you up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss in 7 days along with reductions of wrinkles lines and acne.


Orovo was inspired by an Oprah program in which "10 super foods" were presented which give you "Age-Defying Beauty" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The wife of Orovo's CEO immediately tried these 10 super foods. While she didn't end up looking 10 years younger, she did lose 10 pounds and the acne she had struggled with was gone.

From that experience, Orovo was created. Of course, eating the 10 super foods was time-consuming and expensive. So, Orovo was created in pill form to condense all the essential ingredients in an affordable and easy to take form.

Orovo claims to give you 10lbs of weight-loss in 7 days, reduces lines and wrinkles as much as 90%, complete acne and blackhead cleared up in 30 days, while giving you motivation, happiness, and health and energy.

The 10 super-food ingredients are: Buckwheat, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (yogurt), Flaxseed, Garlic, Soybeans, Wheat Grass, Barley, Cayenne Pepper, and Acai. Orovo adds 4 more ingredients: Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Idebennone.


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  7-Nov-2007 3:34pm created by bill
  11-Jan-2010 3:07pm last update by bill

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posted 28-Jul-2008 11:13pm

Day 37

Weigh in: 188.8 - my new sticking point!

Exercise: walked the neighborhood a bit

Breakfast: granola cereal w/raisins; Lunch: salad; Dinner: steak & stuffing (yum!)
posted 28-Jul-2008 11:19pm

either way, Patriot, don't give up!! OD or orovo regular or whatever ... I know we can do it!!!
posted 29-Jul-2008 9:49am

Guys Don`t give up. Orovo alone will not do anything. You need to exercise, cut high calories food " French fries, burgers.....). I believe for maximum results you have to be disciplined about what you eat, otherwise you will gain all the pounds back.
Good luck to everybody.

Starting : 216 LBS
Current: 208LBS.
posted 29-Jul-2008 12:14pm

Question: has anyone joined the orovo website to become a member and get discounted prices for the pills/products? i'm considering this and wanted feedback..........
Missy B
posted 29-Jul-2008 2:50pm

Here's my story....
I am 22(young) and I have never tried any sort of dieting or pills. I lost 30 pounds about 3 years ago simply by running, probably a little too much (about 5 miles 6 days a week). I went from 160 to a very healthy 130, I was in the best shape of my life! I was in college so when school got tough, excercise got tougher, I never had any energy left to work out! Now I am 145, I havent gained all of my weight back, but I hate my body and have never felt this way. I have tried to start working out again and I just can't seem to find a routine like I had before.

I ordered Orovo Detox to maybe get me started back on the path to the healthy lifestyle I used to have and am now on my 4th day. I have lost 3 pounds, but I have also been experiencing all of the negative side effects as well. I have been jittery, not sleeping, peeing every 5 minutes, and dizzy. I feel like the last thing I want to do is run when I feel like this!

I also have not felt a boost in energy (other than the fact that I cant sleep). I am just wondering for those who experienced some of these side effects that went long did it take? I know I am drinking enough water, I have never had a problem with that so is it something else? Also I was wondering if anyone knew how long I should wait between doses? I have been waiting about 4 hours, but was wondering if I could wait shorter because since I haven't been able to fall asleep until 6 in the morning I don't wake up until 1 or 2 which is when I take my first dose. I am just so new to this, I just am wanting some light shed on my situation.
posted 29-Jul-2008 3:54pm

no jittery feelings-but I also can drink a pot of coffee and never get jittery. I haven't noticed any significant loss from using this product. I have been working out and took a break from working out the last week when I tried Orovo..sort of had to stay home and not go to the gym because I was afraid I'd have intestine issues!which I did!. I see no improvement in my skin either. Buyer beware. I'll use up my supply and see what happens.
posted 29-Jul-2008 4:03pm

Missy-i only felt really bad like that the first two days or so, so since you're already on day 4, geez, hopefully it passes soon. i also have taken the doses as close as 3 hours apart on a day where breakfast was really light. hope things start looking up--great news on the weight loss! where did you buy the orovo from? just curious, i'm thinking of getting a membership to the orovo site....
posted 29-Jul-2008 4:34pm

what kinds of foods do u eat can u give us an example of a days worth of food
posted 29-Jul-2008 9:50pm

Day 38

Weigh in: 188.8/37.3% (needless to say - zantrex3 is not impressing me!)

Exercise: day off

Breakfast: trail mix bar; Lunch: small chicken burrito, chips & salsa; Dinner: steak & stuffing

I'm extremely exhausted this week ... annoyed that I've been stuck at 188.8 for the past week ... but I'm going to keep at it ... not very motivated to exercise right now ... camping next week - hopefully that will give me some of the much needed rest and seclusion my introvert self needs :)
posted 29-Jul-2008 11:08pm

OK, so needless to say NYC, yes that is all true, but if you have been reading the blogs, most of us are exercising and exerting portion control. For me, the less I eat, the more my metabolism slows down.Anywhoo,portion control has never been a problem for me, I don't eat over 1200-1500 cals a day, some days only 800 cals. And I exercise 4-5 ( usually 5 ) days a week...

So, after losing 3.5 lbs in 3 weeks on Orovo regular, and being out of pills, and as always being super cautious about the side effects ( I have had more panic attacts since being on the suppliment, could be just me freaking myself out, though ), I googled " safe metabolism boosters " and found OXEGEN AKG. Has anyone done any research on this or used it? It reads like a chemistry exam, but basically it increases metabolism at the CELL level by increasing the number of Mitochondria which also allows greater fat burning to occur. It has no stimulants so no side effects like caffeine or ephedra like metabolism boosters, no chance of having irregular or fast heart rate or increase in blood pressure. In fact , it is a vaso-dilator, so most likely your blood pressure will go down.

I think I'm ready to try it, since MY particular problem is metabolism and fat burning. And I know I need extra help, I could never exercise enough to burn enough off. And I don't need help with suppressing my appetite, its all in the metabolism for me. I will continue to exercise 5 days a week, regardless, because I do feel better and its just the right thing to do for myself.

So,does anyone have any info on the product?
posted 30-Jul-2008 11:01am

I eat between 1200 to 1500 calories a day. I exercise Tuesday and Thursday (Run 2 miles in each day) and play soccer every saturday for an 1 hour and a half.
The food that i avoid is:
- bagels, donuts, red meat, eggs, cream cheese, soda, sugar, tuna
- the food that i eat:
Brown rice, whole grain bread (2 slices a day),low fat milk 1%, sugar subtitute (sweet and low), fruits, vegetables, gallon of water a day,egg white, fish.

Sample of yesterday meal:

- Morning: 2 slices of whole grain + slice of smoke salmon+ coffe with low fat milk.
- Lunch: grilled chiken salads NO DRESSING.
- Baby carrots: snack.
- steam vegetables at 6pm.

I don`t eat after 7:00 PM.
posted 30-Jul-2008 4:16pm

Patriot: let me know what you make of the new product you are trying. I've been giving Zantrex3 a shot - after three days - I lost a pound - which is nothing to whine about :) - but I think metabolism is also my problem ... so curious how the oxygen product works for you!
posted 30-Jul-2008 5:58pm

redphoenixca2006: Me too....I can't wait to see if anything happens. All the research I have done has no downside, seems much safer than anything else out there, HOPE IT WORKS ! I actually thought I was out of Orovo, but had 3 pills left, so I will finish those out until the Oxegen comes in 2 days. I thought of Zantrex 3 also, but has LOTS of caffeine and one more nervous system stimulant, so I don't think I would be able to tolerate it.

I'll report back ! Congratulations on one more pound gone..... We'll do this, one pound at a time, no?
Missy B
posted 30-Jul-2008 6:32pm

Actually I lied...the 3 pounds I thought I lost were because of a different scale...I've actually gained a pound...this stuff is a load of crap...and YES I have changed my eating habits to healthier and less!!!!
posted 30-Jul-2008 10:07pm

Missy B-different things work for different people, don't get discouraged, something will work for you!
posted 30-Jul-2008 10:10pm

Patriot-hope the new product works for you--are you going to use it along with the orovo or are you replacing it? just curious!
posted 30-Jul-2008 10:18pm

KRKR: I will be using the new product instead of Orovo.
posted 31-Jul-2008 3:39am

Day 39

Weigh in: 187.6/37% (maybe the zantrex3 is working!?)

Exercise: day off

Breakfast: trail mix bar; Lunch: pasta salad, watermelon, pork steak; Snack: 100 calorie pudding; Dinner: small chicken burrito, chips & salsa
posted 31-Jul-2008 12:35pm

Day 40

Overall Progress Report :)

Starting weight: 194.4
Current weight: 187.6
Total weight loss: 6.8

Starting inches:
Arms: 16.25
Waist: 35
Hips: 43.5

Current inches:
Arms: 15.5
Waist: 33.75
Hips: 43

Keep up the good work everyone!
posted 31-Jul-2008 9:39pm

redphoenixca2006:your daily posts are very inspiring, wanted to tell you to also keep up the good work--it's paying off!
posted 1-Aug-2008 10:35am

I just ordered the Orovo Detox yesterday. I am very anxious to try it out. I started working out about a month and a half ago and while I'm having great results, I've gotten stuck at a plateau and need something to jump start me through it.

I'm very glad I found this post. It's very inspiring to see all the different views and experiences. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

When I started working out a month and a half ago, I was 188 pounds. I am now done (at last weigh-in -- I only weigh myself once a week) to 178.5. So, I've lost 10 pounds in a month and a half working out. Of course, I keep a very strict work out routine. I do aerobics classes and water aerobics 5 days a week, about 7-8 hours a week.

Again, I'll keep everyone posted and good luck to everyone!
posted 1-Aug-2008 2:39pm

so... i have never taken diet pills before.. in the last year and a half ive gained a few not so pretty pounds that have been bothering the crap out of me.. i used to be content looking in the mirror at my body and now with the extra 20 pounds it SUCKS so i figured id give diet pills a try..
.... i have been on my computer for a week now searching like a million different types of diet pillsss. let me tell you what HOLY HELL!!!!! there is so much crap out there its mind boggling...
anyways.. ive been searching and searching until i found orovo to me it sounds pretty legite.. but im a little skeptical about taking so many pills at one time... and what pills i should order together the
orovo detox+7dfb or orovo original+7dfb.. or what you tell me... all the info i can get would be great
posted 1-Aug-2008 4:31pm

I've just spent two hours reading and getting to know all of you
I'm 35,5'2"and 185...
I have gained 40lbs in the last year
this happens to me every 3 to 5 years
problem is as i get older it gets harder to take it off
-in my 20's just join a gym go every day and its gone in a cupple mounths
-late 20's eating right being active..took a year...

now I need help,theese three things just arnt working.
I just get discurraged and give up...I don't wont to let my weight get out of control.

so I'm thinking about orovo, everyone seems to be on the detox.. but after reading all the way from march... the detox seems to be a little hard on some people, with not a large amount of weight loss..with more steady health improvement.
I realy can't find that much info on the diffrences of the two or what the benifets of one verces the other is.. its a little confusing( kind of like my spelling) they are marketed the same on the web page ..
so if anyone has any imput..that whould be helpful.

posted 1-Aug-2008 5:13pm

Hello to everyone,
This week, I received the Orovo Detox and tried it. Very interesting symptoms... seems to affect more my heart/liver area. I don't know what to think about this product- even thought I did my homework researching properly before I bought it- but if someone takes natural supplements (like OD) in their body: Why we have so many common "negative" side effects? It's just a curiosity. I am aware the fact that every individual is diff. and unique but the symtoms are almost the same( in general- and based on reading ?!
The Natural supplement should help our body to nourish not to discomfort. Thank you
posted 1-Aug-2008 8:41pm

Day 41

Weigh in: 187.6

Exercise: 2 hours of dancing!!

Breakfast: nectarine, sourdough toast w/peanut butter; Snack: pretzels; Lunch: 2 small slices of pizza; Dinner: trying indonesian for the first time!! so not sure what i'll be in for :)
posted 2-Aug-2008 12:02pm

I am very excited to try Orovo Detox, I am just a little hesitant on which site to buy them from. I want to get a good deal on them, but am slightly affraid of buying them on Amazon and them not being the real deal.
Could someone please point me in the right direction ;)!
try it diet
posted 2-Aug-2008 12:34pm

Hi everyone. Today is Day 2 for me. First let me tell you about yesterday.

Day 1: Combo of 7-DFB and Orovo Detox
Breakfast: 6 of the 7-DFB and 4 of the OD with 32 oz. of water. I ate a healthy breakfast 30 minutes later. I felt fine. No extra energy, but no side effects either.

Lunch: Same set of pills as with breakfast with 32 oz. of water. I ate a healthy lunch 30 minutes later. About an hour or so after eating, I felt like I had the flu. That icky, sick to your stomach feeling. Although I never actually threw up, I constantly felt like I was going to.

I ended up sleeping it off (I took a whopping 3 hour nap) and I felt better when I woke up.

Day 2: After reading other's experiences on this blog, I've decided to just do the Orovo Detox (4 w/breakfast and 4 w/lunch). So far so good! I will let you know how it goes with my second set of pills.

About me:

I just turned 39 and I've had a weight problem my entire life. I cant blame it on genetics since both my parents and all my brothers and sisters are thin. So its just me and my love of food!! I've tried every diet under the sun. Some with good results (with Weight Watchers and I lost 30 pounds!). Some with horrible results (Atkins gave me the worst case of constipation!!!). But I always tend to gain it back when I stop the diet for one reason or another. Exercise isnt the problem (I'm that crazy girl with the genuine smile on her face during aerobics classes). I just love food (especially sweets) and I have no willpower when I have an opportunity to have it. Last year I managed to lose 20 pounds from pure dieting and exercise. Then I met my boyfriend, the chef! Like I said, I have no willpower and dating a chef has been hazardous to my waistline. I dont blame him because he's not the one who put the food in my mouth. That was all me. In the last 7 months I've managed to gain all 20 pounds back. I went shopping last week and I felt like crap when I couldnt fit into anything!!! That was enough to make me realize that I need to do something about it. I'm hoping the Orovo and blogging about my experiences will help.

Day 1 weight: 203
Day 2 weight: 202.5 (but that could have been from the many many many trips to the bathroom!)
try it diet
posted 2-Aug-2008 12:37pm

Jess, I bought mine on ebay. It was a little cheaper there. I got it in the mail a few days ago in the box and with the factory plastic seal on the cap. Hope that helps!
posted 2-Aug-2008 1:02pm

KT32tahoe: The Detox has WAY more ingredients than the regular....
posted 2-Aug-2008 9:34pm

Day 42

Weigh in: 187.6/36%

Exercise: 1 1/2 hour hip hop class

Breakfast: raisin bran; skipped lunch; Dinner: sushi; Dessert: donut
posted 3-Aug-2008 4:13pm

Try it diet: Thanks so much!
posted 3-Aug-2008 4:37pm

Today is my first day taking OD and I haven't experienced any negative side effects so far. I don't feel hungry and my energy is through the roof (without the jitters)! I am not overweight, but would like to lose 10 lbs. Even if I don't lose any weight, if it makes me feel good I'm fine with that.
Has anyone noticed their skin improving while taking OD like the website claims? Just curious...
posted 3-Aug-2008 7:10pm

Day 43 - back on OD today

skipped weigh in today

Exercise: walking in San Francisco in heels - now that's a work out!!

Breakfast: trail mix bar; Lunch: roast beef sandwich, potato salad; Dinner: ravioli w/tomato sauce
posted 4-Aug-2008 8:13am

this is the start of my third week taking the detox. i decided not to do off weeks because i'm only taking half the dose, and as soon as i stopped my appetite was through the roof. and i have to say, i feel really really good. i only had bad side effects the first day or two of week 1, and by now, i just feel really good taking it. more energy, much less appetite, and i think my moods are on a more even keel. i've also lost 4 pounds during the first two weeks, which is perfect for me. just enough to keep me going motivation wise. hope everyone else out there is doing well.

jess-no skin improvements here
posted 4-Aug-2008 8:14am

ok, so that was jill and not jess that asked about the skin--sorry!
Niel from New York
posted 4-Aug-2008 1:22pm


I tried OROVO several days now and it gives me a very bad headache so I decided to STOP taking it IMMEDIATELY.

I do not know it anyone experience the same thing that I am experiencing now.
posted 4-Aug-2008 3:38pm

Hey yall,

My names Christina. I'm 22yrs old and just had my second child March 23 of this yr and have put on a couple lbs. I am currently 185 - when before my first child I was only 150 =( I saw this product online and figured I'd give it a try. Today's my first day on it. So far, I havent really experienced any side effects except for a little energy boost. My goal is to get down to 140-150. Thats a big goal I know. Wish me luck!!!
posted 4-Aug-2008 9:24pm

I just got OD in the mail today. I will be starting it tomorrow. I appreciate being able to read the different experiences. I am anxious to see what this product does for me.
posted 4-Aug-2008 9:37pm

CMauldin-i'm in the same boat as you. i'm 26 with 2 small kids and want my pre pregnancy body back! i need to lose about 10 pounds would love to lose 20. i'm down 4 pounds after two weeks. i'm taking half the dose of the detox, 2 pills before breakfast and lunch without taking weeks off. good luck to you!
posted 5-Aug-2008 1:51am

Day 44

no weigh in or exercise - i'm on vacation!!!

no breakfast; Lunch: pizza & breadsticks; Dinner: chili, 1/2 roast beef sandwich

I'm taking OD but not feeling any effects this time around ... feeling a little apathetic about weight loss ... but not giving up ... just enjoying vacation :)
911 oper
posted 5-Aug-2008 6:49am

had a quick question. anyone out there work shift work? i am on midnights right now..11pm-7am. just ordered and am trying to figure out how to take this working nights? i would appreciate any advice. thanks!
posted 5-Aug-2008 12:01pm

Hiya, i've been reading al of your stories and i really want to try these pills. I am going on holiday in 4 weeks and really want to lose a good few pounds before i go. I've been on weight watchers for 6 weeks now and lost 8 pounds but i need to lose more and faster. I'm currently 170lbs unfortunatly due to becoming content in a relationship, and it has crept up over 3 years. Do you think this will help me? I really want to lose about 14lbs or more in 4 weeks, is this do-able?
posted 5-Aug-2008 2:06pm

I have just started taking OD today. I took the recomended does of 4 pill before breakfast and 4 before lunch. I am a little bit jittery but all in all not so bad. I weighed in this morning as well as measured my waist as I am more concerned about inches then the scale. Thank you to everyone who has posted stuff on this site. I am sooooo glad that I found it. I will keep checking in and postin results!
posted 5-Aug-2008 3:00pm

The pills worked great! I lost ten pounds quickly. The ingredients lister were foods I ate daily anyway, but it was pretty expensive and time consuming. The pills are a great alternative, I highly recomend them.
d d
posted 5-Aug-2008 3:06pm

I purchased my OD about a month ago and started taking them. Took them as directed for about 4 days and just couldn't handle the side effects. I felt like I was sick to my stomach and had a headache. Put them away for awhile and brought them out yesterday. Took my morning and lunchtime dose. I felt so sick to my stomach and had insomnia last night. I didn't take them today and the side affects are still lingering. My hat is off to whoever can take this product and still function. I am not sold on this product.
posted 5-Aug-2008 4:34pm

I ordered my OD on Sunday night!! FINALLY! I will keep you all posted on every single detail going on with my body as soon as I get it!! I still love this amazing site.... if not for it, I definitely would have trouble keeping motivated.
posted 5-Aug-2008 5:01pm

d d -- if you're up for trying something different, i'm only taking half the dose, and not taking weeks off in between, and i feel really really good actualy. i was like you when i tried taking the full dose and felt really really terrible. just a suggestion if you wanted one!
posted 5-Aug-2008 5:04pm

This is a great site! Thanks everyone for your honest feedback. I'm 41, 5'6" and weigh 175 lbs as of 8am this morning... The most I've weighed in my life. I've never taken diet pills before as I have an aversion to ALL pills. I only started taking vitamins this year after my OBGYN told me I was now a "woman of a certain age" and needed to add vitamins to my regime. (Hurrrummph!) The other part of the story is I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer almost exactly a year ago. Good news is that I lopped those suckers off, got new ones and I'm now cancer-free (without the need for chemo or radiation!) However, 2 surgeries and a lot of recovery later, my energy level has seen better days. For the last several years I've weighed around 165; I'd be really happy between 145 and 150.

My last surgery was in March and I started exercising in May; mostly walking. I've always eaten pretty healthy, but since the surgeries my cravings for sweets have gone haywire. I've gained 10 lbs since January (my first surgery - just 13 hours long - was in November.)

I've been very skeptical of diet pills, but did my homework and decided to give OD a shot. Today is Day One. I'm taking as directed. I'm not a breakfast eater, but will attempt to change my ways for the sake of adhering to the proper directions. This morning was fine, ate oatmeal for breaky. Took afternoon dose at 2pm followed by tuna for lunch, but I'm a little nauseated since around 3pm. Of course, knowing the amount of crap (read: TOXINS, anesthesia, pain meds, etc... left over from surgery) that needs to come out of my system, I'm a little surprised I'm not feeling worse. I've tried to detox before (water and fast) and I felt about the same, so I'm sure that's the issue. I'll keep posting and will hopefully have progress to report.
posted 5-Aug-2008 8:15pm

I started OD this morning, I took 4 before breakfast and dinner. I felt a big boost in energy and just a little bit jittery but nothing major. I appreciate the energy. I work at home and usually around noontime, I am dozing off at my computer. But not today! I'll keep taking them and see what happens. Also it is 8:14 pm and I am starting to feel a little tired so I doubt if the pills will keep me up all night.
posted 5-Aug-2008 8:16pm

I'm sorry, I meant to say I took 4 before breakfast and lunch.
posted 6-Aug-2008 12:34pm

Third week on OD.
posted 6-Aug-2008 3:28pm

Hey Orovo family!
I have been reading these posts for four days now and finally decided to join in. I am almost 40 and have two kids.. And I just started taking my Orovo detox - today is day two--I just have to say!! I LOVE THE APPETITE SUPPRESANT effect- that's really my issue.
MY story: I am an emotional eater (bored, stressed, anxious, pissed etc) and I normally never ever have a weight issue - I love to exercise and am super vain about looking just so -- y'know what I mean.....but I haven't lost my final 10 pounds from baby two, and (gulp) the weight now is creeping up! five pounds in 5 weeks and I know that I am depressed for various reasons and stressed too- see.. I am a control person but there is alot going out - nothing really bad but still- that keeps me in limbo and definitely not in control- and I detest that...(BTW the stuff going on include: a probable move to another state, inability to work in current state- I need to switch my professional lic. but hub's said not to bother, toddler fighting potty training, and overall loneliness for friends - only lived here 7 months).
Anyway, first time in my life health/body image slipping away, and I am super duper sabatoging myself daily UNTIL now. I almost don't care if Orovo doesn't melt my pounds, I just love that i am not constantly thinking/grazing/eating food. I am so thankful for this site too-- I sort of feel weird taking pills to balance out my food issues, I was always a snob to those that resorted to it like they were just not diciplined etc.- like my sisters.. ANYWAY that's me, get used to me -I'm here for awhile!! yay to all of us!!
posted 6-Aug-2008 10:59pm

I am on day 3, lost 3 pounds, sleep well, cravings gone. I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins (it works but I cannot live on it for the rest of my life as I would like fruit and the odd sandwich or slice of pizza). I must say I experience morning diarrhoea but it is mild and not bothersome so far. I already drink plenty of water everyday, joint pain is gone and bursitis of the hip too. Coincidence? Possible but I am pleased with Orovo so far.

posted 7-Aug-2008 7:11am

forgot to add stats and observations of side effects
139lbs starting wt
136 morning day 3

side effects
slight icky tummy right after pills dissipates quick
waking up each nite multiple times to pee (?) notice no long stretches of deep sleep
no appetite cravings! the best !!!
posted 7-Aug-2008 9:29am

Day 3. Lots of energy, easier to get up in the morning. Drinking lots of water but constipation has set in. I will weigh in tomorrow morning.
long island girl
posted 7-Aug-2008 11:53am

I used Orovo for 3 months. I lost 3lbs within the 1st 2 days and my face broke out (I have no acne problems). when it cleared up I do have to say that my skin had a glow and freshness that it hasn't had in years. I didn't find the product did too much for me after the initial few pounds. Arbonne's Figure 8 products offer a complete weight management system that promotes health & wellness. They also have nutrition supplements.

Good luck to everyone here. I hope you find the success you are looking for. We are all beautiful and deserve the best!!!
posted 7-Aug-2008 12:46pm

911 Oper - I just started taking Orovo Detox today. I'm not on a night shift but I would probably just take them when you wake up before you eat, whatever time that may be before your shift and then again when you may be having your middle of the night "lunch". It should work the same for you.

I had a question aswell for anyone in my situation. Has anyone spoken with their doctor about Orovo and if so, did they approve? Also, I'm an on birth control and want to know if anyone knows if Orovo will effect it. Thanks again Ladies!
posted 7-Aug-2008 1:33pm

Hi guys,

Sorry I'm posting again.
My experience for day 1: I took the 1st 4 pills before breakfast but I didn't wait to eat as I do right when I get to the office and if I take them before the commute to work I'm afraid I might feel yucky as it will be about an hour before I can eat. I took the other 4 before lunch so I'm done my dose for the day. I feel very jittery, almost an anxiety like feeling. I can drink alot of coffee usually and nothing will effect me. I feel like I'm in a bad mood and a little tired. I really hope these work for me.

Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who have seen results!
posted 7-Aug-2008 7:53pm

Hey I have a question for you senior Orovo users, is there any weird symptoms during your off week ? I'm considering taking another appetite suppressant during my off week so I can continue eating controlled ie. not fall back into self-sabotage. and also, how long is the maximum one can take these pills? two bottle limit right?
posted 8-Aug-2008 12:51pm


Congrats on the weight loss. I figure Im not going to weigh myself untill my last day (sunday) so that way if I didn't happen to lose any weight I wont know till then hahaha. I want to lose 30-40 LMAO wish I only wanted to lose 10.
posted 8-Aug-2008 1:15pm

Hey all,
Day 2 experience:
Done my 2 doses for the day (4 before breakfast and 4 before lunch) I was able to sleep very well last night, no problems. I don't feel the anxiety or jittery at all today but my stomach is making alot of noises (it's graowling at me) LOL. I'm not tracking my weight loss until the end of my first week. I feel good!
posted 8-Aug-2008 2:47pm

Also, my sugar cravings and appetite haven't supressed at all yet. It might be the hypoglycemia. How long did it take you guy?
posted 8-Aug-2008 7:01pm

Does anyone know if you can take 7dfb and OD at the same time?
I have been on OD for about 3 months have lost a total of 21pounds, have not taken it for the last month and have found only 2 pound weight gain. Am very happy with weight loss but still have 10 pounds to lose hoping 7dfb will kick start it again.
posted 8-Aug-2008 7:21pm

Ive finished my first week on OD. I'm a pretty healthy eater by nature, I just fall victim to sugary sweets in front of me. It looks like experiences with OD are different for everyone b/c I felt my appetite suppress immediately. Seriously- we had birthday cake at work and I had no desire to eat it. I've lost 3 pounds this week, but I'm going to start running again and hope that helps with the weight loss combined with the pills.
I don't feel jittery- though I havn't taken a full 4 pill dose as reccommended. I take no more than 3 pills b/c I hate that. The only side effects I experienced was constipation the first few days.
posted 8-Aug-2008 7:32pm

ok so i'm back to feeling all bloated and huge again, don't know why but it kinda pisses me off. i haven't been eating very well though. not bad things, just not eating hardly anything at all. i need to push the fruits and veggies for a couple days i think. blah blah blah.
posted 9-Aug-2008 1:45pm

Hey folks,

Sorry I've been a away - had a lovely vacation!! Took the OD while on vacation - this week has been strange - haven't really been feeling the effects of OD - but gave myself a break on watching too closely my food while on vacation. Weighed in today ... still at 188 (I'm fluctuating between 187-188) ... so I was pleased that I didn't gain a ton of weight back.

Am recommitting this week to exercise and portion control :)

Have totally lost track of my "days" - and will probably switch to a once a week check in ..

Good luck ladies ... stay healthy, stay positive!
posted 10-Aug-2008 12:19pm

hey guys nearly done with week one on OD. but now I'm on my period and the scale says the same weight from day one (bummer), I'll write in my official stats at the real end of week one. So I have a question. before your lunch dose does everyone eat deliberately very lightly for awhile - like 30 minutes? I try to do that then take the pills and obviously not eat anything for another 30. anyway, appetite still controlled with pills although pms cravings and b-day (I'm 40 now!) drove me to have some ice cream. anyway, I hope these pills work but like everyone has said, time to incorporate exercise... oh well can't be avoided..
posted 10-Aug-2008 6:29pm

alright, so all of a sudden, i am completely irritable and pissy and just plain bitchy. i actually was thinking that the OD pills were keeping me on a more even keel happy go lucky feeling, but now, i seriously am doubting that. any thoughts? and it's not that time of the month, i finished my period about 4 days before this all started.
posted 10-Aug-2008 8:28pm

KRKR and Redphoenixca 2006: Since I have been off Orovo regular for 1 week I have noticed that my anxiety level has been much less, almost nil. I guess I am convinced that the Orovo made me more anxious. It was so bad that I don't think I will continue with it. Have yet to try the Oxegen AKG that I ordered. I showed it to my GYN MD and he barely looked at all the scientific evidence that was pretty impressive to me, and said that he wouldn't advise me to take it. MD's are so anti-suppliment,but this one does seem to have some scientific background to the ingredients to help boost metabolism. I thought it would be OK, since it has no stimulants, but he didn't take the time to read about it. Major disappointment. But I think I will give it a try starting Tuesday.Still continuing with my 5 day /wk workouts and portion control. Keep you posted on the new suppliment.
posted 10-Aug-2008 9:37pm

Hey Patriot,

I'm done with my second bottle of OD and think I will take a break. Interested to hear how the Oxegen works for you!!

Broke up with my boyfriend today - so prayers against the broken-hearted binging would be greatly appreciated - though I could go the other direction - no appetite at all - too soon to tell :)
posted 10-Aug-2008 9:59pm

Patriot--good luck with the oxegen supplement, i'm hoping it works for you. it's so irritating when dr's won't take the time to actually put forth some effort and compassion to address your needs, i say your opinion is more important anyways. with your workouts and eating habits, hopefully you'll start reaping the benefits!

redphoenixca2006--sending happy thoughts your way, like, stomach crunches are way better than crunchy peanut butter, and jumping jacks are way better than apple jacks, and lunges are way better than..........what the hell is the matter with me??

if you end up needing a good comfort food, let me know, there's a great recipe for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips that are only 1 weight watcher point per cupcake.....and they're simply delicious. i like them better than bad for you cupcakes.
posted 11-Aug-2008 8:42am

Quick suggestion for everyone. Instead of watching the scale measure inches. If you are taking the OD with a good diet and exorcise then you may not see a weight differential but you will see the inches come off. I have been on the OD for a week now and my weight has dropped like two pounds and I have lost an inch off my belly. smile I also only take two pills in the morning and two before lunch. I have no jitters and no side affects. But then again supplements affect everyone differently. Good luck everyone!
posted 11-Aug-2008 11:22am

Igot my Orovo today and had to start them straight away as i couldn't wait, I am going to keep track of pounds and inches and will let you all know how i get on ... fingers crossed
posted 11-Aug-2008 3:10pm

today is day one of off week and I switched to anoretix-- anyone has opinions on it? oh yea my ending stats are
start 139
end wk#2 138 (boohoo)
zero side effects aside appetite still supressed
excited about anoretix as another good craving killer. no exercise incorporated yet- kids all sick and I'm too beat (excuses)
posted 11-Aug-2008 4:41pm

Ruby I tried the anoretix as well ok so I have pretty much tried everything and i can honestly say that I never really saw any results on that either. Good luck and keep us posted
Dog Lover
posted 11-Aug-2008 9:01pm

I received my bottles of Orvoro today (10 days after ordering) and I am a little nervous about starting tomorrow. I will be at work and can't anticipate the side affects that I am going to feel. I am 5'8" and weigh 190 lbs. None of my clothes fit me decent and am looking to lose at least 15-20 pounds. Even if this product doesn't give me those results, I am hoping that it will give me the kick start (energy) that I need to begin my weight lost journey. Any encouragement is greatly appreciated. I will check back tomorrow and let you know my first day experience. Also, the number of the place that I ordered this product from was on my debit card statement, otherwise I didn't have a number either. I also emailed them from the delivery email that I received and they responded with 24 hours.
posted 11-Aug-2008 9:17pm

Beanie you are so right about the inches. I can see the visual difference in my belly area. Also, this is day 7 for me and I have lost 3 lbs but I do notice inches gone. Some of my clothes are a lot more comfortable now.
posted 11-Aug-2008 10:55pm

I started regular Orovo about 6 days ago. I feel good ( no jitters). I think I'm down 2 lbs, but I've noticed my belly feels a little smaller :) I'm taking 2 pills before breakfast, and 2 before lunch. I don't notice a huge appetite decrease, and I'm actually hungry at night. Anyone else notice this? Do you think I'm taking enough? Also, for those doing the Orovo Detox, what is so different from the regular Orovo? Thanks for the input!
Classy Bitch
posted 12-Aug-2008 6:50am

Couldn't tell you how long I am on the OD but I'm sure its in here somehwere. I have been placed on Depo Lupron for endometriosis pain and that had helped me gain 10 pounds--up to 162 from 152 (that was why I decided to try the OD). I was bouncing back and forth from 160 to 162 and felt that even though I was not losing any significant weight it was helping me not gain any weight from the birth control. I was taking it twice a day without the week break but that changed my bowel movements so I figured I had better drop down to once a day. Since doing that I have dropped from 162 (or 160 as I was bouncing back and forth) to my weigh in this morning of 156.8 so I am pleased. I still watch what I eat and walk regularly so I think I will keep taking it this way and see how it works. Good luck to all.
posted 12-Aug-2008 11:56am

Hi, I too am about 30 pounds overweight and have been looking for something to help curb my appetite and reduce these extra pounds. I began taking Orovo this past Tuesday and am definitely noticing a difference. My clothes are looser and with regular diet and exercise, it looks like Orovo may be a winner. I've gotten back on the Weight Watchers band wagon this week and I exercise regularly at my local Curves, so I'm looking more at inches lost than pounds.
Insomnia has been one not so great side effect, so I cut back instead of taking 4 pills at lunch, I take 2. It doesn't seem to make too big a difference, but I've also had to ramp up water intake, another plus to getting the weight off. Stick with it everyone, let's motivate each other on this journey.
posted 12-Aug-2008 3:02pm

Day 1 on OD

I feel the first 4 pills working their way around my body.. Haha! I took them with 16.9 oz of water. Hopefully keeps the negative side effects at bay. I already start to feel my hands getting a little shakier than normal though. Oh yeah, pills! Detox this body!

And I also measured that the smallest part of my waste is 34 inches, and the widest part of my hips are about 40 inches. Mostly I'm worried about my pants fitting better, so I will let you all know how that pans out! I will post frequently... probably twice a day. =) (PS I'm 19, with the crazy mom from previous posts)
posted 12-Aug-2008 7:58pm

Hey beanie-
thanks for the anoretix feedback - I felt the same appetite suppression as did with Orovo- did forget second dose and went wack-o on food (on period too) seriously why is that!!!? I'm so hoping the weight that came back is just water but I'm feeling the obvious is true, these pills just help set a nice platform for abusive overeaters/snackers like me but the real results are married to exercise-- those testimonies of major pound lost I bet are from real food abuser with mongo weight to lose (?) you think. I just received Body of Life (Women) any opinions? I've almost read half and it really does inspire you to just DO IT!
week #2 off Orovo still 140 damn it
oh yea you newcomers, I think the sleep side effect wanes in a few days, I kept with 4 pills and in 4 days I was sleeping back to normal... but that was me..
posted 12-Aug-2008 8:43pm

ok so like someone else said on here, i too am very hungry in the evening. and i'm not bothered at all as far as i'm thinking of taking 2 pills before each meal, including supper. any thoughts on this???
posted 13-Aug-2008 5:48am

Hi, This is my second day on orovo detox and i've lost 1 1/2 pounds!!!! Hope it carries on this way!!!!
posted 13-Aug-2008 3:41pm

Day 2 on OD

OK, so yesterday... I was feeling very shaky and what-not at work. And I was also sweating a lot. A LOT. Not to mention I did not sleep last night at all. I seriously got to bed around 8am, and only because my boyfriend felt so bad for me that he came over around 6:30 to rub my back til I fell asleep. Also, I felt like my right arm would not relax. I felt like it was really tense. Obviously, I did get a huge burst of energy. It was intense. I hope I can sleep better tonight... I think I will take nyquil or something to help.

Here is the thing though.... the day before yesterday, I weighed myself and I weighed 172. Last night, I weighed myself and I weighed 166. I couldn't believe it... I had to keep getting off and back on the scale just to quadruple check. Today, I weight 167.

It did suppress my appetite quite a bit. Breakfast, I ended up eating half my bowl of cereal because it was just NOT appetizing what-so-ever! Lunch, I had PB&J, and it was still really hard to eat. I realized later that endless, sleepless night that I hadn't really had much for dinner except two fruit cups, and an apple. I also drank about 48oz of water yesterday.

I didn't go #2 more than normal yesterday or anything. I usually go about once a day, but my #2 did seem bigger than normal. (Sorry, TMI, lol, I just wanna make sure you guys know EVERYTHING.)

Even though I got only two hours of sleep, I still feel very energized. My shakes are starting to come back since I just took my first dose not too long ago. Urrrrrgh.

Sorry to make this so long, but hopefully I lose inches rather than weight... that's what this is all about anyways, right? Looking better, feeling better... Good luck all!

posted 13-Aug-2008 3:43pm

R u guys all taking the orovo detox, I am starting on just the orovo itself. Does it also help to loose weight or is it just the orovo detox?????? Does the orovo really work????????????
posted 13-Aug-2008 4:45pm

Hey all,

I wanted to wait until I'd made it through 24 hours on Orovo Detox before posting. I was a bit nervous about taking the pills because of some of the side effects I'd read about - but I took 3 pills both before breakfast and lunch yesterday, and 4 each today. Yesterday I felt a bit of the burning in my esophagus and had great energy. Once I ate, the burning went away. I slept fine last night. (Note that I am a major caffeine addict and have decided to put coffee on hold while I'm taking Orovo Detox.) So maybe the caffeine didn't affect me so much...

I am on Weight Watchers and am doing this as well now to boost my weight loss. I've lost 20 lbs since the beginning of June. I have hit a plateau lately and am hoping this will jump start me into losing weight again. I'm still following WW diligently and am working out at least 5 times per week. I will wait a week to weigh in, I get too discouraged if I gain anything so it's better for me to only weigh once a week.

That's all I got - just wanted to check in. I've enjoyed reading this thread!
posted 13-Aug-2008 6:01pm

Is there anyone else suffering from constipation from OD? I have read where some of you are regular or going more. It is the exact opposite for me, I am really constipated.
My Three Sons
posted 13-Aug-2008 9:56pm

Hey everybody! I've been reading everyone's posts all night - and when I say all night I mean ALL night! You guys are really an inspiration. Before reading this I was pretty upset about the things I had read about OD BUT because of all of you, I am willing to give it a shot!

I ordered OD on the 7th, still have not received it. (I read some places that some people never even received theirs... that worries me!)

ANYWAY, some background, I am 21, I just had my third baby, (third son actually) he was one month on the 3rd. I put on a ton of weight with him. I was a total of 177. I dropped 20 after having him, right off that bat - that put me at 157. Before I decided to order OD I bought something called Gravitas. I've been using it since Sunday (10th) and so far with it, WW points system and an attempt at TaeBo, I am down to 152. That's 5 lbs in 3 days!! I'm really excited about that!

When I ordered OD I was super excited - I read a ton of great things about it (ON the website) but tonight I decided to do some further research and found a TON of negative feedback. SO, needless to say I have mixed feelings.

I would LOVE to get down to 125 - SOOO, 27 lbs to go!

As soon as I finish Gravitas I plan on starting OD, if it ever comes!

Hopefully I'll be keeping up with you all! Keep up the great work!!!!!
posted 14-Aug-2008 9:48am

hey everyone,
This site has been very interesting to read so i thought id share my experience...Its day 3 but i havent weighed myself..i feel like my clothes are getting looser but thats probably a mental affect..i bought the 7DFB which is 6 pills before breakfast and lunch, the worse part is actually taking the big fat pills, it takes me 10 mintues to get all of them down my throat and still feels like there i do feel like i have more energy, havent had any negative side affects..I dont feel too hungry either and has stopped my cravings...but i will keep you posted as to how much i did lose in 7 days wel hope i lose something wink
My Three Sons
posted 14-Aug-2008 4:12pm

Down 2 more pounds! YAY!
posted 14-Aug-2008 4:44pm

Hey all, just wanted to check in on everyone.

I've been off OD for about a week now and not planning on starting again until I finish the Bowltrol pills I have and waiting to hear your report Patriot on how the Oxygen thing goes!

I weighed 186 this morning - so I'm holding steady - haven't gained back since stopping OD. Haven't been exercising because I'm menstruating and never feel like I have the energy during this time. I'm watching my portions - some of my cravings are back - but the time on OD I think reprogrammed by approached to eating somewhat :)

I'm going to meet with a doc in early Sept. who specializes in medical weight loss. There is a free consultation - so I figured it would be worth checking into (she was recommended to me by my OB-GYN).

Keep up the good work everyone!

My Three Sons: is there a website for Gravitas? I wanted to read more about it.
My Three Sons
posted 14-Aug-2008 5:15pm

redphoenixca2006, you know what's weird, is after I brought it home I tried searching it on the net and have found NOTHING! I'm not sure why? It is a new product but even so, you would think there would be something about it... I bought it at VitaminWorld.

The box reads;
Gravitas - 30 days to a new you. Cleansing and Detox Weight Loss System.

Boosts metabolism, helps curb your appetite, cleanses your body and digestive system, provides energy and supports weight loss.

For me it has done every bit of that. I feel really good! It comes in packets. I take three packets daily, approximately 30 minutes before each meal. Each packet contains 4 pills, none of them are overly big, which makes it nice and easy.

I love it because I have a horrible time with "diets" and this is the first thing that has actually worked for me! (I'm hoping for the same results with OD) 7 lbs in 5 days - that sounds pretty good to me!

If I happen to find anything about it online I will post back...

And I feel ya on the period thing. My first one since my son came yesterday. UGH!!!! Still going to attempt a workout later. Don't ya just love being female?! LOL!
My Three Sons
posted 14-Aug-2008 9:53pm

Okay sooo, my "workout" only consisted of about 10 whole minutes of TaeBo, LOL!

Oh well, try again tomorrow I guess!
posted 15-Aug-2008 3:01am

Day 3 on OD

Still was the same weight this morning.... its so weird. 166. From 172, the night before I started the pills. No more weird side effects. Don't really crave any foods during the day. I never really have time to work out because I work like all day everyday. But I am constantly on my feet and walking at work, and only get to sit during break and lunch so....

pants seemed to fit a bit better.... but I'm still not where I wanna be. Ran into an aunt I never see or talk to at my work today (Target), and she decided to tell me I was getting fat. God, asian families suck.... Filipino, to be exact. I wanted to cry. I want to go back to College NOW. But I have to wait til the 17th.... *sigh* (Oregon State Univ.)

Hope all is well, ya'll.
posted 15-Aug-2008 6:44am

Hey all-
need words of support, have started eating crappy again. ice cream and funnyons *spelling? don't know why know I'm trying not to cycle: binge, feel guilt, feel negative, throw in towel, eat more crap, stop exercsing and gain weight AGAIN.
weight won't budge at 140, I'm reading the BFL for women any thoughts?
My Three Sons
posted 15-Aug-2008 9:12am

Hang in there, Arfy. Families... as much as we love them, they are HARSH!

It's hard with busy schedules to fit in excercise. You're doing great! Don't let anyone discourage you!
posted 15-Aug-2008 10:39am

Rubyred...I'll hang in if you hang in!!! I'm back after a few days away. I too need words of encouragement. I feel good on Orovo, but honestly don't see actual weight loss. Does anyone else? Please be honest, because I'm starting to think it's something I'm doing wrong. I've been on it about a week and a half. I hear it takes about 2 weeks to see weight loss, so I'm going to hang in. How much have people actually lost?

Arfy...don't get discouraged by your Aunt. Some people say the stupidest things and don't realize they may hurt your feelings. One time some lady asked me when I was due, and I wasn't pregnant at the time....OUCH! I honestly cried for the rest of the day.

My three you think the Gravitas works? Maybe I'll finish the Orovo, then try that. I need something!!!!! I have a lot of weight to lose. Help!
posted 15-Aug-2008 11:53am

rubyred: hang in there beautiful ... remember to work on your mind as much as your body ... regardless of what the physical seems to make you feel - you are beautiful and tell yourself that at least once a day ... it's hard to break habits ... but DON'T beat yourself up!!! one day at a time - and that day is TODAY - not yesterday's icecream or chips :) - much love - fighting the good fight with you

my three sons: thanks for the info ... may check that out :)

arfy: my mom used to have this shirt "I may be fat, but you're ugly - and I can diet" - i loved that - not saying you should call your aunt ugly - just giving you some mental ammunition :)
posted 15-Aug-2008 7:51pm

everyone is so great at building each other up! i love it!!

i am taking a break for this week and next just until my kids go back to school. they will both be in preschool this year and i will have a total of 5 hours a week by myself. yipppeeee! so i am devoted to exercising hard core while they're at school, because it's just practically impossible with them home. i wish like hell i had a vitamin world because i'd be all over the gravitas, sounds like it works for some!

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