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Orovo is a diet product that claims to give you up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss in 7 days along with reductions of wrinkles lines and acne.


Orovo was inspired by an Oprah program in which "10 super foods" were presented which give you "Age-Defying Beauty" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The wife of Orovo's CEO immediately tried these 10 super foods. While she didn't end up looking 10 years younger, she did lose 10 pounds and the acne she had struggled with was gone.

From that experience, Orovo was created. Of course, eating the 10 super foods was time-consuming and expensive. So, Orovo was created in pill form to condense all the essential ingredients in an affordable and easy to take form.

Orovo claims to give you 10lbs of weight-loss in 7 days, reduces lines and wrinkles as much as 90%, complete acne and blackhead cleared up in 30 days, while giving you motivation, happiness, and health and energy.

The 10 super-food ingredients are: Buckwheat, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (yogurt), Flaxseed, Garlic, Soybeans, Wheat Grass, Barley, Cayenne Pepper, and Acai. Orovo adds 4 more ingredients: Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Idebennone.


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  7-Nov-2007 3:34pm created by bill
  11-Jan-2010 3:07pm last update by bill

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posted 31-Mar-2008 9:06pm

sorry hit worng button. I bought mine from and I purchased from here as i ordered from the usa and waited 4 weeks. Not only that but i was hit by customs fees as well. I only waited 2 days for my product. I bought 7dp from www.bodyshop4less which has an order line and takes paypal. They were very helpful. To start with i took the orovo 7dp. I dont like taking anythingt o be honest but took these.I felt scared to take them as i react badly to tablets. I even give my self side affects that rnt there through worry. I can honestly say these have def worked for me. I also got hoodia 400g and took these with them from bodyshop4less. I dont beleive anyone that can sit and binge eat and lose weight. these tabs def worked for me and would suggest to anyone to get from uk as usa is def a problem and my freind was hammered with customs too. She even had them stopped at customs. If you call them they are really helpful too and a free 0800 number. Also girls if any of you use fake bake or st tropez is amazing its so cheap. tanned and slim i cant wait for the summer. I am going to try the normal orovo from Has anyone tried them yet. All is i can say is everyone is different and you can only try them smile Good luck and will check on peoples results. i want to get to 10 half stone in 7 weeks. another stone to go. wish me luck
posted 1-Apr-2008 8:07am

Smiley - I am not taking the caffeine free orovo.
I think I am wishing that I had.
I really don't feel like myself. Yesterday was day 2. I did not have my usual good nights sleep again last night. I woke up with a headache this morning.
I have come to the conclusion that I just don't like feeling 'off', though others seem much more tolerant of that.
I decided not to take a pill this morning. Except for 2 tylenol.
The scale said 140.5 this morning, so I've lost 3 lbs. since Saturday. But I am South Beaching it, too, which likely has something to do with that.
A day off today and we'll see what the scale says tomorrow.
posted 1-Apr-2008 10:27am

i have been feeling better since the first more side effects however, it did scare me! i have lost 5 lbs in 1 week yippie.....15 lbs to go...i do have more energy through out the day....i cant wait to see next week!!! i am hoping 5 more lbs. yes i am eating healthier too so i am sure that is helping with the weight loss...
posted 1-Apr-2008 11:29am

I dont blame you JodiM I would take a break too. Not worth feeling weird. Are you going to try the caffeine free or wait it out?

Congrats me!

Biotchhunter- sorry to hear about your UTI. Those are NOT fun! I do exactly what you are doing, drink tons of water, cranberry tablets, and juice. Are you going back to OROVO when your all better?
posted 1-Apr-2008 12:16pm

Day 1 of OD. First dose, I did the recommended dosage, but spaced them out just a bit and drank about 12-15 oz of water, maybe more. Not really feeling jittery, but a bit antsy. Kind of like I have restless leg syndrome all over my body. But not shakey, does that make sense? Also, I am still super tired, was hoping it would make me less tired. My almost two year old doesn't sleep well at night, so being super tired is normal for me. I don't think I have been less hungry either. But I have only taken one dose. Let's see what happens.

Oh, has anyone else felt really dizzy when they go from sitting to standing?
posted 1-Apr-2008 12:47pm

To respond to Smiley's question - my weight loss goal is small. Only 10 ir 12 pounds.
After losing 16.5 on Nutrasystem, (and gaining 15.5 back) I realized that I can't maintain that weight loss. I can also attest to the fact that as I get older it is DEFINITELY harder to lose it AND keep it off. But I did hold steady for awhile at around the 10 lb weight loss mark, so that's why it's my new goal. I think you need to be realistic...look at the whole picture..height, weight, age, exercise, etc.

That being said, and because I am also doing the South Beach diet right now, I will not go with another pill. It also pisses me off completely that I spend the money on these pills and they don't agree with me. It makes me NOT want to flush any more $$ down the toilet, so to speak. I haven't written the Orovo off entirely yet. I'll monitor my progress on SBD and see if I have success alone on that - I have in the past.

It's possible I didn't give my body enough time to get used to them and I would have adjusted. I just really hate feeling like crap.

I'll let you know what I decide to do.
posted 1-Apr-2008 4:32pm

Can anyone tell me if Orovo is safe to take with the Birth Control Pill? I'd really like to try it, but don't want to risk it.
posted 1-Apr-2008 4:38pm

Ok, dose two of day 1 in and I am super achey. My whole body hurts similar to having the flu. Maybe I am coming down with something? Anyone else experience this same thing?
posted 1-Apr-2008 7:24pm

JodiM- I really think you are right about the pills. Not to be a downer on anyone......please dont take it that way. Really, if there was a pill wouldnt everyone be taking it? I have friends that have had great success with Bontril-she lost 30pounds and has kept it off. I read about the side effects and it was enough for me to keep doing it the "old fashioned way". Most people do gain the weight back and thats what I am afraid of.

Myself-I will diet and lose 10 pounds and think I am okay,,,then I slack off, thinking I can eat again and not exercise and BOOM its back on !! I cant get into the mindset that it has to be consistent ALL the time. I wish there were a pill to help me with that!! I am so happy for all you ladies and gents that are having great success with orovo. I dont want to risk feeling weird etc....I think I will be 165 pounds no matter what I do!!!! Oh and I am 5'5". I would be happy at 150 but I have been this weight for about three years. I feel like a fat pig!! I do exercise and eat good most of the time-i guess its not enough for me to lose those 10 pds! Turning 39 AINT helping me either!!! Have a good night everyone!
posted 2-Apr-2008 11:54am

I have three more days before I do an official of today I have only lost 1/2 pound but my clothes fit so much better and my fiance even commented about my tummy going away........I may be building muscle because I have been working out more and upping it just a lil each day. Has anyone who thinks they didn't loose actually checked their measurements?? I didn't think about it before but am going to try and track that from now on too. Pants I couldn't button at all last week I can button now...they are still a lil snug but I'm just happy they may fit again and I know 1/2 pound didn't change the buttoning issue because there was a good inch between them if I pulled as hard as I could!!!!
posted 2-Apr-2008 1:53pm

I'm on my week off, sure hope I don't put back on the wopping 1 pound I lost. But I'm going to stick it out at least for a couple of months and see what happens, I don't have any side effects with the Orovo Detox, but I really believe it has to do with drinking tons of water. I have no trouble sleeping. I start back up on Friday, I will weight myself and see how I did on my week off the pills and post. Good Luck to everyone. I guess I just want that magic pill that works overnight all in one dose and gives you that perfect body. ha ha
posted 2-Apr-2008 2:00pm

posted 2-Apr-2008 2:03pm

posted 2-Apr-2008 2:10pm

Ok, I think I figured out that I was having Kidney issues yesterday. I suppose I was detoxing. It made me feel awful. Plus, I have adrenal fatigue, so my kidney's acted up causing my adrenals to act up. I feel a bit better today, I feel weak, but not in pain like I was yesterday. I lowered the dosage to 2 at a time instead of 4. I may need to work up to 4. I guess no one is having the same issues I am as no one has responded to my posts?
posted 2-Apr-2008 3:11pm

No sorry to say I haven't had any of those problems. Hang in there, everyone's body is different. Just keep drinking lots of water.
LW- Cali
posted 2-Apr-2008 3:48pm

Victoria, too funny LOL...You are so right about running to McDonalds! HA! I tried that too and actually felt sick.(DUH) During lunch time I ate the smart meals (by weight watchers), it was actually easier to count the points during the day then calories. Best of Luck!
posted 3-Apr-2008 2:04am

Okay, so I ordered my Orovo Detox and 7DFB and am waiting for them. Honestly I'm a little scared because I read so many articles and comments saying that Orovo is a scam! (Well, actually very possible. And I don't even expect any kind of "magic pills", you know :P) But you guys seem real so I decided to give it a try. I haven't decided which one I should try first, though. My only concerning is that I have relatively weak kidneys.. we'll see!
I have a question here: I'm 5'7" / 138 lbs. The numbers look okay but my body is totally unbalanced, maybe because I got fat too quickly these days. My ideal weight used to be 123, not for beauty, but for health and mood, seriously. And almost all the fat and weight I gained these days just went to my butt and legs! (Surely, some went to my tummy.. a bit.) So annoying! I found that most of you are talking about how many lbs you've dropped.. but how well does Orovo Detox work for the size? Does it work for butt/legs too?
posted 3-Apr-2008 3:22am

I just received my Orovo Detox today. Thank you guys for all the feed back. I decided to start to use the pill on Saturday, so if there is any discomfort at least I'll be home. I am nervous because I am really sensitive to Caffeine. I'm prepared for the nauseous. I'll keep everyone updated.
posted 3-Apr-2008 9:32am

Hey everyone. So... I am still on the OD and I only took 1 day off. The two days befor that i only took half the dose. so I am on day 2 week 2. results: I have past the 204 mark!! YAAAAAHOOOO! I am now 203. I know its only 1 pound, but after taking 1 day off and the two days befor that I didn't eat the best, I think that is some progress! I am finally past the dreaded plateau that I could not get past. we'll see how the rest of the week pans out.
Total weight loss: 8lbs
start weight: 211
height: 5ft 11"
weight to date: 203
goal weight: 165
Good luck to everyone!!
I'll keep in touch. cheers
posted 3-Apr-2008 11:58am

For those of you out there who have just started and are close to finishing your first cycle.... you may not lose anything or feel very much different. However, if you go off for the seven days in between and then start your second cycle - you will then see and feel a difference. But rememeber you also need to watch your calories and foods (lean protein works the best for me) and also add some exercise to the mix. You will start to feel really good.
posted 3-Apr-2008 12:36pm

How many inches have you lost? Isn't the weight loss just because you go bathroom more often? Surely, your waist can become slimmer if you poop more. And actually, you can lose up to 10 lbs just by flushing the old waste in the bowels.. (Anyone who has done *washout* will agree with me.) I am still a little skeptical. I want to know if any of you lost inches other than tummy.
posted 3-Apr-2008 12:48pm

As far as inches - not really sure. I do not do the measuremants but my closer fit differently. I have an athletic build and my jeans are loser in the upper thigh area. (I walk at lunch so of course that will attribute some but that is mostly increased muscle)

I am only looking to lose 20 lbs so of course I will not see as much weight loss in a week as someone who is looking to lose 40 to 50 lbs. I think the pills help by suppressing your appetite and giving your metabolism a little jumpstart.

As a former personal trainer (before kids) I know that once you start to take off the weight your lean muscle will appear under the layer of fat and also you generally lose weight last in the places that you first gain it.
posted 3-Apr-2008 1:23pm

What is "washout"? I am lost!
posted 3-Apr-2008 1:49pm

Hi! Well here I am in week two of my OD. My first day back was yesterday and I felt fine, just a little more energy. Today I took my first dose, was fine, but did not have time for breakfast. When I took my second dose at lunch time, about a half an hour later I thought I was going to puke! I imediately ran out and got some food, which I am eating right now. The nausea has somewhat subsided, but now I feel a little jittery. We shall see... During my week off I did not gain back the weight I lost during the first week (5lbs). I continued drinking copious ammounts of water though, and I am trying to make better choices as far as food is concerned. I find that my late night snacking is not as much, which I attribute to all the water! I am peeing all the time but it really does not bother me. Honestly, I have not excercised at all except for my normal routine of house cleaning and working. I will weigh myself tonight and see if I have lost any more weight. Interesting comment about libido, I have also noticed this in myself. I did not relate it to the OD, really, I did not relate it to anything until now. I have not turned into a crazed sex addict or anything like that, but I seem to be more sensitive and enjoy it more than ever. Hey, maybe its the water!!!My skin is fine, no breakouts but I don't look any younger either but my complexion seems a little more radiant?! I am a smoker and I have noticed that, even though I am not trying to quit (yet), since beginning the OD, the smell of the smoke on my clothing is really bothering me. can OD do all this? Can lots of water do all this? I don't know which to give the credit to! I will post again with my progress...
posted 3-Apr-2008 1:59pm

I keep seeing all these posts that most everyone is loosing up to 5 pounds the first week. I only lost 1 pound, maybe it will kick in tomorrow when I start my second week of taking OD. I need encouragement.
posted 3-Apr-2008 2:09pm

I keep seeing all these posts that most everyone is loosing up to 5 pounds the first week. I only lost 1 pound, maybe it will kick in tomorrow when I start my second week of taking OD. I need encouragement.
sweet n low
posted 3-Apr-2008 3:20pm

Hi, I'm 4 ft. 8 in. and I weigh 116 I need to lose at least 16 pounds to start and maybe more after. I've been looking at the orovo and the 7-DFB I have heard that if you combine the two you will lose more weight faster. So are they saying that you can't accomplish your weightloss goals with just one or the other? See I'm in Martial Arts and me and my instructor are going to lose weight together. I am 50 and he is a little over 50 but we are friends so he thought it would be cool if we went in together and lost weight. Any comments on the fact that you have to take both together in order to lose weight? The reason I gained the weight was not because I over ate, it's because I have hypothyroidism and my doctor found out last year, so that is why I gained the weight. Now my thryoid levels are normal so it should'nt be a problem losing with Orovo. Thanks for any feedback you can give me and I'll let you know when I get the pills and how it goes :) Good luck to all of you we're all in the same boat because we all want to lose weight so us sharing our experiences will help everyone like us who comes in here :)
posted 3-Apr-2008 5:17pm

Ok I am 5'4 and i weigh 125 pounds. I would like to go down to 110. Here is the question...What do you think i should order? 7-dfb or the orovo...and what is with the one week on and one week off? I would greatly appreciate anyones input. Thanks In NY
posted 3-Apr-2008 6:11pm

Well I am 75 lbs overweight. I don't seem to be able to lose the first ten lbs w/o putting it back on. I just ordered orvo detox. I've tried hydroxy cut previously twice before. The first time it was while I walked daily. Second time I wasn't really exercising at all cause I was getting over torn ligaments in my ankle. The 2nd time it really messed with my heart. The EMS guys told me it was cause I didn't use it according to the directions (missing doses/not using it on a regular basis). Hence I'm a little nervous but I'm gonna try this orvo detox. All these remarks have been really promising. Wish me luck ! will keep posted.
posted 3-Apr-2008 6:18pm

Good Luck trying the orvo detox! I hope it works for you as well as for me. I tried alot od diet drugs and to my disappointment all it did was give me the shakes and made my heart race. I am also going to try orvo detox, but i was also wondering if i could mix it with the 7-dfb? Does anyone know?
posted 3-Apr-2008 8:07pm

I have just started the orovo detox today, and I have to say it has made me feel pretty awful. I feel dizzy, nauseous, and my concentration has decreased rather than increased. Has anyone else had this experience? Does it get better?
Its Britney Bitch !
posted 4-Apr-2008 2:40am

Im almost at the end of my off week. I felt pretty good, no side effects. I sleep alot better. I havent weight myself yet, but I noticed that my clothes fits better. I'll keep you guys posted !!!
posted 4-Apr-2008 9:12am

For thanks in Ny - I was originally taking both the detox and 7dfb together ... made me feel nauseaus and hungry so I started taking the detox one week and the next i use the 7dfb. Seems to work better for me that way. I believe both have the same ingredients so you would just be doubling up on the detox whcih for some may cause bad side effects. Try taking them separately and see what happens. Unless you are someone looking to lose a considerable amount of weight you may not see as big as results as some others on here. I am only trying to lose between 15 and 20 and it took me until the second cycle with also watching my calories and exercising to see any results. So don't get discouraged if you do not see any results the first week.
posted 4-Apr-2008 10:32am

hi all, today would have been my 7th day, but as of saturday i had to cease all pill taking... i came down with a massive flu, hospitol bound and barely alive - i've regained about 80% of my normal functions but have had to stop my OD for fear it would counter act the meds prescribed to me. I'm hoping that after Monday when i'll be done with my prescriptions i can start again... =/

posted 4-Apr-2008 12:24pm

Thank You for responding to (thanks in ny) me! Im going to order them both and follow your advice. I am also looking to lose 10 to 15 more pounds, Ive been stuck at this weight for almost a year now. Good luck to you and everyone else.
posted 4-Apr-2008 12:57pm

still wondering if anyone on these pills have been diagnosed with hypothroidism. ANd if so are these pills helping you.
Hellcat - have you gotten your yet?
i havent ordered yet, because i want more info of the effectivness when you have hypothyroidsm. but i have changed my diet and bought an $800 Gold Gym exercise machine. It even has a personal her name i rhonda and she works your butt so i stopped using rhonda until i can build up to her i heard that many can lose weight if they just cut there calories down to 1,000. has anyone tried that? i have only been eating better and exercising since april 1 and i dont notice a weight change but i am totally sleeping better and feel better just in general. still horrified by my nakedness in the mirror... but hopefully someone can tell me something positive about the effects of this pill if you are hypo!...
posted 4-Apr-2008 2:00pm

Hey its thanks in ny here again. Listen i have been researching and i came across another chat board and i read that someones hair and teeth started to fall out wile taking orovo! Could this be true? Has anyone heard of these side effects? Are any of you guys having a problem like this? I also read it causes high blood pressure and severe nose bleeds? Makes me afraid to take it, even though it sound so great to be able to lose weight so quick. I dont mean to be a skeptic, but in this day and age and with all the diet drugs out, it makes you pause and think is it worth it?
posted 4-Apr-2008 2:47pm

Justme-no, I haven't gotten mine yet :( They apparently JUSt shipped it out 2 days ago. So I am hoping it will show up Monday or Tuesday. I will definately keep you updated on how I feel and how it's working!
posted 4-Apr-2008 3:05pm

Hi everyone, I have been reading this for the past week and finally ordered my Orovo Detox from ebay on Wednesday. I have done a lot of research and am generally highly skeptical of diet pills. I have my Master's Degree in Exercise Science and have always been taught that the only way to really lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle was diet and exercise (SHOCKER!) However, after gaining 15 pounds after getting married last year, I really need a jump start to get back into shape. I am only 27, so hopefully, with diet, exercise and Orovo, it should not take too long (hopefully by June). I can't wait until my pills arive. I am not all that used to dieting or diet pills, so I hope it doesn't have any crazy effects on me like I have read about some others. I will keep you updated. Keep on writing everybody! I would really like to hear from people who have been taken Orovo for more than 2 weeks. Has anyone out there lost more than 10 pounds?
posted 4-Apr-2008 5:54pm

"hair and teeth started to fall out" --> oh my God that's totally scary!!! :O

finally i got mine and just started taking OD from this morning.. i feel a little uncomfortable in stomach, it seems normal for the 1st day, though. we'll see.. please keep updating your progress, everyone.
posted 4-Apr-2008 5:57pm

Hi everyone i just bought my first bottle and can't wait for it to arrive. I hope this works longer then the first 2 cycles no one here seems to have tried it that long. I have high blood pressure and am hopeing it will not affect it cause i take medication that will probably be flushed out. Also i geta lot of migraines and a lot of diet pills seem to bring them on so i hope this doesn't do that, I can live with regular headaches but not too many migraines. You guys seem to have really good support here.
posted 5-Apr-2008 2:39am

So here I am, day 3 of my second cycle. I have not gained the 5 lbs back, but I keep thinking that all of the extra water has something to do with it. I have never been a huge drinker, unless of course it contains alcohol!!! So I think my weight loss and other positive results have come from that and not the Orovo detox. Anyway, I will finish the bottle and see what happens.
posted 5-Apr-2008 10:40am

Hey everyone, week two, day 5 here. Ok so I am still past my plateau weight. I weighed in this morning and the scale read 200lbs. yahoooo. I am sooo happy! I have lost 11 lbs to date since I started and I feel great. My clothes feel better on me. Oh and another thing, I just started my period yesterday and I am still losing weight. So maybe I have lost even more but can't tell because of all the bloating! anyway, I have been watching everything i am eating. changing my caloric intake everyday forcing my body to burn fat. also, I don't eat in the evenings after dinner. However, i do not starve myself either. If I am hungry late in the evening I will have fruit, thats it. As for exercise, my 6month old daughter has not let me do much this past week(normally i do some yoga or cardio), but i do get some good long walks in if the weather is good. I hope this helps everyone here struggling. Let me know if anything works for you! Cheers!!
posted 5-Apr-2008 12:00pm

Thanks sho, for responding to the teeth and hair situation. But i am serious, i am not on here to discourage anyone. In fact i am looking to try this product out also. But after reading it, i am nervous. Please if there is anyone reading this and you know anything, please respond, thanks so much in ny!
posted 5-Apr-2008 9:20pm

Today is my first day, I was expecting super uncomfortable situation but nothing happened. The only thing that is different is I eat more than normal. Is there anyone can explain this or experienced the same thing?
posted 5-Apr-2008 9:39pm

I'm on my 2nd day now and actually I experienced almost same problem yesterday, DJ. I had like 5 meals :( But they were not tremendously large amount of food, though. I just felt hunger more often and ate pretty small portion of food more frequently. I totally didn't understand how everyone had lost appetite!
biotch hunter
posted 5-Apr-2008 9:46pm

"i came across another chat board and i read that someones hair and teeth started to fall out wile taking orovo!"

Okay--I am way into tales of horror, matter of fact that is my genre for fiction, but I am having a hard time with this one.

First and foremost--I would think that this type of reaction in this day and age would generate at the very least, a lawsuit, one that the other companies in competition would run with. If nothing else, captions like, "MY DIET PILL IS MAKING MY HAIR AND TEETH FALL OUT!" might have made it onto the pages of the National Enquirer or Star magazine, because it certainly would have stalled a impulse shopper like me in the check-out. Not that I buy stuff like that--I just wait patiently for little sis to donate me her stash:)

Please note here, I am not doubting your word, I am doubting the toothless patchy haired person. I would have to see it to believe it and probably see a report showing that the Orovo was what caused it, because I am that stupid type of anal-litical skeptic that rarely believes anything I can't tear down and investigate myself.

Another thing, please go back and ask this person how a tooth "starts" to fall out? It either falls out or it doesn't. Once they start to fall out--they are coming out--so is he/she saying he/she lost a tooth,or worse yet, teeth? See what I mean--I can't think about it too long or I will get the big light and chair out and go try to find the poster so I can interrogate him/her to get to the truth of the matter.

Hearing something like what you heard on a chatboard or forum and not on CNN always makes me suspicious, because I know people are just not that nice when it comes to products that alter their looks in a not so positive way. Would they quietly hide away what happened to them and just post to a forum about it, or would they take some sort of action against the company? Would they run to the papers with it? Stuff like what he/she claims makes great news reel. I would think that he/she would have taken more action than just an anon post on some forum somewhere. Of course, to make a claim that a product has caused hair and teeth loss, one would have to have some sort of proof other than just,"What else could have done this?"

Please post where this forum is online. I want to go find out more because these are serious accusations against the product and if they are true, they should be willing to divulge more info about the experience. Matter of fact, I would imagine they are quite angry about the whole affair and would want to spew. Most people are like Sampson when it comes to their hair anyway,thinking it is what defines them--except for those sexy bald guys--and if this was a woman,well, hell hath no fury like a woman with a bald patch. If some product I was taking caused me to loose hair or snags, I would be at the very least contacting EVERY newspaper editor I could get a line to in charge of health issue articles with a letter in their mailbag warning others away from the product.

If this person's ailment isn't just a figment of their own imagination and really is being caused by the Orovo, it is highly likely they are allergic to one or more of the 42 ingredients that make up the Orovo Detox formula. I would think that if she/he really experienced those symptoms, a trip to the doctor would have been in order. Please, go back to that website and query the poster. I would be way interested in the answer. I mean--if I went to my doc and I had one less tooth and bald spots and he just said--"Stop taking the Orovo--it's making your teeth and hair fall out" he had better have ran some sort of tests to come to this conclusion. Otherwise he would be GUESSING--and the poster would be GUESSING that it was the Orovo that did it instead of the butler or something.
Desperate Andy
posted 6-Apr-2008 4:25am

I am in the UK.I am desperate to loose weight, but being a man its hard to find the right product.I was 252lbs in January, but with eating carefully I am now 211 lbs. But cant get under that.

I bought the normal Orovo online at days and I had the product). Not a bad price,after spending so much money in years gone by, with other products that did not work.

I took the first 2 tablets yesterday. It felt as if I was buzzing(loads of energy). Had breakfast.Very windy these tablets! lol I took 2 more at lunchtime and had lunch. I had no effects at lunch(execpt for wind). I even had a very good sleep last night.

I weighed myself this morning to find -3 lbs(209lbs). Too early to tell really. But if this keeps up I will be happy.

Start 2008 252 lbs
Before Orovo 211 lbs
1 Day 209 lbs
TARGET 168 lbs

I have read so many of these posts. They have helped so much. I will keep you everyone posted on how it goes. Have faith in Orovo.....
posted 6-Apr-2008 12:17pm

Obviously, biotch hunter hit the point. But I'm still a little nervous.. even though I already started OD anyway. Well, I am basically quite skeptical and I think there's no really safe diet pill.

So....! It's day 3. During last two days I ate normally, and did just very minimum excercise. (My grad student life is too ugly to plan any good workout program.. sigh.) But my weight is going down. I'm pretty surprised.

<Before OD> 137 lbs, <Day 1 evening> 136 lbs, <Day 3 morning before taking first OD dose> 134.7 lbs.. Ha!
I know I need to do more excercise while taking OD because this kind of speedy weight loss must be slowing down soon since I have only 10-15 lbs to lose.. I'll try to hit the gym more often this week.

Good luck everyone!
posted 7-Apr-2008 1:06am

Thinking of trying orovo. Still a little unsure; but not as unsure as I was before I found this site. Will let everyone how it goes if I try them.
posted 7-Apr-2008 1:25am

I am considering trying this but i'm on an anti depressant, I am taking a pill for high cholosterol, I have frequent headaches, I feel like I have IBS cuz I'm gassy all the time, and I CANNOT STAND WATER! I drink Crystal Lite Iced Tea. Do you have to drink water only? And is anyone else on any meds while on Orovo? Since I feel like crap will this make me feel better? Oh...and I don't sleep well. I'm hoping Orovo won't make these symptoms worse..........HELP!
posted 7-Apr-2008 1:51am

and if I do start, do I start with the detox first? Whats the difference between detox and the Orovo weight loss pills? Do they all work together?
posted 7-Apr-2008 7:31am

Mootsie-I don't have my Orovo yet, but if you are on all that stuff-I would be wary taking any kind of diet pills. You could always check with your doctor!
posted 7-Apr-2008 9:59am

okay back on track once again -- i've made a full recovery from my ass kicking FLU and now lets do this:

Day 1 - Fist Dose of OD
Weight 214

Keep it up Sho...sounds like its going good ;)
posted 7-Apr-2008 12:34pm

I am on my second day of OD and I am FULL of ENERGY!!!! I am not as hungry and I am drinking tons of water. I am eating very healthy (Salad, tuna, boiled eggs and oatmeal). I had diarrhea this morning about 2 hours after my morning dose. No cramping or any other side effects. I guess if ANYONE does not normally drink water like a fish and they start all of a sudden, it would give anyone diarrhea. I am not adding that as a side effest in my book. I also qyuit the cheeseburgers, ice cream, cake, cheese, pastas and starches and wnet straight protein. I am 5'4" and weigh 284. My goal would be 175. I will keep you all posted. Have a fabulous and energy filled day!
posted 7-Apr-2008 3:08pm

Is there a difference between Alli and Orovo? I haven't tried either but need to start something!!!!!!!!
posted 7-Apr-2008 9:47pm

Ok, week one down. That was a tough first few days. It made me feel ROTTON! I am feeling better, although not feeling energetic like the first day. I may weigh myself tomorrow, not sure because I also have my period, so I know that I will be a bit heavier than normal, so I don't want to get bummed out. I need to start exercising. I am hoping I feel up to it tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
posted 7-Apr-2008 11:45pm

Today is my third day, still eat like pig. I'm afraid I'll gain weight if I keep doing this but I'm hungry all the time! I will I have diarrhea so I can get some crap out of my body. Oh while... The first day 154.6, second day 153, third day 155.4, my body weight is like a yo-yo. What should I do?
posted 8-Apr-2008 12:22am

So I have been reading this forum for a few weeks now and started taking Orovo today for the first time. Tbis forum has been a great wealth of information, and I have a little piece to share as to why thi pill may e helpful to some. I have never had any trouble with exercising, or being self-aware, it has been more with what I put into my body instead. I have a Masters degree in counseling and minored in exercise physiology at UCSB, so I have always been pretty up-to-date when it comes to the newest devices on the market. Anyway, I am giving you all this background because I have been using the bodybugg program through APEX, which gives you a pretty accurate reading of your daily calorie burn. I have been using this program for over two years, and kept records of my daily calorie burn and my activity usage, and today I burned SIGNICANTLY more calories then I usually do. I think this pill may increase your metabolic temperature, which in turn increases calorie burn. The bodybugg is sensitive to body temperature through the skin, and that is how it determines calorie burn, so this would make the most sense. It is just a theory, but it might be accurate. I will keep you all up to date on my progress. I hope you all find the success you are looking for, and remember that diet and exercise matter too :)
Kelly 1988 uk
posted 8-Apr-2008 5:10am

Hi Everyone
i just started taking orovo yesterday and i was wondering if any of you had any slight dizziness or felt a wee bit sick i have taken them today again but i am still feeling really nervous and dizzy and i sometimes feel as though the pills are still stuck in my throat did anyone experienced this and could you tell me if this will pass coz if it does i will be willing to carry on takin them coz i am so desperate to lose weight. and does anyone else feel that the 4 pills are a bit big to take anyway if you could fill me in on your thoughts and experiences that would be great many thanks K xx
Kelly 1988 uk
posted 8-Apr-2008 6:43am

p.s can any you tell me how long you wait before taking the second lot of tablets K xx
posted 8-Apr-2008 7:24am

Kelly 1988 uk-
I haven't received mine yet, but it seems from the posts here that when most people took them and felt dizzy and sick, they drank some more water and it seemed to help. Did you drink the amount of water indicated? Good luck!
posted 8-Apr-2008 10:30am

posted 8-Apr-2008 10:56am

posted 8-Apr-2008 10:57am

Biotch Hunter, the posting regarding "hair and teethloss" can be found on
posted 8-Apr-2008 11:02am

Biotch Hunter, the commentator also commented on his increased libido and apparently people in his office have taken notice... including his wife. However, I don't think they really noticed his hair and teeth falling out! LOL
posted 8-Apr-2008 1:20pm

Hi all! OK I only lost 2 lbs the first week on OD but in the last three days of that week I took measurements I lost 4 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats more than an inch a day, insane!! I started hardcore detoxing my body the week before I recieved my pills and all together between those two weeks I lost a total of 9 lbs. This is my week off and I have lost another 2 lbs. This is amazing for me because I have been able to loose that first 5 before but it always immediately comes back within a couple days no matter what. I started at 176, today I am 165 with 2 more days to go on my off week. I also am in the beginning of pms which usually causes me to gain an extra 5 lbs at least but so far nothing (crossing fingers). I did slack off on the water this week but am still watching what I eat more than before and I am working out a little more each day (what my body will allow because of a bad car wreck) I am only going like a mile on my gazelle. My libido is still pretty high (not quite as much as when I was taking the pills) but deffinately more than it has been in my lifetime!!!!!!!! The best part to all of it is I feel great. My house is cleaner, my office is cleaner, it takes longer for the kids to drive me insane (it took until Sun. this past weekend for me to loose it!!! Usually this happens after breakfast on Sat!!!!)

By the way I just checked and all my hair and teeth are still in place!! Maybe that other person lost theirs in the thrill of the extra libido and just didn't notice until the next mornin??!! LOL
posted 8-Apr-2008 1:30pm

SantaFeTX35 I actually did a little better adding some carbs back into my diet. Just something to think about if you plateau quick. I detoxed using a straight protein diet after the only green veggies thing for a couple days. I try to consume the same amount at the same time everyday so my body doesn't feel the need to store them as much. Good Luck!!
posted 8-Apr-2008 2:15pm

I don't mean to be a pain in the butt, and it's a BIG butt too! I posted a question about Alli and Orovo and i'm still wondering if anyone knows if they are similar or what the differences are? Maybe because I didn't see a response nobody out there knows but i thought i would ask again because i do have a big butt and i want to try to get rid of it. thanks!
posted 8-Apr-2008 4:06pm

I am on my second day taking Orovo Detox and my energy level is up, I am sure due to the caffeine. I do feel good, but got a small headache today. My appetite decreased this morning, but I was still hungry last night for dinner, my first day. I am hoping I can get some of the results that people have had so far. I am very thirsty and drink double the amount of water than normal. I will not weigh myself until the end of my first 7 days, if I can last not to look. I started walking this morning and just hope this pill helps me jump start my goal of loosing 45 pounds. Good luck to all of you. I will keep you posted if I experience anything weird. I know the Alli pill makes you go to the bathroom fast when you eat anything fat in your diet.
posted 8-Apr-2008 5:25pm

I have been reading this blog all day long. I probably will order the Orovo. But let me clear something up for a few people if I may. There are several things about losing weight and yes I need to lose some also. I was a body builder in my late 30's and early 40's. But I had sugery and hurt my back so I didn't go to the gym for over a year and have gained a lot of weight over large muscles so now I look huge.

Age has a factor in weight gain, hormones has a factor and what we eat.
When you eat meat,dairy, and veggies they do not raise your insulin level *sugar*.But white foods do. When you eat white foods think of it as a block of sugar, when you do eat those carbs the only thing you can mix it with is veggies. Your body can only digest one thing at a time and its going to go for the sugar first for the energy. So the rest will set there and become sugar which leads to fat. Remember your body can only use so much for engergy and the rest it stores and when you skip a meal your body goes to hold mode sort of like its afraid it won't get another meal so it holds onto your food. Think of your body like an engine and it needs gas to go. When you eat take a bite and then put your fork down and chew then go for another bite it take a little time for our brain ans stomach to catch up with each other. Myself I eat like a pig trying to shove as much in as I can and that is so wrong. No white carbs very bad for you and no fruit at night, your body does not know the difference between sugars all it knows its getting some sugar so no fruit at night. Also for those that like banana's per inch is 60 calories. I use sugar free apple sauce and put in my protein drink. ummmmm good!!!
Plus sometimes when we are doing the same routine on working out and we see nothing happening we need to change it up some, either do it at a different time or do something else all together, shock the body.
I hope this helps some.
Thanks for the blog this Orovo sound great.
posted 8-Apr-2008 6:20pm

The difference between Alli and Orovo is that Alli does not break down 1/4 of the fat grams that you put into your body. Your digestive system normally breaks down fat grams and uses it for energy or stores it as fat. Alli does not allow some of those grams to be broken down, and you simply pass them through your bowel movements, which can cause side effects if you eat too much fat. So along with exercise you really need to follow a low fat diet. As far as I can tell Orovo increases energy levels, decreases appetite and supposedly helps flush toxins from the body (probably by the ingredients and increase in water intake). Hope that helps.
posted 8-Apr-2008 10:21pm

one more day in my second cycle. Still only 5lbs lost. I am still drinking lots of water, and I do notice that I am not that interested in junk food. I am going to finish the bottle, but I personally do not have very high hopes for OD.
Kelly 1988 uk
posted 9-Apr-2008 2:41am

hi again i would just like to say thanks fo your response hellcat i really appreciate it but i do feel like i am taking enough water i am drinking 1 cup of water with every pill i take. this is the beginning of day 3 for me and i am just about to have my breakfast i've decided not to weight my self until the end of my 7th day but i do feel them working my workclothes feel alot more loose than usual and today i haven't experienced any problems so i think it was just a shock that the pills gave to my system but like most people i do feel i've gained alot more energy and my boyfriend has noticed a change in me already which i am really happy about and i have had people comment on the weight ive lost i weight 182 i am 5,9 so i hold it quiet well but i do feel really big especially when i use to be a small 135 (before child birth) so has you can see ive gained alot of weight but like i said if these pills keep working the way they do i will be thin again in no time. p.s has anyone got any solutions for foods when you don't like veggies and certain fruit HELP !!!!
posted 9-Apr-2008 9:48am

Max...excellent advice. I too have a nice cushy fat overlay on my muscles!! LOL funny how that happens. I haven't lost as much weight as some but with only ten gone you can see a huge dif. the definition is back in my calves and I can already see my abs poking through!! LOL I have been to docs, nutritionalists, etc. this has helped me so far to acomplish what they couldn't. I have used the tools of knowledge they gave me along with the aid of the O.D. and it seems to be really jumpstarting my system.

Anonymous Alli has a long list of side effects including anal leakage so if you have a bad day and fall off the wagon your probably likely to poo yourself - no thanks, I'm human and more than once a big fat greasey hamburger has gotten the best of me!! That was what helped me make my decision between the two. Also if you do not follow a very strict diet with Alli #1 you will be sick...stomach cramps, anal leakage, uncontrollable bowel movements, etc. and #2 it won't work!! with "O" you seem to be able to do whatever works for you and the worst side effect I have truley seen is some people get jittery and/or a "high" like feeling and maybe nautious....I wieghed the odds and decided a couple days of the jitters verses poohing my pants out in public was the route for me!! (Did I mention Alli gives you anal leakage?? What the heck is that exactly!!??)
posted 9-Apr-2008 9:59am

P.S. Anyone dying for a sweet treat....I picked up a box of Breyers Carb Smart Fudge Bars with 3 net carbs (true full carb count is 9)and only 100 calories and these things are totally awesome!! Everyone in my house has tried them and loved them, the fiance even liked them and he gags and spits if anything has the least bit of "diety" taste. These are my newest lifesaver in the weight battle!!!
posted 9-Apr-2008 5:17pm

HI everyone! I am doing some research on all different types of diet pills. Here is one question that i dont believe was asked yet and please forgive me if it was. Has anyone stopped taking orovo and gained the weight back? All of you seem to be doing so well and i am going to order this product for myself. But like all the other pills usually stop taking them and gain all the weight back. So hopefully this product not only will give me results but keep it off? Or once you start are you on them for life? I would appreciate anyones input. Thank you all for your time and Congrats on all your success!
posted 10-Apr-2008 12:40am

I'm on Orovo on and off... seems like this diet works with low carb diet plan. I've found some great asian noodle. you can buy from Japanes market called Gonyaku. it's a pasta like but only 5 calories per serving. I'm totally in love with it b/c I can eat high protein with this noodle. I feel lighter everyday. You can cut down about 500-600 calories per day. try it or look up this link. I recommend buying the product at the market b/c it's so much cheaper. it has bad smell... but boil it in water with some vinegar and smell will go away. you can make a low carb/cal pasta, veggi stirfry or whatever you want. I think even with OROVO you have to have sensible eating plan. Good luck everyone!
Kelly 1988 uk
posted 10-Apr-2008 4:22am

hi guys 4th day today and i feel great i'm down from 182 to 176 and you can c the difference hope ur have as much success as i am GOOD LUCK ~ K xxxx
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:04am

This is my 4th day also and I am down 8 pounds. I felt little weird the first couple of days, but nothing different now, just more energy. I don't eat anything different than I did before, just less and drink so much more water. It is helping me so far and I am sticking to it. I had two cookies last night before dinner and I was unable to finish my full dinner. I was full not only in my mind but also stomach. I was not eating bad before I started on Orovo Detox, I was just eating a lot when I got home from work in the evening. I would also like to find out for the future about going off Orovo and gaining weight back. For now, I am continuing my Orovo.
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:40am

I got my Orovo yesterday and started today, feeling a little nauseated but i think its cause i am not used to all this water. I have been reading this forum for weeks now and it helped me decide to try Orovo. I hope I have success like all of you have had. I don't do well with diet pills cause they increase my headaches but hopefully this won't.
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:47am

I get headaches a lot too, but only had one so far and a mild one. Good luck to you. I felt the way you feel the first couple of days and then it went away. I have tried so many things to jump start my weight loss and nothing ever worked. I am also hoping it helps me with eating better and doing some activity other than TV watching.
posted 10-Apr-2008 12:23pm

okay day 4 ... i cant say i've lost a tremendous amount of weight ... but i can seriously tell/see decreased inches around my waist and unfortunately my bust. My jeans after being washed and DRIED fit good and even a little loose. No hopping up and down or wiggling or "sucking in" after a jeans wash..i think you all know what i mean ;)

i take the pills and have had no bad reactions, i feel great, i'm not jittery, and i seriously feel that i made a positive investment...cant wait to see what the next week brings!!
curly redhead/Ga
posted 10-Apr-2008 1:12pm

I am trying to decide which products to order. I am 37 and about 35-40lbs overweight. I think from reading these posts the 7-DFB is a good start, but what else should I start with? The Basic, Xtreme or Detox?? It is almost summer and I need to shed some fast.

biotch hunter - have you read any of "The Sweet Potato Queens" books? (if you have time to read with all of that cleaning :) ) Your humor in your posts sound so much like the author, I think you would enjoy her books.
posted 10-Apr-2008 1:22pm

I have read people are buying off of ebay, is there a person that everyone is buying from or just anyone on ebay. How do you know you can trust these people from ebay. If someone has bought from ebay and got their orovo please can you give me a name of that person so I can go on there and buy from ebay.

posted 10-Apr-2008 2:14pm

Ok girlies!! I am in my 5th day of "OD" and I am bursting with energy! We adopted 5 children last year and I never felt like I was keeping up. Now I sure do. I will weigh in tonight and get back with you all tomorrow. I wanted to wait the full 7 days, but I can not stand it. Should I also order the 7-DFB?? Remember I am trying to lose like 100lbs here!
Hugs to all and keep up the good work. I think we all need to encourage each other as much as we can. It is cheap motivation for us vs. having to pay for weight loss motivational groups. Hee-Hee!! You all have a great day!
Hugs, JayLynne
posted 10-Apr-2008 4:09pm

Hey ladies, I just finished reading all these amazing stories! All I have to say is WOOHOO! I just ordered the 7-dfb. I need to drop my last 20 pounds and I hoping this is it. Do you think I need to order the orovo detox also? Any suggestions would be great. I will keep you guys posted once I recieve it. Good luck and keep up the great work!
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:09pm

Hey All no headaches but i only took it once today. I feel great wish i had taken it both times though cause i am hungry tonight.Will definitely take it twice tomorrow. I still have way more energy then usual hopefully i can sleep. Will check in tomorrow to see how everyone is doing.
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:45pm

I bought mine off ebay, and it got to me super quickly! The ebay ID for the seller I bought from is infodebac.

I am on my second week, day three of no OD. I think I lost about 3 to 4 pounds last week, and seem to be keeping it off so far.
Kelly 1988 uk
posted 11-Apr-2008 2:42am

hi guys how you all doin hope every one is good well thats me on my 5th day and like most of you i feel great 2 i am now on my 5th day of the "od" and i am planning on finishin the course. i also bought my pills from ebay from a carol robertson it took a little time to get here tho but it was because they were returned by royal mail saying my address didnt exist bt carol kept in touch via email and made sure that i was happy she also offered to give me a free bottle or orovo for all the hassel (which i took hehe) but she is very geniune i would recommend her to anyone. and finally can anyone fill me in the "7-dfb" has anyone experienced any problems and does it really work (no doubt it will judging by these products) please supply me if some info if you dont mind. keep up the good work and i hope u have success in everyway love ya all Kxxx
posted 11-Apr-2008 7:39am

I am on day six and went from 284.6 to 278.4!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! I am ordering 7-dfb this morning. Thanks to all of you for posting your exp. It helped me make my mind up on "just 1 more diet fad". I am glad I did!!!
Hugs, JayLynne
posted 11-Apr-2008 8:02am

Mama2three i bought mine from the same ebay seller I received mine super quick too.
Kelly sounds like it was worth the wait for an extra bottle.
I feel great I only got about 4 hours of sleep but i feel better then when i get 8. I can not believe how much i am going to the bathroom. i normally take a water pill and i never had to go this much so i am not taking it with the OD i will take it on my week off. yesterday i didn't take my sugar pill cause my blood sugar was down to normal but today its way up so i guess i will be taking that one.
JayLynne did you weigh yourself i am wanting to so bad but trying not to, my luck i will gain weight.
I am not as hungry as usual but my problem time is evening thats when i like to munch. Hopefully taking the second dose will help with that i think i will wait till about 2 or 3 to take it.Well good luck everyone hope you have a good day.
posted 11-Apr-2008 11:07am

Okay! Finally! My pills just showed up! It's lunch time, so I took the 4 with 16 oz of water and have my water bottle with me.
Brief backstory-when I was in high school I was anorexic. When I met my better half, I was 19 and 105 pounds, 5'6". Too skinny for my frame, but I was just pleased to be skinny. Now, 9 years later and almost 9 straight years of computer work and take-out, I am at 168. I am hoping to end up around 125-135 in the end, but really, I would like to be a comfy size 7. I am borderline hypothyroid and the only meds or anythign I am on is birth control.
Day 1! I'm very excited!
Maria (casa grande)
posted 11-Apr-2008 12:04pm

Hello! I'm a new user to Orovo Detox i just took my first dose at 8:15 A.M.but I only took 2 instead of 4 and I am feeling very jittery like i always have to be moving my hands also I'm feeling a little shaky maybe because I'm a little nervous about this. Another side effect is that I felt a little nauseated, maybe because I'm not used to so much water. I'm also burping a lot that is too weird. I was gonna try to drink the other two 15 min. later but i was to scared. Has anybody here taken two only? It seems that I had the same side effects as taking all four. Well I'll keep posting my experiences!!
Kelly1988 uk
posted 11-Apr-2008 3:14pm

hi guys me again i muck up tonight i had a chinese and i forgot to take the pills at lunch so all tak them 2mora at dinner and hope i havent wasted it for my self Kxxx
posted 12-Apr-2008 3:09am

I finally finished my first week. No special side effects but I noticed that if I work out, I burn more calories. I also feel hungry all the time while on the pill. The key is to eat as much vegetable or fruits as you like when you feel hungry. The more meals you eat the better, just don't eat high calorie food. As you know, every time you eat, you body burns calories while digesting food, so eat more meals of low calorie food and trick you brain to burn extra calories for you. When I first started I was 156, now I am 152... (damn it, this morning I was only 149, what did I eat gave me 3 lbs?). Anyways, hope my body weight stop being a yo-yo.
TJ uk
posted 12-Apr-2008 3:59am

Ive ordered orovo detox of a site called orovo store, has anyone bought of these people? im 5ft
and normaly weigh around 9 stone, but in six weeks i have put on 16 pounds, I feel like a fat pig. 2 weeks ago i bought feiyan slimming tea it was awful, i couldnt get of the toilet and i didnt loose a pond so ive stoped drinking it. I have done alot of research on the net about orovo and most of it is negative bar this site. I am waiting for my orovo to be delivered and i will keep you informed.
Maria (casa grande)
posted 12-Apr-2008 2:50pm

It's me again well I'm on my second day and I feel horrible. I feel like trowing up and very dizzy. But I will keep giving them a shot because I feel slimmer. I will follow your advice DJ.
Kev (indiana)
posted 12-Apr-2008 3:00pm

Well I am on my 3rd day or i gues you could say i just taken my 24th pilland I have lost 5 pounds. The only side effects that I have experienced are I have not slept well the last 2 nights (tossed and turned) but i was also very sore and aching after laying down 10 yards of mulch around house. But so far i like what i have see. Also it does seem to amplify my acid reflux that I struggle with anyways. Other than that Im glad to have started it and can't wait untill i am finished with my first cycle.
posted 12-Apr-2008 3:57pm

Maria-I am also on my second day and I feel pretty crappy myself. I've had really bad diarehha all day and I had lunch about an hour and a half ago and I've felt like throwing up for the last hour or so. Let's hope tomorrow is better for the both of us!

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