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Orovo is a diet product that claims to give you up to 10-15 pounds of weight loss in 7 days along with reductions of wrinkles lines and acne.


Orovo was inspired by an Oprah program in which "10 super foods" were presented which give you "Age-Defying Beauty" by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. The wife of Orovo's CEO immediately tried these 10 super foods. While she didn't end up looking 10 years younger, she did lose 10 pounds and the acne she had struggled with was gone.

From that experience, Orovo was created. Of course, eating the 10 super foods was time-consuming and expensive. So, Orovo was created in pill form to condense all the essential ingredients in an affordable and easy to take form.

Orovo claims to give you 10lbs of weight-loss in 7 days, reduces lines and wrinkles as much as 90%, complete acne and blackhead cleared up in 30 days, while giving you motivation, happiness, and health and energy.

The 10 super-food ingredients are: Buckwheat, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (yogurt), Flaxseed, Garlic, Soybeans, Wheat Grass, Barley, Cayenne Pepper, and Acai. Orovo adds 4 more ingredients: Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Idebennone.


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  7-Nov-2007 3:34pm created by bill
  11-Jan-2010 3:07pm last update by bill

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posted 5-Jun-2008 7:11am

Ok...I just finished taking my morning do I feel like a pharmacy! Probably a dumb question, but how long has everyone on here been doing this and how much weight have you lost? I know I could probably just go through the entire forum/chat to find out, but I have a 1 and 3 year old so I don't really have that kind of time. I'm looking to lose about 20 lbs. I weighed in this morning at 150, and I can't really remember ever being below 143 my entire adult life, so to get below that will be pretty amazing for me. I've tried all kinds of "diet pills" but none of them really did much of anything. What I liked about Orovo was that it was all about the "super foods" and not some un natural stuff. My eating is pretty good...I try to eat 5 small meals a day (hopefully they don't all consist of pb&j and mac and cheese) LOL. Seriously though, I snack on granola bars, hard boiled eggs...that kind of thing. I exercise regularly, usually about 3-4 times a week at the gym doing circut training and cardio. I know this is probably more information then any of you need, but I really am the type person who needs encouragment and especially when it comes to my weight. I know 150 may not sound like a high weight to some, but since having children, my entire body shape is different and I'm just not comfortable in my own skin. My hope with Orovo detox is to get a good kick start to achieving my ultimate goal of 20 lbs.
Cheshire Girl (UK)
posted 5-Jun-2008 10:42am

Just spent hours reading through eveyones comments - it's so useful and think that I will be ordering some Orovo very soon! Only thing is, I am on anti depressents - 40mg of fluoxitine a day - does anyone know if it is safe to take both?? I will also be very interested to see if it helps my psorisis (skin condition) - Any feedback would be much appreciated x
posted 5-Jun-2008 2:56pm

Gained weight, lots of gas pain and burning/acidy stomach. I did get a jolt of energy but I got the same from a jog/exercise or a Red Bull. =(
I ate the same as before the Orovo.
female, 39 in San Francisco.
posted 5-Jun-2008 3:32pm

Day one has been great! The energy I've felt has really helped me get things accomplished and helped me to push even harder at the gym. I'm really looking forward to the next month and what kind of results it will bring!
posted 5-Jun-2008 4:56pm

hello, it's been a full monthi'm on my next bottle of orovo ,remember i am on the orginal form. i have lost 10-11 lbs it varies,but my inches have done wonders . i have gone from a size 22in pants to a size 18. i love it ! my overhanging belly is now flat when i put on my size 18 pants!!!!!!!!! i can now make it through my 30 min workout video. i just ordered the airclimber and core rythms to help me with my weight loss! Cheshire girl , orovo orginal has not conflicted with any of my daily meds. this is the reason i am only using the original ,because i was scared of side effects. and i would advise if bad side effects occur to stop taking any medicine. but from all i have read on orovo orginal it is just foods. there is a site that tells you all the indgredients and which ones cause the heartburn , extra bms ect. broccoli causes the same side effects ! so we do this to 2 our self neway just not daily,that is why the manuf. created the magic pills!!!! will talk soon.
posted 5-Jun-2008 5:03pm

After reading through these posts, I was stuck by the fact that very few people post after the first week of being on OD even fewer post after the 2nd week. It makes me skeptical that this is just another fad diet product that doesn't work after the initial 3-6 lb weight loss. Anyone out there experience a 20-30 lb weight loss with this product?
Lady T
posted 6-Jun-2008 8:14am

Ok NEW AND EXCITING UPDATE....da da ta DAHH!!!! I just got back from Curves, and had em measure me and do the fat mass read, the one you hold in your hands and it reads your fat, well i had em also measure me the day i started the detox, and the lady couldn't believe it, in one week i lost 5 pounds, and 3 whole points in fat mass. so i went after having 2 babies in 2 years from (I'm 5'9") 182 lbs and 40.00 % bodyfat ~ to 177lbs and 37.00% bodyfat in one week on this powerful stuff!!! She said usually it only goes down like half a point at a time, hers hadnt budged in 2 yrs. So that tells me it wasnt water weight!
As to this off week, yesterday i got a nasty migraine, and had to call on friends to come over and help me with the girls, i am having coffee on this week, seems to help ...only one cup in the AM. The migraine "might" not be the detox, its low pressure here in the Northeast and that "might" have been the culprit. I'm not so bitchy today and so far so good. ok Blessed be .....more later Have an awesome weekend All. ~ T ~
Lady T
posted 6-Jun-2008 8:23am

Alirea22- Dido your whole blog i also have a 1 and 3 yrs old...and same same as you wrote...and this stuff took off that layer of "stuff" that makes you one week! we shall see what week 3 does, but i think you will be happy...just remember to drink tons with the pills and eat right away 30 min after...good luck...I'm not finishing off their ffries and tortollini anymore by pure instinct, id rather order a parfait with fruit than touch the grease, it weird but this stuff makes you eat differnt. enjoy ~ T ~
posted 6-Jun-2008 10:43am

Lady T~So cool that you have 2 little girls the same age as mine too! My girls are 22 months apart, and I'm about 5 lbs from my pre baby weight, but would like to get to 130 as my ultimate goal weight. My friends all think I'm nuts because in Aug or Sept of this year, we plan on trying for #3, but I figure if I'm in better shape to start off with then it may be easier getting it off after. On the eating thing...I don't tend to crave greasy anymore and haven't for a while. I started back on my weight loss in mid feb and have lost about 10 lbs on my own. Then I've been stuck for a bit, so I decided to try Orovo. Yesterday (day one on the detox) I drank a total of 96 ozs of water, so I think I'm ok there....
I just can't believe I lost 1.5 lbs in one day! I'm so super excited to get my body fat done after this month....I was at about 30% before, so if I can come down a few numbers, I'll be stoked!
posted 6-Jun-2008 1:57pm

kakogab, your amazing, your owrds are really inspiring me, went ahead and got the book "eat this not that" like you told me :)
oh also! its not the i hate working out, i actually love it, a lot i love the feeling, but i just dont ushally do it unless im with someone, idk why, but im deff going to find someone that will work out with me
so with the 5-6 small meals a day, how do you split that up? wont i be extremly full? like is it basically just snacking all day long?
posted 7-Jun-2008 3:56am

amberlee, i suggest that you start slowly. if you normally don't eat breakfast, start. then instead of snaking all day long, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, twice. try maybe a fruit smoothie for your 1st breakfast, then in 2-3 hours eat some oatmeal or an egg and toast. then take what a typical lunch for you would be, eat half that amount 2-3 hours after your 2nd breakfast and the other half in 2-3 hours. if you start with the amount that you are used to eating but spread it out throughout the day you wont get too full but you also wont get too hungry which might cause you to give up. once you get your body used to eating several times a day then you can start making those meals smaller, assuming the normal amount of food that you eat is excessive. does that make sence? dont cut back on your food right away, just spread it out. then gradually make changes in the amount and try to eliminate (or cut way back) the foods that are high calorie/fat. if you make the changes gradually, you are less likely to get discouraged and give up. if you are eating out, look at the plate of food that you're served. tell yourself "if i eat all this now, then i'm not gonna want to eat again in a couple of hours when i need to". ask for a box with your food, and put half of it in the box before you even start. of corse half is probably still gonna be too much but its a place to start. it takes some planning. i know if i dont have some things pre-made when my body says "hey. it's been almost 3 hours" then i'm either gonna eat whatever crap is lieing around or i'm gonna try to make it until i can prepare something which usually has me ripping open some random package of something and attacking it like a shark in a feeding frenzy until my blood sugar comes back up and whatever i was cooking has to wait for the next meal. dont stress out about it. do the best you can, eat good food when you can, and when you cant then eat small portions.

the working out part, you have to find what works for you, personally i think every household should have a wii. that game will get you moving and its fun. ( of corse i don't have one yet. ha but i'm going to get one. as soon as i pay for my powerplate, but thats a topic for another forum) just get moving, and be sure to do some strength training, light weight, higher reps, if you're trying to reduce your size. keep it up girl, you'll get there.
posted 7-Jun-2008 10:21am

Hi; I just purchased the Wii and WiiFit for my kids and they love it. I have never purchased video games before, as I'm against them. But this system's purpose is not passive activity, but active activity, and it's great! I'm too heavy to do WiiFit, but I enjoy doing the boxing program on Wii. The games are alot of fun and they do get you moving. Worthy investment.
posted 7-Jun-2008 12:02pm

I don't have a Wii, but I did get a Fluidity bar about 3 months ago and have since lost almost 5 inches combined off my thighs. You can look on to see what it's all about, but basically it's just a portable ballet bar and you get 3 dvd's and a medicine ball and 2 resistance bands. It's pretty pricey, but if you're looking to lengthen and tone your body then it's a great investment!
posted 7-Jun-2008 12:36pm

hi do anybody no will i lose weight if i take da orovo original by its self??
posted 7-Jun-2008 2:25pm

Does anyone know where you can buy this product in ontario canada without online purchases?
JociePosie :)
posted 7-Jun-2008 3:19pm


I'm suuper excited. Need to read up on the newer posts, but I spent he other day reading all the older posts.
I will be 19 next Friday the 13th.
I currently weigh 219 (well whenI weighed myself on Thursday the 5th of June).

I started Orovo Detox and 7DFB that day. I only did the 10 pills in the am though, as I went to an endocrinologist later that day and it turns out I have polycycstic ovary syndrome. He gave me another set of medicine for that and for my insulin resistance. He basically said I have to lose weight, and my reasonable weight for my height would be about 140, so im aiming for 150. As I'm sure that wuld be a good weight for me.
Anyways, yesterday I did my 2 sets of 10 pills and I started my other pills. I'll post the name of them in another post.

I feel pretty good and I'm not sure if I'll wait for the 7 days to weigh myself, i'll just do it whenever i feel good enough to do it hehe And hope I see some good results so far :D

The pills the doc gave me are supposed to help me with losing weight as well, suppressing my appetite and such.

I really hope this gives me the push, help, and motivation I need. A lot of your posts have already helped me loads too!

Looking forward to all of our successes! Will be posting more soon!
posted 8-Jun-2008 9:17am

Well, this is day 4 for me, and I decided to skip my morning pills due to a sore throat and naseau. I've also noticed that I am more moody since starting it which is so unlike my personality and I'm having a hard time adjusting. Maybe it's the caffeene, since I didn't have really any in my diet before. Still at only about a lb weight loss, so we'll see....
I think going back to the gym tomorrow will help with the loss too. I had to take the weekend off of exercise because I could barely move my body or even funtion! LOL
Lady T
posted 8-Jun-2008 4:01pm

Alirae22 So sorry your not feeling well....I'm haveing migrain after migraine, just got my (.) so maybe thats the culprit....I still feel skinny though, that helps...jajaja my girls are 22 months apart bad we dont live near eachother, we could have a playdate! hahaha...We are in Massachussetts...and its super hot and humid out YIKES!!! And i feel horrible...cant wait to get on the Orovo again ..well chin up deary...ciao bellas
Lady T
posted 8-Jun-2008 4:04pm

You like the fluidity huh? i was interested at one time...then my husband said it was lame...geez! I like the idea...please tell more. T
posted 8-Jun-2008 7:21pm

I still have a sore throat, but hoping it goes away instead of just getting worse. I NEED to restart the pills tomorrow (I ended up taking the whole day off) and get back to the gym. I like the fluidity and although to some it may seem lame because it's just a portable bar, there's alot more to it then that. Alot of the really great exercises can only be done on the fluidity bar and man do they target the areas and work! I'm tellin' ya, I was so sore after my first workout (I did the beginner dvd) that I could barely move the next day, and they're only 30 min long...
My biggest complaint is the $ though, I wish they were like 100 bucks cheaper, but they really are made well, you can tell. Anywho...I'm off to get my little one to bed. My oldest daughter is on her very first date with her sweet!
posted 9-Jun-2008 8:21am

Biotch Hunter: I have absolutely loved all of your posts. I have been reading and reading about this product and I think I have finally decided to bite the bullet and order it. Like most people, I seriously mistrust most "diet pill" claims - but this one seems a little different. Anyway - my question to you is this...I noticed that you said that you haven't taken the pills in a while because you have been on Allegra...I take Allegra and have for a couple of years. Is there some kind of contraindication with orove detox and Allegra? This is worrying me a little...

posted 9-Jun-2008 11:18am

Much better today, and I got a great workout too! Still only 1 lb weight loss...but looking forward to finishing the bottle over the next 3 weeks.
posted 9-Jun-2008 12:50pm

posted 9-Jun-2008 2:53pm

Hello Everyone!!
So many have joined the posting since I was last here...

I last posted on May 20th and I was starting what I thought was my final week of it's been roughly 2 weeks off the OD...but my husband doesn't seem interested in using the last week or so of his pills so I'm gonna take 'em!! lol

For those of you that question continued weight loss when going off the OD...I lost an addional 2 pounds in the 2 weeks I was OFF the pills But I did keep up the daily exercise...weights and treadmill in the AM and abs in the PM 6 days a week... as well as doing some vigorous Spring cleaning during that time!
I am now down roughly 7 pounds from my start weight of 161 back on April 8th...a total loss of 5 inches over-all...and it's staying off week to week. And I have gained an inch of muscle around my calf and bicep..each!! I can also tell I am gaining muscle on my thighs...but the gain is balancing out the fat loss so there isn't much of a "size" difference in that area. The muscle is MUCH more flattering that the fat doesn't jiggle as much! And my jeans all fit 10 times better!!

So far, day one back on the OD after 2 weeks off hasn't produced any major side effects...though I have gotten out of the habit of drinking so much water. UGH!! But we'll see what the rest of the week brings!!

Does anyone have a good exercise or two to burn off the upper arm fat that results in the nasty under arm jiggle??? I wanna be able to SEE my new muscles!!

Continued luck to everyone!!
posted 9-Jun-2008 3:27pm

The oh so flattering "under arm jiggle" is your tricepts. There are alot of great exercises for this, but one of the best is good ol' fashioned dips using your own body weight. You could do them on the floor or maybe using a chair too....they will work and you will feel the burn!
posted 9-Jun-2008 3:52pm

Hello everyone! I have just finished reading all these posts and I am convinced...LOL I just ordered OD and I cannot wait until it gets here! I am a 36 year old mother of 4 children that range in age from 16 to 3. I am a full time student working on my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and I am married to a career Marine. Over the last 4 years I have put on about 65 lbs and I am through being fat! I have tried everything under the sun to include changing my eating habits and starting to exercise. I am looking for something that will give me the upper hand in this battle of the bulge and I am hoping this is it! Once it gets here I will keep track of my progress on here as I know that reading everyone else's progress has been both insightful and thank you all!!
posted 9-Jun-2008 5:05pm

scelaya71~good luck and I hope you love it as much as I do so far!
posted 9-Jun-2008 6:23pm

Hey, girls, has anyone considered taking the Detox straight through with out the one-week break? Would it kill me, do ya think? The Ovoro website said that you needed the week off to keep from losing weight too fast. Is there such a thing? I mean, seriously, I need to be able to wear the clothes in my closet. Your thoughts????

I just got my first bottle today and was so excited that I went ahead and took a dose, even though I had already had lunch. Don't plan on eating dinner, tho. That was about an hour ago, and I can't feel anything. No burning/acid, no jolt of energy, nothing. Whassup with that?
posted 9-Jun-2008 7:56pm

Started taking original Orovo on Sat. This morning I was down 5 lbs. 5 lbs in 2 days! WAHOO!! I have not had any side effects on the original. I'll give another update after a full week!
exercise addict
posted 10-Jun-2008 12:54pm

I'm debating on trying Orovo Detox ...but just can't decide. Iv'e always been able to maintain my weight and size with exercise but ....age has set in and the scale has gone up. Want to lose 20 pounds. Does this work?
shrinking shadow
posted 10-Jun-2008 4:04pm

i started detox today. the only noticeable changes are increased energy, so much so that i feel like i have to keep moving or i'm gonna spontaneously dance a jig or something. i have to go to the bathroom a lot for number 1 and 2. i also seem to be having a hard time when i need to take a deep breath. after i did my 20 min of cardio, i still had an abundance of energy so i went on a cleaning frenzy. everytime my stomach starts to feel weird i pop a couple of almonds or a cracker and drink some water so i don't really feel sick or anything. one day at a time i guess. i'll write more a few days from now. glad you're all here, i don't know if i would have started if i hadn't read this.
posted 10-Jun-2008 4:19pm

Day 2 on Detox for me. The only side effect I have experienced is extreme happiness and increased energy. I giggle more. Weird! Lost 1 lb as of this morning!
posted 10-Jun-2008 7:03pm

I took the detox only today for the first time (I've been taking the fb too) and got MAJOR heartburn...anyone else experience this? I think I'm about at a 2 lb weight loss with 2 more days to go for my first week. Yay!
posted 10-Jun-2008 7:12pm

hey i ordered orovo detox and its coming soon. im excited to try it but does anyone know if its alright to take it while on birth control??
Biotch Hunter
posted 11-Jun-2008 12:52am

Thanks --I will get in here asap and post my thoughts about the Allegra taken with the Orovo detox and why I didn't do it. Starting back up in the AM. Gotta go--a scary movie to watch with the girls. . .
posted 11-Jun-2008 2:21am

angienj, how is it coming along? hope u post, ive lost 10 lbs in the first week, cant wait 2 see how well this goes!
posted 11-Jun-2008 10:57am

Day 6 of the first week, I only took one dose of the detox yesterday due to the craziness of the day, then at 9 p.m. I ate 3 pieces of I'm paying for it! Why am I such a dumb dumb?
posted 11-Jun-2008 3:59pm

hey yall!
well im done with 2 months of orovo detox and i lost 37 pounds
im soo happy ... ima stop the pills already though im happy with my weight 117 and im just start going to the gym :] to make it into muscle but belive me this pill works
posted 11-Jun-2008 6:03pm

McSkinny.....117?? That's amazing! I don't think I've been that weight since middle school! I'm not obese now...very close to what your starting weight was actually. I'm at 149 right now and am looking to lose 20 lbs. I'm almost done with my first week of the detox and I've only lost 1 lb. Any pointers you could give me? I don't eat junk food and I work out 4 times a week at the gym. Maybe my body just wants to stay fat! LOL
shrinking shadow
posted 11-Jun-2008 8:52pm

day 2 for me. i have lost 2 lbs already. 40 more to go!! yesterday i had a lot of energy, today i felt normal the first half of the day and kinda spacey the second half. easy breathing today. Also not very good bm's today, which is weird, i thought i'd be going a lot. just curious, has anyone experienced any other health benefits? for example, less allergy sensitivity?
posted 12-Jun-2008 2:18am

82 lb. weight loss in three weeks!
posted 12-Jun-2008 2:19am

Did yoou lose all of that weight in your right breast or the left one?
posted 12-Jun-2008 10:02am

Some people must think this is a big ol' joke (see above two posts)
I'm on my last day of my first week, and I feel not so good. Really fatiqued and just slightly off. I was only able to get through 30 min at the gym before finally deciding I needed to go. Hopefully it passes, and if not, I'll be skipping my lunch dose today. Still only at about 2 lbs weight loss for the week.
posted 12-Jun-2008 1:18pm

It has been a while since my last post here. I took 3 weeks off from Orovo due to illness, work issues, stress etc. I kept off my 11 pounds that I lost and am ready to start again on Monday. I did loose my energy but I hope to get it all back and continue to loose some more weight. I love this product and my body got used to the few side effects that this product has. This product doesn't work for everybody. One of my coworkers tried it and it did nothing for her. It does and keep my appetite suppressed. I love that! I am unable to over eat even around my period. My husband lost 20 pounds and it helps him with his appetite. I would like to add that we both do not exercise but will start when the weather cools off. We love to walk outside. Our favourite ,eal/snack is South Beach Diet protein bar 19g that fills us up. It has the protein that you need and you can buy it in a diet section of grocery stores. I will keep posting more news on my rpogress when I start again on Monday. I just had to share that I didn't gain anything back even when I took 2 weeks off.
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 1:22pm

scelaya71--sorry for the delay. The reason I did not do the Orovo Detox with the Allegra is because I thought the Orovo might think the Allegra was a toxin and I would end up with some of the side effects I have read about on here that I think might be part of the actual detoxification process. You know, the never-ending poos and such.

Anyway--hope you are doing great and I did start back up yesterday, but only took one. I am almost out of my last bottle, so I will use that as an excuse. But guess what? I jumped on the scales this morning and I am two pounds lighter than I was yesterday. Very strange because I decided since I was only doing the one pill in the morning, I did not need my regular amounts of water, so only did about 32 oz.

shrinking shadow
Be careful about that spontanious dancing stuff if you have teens that are going to be in viewing distance of your jig. I hate getting the 'Mom's being weird again' look. Of course, since I have a fourteen-year-old, I get it for almost everything I do. But I am not beyond embarassing her on purpose if she has been extra crispy mean to me, so I guess we are even. One of her pet peeves is my stance that flip-flops should be called by their correct name--thongs--and the thing she calls a thong should be called by its correct name--butt floss. My favorite maneuver to shut her up if she is bitching at me in a clothes store is to look around like I am looking for a clerk and innocently state; "Hey--we need to get you some sandals. Maybe I should go ask that guy. He looks like he works here. He probably knows where the thongs are."

I have yet to ask a sales clerk that, but I have received a lot of those grab type bruises on my arm for thinking about it. My daughter should crack walnuts with her bare hands for a living. For those of you who think embarassing your children into place is wrong--remember--teens can be sort of like rubber and most of what you try to say or teach is going to bounce right off of them. I have found something that actually sinks in. Don't feel sorry for her. She gets even all the time and every time she does, she points out; "You always say I am just like you--so get over it."
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 1:33pm

Speaking of embarrassment--lets make this site LOL. Write back please--the most embarrassing 'unintentional' thing you ever did to your kids, yourself or others. We all need a good laugh in this process of trying to shed our excess baggage--weight and other stuff.
Biotch Hunters: I went up to the deli counter at Rays with one of my teens and asked if they gave potato wedgies with thier chicken strips.
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 1:40pm

their--not thier,I wish this site had spell-check for ediots like me.
shrinking shadow
posted 12-Jun-2008 6:16pm

i guess my kids are too young to be embarrassed by me yet (4 & 2) and that's good because i have been kinda two steppin'around the house. i can't help myself. also am perpetually happy. i can't even get mad at my kids anymore!! i guess that's reason enough to take this. day 3 and have lost 5 lbs. don't feel funny at all today. kickin'!!
Tried everything...twice
posted 12-Jun-2008 6:18pm

I am on day 3 of taking the orovo detox and have tried every pill from adipex to focuslim...I feel so sick to my stomach on these pills I feel like i need to vomit and I have not lost any weight..I have wrote the customer support to ask if this is normal and I have not got any response back yet???? Is anyone else out here going through this??? I am not drinking enough water does that have something to do with that????? Is anyone else out there going through this as well....I am about to quit these pills altogther HELP!!!!
posted 12-Jun-2008 7:03pm

I too am thankful to have little kids who don't seem to be embarassed by me yet. We like to have frequent dance parties and "roaring" contests too.
posted 12-Jun-2008 7:10pm

I just vomited anyone else actually thrown up from this????
posted 12-Jun-2008 7:32pm

I just ordered a 2 month supply! Wahoo!!
I've never taken diet supplements before but I want a *boost* to kick start my new workout/diet routine.

Thank you to everyone who keeps posting updates, I will keep you all posted on my experience.
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 7:49pm

alirae22--OMG, I miss those days. Oh well, at least we still have the Roaring contests, if you want to call them that. One bright note-my seventeen-year-old went through the same thing and came through it still loving me. It's sort of like a very long whiners flu, also known as TWWOMBEOM (the whole world owes me, but especially you, Mom)
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 8:26pm

TWWOMBEYM--not TWWOMBEOM. Geez--I need spellcheck!

Tried everything...twice--I think you hit the nail right on the head; You have to drink about 64 oz of water a day. I try to drink one eight oz glass every time I swallow a pill (any pill) and always try to do more if I can stomach it. I am not a real lover of water, which is a shame, because water benefits probably outweigh most other bottled remedies for just about every problem that has to do with us not drinking enough water that has masked itself as something else. How confusing was that last sentence?

I truly believe a lot of us starve our bodies of water. I am right now sporting a set of new bangs that I did not have three months ago and I truly believe this is because of my upgraded water supply of the last few months. I really believe it has made my hair come back in. Okay--I wasn't bald, so get rid of that visual, but my volume of hair has gotten pretty thin compared to what it was when I was younger. I don't know if the stress got to it or pregnancies, braids, who knows, but it is coming back in.

I am not going to attribute this to the Orovo except in an off-hand matter; I have started drinking more water because when I was doing the O, I trained myself to drink more and now it is more natural to me.

It really did sort of freak me out the morning I felt those little bristles when I ran my fingers through my hair, because it was about three weeks into my Orovo. I panicked, thinking maybe the Orovo was causing some freak hormonal imbalance and I would be shaving my upper lip in no time. I did not mention this side effect, because I am a theory tester and wanted to "figure it out" without conclusion jumping. Since the growth has continued and my Orovo did not up until yesterday--I would stake my new hairs on it being the extra water I have been giving myself. At any rate, it is a cool side effect if it is because of drinking enough water and I plan on sticking with it. I really was starving my body of it, going sometimes a week or two (okay, maybe more) with just coffee or soda, but no water. I used to convince myself that a pot of coffee was the same as a pot of water.

About two years ago, I cut my coffee intake back to two cups per day and started drinking a lot of juices, but realize in hindsight, I was still depriving my body of the water. It has only been since starting the Orovo that I have made the change for the better, so we will see. If I end up growing a beard, I would of course, capitolize on it and join the circus, but I promise I will update you first.
posted 12-Jun-2008 9:07pm

Biotch Hunter...
I, since having my babies, have also suffered hair loss. At my lowest (and baldest) right after my second was born, I remember my lowest of lows being at church of all places. I pulled my hair back like I was going to ponytail it to show some of my "friends" my loss on the sides. I had a pretty bad case of the receeding hair lines on both sides. After 2 of the 3 women literally gasped, I immeadiatly went home and started taking hair and nail supplements and drinking alot more water. There were some days that all I did all day was drink water (almost 100 ozs a day) and pee. My hair situation is much better now, but still thin so I like to wear it short. Maybe I'll copy you and try the bang thing....NAH! I had bangs for more then half my life and I just don't see myself having the time to fix them everyday! I've never been a coffee drinker...can't stand the stuff. I guess that must be why I'm experiencing such a drastic change in my mood since starting the Orovo. Before, I literally had no caffeene in my diet. I seem to be getting short with my kiddos at night (when I'm coming "down" off the high of caffeene I guess) and that side effect I really hate. Tomorrow is my last day and then I'll be on my off week. I think I'm still around 1 to 2 lb loss this week. Not bad, but I was hoping for a bit more. Oh well....
posted 12-Jun-2008 9:56pm

Did you guys join as an associate in order to purchase the products?
Biotch Hunter
posted 12-Jun-2008 10:30pm

I didn't want the bangs--that's just the way the hair came in--that much, very noticeable. People think I had it cut that way. Oh well--at least it didn't turn into a mullet or something.

About the "shortness" side effect; I had that same thing happen when I was taking wild yam. Not sure how much caffeine is in the Orovo, but now you have me curious so I am going to research. If anyone knows, please reply. . .
posted 13-Jun-2008 6:18am

Started taking product on 6/3/08 in the morning by taking 2 Orovo and 3 (7 DFB), in less than an hour, I was feeling nauseous, and lightheaded. Before lunch took 2 Orovo and 3 DFB, felt worst as the day progress. Day 2, I guess I did not learn my lesson from the first day, proceeded to take 2 Orovo and 6 DFB (after reading the tiny print on the bottle). I wanted to vomit, felt light headed all day, nauseous to the point that I had to drink Sprite like water. The feeling got worst as the day progress, when I attempted to get up and walk to the bathroom. My body was overheating and walking the normal distance to the bathroom took me forever. I was really scared, from the nausea, high, stoned semi-conscious feeling, since I donít smoke pot and did I mentioned that feeling lasted until the next morning? On the 3rd day I call the company and was told to reduce my dosage intake. Well, today is day 9 and unfortunately, I must stop taking this product; everything, is not for everyone, but I did notice that my skin looked great and wish that my hair would have started to grow (alirae22). Biotch Hunter, I enjoyed reading your comments. Good Luck to who succeed with this product.
Biotch Hunter
posted 13-Jun-2008 9:19am

JociePosie :)

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biotch Hunter
posted 13-Jun-2008 9:24am

"Started taking product on 6/3/08 in the morning by taking 2 Orovo and 3 (7 DFB), in less than an hour, I was feeling nauseous, and lightheaded"

I haven't had that with the Orovo--but I know what you mean from having reacted to other products the same way. That is a bummer. Here's to hoping you find something that works great with no or little side effects on you and if you do--please post the info here. Wishing you the best of luck.
posted 13-Jun-2008 10:13am

I also experienced hair loss after the birth of my children. My hairdresser recommended NIOXIN shampoo and conditioner for thining hair. I am using #3 which is for colored hair and I also use a leave in solution after I wash my hair. This shampoo feels so good, it is minty and it does help. I still use it. It is little pricey, but you can buy the trial set up to see if it works for you. It worked for me.
posted 14-Jun-2008 12:29pm

Well,I guess I'm on my week off now. I had so many weird days where I only did one dose or I was sick, so this week wasn't "by the book" at all. Still only about 1 lb weight loss, but now I'm on my ., so that's throwing me off a bit. I hate being bloated....
As far as my hair's better and I've just had to have a peace about the fact that I will never be one of those girls with really long beautiful hair (my sister in laws are all "those girls" and I feel like crud everytime I'm around them! LOL) I keep my hair short and layered and that works for me....
Why do men like long hair? Especially if you're a mom, it only ends up being in a matted up ponytail all the time. What's sexy about that????
posted 14-Jun-2008 3:52pm

I just placed my order on the website. I did not receive a receipt for the purchase so I tried emailing the company - the email was returned twice as undeliverable. I don't see any phone number on the website to contact them. Has anyone ordered from this website before?
shrinking shadow
posted 15-Jun-2008 12:14am

hey! day 5 for me. today i turned down my dose to 2 capsules instead of 5 due to constipation issues. only 2 more days for this week so maybe it will resolve itself on the week off. i really have had a good experience in general. have lost a few pounds and feel "healthier" although, maybe that is a mind thing. i have lost a lot of water weight though which is good because i thought i was retaining a bit. i took a picture before i started of my face and body and my face has shape now. i have cheek bones, who knew!! good luck to everyone else on their first week!!
posted 15-Jun-2008 7:30am

I ordered a Orovo and 7-DFB combo package 2 weeks ago from
I have lost 11 pounds so far and feel great. I have recommended it to 2 people and they have just started.
I hope it continues to work, but so far so good!!!
posted 15-Jun-2008 3:14pm

Hey everyone! My OD came yesterday in the mail - so tomorrow I am going to start. Wasn't too sure about the side affects and whether I would need to stay close to home or not, so I decided to wait until tomorrow since today is Father's Day and I am taking my hubby out. I will weigh in and do all that terrible stuff in the AM and I am hoping for some good results.

Usually I am very skeptical about anything "quick fix", but I have allowed myself to be hopeful of this product and I am hoping it doesn't let me down!

I will check back in tomorrow morning!

Biotch Hunter: thanks for the kind words and I will keep the Allegra thing in mind just in case...I think I personally would rather sneeze then be I know which pill will be stopped if that is the case...LOL Can't think of anything embarrassing with my kiddies - but with a 16, 15 and 12 year old I am sure there are plenty of things that I have blocked...LOL So I will ask them and post in the AM...LOL
posted 15-Jun-2008 3:15pm

Oh yeah...and Happy Father's Day to all you of the male persuasion that have little ones (or not so little ones anymore...=)! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
posted 15-Jun-2008 5:35pm

Good luck to you scelaya71...I'm starting back full force in the am too....I just took 3 days off (due to my period) but tomorrow I'm back on and back at the gym. I only have a few weeks till my summer vacations hit, so I wanna get a few more lbs off. I did hit a mini goal this past week....I bought a new pair of jeans, size 8!!! It's been probably about 4 years since I've been able to fit that size so I was pretty stoked!
posted 15-Jun-2008 6:34pm

On a not so great note....I am weighing several lbs more....don't know if it's from being bloated on my period or what. I should probably stop weighing myself several times a day. It shows you how much your weight fluctuates. Any one else obsess over the scale like I do?
posted 16-Jun-2008 8:31am

Good Morning! Day one on OD - am supposed to be taking the OD and the FB at the same time? I did this morning - 10 pills is no joke...but it wasn't too bad. I weighed myself this am and it was an ugly thing...LOL I also took a pic of my face so I can see if it slims down a bit, later when I am feeling more brave I will take a pic in my bathing suit and then I will retake after a week.

alirae22: I also obsess over the scale. When my husband was in Iraq I lost 40 lbs. (much easier with him gone, by the way...LOL) But I would weigh myself a million times a day - hoping that the weight would just fall off in a 20 minute time span I guess...LOL Of course, I would get discouraged if the scale didn't move as often as I thought it should have. So then I went the other route and I refused to weigh myself - saying that if my clothes fit better and looser then I would know that I lost weight - yadda yadda yadda - that was a load of crap too cause I did not have that reality check I needed on a constant now I weigh myself everyday or every couple of days at least and I don't let myself get on that scale more than once a for the extra pounds could be the bloat from your period or could be muscle tone? are you lifting weights at all? Muscle weighs more than fat...

Ok everyone...have to go get my coffee now before my 3 year old wakes up - the best part of the day is the quiet before the storm...LOL I will check back in later with any comments on how this stuff makes me feel and see how everyone else is doing!

Have a great day!!
posted 16-Jun-2008 8:44am

Scelaya71~ I know it would be be best if I just weighed in the am, but I'm a weirdo I guess....I like to see just how low I can keep it throughout the day. This morning I weighed in and I was back to 150, which is where I was a week ago before starting OD. I only lost a lb last week, but then I started my period, so it was hard to make it through like I shoulda. Anyways....I'm back on today. I did the OD and FB together too....taking those 10 pills took me what seemed like forever. Couldn't they make them a little easier to take? Chocolate covered maybe? LOL
I am doing circut training in addition to cardio at the gym. I'm trying to take that in to consideration and not get so down on myself when the scale doesn't move at warp speed. Anyways...good luck to you this week. Try to stick to it by the book if you can and don't eat past 7. That's my hard one, especially when my husband is there, who by the way can eat absolutly anything he wants and not gain a lb. I'm talking a pint of ice cream at 10 oclock at night, and I'm just supposed to watch him and drink my water? What's up with that?????

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Cheshire Girl (UK)
posted 16-Jun-2008 11:14am

On my 5th day and I am stopping taking the pills (normal orovo) I feel so sick and it is not because I am not drinking enough water. I feel that it may counter act with my anti depressants as I also feel emotionally drained and panicky - my heart is beating faster after I take them. Am gutted but instead I am going to try some appetite supressents made by Gillian McKeith who is a diet guru in the UK. I have really struggled with Orovo and will be staying well away x
posted 16-Jun-2008 2:49pm

Today is my first day back on Orovo detox after a 2 week break. I feel good after taking my first dose. I don't feel any different at all. I think my body got used to the pills in 2 months. I am hoping to jump start my weight loss where I left off and continue to loose more weight. I have kept 50 lbs of baby fat for over 4 years and it is just too hot in Vegas to carry all this weight. I hate sweating all the time.
posted 16-Jun-2008 5:06pm

To midori: I also just placed my order on the website. I did not receive a receipt for the purchase so I also tried emailing the company - the email was returned saying their mailbox was full. I also contacted customer service and asked if they were affiliated and if they had any phone number to reach them with. The woman said that they are reputable but their shipments seem to take longer than they are supposed to. I am skeptical but hope to get my product soon.
posted 16-Jun-2008 5:46pm

alirae22.. hi! Pointers not really i woulnt drink it with water i would drink it with vitamin vwater for some reason. and that all i would drink but i still eat bad i eat out like 3 times a week but i go to the gym 5 times a week with my dad soo basicly just cardio and the pill helped alot but i dint get on a diet eww i hate healthy food :/
posted 16-Jun-2008 7:36pm

Ok Mcskinny...rub it in why don't you. How old are you? Maybe you just have crazy good genes or something, but most normal people, especially us mommies have to watch what we eat like we watch our toddlers! LOL....kudos to you and your great genes though!
posted 16-Jun-2008 10:27pm

Nicole: Thanks! I panicked after the email kept bouncing back. I didn't even realize I wasn't on the official site when I ordered. I feel better knowing you spoke to someone with positive feedback at I appreciate you taking the time to share your info with me.

I'm so eager to get my order and start up on this. Reading all the good results here make me hopeful that this will be the thing for me.
posted 16-Jun-2008 11:16pm

i try this stuff and i gotta say it suck dont work at all .
posted 17-Jun-2008 7:56am

Hey Midori I just wanted to let you know that I checked my email this morning and there was a receipt from my order so I feel a bit better now. I can't wait for my pills to get here either, I've been struggling to lose a stubborn 10-15 lbs.
posted 17-Jun-2008 9:25am

So today is day 2 on OD and I have to say it was not bad yesterday at all. According to the scale this morning I lost 3.5 lbs, but I am a little skeptical that it was "real" weight. Until I see otherwise, I am going to have to attribute that to water weight. Nevertheless, I started my (.) this morning and the water weight from that usually doesn't go away until at least day 3 so I already think that alone is great. I did have a need to stay close to home yesterday after lunch, but that could have been the OD combined with the mexican food I had for lunch...LOL I don't think that was a side affect of OD only....LOL

I waited for the "burning" that some people have reported or the nausea...and I didn't really notice anything like that. Just the usual feeling of when I take my vitamins without eating anything with far so good...Drinking all that water first thing in the morning is something to get used body almost went into shock when coffee wasn't the first thing going in...LOL

Hope everyone has a great day and I will check back in later!
posted 17-Jun-2008 11:10am

yo alirae22.. im a mommy of a 3month old son but also breats feeding helped alot :] dude its really hard trust me i mean just drinking vitamin water yuck :/ but yea dude u can exercise at home dance put on some music when i dont go to the gym i put some music and dance infront of my some he loves it :] it burns alot of calories too :] try it hun!
posted 17-Jun-2008 12:45pm

First Bottle Day 1 of OD (Orovo Detox only)
- Weighed in around 166 lbs (getting a digital scale today)
- 1st dose at 8:30 am, breakfast at 9
- 2nd dose at 12:20 pm, lunch at 12:50.
- Yoga from 8-9pm- I've been doing yoga about twice a week over the 7 months. Last night I really pushed myself like never before, I was so focused especially on my breathing.
- Was asleep by 1 (which is usual for me)

I drank at least 13 cups of water throughout the day so I obviously peed A LOT, but no unusual bowl movements. I was not very hungry throughout the day, still got my late night munchies but not nearly as bad as before.

I felt very awake and alert, but NOT jittery. I usually drink around 4 - 5 cups of coffee a day OR a large energy drink, so Iím used to having quite a bit of caffeine. I didnít need any additional caffeine yesterday so that was a bonus. I felt a little nauseous after the first pills (but I really think that was my nerves because I NEVER take pills).

Overall my first day went very well...Iíll update tomorrow on how today goes. =)
posted 17-Jun-2008 5:09pm

Mcskinny~Me and my girls have daily dance parties and I go to the gym abot 4 times a week and have a workout regimine at home that I do too. I'm just fighting bad genetics and having 2 kids almost back to back. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and pray that it pays off eventually! LOL
posted 17-Jun-2008 5:11pm

Hello. I have been reading all of your comments today and am thinking about ordering some. Sounds great - but almost too good to be true. I need to lose about 25 pounds. Has anyone lost that much??? And did the weight just come off of your abdomen - or did you notice losing it anywhere else? Please let me know when someone has a minute.
Thanks for your time and have a great day !!
posted 17-Jun-2008 6:35pm

alirae22 - I feel your pain! I have been fighting bad genetics most of my life and then having 4 kids on top of that didn't help...LOL Hang in there! You can do just have to keep at it...=)
posted 17-Jun-2008 7:25pm

Thanks. You know, I think slowly but surely I'm coming to grips with the woman that I am. I am not obese and I consider myself to be healthy, and that's all that really matters. I honor God first and foremost with my body and beyond that, no matter what society tells us women we "should look like," I am pleased with just being me. Losing weight on top of all that will just be icing on the cake!
posted 17-Jun-2008 10:51pm

My spouse and I both took Orovo Detox for the full cycle - 7 on, 7 off, 7 on, 7 off - and it did not work for either one of us. Neither of us lost any weight, and neither of us experienced the increased energy that is claimed to go with the pills. We expereinced no results at all, negative or positive. I would not waste my money!
simply me
posted 18-Jun-2008 12:00am

Hi, you all. I have been reading these posts for a while tonight and came to several conclusions:
1. For most people it has some kind of side effect.
2. Many are confused on the dosage or interaction with other medication.
3. Not too many have lost more than 10 pounds up to now.
4. Some are exercising.
5. Many are afraid of gaining the weight back if they stop using it.
6. The spelling of the name is uncertain, is it orvo or orovo?
7. The great majority of the people that post here are very nice and very helpful.
8. Some questions remain unanswered for lack of experience with the pill.
9. The amount of water you have to take is huge.
10. Some experience sleeplessness and increased energy levels.
I just want to take this pill as an appetite supressant. I have lost 17 pounds on my own with very little exercise because I hate exercising. I have reached a plateau and cannot lose more weight.I am on vacation and cannot control my diet as well as when I am working.
I will like to know how many of you have felt your cravings decrease.
Thanks so much for your help.
posted 18-Jun-2008 10:38am

Hello. this is my second day taking this stuff....i am curious about the water thing.why is the amount of water you take that important??....
posted 18-Jun-2008 1:08pm

Hey - Biotch Hunter are you still out there? I am thinking about trying this but like you was a little cautious. Are you available to answer some (more) questions?
Thanks !!
posted 18-Jun-2008 2:49pm

I, too am researching and trying to decide whether to try Orovo. Having worked for a Holistic physician, the "natural" ingredients caught my attention. I fully believe in detoxifying the body. It helps build the immune system. Drinking lots of water is essential to detox as well as dieting.

For those of you experiencing "side effects" please remember that with any detoxification process you undergo, the side effects will get worse before they get better. That's why they call it detox. There is also a possibility of allergic reactions to the ingredients in Orovo. So, if Orovo does help detoxify your body this may be the reason there are unusual symptoms in the beginning. I am only speaking on behalf of detox not Orovo.
posted 18-Jun-2008 5:46pm

Today is day 3 on OD...I have not really noticed any side effects although I do feel like I am really thirsty all day. I don't notice any feeling of being agitated or not being able to sleep. I don't have ANY side effects at all except that I have noticed that my appetite is definately surpressed. At first I thought that it was a figment of my imagination...LOL Wanting to see some kind of sign that the pills were doing something..LOL But today I went to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch and I was definately not that interested in the food. My husband even ordered pizza last night and that is my ALL TIME favorite food - and I had a piece and then that was enough...and there is no amount of mind games I could play on myself that would make me NOT interested in mushroom pizza...LOL

I did not weigh myself today partly because I wanted to wait a couple of days and partly because my Marine Corps hubby has new orders to WA so we are packing up the house and weighing all the boxes and I was too lazy to go downstairs to the garage and get the scale...LOL So much for extra energy...LOL Just kidding...I am actually a pretty energetic person and with 4 kids and going to school full time I spend most of my day running around so it is hard for me to tell if I have extra energy or just wanna get things done.

After researching the ingredients contained in these pills here is the conclusion that I came to: if they help me to drop a few pounds and get me motivated to lose more on my own GREAT! If they just rid my body of some of the crap that builds up in there AND I lose weight WONDERFUL! If it gets rid of the crap and I don't lose weight that is fine too. It is a win-win either way I look at it - there are just varying degrees of I am not looking for a wonder pill that will suddenly cause my body to go into weightloss overtime...I am just looking for something to give me a push in the right direction. The hardest thing about losing weight for me is getting started...once I get started and the lost lbs start adding up then I have no problem...starting at ground zero sucks so I am just looking for a little extra motivator...

So...those are my thoughts on the subject...I hope that helps some people that are still on the fence. Tomorrow I think I will weigh myself so I will update you all on that aspect.

Allirae22: You have the right frame of mind! At some point we all have to accept ourselves as we are and be happy with that. Not that we can't work to improve ourselves or get healthier. But it is not worth it to be miserable because we dont "fit" into societies opinions of what women (or even men) are SUPPOSED to look you go girl! =)
simply me
posted 18-Jun-2008 6:51pm

scelaya 71, thanks for your post. It gives me another perspective
and much hope. I want to lose 20 pounds but I am not in
a hurry. I just do not want to feel so hungry that I will overeat
and gain the weight I've lost.
posted 18-Jun-2008 7:26pm

i have already ordered my Orovo Detox. I got pregnant and went from 140 to 214. After he was born i was able to get back down to 183 in 5 mos. Then couldn't loose any more. That was ok because working out was still helping me trim down. I was flattening my stomach and I felt that although I wasn't dropping pounds I was building muscle. Then I got pregnant again. I continued to work out and didn't gain but 23 lbs. That was gone when she was 2 wks old. Just needed to tone again...I thought. And now after a yr I am still at 183. I have dieted, changed my workout routine, tried diet pills-everything but nothing helps. After having researched Orovo I am going to try it. Can anyone tell me how it will effect my antidepressants? And what about smoking will it make me smoke more or help me quit? Can't wait to get started as I went to take a Power Yoga class today and was told in front of everyone inthe room that it would be too hard for me since I was pregnant...I didn't realize I looked pregnant still...very sad day.
simply me
posted 18-Jun-2008 7:48pm

How much water exactly does one have to drink?
Do you have to take the same amount of water every day?
posted 18-Jun-2008 10:23pm

Does the amount of water you drink matter?
Are most of you excercising along with the orvo detox?
posted 18-Jun-2008 10:35pm

what is a reliable site to place my order? thanks
posted 19-Jun-2008 6:58am

I read the 5th entry from the top and it EXACTLY described my experience so far! It said, "I have been taking Orovo Detox for three days now. The first day was really bad, and I felt dizzy and really jittery, but I lost four pounds. Now I have gained that back, but I no longer feel jittery. I have been having a lot of gas and diarrhea, but no weight loss, and I am constantly thirsty so I am chugging water like crazy!!! Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it's not working for me! I am 30 pounds over weight and have plenty to lose!!"..........OMG! Nearly Identical!, the diarrhea, the thirst, everything! (well,with ONE exception:I did not gain back the few pounds I lost,I think I'm still dehydrated from the diarrhea!) I also think that the comments that overly praise this product and the comments that attack people that made negative comments (one post DEMANDS "cold, hard facts" to prove his negative comments!) are posted by people with a vested interest in the company! Like many other companies, they infiltrate discussion sites and create many, bogus,unbiased-appearing "review" sites, and "rate" their product(s) highest. I have stopped taking it. Wasted money. If you try it hope you have better luck than me, but I really think it's a big scam. Btw... Any scam that runs long enough to collect a bundle before the scammer closes up shop is a sucessful scam, people.
posted 19-Jun-2008 7:27am

I must say that although I like the energy that I get from OD in the morning, I haven't really lost any weight. I weigh myself daily and before I took OD I saw just how a person's weight fluctuates on it's own, so it really isn't any different now that I'm taking OD. By the time I'm ready to take my second dose in the afternoon, I'm usually dreading it because I already feel like I'm coming "down" from my a.m. dose and my body feels tired at that point. I'm not sure if this will help anyone but I don't think I'll buy it again. All that being said, every body reacts to things differently, so what doesn't work for me, may work for someone else. I never really had a problem with my appetite, but if a person did, this pill does have a great appetite suppressant. I don't believe in starving yourself at all, quite the opposite. Human beings are made to "graze." Eating 5-6 small meals or snacks a day will not only keep you full, but it will give your metabolism the boost it needs. Hope some or any of this helps...
posted 19-Jun-2008 8:49am

Okay, So this is the first time I have ever posted anything on any web site Ever ! I am a normal person just like most of you, and I have also read endless hours of feedback from orovo detox users. I decided to try it out and just finished my first seven days on. I gained 3.5 pounds. Let me be clear that I usually drink tons of water and I usually follow a low calorie (1,200-1,400 ) a day diet. I do cardio 5-days a week. So when I gained wait I was less than pleased. However I usually lose a pound a week and this week I only gained, not changing anything out of my norm except added in the orovo. The 3.5 pounds could be from muscle BUT Still not a loss !I have been sick most of the week, and sluggish by 4 in the afternoon, it is NOT from the caffiene cuz I am a big coffee drinker. So this week taking the orovo i did not have my usual coffee. I felt sluggish,gas,bloated Ect... I think if you usually drink alot of water before taking orovo then you might not be someone that will see results from orovo. I'm happy for those of you that it worked for, BUT it did not work for me and i am actually excited to be back to my usual 1 pound a week wieght loss. I only have 10-15 pounds to loose so I will just keep doing what I'm doing WITHOUT the orovo and I can be patient and KEEP my energy throughout the day and not get sluggish $ crampy by dinner time. Before taking orovo I too read hours of post to see if it was safe or worked ect.... I told myself that if it worked or did not work for me then I would post it here so people will see that it does NOT work for everone, exspecially someone that is super stricked with her diet and eats about 4-5 small meals a day , chicken,fish,veggies,and I work out burning calories left & right. So in the end it did not work for this girl BUT i have enjoyed reading all your post and I am glad it worked for some. Keep up all your hard work all of you and stay strong and positive.

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