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Phenhermine is a natural appetite suppressant pill with a similar name to Phentermine (the well-known prescription drug). Its primary ingredient is Hoodia.


There are a few diet pills out there that are using similar names to prescription diet drugs. Phenhermine is one of them. It goes beyond just the name, though. The bottle the pills come in is also designed to look like a prescription bottle. Also, the marketing used to sell the pills (mostly done online) uses terms and images that are usually only associated with prescription drugs.

The truth is that Phenhermine is yet another Hoodia-based diet pill. It is sold over the counter with no restrictions (like a prescription). The ingredients on Phenhermine are similar to many other over the counter diet pills.

This doesn't mean that Phenhermine doesn't work. It may well work for you. But, its name and the way it is presented will likely confuse a lot of people. So, be careful. Phenhermine is not Phentermine.

Phenhermine's main ingredient is Hoodia. Hoodia has been proven to suppress appetite. The real question is whether Phenhermine contains enough Hoodia for it to work. You'll have to see for yourself.


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  15-May-2008 9:13am created by bill

posted 29-Jul-2012 2:48am

I'm going to call bs on this, sorry. If u eat right do cardio and work out, taikng a thermogenic like oxyelitepro (for example) can help because each pill has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (which most people drink multiple of). And it stimulates the thyroid, which could make fat break down into energy easier. But he's right they will not work alone.

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