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Phentermine 37.5 A159's


Phentermine 37.5 with A159 imprint is the generic version of Adipex


Phentermine (Adipex-P, Fastin, Obenix, Oby-Trim) is a drug that suppresses the appetite for weight loss. Phentermine should be combined with exercise and diet for the short term treatment of obesity.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


There is much to say about this diet aide and weight loss, some say it is the miricle cure while others are skeptical. Either way if you have tried it you can make the decision for yourself.


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  28-Oct-2008 3:07pm created by FenMe

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posted 28-Oct-2008 3:56pm

Woo Hoo! I am the first one. Way to go on your continued success with service. I am true fan of the A159's and have dropped pound by pound so far in the past few weeks. I love these things and hope that by New Years Eve I will have lost 30 or 40 pounds.
posted 28-Oct-2008 6:25pm

I use duromine 30mg and find them excellent I have lost weight and have been able to
keep it off. I don't know the difference between duromine & A159 I think one is time
released but what ever works for you. I love fenme for ordering they are great I am
glad I found this site...
Anonymous in LA
posted 28-Oct-2008 6:41pm

Since 9/4, I've lost 13 lbs. and 1" around my hips taking Phentermine 37.5 mg (A 159).
posted 28-Oct-2008 8:58pm

best service available! Always flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to get you what and when you want it! I am dedicated and hope to never have to use another person. Rumors are false and malicious. The a159 are the only way to go, weight loss is gauranteed!
posted 28-Oct-2008 9:15pm

How doI get them? Is FenMe a site or is it like yguy? The only phen that gives me any energy are the A159s. Everything else I've tried has been a big disappointment.
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:37am

It is an email address take the name you had and add 2008 to it and yahoodotcom and you got it.
S. Jones
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:43am

Just wanted to post a quick hello to everyone. I got the message last night that we were moving over here from the source and I just wanted to put my quick info in that I don't like the source I love the source. So far to date since starting back in July I am down 32 pounds. A159's are absolutely amazing and I order again and again and again and again. It can happen with these. If everyone else that comes over that uses the service please post your weight loss as well. It would be cool to show that we are indeed all losing weight with this.
posted 29-Oct-2008 4:01pm

I just received an order from another place approved-medicaldotcom and the pills came from China (the package was EMS). They are white tablets with blue specks and stamped A159, but are not bitter tasting as I thought I read they should befrown Is this correct?
posted 29-Oct-2008 6:26pm

ok how do i get these pills i want duramine not all the other rubbish i did them years ago and want to do it again
posted 29-Oct-2008 9:40pm

fenme has duromine and 37.5's and yes they should be bitter. warning though there has been tons of reports of horible pill fakes from china. look it up on the net, don't take them for your own safety!
Anonymous in LA
posted 29-Oct-2008 9:42pm

Tisha: International versions of Phentermine are reportedly not effective and if it's not bitter tasting, that means it doesn't contain HCL which is what makes it soluable in your stomach. If it doesn't contain HCL, it may still contain phen, but it won't be effective. Check out OPD247 dot com, lots of good info there and at the official phen site. I previously ordered from allpillsrx and they were white tablets with blue specks with the A159 stamp on them but they weren't bitter, either. They were chalk. Those also came EMS and then thru Nashville, TN. Fortunately, I did get a refund. Good luck. :)
posted 30-Oct-2008 12:18pm

Ok, I contacted them and they are willing to ship me from another source from the US free of charge, I still plan on ordering from fenme since I have read such good things. I'll keep you posted. smile
posted 10-Nov-2008 12:19pm

I think I might be the only guy here although I could be wrong. I heard one of my co workers in the break room mentioning the pill she used to lose weight and I asked her to give me the info on ordering it from fenme. After that I was let go from my job and I sat on the couch most of the day for a few weeks until I started a new job that would have me moving all day. I started taking these when I started my new job which was on 9/29/08 at 280 and yesterday I am at 262. Now I know why I see and hear so many women wanting these. They are one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth compared to my old love for pizza. If any guys come across this they do work for both men to not just women.
posted 14-Nov-2008 2:33pm

posted 17-Nov-2008 11:39pm

I counted at least 7 cheerleaders on this measly page!
Pushing for that X-mas moolah, eh?
posted 18-Nov-2008 9:34am

Please do not bring your cheerleader garbage to this forum from the other one.
posted 19-Nov-2008 12:52am

So is this the same Phentermine that you have to get from a doctor or is there really a legit place that I can get this online? I am 5'9" tall, 165 pounds and my BMI is about 27% right now. I have been working out every other day for the last 6 months, hour or so of cardio and about 30-45 minutes of weight training, and I have had ZERO results from this. I have also changed my diet. My doctor told me that I am just genetically made to be like this...I refuse to use genetics as an excuse! I am getting very discouraged. Anyway, I didn't know if I needed to talk to my doctor or if I can just get it online. If someone could let me know, you could email me at or just reply on here. Thanks everyone!!!
posted 19-Nov-2008 9:19am

Hi Savannah,
You can go to your doctor yes and try to get a script for it. Most doctors won't give it to you unless you are far over your normal bmi range which is why a lot of us get it online. If you do get it online then it is the same thing that you can get from your doctor.
posted 19-Nov-2008 12:08pm

have some questions? freaking out about thanksgiving....
posted 19-Nov-2008 3:15pm

Cheerleader garbage? Excuse me? Did I miscount?
posted 19-Nov-2008 8:44pm

To you that have not found Phentermine just email and you to will have phentermine very soon for a nice price.
Have a nice day
posted 20-Nov-2008 8:34am


Not sure, I'm not counting since it doesn't bother me if someone posts positive comments in here. But I'm assuming your one of the ones who trash other people in the other Phen forum here so by the way (NEED A DICTIONARY? ITS ANONYMOUS, NOT ANONYMUS!)I know you know why I said that since you spell check the others. Don't throw stones when the shoe gets put on the other foot.

I'm also guessing you have connections or are the source that belongs to the as well. Nice spam posting.

Anonymous UK
posted 21-Nov-2008 3:29am

Have found this site really interesting. I have had phentermine given to me by a "diet doctor" here in the UK. They were pink round tablets and seemed to work.I have only seen mentioned (on this site) of yellow,white, and blue tablets/pills. Has any one else seen the pink ones?
posted 21-Nov-2008 1:28pm

Don't assume.
And please, don't embarrass yourself by trying to correct me.
On your best day you couldn't write a cohesive sentence.
posted 21-Nov-2008 2:25pm

Hey, Miss Spam Spotter,
How dare you tell people not to post in here. It's an open forum.

Oh, and by the way, I happen to agree with anonymus/anonymous.
Did you miss a lot of grammar school, dear?
posted 23-Nov-2008 3:40pm

Thank you.
And please read the message I left on the other forum for all you desperate pill seekers.
The Source isn't the answer.
The key to your happiness is within you.
Make the decision TODAY to TAKE CONTROL.
posted 24-Nov-2008 6:54pm

has anyone bought pills from phenterminelive@se? I need to know if she is for real or a rip off gettin ready to happen.
Bogus Man
posted 24-Nov-2008 9:05pm

Hi, I'm the owner of one of these products, using alternate screen names to try to make it look popular. Perhaps this site shouldn't be trusted.
Bogus Woman
posted 24-Nov-2008 9:06pm

I assure you, I have nothing to do with the aforementioned person. I am 100% genuine, guaranteed, or double your money back! I heartily endorse every product on this site, and I'm not paid to say that!
bogus child
posted 25-Nov-2008 1:42pm

That's right. My mother is a legitimate (cough) pill pusher.
posted 25-Nov-2008 1:57pm

Fenme is selling old discontinued pills.
They don't work and y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.
Another fake person
posted 26-Nov-2008 8:56am


You do realize you have been talking to yourself for the past few days and posting comments only to yourself because most of us will not post in here anymore because your stupidity and nieve and childish comments. We have moved to an adult forum to discuss this now. Sorry you are not old enough to join!

I love how you have taken control of this forum and made it your personal space to trash something you obviously don't know anything about. Now each day we don't get to see what people are saying about a weight loss product, progress, and talk about it in general. Now we get to see what B.S. remark or comment you've left.

I'm glad you love to see your stupid comments in writing on the computer but we don't so do us all a favor and shut up even though I'm sure you won't because you get off on it to much.

Yes we all have nothing better to do or wait its just one person you say right! One person has nothing better to do then post day after day claiming to be someone else when its really the same person. Do you hear yourself? They must be exhausted. Come on!

WE ARE REAL PEOPLE YOU DUMBASSES, AND THERE ARE MANY OF US! Oh, and we have lost weight taking these. They are not discontinued and they are not old.

I'm not even defending the product I'm taking anymore.Like the others on here I am defending myself. Myself and the rest of us (yeah believe it or not there is more then just 1 person in here that is living and breathing) are defending the fact that we are real people taking this and losing weight and the product is good.

Why don't you just give up. You've made your point. You hate them, you hate us, you hate life, you think this, you think that. WE GET IT! NOW WILL YOU STOP SO THIS CAN GO BACK TO BEING A WEIGHT LOSS FORUM AND NOT YOUR PERSONAL FORUM TO SEE YOURSELF ON THE NET.
posted 26-Nov-2008 3:06pm

Or what? Send me to my room?

I don't want you to post, I want you to read.


What a waste of money.

Shame on you for spending it on this crap instead of Christmas presents for your children.

Happy Thanksgiving!
or rather
posted 26-Nov-2008 3:22pm

Dear Another fake person,
Are you mentally ill? You write like you are.
You must be somebody from that cesspool they call topix.
posted 26-Nov-2008 3:54pm

Hi another fake person, it's me, anonyMUS.
Aren't you the same person who told me to get a dictionary?
Oh yeah, it's you.
Anyway, FYI, it's spelled "NAIVE" not "NIEVE".
If you're going to call someone names, spell them correctly----otherwise they lose their impact.
posted 26-Nov-2008 10:52pm

Anybody afraid of getting in trouble for doing something illegal?
posted 28-Nov-2008 3:32pm

Someone mentioned placebos on the other forum.

Anyone else think that's what they are?

People seem excited about buying them and getting them, but then you don't read anything about how much weight they lost.

Anyone lose weight on them? How much?
posted 30-Nov-2008 5:09pm

They are not posting the truth. I personally would like to know what you all want us all to do to prove to all of you that myself and the others here and in the other forum are real people taking these and losing weight.
I have lost 34 pounds so far and although I still have 16 more to go I am proud of my progress. These are not placebo or fake and I don't know why you are saying it?
I have read posts here and in the other one from people who order, but I think that maybe people get the info and order and then don't care about posting again.
Or maybe now it is because even if we put something here from our experience and weight loss amount you say negative comments about it or that its a lie.
Like I asked above please let us know what we can all do to prove we are all individuals who have success with these, they are not placebos.
posted 1-Dec-2008 9:34am

From Above: No one should have to prove to anyone that you are a real person. Why give them the benefit of the doubt and feed off of what stupidity they come off with everyday. If they want to post lies and false information let them, there are way to many comments from people actually taking this medication to prove their postings are false.
My advice is what a lot of others have been saying and that is stop posting here all together because its not worth anyone's time or effort to try to ask questions or talk about taking this medication in this forum. Whatever you post gets ripped up one side and down the other and we get called names and fakes for doing it.

Do exactly what they said above "I don't want you to post, I was you to read" So just let them mouth off to whatever they want each day and boycott the site and don't post even if you are taking this and know they are real and not fake.

The ones who are taking it and losing weight know it is real and have the scale to prove it, and that is all that matters anymore.
posted 1-Dec-2008 11:45am

I asked a question about how much weight you can lose in a month taking these pills on the other forum. Does anybody know or has anybody lost at least 10 pounds in a month?
Who are the people who are taking it and losing weight boycotting? What site are you boycotting?
posted 1-Dec-2008 2:40pm

I've been suckered many time and noticed the pills lacking that "bitter" taste. . . that's how I knew they wouldn't work - and they didn't!
Does anyone know a site where they will send you REAL Phentermine? I lost 50 lbs. on them. I've gained 15 of that back. I'd really like the real deal. Anyone have a legit site?
posted 2-Dec-2008 2:00am

Me too! The last ones I got from yguy were terrible. They are white with blue specks and have MP273 on them.
posted 2-Dec-2008 10:41am

Boycotting this site and the other board in this site because it has gone so downhill that now all anyone posts is false information, lies, rumors, and spell checks everyone who posts. This should be a place where people discuss the medication and their goals, questions and success with it either from a doctor or from an outside source. But it has turned into a rumor mill where everyone makes fun of one another, and even if you post something factual or a responce to someone regarding information on a question or about finding a source we are called liars.
posted 2-Dec-2008 1:56pm

I ignore negative posts. I just want to lose 10-15 pounds !
Yesterday I found out from another forum about yguy so I ordered.
I'm excited.I already started dieting on my own and I lost 2 1/2 pounds since Friday.
posted 2-Dec-2008 2:32pm

Did you ask for the 504s because if you didn't you'll probably get the MP273s and a lot of people don't like them.
posted 2-Dec-2008 10:08pm

Hey everyone I am getting ready to order some Phentermine from a source that I was given, via my last post. I was many pills do you take per day? I was trying to figure out how many to order at a time. Thanks everyone!
posted 2-Dec-2008 11:30pm

The most you can usually order at a time is 30, but there are a few places that will sell you 90.
Most people start out taking 1 but after a while will take 1 1/2 or 2.
posted 3-Dec-2008 10:36pm

I didn't ask for any particular brand of phen. I started reading about the different brands on another forum, and there were a lot of opinions. I guess I'll just have to try them and see.
posted 5-Dec-2008 9:52pm

I just need information - and please be helpful- where can I order a legit one -the real one and the the fake ones- I have lost money already by ordering phentermine online hoping that it is the real deal but lo and behold - disappointment after the other. So please, if there is one person here who can walk the talk- let me know!
posted 5-Dec-2008 9:57pm

I just need information - and please be helpful- where can I order a legit one -the real one and not the fake ones- I have lost money already by ordering phentermine online hoping that it is the real deal but lo and behold - disappointment after the other. So please, if there is one person here who can walk the talk- let me know!
BTW - please email me at for info. Appreciate it.

ps. Pardon me for posting my comment twice.
posted 13-Dec-2008 11:21am

I am selling the original phentermine! They are 37.5 milligrams and have the imprints A-159's . If you are interested please email me at
posted 15-Dec-2008 3:01pm

can anyone tell me where to get the real adipex pills my email is
posted 15-Dec-2008 4:12pm

sorry about the double post but i have another question. who is yguy?and how do i get to the site
posted 16-Dec-2008 3:11pm

yguy is not a site.
you email him at
posted 16-Dec-2008 3:17pm

wshelly is selling crap.
say that 3 times fast

The A159s are old.They stopped manufacturing them last summer. They're either near or past their expiration date.
posted 16-Dec-2008 3:24pm

posted 17-Dec-2008 3:22pm

Hey is the yguy email really him? I was going to order thru another email I was given but you have to use Mpayy and for some odd reason it won't let me add my accounts or my credit cards. Does YGuy use Mpayy or what are my choices?
posted 18-Dec-2008 10:10pm

He takes money orders
posted 21-Dec-2008 4:16pm

Great. Well there is no way in the world that I can leave and go to the store to get a money order. Alright, well I guess I will be waiting until January!
posted 22-Dec-2008 3:25pm

Why don't you just use the other source where you can pay online if your snowed in?
posted 22-Dec-2008 5:58pm

Does anyone know if ionamin and meridia really got taken off the market in Canada? Or is this just some bullcrap story my new GP is telling me because he is against all things addictive? please tell me. i would love to know.
posted 23-Dec-2008 12:58am

I can't use to other source to pay online because it is thru MPayy and for some odd reason it isn't letting me add accounts...something is wrong with the website I believe.
posted 24-Dec-2008 11:42am

you can use moneygram and westernunion online. I use moneygram to make my payment when I order because its easier then going to a location.
posted 28-Dec-2008 6:17am

If you think I sell crap because of A159s, what do you call what fenme sells?
If you are interested in purchasing phen, please email me at
posted 28-Dec-2008 10:33am

Hi, I am looking for the real phenterminen or adipex P and have wasted mucho $$$ on foreign drugs that are ineffective. I received one order that was an oblong pill with lots of blue dots and worked like magic. I was able to lose 15 lbs. in 1 month. But I cannot find the original website where I ordered. Everything I receive is an oval pill with a few blue specks but does not taste bitter and does not work. Please, someone who is ordering and receiving the A159's, tell me where I can get the real stuff!!! my email address is Thanks!
posted 30-Dec-2008 2:10am

Shelly ?
I call it the same thing------CRAP!
You and fenme are nothing but a couple of crooked drug dealers.
posted 2-Jan-2009 12:13pm

Hello. I also posted this in the other forum because I didn't know which one or both it should be posted in. I'm new so as I learn the basics of this site I'll probobly get better at learning where to post. So sorry for the double posts if it posts twice.

Well I decided to take a chance with my extra paycheck at the begining of the month. Figured what the heck I'll try it. I went ahead and ordered from the "F" source listed above and they are legitimate. Took 8 days to receive by usps. I have only lost 7 pounds in the past two weeks which I am not sure is good or bad since its been a long time since I have taken this stuff (I havn't taken it in about two years or so) but I feel a huge burst of energy and quit perky after taking it. Since I only ordered 30 I will go back and order more now.
posted 8-Jan-2009 9:48am

Lovely-- this site has become so convoluted that I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm looking for real stuff at a reasonable price. I wish it were easier.
posted 8-Jan-2009 1:25pm

posted 8-Jan-2009 2:53pm

Oh- I do that too. It's probably why I need to lose some weight! Those damn munchies!
posted 9-Jan-2009 11:58am

I used to take Phentermine and lost about 50 lbs taking them. (took them for about 90 days). The place where I got them 2 years ago is not there anymore, of I go and drop 200 bucks on some other crap with A159 printed on them, take them and they do NOTHING!! I called and kept complaining and they finally gave me my money back after having to threaten them several times. But these do nothing! They have no affect what so ever. I was 227 2 yrs ago, took "real" phentermine and lost 50 lbs, ran out and then took Xantrax III and continued to lose more and now am down to 133, still want to be 120, since I am only 5'2. But unfortunatly the A159's WILL NOT DO IT, so do not but them!! Just some info.Try getting the real thing from the Dr. if your're over weight.
posted 12-Jan-2009 4:05pm

I TOLD you these people are selling crap. The A159s aren't good.
Anyone who says they're good are fooling themselves.
posted 14-Jan-2009 7:50pm

Awwww----all my posts were deleted.
People don't like to hear the truth.
That's okay.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
posted 17-Jan-2009 2:26am

And the fat get fatter! Haha

Hey, anybody know what happened to that freak named Shandy? Is she still telling sad stories to try and get people to like her?
posted 17-Jan-2009 11:44am

You mean Sybil? Which one from topix?
Somebody got in trouble from there.
posted 23-Jan-2009 7:53am was being watched. Her customers are on a list.
posted 26-Jan-2009 1:48pm

Gee, that's too bad. Mine are on no such list. I am selling phentermine. It is 37.5 mg and it has the imprint A-159. IF you are interested please email And I am NOT that freak shandy.
posted 26-Jan-2009 2:32pm

WE ARE REAL PEOPLE YOU DUMBASSES, AND THERE ARE MANY OF US! Oh, and we have lost weight taking these. They are not discontinued and they are not old.
End Quote

Hey Einstein, you are WRONG. The A159 has been discontinued since August. Better check your facts.
posted 27-Jan-2009 11:26am

What list? If you can't state any facts on it then its not true. What list is there? hmmm
posted 27-Jan-2009 11:33am

yeah what list because I am a customer?
posted 27-Jan-2009 12:31pm

They stopped making the A159. They shut down the plant in Little Falls, RI where they MFG them.
posted 28-Jan-2009 1:12pm

Contact [] On my 3rd order now. They ship from a USA address and 2-3 day shipping or overnight. GREAT RELIABLE SOURCE!!!
posted 28-Jan-2009 1:15pm

What ever happened to that other 'Sybil', friend of phen? Talk about crazy.
posted 28-Jan-2009 4:45pm

Two people asked above and no one answered them and now I am asking as well because I am also a customer. What list are we on?
posted 28-Jan-2009 7:40pm

One that you don't want to be on. In case you forgot, buying phen like this is against the law.
posted 28-Jan-2009 7:59pm

One of THE (oppressive) alphabets, no doubt.
posted 28-Jan-2009 11:13pm

Boy, you guys are really brutal. I just happened upon this site because I wanted to complete a little research on Phentermine(prescibed by my physcian)before starting them. I have the Phentermine 37.5 (generic for Adipex-P)they are little white pills with lots of tiny blue specks on the back of the pills it reads 50 30? I had never heard of these before speaking with my doctor. He prescribed them for me because I'm concerned about getting older and fatter and not having the time or the energy to work out daily or even every other day (Just a note I'm not lazy, I am 51 years old, work long hours and attend class most nights). I have to say my problem is not over-eating or eating things I shouldn't eat but, rather eating too late in the evening. If I were looking to purchase Phentermine on line, comments like the ones I have seen on this site would deter me from trusting anything I find on line regarding this item. (Too many cats fights!!) I would love to have information of where I can get TRUSTED information on their uses. Does anyone have pertinent info regarding Phentermine?
posted 29-Jan-2009 8:49am

You mean Sybil Shandy or Sybil FOP? Or maybe that Sybil from down south?
posted 30-Jan-2009 11:08am

The first one killed herself, the second one was committed to a mental institution, and the one from down south is in jail.
posted 31-Jan-2009 2:30pm

shandy is nuts, but wouldn't kill herself. And fop wouldn't be in an institution, unless she was running it. Who is the one from down south.
posted 1-Feb-2009 1:26pm

hello, i've used phen in da pass and it worked GREAT!! every chance i got i was working out and eatting right. ppl was telling me how good i looked. but i got all depressed b/c even tho i knew i was losing and ppl seen it; i didn't. now i'm ready to lose again. mths ago i went to my doctor to get phen but never took them. now i'm ready and i wanna know if it's ok to take a total body cleansing......plz if anyone knows anthing let me know. thx
posted 2-Feb-2009 10:32pm

Alright everyone, I was wanting to buy these a while ago, and actually contacted the source, and then I lost my job. I am getting my tax check back soon...and I will SO be buying some! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! I will let everyone know when I get some and start taking them!
posted 3-Feb-2009 12:28am

And we all just CAN'T WAIT till you get them!!
Get a life, while you're at it.
posted 3-Feb-2009 12:32am

Obama_chick, it can't hurt, if you don't make a habit of it. It will strip the good bacteria from your colon, though.
posted 3-Feb-2009 12:44am

Hi, I have not been here for while but i just want to say that i still can help with phentermine and now i got a new pill.
If you need any more info or order or refill just email:

Have a nice day///Sandra
posted 3-Feb-2009 9:52am

"And we all just CAN'T WAIT till you get them!!
Get a life, while you're at it."

Wow, I thought that this forum was a way of everyone supporting each other and finding out info about phentermine. It doesn't sound like I am the one who needs to get a life, sounds like you are since you get on here and tell people who are looking for support to get a life. All I can say is that you are a jerk and need to leave this forum asap.
posted 3-Feb-2009 10:15am

This is to Anonymous who told Savannah to get a life
that was really harsh what you said. Why do you think that it was okay to tell someone to get a life? She was just looking for support in her weight loss journey. You should be ashamed of yourself. I love how you can be mean when they are hiding behind a computer about you get a life and stop harrassing people.
posted 3-Feb-2009 10:29am

How about YOU get a life?
posted 3-Feb-2009 10:32am

The one from down south? Treasure Girl.
posted 3-Feb-2009 2:00pm

cookielover1974 (real cute), You screwed up your pronouns.

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