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Phentermine 37.5 A159's


Phentermine 37.5 with A159 imprint is the generic version of Adipex


Phentermine (Adipex-P, Fastin, Obenix, Oby-Trim) is a drug that suppresses the appetite for weight loss. Phentermine should be combined with exercise and diet for the short term treatment of obesity.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


There is much to say about this diet aide and weight loss, some say it is the miricle cure while others are skeptical. Either way if you have tried it you can make the decision for yourself.


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  28-Oct-2008 3:07pm created by FenMe

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posted 3-Feb-2009 2:20pm

Hello everyone, i will start my colon cleansing today....weight is 334 now and will let everyone know how i'm doing. my hardest thing is BREAD!! i love bread and don't know how ima do without it..smilewish me luck
posted 4-Feb-2009 2:38am

"and I will SO be buying some! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! I will let everyone know when I get some and start taking them!"

Why would we all want to know that? Maybe you have a friend who would want to know that, but a bunch of strangers really don't give a rat's ass when you get your drugs.
posted 4-Feb-2009 2:47am

She forgot to say "All Hale Phentermine".
posted 4-Feb-2009 7:42pm

well I figured that since I saw other people on here keeping everyone updated on their weight loss progress I would do the same. I just didn't know everyone was going to be such bitches about it. I was just looking for support, but if everyone wants to be buttholes about it then fine. I have never met so many people so rude and mean. Maybe I am just a nice person and support people and was looking for the same, but I guess you are all buttholes who don't want to support anyone and would rather sit at home on the computer and bitch at people looking for support. Sorry, I won't be back.
posted 4-Feb-2009 8:51pm

hello savannah, i really hate that u won't be back. i really love being in a support group b/c it really keep my hopes and and make me wanna do ( lose weight) things. all ppl is not da same. all i wanna do is lose weight and feel good and happy about myself. help others if i can. don't let this site get u down. keep ur head up
posted 5-Feb-2009 3:20am

So, let me get this straight; support extends to waiting with you, for your illegal drugs to arrive? And then, we all jump up and down together and yell something like Woo Hoo? That is not a support group requirement. That is you happy to get drugs. Btw, your name-calling, though common, reveals your inadequate vocabulary. Cheers
posted 5-Feb-2009 7:11am

Where are you going to go? Can you recommend another forum?
posted 6-Feb-2009 10:41am

hello everyone....just wanted u to know that i'm doing fine, eatting right and feeling GREAT!!
posted 6-Feb-2009 10:43am

hello, doind fine and feeling wonderful....
posted 10-Feb-2009 5:48am

I ordered $310 worth of phentermine from Sandra (the and got ripped off. Paid for it on 1/5/09 by Western Union at Kmart and waited. Emailed her repeatedly and she said they must have gotten confiscated by customs (since I am in Ohio). I have more of her personal information I am trying to get my money back. Anyone else have any experience from this source?
posted 10-Feb-2009 3:02pm

You're surprised?! How stupid do you have to be to use Money Orders and Western Union?
Hey, once you send the money, do you cross your fingers......and your toes? haha!
Look, for every few orders they send, they screw somebody else. That's how they keep it going for so long, and that's how they get rich doing it.
posted 11-Feb-2009 7:02pm

Did I say I'm suprised? Post your name, and add something useful to the post. I am posting this as truth to try and warn others. Why don't YOU try and buy some of these and see how far you get. They are harder to get than painkillers, genious.
posted 12-Feb-2009 12:54pm

Genious? It's spelled G-E-N-I-U-S, stupid.

I've purchased these pills in the past. Never had to use WU, MOs, or COD.
Lost weight, look great.
I got the job done in 3 months with DIET, EXERCISE and phentermine.
A lot of people here are LAZY.
They think the pill is going to do all the work.
The people selling it are counting on it.

This drug isn't as good as it used to be.
The people selling it are less reliable.

What can I say, Mike? The truth sucks.

If you qualify, I suggest you find a doctor in your area to help you.
posted 12-Feb-2009 1:23pm

They may be out of luck if they live in Ohio. God awful state.....Michigan, too.
posted 13-Feb-2009 3:48pm

I'm in Ohio and I get them. Not from the plive or shelly source but from another one on here. I've never had problems. I don't know about Michigan though.
posted 14-Feb-2009 9:53am

You get them from fenme?

Are they any good----or are they weak? Fakes? Overpriced?
posted 14-Feb-2009 11:44am

Yeah, right. Let Fenme answer that one anonymously.

Happy Valentines Day !
Don't use today as an excuse to stuff your face with chocolate!
posted 14-Feb-2009 11:49am

posted 15-Feb-2009 2:45pm

I stuffed my face with chocolates! It was good! I want more !
posted 18-Feb-2009 10:25am

That mexican phen SUCKS! The 15mg. crap they're pushing now is a waste of money.
posted 19-Feb-2009 11:07pm

I don't like the acxion either.
posted 24-Feb-2009 4:50pm

I'm confused. It looks like at the beginning of this post the Fenme guy had the real thing. I sent him an email and he replied with the pricing and shipping info and all...but I want to make sure he's still sending out the real stuff before I throw my money away. He says the ones he has is Phentermine 37.5Ęs tablets that are white with blue specks, A 159 imprint. But from the recent post - people are saying A159's are no longer??
posted 26-Feb-2009 9:05am

The A159s manufactured by Actavis are no longer being distributed.

I don't know about the mexican phen.
There may be something similar with an A on it, but I've never seen them.
posted 28-Feb-2009 1:33am

I have taken phentermine giving by a doctor which were white with blue specks and had the numbers 50 30 on them. (50 on one half and 30 on the other half)
what does this mean... how many different phentermine pills are there??? and what are the differences between them??? what do the numbers stand for??? This all seems very confusing.
thanks, anyone who knows anything, please respond
posted 3-Mar-2009 12:17am

go to

Each pharmaceutical company has their own imprints.
That's what the numbers and letters represent.

There isn't a big difference between them.
People like different types of phen for their own reasons.
posted 7-Mar-2009 2:42pm

GhwQHs vfqkkkki bpmirxrw exsoxxui
hey there
posted 7-Mar-2009 7:49pm

Does anyone know where i can get phentermine,adipex etc online please email.
posted 7-Mar-2009 7:53pm

has anyone ever ordered from the yguy...has it worked for you
posted 10-Mar-2009 9:37am

I want to order Duromine!
contact me if you have it!

posted 16-Mar-2009 9:59pm

posted 21-Mar-2009 1:21pm

I would think that being FAT would make you feel DEPRESSED all the time, so, SHUT UP AND TAKES YOUR PILLS!
posted 25-Mar-2009 8:37am

posted 7-Apr-2009 1:29am

Anyone take mexican phen, box says 30 mgs, but pills say a is that 37.5? Got from pharmacy in rocky point, acxion fentermina.
posted 7-Apr-2009 1:19pm

just ordered today, hope it gets here and that it's real!
don't let me down FM! :)
posted 7-Apr-2009 7:34pm

Is FM address the same as it was a few months ago?
Is it still relable?
posted 7-Apr-2009 7:37pm

Sorry--- reliable
posted 7-Apr-2009 11:47pm

Well, I took the 30 mgs or 37.5, whatever they are, split. So far, it seems to be working pretty well. I like it cuz it keeps my mind from thinking about food all day. Definitely made me feel hot and cotton mouth, but drank lots of water. Hope it works!
posted 15-Apr-2009 4:24pm

I just wanted to post this that none of the sources will be available anymore including the one I believe you listed as FM because of the Ryan Haight Act that started Monday.
posted 16-Apr-2009 8:41am

No "sources" will be available anymore?
I doubt that.
posted 27-Apr-2009 8:48pm

So I want to know is this a trust worthy site for reliable information about this pill?....does it really work, I've also tried a variety of things and don't have anymore patience for fakes. How long does it take to see results, what's a reliable legal website that I can order from? Please if anyone has helpful information about my questions please respond. Thankyou!
I Lost T h i r t y P o u n d s in Thirty Days
posted 5-May-2009 11:52pm

Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will probably be subscribing to your site. Keep up great writing
posted 7-May-2009 12:38am

Its been 4 weeks since I began mexican phen and so far so good, as of yesterday I've lost 13 lbs so far!
posted 15-May-2009 1:30pm

Where did you get the Mex. fen?
posted 15-May-2009 1:49pm

Anonymous - Why do you post on here for over a year about wanting phen and then dissing the people who get it or get screwed. You, anonymous and genius are most likely the same person. Either you are an agent or you have no life. Which one is it?
posted 17-May-2009 12:29am

Did anyone ever give a reliable source? Please email to, thanks.
posted 20-May-2009 11:20pm

Oh, anonymous and genius, please forgive me. I don't know what I'm saying.
It's been 3 long hours since I had anything to eat and I'm not thinking clearly.
There are so many anonymous people here that my tiny brain is spinning.
I better eat something before I go to bed. Good night.
posted 20-May-2009 11:26pm

You want someone to GIVE you a reliable source?
Do your homework.
posted 23-May-2009 12:28pm

Make up your mind you screwy broad.
People are here to talk about where they can get phentermine.
posted 26-May-2009 6:25pm

Are they ever going to put the A159 back on the market?
posted 3-Jun-2009 12:28am

I got my mex phen in rocky point, but some pharmacies are reluctant to sell without a rx. I've lost 23 lbs since apr 7. It works pretty good, but not as strong as amer phen. Still does the job, and im pretty satisfied with it!
posted 5-Jul-2009 3:04pm

Hello everyone...I lost a lot of weight with Phentermine A159 about two years ago. I purchased it from CustomHRT and they are no longer online, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get the real Phentermine from now...Phentermine like the A159's...Please email me at with a website or other information if you have it. Thanks
posted 8-Jul-2009 10:23pm

I order from the yguy and his pills are ok. But they give me really bad headaches, probably selling me some old crap and making money hand over fist from all of us suckers with a drug problem.
posted 8-Jul-2009 10:31pm

Isn't anyone a little scared 2 order pills from these people with just an email address? You have no clue wtf your taking. Hell I could crush down some white pills and press them n put a stamp on them and yo people would buy them. Don't you think that undercover agents are reading all of these blogs and it will be a matter of time before there all shut down. Then what are you all going to do?
posted 1-Aug-2009 2:27pm

Really, genius?
You could crush down some white pills and put a stamp on them, just like that?
Aren't you forgetting something?
What about the blue specks?
You need elves to paint on those blue specks and those drunken little bastards aren't easy to keep in line.

And btw, you look really stupid talking to yourself above.
(see time and date)
posted 6-Aug-2009 2:17pm

Hey! Cat got your tongue, genius?
posted 7-Aug-2009 6:13pm

hi i order my phentermine from this site i got my order paid $139 bucks the real deal very good service
posted 9-Sep-2009 12:27am

Thanks chicago. I was just looking over all of the posts to see if anyone has had experience with I knew I was taking a chance by ordering online and got the A 159 pills. They are bitter and all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that they work.
posted 12-Sep-2009 10:55am

Hi...My question is for Purple...did the pills you received come in a blister pack of 10 each, or a pill bottle? I ordered from Dragon-rx and received fake pills...they were in a blister pack and were huge...they had A159 on them, but they were fake...I was just wondering what your pills looked like and how they are working. Please let me know. Thanks.
posted 25-Sep-2009 9:06pm

where can i get some some REAL phentermine or adipex, does anyone really know??? if so please help.
posted 23-Oct-2009 6:34am

Hi. I just went to and they don't even sell phentermine. All they sell is herbal phntermine which is NOT the same thing at all.
posted 12-Nov-2009 10:17am

I just got my order from, paid $309 for 90 pills and I don't think they are real. How do I know if they are the Mexican version of A159 or chalk? Is it safe to take 2 tablets? Need the real BTW...I do exercise and diet...just need to lose the last 40 pounds and I know Phentermine is what I need.
posted 29-Dec-2009 12:13pm

medispa charges 270 for the first visit and 70 a week thereafter, they give you a B6 shot and ck your BMI...mine is not high enough and they wanted to give me the herbal crap..
posted 6-Jan-2010 5:09pm

Is Fenme a good source?
posted 6-Jan-2010 7:44pm

posted 8-Jan-2010 4:42pm

posted 18-Feb-2010 6:28pm

Wow....I cannot believe how many people post here about getting scammed and yet go on to ask "Are they real...are they they taste there another website". Hello.....go to your friggin doctor...if your overweight enough and meet the qualifications, you'll get the real stuff. What is it with you people??? "Does anyone know somebody in Texas... Florida. " etc. You must not value yourselves very much if you would go to a website and order pills from other countries not knowing what they are then come to this forum and complain about it. I thought this forum would be a support group but all it is is a bunch of drug-seeking whiners! Geez.....see ya! and Oh, by the way...good luck. You're all going to need it if you think your answer is going to come to you through some email with a message where to the REAL stuff...Wake up people.
posted 20-Feb-2010 11:42am

Awww, Fatso, pants too tight?
For those of us who are no longer fat, AND WANT TO STAY THAT WAY, we don't have the option of going to a doctor and getting a prescription---so we're forced to get it any way we can.
Until doctors recognize the importance of this drug when it comes to maintenance, we're at the mercy of some of these scumbags.
posted 21-Feb-2010 6:59pm

Hey, if you are no longer fat...then why do you need it? DUH... I guess your just a drug addict or better yet...L-A-Z-Y!!..You proved my point...A bunch of drug-seeking, lazy, useless beings....By the I am not fat...pants fit just right. But you sound like you got your panties in a bunch from my comments...oooops!!!
posted 22-Feb-2010 10:44pm

hehehe Yeah, you're not fat.
And DUH...if you were able to comprehend what you read, you'd know why I still like taking phen.
Good night, dummy.
posted 23-Feb-2010 8:48am

posted 23-Feb-2010 11:04am

posted 24-Feb-2010 11:50am

Check out and ioffer.
posted 4-Mar-2010 10:53pm

hey fatso,u cant just call someone druggy.u dont know what ppl have been through in life.and no i dont take any substances at all.maybe ppl take drugs for the same reason u overeat.and dont get smart with me b4 u start cuz am jus sayin.
posted 5-Mar-2010 7:54am

Are you for real? What grade were you in when you dropped out of school? People overeat because they are addicted to medicating themselves with food right? and a druggy does what????? Lets take this slow so you can understand....they take drugs because they are addicted to the affects...Geeze Sherlock. I think that constitutes a "druggy". A druggy is a can put a wolf in sheeps clothing and call it a sheep but its still a wolf! Wait, that was probably too complicated for you to understand. Sorry didn't mean to make you have to think so hard. "jus sayin" so you get it.
posted 5-Mar-2010 9:18pm

ok so im dumb.and i wasn't trying to be offensive.check it out you said to the other person you aint fat.yet you are seeking a support group.that comes across as a lie.i was considering trying ma huang for endurance on low carb days,i decided against happy 2 take low carb days off and then carb back up.anyway, u want support?try drenbuterol.its legal its quite good but if ur asthmatic give it a miss.its a beta 2 agonist.
posted 5-Mar-2010 9:37pm

oh i wont be back btw.maybe try hgh.on second thoughts.......
posted 7-Mar-2010 12:02pm

Please forgive me , anonymus, for calling you a druggy.

I got so angry and frustrated when I saw what you wrote, I didn't think before I typed.

Actually, I never think before I type because I have a problem ( one of many ) with impulse control.

My silly rant made me look like a buffoon...a silly, fat, lonely, buffoon.

posted 7-Mar-2010 12:15pm

I'm sorry, anonymus, for saying you dropped out of school.

What a ridiculous thing to say, especially since I'M the one who writes like a grammar school drop out.

I didn't mean to become so emotionally upset just because you agreed with someone else.

Please forgive me.

posted 7-Mar-2010 12:22pm

Dear Fatso,
Apology accepted.
I'm glad you finally came to your senses.
You probably should consider seeing a therapist in the meantime, just to make sure you don't slip back into your old ways.
posted 7-Mar-2010 5:26pm

hey fatso,this is the dropout.i dont give a flying fudge what u say 2 me.i cant be hurt.i thought i was gonna die 3 months ago.fudge u fudge the druggy fudge u all.treadmill time.
posted 7-Mar-2010 5:28pm

and apparently u cant say f.u.c.k on ere?french connection united kingdom
posted 7-Mar-2010 10:02pm

*Applaud* Bravo.....

You do realize you have been talking to yourself for the past few days and posting comments only to yourself? You must be so proud of your stupidity and nieve and childish comments. I am moving to an adult forum to discuss Phentermine now. Sorry you are not old enough to join!

I love how you have taken control of this forum and made it your personal space to trash something you obviously don't know anything about. Now each day we don't get to see what people are saying about a weight loss product, progress, and talk about it in general. Now we get to see what B.S. remark or comment you've left.

I'm glad you love to see your stupid comments in writing on the computer but we don't so do us all a favor and shut up even though I'm sure you won't because you get off on it too much.

Yes we all have nothing better to do but wait and see what your next brilliant move will be! Sad that one person who has nothing better to do then post day after day claiming to be someone else when its really the same person. Do you hear yourself? I believe they say psychoses is one possible side effect of might want to look into that soon. Your a mess!

And billy...(yeah I'm buying that)...I didnt come here for support. Found this site by accident and couldn't believe how it clearly demonstrated the stupidity of mankind. I posted a comment and the responses got even stupider...didn't think that was possible. So, thanks the laughs. Its been fun. Moving on to the adult forum where real people with real problems help each other. I'm sure there will "fake" posts posted with my Name...but I don't....Now how did you say it billy? Give a fudge was it.???
posted 8-Mar-2010 1:03am

says some daft twinkie on diet hound.
posted 8-Mar-2010 1:05am

sorry my bad,daft t.w.a.t
posted 8-Mar-2010 1:09am

and yeah u probably should move 2 a site where ppl av real problems,cuz well .... u do.
posted 8-Mar-2010 10:21am

Ah, DUH, Fatso.

You're so stupid you don't know when someone is goofing on you.

Thanks for the laughs.
posted 8-Mar-2010 10:49am

F*ck me ?
Why billy, why?
Now that you're not dying maybe we can get back together.
Call me.
posted 8-Mar-2010 11:11am

Made you look! hehe
posted 10-Mar-2010 9:31am

Does anyone here use for phen? I have a question about the Mexican phen.
posted 19-Mar-2010 7:24am

There are a couple of sellers that I've seen written about in another forum.
One of them sells a variety of Mexican phen (hdeeh) and another sells Duromine (Pasedena)
posted 19-Mar-2010 7:46pm

just tapped into this ...ongoing Discussion? about the sacred is a good weight loss drug and for me a good anti-depressant...and say what you will - all the jags about dependency, etc. but it works for me...i used to get it easily for years problem...then in 2007-8 the sources dried up and I started getting these bogus white pills with blue specs with no imprint stamped on the tab...not bitter- asure sign they are not real because phentermine according to the PDR is bitter. Phentermine is synonymous with Ionomin- Ionomin comes in a yellow capsule in 30 mg. strength.Fastin is a close kiss'in cousin to phentermine-I just ordered 60 from a pharmacy in Thailand...they should arrive on 3/22. If they are the real thing- (claim to be Adipex-P Brand name) I will let you know. It cost me an arm and a leg ,but for me it is worth it..I do not want to return to crank
posted 20-Mar-2010 12:41pm

Crank, huh?
Well, at least you knew what you were getting...and it's cheap!
By the way, good luck with that order from Thailand.
Risky business, if you ask me...but you didn't...soooooo
'Kay, Bye!
posted 21-Mar-2010 5:40am

Hey, thanks for the comment, seem to be interested over time in the subject tell you the truth..if the street stuff wasn't...OK here goes my RANT... 1) a crime to obtain and thus it ruins you for life if you get caught in this insane country of ours that is so into our personal's unbelievable...(unless you are a celebrity-a facist pig like Rush Limbaugh or a progressive like Downey Jr...then you can do whatever)..and...2)if the white powder cheap stuff- didn't contain carcinogens, and all kinds of unhealthy deadly crap, and 3) and to be honest- if I knew someone who had some-I would not be looking to Thailand to meet my about freek'in desperate..I admit it- I get alot done when I am wired...real substantial things..I'm not the type that cleans between the tiles with a toothbrush. I've got 3 degrees, and Ive accomplished a lot with a little help from amphetamines. I don't abuse it. However, without A'S I have a difficult time focusing. I am not alone. There are millions of adults out in the world just like me who have been scrounging for uppers and faking like they had "a weight problem" just to get help. Adipex works just fine. Paying 380.00 bucks for 60 of them is CRIMINAL. StilL, this is how much I care to function well.
posted 22-Mar-2010 9:38am

Hi Fo-cussed...I agree...I have been on prescription Phentermine from my doctor now for 1-1/2 months (for weight loss) and I love it. I can only get 1 more prescription and then according to state regulations, she cannot prescribe it anymore. It has truly taken away my appetite to a controllable level and I am losing weight. I hate to stop taking them because I know my appetite will return but I will have to fight it. Have you ever found that the energy buzz is less over time? I know I still get energy, but it's nothing like when I first started (I take 37.5 mg once day).

I agree that some of the sites that say they are selling real Phen are bogus and so many people post they know they got scammed. It stinks the regulations on this stuff because for me, I have no side effects whatsoever and could continue taking this forever, but cannot.

As far as focusing issues for you, have you ever had the doctors prescribe ADHD medication stimulants? They say they do the same thing but of course, being ADHD, you could get them for a long time and they might be cheaper...My son had to start them in February and it seems like they took away appetite and gave him tremendous focus at was amazing.

Phen unfortunately for me makes me slow witted. The opposite of what it does for you. That is the only downside but I would be willing ot live with it for the energy and appetite suppression. If it gives you such focus...perhaps you might have adult ADD or ADHD and could get a medication here to help...Just a thought...Sorry to hear you have to pay so much for your Phen...that really sucks!
posted 22-Mar-2010 1:08pm

I am're preaching to the choir.
Phentermine has been a part of my life on and off for years.
I wouldn't have been able to get through half of what I do without it.
But now, ever since the RHA went into effect, I feel like I've been on some insane treasure hunt that keeps getting harder and harder...while my projects keep falling farther behind.
posted 22-Mar-2010 1:14pm

By the way, getting a prescription for Adderall isn't as easy as it sounds.
posted 24-Mar-2010 7:31pm

I wrote a msg 2 days ago and apparently did not push was thoughtful and so here goes again..i appreciate the feedback I got from the Anonymous's Thanks so much..I never received the "new shipment" from the outfit that sent me the so called Brand name Adipex-P from Thailand which I ordered on March 12th. They shipped that 60 tab order to me in TWO DAYS. Wow was I impressed! BUT NO...WAS IT ADIPEX- ? of course not IT LOOKED LIKE ADIPEX, BUT THE DETERMINING FACTOR IS if it is brand name pharmaceutical it will have AN IMPRINT- A NUMBER WHETHER IT IS 159 OR DIFFERENT ACC. TO WHICH CO. MAKES IT- ANYWAY THIS STUFF THEY SENT ME WAS white with blue specks but not bitter- instead sugary, and chalky- phony. I called them and they "reshipped" and enen had some electronic tracking through USPS but never any tracability. (They never reshipped) 60 pills cost me including overnight shipping..380.00 bucks. They claim they will refund my money HA. HA. Then..still needing to wake up...and because most DRs. think you are a drug addict for asking for wake-up pills- unless you are obese- I looked on the web for
ADHD drugs, (thanks anonymous) I found a site in Australia that
sells Provigil 200 tabs for 179.00 bucks free shipping .Provigil 200 mg. wakes you up.It is a prescription med for narcolepsy and adhd Attention deficit disorder- something they used to only have ritalin to give kids with problem. Anyway, I beleive it's time to give up on the phentermine train..unless we could find access and form a compassionate cooporative. The drug companies have us tied to physicians and the drs. in this country are enculturated with the hardwired notion that all drugs that primarily give dopamine a boost in the brain are to be demonized and people needing that boost and seeking that are drug addicts. I've lived a less than effective life because of my incredible struggles in looking for
help getting help and it's disheartening and depresssing- still i try. Keep on truck'in my friends
posted 24-Mar-2010 9:38pm

Fo-cussed -- I agree. I don't understand the fear this country has sometimes when it comes to medications that help people. I hope the Provigil does what you need. People can chug the coffee (which is a stimulant)...they can guzzle the alcohol (and we know what that does) but when it comes to some of us who responsibly would like to continue with a stimulant for reasons that are beneficial and we are not ticks me off....Sorry to hear about the fake Adipex....that ticks me off too...Good luck and I wish the best for you...
posted 25-Mar-2010 9:16am

$179. for 200 Provigil sounds too good to be true.
I hope you have good luck with that.
I only tried to get modalfinil once online and I got burned.

IF you can find the right doctor you could get a prescription for it.
All you have to do is convince the doctor that you're suffering from SWSD--Shift Work Sleep Disorder. It's real and it's becoming more recognized by more doctors all the time.
posted 27-Mar-2010 10:51am

Is frontier pharm. still good?

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