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Phentermine 37.5 A159's


Phentermine 37.5 with A159 imprint is the generic version of Adipex


Phentermine (Adipex-P, Fastin, Obenix, Oby-Trim) is a drug that suppresses the appetite for weight loss. Phentermine should be combined with exercise and diet for the short term treatment of obesity.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


There is much to say about this diet aide and weight loss, some say it is the miricle cure while others are skeptical. Either way if you have tried it you can make the decision for yourself.


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  28-Oct-2008 3:07pm created by FenMe

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posted 27-Mar-2010 12:10pm

They've been hard to contact in recent months
They just sent a new email address and number to people who have ordered from them in the past.
posted 29-Mar-2010 12:01pm

Can you only order through emailing now?
posted 29-Mar-2010 1:37pm

A lot of places are doing that now.
After the Ryan Haight Act went into effect last year, a lot of websites closed.
posted 20-Apr-2010 2:50pm

Just got white with blue specks in mail today from China....A on one side of front of pill...159 on other side of front...anyone have a story?
posted 22-Apr-2010 9:20am

The A159's that I've seen have the A159 imprinted on one side only.
The Actavis A159s are no longer made and the only other ones I know of are the Acxion A159's from Mexico.
posted 27-Apr-2010 11:22pm

do not take anything from china...i ordered online once and didnt know they woul;d come from there. they have no regulations there. i threw them away instantly (well after i licked one to see if it was bitter-nope tasted like chalk). If you do take them i really hope you dont get sick. i have read horror stories on other forums.
remember: china produces childrens toys with LEAD based paint for christ sake. they crazy!
posted 7-May-2010 9:10am

Crazy is right!
They also made baby formula that killed some of their own babies over there.....and let's not forget the pet food they manufactured that killed dogs and cats over here!
posted 8-May-2010 1:26pm

They also manufactured drywall, which now has to be ripped out of all these newer homes where it was installed.
It was so toxic that it actually "pitted" the stainless steel fixtures in these houses.

That's not the scary part---what's really scary is that we, the United States, is in debt to China up to our eyeballs. They essentially own us.
posted 9-May-2010 12:39pm

I love Chinese food but that's about it. Nothing else about them I like.
posted 25-May-2010 8:04am

Can someone point me in the right direction as far as private sellers are concerned?
I don't know who to trust on ioffer or sell.c. I can't afford to get scammed!
posted 19-Jun-2010 10:15pm

the next war will be with europe due 2 england and the muslim situation there.the usa will eventually see it as harboring aint the good mussies trying to leave iraq its the ones trying to kill us.china are ruthless so id stick with em.they invented kamakaze bombing,and debt will mean america must survive.
posted 19-Jun-2010 10:23pm

nba clothes,made in china,nfl and most stuff,they lead the world in advice try russia.or mexico.phen is phen same as weed is weed.stuff from the dam makes u as high as the stuff ere.ud know if it was dandelion and not mary jane right?
posted 2-Jul-2010 10:20am

It's spelled kamikaze, and it was Japan, you moron.
England and the "muslim situation" ?
England "harboring criminals" ?
Muslims live all over the world.
Keep smokin' what you're smokin', genius.
Jezza - Belle
posted 15-Jul-2010 2:36am

Hi people i just found somebody that really sell phentermine and is not fake i just try it out and make some test and really works!!!!!

I gave this pills to few friend of mine and they also tried and everything go fine no complain at all!!!!!

You can send your information to his email address ,you can send your name and telephone number,he can ship the phentermine to your place,the shipment is going to be free and you can pay using your CC (Visa or Amex),you can try the product and if the product doesnīt work you can ask for a refund and they will refund it...

So send your information 24/7 monday to friday between 10:00am until 9:00pm EST .

His name is " Peter Lakewood " Just try him you donīt have anything to lose only your weight !!!!!!!
posted 24-Sep-2010 10:01pm

Just go to your corner drug dealer and buy some meth if you all want phentermine so badly, practically the same difference. Oh but it can't be as bad if its a precription! Haha.

It's just the same as a heroin addict and an oxycontin addict. People think that just because they seek out something thats given by doctors, then it's not illicit!

The doctors in this country give out way to many damn pills to way to many drug seaking people who don't need it.
If you are 400 lbs, then fine. You probably do need it, but if you just want to lose 20-30 pounds the doctors don't need to give it to you! Try excersize and diet first, geez.
posted 29-Sep-2010 10:59am

Peter Lakewood is a scammer! Don't ever trust your money with this guy, he will never deliver! I am a victim and after he got my money, he never e-mailed me back nor de;ivered my pills. He is such a crook! ph37.5@gmail . com is his email. BEWARE!
posted 16-Oct-2010 2:15pm

To the Anonymous poster above who wrote;
"Just go to your corner drug dealer and buy some meth if you all want phentermine so badly, practically the same difference."

You're an idiot.
And besides, not everyone lives in a ghetto, like you. haha
posted 13-May-2011 7:59pm

it is so sad that hopeful people come here for support(like they should) and childish people,who cant keep friends so they have nothing better to do with their sad,pathetic lives,talk crap and bother people who want to better themselves. Well sad,pathetic losers...there are such things as chat rooms for you! We all know ur just starving for attention,so go get it elsewhere,its not our fault that ur parents will never be proud of u!! And to the people who are trying to just get some support in this difficult journey..ur awsome! keep going,it will be hard as hell but so worth it!!!
posted 23-May-2011 6:23pm

i see many questions but where are the answers.
posted 15-Jun-2011 9:27am

i ordered my phentermine and it was shipped from hong kong and they were A159's
posted 1-Feb-2012 8:53am

Does anyone know of a doctor in connecticut to see to get a prescription for adipex..
posted 9-Feb-2012 4:33pm

Hey I ordered some other pills from over seas and got k 25 a159 i think i dont know what to do with them if anyone intrested
posted 13-Feb-2012 11:16am

yea I ordered some from hong kong thats said A159's they were fake they made me sick which real phen never has
posted 13-Feb-2012 11:17am

oh yes im in ohio too
posted 30-Mar-2012 7:17pm

actually qualitest is the manufacture of a 159s they bought out amide or whoever used to make them so they are still manufactured
posted 4-Oct-2012 9:45am

posted 8-Oct-2012 1:06pm

A relative of mine also has Celiac disaese. In the beginning, before she knew how to eat right while avoiding gluten she gained weight. Now that she has done her homework and begun finding healthy alternatives to wheat she has lost the weight she gained at first and now maintains a healthy weight. I suggest you speak with a nutritionist who specializes in people with food allergies or those who suffer from Celiac disaese. There also many cookbooks and websites devoted to gluten free recipes which should be able to help you.
posted 6-Mar-2013 11:20am

Anyone who lives in Atlanta area and needs Adipex, Dramatic Weight Loss Center is the place. You don't want to just take the pills, but also follow a nutritional plan that will help you to lose weight and maintain.
Free Dating sites
posted 5-Aug-2013 11:42pm

Hi there, I love your internet site if I'm trustworthy. Wherever did you will get it built?
posted 11-Aug-2013 7:39pm

would like a safe site to order apidex or phen,one that you can be sure of the pills and can order or phone in.
posted 27-Aug-2013 11:07am

Phentermine is a controlled substance and to buy it without a prescription is illegal! Go to a doctor and have a conversation with them. While on phentermine you will need to have your blood pressure monitored and the doctor will help you stop when the weight has been lost. Do you really want to risk going to jail for violating Federal Law?? It's really not worth it. What if you get fake meds from an illegal source? Do you want to risk your life??
posted 13-Nov-2013 8:14pm

Read all the horror stories and all we want to do is lose some more weight with a little help.everything starts off good then unfortunately there always will someone or scammers who want to get something for nothing.we do need a legit anyone have one?
posted 10-Jan-2014 10:15am



I left this post on the other phen thread yesterday and today it is not there. What's up with that? Did I break a rule? I didn't see any rule about links. I am not a shill, but y'all can decide for yourselves about that.
Yeah, yeah, we all know that topix is a cesspool and all the sellers are scammers, but it was a decent enough forum at one time and I still stop by occassionally.
This is golfbagg's Thread. Read back at least 5 pages to get more info. He is a nice man to deal with, and has a good product, though not cheap. His product works well for me and is worth the cost. Buying this med online is, at best, a crapshoot. Even so, you will run into a winner eventually.
posted 28-Sep-2014 3:57pm

Just wanna pass sum info for the Forum guy has a video Please Check it Out !!
Ladybug :-)
posted 22-Mar-2015 1:23pm


Do you still have the K 25 pills?
posted 24-Apr-2015 6:42pm

I Have a Great me
posted 4-Nov-2015 12:57pm

Judith I am looking for Phentermine 37.5 can you call me thank you 503-489-5695,

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