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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 11-Oct-2011 4:12am

I just did a quick google, and he still has the same website - I am sure that the price did not stay the same, though. The first visit has to be a face-to-face and was $75 plus you get a script for phen and, if you want, a script for prozac. He believes the prozac makes the phen last longer. I chose not to take the pro. The next 11 monthly visits used to be $60 or $65, and you simply did a progress report online and he phoned in your script, or mailed one to you. The face-to-face is the only change that I am aware of. Theoretically, I could fly to Dallas once a year.....
posted 13-Oct-2011 12:51pm in Monroe, LA
posted 14-Oct-2011 7:26pm

Do any1 knw a doctor in orlando area or a store that sells phentermine! Plz help really tryn 2 loose weight n I heard it works great pz reply to
posted 1-Nov-2011 9:46am

I'm looking for an Adipex doctor in Buffalo, New York...
posted 8-Nov-2011 5:18pm

Does anyone know a doctor in the Portland metro area that prescribes phentermine?
posted 11-Nov-2011 7:44am

Does anyone have a name of a doctor in the Akron/Canton Ohio area? Please advise, ASAP . Thanks
posted 20-Nov-2011 8:47pm

Does anyone know a doctor in Houston TX for Adipex?
posted 30-Nov-2011 5:29pm

where to get phentermine in PA?
posted 30-Nov-2011 5:30pm

Does anyone know a doctor in West VA?
posted 30-Nov-2011 11:20pm

Question. If the doctor is willing to prescribe Adipex longer than 3 months, will the pharmacy still fill it? Cleveland area
posted 30-Nov-2011 11:23pm

I have been on Phentermine 37.5 for 2.5 months I'm down 25 lbs. my doctor told me he would continue to prescribe the drug If the pharmacy would fill it. Any thoughts on that? I'd like to know who really is in control here??
posted 8-Dec-2011 3:39pm

Anybody in little rock Arkansas know of MD that will prescribe phentermine? My BMI is 32 and my pcp is old school and is against diet pills. Thank-you.
posted 9-Dec-2011 12:53pm

Can the the person from Columbus please provide me with the name and phone number of who I can see in Columbus. I just moved here from Dayton and I dont want to drive there every month to see the dr that was monitoring my usage. Also for the person in Dayton Dr. Sesslar is wonderful I absolutely loved him. please email me the info for the dr in Columbus
posted 11-Dec-2011 1:31pm

looking for a doctor in cleveland that will prescribe diet pills
posted 14-Dec-2011 12:25am

Looking for dr in chesapeake virginia or hampton roads area please to prescribe adipex...please help w any info..thnx
posted 14-Dec-2011 11:30pm

Does anyone know of a doctor or weight loss doctor to prescribe phentermine 37.5 in Green wood Indiana please email at pr will help you losse weight to were u want it to be
posted 19-Dec-2011 10:01pm

Doctor in West Palm Beach and/or Fairfield, CTquestion anyone who prescribes adipex?? ????
posted 20-Dec-2011 10:26pm

Anyone know of a doctor in Dayton Ohio that will prescribe?? Tired of driving to ky every month!!!
posted 20-Dec-2011 11:14pm

Clinics in Dayton Ohio??
posted 26-Dec-2011 10:32pm

I live in Las Vegas NV does anyone know of a doctor that will prescribe phentrimine ? Just had a baby and nothing fits its horrific help please
posted 6-Jan-2012 12:43am

Las Vegas go to trimcare...I prefer the Henderson location....super nice staff and makes a plan they will work for you
posted 6-Jan-2012 12:44am

Anyone know of a doctor in Cleveland Ohio?
posted 9-Jan-2012 4:28am

Need Dr who gives apidex, Akron Ohio area .
posted 11-Jan-2012 9:19am

I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, I took phentermine years ago and it did wonders for me. Now I am needing to take it again and can't find a doctor anywhere who perscribes the phentermine pill a159. I found a couple doctors in town that perscribe the mp273 pill, but unfortunately it did not work for me. Does any one know if there is a doctor in Tulsa who still perscribes the a159 pill?
posted 16-Jan-2012 8:22am

Anyone know a Dr in or near los Angeles California that prescribes or will just do a refill without an appt? Maybe over the phone. I already have a prescription,just need a refill called into pharmacy .thanks :)
posted 20-Jan-2012 6:22am

please let me know if there is a dr in akron, canton, or cleveland i am desperate for phentermine????? please
posted 25-Jan-2012 7:04am

anyone selling adipex?
posted 26-Jan-2012 12:50am

posted 26-Jan-2012 11:57am

Anyone selling adipex....largo fl?? Or know of a Dr that will perscribe more than a week at a time?? Please email
posted 29-Jan-2012 3:43pm

someone posted dr gingo in akron oh how in the heck do you reach him they will nt answer the phone i call every day and leave messages. anyone else know of a dr. in akron, canton, cleveland area
posted 30-Jan-2012 2:51pm

i started at dr. thomas office in august 2011. i stop in 10-2011. started feeling very dizzy. i didnt know if it was from the medication or the cold. i called the office to see if i could restart coming back. i was told, you have to wait a year. thats wasnt told to me a my first visit. i think its wrong to tell you when your scheduling appointment. so, if your starting with doctor thomas office in euclid ohio. dont stop, they will not except you back for a year.
posted 8-Feb-2012 9:48am

I am looking for someone to prescribe Adipix in north Mississippi.
posted 9-Feb-2012 9:13pm

Does anyone know of a doctor/Weight loss clinic near Raleigh,NC if so can you email me the info
posted 14-Feb-2012 9:16am

does anyone know of a doctor in jasper, al. that will prescribe adipex? I have aboit 50 lbs. to lose and feel so bad about myself until I don't wantto get out of the house.
posted 15-Feb-2012 11:29am

i started dr. thomas too. i didnt know that if you miss 2 appointment. you cant reschedule up to a year. i feel thats wrong too. they dont give enough information at all.
posted 16-Feb-2012 11:39am

looking for a Dr close or in the surrounding area...Leitchfield, Hardin Co, Or Louisville Kentucky...anybody know of any dr around this area, email me @ thank you all so much. I've been on this med before and it worked miracles need to get back on and finish what it started : )
posted 21-Feb-2012 4:23pm

Does any know of a weight clinic or doc who prescribes adipex or Phenterine I'm in need of losing weight and need to find a doctor asap
posted 21-Feb-2012 4:26pm

Does any know of a weight clinic or doc who prescribes adipex or Phenterine I'm in need of losing weight and need to find a doctor asap. in Junction Kansas or Manhattan Kansas.
posted 21-Feb-2012 4:45pm

anyone know any good doctors in atlanta ga?
posted 22-Feb-2012 9:28pm

I'm seeking a doctor in atlanta, ga a well. I've searched online but can't seem to find a doctor or family doctor now clinic that prescribes Adipex! Please help!
posted 3-Mar-2012 11:21pm

I am in Lancaster, PA.......anyone selling Phentermine or know of a doc who will prescribe Phentermine? Actually am hoping for Ionimin. I only have about 10 pounds to lose yet but they are very stubborn. I also want to maintain my weight and have always had issues with appetite regardless of diet and exercise. Please contact me with any information at
posted 4-Mar-2012 2:18pm

Thanks ladies for the helpful info From Columbus ohio
posted 8-Mar-2012 3:32pm

the best place to go is south shore weight loss center in ky. i just moved to colorado and i am dying to go back to ky to get more. its not the same strength out here, at all.
posted 8-Mar-2012 3:35pm

For anyone in Ohio- that is where I was from. It is worth the drive to go to south shore weight loss center in KY.
posted 9-Mar-2012 10:51am

Hello does anyone know a Dr that will prescribe adipex that is close to Indiana. I have a wedding in 6 months and i really need the extra lbs off! I took it once before and it worked wonders!
posted 14-Mar-2012 7:53am

I need a doctor in Michigan that will prescribe Phentermine haven't had any luck finding 1 yet please help if u know of any
posted 14-Mar-2012 11:23am

Does anyone know of a clinic or physician in the Treasure Coast area of Florida (Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, etc.) that will prescribe Adipex or Ionamin? Email me at
posted 14-Mar-2012 3:24pm

Looking for a doctor in west palm area to perscribe adipex please.
posted 15-Mar-2012 1:51pm

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posted 15-Mar-2012 1:51pm

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posted 15-Mar-2012 3:15pm

It's a SCHEDULE IV...PREGNANCY CATEGORY C. Don't attempt to correct people when you yourself do not know what you're talking about...SMH
posted 15-Mar-2012 4:49pm

posted 15-Mar-2012 11:42pm

in columbus ohio.. look up Dr.Trace Curry Fast Track Metabolic Weight Loss Center in Grove City. They are a center of Excellence and a fantastic place to go. they also have an office in Dayton, Cinci, and KY.
adipex and HCG diets.
posted 16-Mar-2012 5:05pm

There is a Dr.Ogale located in Mt. Vernon Ohio who does the Phentermine 37.5 mg. I just went today and it was $80.00 for the visit and $33.00 for the pills and I go back every 4 weeks for 12 have to be off for 6 months and in order to continue to get the pills you must lose weight. The number is 740-397-3553 and it is cash only. I hope this works and it helps.
posted 17-Mar-2012 3:29am

Looking for a doctor close to Mt.Sterling Ky. I would like to lose at least 50 pounds
posted 17-Mar-2012 4:13pm

posted 18-Mar-2012 4:37pm

posted 19-Mar-2012 9:35am

I'm taking 15mg duromine for the past 3weeks and lost 7kg do you think I should carry on or get 30mg?
posted 19-Mar-2012 9:46am

Angela if you are unsure about the medication that a doc gave your child then the best thing to do is get a second option from another doc or maybe a third one too that would be the best thing to do :)
posted 26-Mar-2012 7:58am

Looking for a doctor in the ftmyers area. I would really appreciate the help. Had a baby five months ago and still can't loose the weight
posted 26-Mar-2012 2:57pm

Looking for an doctor in akron/clevland/colombus area that prescribe adipex? an what ar the prices
posted 11-Apr-2012 4:17pm

Anyone know where I can find a doctor in the UK????
posted 12-Apr-2012 2:27am

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posted 12-Apr-2012 2:27am

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Need a weeks worth
posted 12-Apr-2012 4:06pm

Cincinnati, OH, Northern KY, West Chester, OH area. Adipex to take short term. with any info please!
posted 17-Apr-2012 6:23pm

I have been on this before and it really works. I have gained the weight back and have gotten m headaches back so does anyone know of any doctors here in Northern utah that prescribe phentermine? My doctor does not want to do it anymore
posted 20-Apr-2012 7:44am

Aloha! adk
posted 24-Apr-2012 9:06pm

Am Looking for a doctor in or close to Toledo,OH who will prescribe adipex for light weight loss, 20 pounds or so. Thanks. Hoping to hear some news on this.
posted 26-Apr-2012 8:24am

Do anybody know.a Dr in Toledo Ohio that prescribes adipex if so. please email me @
posted 29-Apr-2012 7:01pm

Does anyone know a clinic in portland Oregon where I can get phentermine?
posted 2-May-2012 1:44pm

Looking for a doctor in Seattle, Wa who will prescribe anything!
posted 5-May-2012 10:33pm

anyone know of a doctor in northern California who will prescribe Phentermine/addipex?
posted 15-May-2012 4:50pm

Any doctors prescribe adipex in Addison Texas?
posted 15-May-2012 7:07pm

Did anyone find a doc in Orlando FL who prescribes phentermine? Please e-mail
posted 16-May-2012 7:08am

posted 21-May-2012 9:07am

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posted 21-May-2012 9:07am

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posted 23-May-2012 10:35pm

Dr. Trace Curry in Columbus Ohio does the adipex. It is fantastic and legit. They are in Grove City. Was just on the web site and it is
Check em' out.
posted 24-May-2012 12:46pm

I have been on phen for a month and a half now and I have lost 18 pounds with NO exercise. I work crazy and long hours at my job and I have a set of 2 year old twins so my time is limited and I am not able to squeeze in work outs.
posted 24-May-2012 3:24pm

i just started taking adipex yesterday, so im two days into it and i still have a appitite!!! whats up with that? oh and yes they are the real thing mp273
posted 6-Jun-2012 1:18am

Adipex is the way to go!
wisconsin girl
posted 8-Jun-2012 11:47pm

I don't know what to think about phentermine at this point. Depending on which scale I use, I think I've lost only 5lbs in the last 2 months. The first month my doc had me on 15mg though. I've been on 37.5 for almost a month now. I know I could probably still eat better than I am, but shouldn't this pill be more effective? I keep reading about all these people losing 15lbs in the first month, and I feel shorted.
Indiana Girl
posted 15-Jun-2012 4:21pm

Hi, im in indiana & looking for a dr around here in indiana that will prescribe phentermine. ive heard it van get expensive so maybe someone knows where it doesnt cost much? i heard on place in Indianapolis charges $500 per visit! if you do!
posted 16-Jun-2012 8:14pm

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posted 16-Jun-2012 8:14pm

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posted 18-Jun-2012 3:37pm

Does anyone know a Dr. in the New Orleans area who will prescribe Phen? My Internist won't.
posted 19-Jun-2012 8:03pm

does anyone know of a doctor in the newark,ohio area who will prescribe phentermine?
posted 22-Jun-2012 4:36pm

Quote Wisconsin Girl "I know I could probably still eat better than I am, but shouldn't this pill be more effective?" Unquote

There is your problem. The pill is only a tool, in your arsenal of HAVE to do your part. Phen, alone, doesn't do it. Being in a coma would do it all for you...but not phen. You have work to do.
posted 22-Jun-2012 5:10pm

To Anonymous from New Orleans:

posted 13-Oct-2011 (above)
----------------------------- in Monroe, LA
hope it helps
posted 22-Jun-2012 10:27pm

posted 24-May-2012 12:46pm
"I have been on phen for a month and a half now and I have lost 18 pounds with NO exercise. I work crazy and long hours at my job and I have a set of 2 year old twins so my time is limited and I am not able to squeeze in work outs."

It is not WHAT you do to exercise and burn calories. It is that you do something, regularly...something that makes you MOVE. Stay away from the TV as much as possible.
Taking care of and playing with 2yr old twins is more than anyone needs to get/stay in shape.
posted 23-Jun-2012 4:13pm

Medusa Health Care Centers in Columbus, Ohio prescribes Adipex. I have been going there for years.
posted 23-Jun-2012 11:26pm

To Abooboononymous,
Some people think MPs suck. I think MPs suck, and wouldn't spend a dime for them. If you got a script, ask your Doc for Adipex. Not all generics are created equal, but (brand) Adipex stands alone.
posted 26-Jun-2012 12:23am

HI. I'm looking for a Dr. in Crestview, Fl or Fort Walton Beach, Fl for Adipex. I've used before with great results when we lived in GA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
posted 30-Jun-2012 10:15am

To ANONYMOUS IN THE UK - you can't buy it over the counter anywhere. I am not a fan of the topix forum, but just received from the UK. I live in the US. Can't put the link here- it crashes IE6. This is Golfbag's thread.

posted 7-Jul-2012 3:25pm

Does anyone know of a doctor in the San Francisco bay area that prescribes Adipex? Thanks in advance, also or know of a legit website or a doctor that does internet visits.
posted 17-Jul-2012 3:27pm

anywhere in Cleveland that gives addipex
posted 17-Jul-2012 3:33pm

I have heard that Addipex stays in your system, does anyone know how long they stay inside.Has anyone ever tooken Adipex more than 3 months and does anyone know any doctors in cleveland,ohio that prescribe it ..please if u do let me know
posted 25-Jul-2012 4:53pm

do you any doctors in los angeles that i can see to get prescribe Phentermine?
posted 25-Jul-2012 4:54pm

pls email me pls anyone
posted 27-Jul-2012 9:39am

to the person who goes to Dr. Trace Curry in grove city much do they charge you for each visit? Also the office in South Shore Ky. do you have to go every month or every two months and could you tell me how much it costs.....thank you both so much for this info. I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 8-Aug-2012 4:07pm

Is there a doctor in New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan) That prescribe Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine?

THank you in advance for your help.
posted 8-Aug-2012 4:23pm

Any Doctors in NYC or Northern NJ? Please Help!!!!
posted 9-Aug-2012 8:59am

Anyone get phen from golfbag at the website a few posts up? No one reports back anymore. He is delivering from US too now, so may give it a shot. Still no "scammer" posts on that thread. I hate having to jump thru hoops just to buy this sched 4 med.
posted 19-Aug-2012 4:55pm

Can someone give doctor that order adipex in Cleveland/akron Ohio
posted 22-Aug-2012 12:12pm

To the person who went to Dr. Thomas in you have his # or address? Can't seem to find him by Google Searching "Dr. Thomas Euclid, OH"
posted 29-Aug-2012 3:25pm

Posted 30 June:
"To ANONYMOUS IN THE UK - you can't buy it over the counter anywhere. I am not a fan of the topix forum, but just received from the UK. I live in the US. Can't put the link here- it crashes IE6. This is Golfbag's thread.


Yeah, still GTG, but read a few pages back. I PMed a couple people. And, as always, don't order anything over the net with $$ you can't aford to lose.
posted 9-Sep-2012 6:36pm

where is the best place to buy, phentermine or adipex onine without a rx? that is legit? please someone let me know!
posted 10-Sep-2012 7:37am

Did you even bother to check out that post above yours? Not sayin you should trust or buy. Just keep your eye on that guy. No one will answer your question here. Even the scammers don't bother anymore. I stop by here about once a month, and nothing substantial has been posted in many moons. I've got no patience for clinics...they are just another racket. The only one I almost signed up with, we couldn't even agree on the definition of a 30 day supply of phen. Later with that nonsense. GL
posted 17-Sep-2012 11:46am

i started out at 270 and am now 228 it works good and the down time from docs been takin alli it also works due to go back to docs in october but my doc lost his licens any good docs columbus ohio?
posted 5-Oct-2012 5:28pm

I just started taking Adipex today ( 10/05/12)and I can feel it really working after only one pill. I have a month supply which I got from my pcp with no problem. She didn't want to give me a script at first because she states she really don't like prescriping it. She understood that i really needed to lose and trying it on my own just wasn't working. I have a Michigan doctor.
posted 7-Oct-2012 10:45pm

My first doctors visit was Oct 4, 2010.I am 5'8 and wehiged 178.21 lb (Fat 42.2%/ Fat Mass 75.21 lb/ BMI 27.0).After 6 months my weight was 153.41 lb (Fat 31.7%/ Fat Mass 48.61/ BMI 23.2). I have lost a total body weight of 24.8lbs, however I have lost a total of 26.6 lb of body fat, and gained just under 2 lb of lean body mass (muscle- which helps you burn fat).I saw my doctor monthly to monitor any possible side effects and to be wehiged. The electronic scale they use differentiates between Lean Body Mass & Fat Mass. I highly recommend seeing a doctor that has this type of scale, as there was a few months that my total body weight shifted only a couple of pounds (which was boggling because everyone would be saying: Wow, you look great. Have you lost weight?). I quit drinking coffee the week before I started taking Adipex (I averaged 2-3 Black, Large (20 oz) Iced Coffees from Starbucks) so I did not have any side effects- no racing heart, no moodiness, nada. If anything it helped me through the withdrawal and helped me stay away from coffee (which is acidic and actually encourages weight gain & poor dietary habits).I also started taking Ambien to help reset my sleep schedule (I have had terrible sleep habits since I was 12). I find that I have lost the most weight when I am consistently taking my Ambien, which means I am getting enough sleep. There are many new studies linking sleep disorders not only to weight gain, but even to cancer. If you look up Melatonin research you will find that there is cutting edge cancer research linked to low Melatonin production due to the ever present ambient light (street lights, sleeping with tv's on, even interior lights that allow us to stay up later) in our modern life. A different topic, but I did want to stress that my weight loss seemed to be the most effective when I was sleeping regularly.Good luck to you all. I hope you find a great doctor. For those in LA, my Dr. is Maurice Levy and he has been such a motivating factor in my life. He is a warm and caring french man that really takes his time to know and help you. He really inspired me in the beginning and has been my cheerleader throughout.GD Star Ratingloading...
posted 8-Oct-2012 12:13am

I have been seeing Traci as my thprseiat for over a year now and she is absolutely incredible! She is very insightful and very knowledgeable. She obviously loves what she does. I have had a few thprseiats in the past and the connection and support I feel Traci gives me outshines my previous thprseiats. Every week I look forward to our appointments because her office is the one place I feel I can completely be myself. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! You will feel the difference her help makes in your life.
posted 8-Oct-2012 2:51am

go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no foodafter 7 p.m. People avcheie marvellous results with it. Depending onyour initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. Ifyou don't eat wheat then you don't eat all those sticky, fatty goeycakes, you don't eat junk food, and you don't eat biscuits. But yourdiet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have tocalculate points or to buy special meals or plans.good luck,my friend
posted 8-Oct-2012 7:00am

Hello, This is my first day using adipex-p 37.5 I am 5'2 and weigh 213. Side effctes today seem to be bothersome!!! I have been moody.. and feel funny. I hope that this goes away beacause I havent been this big before in my life!!! I have to give it a fair try..Been going to the gym and losing inches but gaining weight.. so I will be back to post my progress! Good Luck to all of you!GD Star Ratingloading...
posted 9-Oct-2012 2:05pm

To the North Mississippi looking for Adipex. You can go to the clinic in Michie TN to get it. Its an hour drive but office visit is $40 and the pills are $20
posted 9-Oct-2012 11:52pm

Iam 32 years old and weigh 210 pds. I struggle to loose weghit. Today will be the 7th day on the medication. Yesterday, I got terrible headache and dizzy still dizzy today. I have lost 3pds and do not want to stop taking but very nervous with these side effects. Any suggestions?GD Star Ratingloading...
posted 14-Oct-2012 6:02pm

Hi anyone know of a Dr in Pittsburgh or near Wheeling Wv that will RX phen? If so please email me at Thanks
posted 16-Nov-2012 7:41pm

need dr close to dayton ohio for phenermine anyone
posted 11-Dec-2012 2:34pm

Any one know a weight loss clinin or a bariatric physician in Boston are who will prescribe Phentermine for genuine weight loss purpose
posted 15-Dec-2012 11:31am

Anyone know of a doctor in Phx AZ that will prescribe Adipex?
posted 25-Dec-2012 7:20pm

I think you should call your DR and have him/her give you a new prciprietson. It might be that those pills are old and have lost the effect. Does it have a use by this date thing stamped on the box? I found a site and it says Follow your doctor's instructions exactly and never change the dose yourself. Increasing the dose may not necessarily make you lose more weight or make you lose weight faster. However you will most likely experience more side effects. It also says that Duromine works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry.Duromine should be used as a part of an overall weight management plan which should include a medically controlled diet and exercise program. I would just go see a DR tell them how much it worked for you before, and see if the DR will give you a new prciprietson. Good luck!
posted 3-Jan-2013 3:41pm

I am also looking for a doctor that will RX phen in the Pittsburgh/Wheeling WV area. If you know any please please please email me @
posted 18-Jan-2013 12:15am

If Anyone knows where I can get adipex please email me. I have heard of many great weight loss stories & I would love to try this method. Thanks so much ;) I appreciate the time. I am in Cincinnati Ohio close to NKY
posted 3-Feb-2013 12:40pm

Is there anyone else in the Akron Ohio area besides Dr gingo
posted 7-Feb-2013 9:19am

I am looking for a doctor in central florida that will perscribe adipex. If anyone know one please post a name. Really appreciate it!!!
posted 10-Feb-2013 4:37pm

I have used Adipex and it works amazingly well. Yes, I'm a little jittery and a bit restless at night when I take it but you just have to make sure you take it early enough in the day and drink lots of water. OK, my question is this, I've relocated to Los Angeles and am looking for a doctor out here who will prescribe Adipex or Phentermine. Anyone recommend a doctor in L.A.? Thanks!
posted 6-Mar-2013 4:20am

i had a baby 2 years ago ...and had gained 100 pounds!! so im very unhealthy ... moved to seattle .wa around marysville does any one no where i can find a Dr that has Adipex??? ANY WHERE ?? IN SEATTLE WA ??? thank you ! would really appreciate it?!?!
posted 6-Mar-2013 11:04am

Dr Donald Mansfield, Dramatic Weight Loss from Dunwoody, GA prescribes Adipex along with a great nutritional plan.
posted 27-Mar-2013 1:42pm

Medusa Health Center has been shut down by the police department!!!!
posted 27-Mar-2013 7:34pm

Dr. Washington, Linden Medical Clinic on Cleveland Ave offers the Adipex diet program. Office visit. Not sure the total cost you can call them. Inhouse pharmacy also, so you just go down the hall to fill the script. Expect to wait, the closer you go to lunch time the quicker you'll get in i've noticed.
posted 27-Mar-2013 7:35pm

Dr. Washington...that's columbus ohio by the way
posted 29-Mar-2013 10:26am

Any dr in the Pittsburgh pa area who prescribes phentermine thanks real stuff Mexican products.
posted 9-Apr-2013 4:54pm

info on how to get phetermine in columbus, ohio
posted 19-Jun-2013 7:03am

38 male. I work a lot, over 70hrs a week. I needed a way to lose about 50 pounds inorder to get my hormones in check. Around 34 I noticed consistant weight gain ever month, even with moderate exercise. Then near 37, I developed a sleeping disorde where I was very hard to wake up and I often sleepy over 12 hours a day. Finially my wife pestered me to do a sleep study and see a doctor about my sleeping and constant fatigue. I had a mild case of sleep apnea and low T low adrenal output. I was offered two weight loss choices which required no exercise. I chose phentermine. I lost over a pound a day for about 15 days. After 30 days I noticed no effects when taking the pill so I stopped for 3 weeks. I restarted the drug and continued to lose about a pound every 3 days. After 60 days worth of 37.5mg pills use, I lost 38 pounds. My body fat dropped down to 18% from 32%. Btw. While I was taking the pill I also followed a 5 meal a day plan which was roughly 1500 calories. I needed to speed up my metabolism. I stopped taking the pill for 4 weeks and only gained 2 pounds. I am now on trak to lose another 10 pounds. My Testerone is normal again after losing the body fat and I'm bulking up at the gym again. The drug works with a meal plan. Shirts off at the beach again.
posted 11-Jul-2013 3:17pm

I too am desperate!!! Please email me source and let me know what I need to do to get a hold of this!!! I'm so desperate and fat :( HELP!!
posted 21-Dec-2013 8:03am

posted 26-Dec-2013 9:09pm

I have a friend that is 23 and is about five eight and weights about 260 pounds..does anyone know where she would be able to get adipex in Findlay ohio or anywhere near by???? please let us know asap.
posted 26-Dec-2013 9:59pm

does anyone know where to get adipex in Findlay ohio...???? where I would need to go and how much it cost????? and a phone number to make an app.please let me know soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 2-Feb-2014 8:35pm

Heard about this pill but did not have a chance to use it one of my good friend is using this pill and it works for her she lost a lot of weight
posted 17-Feb-2014 12:19pm

Does anyone know where I can get adipex/ phentermine in central Mississippi??
posted 16-Mar-2014 10:47am

Does anyone know of any doctor or weight loss clinic in Allegheny or Westmoreland county Pa that prescribes Adipex? Google is no help just keeps coming me websites to OTC alternative. I workout 6 times a week for an hour plus to no avail please help
posted 16-Apr-2014 12:37am

I have been on phen for 1 week now and notice dry mouth and jaw clenching. Does this go away?
posted 1-May-2014 5:17pm

I'm in desperate need of a Dr. that prescribes Adipex in NYC. HELP please
posted 7-Jun-2014 1:16pm

Do not order from golfbagg just been totally scammed....paid upfront and 3 months later still no order.....sent me a bunch of water damaged faked through the post to begin with!!!
posted 18-Aug-2014 3:32pm

In cleveland / Akron area , dr. Thomas you can call and tell them you want app. For weightloss clinic. Clinic is in cleveland area

Euclid Family Practice
26151 Euclid Ave Suite 201
Euclid, OH 44132
(216) 261-7970 (Office)

50$ per visit + medication , have to go every 2 weeks

I have app. In 2 days, can't wait, to start. I hope i can lose 45 lbs in 3 months
posted 9-Sep-2014 3:37am

I was the last to comment on golfbagg's thread on TOPIX forums before they (apparently) took it down - I mentioned i'd give an update when/if I received my order from him... Well, it arrived today, Sept 8, 2014 (I placed it back in July, I believe).

The pills I received are indeed name brand phentermine. He was very responsive the entire time and attempted to quench my worries as to what the hold up was, but I get the vibe that it's a mystery for a reason, and some aspects of the shipping process aren't entirely up to him at any given moment, i.e. third party handlers and whatnot sorting things out? Idk, but he delivered and i was happy. I had a good vibe about him.

Not sure what happened with you, tindall, but he would no doubt talk to you about it via e-mail if you try to contact him. He's a very reasonable person.

PROS: LEGIT! Real Phentermine. Plus Golfbagg is a pretty alright dude and great with keeping communication open.
CONS: took a while! (2 months - but your mileage may vary!)
posted 4-Nov-2014 9:01pm

Does anyone know where I can get phentermine in the Virginia Beach area? Recently relocated here. Thanks in advance!
posted 3-Dec-2014 7:29pm

Well, look who the cat dragged in from the L.A. sewer project...golfbag's shill, SOPHIA. She is currently all over the NET spouting this drivel, in her best Valley-Girl-speak.(TWO POSTS UP)
The truth is that golfbag sells phen made in Pakistan. It is NOT K-25 (though it looks vey similar) from the American company. It does NOT contain 37.5 mgs of phentermine, unless the phen content is a research grade chemical or worse, which would explain its lack of potency. There is no 'burst' of energy, either. The Pakistanis can't duplicate that patented part of Adipex and its generics. Of course, I bought it, (when it was $280) then did my research. Then I confronted golfbag with what I discovered, right down to where he buys it wholesale. And, of course, he lied. Why not, as he is getting $330 to $350 for 90 tabs. No one is going to pay him that for phen made in Pakistan. Sophi knows all this, but, hey, she gets free phen for shilling this stuff.
So, go ahead and order from him. At least be clear about what you are buying. Just hope it gets through customs safely from THAT part of the globe. Yes, he has phen drop-shipped from other locations, but you will have no guarantee from where your meds are shipped. You may or may not get your order, or a friendly letter from the Dept. of Homeland Security. As Sophi says, your milage may vary. Clever of her, huh?
posted 7-Dec-2014 1:01am

Is there another doctor beside euclidin cleveland for adipex please and thanks in advance
posted 25-Jan-2015 11:48pm

can I get in trouble if I get phentermine from a weight loss clinic and 2 or 3 weeks another place? I have been on them a while and need 1 1/2 to be effective but no one place will prescribe that much.
posted 4-Feb-2015 6:02pm

Anyone know of a dr that prescribes phentermine in RI/MA/CT area?
I've gained a lot of weight this year and need to kickstart the losing.
Thank you!
posted 4-Feb-2015 6:03pm

Wrong email in post above!
Anyone know of a dr that prescribes phentermine in RI/MA/CT area?
I've gained a lot of weight this year and need to kickstart the losing.
Thank you!
posted 10-Feb-2015 3:21am

I started Phentermine 3 months ago and have lost 22 pounds. I'm not sure where most of you are purchasing from but my meds are prescribed and strictly monitored by my doctor. I have a nutritionist who also works with my doctor. Im on these meds because I'm pre-diabetic n the point is to jumpstart my weight loss so I'll stay motivated by seeing change. I should note I started out taken the lowest dosage (15mg) n worked my way up to taking two of those a day(bfast n lunch). Now I take 1 30mg pill each morning. When I reach another milestone I'll increase my dosage to the 37.5mg. I said all of that to say please consult a doctor n try a small dosage first espec if u experience the jitters or sleep apnea n work your way up. Oh now i also get a B-12 shot once a mth. I'm on a 1500-1700 calorie diet. Recently I've increased activity by doing Zumba n Kickboxing cardio workouts for 30 mins a day (5days) hope this helps.
posted 11-Apr-2015 9:54am

I'm looking for a doctor in the Mentor / Cleveland area that prescribes Adipex or Phentermine HCL 37.5. I have to go all the way to Ky every 3 months and it ends up costing me around $250. by the time I add in a room for the night , gas, and the prescription. Looking to find a doc closer. E-Mail me at if you know of any docs near Cleveland or Mentor
posted 15-Apr-2015 1:06pm

Anyone know of a doctor who prescribed adipex in Cleveland Ohio
posted 16-Apr-2015 4:35pm

Anglea Bennett dr in cleveland ohio Sh eis at UH in cleveland now
posted 20-Apr-2015 3:35am

Who do u go to in KY? I live in Akron and would like a Dr close to home also
posted 19-May-2015 2:05pm

I am looking for a doctor in Los Angeles who will prescribe Adipex, I can't seem to find anyone - please help!!
posted 11-Jun-2015 2:06pm

Got pregnant exactly one month Dr Bosun gave me,i am the most happiest person in this blog....

Just want to tell the world that i am pregnant,i contacted Dr Bosun Herbal Center last month and he gave me his roots and herbs solution. i followed the instruction on how to take it,that was how i got my positive result.
email him on: or call him on +2349033389930.
posted 17-Jun-2015 5:10pm

Anyone know a dr in greens burg pa who writes Adipex
Please email me info
posted 4-Jul-2015 11:47am

Does anybody know a doctor in Bloomington In. area that will prescribe Adipex. I've used it in the past and its works.
posted 8-Sep-2015 12:55pm

anyone know of a dr. around st. marys oh. that prescribes adipex if so tex me at
posted 26-Sep-2015 8:26pm

I have used adipex it was great but I live in columbus and was driving to Kentucky. And one know a place in columbus. Please email me
posted 16-Oct-2015 11:45am

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any Dr.'s in the Downriver Michigan area that prescribes Adipex?
posted 16-Oct-2015 11:54am

If anyone can recommend a Dr. Around the Southgate, MI area that prescribes Adipex. Please e- mail me at I am like so many other people who have tried multiple diets, eat healthy, and exercise on a regular basis.
However, I cannot lose weight. I am know going to be having a Total knee replacement and need to lose at least 25 lbs. to make recovery much easier.
posted 29-Oct-2015 5:25pm

I was seeing Dr. Lovins in Columbus, Indiana and she found out that I am insulin resistant and was never treated for my hypoglycemia at all other then diet all my life. After looking at my weight and age and now the insulin issue after doing blood work, she put me on Adipex and metformin for the insulin issue and a low carb diet. I have lost over 30 pounds. I was suppose to go back on Nov 2nd but found out she is no longer at the Franciscan office and they say they don't know where she is. I was told by the office that the new doc will refill the metformin but not the adipex. Now I have to start all over and not sure what to do or where to go. Can someone email me at if they know of a doc or if they know where Dr Lovins may of went? I really liked her a lot and she was wonderful in going over my diet and having me in to monitor my progress. Thanks!
posted 3-Nov-2015 11:33pm

Can anyone let me know where to order ionamin or duromine? I tried this 10 years ago for 2 weeks and lost 20 lbs. i maintained it for 5 years then i had 2 baby one after the other. I gained 80lbs. My sonnis now 2 and ive been teyjng to lose weight. My problem is i work in the afternoon and by the time i get home at 10pm i am hungry and tend to overeat. I just need a boost to weight lose i know i can keep it off just to kick start the process. I heard of fake companies. Anyone know a good supplier? My email is I live in Canada so i cant get one from my doctor. Thanks
posted 4-Mar-2016 8:31pm

Diet meds
Clinics in Fairview park got shut down. Does anyone know where to go besodes them for adipex in that cleveland ohio area?
posted 31-Jan-2017 9:00pm

I would like to get the diet pill call adipex.
posted 31-Jan-2017 9:02pm

I would like to order me some adipex diet pilld
posted 28-Feb-2017 11:02am

Anyone know where to get apidex in Cleveland OH area? email me please-
posted 7-Jun-2017 1:01am

Vancouver wa
posted 7-Jun-2017 1:02am

Any place in Oregon or Washington state
posted 4-Aug-2017 12:40pm

Would like to purchase adipex pills looking for doctor in cleveland...akron...or elyria...mentor area had good results from them two years ago email me plz MZLYNCH2U@AOL.COM THX

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