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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 28-Aug-2008 12:09pm

Reply to Anonymous in L.A.
I am from the U.S in Ohio and order from the same source that you ordered from, but I take the Phentermine 37.5's and they have done wonders for me. I started back in July and I am down 18 pounds. I just wanted to post here again like I did before when I started taking them and tell everyone that they are real and they are not a scam. Also to L.A the reason that they may not have responded is because they live in Florida where the hurricane hit last week. I to ordered again on the 15th I believe it was and did not hear back from them for a few days in between but it was because of the hurricane.
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 28-Aug-2008 2:15pm

In response to SJones, they sent me an email this morning that their internet had been down for the last two days. They do seem sincere and indicated that they would ship today and provide tracking. I'm sure everyone here can appreciate that anyone can post on this messageboard. It requires no sign-up or membership and you can assign whatever name/nickname you want. As well, I'm sure everyone here knows that this is a huge money-making scam; thus, it is understandable that when there is absolutely no contact whatsoever in one week (since last Thurs), regardless of the reason, that one starts to have doubts. I will post again in a week.
weight loss
posted 29-Aug-2008 6:08am

Hello all,

I am trying to 56 pounds but i am really struggling. I went to a diet clinic yesterday and got a prescription for phen 30mg.. i took one today, had my 40mins daily brisk walk. I was slightly hungry this morning so i had a fruit and fibre cereal with just skimmed milk, no sugar. So far i have a bloated / full feeling and i am hopeful. My concerns however is that i eat even when i m not hingry so if this is just to supress hunger, will it work for me? i am trying to stay focused so that i dont binge eat.. I am considering speaking with my GP to ask maybe i can have the balloon surgery .. you know the 6months type.. will keep u posted..
posted 31-Aug-2008 2:21pm

can anyone tell me how to get adipex from a doctor in dayton ohio or how to order it? NO fake perscriptions please.... email me I need to lose 70lbs and i was told the pills along with working out at the Y 3 times a week will get me there?
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 4-Sep-2008 5:56pm

Update from posts 08/26/08 & 08/28/08. Tracking number received 08/29/08 and delivery received today, 09/04/08. I do believe this is the real deal bec real Phentermine contains Hydrochloride (HCL) which is what makes it soluable in your stomach. HCL is bitter. Without HCL, it may contain Phentermine but if it doesn't contain HCL, then it won't work. This source is legit. My faith has been restored (and yes, Allpillsrx refunded my prior purchase but still waiting for it to credit back to my credit card account). Good luck to everyone~
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 5-Sep-2008 11:25am

Update from 09/04/08: Just wanted to update everyone again. For sure, this is real Phentermine. This is a legit source. Just call me the Tazmanian Devil, ready to wash windows and scrub floors at 3:00 AM! Again, good luck to everyone~
posted 8-Sep-2008 12:36pm

I took my first Adipex this morning. I took half a pill to adjust to it. Its been bout three hours got kind of a caffine high.
SC- in Alabama
posted 10-Sep-2008 12:43am

I would like to find Doctors in or near the Birmingham, Alabama area who prescribe Phentermine...Thank you.
NJ Gal
posted 10-Sep-2008 8:21am Anonymous in you ordered the PHentermine or Duromine? how many are you taking a day? I have been on phentermine before...and lost a significant amount of weight...but then the prices went up for it, i had to order from somewhere else and i don't think i got the real kinds, b/c it was not working. I want to order from the same person you ordered from...but really pondering which would be better for me, phentermine or duromine.
posted 10-Sep-2008 3:59pm

Slim & Trim Weight Loss Center
(606) 932-2040 Us-23 & Morton Ln, South Shore, KY 41175

I am going either spetember 12th or monday the 15th anyone wanna joine me... I just got a call from a gal pal it's $120 for 60 real adipex and water pills. That includes the visit...
posted 10-Sep-2008 4:00pm

Bi the way I am in Miamisburg..... Email me at we can car pool
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 10-Sep-2008 6:55pm

To NJ Gal: I ordered the Phentermine 37.5 mg tablets because they were out of Duromine at the time. I took the Phen blue/white capsules several years ago and really wanted to stick with capsules since that's what I knew, but since they were out of Duromine, I went with the Phen tablets. I started on 9/4. It's now 9/10 and I've lost 4 lbs. I only have 20 lbs that I want to lose. Before, I lost 14 lbs in 4-5 weeks. From what I understand, Duromine is the same thing, works the same way, but in capsule form (it's like a gray/red capsule, I think) and marketed in a different region. You can see it at phenterminedotcom. I've read that the tablets that are white with blue specks and marked A 159 suck, but the ones I've got are working great. Good luck!
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 10-Sep-2008 6:56pm

To NJ Gal: I forgot to mention also, you only take one per day. Check out phenterminedotcom to review taking directions and contraindications, etc.
posted 15-Sep-2008 12:58pm

Does anyone know of a Diet Doctor in Boston/Cambridge?
posted 15-Sep-2008 11:19pm

Hi, how I can send PM?
NJ Gal
posted 16-Sep-2008 12:42pm

To Anonymous in LA...i haven't yet ordered mine..thanks so much for your response....i have to wait until next is it going for yoU?
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 16-Sep-2008 7:12pm

Hey NJ Gal: I've lost about 5 lbs. so far. I shouldn't weigh myself every day bec it's so discouraging. I really only have 15 lbs that I NEED to lose but then there's those 10 lbs that I've BEEN or am always trying to lose, and I know I can lose 20 lbs (or close to it) on Phentermine. At the very minimum, I believe I can lose 9-10 lbs. by 4 weeks. By 6 weeks, I believe 12-14 lbs. So I will probably need a second 30 day supply for a total of 60 days to achieve the weight goal that I want to be back at. But it definitely speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. In addition, I do work out 4-5 days per week (cardio) and I've been trying to eat right. The other thing I forgot to mention in my response to you before was that I believe Duromine capsules are time-released meaning it lasts longer and the 37.5 mg tablets are immediate release (I feel it within 30-40 min after taking it each morning). People have said that even though the capsules are only 30 mg that they're stronger and work better than the 37.5 mg. I don't know if that's the case with all capsules or just the Duromine capsules. I had taken the blue/white Phen capsules before, this is my first time taking the Phen tablets but they're definitely working. The only side effect is dry mouth and a little bit of insomnia only if I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom; otherwise, no problems falling asleep at bedtime. I'm hoping by 10/2 (4 weeks) that I'll be 9-12 lbs. lighter! 5 lbs. doesn't seem like a lot and they always say the first 6 lbs. are always water; Phen speeds up the weight loss but it's not so fast that it'll come right back (like the Hollywood Celeb Diet, I've done that and lost 7 lbs. in 48 hrs just to "cleanse" - like right after a vacation where you eat everything you can just bec you're on vacation) but it all comes back as soon as you eat a freakin' cracker! LOL!)
NJ Gal
posted 17-Sep-2008 9:20am

Hey Anonymous in LA...i have taken phentermine 37.5 before and lost like nearly 40lbs in 3 months....looks like you are on your way though=) I was really curious if the phentermine 37.5 you ordered was authentic b/c it's hard to find nowadays. Also, i am super curious about the you said that you heard it was stronger since it's time released. Now i keep bouncing back and forth on which one i want to order. Have you taken duromine before? It sounds like you are well on your way to losing weight though...i have abouther another 40 I want to lose LOL...i only use it after I have my kids..>I tend to gain alot when I get pregnant and it's hard to take it off afterwards for me. Good luck on losing weight...! keep me updated!
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 17-Sep-2008 11:40am

Hi NJ Gal: I've never taken Duromine. From reading the posts on this site, it's apparently marketed to Australia and New Zealand and doctors here aren't aware of it. I've never taken it but I have taken the blue/white phen capsules which is why initially I was interested in the Duromine bec it's also a capsule. But it was out of stock and I didn't want to wait another week. So I just went with the tablets bec, in the end, it's supposed to produce the same result and if it was legit, then it should work, and now that I see it's legit and works, I'm just going to stick with it in terms of my next order bec I don't think it's a good to switch (even if it's supposedly the same thing, just in a different form). From what I understand, it's just a personal preference. For me, the tablets are working and I was leery bec, again, I had only used the blue/white capsules before so I wanted to stick with what I knew. Then I read so many bad things about the tablets, how they were weak, they sucked, but then others said it worked for them. Then I got that fake batch from allpillsrx (they did refund my credit card) so I was worried that tablets just didn't work period. But, this source restored my faith. Again, you'll know if they're real if they are bitter to the taste. Don't chew it but you'll know as soon as you put it on your tongue to swallow. It's a NASTY bitter taste. That's the hydrochloride which is what makes it soluable in your stomach. Without it, it won't work even if it contains phen. (this only works with the tablet) I'm still curious about the Duromine too, but I want to keep it consistent so I'm going to stick with the tablets. I'll keep you posted with the "end result"!
posted 17-Sep-2008 5:09pm

To "Anonmyhouse in L.A." - did you ever receive refund (and your credit card credited) from AllPillsRX? I ordered from them and what I received was most definitely fake as I have taken real phentermine in the past - I they sent me chalk. They said they would credit my credit card in 5-10 days, however I'm feeling skeptical I'll ever see my money again... Not to make the same mistake again, I'd like to order from the place you did, but I'm nervous about getting fake stuff again. Thanks!
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 17-Sep-2008 8:12pm

Hi Anonymous: I did get a refund from them. It took about a week or so to get the confirmation that they had processed the refund. I had ordered from them on 8/11 and had the package on 8/15. I was out of the office that Friday when they were delivered (I thought it might have to be signed for) so I didn't start them until that Monday, 8/18. took them that week and they did nothing. No bitter taste. As you said, probably chalk. I stopped taking them after that week and requested the refund on 8/26 which was the following Tuesday. On 9/1, I received an email that the refund had been processed. I had problems emailing them. I emailed at the address on their site but it bounced. I had kept the original email they sent me confirming the order so I just hit reply and that one went thru. The refund email said 3-7 working days, up to 10 working days. I was at the 9th working day when I was about to go ballistic with them but then it occurred to me that I was checking the wrong Amex account. When it occurred to me and I checked the right one, I saw that the refund was posted on 9/1. Since 9/1 was Labor Day, it probably didn't actually show up on my Amex stmt until a day or two later. So, they were true to their word, I will say that- which is quite contrary to the posts I've seen from others on the internet who at six months had never received their orders or refund requests. If you read all of my posts since the end of Aug, you'll see that I had apprehensions as well. But the source I did get them from are the real thing. If you get tablets, you'll know they're the real thing bec they are bitter which comes from the HCL (hydrochloride) It's what makes it soluable in your stomach. Without it, the pill might contain phen but it won't work. I'm going on 2 weeks and I'm still ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound. These are definitely legit. I will say that with Allpillsrx, I was very respectful in my email requesting the refund. GOOD LUCK! I hope you get your money back from Allpillsrx and I hope you achieve your desired weight loss goal. :)
posted 19-Sep-2008 12:55pm

Hi Anonymous in L.A. - thank you for your reply! I'm the previous "Anonymous" who asked asked you the question, but have now added my name to make my e-mails less confusing .... I e-mailed fenme2008 a couple of times, but haven't heard anything. Any suggestions? Thank you!
posted 19-Sep-2008 1:00pm

Ignore my previous e-mail - I found an e-mail from the source in my spam/junk folder. Thanks!
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 19-Sep-2008 3:45pm

Cool! :)
posted 20-Sep-2008 12:20am

Any doctors in Mississippi? I heard there is a doctor in Vicksburg that will prescribe. Anybody know?????
posted 22-Sep-2008 10:08am

Hi I am also looking for a doctor that will prescribe Adipex. I live near Cleveland but will travel. Please if anyone can help e-mail me at Thanks to everyone else for the information. I have tried every diet and still can't make my goal weight. HELP!!!!
Anonymous in MA
posted 22-Sep-2008 1:37pm

Anonymous in LA- so the ones you got have an A159 imprint? I am contemplating purchasing them from her, but was curious on the imprint.

NJ Gal- I have taken both 37.5 and duromine. If these are the A159, I would suggest them over the duromine. However, if they are the MP273, I would suggest duromine. I lost 15 lbs in a month on the A159 and 4 lbs in 1.5 weeks on the duromine (it was just a trial).
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 22-Sep-2008 6:01pm

Hi Anonymous in MA: Yes, they are the little white tablets (sort of shaped capsule like, not really oval) with the blue specks, scored in the middle with A 159 imprint. Thanks for banishing the Duromine curiosity!
NJ Gal
posted 23-Sep-2008 11:26am

Yes definitely Anonymous in MA! thanks again for answering the question about Duromine! i think i will definitely go now with the phentermine 37.5=)
Anonymous in MA
posted 23-Sep-2008 2:01pm

No problem, I'm glad I could help. I'm very excited about getting the A159's again! Hopefully they are the same I had back in June!
posted 26-Sep-2008 2:13pm

Hey everybody,
I don't know about anybody else but I FELL for the posting about how good the product was ordered from so I tried to order a 60 day supply. Both MoneyGram and Western Union would not process the order for me without speaking to a customer service rep who VERY STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO SEND MONEY TO THIS PERSON, THAT THEY AND MY BANK WOULD NOT REPAY THIS MONEY TO MY ACCOUNT. This tells me there has been a history of rip-offs associated with this site. Please be AWARE!!
I emailed fenme2008 and asked for C.O.D. but no response. Funny, when I requested to order, they replied in a matter of minutes on how to send the money.
That old saying, if it's too good to be true, it's probably not, rings true here for me. I'll keep my $300.00 and order from yguy.
posted 27-Sep-2008 7:46pm

Just started Adipex, this is day 2 I'm still hungry and I got a presciption from my doctor. Is there success without exercise.
posted 29-Sep-2008 4:58pm

Reply to Anydog: I just found this site because I am looking to purchase from a legit source. But I wanted to point out that I do know a thing or two about moneygram and western union as I am a previous employee. When new customers sign up with moneygram or western union for that matter and you send a payment with your credit card it is extremely common to have to call to verify the transaction. It is common procedure "we all learn it, and it is mandatory to say" when you call to ask if you know the person you are sending the money to and what the payment is for, as well as the fact that if the money is sent you will not be refunded by them. They are trying to help people avoid the scams like the Nigerion scams that seem to be traveling around these days. But funny enough you can go to to any Moneygram or Western Union location and send the money with no questions asked.
One thing you might want to ask them is if they are in the United States or not. If you they are in the U.S then they must be verified with both places in order to recieve money on a regular basis. If they are then you are very safe because they take personal information and even fingerprints that they keep on file. I personally working there in the past do trust both places because I know a lot more then I did prior to employment there.

*On another note, why are there only positive comments about this source and you have posted such a negative without even trying the product?**

I think I might give them a try and I will post my results in this forum now that I have found it.

Thank you guys for all the great info in reading past replies.
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 29-Sep-2008 6:47pm

To Andydog and Debbie: I, too, was skeptical at first bec there was a week's delay in responding to emails after I had sent payment. But they are in Florida and the hurricanes had caused internet outages. I did get my order and it is legit. It's been almost a month and I just placed my second order. I previously sent payment via Alert Pay but they're apparently too slow in sending the funds to the seller (and they do take about two weeks before calling to verify with the buyer that they authorized that transaction). I didn't want to deal with MoneyGram or Western Union bec of the fees so I actually sent well-concealed cash with delivery confirmation. They confirmed receipt of my payment and I have no doubt that I'll have my order this week. I can appreciate Andydog's fear of being scammed. At first, I had a bad feeling too so Debbie, thanks for clarifying the MoneyGram & Western Union info. :)

Incidentally, I just found out that one of my coworkers has a friend who is taking Phentermine. She showed me the Phen capsules she got from Costco's Pharmacy. They are a blue oblong tablet with blue specks, scored in the middle, with the imprint 5030. I thought that was interesting bec I don't think I've read anything about anyone getting those. But if anyone out there gets these, they do work bec she's lost weight and likes the energy they give her.
posted 29-Sep-2008 9:20pm

I have ordered from the source that is being discussed and I found them to be great. I would email them and I would get a response within hours. It took a while to get the product due to a illness and because they were all out of the product that I wanted but they kept me informed of the situation. I sent my payment through Moneygram and had no problem. I plan on ordering again. And it was the real deal also
NJ Gal
posted 30-Sep-2008 9:01am

I just ordered very recently from the source being discussed and i had issues with moneygram b/c it was saying it didnt recognize my password, so instead of dealing with calling customer service and trying to sign up with western union, I sent the source a money order via regular mail last Friday and I just received an email today that it was received and that I would receive a tracking number once the product was shipped. So far so good though...I so far trust this source...I will update once I receive the product...yet I am sure I will like it hence all the positive reviews on it....
posted 30-Sep-2008 9:21am

Thank you all for replying after I wrote my post yesterday. I sent the money by moneygram to the source with no problem so there is not a ban list or anyting against them lol. I sent the info and got a responce in just a few minutes. I did speak with them and they did state that they normally respond to emails very quickly all day/everyday except when they are asleep between 11pm and 7am EST. I feel pretty positive thanks to all the great posts. I'll update as well.
posted 30-Sep-2008 11:05am

P.S. In addition to my last post. I just received an email that the source is now going to use to process payments within the U.S. They wanted to let me know I could now use that but I had already done the moneygram. I have used MPayy before when I purchased something online which I think is great because they are just like paypal. Hooray! It is only available to the U.S right now but this should give people like Andydog more peace of mind.
S. Jones
posted 1-Oct-2008 11:13am

I have posted before in this forum. I order from that source to and I just wanted to say that they are real and I have lost weight with them. They are wonderfull little pills. I order once a month and stay stocked up. I hope there are no other negative comments because as many others have stated they are not a scam or a rip off. I am greatful for them. I even have a few friends that I talk to in the U.K that orders Duromine from them and they recieve theirs everytime.
posted 2-Oct-2008 11:14am

Well I have mixed feelings about the drug. I had never had a prob with my weight before. But after some events in my life I had a pretty bad spell of depression. I gained 100lbs.... I don't really like saying that anymore, but I was at 286. I am currently 188. I took Adipex for 3 months, and lost 60lbs. i would not say that I sufferred withdrawl symptoms or that I was addacted only thing addicting was that it worked. When you find something that works you want more. I went off the drug for 2 months, kept the weight off, and lost about 5 more lbs. I then went back on for 1 more month and lost the last 20 lbs.

I guess I did not really respond very well to the drug as far as side-effects go.

I could hardly ever sleep, and when I did it was only for like 3 hours a night...
If I stood up to quickly I would get really dizzy. Blurred vision was rare and might have been caused by the lack of sleep I ono forusre.

I would be extremely restless, I always had to be moving. Tachycardia was a very real occurance for me. Which was nice enough to case slight chest pain, and a hard time breathing.

But I never told anyone, I never complained and end the end it was worth it right???

I did what I did, and the drug works. It's hard to say no to something like that. Oh and the only withdrawl symptom that I noticed was for about 2 weeks after I was off the drug. I was insanly tired, all the time. I would take like 3 hour naps, and still go to bed at like 9. I was averaging like 15-17 hours of sleep....
NJ Gal
posted 8-Oct-2008 3:57pm

to Anonymous in is the weight loss journey going?
posted 8-Oct-2008 11:03pm

TO ANONYMOUS IN LA:I have a question about the Phentermine tab, please. In your description, it sounded like you described Fentermina, which is white w/faint blue specks, scored in the middle, A on one side of score, 159 on the other side of score, 30mg, and is not Phentermine HCL. I would like to order from the source, but I don't want Fentermina. The real, original A-159 is made by Actavis, and though they look different side by side, can be confused in a verbal description. Did you receive the generic Phentermine by Actavis or Fentermina? Thanks
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 9-Oct-2008 1:10am

To Anonymous (10/8): It is Phentermine. It's not an over the counter tablet. I don't know what manufacturer put this particular tablet out but it's Phentermine 37.5 mg (not 30) and is scored down the middle with A on one side, 159 on the other side, no imprint on the back side. I'm assuming it's the generic Phentermine but it is not Phentramin, Phentramin-D, Fentermina (never heard of Fentermina). This is Phentermine HCL which you can tell bec it is bitter. That's what makes it soluable in your stomach. It's white with blue specks on it (like Certs, just not round like the Certs breath mint)

To NJ Gal: I've lost 10 lbs since 9/4. : ) How about you? Did you get your order, how are you doing?
Anonymous in L.A.
posted 9-Oct-2008 1:18am

To Anonymous (10/8) again- I looked Fentermina up. It's apparently an international version of Phentermine. My tablets look like the Aidepex 37.5 on the phenterminedotcom website. Only, those are more oblong in shape. Mine are somewhere between oblong and oval, if that makes sense. It's not round like an M&M, but it's not oval either. It's oblong but doesn't have the "square" sides, it's more oval or rounded at the sides, just longer in body which is why I say it's in between oblong and oval. I guess, sort of like a cat's eye? I hope that helps. It's definitely real, though. I've lost 10 lbs. since 9/4 and this is the same rate I was losing when I took phentermine blue/white(clear) capsules a few years back. I had lost 11 lbs. in 5-6 weeks at that time as well. Hope that helps. Good luck!
Warner Robins/Macon Georgia
posted 9-Oct-2008 1:47am

Does anyone know of a doctor who prescribes adipex and monitors weightloss? I'm not interested in going to a clinic where they round up the patients like cattle. I don't want to see a nurse, nurse praticitioner or PA. I want to see a M.D. with competent knowledge of the medication and how the body should be responding to it. I'm looking for a doctor in Warner Robins or Macon, preferably on the Tricare network.
NJ Gal
posted 9-Oct-2008 8:03am

Hey Anonymous in LA! wow! congrats on your ongoing weight loss! i just recevied my order yesterday and I am going to start today. I am super excited=) i am so happy that it's working for you!!! i will update you with my weight loss journey as soon as some weight loss happens hehehe since i just started today~
posted 9-Oct-2008 9:14am

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that I got my order late Monday and started them on Tuesday. I've lost 2 pounds so far which I'm sure is water weight but I just wanted to tell everyone that these are so real. I took it and felt that kick and that get up and go, run around in circles type thing. And believe it or not I was not hungry. I skipped breakfast, bad I know. But I also didn't even want lunch at lunchtime. These are great. This source is awesome. I am going to get my credit card and whatever other funds I can find and order as many as I can just in case for some reason they run out of stock or something. This way I'll have them stocked up. I am so ready to lose weight.
posted 9-Oct-2008 11:57am

Debbie and NJ Gal: That's so awesome!!! :)
posted 9-Oct-2008 6:48pm

TO ANONYMOUS IN LA: Thank you for responding so quickly. I really appreciate your feedback. I will order from this source, as I think that the A-159s are the best Phentermine that I've ever had. I prefer them to Adipex. Thanks again and keep up the hard work, as you are really doing well.
Anonymous in LA
posted 11-Oct-2008 5:37pm

To Anonymous (10/9): You're welcome. Several others have gotten their orders and are very happy as well. I'm glad everyone's on their way to achieving their desired weight. I only have 20-22 lbs. I need/want to lose (10 lbs. so far) but I still feel good about it. A lot of ppl think it's easy to lose 5-10 lbs. It's easy to lose 5-10 lbs. of WATER WEIGHT but to really burn the fat is hard (I once saw a documentary that said to go to the meat market and see how big 5 lbs. of meat is, and that's how much 5 lbs. of fat is). It's a lot!!! I work out 4-5 days a week and, for the most part, keep my daily caloric intake at 1200 cal. But after a while the same workout stops working so I had just gotten to a plateau. I give far more credit to those with more weight to lose bec it's so easy to put on but so hard to take off. When I took Phentermine capsules before, I didn't work out or really watch what I ate, but I still lost the weight. What they say about exercise and all that being a lifestyle is true. I hope now I've got it "right" and can keep off the lbs. for good. So tempting when there's so much good food out there. Good luck with your weight loss and keep us all posted!
posted 12-Oct-2008 10:48am

NJ Gal and anonymous in LA I have been reading your postings and am interesting in ordering the phentermine but, can't seem to read where to get or how to get please help.
Anonymous in SF
posted 12-Oct-2008 6:56pm

TO ANONYMOUS IN LA: Hi, I'm the one who asked you about fentermina...changed my name hahaha. Anyway, I am now where you were when fenme wouldn't get back to you. I don't believe there is ever an excuse to jack people around. Sure, I'll hopefully get my order. But why can't the source answer our emails or provide an estimated shipping date? She sends all the emails you want, before she gets the money, then once she gets your money....nothing. I am in touch with 3 people who have ordered in the past and one with a pending order. She apparently does this to everyone. She creates alot of unnecessary worry and angst, especially in those who are not in contact with someone who 'knows the ropes'. Surely,she must know how it feels. I have sent her two emails requesting when I could expect my order. I don't think that is asking too much. It is rude and unprofessional to ignore your customers, especially when you have their money. When people finally get their orders, they are so happy and releived, that they don't bother to tell her how displeased they were during the process. Might make her mad...don't wanna do that.(sarcasm) I won't tell her either, because I won't be ordering again, no matter how good her product may be.
You are doing GREAT. You'll get those inspire the rest of us. I'll let you and the board know how it goes. Thanks for your help.
posted 12-Oct-2008 8:55pm

My doctor prescribed Phentermine HCL and I was so tickled to have a diet suppressent. I need to lose about 80 lbs. The first week was great. I was not as hungry, when I ate I got full quickly. Oh, it was heaven. Then I noticed the very dry mouth. Ok, that was expected and the extra water intake was good. Then everything, especially tomato sauce started to taste very salty and I thought that was wierd. A half slice of pizza is fine. Mostly beaause I wasn't hungry and also because it just didn't taste very good. Now I see tht I lost my sense of taste totally. Nothing tastes good. Nothing. If I had a million dollars to get anything I wanted, nothing would work. I am at my wits end. Last weekend I asked the pharmacist if I can just stop taking the pills without damange and she looked it up and said no problem and a week off the pill would bring my sense of taste back, but it hasn't. Everything, and I mean everything taste gross. I have an awful taste in my mouth as well and sure that my breath must be awful too. I lost almost 20 lbs in 1 1/2 months. I've been off the pills more than a week. I still don't feel hungry although I am literally starving myself since I can't eat anything. I'm at my wits end...........has anyone hsd this side effect? I'm very unhappy that I can't eat anything at all. I am so hungry, but when I think of eating something, I can't. I had a sip of Coke Classic and it taste like watered down diet soda.......I really can't taste anything. Please post your, if any, side affects. I don't wish this on anybody. If I start to feel better, I'll get my fat butt back to Weight Watchers and do it the smart way.
Anonymous in LA
posted 13-Oct-2008 11:47am

To aspickles: The source is fenme2008 and the posts from them start on 05/03/08. The prices, payment methods, and shipping have since changed, though.

To Anonymous in SF: Maybe their internet is down again? But I know how you feel. I'm sure there is a reason. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Since 9/4, I've lost 10 lbs. and it appeared to be around my hips bec I noticed the other day that my jeans were fitting loosely around the hips. I measured this morning and, sure enough, I've lost an inch. That's mainly where it all goes anyway, mid-section and hips- exactly where you don't want it to go! So, I just want to lose another 10-12 lbs. I'll keep you posted and when I've reached the goal, I'll post my "stats" !

To Winternitebreeze@aol: The only side effects I've had are the dry mouth (that nasty taste) - drink lots of water. I haven't had any effect on my mood; the phen does suppress my appetite but I don't have problems eating when I'm hungry, I just eat much smaller portions. But I know that others have had more than just the dry mouth. Drugs affect people in different ways so if you've stopped, it will eventually leave your system.
Anonymous in LA
posted 13-Oct-2008 11:49am

To Winternitebreeze@aol: Sorry, didn't get to finish my response. Any more severe side effects than that (chest pain, etc.) you really should see your doctor right away. Also check out the phenterminedotcom site for all side effects, contraindications, etc. Good luck, I hope you feel better.
Anonymous in LA
posted 13-Oct-2008 11:53am

Wait a minute! What am I talking about?! I've lost 11 lbs. since 9/4! : )
S. Jones
posted 13-Oct-2008 12:05pm

To everyone along with Anonymous in LA I am a firm believer in the source as well because I have ordered a lot this year from them and I have lost a lot of weight with it. I got an email from them over the weekend that said they switched email sources as in going from a desktop to a pda and their email had not been working and they did not realize it so they went to have it fixed. That could be the problem if you recently ordered. I always get a responce within 24 hours and I to did not hear from them for the past few days but now I know why. As far as I can see all emails are going through now. I sent one this morning and got one back. They got the pda so they would be more attentive at all times to emails because they are not a big company so it is a one person operation. I can understand how one's personal life can get in the way of being able to answer emails when life gets you tied up. But with the pda they can have it with them and respond much faster each day/everyday. (I ask alot of questions and that is a question I have asked before) And I don't know where you are located but I still have the info sheet and all shipping is within 10 business days. I wasn't sure if you had looked back or not. So if you pay on lets say Monday today the 13th then you would recieve it on 10/27.

I'm sorry you will not be ordering again, but I wanted to put my positive post in about the source because I truly love them.

Hope I may have helped answer any questions you may have or at least the ones I know the answers to. And good luck with everyone's weight loss. And to Debbie: I am also going to stock up as well since so many are finding out about the source.
Anonymous in LA
posted 13-Oct-2008 6:21pm

The first time I ordered, it took a little longer to receive bec what I wanted wasn't in stock and their internet had gone down due to the hurricanes. By the time it came back up, I told them I just wanted the tablets as I did not want to wait for the capsules. So, I had ordered on 8/20 and received on 9/4. The second time I ordered, I got them in about a week. I mailed payment on a Tuesday, they confirmed receipt Saturday, shipped Monday, and I had on that Thursday. Very fast!
posted 13-Oct-2008 7:11pm

To Anonymous in LA: I appreciate your reply. Yes, I have a doctor's appt this week. I was hoping that by now it would be out of my system, but it isn't. I hope no one else had to deal with this situation. I read the list of side effects, dry mouh, bad taste, etc. I have been going thru site after site and read that dry mouth is sometimes a precursor to loss of taste, but that it is ususally a tempoary problem, but for someone who rarely gets sick or has a medical complaint, it's just a big pain in the butt. My mood isn't affected directly by the meds, but it more because I'm so hungry and can't eat and frustrated. Thanks again and I'm so glad this site is here to share concerns. hot and muggy regards from south Florida.
Anonymous in SF
posted 17-Oct-2008 10:56pm

TO ANONYMOUS IN LA: HI again. You must have been lucky with fenme. She has told me several lies, and doesn't bother to explain them. She does not provide a tracking number, as she states. The number is a Confirmation only confirms delivery. The usps says she shouldn't be telling customers that. They take the abusive phone calls from customers wanting to know why the 'tracking' numbers don't work. She told me that she mailed mine last Saturday, Priority Mail, and gave me a 'tracking' number. Today, Friday, I called the usps to put a tracer on the package. Guess what? She mailed it First-class, not Priority, as she had said. Using WU is NOT the most dubious part of this whole transaction...dealing with the lies is.
Been waiting for an update on your progress. Hope all is well.
posted 18-Oct-2008 12:54am

To Anonymous in LA and others. Went to the doctor today and he is perplexed why I have lost all sense of taste. He asked me a battery of questions and checked me heck to toe, blood pressure is great, nothing seems to be screaming out as a source. Took blood and gave urine and now waiting to see if anything strange is going on regarding the phentermine HCL. I went off of it 2 weeks ago when I saw what was happening. I had hot and sour soup today and it tasted like bland hot water. I can't wait to get results. I have lost almost 20 lbs, but what a way to do it.
posted 18-Oct-2008 2:16am

I just found this site and it's great! I bought supposably real Phentermine HCL(37.5)about 2 months ago from a place online called "Frontier Pharmacies Inc".They actually have a real address and phone number. I called and talked to them when I ordered the pills.I haven't ordered any more yet, so I'm not sure if they're still around.But so far,the pills have been working great. I just wanted to see if anyone else had pills with the same letters/numbers on theirs.It's MP 273. They're oblong, white with blue specks,and scored in the middle.

posted 18-Oct-2008 1:20pm

Anyone who received a prescription for Phentermine 30mg capsule - can you please tell me what the alphanumeric marking is on the capsule?
posted 19-Oct-2008 3:51pm

just ordered from fenme2008 will let you all know what happens.

she's been really responsive via email up until now but we'll see what happens now that i actually sent the money.
maybe was a waste but have read good things (mostly) about her as a source.

i'll update when she says she'll ship, when(if) i receive, and how good the quality is.

if it's not a good experience, i'll let you all know ASAP!!!!!
Anonymous in LA
posted 19-Oct-2008 5:12pm

To Anonymous in SF: Mine were sent USPS First Class Mail both times. I received both orders within a few days of mailing time. Specifically, the first time was mailed 8/29 and received 9/4. The second time mailed 9/29 and received 10/2. Both were sent with delivery confirmation numbers. I think "tracking" and "delivery confirmation" are used interchangeably (right or wrong). Tracking is what UPS and DHL provide because the site actually tracks. Delivery confirmation confirms delivery BUT if you click on the icon that says "additional information" (something like that) it will give you tracking info, where the item originated, etc.

How about Debbie and NJ Gal? I know they had both ordered and received theirs.

As of this past Thursday, which marked 6 weeks for me, I've lost 12 lbs. And I've lost one inch around my hips. : )

To Winternitebreeze@aol: I hope you get your "tastebuds" back- but congratulations on the 20 lbs weight loss! At least it does not appear to be anything serious if your doctor found everything to be normal.

To Chrissy and Anonymous (10/18): There's a site called OPD247 that has a lot of good information as to fake pharmacies and imprints/markings. I previously took the blue/clear capsules but it was five years ago during a time when the fakes were not as prevalent and you could still get phen online at a reasonable price so I don't think anybody worried about imprints or fakes. I certainly didn't so I couldn't tell you what the imprint was or if it was 30 or 37.5 mg. But, both the OPD247 and phentermine official sites have a listing of imprints and markings- the OPD247 site has A LOT of them (go to the main site, then click on phentermine, then down towards the bottom you will see a link for imprints).

Unfortunately, Frontier is one of the pharmacies listed on there as a fake pharmacy. But, if you got your phen and they're working then that's great. Again, if it's a tablet, you can tell if it's real or not bec it will be BITTER to the taste (don't break/chew but just put on your tongue and taste it before swallowing with water) It's gross bitter which comes from the HCL. That site also warns that if it does not contain HCL, it will not work. That is why international versions of phen apparently don't work. There were some people on this site that reported MP273 were not that good but then again others said A 159 "sucked" but they're working great for me!

A friend of mine is taking the oblong blue ones with imprint 5030 but it's only been a week so too early to tell as to her progress (plus she didn't weigh herself to begin with!) but she said they were nasty bitter too. HCL is what makes it work. Can't test the capsules this way though. I think the best way to tell is if you feel it within 40 min to an hour. If you don't, then there's something not right. That's how I knew with the fakes I got from Allpillsrx back in August... thank goodness I got my refund. Those were like chalk and didn't do a thing. You should feel some degree of hyperactivity whether capsule or tablet.

Keep us posted...
Anonymous in LA
posted 19-Oct-2008 5:28pm

Hi again to Anonymous in SF: Another thing about USPS delivery confirmation- obviously, we all know to go to the USPS site but you have to give it 1-2 days to update. It's SLOW. And I think it depends on where it's being sent from. I sent for my 2nd order via well concealed cash from my mail shipping center. It was sent via delivery confirmation and it had an updated right away that night or the next day. When the source shipped my order and provided the delivery confirmation "tracking" number, it was 2 days before that post office updated. (See above post for my progress) Please let us know when you receive yours. If you she sent it last Sat, even if first class, you should've had it by mid week. Then again, mail can be so unpredictable. It's now been a week, have you received it? First class/priority should only take 2-3 days, 4 days at the most, even if you're on opposite coasts. I don't know what "rate" it is (third or fourth) but I do know that book rate/media mail takes 3 weeks.

Sometimes I think it's worthless but once it updates, it will tell you what city it originated out of, and from there, you can click on the additional info icon and that will tell you exact time stamp of when it left and where it left from. It's not great - it's definitely not UPS or Fed Ex or DHL but it's something... I'm sure if you asked, they could have it sent via UPS or Fed Ex which costs more to ship, but may have more reliable tracking for peace of mind. Don't do UPS Ground though- that's 5-7 days. SLOW!
Happy Girl
posted 20-Oct-2008 9:28am

I have been a customer of fenme since last year. I normally post in a different forum and I was just told about this one from one of my friends in my normal forum. I think their fantastic and not be rude but anyone who doesn't can go fly a kite. I have lost 50 pounds and have a new lease on life thanks to them. I live in California and I can actually clear up the whole post office issue because we have all tested this question. 5 of us ordered at the same time from them and all were sent out at the same time. Delivery confirmation is a tracking number in a sence because it says when the package was sent and as it hits different post offices it updates. So if it leaves the post office where it is sent it will not update until it hits the post office where it is going. But if it stops along the way it will update. It just depends on where you live as to how many stops the package makes. We tracked all of our progress and for me going to California I do not get any updates until it hits my post office here in CA. My number said the same thing for 3 days that it had been shipped on such and such a date and then all of a sudden it said it left my local post office in CA that morning and it came a few hours later. It does take forever sometimes to update. Website says it updates every night but sometimes it can take longer. Now the other 4 people 1 of them also had no stops from there to their state so they also had no updates until it hit their local post office. The others the package actually stopped at another post office along the way so it gave them that update as it went along.
And I also know that you cannot ship overnight to CA with usps. And I have called to verify. If you want overnight and its Monday the package won't get to CA like it would most places by 3pm on Tuesday. It won't get here until 3pm on Wednesday.

USPS is not like fedex when it comes to tracking/delivery confirmation. But again there is free shipping so I am pleased that we at least get delivery confirmation. If not we could just sit here and wonder.
I have never had any problems with any orders with them. Sometimes there may be a time or two where they don't reply within 5 minutes but they aren't a company, they are a normal person just like us so they do live a regular everyday life and I dont' think that is what people understand. Just think about how often you get to busy or wrapped up in your own life and might not be able to get to the post office or to check your emails. Give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes and know that with this many people here and there and reading the positive results and only maybe 1 or 2 that I have seen negative ones that the negative ones may not be all that true. Here I've only read 2 and 1 is from someone who didn't even order when they left the comment. And the negative comments aren't even about how bad the product is or that they took their money because they can't say that. The product is real and they don't take your money. They are comments about not replying to an email fast enough or shipping takes longer then predicted. Come on! Don't put them down because of that. Thats silly and petty.
For those of you like me who love fenme and are loyal customers I am glad there are others like me and can post positive after positve comment.
For others please don't ruin it for us.
I will post here more often now that I know about this forum. You all seem very nice and great to talk with.
posted 20-Oct-2008 12:28pm

Yes I got mine with no problem, once I sent the payment my order was shipped 4 or 5 days after that. On my new customer sheet I know it says 10 business days to deliver so that is what I go by. If it comes earlier great, if it take the whole 10 business days I don't complain because I know ahead of time.
And yes if you type in your delivery confirmation/tracking number and click on additional details you can get all the tracking info!!!!!!
Scott B
posted 20-Oct-2008 1:31pm

I sent an order to and we are well past the projected delivery date with nothing but excuses far. If anything ever shows up in the mail i will let you know.
Scott B
posted 20-Oct-2008 1:39pm

First of Anonymous in LA, thank you so much for all your posts. You give lots of useful info!
I just ordered from fenme last night. I'll keep everyone posted on my experience also. This is my first time ordering from him.I say him, only because the email I received said to sent the money to a Michael. So I'm guessing it's a guy. Just curious,does anyone know how long fenme has "been in business"?
Scott B
posted 20-Oct-2008 1:47pm

At this point believe that "Debbie" and a number of other posters here are probably under a fake name posting on this board to try and generate some more business before they change their name and email address again and scam some more people.

Fenme if you are out there reading just know that if i recieve my package i will post on here and tell everyone that i was mistaken and you are on the up and up.

Scott B
Anonymous Los Angeles
posted 20-Oct-2008 2:30pm

I have been taking Phentermine 37mg for 1 month. I went to a doctor after I gain 40 pounds with my child and he put me on a diet of 1000 calories a day, lots of veggies, low carb and a Whey shake for breakfast. Exercise 3-5 times a week (Haven't time for) he gave me 3 amino acids, multi-vitamin, I take half the phen upon waking and the second half an hour before lunch and I lost 12 pounds the first week and 2 days.
I have since dumped the second half (Only the morning,) do the whey shake once and awhile and really haven't started exercising much more than normal and I have totaled 20 in one month. I don't have jitters, I haven't had any sleep problems and I can have a cup of coffee without any extra effects.
This drug is catalyst for shrinking your stomach and dependence on food. The fast immediate results provides encouragement that you can do it. After 8 weeks you should be able to do it on your own.
GOOD LUCK! Remember, there are NO quick fixes. You need to change your life.
posted 20-Oct-2008 4:21pm

No I'm sorry I am me Debbie Calhoon. Good luck and I hope you do post when you receive your package so you can tell others as all of us "real" customers have about them being for real.
Anonymous in LA
posted 20-Oct-2008 5:07pm

To: Scott B, Debbie & Chrissy: Make no mistake, I'm a real person in Southern California whereas Fenme is in FL. I'm not a fake messageboard subscriber although I mentioned that as being a potential issue in one of my earlier posts when I, too, was almost certain that I had been scammed due to non-responses to emails.

I have no idea how long they've been in business; I stumbled on their May 2008 posts in mid-August while sitting at the airport surfing the internet on my laptop returning home from a wedding in SF. They may not be the best correspondents but, as far as I can tell, everyone is receiving their orders as promised. Other than the first time, when the hurricanes knocked out their internet for a week, they have been xlnt in responding to emails (within minutes).

If they were going to scam me, they would have taken my cash and run - bec I paid cash for my second order bec Alert Pay was no longer an option and I was not going to pay $20+ to wire thru WU or MG. May not have been the smartest thing to do but quite frankly, you can get scammed paying cash or online and bec they had delivered as promised before, I had no reason to believe otherwise the second time.

See my above posts. Mine start in late August 2008.

As for shipping, I've done enough selling and certainly enough buying on ebay since 1999 to tell you how long it takes to ship and receive, including one shipment I sent global priority (from So Cal) on a Friday and the buyer had it in Sidney, AUS the following Monday. I'm no expert and can only speak from personal experiences but... as far as our source here, Fenme is legit...

Good luck to everyone!
Scott B
posted 20-Oct-2008 5:17pm

As I said before if I ever recieve anything from I will let all know.
posted 20-Oct-2008 6:13pm

anyone know a place to get phentermine in birmingham al?
posted 21-Oct-2008 8:28am

I second that Anonymouse in LA!!! I just hate to see someone knock them down when their are such strong supporters out there like us.
Scott B
posted 21-Oct-2008 8:56am

So debbie i guess you think it is alright for fenme to have taken a couple of hundered dollars from me, jerk me around on email and not send me what i ordered?
Scott B
posted 21-Oct-2008 1:40pm

No I don't think that it is alright. I and the others on here just know by our own experiences and no one has ever said that they did not receive thier product before. I in no way want to start any sort of argument on this forum because thats not what it is for.
If it was me I would get to the bottom of it because as far as I can see on this forum and the other forum that they are mentioned in there is no reference to anyone not receiving their order, even people who said they just ordered in the past two weeks. I don't think that they have singled you out personally to not ship them to and that is why I think that there may be more to it.
Do you have a tracking number for your order? If you are in the U.S you should have a tracking number depending on when you ordered? If you are overseas maybe it just has not arrived yet.
Anonymous in WI
posted 23-Oct-2008 9:11am

Scott, anything new?
posted 23-Oct-2008 11:20am

fenme2008 said that she was shipping my order either yesterday or sunday, she is out of town from the 23-26th.
i will let you know if i hear or receive anything.
Anonymous in WI
posted 23-Oct-2008 3:45pm

Aliseana, I hope you get your order. I know someone who ordered from her some time ago,
and has gotten the same excuse and many more.
Anonymous in SF
posted 26-Oct-2008 12:41am

Hi Scott, Have you received your order yet? I'm sorry fenme's mindless cheerleaders don't get it. Even if and when you get your order, they think that her antics can be forgiven and you can and will get over it. They justify her evasiveness and lies the way junkies defend their dealers. She is given license to treat fat people with disdain and disrespect, and she does, because she can. I finally received my order, after 3 weeks of no communication, lies, and more lies. None of it was necessary for her to do. I asked her early on, to treat me as she would want to be treated in the same situation, which was followed by more silence from her end. If you don't get your order, I will help you. I am in contact with the USPS, which began when I was investigating one of her lies. Some of us actually care about you getting your order. Let us know. And to Debbie: either you are a brain-dead fan or you are her. What she provides is NOT a tracking number, it is a confirmation number, for her benefit. You can't track First-class. She uses First-class, which is what you use to mail a letter or a bill. Quite a difference from the Priority Mail she said that she uses. Educate yourself. Call the Postal Service.
posted 26-Oct-2008 9:04pm

To Anonymous in SF....who put a bee up your butt? Either take a deep breath and relax or take a Prozac.
posted 27-Oct-2008 2:32pm

Anonymous in SF. How exactly will you help us get our order if it is not delivered? I'm just curious because I don't see how you personally can do that? Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks a lot everyone
posted 27-Oct-2008 2:55pm

Well Anonymous in SF looks like you got what you wanted, no more source now. Please don't post in this forum anymore if you are going to be so rude to everyone else who has said NOTHING to offend you in any way shape or form.

I think that everyone in this forum will agree on that one.
Forum Queen
posted 27-Oct-2008 3:06pm

Hey there Anonymous in SF, I think you should get your crazy and might I add nutcase self out of this forum. I wanted to let you all in on a little secret that Anonymous in SF is hiding. I am from one of the other forums that Anonymous in SF posts in or (Beeber) as she is in the other forums. She is really Beeber from many and I mean many of the other forums that talk about what we are all looking for and she acts like a crazy lunatic in there to and she has gotten negative remarks, kicked out, and told to go take a crazy pill in many of them as well. Seems she is a real addict and stocks up on the crap from everywhere and anywhere she can and really goes from sweet to crazy&itch in 2 seconds in the forums like she's a drug addict who's out of drugs.

I think you need to leave this forum and quit whatever your beef is.

And to everyone else, yes I guess its time to say goodbye to the source thanks to Anonymous in SF.

Anonymous in SF: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your negativity that gave all of us who posted real comments, were real people who ordered, and who really liked the source. You made a mockery of us and I am assuming you who are other fat people around the world by your actions/words. I am glad you get such great satisfaction from this. Or Wait! Could it be that you like to put down other people as a self defense mechanism for you being a FAT TUB OF LARD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll go with the second one, now shut your big fat mouth and leave.
posted 27-Oct-2008 3:18pm

I think everyone in this forum needs to stop posting for a while and just talk about their experiences with the medication as in weight loss, how much weight they have lost etc. etc. We should be greatful that we had a real source for the past few months and move on now with positive posts.
posted 27-Oct-2008 5:38pm

I recieved a good product from fenme. It was is legit.
posted 27-Oct-2008 7:02pm

As did I. I don't know where or when I became the subject of bashing but it needs to stop. Just because I have posted positive feedback along with others in this forum does not make me a brain dead fan as stated above.
posted 27-Oct-2008 9:27pm

Forum Queen,
Calling someone a "crazy lunatic", an "addict", a "crazy&itch", a "FAT TUB OF LARD ASS", and then saying "shut your big fat mouth and leave", is not only very immature, it's counterproductive.

If someone has had a problem with a source, they should be able to freely talk about it without worrying about that sort of reply.

We rely on each persons experience when we make a decision to order.
posted 27-Oct-2008 9:34pm

Agree with statement but they should not be free to talk about others. And if you are going to address Forum Queen for name calling you should also address Anonymous in SF as well who also ran their mouth with name calling towards others that have nothing to do with the source and are just people posting feedback as well but it just happens to be positive feedback which SF doesn't like.
posted 27-Oct-2008 9:35pm

Forum Queen
Shoo! Before a house falls on you!!!!!!!!
posted 27-Oct-2008 9:48pm

I didn't perceive the same level of animosity or notice the foul language in Anonymous in SFs post, but I see what you mean.
Point taken.
Everyone should be more respectful.
posted 27-Oct-2008 9:54pm

so she sent me an email saying that my package had been taken to the post office yesterday and then when i sent her an email asking to confirm, i got the autoreply.

i sincerely hope that my order was shipped but i'm sad to say i don't think it looks good.

too bad.

will let you all know if it ever arrives.

posted 27-Oct-2008 10:08pm

All orders that were ordered before Saturday are ok. But as of today they are not accepting anything anymore. Their email address is no more but if you had an order with them they will email you like they did me and let you about this and let you know that you are ok. I freaked to but no worries.

I wish and hope that one day people will realize that with so many positive posts about a place or site and one or two negative and I mean really negative comments that don't even have anything to do with not receiving the product and not taking someone's money that others will realize that the accusations are false. IT is people like this that make the sources dissapear. I wish you would all just keep the sources to yourself because now we are all screwed and that makes me pretty angry.

This was the real thing and now it seems as if its gone.
posted 27-Oct-2008 10:23pm

Who the hell appointed her forum queen?
posted 27-Oct-2008 11:11pm

Forum Queen: name calling, ranting on and on. Sounds like you're the crazy nutcase. You make no sense. It's one thing to make wild allegations, yet another to substantiate any of them.
posted 27-Oct-2008 11:19pm

How can you blame someone who had a bad experience with a place for being the reason a place is gone?
All these places are shady and none of them last. The next place you find on your own ( yeah, right ) PLEASE keep it to yourself. Then maybe it won't "dissapear".
posted 27-Oct-2008 11:37pm

Forum Queen
Watch your language.

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