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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 27-Oct-2008 11:45pm

Beeber is the rational, informative one both here and on the other forum. Forum Queen sounds just like one of the few angry, full of rage posters that tarnish the other forum.
posted 27-Oct-2008 11:58pm

The A-159s haven't been manufactured or available through pharmacies in months. Hard to figure out how this source got them. This alone raises a red flag. Yet any comments raising suspicion are considered negative. Get real!
posted 28-Oct-2008 12:56am

so much for free speech
posted 28-Oct-2008 7:37am

I emailed her last Thursday and received automated replies, one saying she would be out of town from the 23rd through the 26th. Then yesterday I got the order form. Had I not read the post by Anonymous in SF, I would have immediately ordered and been out the $150.00 plus. Interesting that
Femme said nothing about changing her email. I sent her one last night and it bounced right back.
Before receiving the order form, I thought it odd that for someone out of town frequently and whose business is 100% dependent on the internet, why wouldn't she have a laptop? We now know the reason.
The Source!
posted 28-Oct-2008 10:18am

This is a post by me the source, and you can email me to verify that this is me and I did post this since there is such disbelief over many posts.

Since so many of my regular customers emailed me and told me that I needed to come to this site to clear up the big mess in this forum I am here. I don't post in forums or even go to forums where info is listed becuase I feel everyone needs to feel comfortable posting their thoughts without the worry that the source is lurking around like in other forums or posting info to try to get people to order like mentioned above. But after reading this entire forum I feel that a huge clarification is needed because this is filled with not just opinions but false information.
First I want to say thank you to all of my customers who posted positive results and experiences with this source. I know a lot of you on a more one on one basis as far as talking and emailing and you are my recurring customers. I truly appreciate your positive feedback.
And now to address the major issues going on here.
1. Saying or posting that someone has not received their order is false. There is not a single person minus 2 that has not received their order and if you hear otherwise it is not true. One person who lives overseas and did not get their package because they were previously warned by customs not to try to pass anything through customs again but they did so anyway in ordering with me so customs took their package. This was not my fault since I was not aware of the fact and there was no hard feelings from them becuase of the reasoning behind the issue. Two there is someone right now that has a package going back and forth that we on both ends are trying to personally pick up becuase I was given the wrong shipping address so it keeps traveling between my state and their state, so that one is still in limbo. But other then that there is not a single solitary person who has not received their order.
2. AF's postings. This is a big one that needs clarification because it seems that when they posted this the forum went haywire and there wasn't any call for it. As a proffessional I will not post personal information that was passed between the two of us but all in all the first email inquiry was received on Oct.6th, then their order was paid for on Oct 7th, their order was mailed out on October 12th (which is a Sunday)and their delivery conf.# was emailed to them, and they recieved their order on Oct. 18th at 1:05pm. Their order had to go across the entire U.S since we are on opposite ends of the U.S. Also stating that I said that I would send it priority is false. I keep every email that comes into my inbox and I keep all messages that I send for this reason. This way I can go back if needed. And in going back I have read every email from the two of us and I never stated and would never state that I would send their order priority. Now if you look at the dates you will see that the 3 week period that they stated in their post is absolutely false. It was not believed that anything was actually being sent to them and I let them know that I would refund their purchase if they felt that strongly as long as when they received the package they returned it unopened and I did not hear anything back from them regarding that. As far as where bridges got burned I am unsure, but I truly hope that maybe that bridge can be put back together in some way shape or form as I also let them know. In going over all of the conversations I think that there may have been some sort of communication error on either of our ends and I would love to clear this up. So AF if you read this please contact me, even if you do not wish to order again I would like to know where things went sour and work on reparing this if we can. =)
3. Emails. Many of you have said that I dissapear or do not reply to emails. When someone sends an inquiry to order I send them a new customer information sheet. On this sheet it states that once you make your payment you will receive your order in approximately 10 business days and you will receive your tracking/delivery conformation number once it has been shipped. When someone pays for their order I send them an email and let them know I got the payment and I will email them again when their order is shipped. Now for those that write 2 or 3 emails a day asking me about their order it is their perogative to do so but I clearly stated that I would reply again when their order was shipped with the #. When they write all these emails and I do not give a 5 minute or 24 hour responce then they panic when there is no need to. I clearly state every single aspect about everything up front and do not hide or cover up anything. If I was to tired to get on the computer to check emails then I say it, if I am working (yes I have a full time job) then I let you know I am at work and cannot get to the post office. I am an everyday person just like all of you. I am not a big bussiness or company and I have a family, friends, and regular errands like grocery shopping other day to day life activities that I do each day. So I think that it can be well understood if there is a day that goes by when I just could not get on the computer.
But that also leads into the next issue which is the emails and things that have occured in the past few months.
There has been 3 instances over the past few months where there was about 48 to 72 hours where there were no emails going back and forth. One was when the hurricanes hit a few months ago. Since I am in that state that sticks out of the U.S like a big neon sign that says hit me yes, there are many times that email access is gone because of the weather and hurricanes. You just have to take it with a grain of salt when a hurricane hits and how long it takes for the electric or cable company to fix the problems is not in my control. There was also a delay in emails when I switched from a desktop computer to a palm a few weeks ago. I have used a desktop computer forever but decided to make my replies quicker I would get a palm so unless I was sleeping I would be able to reply to everyone's emails within a few minutes instead of constantly finding a computer. This was a great thought except that when I got the palm phone the cell phone company did not configure my settings correctly and no emails were going out. I would get a select few emails that would come in during this week's time and even though I was sending numerous emails with information, package numbers, etc. etc. none of them were actually getting sent. I thought they were becuase I got no undeliverable mail and no error messages on my end but no one ever got my emails. When I finally got concerned was when a regular customer that I know should have replied did not I did a test and figured out there was a problem. Went back to the cell phone store and all was resolved. If anyone ordered or inquired during this time I sent a message explaining the situation that occured along with any information that was not sent to them in the lost emails.
And lastly the 23rd-26th which just occured. Yes although it would be great to have a laptop sadly I do not which is why I switched to the palm which is something I can actually take in my pocket or purse. There are many places that have signal and some places that do not and cruise ships going to the bahamas do not. I was able to reply to everyone's emails until I got to a certain point out in the ocean and then I did not get any emails again until I got off the coast of Florida on Sunday and they all showed up in my inbox and that is when I began replying again. I stated in my auto reply that "I may or may not have access to email" for just this reason because I did not know how the signal or access would do in the bahamas. There are some things that I feel are my own personal business so stating that I am on vacation I feel should suffice and I as a person should not have to state where I am going etc. regarding my personal life. I think you can all understand that.
4. is the product itself. Although the A159's are few and far between it is a true statement that they are not being produced any longer as of just a few months ago that does not mean that there is not a lot of them still out there. You will nto find them at any major pharmacies or clinics because they require such a large volume that they are unable to carry these any longer and have used what stock they have and have switched to other numbers. With not producing out such a large volume you are able and will be able to get the A159's now and for some time to come because this source works on such a small scale. So there should be no worries there. The customers who have posted in this forum do speak the truth in that they are real and do work.
***Now as far as emails go today, my email address will be turned back on. I turned it off yesterday because I was being flooded with emails from my regular customers about this site and what was being said and I wanted to come here to reply personally and set the record straight and from this if anyone wants to order then they may do so. If not that is completely fine as well.I am just here to help anyone that would like the help with their weight loss.
I am not one to throw stones because as many of my regular's know I used to take this myself a few years ago. I was 240 pounds and I was taking it for almost a year at which point I dropped down to 180 and so far I have been able to maintain that weight even though I go up or down a few pounds each day (I'm an everyday weigher) I don't think that some people can get out of that habit once you have lost the weight. But I am not one to treat anyone with disrespect over this issue or this product becuase I was a user. Last year I was able to have the opportunity to offer this to others and I am not doing so for profit as others are becuase trust me the profit each order isn't even enough for a few gallons of gas. Even though its hard to believe I do this because I want others to feel what I felt and do feel each day when they lose weight and acheive their goal. I am a very kind hearted person and I enjoy talking with people who order on a personal basis and get overjoyed when they send me emails saying they lost 5, 10, even 35 pounds as someone has and thank me from the bottom of their heart. That is the satisfaction I get and why I like being a small private provider because I get to know and meet and talk to everyone on a more personal basis and people are not just a name and order or money in my pocket like everyone else. In my eyes it is Quality over Quantity and I would rather provide 2 people something each month and hear how they are losing weight then supply 200 people a month with something and just have them be another paycheck like the other sources are. I know who each one of my regulars are and we talk and chat about life and weight loss and whatever is on our minds that day.
I hope this may clear a lot of possible accusations and misunderstandings up and things can go on positively from here. I would like to be around for everyone for some time to come to help them acheive their weight loss goal without dissapearing like the others. I have made many friends and hope to make more as time goes by. So please if you have any questions or want to know about a statement or what someone means when they have said something on any forum please email me or talk to me directly and I will tell you (without exposing the person's personal information) what they mean or the explanation behind it. I'm sure that all of you would not want false rumors being spread by anyone about you and I feel the same way. I will at no point hide anything and if there is something that I am in the wrong about then I will tell you or say it because like I said I am a regular person and regular people sometimes make mistakes and I own up to all of my mistakes if I make them. I am a genuine person and not like the rest of the sources and I hope that you can see that now after writing this.

FROM HERE-There will definately be a change in payment options, order procedures, as well as shipping. As far as how things will go from here on out as far as continuing services that is still being discussed and decided. As far as payment procedures that will change first, At no point in time was any personal information given out to protect this source so if something were to happen like what happened to other sources and a rescent well known source we are protected. The persons/people that accepted payments had no connection to the source for our protection and the address's used for all orders and shipping were all John Doe's as well. I would hope that no one would do or say anything to possibly disban a source that has such continued positive service but you never know these days. It just needs to be reminded and thought that you come to these types of forums for places and sources for a reason and know that it is not something that you or I personally if I was where I was two years ago are supposed to be getting. So please think about that and remember that and treat this opportunity with respect and hopefully feel good about being given the opportunity to use this for your benefit because there are many regular's, maybe even yourself who benefit from this source.

All in all I hope that this has cleared a lot of the confusion and speculation and even the positive posts up. I can tell from different names used to post who a lot of you are when you post the positive feedback so they are indeed real people and real posts folks.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. And as always I hope everyone continues with their weight loss and acheives their weight loss goal.

posted 28-Oct-2008 12:08pm

To The Source: hmmmmm, hurricanes? Aren't you in Sunnyvale California?
The Source!
posted 28-Oct-2008 12:32pm

No I am not I am smack dab in the middle of Florida and live about 20 minutes from Disney World. This is why I am glad that so many of your contacted me so I can clear up all of this confusion and the rumors flying around. From reading everything it seems to be like the telephone game that we all played when we were younger where you start off telling one person something and then by the time it reaches the last person you have something completely different then when you started Ha Ha Ha =)
Please feel free to email me with any questions about anything you have heard or read if you would like. I am going to check this forum one more time this afternoon to see if anyone has posted any other questions and then I will not be viewing or commenting in here any longer so it can go back to being just for customers viewing/posting like before.
posted 28-Oct-2008 4:31pm

i am expecting my order (according to the source) on thursday!

will let you all know when it arrives.
The Source!
posted 28-Oct-2008 4:53pm

I don't see anymore questions or concerns right now on my last visit here, so if anymore occur please feel free to email me directly rather then asking or posting to me in here. Because this is my last and final post in this forum.
Thank you to everyone who has previously posted and who has emailed me in the past two days with such positive and uplifting emails and comments. A lot of you have become very good friends.
I look foward to being here for all of you as well as any new "Cookie Monsters" that come along. =)

posted 28-Oct-2008 8:47pm

Good idea Source. You need to keep a low profile. You ain't sellin' tupperware, honey!
posted 28-Oct-2008 8:52pm

posted 28-Oct-2008 9:02pm

Yup! She's the Mother Theresa of phen. She's doing it out of the goodness of her heart and empathy for fatsos, making just enough money to put gas in her car.
posted 29-Oct-2008 9:51am

Hey, what happen to the Forum Queen aka Topix Mutant?
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:03am

forum queen is "tina from SF" the topix mutant
posted 29-Oct-2008 7:58pm

Yikes....what happened to this forum? It used to be very informative. Now it's all mud-slinging. I'm really disappointed. Well, in hopes to stay on topic, I am the lady in Florida who lost 18 lbs, but also lost sense of taste. Purchased Phen HCL at my doctor's office, white with the blue speckles, sarted with loss of appetite, got full quickly, dry mouth.....all that was expected,,,then it went to everything tasting way toooo salty, then loss of taste completely. Husband lost 10 lbs and is now experiencing the saltiness and hard to pee at times. He had a full physical and doc said the pee thing is commonplace due to the dryness-effect, but my loss of taste is still perplexing. Doctor took blood twice, nothing is showing up. Been a month now since I've been off the pills completely and still a problem, plus I am still feeling the affects with loss of appetite. if anyone is having similar side affects, please post or contact me directly at this email sn at thanks nd please stop the name calling and get back to why this forum is inform, share information and be supportive. I'm not Mary Poppings,,,,I'm a law enforcement officer....there's enuf crap out there to worry about, not who said this and that regardng diet pills, for crying out loud. and with that, have a pleasant evening.
posted 29-Oct-2008 9:37pm

Amen to that!
posted 30-Oct-2008 12:04am

You can't control what people say.
I know being a "law enforcement officer" makes you think you can,
but it's a forum, and occasionally people will say things that are not appreciated.
Ignore it!

About your loss of taste----you should get a computerized axial tomographic scan, better known as a CT scan or CAT scan.
posted 30-Oct-2008 8:44am

to Winternitebreeze
I don't mean to imply you're old but the aging process can affect sense of taste and smell. Anxiety can also be a factor in some people. Since you've been off the pills for a month I don't think they are the cause. I'm not a doctor or in the medical field, however, my experience with this problem may offer you some reassurance. I,too, had been taking medication to lose weight. Several years ago, planning my daughter's big wedding caused me a great deal of stress resulting in insomnia,loss of appetite, smell and taste. A few of those symptoms are part of the stress syndrome. After the wedding when things got back to normal, so to the sleeping and eating, but the smell and taste didn't. Two "smells" I often had, (hard to describe) was that of plastic found in a shower curtain and an unpleasant burning smell. These odors would come and go. About 6 months later they disappeared and my taste and appetite returned. Additionally, blood work and imaging didn't reveal anything wrong. If you're feeling well, you shouldn't worry. I know easily said.
posted 30-Oct-2008 4:05pm

Has anyone ordered from Femme this week?
posted 30-Oct-2008 6:54pm

It's Thursday night so you should have received your order. Did you?
posted 1-Nov-2008 2:20am

I ordered from Fenme2008 on Oct 21st.When she returned from her vacation,she emailed me with the USPS "tracking" number on the day she shipped the pills, which was the 29th. I recieved them today (31st). It took only two days from Florida to California! I had nothing but the best experience with this person and will definiately order from her again!
posted 3-Nov-2008 5:20am

ive been off and on duromine 30mg for about a year the first week i lost 6kg in the first month i lost 13kg i found it very good apart from not being able to sleep and being moody at my family which is horrible since not taking duromine my weight has came all back on and it didnt teach me good eating habits
posted 4-Nov-2008 12:17pm

hey all, i did get my order! it took a little longer than i thought but that was the postal service's fault, as it arrived in my state on thursday but for some reason took until yesterday to arrive.

they are the real deal.

i'll keep you posted on my weight loss but fenme2008 does have authentic product and has been really responsive to any concerns or questions i have had while waiting for my order to arrive.

i'll totally order from her again as well!!!
posted 8-Nov-2008 11:48am

I think she sucks, and her product is old.
posted 8-Nov-2008 11:53am

and weak! and overpriced!
posted 8-Nov-2008 3:28pm

If you send an email to her, it will bounce right back.
posted 9-Nov-2008 6:36pm

Is this place the website for fenme and the a159 tabs? How do i get them because they are my faves.
posted 10-Nov-2008 8:18am

Here we go again with the crap postings. I thought we were all over this and mature enough to stop posting these false rumors about that source. Although it can be "opinion" that they are weak and overpriced, I think we can all attest that they are not and in not being weak that means they are not old. And the emails don't bounce back either. I thought this had all stopped.
posted 10-Nov-2008 12:12pm

Oh don't worry, just ignore them. Every forum you go to always has one or two that post things to try to make other people get turned off to direct them somewhere else. I am glad that I am not the only one that stands strong against their negativity. Can't we all just get along lol. At least right now I mean the holidays are coming around and all. Now is the time we need to all band together and support and help one another through this time of tempting food and treats. We need to stick with our "Cookies" and make it to 09 with a great Cookie Baker. (yes I know I'm code word happy today) lol
posted 10-Nov-2008 12:20pm

I think I might be the only guy here although I could be wrong. I heard one of my co workers in the break room mentioning the pill she used to lose weight and I asked her to give me the info on ordering it from fenme. After that I was let go from my job and I sat on the couch most of the day for a few weeks until I started a new job that would have me moving all day. I started taking these when I started my new job which was on 9/29/08 at 280 and yesterday I am at 262. Now I know why I see and hear so many women wanting these. They are one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth compared to my old love for pizza. If any guys come across this they do work for both men to not just women.
posted 10-Nov-2008 1:00pm

I am taking Adipex and I know several people who have taken it. My friend took it and lost at least fourty pounds in three months. She did that with no diet and exercise. She looked good too.
I do exercise and my doctor has put me on a 1200 calorie diet. I am working out for 30 minutes each day, and I drink plenty of water. My advice for the people who are really trying to lose the weight and keep it off, work out, cut your calorie intake and drink water. Don't cheat on the diet and don't expect this pill to be the answer to your prayers. It does not work like that.
Adipex is a "helper" to your diet and exercise regimen. No diet will work if eating right and exercising is not included in it. You have to be dedicated to it and do what you know you have to do to keep the weight off.
As I said my friend has gotten the weight off but she did not exercise so she may gain the weight back and then some. Another friend of mine is taking it and she is doing the same thing. She is not cutting back on her eating, she's not exercising. My doctor sat down with me and she told me how many calories it takes to maintain my beginning weight before the diet was started. She also told me what how many calories I would need to consume to get the weight off, which was the 1200 calories. Nothing is easy so before starting this diet please be willing to do what it takes to get it off and keep it off. I have only been dieting for two days and I am already down two pounds. Thats because I am being dedicated to getting this weight off and for good.
posted 10-Nov-2008 4:57pm

Yes that really is the key is diet and excersise and you don't have to do much but you do have to do something, it can be small baby steps in cutting down on food or parking further from the store to walk a few more parking spaces. I have seen people lose weight with Phentermine without changing a thing they say but in all actuality they do change something. They change how much they eat because their really not all that hungry so they eat less and they change how active they are because it makes them want to do more whether its cleaning the house or walking around the mall. If anyone has taken it they know it gives you the go go go gadget feature. She still drank soda and still ate fast food but I'll be darned if she didn't drop down 20 pounds or so over a six month period. All Hale Phentermine!
posted 11-Nov-2008 2:56am

Did you bother to read your post before you posted? You sound like you are taking too much of that stuff. Oh, the word is 'hail', as in, maybe you should find something more profound to 'hail'.
Tasha From Mississippi
posted 11-Nov-2008 5:47pm

I would like to know of some where that I can get LEGIT Adipex or the prefered generic equivilent. I'm tired of being fat and I have yet to find a doctor in Mississippi that will write a prescription for the stuff. I have a website, if anyone want to know it, where you can buy amfepramone, A-159 and duromine, but they want you to pay thru western union and I just don't like paying for things like that... and besides, I don't really know that much information on none of the three... If anyone want the website or can give me any insight on which of these would be best or can give me a sight that sells Adiped or generic (without me having to sell my heart and liver to buy them) then please let me know... I'M DESPERATE! my e-mail address is Thank you all in advance and good luck with you getting that good body as well!
posted 12-Nov-2008 11:03am

Hey Tasha,
I don't know if you emailed the source from here or not but you can get all of those from there, Phen or Duromine, even the Amfepramone. I also get pain medication from them to and they take
Tasha From Mississippi
posted 13-Nov-2008 8:34am

posted 13-Nov-2008 9:15am

Hi Tashi, not sure if you meant me (anonymous from above, found out how to register) and yes from that source. I take the Phentermine 37.5's and pay with but I also get pain pills as well. Hope this helps.
posted 13-Nov-2008 11:21am

Oh goodness I'm so sorry I spelled your name wrong. Please forgive me Tasha
posted 14-Nov-2008 12:42pm

Hi Source
Now that the price of gas has gone down, you must be making money hand over fist!
Good for you.
posted 14-Nov-2008 12:47pm

Yeah, and too bad for the people who aren't happy with her
posted 14-Nov-2008 12:53pm

Don't worry. Her "cheerleaders" ( probably her) will step in and reprimand you for writing anything negative.
posted 14-Nov-2008 12:59pm

All Hail (Hale? duh!) the Drug Dealer.
Macy from PA
posted 14-Nov-2008 4:47pm

Why can't we all just post about what this forum is about now, and get back to how it should be in here talking about the medication and results. Not about sources and not about other people for what postive or negative comments they leave, and not about spelling or typo errors. If someone likes the source then great, if they don't then great. But from going back a few posts this has gone on long enough. One of the reasons that many of us come here is because this forum wasn't filled with all the negativity and complaining and name calling that other forums had, and now this is just like any other.
If someone wants to order from somewhere then let them, and if they post positive comments about it how does it ruin your life if they do? I agree with the comment above that just says ignore it! That is what we are all trying to do now because this has turned into whining about anything and everything.
I am just like any other "cheerleader" as you call us because I have ordered from the above source as well. But I have not posted anything about it. Yes it is real and yes I have lost weight and thats all I'm going to say about it. Bottom line is that is all people want to know is if the product is real and if it does what it is supposed to do. And I even took mine to a pharmacy to verify it. And yes it is real.
Most of us are here to find what the doctor will not give to us and we should remember that. If we personally make the decision to pay for these then it is our choice. If you hate so much that there is a profit being made by them if their making one then don't order from them. Plain and simple right?
I wish this forum had been different but from what it seems after I hit the submit comment and post this, I'm sure that my post will become the next round for all of you to pick apart.

I would recomend as an outsider that has not been in this forum for to long for all the newcomers to ignore the negative comments. The "cheerleader" haters, (sorry but the shoe fits) talk to all of us like we aren't real people. If I was fake like Barbie then I wouldn't be here getting the Phentermine to lose weight.I would be skinny and ride down Malibu lane in my Pink Corvette.
I am a real person who is posting a real comment, who is not one of the "cheerleaders" you refer to but will post the truth.
posted 14-Nov-2008 4:58pm

Hilarious! I think the reason they started calling them cheerleaders is because growing up that is the group of girls they hated the most because the cheerleaders were thin and they themselves were fat. I think they are still going through the same drama. We are all losing weight by taking the medication from the source they try to bash, and they are jealous becuase their still not losing weight like us.

I'm ready to say goodbye to this forum to. It is rediculous to be here when its true that all you are doing is whining about gas and spelling errors and not even about Phentermine.
And not one of you has said that the product from the source is not real. You have a lot to mouth off about but it all has to do with someone else and not the fact that its fake or a rip off.

That is the funniest part about it. Although now just like all the cheerleaders will post positiveness. I'm sure all you haters will start posting comments about it being fake since I said it two sentences ago. Or maybe you won't since I've stated this out loud and it won't be as believable now.

Bye all. And I hope you all lose a ton of weight in the future.
posted 15-Nov-2008 1:57pm

100% agree. back to positive encouragement to one another.
posted 16-Nov-2008 1:29pm

former H.S.cheerleader
posted 16-Nov-2008 1:33pm

Fat women disgust me!
posted 16-Nov-2008 2:11pm

I encourage you all to STOP eating things that you KNOW you shouldn't eat.
STOP wasting your money on a pill. It's a temporary solution at best. A costly temporary solution. When you stop taking these pills the weight will come back!
Take control of yourselves and your eating habits once and for all.
posted 16-Nov-2008 2:53pm

Hey Miss Hilarious!
Whining ??? Look who's talking.
How would you know who is losing weight and who isn't?
Don't be "rediculous" ! Bye!
posted 17-Nov-2008 12:29pm

Macy the Cheerleader, no one said anything about fake drugs, but you seem to omit that the source's activity is against the law. By ordering from the source, you are also breaking the law. What would you tell your kids when your ass gets thrown into the can?
Anonymous AZ
posted 17-Nov-2008 11:38pm

does any knw a real doctor that can prescribe phentermine 37.5 to me?
in Canada
posted 19-Nov-2008 2:14am

I'm looking to purchase Duromine 30mg. I live in Vancouver Canada.
Does anyone have the e-mail address for "The Source" who posted on here?
my e-mail address is heart1976 at hotmail dot com

posted 19-Nov-2008 5:20am

how do we contact the cookie lady?
posted 19-Nov-2008 9:15am

Look at the post from May 3, 2008 from Duromine/Phentermine and it gives the source contact info.
posted 19-Nov-2008 11:10am

jeez people, why so upset?

this is the real stuff, and as far as i'm concerned was worth both the cost and the wait to get it.

i'm not having any major side effects other than a slight bit of insomnia, which i have anyway, so it's not a major problem.

i'm down 10 lbs. since november 5th, which i'm pretty happy with!

especially since i only had 15 to lose to get to a comfortable weight for me, and 20 if i want to be "thin".

so i'm hoping to lose the last 5 before i go see my family for thanksgiving, maintain while i'm there (which might be difficult seeing as how it's a freakin' food fest) and then get the last 5 off by the end of the year.

good luck to all of you.
posted 19-Nov-2008 12:10pm

I have some questions???...freaking out about
posted 19-Nov-2008 2:54pm

Freaking out about Thanksgiving???
Why GORGE yourselves just because there's some extra food on the table?
Why psyche yourselves out, weeks in advance, about this holiday?
It's almost like you're giving yourselves a pass to be pigs.
Think before you eat!
Take a moment, before you reach for more gravy and potatoes, and ask yourself if it's worth it.
Think of the self loathing you will experience when you're done.
The only reason you don't eat sensibly on that day, or any other, is because you CHOOSE not to.
When those pies and cookies are passed around you can say, "No thank you", but you CHOOSE not to.
Make up your minds, once and for all, that you want to be thin, and start making the right choices.
posted 19-Nov-2008 6:19pm

Cookie lady?? are you serious? grow up.
You are talking about drug dealers here.
Please don't abuse such a fine word as "cookie"
posted 20-Nov-2008 8:29am

I think thats great Aliseana. Way to go!
If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all to the others in here. Why are you here when all you are doing is being negative towards everyone? This is never going to stop is it. I think everyone should completely stop posting in here so the "negatives" will not have anything to feed off of.
posted 21-Nov-2008 1:08pm

Feed off of? hahaha
I agree.
Stop advertising, you whore.
posted 21-Nov-2008 1:54pm

Dr Dean Edell would agree with you 100%, anonymus.
posted 23-Nov-2008 3:26pm

Thank you for agreeing.

And to the rest of you who keep hoping this pill is the answer, think about it.
Do you want to take it for the rest of your life? Can you afford it?
Did you know as soon as you stop taking it the weight will come back?

Stop making excuses.
Stop lying to yourselves.
If you are STILL fat after many years of "dieting", then you WANT to be fat.

Stop hiding behind your fat.

Your fat doesn't protect you.

Your fat keeps you down.

It's always kept you down.

It's kept you from enjoying SO MANY THINGS.

It's made you hate yourself.

If you REALLY want to be thin, YOU'LL BE THIN.
It's up to you. TAKE CONTROL.
It will change your life.
Don't be afraid of change.
Everything will change for the better.

posted 25-Nov-2008 1:50pm

I can't help myself. I'm an out of control pig. I need to take pills in order to lose weight. There is only one problem.
These pills don't work.
You've been fooled into thinking they work.
They're fakes.
posted 26-Nov-2008 2:43pm

They're crap. No energy. No appetite control. I should have spent the money on Christmas presents for my children.
posted 26-Nov-2008 4:58pm

Thanks for ruining the great forum we had. Now its just full of what you are all full of..... CRAP!
posted 26-Nov-2008 9:13pm

Placebo anyone?
posted 28-Nov-2008 3:04pm

This was never a great forum.
It was a place where desperate people were fooled into purchasing pills that don't work.
Sorry, I know the truth hurts.
posted 29-Nov-2008 1:13pm

How much weight can you lose in a month on these pills? Would it be possible to lose 10-15 pounds in a month? I want to lose it by New Years Eve for a party.
posted 2-Dec-2008 2:08am

Yes if you take them everyday. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and you won't want to eat. You should easily lose 10 pounds in a month.
posted 2-Dec-2008 10:45am

I take mine at 8am when I leave for work and I take another one around 10 or 10.30. I don't eat breakfast so my first meal is lunch where I am normally hungry but not starving. After that I don't even get hungry for dinner or at all for that matter until around 7/8pm. I think they work great. I've been taking them for a few months now and I've noticed that I can't even eat very much if I wanted to. You can eat a little bit and be satisfied and if you try to over do it then you feel sick and very very stuffed and you end up stopping yourself.
I think that if you take them for a period of time and you do start eating differently and smaller portions then your body gets trained to that and you never really overeat because your stomach has shrunk in a way. Lovely pill!
posted 2-Dec-2008 2:18pm

Thanks! I just ordered them and I'm so excited. I've already started to diet on my own and I've lost 2 1/2 pounds since Friday.
I bought some Hydroxycut to hold me over until they come. It's not that good but it's helping. It's hard at night, but I keep the dress I have to fit into hung up on my closet door so I can see it all the time! lol!
posted 2-Dec-2008 6:02pm

I started with Phentermine 37.5mg didnt work at all.Next my Dr prescribed ionamin 30mg , Ive been on it for 12 days no effect except that Im really depressed from reading how great its been working for everyone else but me. Im 317lbs and my Dr is pushing for gastric bypass. am really scarde.Please tell me what Im doing wrong
posted 2-Dec-2008 10:27pm

Okay so should I order from Fenme2008 or from this YGuy? Are they both good sources? Will I get my product? Someone help me please?!
posted 3-Dec-2008 2:40pm

I have not ordered from the YGuy so I cannot give any opinion on them but Fenme is ligit. I've ordered 3 times so far with no problems and I know if you read above you will see that a lot of other people have as well and like them.
posted 3-Dec-2008 5:43pm

I am currently on the duromine 30mg and I have not got a appetite what so ever, which is great, i eat still because i know i should, i just make sure my choices are healthy ones, although i'm not getting the feeling of being on speed like others get? i just feel normal.
posted 3-Dec-2008 8:43pm

posted 3-Dec-2008 10:53pm

Yguy is legitimate. He's been around for a while and a lot of people use him. I haven't tried fenme yet but it's good to know it's out there.
posted 3-Dec-2008 11:11pm

Can you tell me whator who is Yguy?
posted 4-Dec-2008 3:50pm

posted 5-Dec-2008 2:10am

anyone know of the other dr that is close to the on in south shore ky that prescribes adipex?
posted 5-Dec-2008 10:32am

Thank you so much for saying that Precise, it is so true. That is one of the problems in here. Two people can be taking the same thing from the same source and one person loses weight and maybe the other doesn't or loses less weight. Unless you are the same weight, eat the exact same food/drinks each day and have the same chemical makeup right down to the same blood type then I'm sorry but we are all not the same. The pill may not work for everyone but it doesn't mean that they are fake.
posted 5-Dec-2008 5:14pm

posted 5-Dec-2008 5:41pm

seriously, this is pitiful.
i'm not going to bother reading this board anymore.
good luck all you dieters, and for the haters, i hope your metabolism slows down and you gain 50 lbs and come back here looking for help.
posted 5-Dec-2008 7:52pm

I have a question I am taking FemHrt Menopause pills and I started taking Adipex prescription ones from the doctor. Last week I started experiencing Burning in my vaginal area and frequent urination it feels like a Bladder Infection. So I called the Doctor and ask her had anyone else complained of bladder infections and she said no, But I went off of them for the Thanksgiving holidays and did not have the burning sensation. I started back on them this Past Monday Dec. 4th and I am burning and feeling uncomfortable down there again, but i was not drinking a lot of water and i don't have dry mouth. I Googled it and some people on there said they have gotten bladder infections so has any of you guys in this forum taking them had this problem. I asked her do she think that it is from mixing the Menopause pills with this diet pill. So if anyone is expriencing this please let me know I am going to have to stop taking them. I have already lost 12 pounds have been on them 2 1/2 weeks.
posted 6-Dec-2008 12:55am

I just got a prescription for Adipex-P 37.5 mg today from my doctor. I haven't filled it yet because I was hoping to get more information first. Can anyone respond with some GOOD news about this drug? I am hearing so many mixed things...
posted 7-Dec-2008 8:15am

Do i have to join to post here? Just found this site on my mobi and testing wat happens Lol grin
posted 7-Dec-2008 4:44pm

Hey sickofthis
Don't let the door hit your big fat ass on the way out!
posted 8-Dec-2008 1:49pm

Hi! Does anyone know if phen me can get stuff to australia?and how much it would be if so? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance grin
posted 8-Dec-2008 2:01pm

Send an email to and tell him that you want phentermine and give him your phone number. He'll call you back with the information you'll need to proceed.
posted 8-Dec-2008 2:24pm

Responding with GOOD news? You're lucky you got a prescription from a doctor! What the HELL are waiting for? Get that thing FILLED! Take it everyday, and in a couple of months you should be a couple of sizes smaller than you are now.
The BAD news>>>>>once you stop taking it you will have to have a lot of WILLPOWER.
Hopefully, being smaller than you were before, will give you that willpower. It did for me. I like being skinny waaay more than I like pigging out!
hoping it works
posted 8-Dec-2008 3:50pm

tried the fastin ad at the top of this page, I'll let everyone know how it goes. I took ephedra about 3 years ago and lost 30 lbs. I loved it. I have not gained any back, but would like to loose another 20. Hopefully the Fastin will work.
posted 12-Dec-2008 9:17am

None of that "fake" phentermine works.
The pills that this FENME person is pushing don't work either.
They pills marked with an A159 on them were pulled off the market last summer.
posted 13-Dec-2008 11:24am

I am selling the original phentermine! They are 37.5 milligrams and have the imprints A-159's . If you are interested please email me at
posted 15-Dec-2008 8:43am

A159's were not pulled off the market last summer. The recall that you are refering to was done by Actavis and it was only Phentermine that was being produced at 2 manufacturing plants out of the many that they have across the U.S. You can read this on the internet if you pull up the press release. Any Phentermine A159's that were not produced at those 2 facilities was still and is still out there floating around somewhere. My sister goes to a weight loss clinic in PA that still gives her A159's???????? How can she get them there if they are not around anymore. They are also not fake or weak in any way, she looks and feels better then she ever has shedding the weight she has from them.
posted 15-Dec-2008 9:06am

Anyone like myself who has ordered, and you can read through this site and see that there is more then just one of us with contact information to prove our individuality can tell you that they are far from fake and we have lost weight with them. I'm sorry but I just can't say that is a true statement when I take these everyday. I was worried about ordering when I read the negative postings but figured I would try them because I had read more positive then negative and I am really glad that I did because I love these and I still get the kick when I take them.
posted 15-Dec-2008 9:59am

Word of advise. Don't even worry over posting positive results or commenting back on the negative posts. I used to as well and you will just get jumped on and called a liar. Those of us who order know they work so just think of it this way, if people believe what they post about them being fake then its less people to order which means more for us when we do. =)
posted 15-Dec-2008 3:30pm

Alright, I think I am going to do it. I have been trying to decide for the last 2 weeks to order these, and I think I am going to do it. I am just so nervous and scared that it won't work! So are there any vitamins I should take while taking Phentermine?
posted 16-Dec-2008 9:03am

I would take either a multi or B12 I think it is, the one for anemia. Sometimes you can bruise easily on phen.
posted 16-Dec-2008 10:31am

can anyone give me a link to the real deal? i have already spent hundreds on fakes.
Thanks a bunch.
posted 16-Dec-2008 3:54pm

Where else are the A159s being manufactured? HUH???
What other cities/towns are their manufacturing plants located? HMMMM? DUH!!!

Whatever is still out there is either near or past their expiration dates.
But hey, keep telling yourself how great they are.

So, how much weight have you lost Anonymous?
And why are you still coming back here and reading?

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