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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 16-Dec-2008 4:03pm

Word of Advice =)
The people saying ignore the negative posts are the people selling this to all you chubby suckers.
Right, Anonymous? =)
posted 16-Dec-2008 4:13pm

Word of "advise" ?
You're so ignorant.
posted 17-Dec-2008 10:54pm

I bought some off this person a while ago and it was pretty good. The second time I got it it wasn't as good and it took over 3 weeks to get it. Did anybody else have a problem with refills?
posted 18-Dec-2008 10:21am

What does YGuy use for his payment options? I was going to order thru someone else and pay online using Mpayy but it won't let me add accounts. I don't want to pay with money order, since that would mean me leaving the house, and the weather here is BAD! Does anyone know what YGuy uses??
posted 18-Dec-2008 10:05pm

Put on your snow shoes cuz a money order is what he takes.
Don't fill in the "pay to" part until the delivery guy shows up with your order
posted 27-Dec-2008 4:36pm

anyone know where in daytona or port orange they offer diet programs that also offer these pill phen and b-12 shots?
posted 28-Dec-2008 6:10am

I am selling the original phentermine! They are 37.5 milligrams and have the imprints A-159's . If you are interested please email me at
posted 2-Jan-2009 12:10pm

Well I decided to take a chance with my extra paycheck at the begining of the month. Figured what the heck I'll try it. I went ahead and ordered from the "F" source listed above and they are legitimate. Took 8 days to receive by usps. I have only lost 7 pounds in the past two weeks which I am not sure is good or bad since its been a long time since I have taken this stuff (I havn't taken it in about two years or so) but I feel a huge burst of energy and quit perky after taking it. Since I only ordered 30 I will go back and order more now.
posted 3-Jan-2009 12:11pm

To the person that said that diet and exercise is all you need to lose weight, let me share my story. After the death of my sister, I fell into depression and developed a thyroid condition. Due to my thyroid condition I was unable to lose weight, I suffered from hair loss, dry flaky skin, mood swings, and extreme fatigue. All of this due to an underactive thyroid, the medication prescribed to me helped some symptoms but not the weight gain. My doctor took me off of my thyroid medication and put me on phen to jump start my metabolism. She also gave me a diet plan to follow so that I can learn to eat healthier and not depend on the pill. I've been on phen for 1 month and have lost 12 pounds. I am exercising and eating healthy, just as I was before phen, but now I am able to shed the pounds. I am only going to be on phen for 4 months, so it is up to me to maintain my diet and exercise after that. So diet pills do work for some of us.
posted 3-Jan-2009 2:33pm

Of course real diet pills work----AS LONG AS YOU KEEP TAKING THEM.
Good luck with that.
Mississippi Bound
posted 5-Jan-2009 12:00pm

I am 27 years old, 5'8 and I was weighing 229 on Dec. 8. I started taking the 2 day diet pills Linghzi. They were working but I wanted to take something that I knew was safe. I started taking Adipex Dec.28. I currently weight 220. I have to go back to the doctor later this month and I have to have taken off at least 10-15 pounds to continue taking them. I want to take off 20 more pounds. I workout 3-4 days a week and I have cut my food in take in half. I am very thirsty. Alot of people in my community are taking these pills or they are taking the B-12 shots as well. They are working for everyone that I know is taking them. I eat very lite during the week and I go to the Mexican restaurant every Saturday.
posted 8-Jan-2009 3:58pm

i have taken adipex 37.5 it works good but had very dry mouth and it makes me sleepy i have ask alot of people doc says never heard it making anyone sleepy before
posted 8-Jan-2009 4:50pm

Maybe you have ADD and phen works for you the way Ritalin works for people with that disorder.
posted 12-Jan-2009 5:19pm

Does anyone know of a dr in Washington that will prescribe Adipex? I have about 50 pounds to lose.
posted 17-Jan-2009 11:54am

Anybody here from topix? Does anybody know what happened to Sybil?
posted 18-Jan-2009 11:20am

I heard she jumped out a window!
posted 23-Jan-2009 7:59am

No such luck!
posted 25-Jan-2009 4:26pm

Hey, I'm looking for website that sells REAL Adipex or Ionamin. Email to
Thanks in advance!
posted 26-Jan-2009 1:39pm

I am selling original phentermine. It is 37.5 milligrams and it has the imprints A-159. IF you are interested please email
posted 26-Jan-2009 8:57pm

hi I am looking for a dr in boston that prescribes meridia
posted 27-Jan-2009 12:06am

i started taking phentermine today and plan jus to take it till i loose about 20 pound im 139 right now.... but also plan to get pregnant in like april or may will taking the pill now affect me or the baby once i conceive?
posted 27-Jan-2009 9:39am

Nope. Just stop taking it as soon as you get pregnant. Good idea taking off the extra 20lbs. beforehand---I did the same, I lost 18 lbs. and then I only gained whole pregnancy. I was able to lose all my pregnancy weight in just 2 months. It would have been so much harder to lose 40 lbs!!!
posted 28-Jan-2009 1:18pm

Contact [] On my 3rd order now. They ship from a USA address and 2-3 day shipping or overnight. GREAT RELIABLE SOURCE!!!
posted 28-Jan-2009 1:20pm

Contact On my 3rd order now. They ship from a USA address and 2-3 day shipping or overnight. GREAT RELIABLE SOURCE!!!
posted 28-Jan-2009 2:28pm

does anyone know of a doctor who prescribes either of the diet pills in Akron Canton area in Ohio? please let me know
posted 28-Jan-2009 7:05pm

posted 28-Jan-2009 8:00pm

posted 29-Jan-2009 9:00am

I believe they were trying to convey a message. What could it be?
Warning, ok
posted 31-Jan-2009 2:35pm

ok. Thanks for clearing that up for me. But who is Trap ?
posted 2-Feb-2009 3:28pm

I'm currently taking the phentrmine and i'm a coffee drinker is it safe to drink coffee or how many hours in between can i drink a cup of coffee after taking the phentrimen
posted 2-Feb-2009 7:52pm

I had taken apipex before and i lost the weight pretty fast but they also took my appetite. Well i gain about 5 pounds back in about 3 months and i went to a center my self and started taking them again but the ones i am on now does not supress my appetite like the first ones did. However i am trying to maintain my weight watchers plan with these.Although i am not loosing as fast, i know that you have to eat because if you don't your metabolism will slow down, that is why i believe i am not loosing as fast. It also takes a work out plan, such as walking and excersing. But i have to tell you don't starve yourself because you are slowing your metabolism down and you will gain your weight back whenever you come off the diet pill. And by all mean if they are effecting your heart rate GET OFF THE PILL and find you a weight watchers club. The King's Kid!
posted 2-Feb-2009 7:55pm

It depends on every individual about drinking coffee, try a little and see if it will effect you.
posted 3-Feb-2009 12:43am

Hi, I have not been here for while but i just want to say that i still can help with phentermine and now i got a new pill.
If you need any more info or order or refill just email:

Have a nice day///Sandra
posted 3-Feb-2009 3:56pm

Like anything no pill will solve everything.

I picked up one months supply in Belize not knowing how wonderful this drug is for once a year weight loss.

You definitely have to take it right when you wake up as it can be very jittery, but never had any heart problems or bull being told above.

Lost 20 pounds in one month, and only a year later, started gaining it back slowly.

I stopped taking after the month as it ran out, and YES tolerance comes about easy. No addiction, other than wanting to loose more weight!

You have to still eat right, but this miracle pill kills all want to eat between meals, I mean the thought of food is just disgusting. You still eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, but once you have eaten a healthy small portion...the thought of food would make me gag...and that is the holy silence the evil internal system that reminds you every 2 hours to eat half a chicken! ;)

Do what another poster suggested, go on vacation and pick it up...just make sure you are generally healthy no heart problems etc.,

Like anything, take it sensibly, and you don't even have to take it every day.

You'll also find yourself active because of the buzz, it's wonderful. You feel like what you should feel like. If you have weight problems, you know your body betrays you when you try to exercise. Mood swings, cutting off energy just as you are about to workout......blah who needs it! By the time you start loosing the weight your miserable and hate everyone.
posted 6-Feb-2009 8:06pm

hi i am looking to buy phetermine if any one knows where to buy it let me know. I have taken this before and loss a lot of way.
posted 9-Feb-2009 11:01am

I live in the uk and really struggling to find a source to deliver duromine 30. Can anyone help with a website that ships to uk??
posted 14-Feb-2009 10:28am

Looking for a diet doctor in dallas TX area to prescribe Phentermine 37.5. Allen / Plano area would be the best or a rept. online source.. I have a BMI of 28 & my doctor won't prescribe it to me anymore :( Arkay has helped direct me many times before does anyone know if she is still out there?
posted 14-Feb-2009 10:29am

email. THX!
posted 20-Feb-2009 2:20pm

Can someone give me the name of a reputable doctor in Columbus, Ohio that will prescribe adipex/phentermine? I know of one in Kentucky, but would prefer to not have to travel so far. I have taken them before, but that was several years ago. I know they work and would like to get back on them, since I need a little help curbing my appetite during the initial phase of weight loss. You can email me at with any info you may have. Thanks so much!
posted 22-Feb-2009 7:44pm

about 4 years ago i took a energy/diet pill called lean-r-gy . it had ephedra in them and i lost 75 pounds. i took them for 1 year and i walked 4 miles a day and didnt eat any fried foods . i loved them and i cant get them any more that sucks !
posted 3-Mar-2009 1:09pm

after my 1st child I gain alot of weight. I was at 175 am only 4"11 so that was alot. I took phentermine for about 2 1/2 months and went down to 125. This pill really worked for me. its been about 12 years and i happend to need thid pill again. Nothing that I do seems to work i know everyone is different, thats why I think we need to respect others in their effort in losing weight. Some are lucky and dont need any extra help. I am having trouble finding this pill. Websites are asking for to much. Any info on a good source for this pill will be apreciated. I think that when you are taking this pill like with any other we need to eat healthy and work out. I want to share what I did, maybe it was not to healthy but it worked for me. I Took the pill in the morning Breakfast slimfast shake, snack on fruit, had another slimfast shake for lunch or a tuna salad or sandwich. snack on jello and then ate a 300 calorie dinner. I worked out for one hour a day with a plastic suit on. this pill gives u so much anergy. I did this for 1 month I lost 50 pounds in about 2 months. Maybe not to healthy but i was serious about loosing the pounds.
I know without the pills this would had been harder for me. This pill really works. As long as its the real deal.
posted 3-Mar-2009 7:08pm

Hi I can get Duromine 30mg 30 pills for $80.00 email me @
need it
posted 4-Mar-2009 1:02pm

Does anyone know where u can find legitamite phentermine or duromie online.

Also...I live in the greater boston area looking for a dr that will prescribe phentermine or duromine.

Please let me know
posted 5-Mar-2009 8:23am

i have been on for 3wks and i have lost 10 lbs. i also go to the gym for and 1hr everyday and the dr. put me on a 1500 calorie intake. the only affect i had is not making a regular bowel movement. if you take the pill in the morning u have no problem sleeping. I dose off every night by 10pm.
posted 5-Mar-2009 8:25am

me again dr.visit was 65.00 and 30 day supply was 13.00 @ krogers
need duromine!
posted 7-Mar-2009 2:53am

I am looking for Duromine 30mg. If anyone sells it please contact me:
posted 7-Mar-2009 8:24am

We all are a bunch of people that does not believe in our selfs and put our life in risk because, we like to please our self I little to much, and not just eating we do not have limits. If you ate fat is because you eat to much.
posted 9-Mar-2009 11:23am

Does anyone know of any Dr.s or medical centers that prescribe diet pills in Columbus Ohio. Please email me at Thank you.
posted 10-Mar-2009 11:04am

Please can anyone tell me where I can buy phentermine in the uk? thanks
posted 10-Mar-2009 4:36pm

hi im looking for duromine i live in uk does anyone know where to order from and prices please email
mom of 6
posted 12-Mar-2009 2:18am

I'm in Ohio, and desperate to find a doctor in Cincinnati or Dayton to get an Adipex script. I've taken it before and done great. I know about the doctor in Northern KY, but his appointment dates are pushed back til June!!!! I would rather not order them online.

Please email me if you have any names. Thanks
posted 14-Mar-2009 9:43am

I'm a first time user of adipex and am a bit nervous about taking it. Once you take the pill, how long do the affects last? I love my coffee in the mornings, how long after having my last cup should I take the pill?
posted 15-Mar-2009 9:07pm

I took Phentrimine for 6 months and losted 70lbs . I had to lose weight because I was on all kinds of meds to lower my Cholestorl. I knew if I lost the weight I would get healthy and beable to have another baby. And it worked , i lost the weight and with in a few months of going off of Phentrimine I found out I was expecting. Well now I am back at needing to get weight off again but I know I can do it on my own this time. Good luck to you all who are on this drug. I did not have anyside effects, but would not want to go back on it because I do not want to get use to using it.
posted 16-Mar-2009 5:39am

People need to shut up... it's FDA approved.
Speaking of which I need to find a doc in San Diego, Ca to prescribe me some to maintain my weight. It's all about maintenace. You fall off the wagon, get back on it. Anyone with a weight problem knows that it's something you will live with for the rest of your life. We are asking for help... any good wesbites that sell Adipex 37.5 Mg? let me know:
posted 20-Mar-2009 10:11am

I need a place to buy phentermine that will send it to me through the mail. Or a doctor in the Steubenville - East Liverpool, OH area who would prescribe it for me. Can anyone help? Please contact me if you know of any place.
posted 20-Mar-2009 9:47pm

Truthfully no body shares any information because they think if they so everyone will order from this supplier and start to post the information on sites like this and they wont be able to get it again when they need it i have information on where you can find but am not willing to give it up i suggest you simply take some time and you will find the information shortly you just gotta do some digging
posted 21-Mar-2009 1:13pm

So, why post at all, you BLATHERING IDIOT?!
posted 21-Mar-2009 11:19pm

Sandra at is a scammer. Says customs took my order, now she won't return my emails. Save yourself the waste of money and don't try to buy from her. Pretty crappy deal.
posted 23-Mar-2009 2:36pm

Sandras a CRIMINAL. She needs to give these people their money back.
fat guy in a little coat
posted 27-Mar-2009 2:52pm

So, I just contacted one of the "sellers" for some phen. It sucks that regular fat people can't get this prescribed, only SUPER FAT ones can. Anyway, all the good and bad posts are helpful, however there seems to be a lot of that a side effect too?
posted 31-Mar-2009 2:27pm

posted 31-Mar-2009 5:51pm

ok i want the name of the dr in columbus ohio that gives the adipex and you weigh in every 2 weeks
posted 31-Mar-2009 10:03pm

alright i just got my order from a company in la i will let you know if it works if it does work i will give out the information...on where to find it ... wish me luck
posted 3-Apr-2009 7:09pm

wishing you luck!!
posted 4-Apr-2009 4:41am

how many calories a day do i need when taking this pill?
posted 5-Apr-2009 1:15am

dont get it..its not safe. i have only taken it 3 days now and i have been up for over 24 hrs...i have had every symptom and think it may be causing me to have a heart attack. i have the symptoms of the pill and a heart attack. Very scared for my life..please think twice before getting it!!!!
posted 5-Apr-2009 3:28pm

its been six days and i have lost 5lbs...greaaat....
posted 5-Apr-2009 6:55pm

okay! where did you get yours at?
posted 7-Apr-2009 6:37pm

looking for a doctor in cleveland, ohio that prescribes phentermine. send email to Thanks
posted 15-Apr-2009 4:29pm

I just wanted to post this in case some of you may not have heard that none of the sources will be available anymore because of the Ryan Haight Act that started Monday.
posted 16-Apr-2009 8:36am

No "sources" will be available anymore?
I doubt that.
posted 16-Apr-2009 10:20pm

Anonymous posted on April 5th, please email me the info on your source. I would like to loose 5lbs in 6 days too lol.. my address is I would really appriciate it!
posted 19-Apr-2009 7:08pm

Phentermine is no longer available anywhere. I had taken it successfully just to help boost my regular excercise/ work/ school / parenting/it helps to keep me motivated and not constantly think of food- Anyway, "they" the government consideres it a type 2 i think, controlled substance so we can not get it via internet any longer., but "they" the government hasn't offered any doctor options to go to now either. SO WE ARE BIG TIME !!! thanks government for NOTHING .. just like taking money from us for your bailouts-you leave us out in the cold on this too!
posted 20-Apr-2009 7:25am

I am 40 years ols and have never had high blood pressure until I started taking phen-. Just last saturday I had a mini stroke. I am a divorced mother of 3 children, they depend on me. I was going to a weight loss clinic, they took my blood pressure and looked at me and said sit back and relax, took my blood pressure again and gave me the phen-. There are other ways to lose weight, Phen- is not it. I am checking into this due to advice from family and friends. This could be a possible law suit. Anyone else that may have been harmed by this drug I would like to know.
posted 21-Apr-2009 9:54am

Anyone looking there is a dr in south shore ky 606-932-2040 no app. necessary. Call they have diff. hours on
diff. days. Picture id and 120.00 will get you your off. visit and the meds. (phentermine 37.5 (60).

Hope this helps someone.
posted 21-Apr-2009 4:03pm

Excuse me but I don't think thats going to fly in court about your mini stroke. You know that phen can cause heart problems, possible fast heartbeat and stroke and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. The drug has to raise your heartrate to work!
So you went there and more then likely are overweight to begin with which is why you went and they gave you what you went in for.
You have to have had documentation from the script about possible side effects. You could have not taken it if you didn't want the risk.
I am very sorry that you had a mini stroke but if you wanted just diet and excersise you would not have went to the clinic to begin with.

I would not waste your hard earned money on a possible lawsuit that won't go anywhere.
posted 21-Apr-2009 6:09pm

I am wanting to know what doctors are available in MS. I live in North MS and do not know of any. This is all new to me. I have gained 30lbs in about 6 months from taking a Rx for depression. Well, obviously that did not help. I have got to loose this weight to get back to myself! Any suggestions of MDs in MS would be so helpful.
posted 23-Apr-2009 4:18pm

Does anyone know of a doctor in Indianapolis that will prescribe adipex. I dont know who Yguy is and I'm looking for some help.
posted 23-Apr-2009 8:34pm

Anyone find a doc in the akron canton area? if so could you email me at - thanks or anyone know of doctor anywhere in Ohio or Pittsburgh area..???
posted 23-Apr-2009 9:20pm

Looking for a doctor in Indy (Indianapolis, IN) to get adipex or phentermine. Email me at if you know of any doctors or know some that will send through the mail.
posted 25-Apr-2009 3:34pm

Really? A lawsuit?
Single mother of three trying to cash in. Pathetic.

The clinic wouldn't have given it to you if your blood pressure was through the roof.

A lifetimes worth or poor eating habits was the cause of your "mini stroke".

And,like the previous poster said, you knew the risks, you made a choice.

Case closed.
posted 25-Apr-2009 3:34pm

Really? A lawsuit?
Single mother of three trying to cash in. Pathetic.

The clinic wouldn't have given it to you if your blood pressure was through the roof.

A lifetimes worth of poor eating habits was the cause of your "mini stroke".

And,like the previous poster said, you knew the risks, you made a choice.

Case closed.
posted 25-Apr-2009 3:56pm

Sorry I clicked TWICE. I was annoyed.
People like her are the reason we can't get FEN-PHEN anymore and why doctors are STILL reluctant to prescribe PHEN.

BTW, it's still a SCHEDULE IV drug ( not a schedule II )
posted 25-Apr-2009 10:38pm

Amen to that!!!! You know the risk when you take them. How can people scream lawsuit when they knew! Those people ruin it for the rest of it!
posted 27-Apr-2009 11:14am

I'm glad somebody agrees!
And while I'm at it---I want to smack all the people out there who bitched and moaned everytime their order didn't get to them fast enough,
everytime they did a chargeback,
everytime they blabbed about a place,
and everytime they complained, for no good reason, about anything, when times were good.
Now that times are bad,I hope they sweat their fat asses off this summer and feel miserable.
Good luck at the beach!
posted 29-Apr-2009 6:32pm

I agree with that one too!
posted 30-Apr-2009 4:14pm

I have Duromine for sale like I said in an earlier post. Ive had a few people email me asking all sorts of Questions like why dont you list them Ioffer? Well I have and they take the listing for them down after about 5 days. If you are intersted in ordering or have anymore questions let me know or you can email me @ I have an overseas supplier in case your wondering where I get them from If anyone here does decide to contact me for an order they are shipped from ohio.
posted 8-May-2009 9:35am

I've tried to contact who says she has Duromine for sale, and I get no reply. Is it a joke? Where would you send your money to purchase them and to whom would you send it? Don't waste your time on her.
posted 8-May-2009 9:44am

Hi there!
I really have DUROMINE(30mg) for sale.
posted 12-May-2009 3:54pm

Hi*..Just want Ty*..I started taking this Pill.. day after Easter*2009..I got it thur My~Dr*..I weight was 302*I love Food & Sweetie's & Coke*..But i give them up.. But now 282* after 4-week's I lossed 20 lb's.. My~Dr* was Happy*..Wow~so was I..Ty*,Saving My~Life*
posted 12-May-2009 4:13pm

My Best* it ever been.126/78..My~Dr*..said i maybe taking me off some my pill's..soon..That's Grreat~New's*..I'm 64 of age..I have tryed almost every diet that came out.. But not thing work as fast as this Pill-Phentermine -37.5 mg*..I so hope get down to 140*..My~Dr*.. put me on a Diet~Meal Planner of..1,800 Calorie's*a Day*..I just eat Reg.Food*..that good for yoU*..I'm from Ohio*
posted 13-May-2009 5:28pm

My wife just started taking Phentermine. We have a 4 month old little girl the most precious little thing. As soon as she started our relationship has been going downhill. I get home from work and she's so wired she can't even speak. Anything that comes out of my mouth she jumps at me like it's something wrong. Don't get me wrong, the pill does work, she's lost weight and only been on it for 2 weeks. She's looking great but a normal conversation turns into her yelling and then staring into nowhere. She takes the pill in the morning so about 8pm she's back to normal. This is an everyday thing now. What should I do to help or is there any help
Kim from Dallas
posted 19-May-2009 11:31am

I think that it is important that when you are on here giving advice whether it be good or your horror stories you include whether or not you started taking the pills after being advised to by a doctor or if yourpurchasing them illegally online. Everything has a risk FACTOR. But you cant knock someting and call it unhealthy when you brought it on yourself but not following the reccomendations like GETTING A DR OPINION! also it would be nice if you stop using abreviations some people are giving horror stories about phen but truly its about Fhen-phen and not phentermine. I just started taking phetermine today and needed it. i am 337lbs @ 25yrs old. Most people ho look at me cant tell because im proportioned. Im looking forward to seeing som results but i also know that i need to put in the work(exercise) to be effective in the short term and long term. But i am staying observant of any warning signs that may be going on with my body since this is new to my system. That's important for everyone to remember everyone reacts differently to everything. People even react different to Tylenol so what do you expect...
posted 20-May-2009 10:45pm

To the new Dad, congratulations.
About the cranky wife, there's nothing you can do except be patient.
A lot of people experience irritability while taking phen, it usually subsides after taking it for a while. If it doesn't, she could try taking 1/2 a dose or taking it every other day. If it's still making her irritable maybe she should talk to her doctor about it. The added stress of having a new baby can be a part of it.
posted 22-May-2009 11:22am

Thanks Endless!.
posted 23-May-2009 8:05pm

I was cranky after my child was born and I wasnt even on the Phen. Dr said it was change in hormones!
posted 24-May-2009 5:23pm

this drug is bad news anyone reading this it can become very addictive and when it reachs that point there is no return!
posted 26-May-2009 10:10am

Any docters in Cincinnati, ohio that will prescribe phendimetrazine please email me at
I need to lose 20 lbs
posted 1-Jun-2009 4:02pm

years ago, I took phentermine with great results. Thirteen years later the pounds, and more, are back on. anyone know where to get phentermine, either online or through a doctor in the Dallas, Tx area?
posted 3-Jun-2009 6:11pm

Hi has anyone ordered from
Just I read about sandra skamming people out of money & i dont want the same to happen to me!
Please let me know experiences with this seller.
Thank-you xx

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