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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 3-Jun-2009 6:14pm

Hi I am 5ft 6 & weight 11.5stone I live in the uk- will my doctor perscide weight loss pills to me? or am i not classed as obese. Im size 12 uk size but want to be size 8 like i used to be. Iwork most days and have no time to exercise, i think these pills will give me the kick start i need to get back in shape- PLEASE HELP. I WANT TO BE THIN AGAIN.... frown(
posted 5-Jun-2009 4:20am

Endless has Duromine.
posted 7-Jun-2009 7:35am

I have orderd from twice and everything went great.
posted 7-Jun-2009 9:31pm

Endless does not have Duromine! that person lives in the UK and they are a liar!!! she must not have known that she emailed me from that statesoil email the first time asking me if I had duromine for sale what color they where and so on acted like she wanted to order just to get information from me im assuming so she is a liar and does not have duromine I have Real 3M Brand Duromine 30mg 30 for 80 dollars and that woman who said she emailed me is a liar as well but I AM REALLY SICK OF PEOPLE EMAILING ME FROM THIS BOARD ACTING LIKE THEY WANT TO ORDER AND THEN DONT SERIOUS CUSTOMERS ONLY THANK YOU!!!!
posted 8-Jun-2009 5:42am

Just received Duromine Endless.Thanks.
posted 8-Jun-2009 5:43am

I never did that bloomtooperish:
posted 9-Jun-2009 6:24am

Great!.Thanks again Endless.
posted 9-Jun-2009 6:30am

I can not believe it!.
posted 11-Jun-2009 6:33pm

I think people who skam people out of money are so discusting! People work hard for their money, i know I do & people think that by protending to sell diet pills, getting people to send money for pills that are never going to be delivered. You should be ashamed of yourselves! I dont know how you people live with yourselves. Get a real job.....instead of conning people out of money!!!! Money gradding idiots
posted 11-Jun-2009 6:36pm

endless you are writing your own comments...pethetic
posted 11-Jun-2009 6:42pm

posted 11-Jun-2009 6:46pm

Hello sophie- I work for western union and you are completely right! There are so many people out there using western union to con people out of money, the amount of calls we get saying they have sent money to people and paid for items and they have never been delivered. I wouldnt use western union if you are purchasing goods, use paypal and you money will be protected if you dont get your goods! Stay smart, there are alot of people out there who will do anything to make a buck, it is very sad i know.
posted 16-Jun-2009 1:39pm

I have used Adipex on and off for about 3 years. The only side effects I've noticed are the ones most commomly described i.e headaches,insomnia and dry mouth. Usually drinking lots of water (as someone here suggested) works wonders. I have had extremme success with my dose (37.5 mg) and I get mine from a clinic that specializes in weight loss.

The Jorie Weight Loss Center in Oak brook,IL is totally committed to weight loss success, they do a complete and thorough background on your health history. To my knowledge they only accept patients with a specific
amount of weight to lose,meaning you have to fit a certain criteria,usually at least 20% of your weight.

Now that I have moved to Indy I found another clinic. __Dr. Martin Freeman is a general practioner who has a weight loss program that consists of meal plans as well as diet meds.

I agree with most people here,in that you should get them from a reputable source,it's far cheaper and I'm sure safer..think of the postage you save and you have the support of a licensed doctor. (You definitely need to be monitored while taking any doctor prescribed medicine)

Those of us with insurance can problably get them even easier from your primary doctors..most insurance covers them and then it's really cheap...about $20-40 for a prescription.

I hope this helps a bit....I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training ..but from my experience this seems the way to go.
posted 17-Jun-2009 4:15pm

all you guys do is talk talk talk, does anyone have a decent website to get phetermine/ionamin, etc... or NOT? and if you do put it out there for others.
posted 17-Jun-2009 6:46pm

duromine anyone??? im looking for someone who is selling it.
posted 18-Jun-2009 8:46pm

Looking for a doctor in Phoenix Az who prescribes this medication and monitors it.
posted 22-Jun-2009 5:59am

posted 23-Jun-2009 12:01am

Someone is selling Duromine on
posted 23-Jun-2009 2:22pm

has anyone ordered from galactic pharmacy before? Just they say they sell origional duromine.
posted 25-Jun-2009 9:46am

Lots of posters on the website that discusses obtaining drugs over the internet say that Galactic has scammed them. Some of them are repeat customers who say their first order was fine; the repeat order was fake stuff. They have a very "iffy" reputation.
posted 28-Jun-2009 3:51pm

ok thank-you! I wont order from them.
posted 30-Jun-2009 2:18pm

Has anyone else been scammed by I think I was but shame on me for trusting
someone.. Thanks You
posted 2-Jul-2009 1:17am

29 year old female from Sydney Australia... My doc has put me on a 3month course of Duromine 30mg.. Its my 3rd day and I feel great, lots of energy and hardly any appetite.. I have to keep remembering to eat! I am currently following the SURE SLIM diet which is similar to Atkins/South Beach just a lot stricter. I could never follow it before but now with a lessened appetite its so much easier.. Minimal side effects for me, just a slight headache in the evenings and a little bit restless at night - but Im still managing to get about 5-6 hrs of sleep but from all the reports Ive read on here the headaches should subside soon .. I hope! I have 40kgs/88lbs to lose and am going for my first weigh in sicne beginning Duromine next thurs... wish me luck :)
posted 5-Jul-2009 7:58pm

Do not purchase anything from they will rip you off. I was stupid and I just want to
warn everyone do not send them any money because you will not get you package I have purchased from fenme and had
no problem at all...This other person is a jerk !!!!!
posted 5-Jul-2009 8:00pm

Looking for Duromine anyone have any info............. Thanks
posted 8-Jul-2009 1:09am

Will i been using this..Phentermine-Diet-Pill.. for 3-Month's.. This week be my last week.. I cann't take any more till ..6-month's..are up.. I have Lossed- 36 lb's.. in 3-Month's.. Plus a lot Inch's..Now the Test*.. is realy coming up.. I get try keep it going off, with any pill's.. I no i can get them online.. But i going thur my-Dr.. and this is way he work's it.. But i feeling alot better.. just lossing 36 lb.'s.. I walk a cross parking lot with out My~Knee's.. hurting so bad. that's Blessing*..I tell you this Pill-Realy-Work's.. I got get off 126 more lb's.. So i'm going surely a bunny if i have So if your looking for a Grreat~Diet~Pill*..Pick it..Tc*..HuG's.. Linda* Ohio*
posted 8-Jul-2009 1:19am

what is Phentermine HCi? Is that the new fake, herbal crap?
posted 8-Jul-2009 1:21am

I know the real stuff was Phentermine HCl but now this HCi is posted everywhere on online. If you had a previous order, they'll refill, but only returning customers. I guess I was wondering if this is how they beat the "online" regulations or if it is totally fake??? Cost is the same.
posted 8-Jul-2009 11:39pm

anyone out there?
posted 13-Jul-2009 5:47am

posted 18-Jul-2009 9:38am

I really need the name of a decent physician in Columbus, Ohio, who would prescribe adipex and be willing to monitor my other meds. I am so tired of seeing 3 different doctors for benign medications (like acne meds)that I have taken for years. I really want to centralize this process, while staying safe. I have virtually no risk factors. Please help! My super sweet fiance is taking me to Key West in 2 months and I don't have a single pair of shorts that I can get my big butt in to :)E-mail I have insurance. Thanks!
posted 18-Jul-2009 9:56am

Is adipex available in Canada without an Rx?
posted 3-Aug-2009 8:50pm

Who knows of a reputable source for Duromine?
posted 8-Aug-2009 9:09am

Hello. I have been taking phentermine 37.5 mg for a little over a month now. I went to my endocrinologist when I was 100 lbs oververweight. I had blood sugar issues, fertility issues, and gastrointestinal problems. Since then i have lost 37 lbs. I started out taking it every morning. I did that for about a week and then after I had lost 10 lbs I started only taking it every couple of days. I exercise daily and watch what goes into my body. I think that phentermine can be a very useful and helpful tool if used correctly.

All medications have possible side effects, some very extreme, but the extreme side effects are not very common or else the drug would not be allowed by the FDA. It is a schedule II drug, so yes, it is potentially addictive. But like I said before, if used carefully and responisibly, the benefits outweigh that danger.

I have had to drink a lot of water due to cotton mouth. And my heart rate is faster when I take phentermine, so I keep a check on my BP using a low cost cuff that you can get at any Wal-Mart.

I continue to lose weight by exercising and dieting. I think phentermine gave me that initial weight loss boost that helped to truly motivate me and get me going in the right direction.

Hope that helps anyone thinking about trying it!

P.S. Please only Phentermine with a valid physician prescription and from a valid licensed pharmacy. Otherwise it is illegal, and you can not be sure of what you are really getting.

Best of Luck,
8 Years Nursing Experience
posted 9-Aug-2009 7:52pm

Hello Everyone,
I live in Orlando,Fl and have taken Phentermine a few years ago. It does work for weight loss but I think everyone has a different reaction to it. I lost 40 pounds and I did gain back 20. I think age is a big factor in weight loss and gain as well.
I can't seem to find a Doc in Orlando that prescribes it. If anyone can alot me info. it would be great.
I have seen it online but to no avail. didn't receive it.
I am 35 and want to rid myself of 25 to 35 pounds this year.
Please help if u can.
posted 12-Aug-2009 9:42pm

I am new to this site, how do I get in touch with fenme? Ive reserched Adipex and cant find a physician in Phila who prescribes it.
posted 13-Aug-2009 10:48am

if anyone here wants to know a reputable place to get phentermine or even reductil (another weight-loss drug) please feel free to email me @ I do not sell them myself but i know clinic's in London, UK that do.

I've had no issues on the pills so far except for dry mouth, I don't order the pill i get them from a clinic where you are monitored (blood pressure, weight and general health) by registered doctors (they are very strict about the pills and do not sell to customers for prolonged use, you will be cut off after a certain amount of months) my clinic also advises regular check ups with your own doctor while on these pills. Just a little advise to those of you taking the pills independently, don't over use these pills or mistreat yourself while on them, the pills can only do so much, eating healthily and exercising is the way to get the best results. I'm not a big gym fan but it doesn't take much whether it's doing the vacuuming more often, taking the kids swimming once a week or even walking the dog that extra mile each week. So far i have lost 14pounds in 1 month (i know this rate won't stay the same and will probably slow down) but that is fine with me i have made the changes i need to for my diet and hope to keep it as healthy as i possibly can't due to the risks associated with the drug. Use your common sense and be safe, = )
posted 13-Aug-2009 4:24pm

uh-oh fenme not answering all of a sudden! I wonder if somthing happend, maybe got in som law trouble! in anycase that source was legit for a while. no complaints here! that source just resently stopped preforming though so anyone trying to order trough fenme goodluck hope everything goes smoothly like it did before! it got me with-in 5 pounds of my goal!!!!
posted 14-Aug-2009 8:36am

Everything with fenme is fine just heard from them. They always come through not like some other sources....
posted 15-Aug-2009 9:30am

all you have to do to get them is go to a doctor who specializes in weight loss and get a prescription. the doctor's appointment should be around 70 to 100 and the LEGAL prescription should be around 20 for the month. PLUS, you will get the necessary medical advice and professional guidance that is a vital part of weight loss when taking prescription medication.

that is much cheaper and far safer than trying to buy medication from the internet or another unreliable source.
posted 15-Aug-2009 5:41pm

fenme what is your email address and do u sell duromine?? also what method of payments do u accept, just some scammers only accept western union...with this payment method buyers get no protection on the goods they purchase. Do u accept paypal, this does ofer payment protection? how much do u charge???
posted 16-Aug-2009 7:51pm

I am interested in 37.5. How do I go about it? I have gotten it before but was 2 years ago. I got scammed in may this year so a little skeptical. Let me know if you have any answers for me. Thanks so much
posted 17-Aug-2009 11:56am

Just have to weigh in.

People I discovered the combination of Prozac and Phentermine in 1987 before anyone knew the word Phen-Fen or Prozac! After struggles with monthy hormones and drastic PMS, a year and a half of hip injections of Progesterone to help with teh PMS related depression that if you track you wil see paterns. I digress.

Here's the truth. I took Prozac and Phentermine for 10 years and was able to maintain my weight and achieve great things in my life iwthout the upend monthly PMS downer, and the rapid weight gain when I would run out. Back then it was a doc in CA I flew to eery 6 months.

But point is. 10 years and when I found my true love and he said he didn't care what I weighed, I stopped and gained 85 obs in 8 months. Had the happy fat for 5 years, then made mistake of having gastric bypass. Now I hvae an expiration stamp on my head from mass malnutrition.

Phentermine isn't profitable anymore and they like to keep puching new once patents go out. But I swear by the stuff. If you have a case of jitters or insomnia. Do this. Never take it after 8am. Next ktake it two weeks straight, jitters and all. They go away after a few days.

Wish I had just kept them up. Then I wouldn't be facing the hidden problems with weight loss usrgery they don't tell you. Sure I have been a skinny person for the lat 7 years. But I won't live past 60 most likely, andhave a better chance of not living past anther three years, and only because I did my own diagnosis after years of docs ignoring me and telling me I was going crazy, blah blah. Once I forced them to test me, I WAS RIGHT! If you are ever thinking tha tsurgery, don't get sucked into the easy way out. It isn't a short cut, unless you are talking shortcut to the grave. YOu just get to have soem fun experiencing life as a skinny person that never has to think of yourself as fat again. Price isn't worth it.

Take the Phentermine if you have no history of heart disease. If you ahve heart troubles, all meds iwll cause you trouble, or if you abuse the Phentermine and ever take more than one pill a day.

At first it does give you a kick in the pants energy that is nice, but when you think it isn't working anymore, trustme, it is. You just don't see it as drastic. It increases your metab, s even if youa re eating more you won't regain so much if you keep taking and do any reasonable activity levels. It is working when you think it isn't. I would take this the rest of my life after seeing how safe it was for 10 years. Wish I had...

For what it is worth. Remember, any time an industry has an incentive to make money by not giving you what used to be good because they have newer? Newer isn't always better. IN fact, I like the tried and true.

And the natural rise in the dopamine levels int he brain on Phentermine helped me not upend my life every PMS cycle and freak out like the way women get the bad name associated with PMS. For what it is worth.

It can make you more bitchy when you are in your ovulation cycle. But the Prozac offset that.

The doc in Plano that combos the two is onto something.

GoodLuck to all and to the doctors fighting the system that is being funded by teh pharmaceitical industry that wants to dictate what we get and not.

And Phentermine is HABIT FORMING. Big diff from Addictive. Trust me, after a surgery they gave me a pain med years ago my body actually did become addicted to and it was withdrawals and such. Phentermint, you just stop taking and you will never feel a withdrawal.

Habit works, therefore you make it a habit. Addictive? No you won't go through any physical sensation or withdrawal like other ADDICTIVE meds.
posted 17-Aug-2009 12:05pm

SCAM ALERT - WATCH THE SPELLING OF WHAT THEY ARE SELLING! Don't buy Phentramine or Phentirmene, or any other spelling. It is



And if you stay with your blood work checkup annually, have the whole record checkout, I know a great doc with a great price and she sees you annually by coming to you or you to her, and she is phenominal. Consults are from half hour to two hours, and she works the details and pays attention. Won't deal with people with addiction problems. If you want the referral, I will provide if you email me at an email I set up to sell a dining set on Craig's List. Don't want to give my email to the whole world. And it is under a fake name info. But I will send you the referral.

REmember, this is a good and reputable doc. No insurance. You pay $200 for once a year face to face. Must provide her records at least once per year of these tests by any other lab or doc:

Liver LFTs
Cardiac Enzymes
Standard testing

This is not one of those ripyour head off docs. But she is a realist about the medical establishment. So she plays by the rules. And you need to as well to make sure you aren't the odd one that has problems.

Email to:

I will send you her contact info. If you live in the DFW area, she is holding her in clinic September 18, 19, 20. 2009. If you dont' have your records then, she will write you an order to get them for your insurance.

You pay her $200. You get a 90 day supply of 37.5 Phentermine Prescription, and she does a phone follow consult every three months at $110.

I would trust her with my life she is such a kind, detailed, informed, and sensitive doctor with the understanding that we dont' all fit the establishments ideas of what you should and should not be able to have, and if you have taken this med before and no adverse reactions, she is more comfortable working with you.
posted 21-Aug-2009 12:32am

fenme2008 is no longer a reliable source. I sent a lot of money to her almost two weeks ago and am receiving no responses to my emails. Two previous orders went through without a hitch, but nobody else should use her again.
posted 28-Aug-2009 3:44am

Been on adipex three months and lost almost 50 pounds. I annot get anymore until Jan. I need another dr in or near Columbus who prescribes and or gives adipex.
posted 29-Aug-2009 5:56pm

I am taking lexapro 10 mg for anixety and zocor 20 mg for cholestrol it is safe to take apidex or phentermine. What is the difference in adipex and phentermine is one safer?
posted 30-Aug-2009 9:03pm

In Cleveland and trying to find good diet doctor. The online diet pills are usually a scam and are they illegal to get online? Got a letter saying if I pick up the pills I will be violating the law? Since then I have gotten several phone calls wanting me to buy them but I am afraid. What is going on can you buy them online legally?
posted 14-Sep-2009 4:15pm

Ionamin is crap! I took it a few years ago and almost lost my mind. It is ok if you are morbidly obese or if you take it short term, but if you plan on taking it long term then watch out!
Mrs J
posted 20-Sep-2009 8:15pm

My doctor prescribed me Adipex. I lost 50lbs. in just 3 months! I was on my way to my goal and.... my husband & I were expecting our first child. The only side effect I had was horrible dry mouth. I had to buy special toothpaste for dry mouth at my local Wal-Mart. Other than that, I was fine. I wasn't jittery, no fast heartbeat, etc. I haven't started back taking them because the doctor visits & the pill price are out of my range (LOL), but as soon as I can I will go to the doctor & start again. Now, my sister bought a bottle of FASTIN off of & she's been on them for about two months & has lost around 30 lbs! I haven't tried them personally because of the previous reason I'm not on Adipex, but she looks great & isn't having any side effects.
Mrs J
posted 20-Sep-2009 8:22pm

You cannot buy Phentermine online legally without a prescription! I know for a fact several people who have tried to buy Adipex & other diet meds online & some of the pills were different colors, broken, bottle half filled, some didn't even resemble the desired meds! Don't even mention trying to get your money back! So please don't believe the sites that offer ANY meds without a prescription, they are ALL scams! Just save up the money & do it the right way & go to a doctor! When taking ANY meds you need to be monitored by a doctor. Just friendly words of advice....
posted 30-Sep-2009 10:34am

I started this morning on a 7 day total body cleanse I bought from Wal-Mart. My question here is this.. Can I take Adipex while doing the cleanse?
posted 1-Oct-2009 11:13pm

They tell you not to take this medicane while pregnant or breastfeeding. It tells you that with any diet or weight loss aide! You put your child at an extremely high risk by breastfeeding and taking diet or weight loss aides. Just think, any side effects you can have from the medicane, so can your child. But, of course, it can affect your child even stronger. When my doctor put me on phentermine that was one of the first things she wanted to be sure of, that I was no longer breast feeding at all. If you are already taking the medicane while breast feeding I hope that nothing bad happens. You need to talk with your doctor and your babies pediatrician to get all of you facts!
posted 9-Oct-2009 2:25pm

Wow I havn't been to this forum in so long. Glad to see it is still around. As for a source that starts with F and ends with e they are still around and the last post about them from Anonymous in August about not ordering is false. I am a monthly orderer and all the pple who posted positives about them are correct. This person by looking at the date contacted them at a time when they had a very bad family emergency. My order as well took 3 weeks to get to me. But I did get them and so did the person that posted, they just didn't write again to say so. Fenme does not write or come here either so asking them things here won't work.
posted 16-Oct-2009 12:33pm

The person above is fenme pretending to be a happy customer.
She's a scam artist so BEWARE!
posted 4-Nov-2009 8:33pm

I have taken duromine in the past and lost over 70lbs. Not entirely due to taking the pills.... i ate very well and excercised. Duromine makes you not care about food. You can walk past your fave junk food outel and just keep walking. Because food becomes so undesireabe, you eat out of necessity and make much healthier choices. I recomend only taking the pill when you are having a weak day or feel you won't be able to make good choices cos of temptation or whatever reason. Use willpower and common sense to do a traditional healthy eating diet plan and use the pills to take you through the bad days. For me this can be a few days in a row, or once every week, or 2 weeks...
This way you will feel more in control cos duromine does give you unatural side effects such as increased energy and heart rate, "crashes" when it wears off... drink lots of water, eat good quality foods and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you aren't felling right, stop taking it. If you feel REALLY bad, see a doctor. definitely see doctor before you start any type of diet drug. I hate going to doctor and i rarely do it but even i made sure i got a check up before i started taking it.
posted 7-Nov-2009 9:29am

lol I can see this forum hasn't changed as far as the sources mentioned and the rediculous posts about their validity. Those of us who order from one or two of the sources mentioned know that the posts here saying that they are fake or that they are pretending to post here isn't true. I am not posting here to get an argument started, just to state to further people who post here to take this forum with a grain of salt because for some reason people like to post bs postings without even ordering from a source or rant and rave badly about them because they are actually a good source. Which completely baffles me why they would do that but some people get off on the expense of others.
posted 10-Nov-2009 8:18pm

I have been taking Adipex for 3 months now and my doctor will no longer refill my prescription. She claims that taking diet pills longer than 3 months is unhealthy. Does anyone know of a doctor in Chesapeake,Va willing to prescribe this medication? It is working and I do not want to stop taking it just yet.
posted 16-Nov-2009 5:34pm

LOL. I can see you haven't changed either!
How do we know what YOU'RE saying isn't a lie?
posted 17-Nov-2009 12:19pm

where can i find a doctor near cleveland, oh who will monitor the pills or atleast prescribe them?? anyone know?! please email me
posted 4-Dec-2009 11:09pm

I am trying to remember what pills I used that I really liked and worked very well, the 30 mg or 37.5 mg, Adipex or any of the others. I am confused about the difference between them all. I used a pill from Lighthouse Meds about 3 years ago before they were shut down. The pills were white with blue specks. I am not 100% sure if they were phentermine 37.5 but I believe so. I used to get up and take them about 5am and go back to sleep for an hour or so and I could feel the pills actually kick in and wake me up. Has anyone expierienced that? They were amazing on my energy and my appetite control. It was a bit hard to sleep some nights which was why I took them so early and I only took them about 2 times a week.

Also does anyone know a place to get them in Utah or anything else even somewhat comparable? My prescription of 90 pills lasted almost 3 years and I would love another one for when I need some extra help!!!
posted 10-Dec-2009 3:07pm

please please do not take it while breastfeeding it is a drug very close to speed
posted 16-Dec-2009 2:47pm

I am trying to order or get phentermine 37.5 mg pills. I used them years ago and they worked, but now I am not overweight "enough" for my DR. Can anyone help me out?

NO scams...please!!
posted 17-Dec-2009 4:21pm

for all of you who say taking this while breastfeeding and taking phentermine is abuse blah blah blah..I'd like to know what sort of medical evidence you have to support that? My dr. and my children's pediatrician told me there was no problem with me taking it while nursing. Mind you, I have the pills, my baby is 7 months old, i'm still nursing but haven't taken the pills yet....I'm nervous. I just want to know if anyone has first hand experience taking phentermine and nursing.
posted 22-Dec-2009 8:03am

You're an idiot and so is your doctor.
Where do you live? In a cave?
I feel sorry for your baby.
posted 22-Dec-2009 10:30am

My baby is perfectly healthy, as are my other 2 children. Like I said, I HAVEN'T taken phentermine while I've been nursing. There is no medical evidence of any harm or effect on a baby or even how much is transmitted through breast milk. How is it that two dr's have given me the green light to take it but there are so many uneducated people on here claiming harm done to the baby when there is NO proof. There is no need to pass judgement on me or my parenting, my kids are healthy have been sick few times in their lives, so before you start name calling, consider you don't know everything about who you are calling an idiot. I am planning to just wait until I'm done nursing to take the phentermine, but I was looking for someone with first hand experience, not some idiot with an uneducated opinion.
posted 23-Dec-2009 10:39am

Phentermine stimulates your central nervous system.
It speeds up the secretion of neurotransmitters (chemicals released by nerve endings),which increases nerve activity in the brain.
It can cause tremor, sweating, palpitations, anxiety, and sleeping difficulties.
Also, headache, nausea, constipation, blurred vision, involuntary movements (tics) mood change and last, but not least,increase blood pressure.
If you want to breast feed your baby while taking this drug, what can I say?
Oh,I're an idiot.
posted 23-Dec-2009 12:14pm

Great. You googled it, awesome. What i want to know is how much, if any, is even transmitted through breast milk? And as I stated in my last statement, I'm not going to use it while nursing, obviously I have some concerns and chose not to go forward with it, I just want medical evidence to support how much is transmitted through the milk. You can't give that information to me, so keep your opinion to yourself if all you have to say is degrading.
posted 23-Dec-2009 12:16pm

oh and FYI, i took phentermine before I got pregnant and didn't have any of your said side effects....
posted 24-Dec-2009 6:08am

Ooooh, you want proof that it could harm your baby.
You want to know how much is transmitted through the milk and to what degree it might damage an infants delicate system, because....?
What difference does it make.
It's a moot point, dummy.

"oh and FYI", (ugh)
If you didn't experience any side effects while taking phentermine, you got duds.
posted 28-Dec-2009 11:33am

nope...not duds. straight from my dr....lost 20 lbs. It affects different people in different ways apparently. What gives you the right to be such an ass? Why degrade people?
posted 29-Dec-2009 7:29am

My reply to your POINTLESS question was spot on---in MY opinion.
It's called free speech,nitwit.
posted 29-Dec-2009 12:43pm

My response is Grow Up! I'm sure you're the type of person who likes to bully people around to make yourself feel superior. That's fine. I'm done with this game, I came here looking for facts, not some idiot that ends every sentence with a put down. I didn't ask for your opinion, I asked for someone with facts. Go back to your sad little world and save the name calling for someone else.
posted 30-Dec-2009 10:02am

I'm rubber, you're glue.....
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
posted 2-Jan-2010 2:29pm

Any diet drug is BAD, how about you count your calories and take a walk every day instead of eating like a pig?
posted 2-Jan-2010 8:13pm

I need a dr in columbus ohio. I know of one that I have already visited. Please email
posted 3-Jan-2010 6:42pm

im from the uk and have ordered from a site which i found on facebook, got duromine 30mgs has anyone else had any experience with this seller?
posted 4-Jan-2010 10:41am

Count your calories and go for a walk ???
OMG.You're brilliant.
posted 5-Jan-2010 4:40pm

posted 6-Jan-2010 9:03am

ok well i started taking the Phen like a year ago on and off i take them for a few months and dont for several months, i have lost 60lbs and i am now at a stand still need to lose like 20 more pounds ....i do work out 3days a week the Phen does work you just need to do your part and not abuse them thats all.... as for side affects lots and lots of water (not a bad thing thats for sure ), and i do have insomnia however i have had a total hysterectomy and that also causes insomnia . Yes everyone does have diff sideeffects but you should know that this pill should not be your only way to loose the weight i used it to jump start me with my weight issue at 30 i was weighing 195 at 5ft 2 not sooo sexy, now 31 weighing 135, you should never order these pills online without having the doctor to monitor you, there is a reason why you cant just go to GNC and purchase for breastfeeding i def would not do it if you eat natural foods your baby gets them from u to them why wouldnt a pill that helps you loose weight do anything, just saying my sister one time at pepporoni and for a week the baby was fussy (good luck with that) ask yourself would u give this pill to your baby ...prob not so you shouldnt take it while breastfeeding :) Phentermine does work just remember to get it from the doctor no a random Web Site
posted 7-Jan-2010 8:44pm

The person in orlando fl I know a place tampa fl his name is dr lynch and it works its 40 a week
posted 9-Jan-2010 9:27pm

I live in Northern KY, and am currently on a generic Adipex. I have healthy eating ahbits, except once a month when my body craves endless amounts of sweets! I like to workout - although I have a super busy schedule. I was at a point where I wanted to lose 15 pounds, to get to 130. I am 5'6". I have been a yo-yo for several years, and got sick of it. Everyone in my family (siblings, parents, aunts, etc) are overweight...many of them morbidly obese. They have many other health problems as well. When you're overweight - everything else follows! I began to life weights & change up my routine to become I can be stong, and live a long, healthy life. When I heard about this medicine from a person I know - I decided to give it a shot. I figure a ick in the right direction is always a plus. I was honest with my health history, and my families. This is important...and can help prevent deadly side affects. It has almost been 2 months, and I am 1 pound from my goal. If you use it wisely, and really work can benefit long term. If you eat crap, you will yo-yo back.
posted 12-Jan-2010 12:21pm

ok if taking these pills while breastfeeling wont hurt your baby why dont you go and drink a bottle while your at it. it wont hurt either right, why dont you ask your dumb ass f@#$ing doctor that. everything you eat drink take goes to your breastmilk that is just stupid. maybe your should do more research and this. i am a 19 year old mother of a 9 months old and i know better that to do some crap like that.
posted 12-Jan-2010 2:15pm

maybe you should do more research as well. many things that are transmitted through breastmilk are in such small amounts/traces that it has absolutely NO affect on the baby. I think it's so funny to hear uneducated people judge others based off of their opinions, not actual facts. You don't know any better than the next person. I would never take phentermine while breast feeding, but I'm also not going to judge anyone who has or does.
I've taken phentermine after having children and it helps. I would never purchase online. You never know what you are really getting. Only get it from a dr that prescribes it to you. You are asking for trouble if you don't go through a dr or medical professional.
The only side affects I've had is dry mouth and I felt a little odd, like I am a little buzzed but that wears off afer the first week. Now I'm normal, losing weight and not falling asleep the second my butt hits my couch in the evening after a long day. I won't use it long term, I have about 30 lbs to lose this time around and I will only use the pill for 2 months and after that I am doing it on my own.
posted 13-Jan-2010 3:03am

"I think it's so funny to hear uneducated people judge others based off of their opinions...."
You're a hypocrite.
posted 17-Jan-2010 9:49pm

HI phentrmine really works! Who ever wants to lose wieght you should take these pills !!They are the best!
posted 19-Jan-2010 12:27pm

Looking for a doctor in birmingham, alabama that will prescribe adipex
posted 20-Jan-2010 2:57pm

I have read everyone's post. Everyone has said they work. I am on day two. I don't have the jidders. I do not have this burst of energy. I don't feel bad.I haven't been eating as much. The desire is really not there to snack like I was. So hopefully when I go get a refill from my doctor I have lost some weight,,
posted 24-Jan-2010 12:14am

Looking for a doctor that prescribes adipex in the Dayton, oh area. I will not order online thanks
posted 24-Jan-2010 12:27am

To the breastfeeding ladies I am a masters degree nurse and your dr is an idiot. This med most certainly crosses into milk. It may be small amounts but, that is still like giving your child speed. Look it up in a drug book and view the pregnancy class.
posted 24-Jan-2010 12:31am

Why would you leave your email address on an open forum?
Do you think some doctor is going to email you?
Look in the yellow pages for a clinic or a diet doctor in your area.
They're everywhere.
Most of them will prescribe phentermine, all you have to do is ask.
And,if you want to pay more for the brand name Adipex, I'm sure they'll oblige you.
posted 28-Jan-2010 11:55am

I have also been told by my Dr. that taking phentermine while breastfeeding is ok to do. My Dr. is a nursing mother who takes this pill while she nurses...and her baby is completely effects at all on her baby who is 5 months old.
posted 2-Feb-2010 11:00am


Your doctor is an idiot---and you're a bigger idiot if you think this subject is debatable.

You say her 5 month old baby is completely healthy???

How would you know at this age what damage it might be doing?

Get back to us in a couple of years.
posted 3-Feb-2010 12:12pm

well her husband is a pharmacist, and he agrees that only 1% of the phentermine crosses in to breastmilk. I'm not taking phentermine I choose to wait until I wean my son from the breast, i'm just saying that she (doctor) takes it and her pharmacist husband says that it wont harm their baby.
posted 3-Feb-2010 1:30pm

Good. You should wait.

1%? How do they know that? Not everyone metabolizes it the same.

It doesn't matter.

People are going to be selfish and do what they want to do.

I wouldn't even take an aspirin while I was breastfeeding, and my diet was as pure and nutritious as I could make it.

I also stayed in the right frame of mind, I stayed calm and rested, something people on phen can't do.
posted 8-Feb-2010 5:05pm

hey, i want to purchase duromine 40 mg and 30 mg, i live in nz dose anyone know how this can be achieved?? my email is:
posted 9-Feb-2010 3:40pm

I have been reading through all the posts and I see people asking where they can get Phentermine/Adipex. I cannot imaging getting it from anyone but a licensed physician. I have been on Phentermine now for a week and have lost 6 pounds. This is my first go at it and I have been having trouble losing weight. I exercise 5 days a week (60 min cardio each day) and strength training. My metabolism basically was shot. The Phentermine has been a nice boost. I have more energy and definitely a decrease in appetite to the point where I can control in between meal cravings. Doctors do still prescribe this medication but you have to be overweight. If all you have is 15 pounds to lose, then you not going to get a prescription. Personally, I think anyone needing to lose weight should be given an opportunity to try this medication because it helps. I would never buy something from a website or email address not knowing anything about who is giving it to you and if it is real. I feels sorry for those of you begging constantly for help. Just go to your doctors...plain and simple.
posted 10-Feb-2010 9:18am

The only reason people are taking chances and getting it from some shady seller or website is because most doctors are very reluctant to prescribe it.
And, if they do prescribe it, they'll only prescribe it for a limited amount of time ( 3-6 months )
After that, you're on your own. Your appetite will go back to the way it was before you took phentermine and you'll find yourself right back where you started.
Unless you can find a doctor who will prescribe it for maintenance you're in a no win situation.
Good luck.
posted 10-Feb-2010 2:08pm

Hello, I wanted to share my experience. I have 6 kids, one of which is a year old. I am not obese, I just had about 15 pounds of left over baby weight to lose (really 20 pounds according to my BMI but I would settle for 15). I work full time and because of work, I had no time to work out and didnt want to take any time away from my babies. I went to a doctor and told him my situation and he prescribed me Phentermine, I loved it!! I can swear by it. I started losing weight right away. And since I wasn't hungry all the time I used my lunch hour to work out for 30 minutes (twice a week) which I would have never done before because I had no will power and all I thought about during lunch was going out and buying french fries.
While on the pills I didn't starve myself, I was very responsible while taking the drug; I "made" myself eat something healthy like salads and lots of fruit. This drug is great for people who love to snack on crap like I did. The only thing I thought was weird was that it didn't make my heart go crazy nuts, it actually made me sleepy, which I read that someone else had a similar side affect, so now I think I have ADHD. But the good thing was that it curved my appetite and help me make healthy choices when I was hungry. I only took it for 1 month, I haven't gained any weight back and my body seemed to get use to being on it. I lost like 7 pounds while taking the pills. Now it's been two months later and although I haven't gained it back I still haven't lost anything additional. I am thinking about going back on it, for those last 8 pounds!

I know this may not be the same results for everyone, after all, everyones "body" is different. All I can say is that this worked for me, and I love it and I plan to do it again.
posted 11-Feb-2010 10:33am

I took Adipex for 3 months and lost weight. I was worried about when I went off that my appetite would return. While on the Adipex, I took advantage of not having an appetite and learned to eat correctly and shrink my appetite. When I went off, I was a bit more hungry but not to the point where I had uncontrollable eating. If you use the medication correctly and make lifestyle changes (like you should with any diet) you will learn how to eat and exercise so you can maintain without the drug. If most of you believe that you will have to take the drug the rest of your life to maintain then I agree with doctors in being reluctant to prescribe it. You have to make the committment to change and not just rely on the medication. There is no luck involved...its common sense!

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