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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 12-Feb-2010 12:38am

Does anyone know the number to the clinic in south shore kentucky that sells adipex?
Nurse Betty
posted 12-Feb-2010 3:29pm

Hi Anonymous in LA, not sure if you are still around, but if you are just wondering would you still recommend femne? I used phentermine 30mg (blue/white balls in a capsule) years ago and it really does work, but like everyone else I am having the hardest time locating a legit supplier. So many here have bad-mouthed femne, you seem to be one of few on their side, without them paying you to be, hopefully:)
posted 13-Feb-2010 4:52pm

I am doing the Phentermine diet as of right now and it absolutely works..DONOT I repeat DONOT order this medication online..the stuff they sell online is full of paint,lead and other crap.Needless to say they are horrible decoys.There are side effects mentioned from the drug,and you can only imagine how humiliated you will behaving to tell a Dr. that you bought some crap off the internet.That wont sound very smart at all will it? Phentermine is no better than using Meth or Ecstacy while pregnant because it is a stimulant..the dose is very little in amount,but very ridiculous to even do.We all know that you need proper nutrition while pregnant or breastfeeding for that matter.There are some doctors in the US that don't stand behind Adipex so you'll have to do some research and some looking around.. Be safe!
posted 16-Feb-2010 2:58pm

What is the Phentermine diet? Does that mean you are taking Phentermine? You mention it is no better than Meth or Ecstacy but I would beg to differ with you....Phentermine definitely is a stimulant but to compare it to meth is a bit harsh don't you think??? Does that mean my ADHD son who takes a stimulant to help him focus is equivalent to a meth addict? A bit insulting unless of course I misunderstood your point above....please clarify.
posted 17-Feb-2010 9:34am

Hey, Miss "common sense" .....DUH!

I didn't say losing weight and keeping it off was a matter of luck.

I said good luck finding a doctor who will prescribe it for maintenance.

When you find yourself slipping, and you will, good luck with just using your willpower.

Which, by the way, if that willpower of yours was any good, you wouldn't have needed phentermine to begin with.
posted 18-Feb-2010 2:18am

My point is this..When I mentioned Meth and Ecstacy compared to Phentermine I am simply stating that side effects to baby could be harmful due to the fact that Amphetamine increases the amount of Dopamine and Norepinephrine.This is something that a baby doesnt need! Yes it seems a bit harsh to say that Adderall or what ever is in likeness of some street trash,and by all means your baby isnt a meth addict.If you do research you will find that Methamphetamine is an actual FDA approved drug and used in treatment in ADHD under a name called Desoxyn.Anyway my whole point was to raise awarenesss that you should be careful of what can be passed on to baby,or and medication for that matter...Yes,I am doing the Adipex-P (Phentermine) Diet and it has lost 30pds in 5 wks. =0)
posted 18-Feb-2010 8:20am

Thanks for clarifying...Can I ask what is the Adipex-P diet? Do you eat special foods? I have not heard of this...I am doing okay on Phentermine, averaging about 2 pounds a week, but if there is an actual program you can do with it to increase weight loss, I would love to hear about it...Thanks.
posted 18-Feb-2010 10:10am

Hey Miss "Good luck"...for your information....I took the Phentermine to help control my appetite and give me energy when I first started out on my diet. It gave me the edge I needed to cut my calories and exercise. Obviously, there are some people who stop taking the drug and gain everything back plus some...and I would bet that most of that is because they did not use the opportunity while on the medication to learn to eat properly and see the advantage of exercise. I have been off medication for quite some time and have not gained ANY weight back because I continued to eat and exercise...Obviously willpower has to play some part because if we all gave into eating whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted...we would have an epidemic of obesity....oh yeaaa...we already you think that we all got this fat because we exercise and eat properly??? No...we have learned to indulge and not commit and be realistic. When I first started dieting, I needed help because my willpower as you put it would lose out to hunger. Phentermine will help with that but in order for you to maintain after you stop have to have learned something in the months you were on it and not just take it and assume you will never be hungry and have to invoke willpower ever again. Your comment of "good luck" was pessimistic and condescending. I am just trying to encourage those out there taking it and making headway to realize that they need to understand that without changing the way they think and eat, you are right they will need luck, but it is not inevitable as you seem to state it is! You make it sound like everyone is doomed to fail when they stop taking it. I just explained the reason why they will and I also gave the solution on how to prevent it... Point and case can spin my comments any way you want but any reasonable person can see that there are ways to stay thin after stopping...It's up to them and not buying some lucky rabbits foot for luck!
posted 18-Feb-2010 10:18am




posted 18-Feb-2010 10:43am

Hi Ya'll....I was just reading some of the posts and now I am nervous about taking Adipex. I have been on it now for 7 weeks and am losing weight but scared that I will gain everything back. My doc did tell me I would have to stick to a well balanced meal plan and definitely exercise routinely after I am off the medication so I don't gain it all back. I have lost 21 pounds so far and have another 35 to lose. I have been having to remind myself to eat and I love the energy. I don't think I would ever buy anything over the internet that says it is Adipex as I have heard it is not the same and people get scammed. I hope I can loose this weight and keep it off but now ya'll got me thinking I may not be able to.
posted 18-Feb-2010 1:37pm

ARchdR I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please churning hold the contents. It is very entertaining.
posted 18-Feb-2010 3:45pm

posted 19-Feb-2010 12:54am

Looking for a doctor in Indianapolis Indiana, can anyone help me? PLEASE! If so, e-mail me at
plump and lucious
posted 19-Feb-2010 7:15am

Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know on this website that there are other phentermine forum sites that actually have people dieting and succeeding....of course the catch is you have to register with the site. They don't allow posts regarding websites as to where to buy on-line so if you interested in a good, informative support group, seek elsewhere. This site does not seem to hold up to that standard. I found it this week and am officially going there...have only been viewing here but very disappointed to see that there is no one really posting success stories.
posted 19-Feb-2010 10:59am

plump and lucious....what other websites are you referring to? This site has a lot of very judgemental people waiting for someone they can cut down. I'd love to find another site with other's in the same boat.
I have been taking phentermine for 6 weeks and have lost about 13 lbs, I still have about 20 more to go but i noticed that the first week or so it worked great, then the 3rd and 4th week i didn't lose a single lb because I wasn't eating at all and pretty sure I was screwing up my metabolism. I started eating small healthy meals/snacks every 2-3 hours and doing moderate exercise and in the first week of doing that I dropped 4 lbs instantly. You definitely have to use this pill to make changes, not just hope you can drop the weight without effort. Diet and Exercise go hand in hand, there really isn't a way around it to lose and maintain weight forever.
Plump and Lucious
posted 19-Feb-2010 3:56pm

The website I am referring to is called You can go on and view all the posts but if you want to post, you have to register and it takes a few days before you are granted access but you can view all you want. It is very helpful and the people all support each other. I too have been taking Phen now for about 3 weeks. The first couple weeks I did great and this week, I have kinda stayed the same and am very frustrated. I do cardio 5 days a week at least 60 minutes and 3 days a week weights. I have been doing that for 7 weeks and so I am perplexed as to why I all of a sudden am not dropping. I am sure it will budge but the website I mentioned is a great place to post your questions and get positive support. I agree...the people on this site are cutting and I think rather mean at times. Good luck!
posted 20-Feb-2010 11:25am

Hey Miss "willpower",
How long have you been off phen? A year? Two?
Or has it only been a few months? You'll see. Slowly but surely.

Start rubbing that rabbits foot ( whoever thought they should represent luck should be punished---poor rabbits ) and think positive.
Maybe you'll be in that 3% of the population that never gains back any weight.
posted 21-Feb-2010 6:24pm

Off Phen you ask? You mean the real Phen right? Not that crap they are selling on the internet right? I've been off Phen for approximately 14 months. Because I learned to eat right and exercise, I did not gain any of the weight back. So take that and put it where the sun doesn't shine...Miss "attitude without a brain". Why don't you do some research before you post anymore on this website....3% of the population? Get your facts straight. And let me add that I told you unless you change how you eat and institute exercise, you will probably gain it all back. My point (if you read the above thread I wrote) was to inspire those dieting now to change their habits so they can be successful. Are you saying (and let me get this straight) that even those that learn to eat properly and exercise will still (STILL) gain their weight back and are doomed to be fat? You could not be more I take that will probably post some retarded comment after I post.

Phentermine (not the crap on the internet from Mexico...or China or wherever else your trying to get it) causes the seratonin levels to increase which affect your appetite. Because it is a stimulant, you also get increased energy. That's why you lose the weight and if you did nothing else...when you stop, will gain it back because you relied on the Phen to keep your appetite at bay and it to regulate your energy. point....and let me make it clear for you can prevent this from happening by creating your own energy and appetite suppressant through exercise and eating properly. I am so sorry that this is way above your comprehension level to digest.. I feel for you. It must be hard having an IQ of 90!

Again...I have been off and made the changes I needed to keep the weight off...plain and simple. Unless you have some medical reason for excessive weight gain, science does not support your idea that people will gain it back just because the Phentermine has been stopped. Again...get your facts straight before you post...
posted 22-Feb-2010 10:15pm

Get my facts straight before I post.....or what?
Calm down douche bag.
Why don't you tell everyone, AGAIN, that you have to diet and exercise after you stop taking phen. We had no idea.
Good night, genius.

p.s. Don't slip!
posted 22-Feb-2010 10:18pm

Oh, before I forget---
Don't think about chocolate cake.
posted 23-Feb-2010 7:47am

Wow! The maturity is amazing. Douche bag? What are you straight out of the 80's? Chocolate cake hummmm...lets see....oh problem cause I have "willpower" remember?
posted 23-Feb-2010 10:55am

I lost a lot of weight on phentermine and I kept it off for almost 3 years but as soon as I got pregnant forget it. My SIL had the same thing happen to her and my cousin. I'm going to try and get more phen after I'm done breast feeding.
I don't know anyone who hasn't gained back weight after losing it.
I think the lady who thinks willpower is all you need doesn't tell the truth.
posted 23-Feb-2010 4:07pm

You mentioned you kept it off for 3 years. Did you have to take Phen to maintain?
posted 24-Feb-2010 9:45am

fyi. you cant gain wt if you dont consume more cals than ur body needs. cant dispute science. if you eat more than ur body needs it turns extra cals to fat. thats why peeps gain back wt after dieting. they eat 2 much. Meds are good at helping u lose wt. Phen helps u eat less. you cant get the real phen over the internet. it's illegal to get w/o rx. anything you get over internet is bogus. fed govt would have shut down real operation. be smart folks. educ. yourself on how ur body works and u wont need meds to maintain.
posted 24-Feb-2010 11:38am

I got it from online and it was real. When I first took it I took it everyday and after I lost all my weight I took it every once in a while for 3 years.
I took it over the holidays and sometimes on the weekends and I took it before I went on vacation and times like that. I probably would have put on weight without it because I started to feel more hungry around food like I used to.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped. I still have some left and I'm going to start taking it as soon as I stop breastfeeding.
posted 25-Feb-2010 12:13pm

I agree with you---that "willpower" lady isn't telling the truth.
( I think she's a total gas bag )
If she's been off phen for 14 months---and thinks all you need is willpower---what is she doing in a phentermine/Adipex forum??? hahaha

btw, Congratulations and good luck!
posted 25-Feb-2010 12:18pm

Tell us something we don't already know. hahaha
posted 25-Feb-2010 6:38pm

look. i was just helping u dont have to be like that. you can take what i said and do what you want. im a trainer at a gym and i help people figure it all out. some are on meds and i understand how they help. my job is to give em some extra help so when they come off the med. some do gain wt back no matter what. do what u want with the info I gave but dont be a prick. hahahaha back at u @sshole.
posted 26-Feb-2010 8:31am

Gotcha'! ( temper temper )
I wasn't disagreeing with you.
You're a trainer, huh? Maybe it's the steroids.
You're forgiven.
posted 28-Feb-2010 8:13am

Looking for a doctor that prescribes in NYC thanks!
posted 2-Mar-2010 10:02am

Use the yellow pages. There are weight loss clinics who will prescribe it as long as you meet their criteria.
posted 3-Mar-2010 2:47am

I'm a 43yr old male from Surrey in the UK. I've been getting Phentermine (Duromine) for approx 10yrs from 2 seperate diet clinics locally - do they work? YES !!! weight loss is dramatic however i am now back to the same weight that i was 10yrs ago - the problem being that as soon as one stops taking the med, appetite returns and weight gain is also dramatic. Should i have tried to change my eating habits into a more healthy diet - certainly YES but i am frankly no better at accomplishing that now than i was all those years ago. I pay 65.00p for a one month supply 1x 30mg and 1x15mg (Total of 45mg per day) Will i continue to use phentermine? YES. Am i a fool to continue to use phentermine? again . . YES!
posted 4-Mar-2010 11:32am

i am lookin for a doctor in columbus ohio who gives adipexs...if u know of 1, please e-mail me
posted 6-Mar-2010 12:57pm

Hi all! I just started taking phentermine - 37.5 mg - one pill is too much for me as i feel wierd mentally -I get too focused. I now take 1/2 pill every morning AFTER exercise and it seems to last the entire day. (I just started). My problem is ... right after i take it (like 5-10 min) my heart hurts. Sharp pain. Then it goes away and i am fine. Yes, I know, the best thing to do would be to stop taking it however, anyone out there who is overweight knows that after awhile you will do almost anything to not be anymore (was bulimic for a few years - got over it - but mentally, I still "use" food as a crutch - carbs) anyways, point is that i am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if so, are they still alive? :) In essence, I am being comical but i can't help but let it bother me a little. Doc says this is ok (acutally all docs have) and yes, I have gotten my heart checked and monitor BP and heart rate. I guess, I just feel like you are your own best doctor - (BTW - I REFUSED to take any medicine up until now just for this reason - I am a chicken to take any meds ... ). Any input is awesome and thank you!!!
posted 6-Mar-2010 10:36pm

Hello All! I am a 22year old female..I never had a weight problem until I had my two kids, My youngest is a 1 year old and Ive tried evey diet, weight watchers, alli..everything in the past year to loose my baby weight and nothing is working. Just wondering how much you have to be over weight in order for a Dr to prescribe phentermine?? Im 5'7 and weigh 170lbs, thinking about going to a Dr to see if I'll get it but I dont want to be denied..That will suck because then I dont know what I'll do
posted 6-Mar-2010 10:49pm

If anyone knows of a reputable Dr that prescribes phentermine in the Baltimore Maryland area please let me know..Thanks Alot
posted 7-Mar-2010 11:22am

Check out Dr. Branch at

He has several affiliates and you can see if any of them are in your area.

You only need one face to face visit with one of the doctors. After that you just go online when you need a refill, which they call in to the pharmacy of your choice.

By the way, he also believes in using phentermine for maintenance!
posted 9-Mar-2010 8:11am

Anyone use clobenzorex? If so, how good is it compared to phen?
posted 10-Mar-2010 9:39am

Who sells American phen on
(not that Mexican crap)
posted 13-Mar-2010 7:04pm

Do anyone sell adipex in thousandoaks, california ?
posted 18-Mar-2010 8:07am

If you want Adipex you'll have to get a prescription from a doctor.
It costs more than the generics that are out there but it's worth it.
You can't find it online anymore and anyone who says they're selling Adipex is lying. If you're lucky they'll send you a generic. The most common ones out there now are white with blue specks and have MP273 imprinted on them and they're not very good.
posted 18-Mar-2010 2:49pm

I see I made the big mistake of ordering online phen!!! :( I received the pills in a prescription bottle and they have the imprint A 159 on them....but I feel absolutely no difference! Can fakes really look this real???
posted 18-Mar-2010 5:02pm

Acxion fentermina are also small white pills with blue specks. They have an A159 imprint and they look like the old A159 American phentermine by Actavis, which is no longer around.
If you're not feeling anything then they could be old expired pills or they could be counterfeit.
Who did you order from?
posted 19-Mar-2010 12:34pm

What is the maximum number of Adipex/Phentermine 37.5 pills that can legally be filled at a pharmacy per month?
posted 20-Mar-2010 12:08pm

Most doctors nowadays are overly cautious when it comes to phen.
Most of them will prescribe just one a day, sometimes two.
I'm guessing the amount that can be legally prescribed per month would be up to your doctor.
posted 21-Mar-2010 5:06am

Does anyone know where I can get duromine in uk? I live in hertfordshire, thanks.
posted 22-Mar-2010 9:25am

You can get 30 pills per month from a pharmacy...
posted 22-Mar-2010 12:10pm

Oh, Anonymous, 30 pills from your local pharmacy. Really? tsk

To the person in the UK,
Someone named Pasedena on sell dot com has it.
Also toprxsavings dot com has it ( under a code name )
posted 22-Mar-2010 6:23pm

Geenic have you really been getting phentermine in surrey? Would really like to get hold of some but really worried by the sites that seem to stock it. Cannot afford to pay so far over the odds to risk being ripped off.
posted 23-Mar-2010 7:31am

posted 23-Mar-2010 7:32am

posted 23-Mar-2010 7:37pm

Yes, 30 pills from the pharmacy. Not sure why you made that comment. I am on prescription Phen from my doctor. She can only prescribe 30 pills at a time. The pharmacy fills that prescription and I get only 30. Sorry if that offended someone.
posted 24-Mar-2010 12:52pm

A lot of people can't get a prescription for it.
If they could just pick up 30 pills a month at their local pharmacy they probably wouldn't be sniffing around here.
posted 24-Mar-2010 9:32pm

I understood the question to be how many pills can be "filled" from the pharmacy. Usually when we talk about "filling" something from the pharmacy, it implies a prescription. I cannot image anybody thinking they can just go to a pharmacy and ask for 30 pills without a prescription so I understood the question to many pills can "legally" be filled at a pharmacy...the answer is 30.
posted 25-Mar-2010 8:33am

Or 60, if phentermine is prescribed twice a day.
Or 90, if 35mg. phen-d is prescribed three times a day.
The question was>
How many pills can legally be filled at a pharmacy?
The answer is>
Whatever the prescription calls for.
posted 25-Mar-2010 8:55pm

Okay. I went back and re-read the question which is something I suggest YOU do. The question was how many Adipex/Phentermine 37.5 mg can be filled "legally" at the pharmacy. No doctor will prescribe 37.5 mg Adipex twice a day or three times a day. Regulations only allow 1 pill a day of that strength, thereby, the prescription would be for a dispense of 30 pills. The person did not ask about phen-d 35 mg so take your pissy-ass attitude and don't try and correct other people's posts when they are the ones that read and answered the question CORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! (idiot)
posted 26-Mar-2010 9:09am

Wrong. Again.
Two 37.5mg tablets twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, is often prescribed to patients whose doctors have allowed them to take it for 6 months or more.
And, sometimes they will prescribe one 30mg. slow release capsule in the morning and one 37.5 tablet in the afternoon.

Also, phen-d (phendimetrazine) 35mg. tablets are prescribed up to three times a day, so 90 pills a month are often "legally" filled.

Same goes for Didrex.

How many pills can be "legally" filled a month?
Whatever the prescription calls for, dummy.

( couldn't stay away, could you? ) hehehe
posted 26-Mar-2010 9:19am

Im trying to find adipex or the generic. I have no problem seeing a doctor for it but cant find one to prescribe it in San Antonio Tx. I don't trust buying it online. Have done so and got ripped. Does anybody know were I could go? Please help been looking forever!!!!
posted 26-Mar-2010 10:18am

Dr. Branch is in Texas and he's definitely an advocate when it comes to this drug.
He even thinks it's okay for maintenance!
One face to face meeting is all you'll need and the rest is done online.
His website is
Idiots worst nightmare
posted 26-Mar-2010 10:26pm

What is the maximum number of Adipex/Phentermine 37.5 pills that can legally be filled at a pharmacy per month?

Answer: 30.

Idiot cannot read thereby idiot should not post...but then again...Idiot likes to read his/her own words over and over and over and over and over and well, you get it. Idiot is just ignorant too. hehehe
posted 27-Mar-2010 10:33am

when i had a prescription for adipex with dr.branch i got more than 30 adipex. i got prozac and phentermine combo and i took 1 prozac and 1 phen in the morning and 1/2 phen in the afternoon. i got 45 adipex and 30 prozac a month for 4 months in a row.
posted 27-Mar-2010 11:00am

It looks like someone got suckered by the little anonymous monster.
I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Idiots worst nightmare
posted 27-Mar-2010 11:32am

I was wrong.
Please forgive me, anonymous.

I cannot read thereby I should not post...but then again...I likes to read my own words over and over and over and over and over and well, you get it. I is just ignorant. hehehe
posted 27-Mar-2010 12:19pm

Dear Idiots worst nightmare,
I forgive you , you silly sow.
Now take your laxatives and clear your head.

posted 28-Mar-2010 10:23am

Idiots worst nightmare has sh*t for brains! LOL!
You can get 90 pills a month if you know where to look.
posted 29-Mar-2010 11:57am

Tell me where to look!
posted 29-Mar-2010 12:56pm

Why not start by looking up idiots @ss!! That would be a great place to start since idiot stalks this website with nothing better to do than to antagonize anyone who posts here. I always knew that there were seriously challenged adults out there. Just did not realize they stalk websites and post fake names and posts pretending to be someone else...What an incredible loser. Your mother must be proud of you idiot. So proud. And your children? Do they know you are a cyberbully and F-ck-Wad??? I'd be ashamed to have you as a spouse, a parent and a child. You are pathetic and you are truly mentally disturbed! Go ahead and keep posting your sick little conversations amongst you and your bi-polar split personality. Your sick and everyone who comes here knows it. Bye bye the biggest and I mean biggest @ss I have ever come across on the internet you are truly evil in every way!
posted 29-Mar-2010 12:58pm

Oh, here let me do this for you....hehehe hehehe hehehe...
posted 29-Mar-2010 1:21pm

Oh, and one more thing,
Because I got so worked up over this
I guess that makes me the biggest,
and I mean biggest @ss ever on the internet!
posted 29-Mar-2010 2:10pm

thats for sure! lol
posted 31-Mar-2010 12:57pm

WTH? It looks like that Anonymous poster lost their mind.
I heard that some people get short tempered and paranoid when they take phen, I just never saw it in writing.
posted 31-Mar-2010 11:20pm

If anyone knows of a reputable Dr that prescribes phentermine in the Boston Massachusetts area please let me know..Thanks Alot
posted 2-Apr-2010 7:35pm

This Board has degenrated so completely that I don't think I'll be back unless I need a laugh. If you are serious about offering and receiving support, is the place to go. Sign up for free... it takes a couple of days for your account to be activated, but it's not a complete waste of time.

Good luck.
posted 3-Apr-2010 12:23pm's not a complete waste of time.
Who doesn't like seeing the occasional meltdown of someone with too much phen coursing through their veins?
I mean's funny. is okay, it's a nice forum, (I've spent time there myself)
but there are better places if you want info about where to get phen.
I'm just saying.

Happy Easter.
Stay away from the chocolate bunnies.
posted 3-Apr-2010 12:43pm

Hey...Anonymous...the one above me,
You wouldn't by any chance be our very own crazy Anonymous trying to look normal now, would you?
It's okay. *winks*
As long as you're feeling better, it's all good.

(just kidding )
posted 4-Apr-2010 3:56am

Hi everyone, I started taking phentermine 37.5 on Nov 2, 2009. To date I have lost 42lbs. I am in the best shape I have been in for years. I have a lot more energy, and I am actually able to do more than just come home and sit on the couch. I want to tell everyone that you should not rely solely on a pill to get the weight off and maintain it. I completely changed my lifestyle, and my relationship with food. I got away from my desk job, and started working as a medical assistant, instead of watching my son's baseball practices, I walk at least a mile after work while he is practicing at the same field. I eat small portions throughout the day, and snack lightly with fruit or trail mix, etc. I try my best to follow the food pyramid, and have a variety in my diet. I am going to take the med one more month, and see how close I can get to my goal of losing another 14 lbs. to reach by BMI of 25 (Healthy) and then go it alone. I am closing in on a size 8 which I have not seen in almost 16 years. I have had no side effects at all from the med. I am planning to take a vitamin with metabolism once I get off of phentermine. I contribute my energy to changing my lifestyle to lose the weight. I was skeptical about a diet pill, but i did extensive research, and really got information from my physician about my health risk, etc. No physician that I know will tell you to stay on it for very long. And definitely drink plenty of water. I love any flavor of crystal light with it too. there are also many vitamin waters with 0 calories as well Sobee is awesome with their new line of flavored waters. Good Luck to everyone with their weight loss. God Bless
posted 4-Apr-2010 9:47am

Congratulations. I also lost weight taking phen and it changed my life.
Your positive attitude is part of the 'high' of being skinny again.
Nothing feels better than being in control.
Kinda like, 'Nothing tastes as good as being being skinny feels'.

I hope it stays that way for you. It didn't for me.
After about a year and a half I started to slowly gain.
Before I knew it, 15 lbs. were back...and I wasn't even being "bad"!
I panicked and got back on phen for 2 months.
I lost the 15 lbs. and breathed a sigh of relief.
Still watching what I ate and still working out 3-4 times a week, a year later, 10 lbs. were back. I couldn't believe it.
Got back on phen for 3 months this time.
Lost the 10 lbs.
Kept it off for a while and then I'd slowly gain.
Took phen again, weight came off again.
Are you getting the picture?
Even though I never gained backed the 40 lbs. I initially lost, I can't help but feel I would have if I didn't stop it with phen.

There's something about this pill that changes you--either physically or psychologically--forever.
posted 4-Apr-2010 10:02am

"Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"
posted 5-Apr-2010 4:24pm

looking for a prescribing doctor in/near lakeland Florida. Any help appreciated.
posted 6-Apr-2010 8:23am

Look in the yellow pages.
Check out Weight Loss Clinics.
Also, Bariatric surgeons.
posted 6-Apr-2010 2:26pm

Your the crazy one!!!Your the one with too much phen in you!!!!!The only reason your here is to make a nusance of yourself and to make other people look like fools. Nobody should take phen all there life to keep weight off...only you!!idiot!It's so obvios you don't get it!
posted 7-Apr-2010 9:48am is in Florida.
It's similar to Dr. B's in Texas.
One face to face visit is all you need and then for a fee you can get all your refills
posted 7-Apr-2010 10:01am

BY the way, "Anonymous", you're the one making a fool of yourself.

And,if you're going to keep having tantrums, learn how to spell.
posted 7-Apr-2010 10:17am

The email is
posted 7-Apr-2010 6:01pm

OK. What is wrong with you people? Anyone who believes you can get Phentermine online is a fool and will get scammed. There is someone on this forum who wants you to believe that you need Phentermine your whole life to stay thin and that the real stuff is for sale on line (if you know the right website to purchase from). This person apparently is the one who will scam you and wants to make sure that anyone who come here (like myself) to warn others to not purchase on line. This person most likely is the one pulling the ropes and so even after this post, like the ones above, will write something nasty and rude about me. Be prepared. This person has nothing better to do than to monitor this site for those of us that would discredit their illegal drug selling tactics.

You should never purchase Phentermine on line because it is not Phentermine. It is prescribed by and monitored by physicians. This is the legal approach to obtaining this particular diet supplement. There are many types of Adipex/Phentermine and what you receive will be at the discretion of your physician. I would like to correct a statement that was written above, no doubt by the illegal distributor who hovers over this site and posts crude comments. Adipex/Phentermine 37.5 is not usually dosed at 2 pills per day. It is dosed at 1 pill per day and often patients are asked to split the dose in half for the first two weeks. Rarely will the pill be allowed twice a day for the severe side effects it can cause.

I hope anyone who comes here for honest advice realizes that you this forum is being used to distribute bogus Phentermine and you will be scammed. If you continue to visit this site, you will be given false information and berated for standing up to the person who posts here constantly, insisting everyone is wrong and makes a mockery of every word they type.
posted 8-Apr-2010 12:43am

Still trying to find a dr who prescribes Phentermine in the Boston area. Contacted Dr. B, but his practice doesn't have any referring physicians in the Northeast yet. If any one knows of a way to get an MD that would help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
posted 8-Apr-2010 10:10am

There are good sellers and bad sellers, real drugs and counterfeits.
It's always been that way.
And long before the Ryan Haight Act went into effect.
It's nothing new.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive.

I've read some nonsense here, but I've also read some things that were helpful, and perfectly legitimate.
I guess anyone who doesn't feel that way SHOULDN'T visit here.
posted 8-Apr-2010 10:16am

By the way,
Nikki--INSISTING that NO doctor would EVER prescribe 2 pills a day only proves that you really don't know what you're talking about.
You're dismissed.
posted 8-Apr-2010 10:37am

One more thing Nikki,
The person who supposedly is trying to "scam" people are they doing that if they're not giving out any information about where to get it?
Stupid a-s-s.
posted 8-Apr-2010 12:22pm

OK...enough with all these people who are all self-righteous. Find someone else to judge...go away, you are annoying. I ordered from a website recently. I will let all of you know how it works for me. I had a prescription for 3 mos and lost 30 lbs. I cant get another script from the dr until Aug and want to take 1 every other day until then. I am getting married in Oct and need to feel good about how I look! Also, FYI I ordered from the contact 'fenme' and that source is good; however the online phen i just ordered was less expensive. If that doesn't work I will definately contact 'fenme' again. :)
posted 8-Apr-2010 4:53pm

Believe what you will. I told you the stalker of this post would come on and defend their actions by making me look like I don't know what I am talking about. Well, I do. I am a pharmacist and I only came to this website after a friend of mine who recently began taking Phentermine for weight loss stumbled upon this looking for a forum to go and post success and questions. She was concerned with issues and information being presented here and asked me what I thought. After reading many of the posts, most of which are either berating each other or trying to sell "illegal" and most likely fake versions of Phentermine, I made an attempt to correct many of the misstatements and facts.

Believe what you will. It's my belief that perhaps this is a website that lures people in looking for information and facts about Phentermine but in reality is exactly what I thought it to be. A ruse to sell something bogus in an attempt to scam others of their hard-earned money. Shame on those of you that pray on the weak and shame on those of you who refuse to face the truth.

With regard to the person who is trying to scam people by selling and not posting a website? Look at the postings. Anyone can pop in a name and act like another person. There are plenty of posts that elude to Fenme and other allegedly legit sites. There is a really smart scammer on this forum and they are preying on naive people who do not have product knowledge.

Again, I have filled many prescriptions for weight loss medications including Adipex 37.5. It is prescribed as 1 pill per day and as I said above, on rare occasions may be increased to 1.5 or 2 pills in rare instances. This is not the norm. Perhaps the scammer would like you to believe you need to take 2 of the bogus pills you would receive so that they could have you order larger amounts thus lining their pockets with your money.

I wish anyone and everyone here the best of luck in trying to find Phentermine online. I also wish you the best of luck in trying to figure out what is actually in the pill you receive (if you receive anything). Many of these scammers have been known to fill it with chalk and powder that do absolutely nothing and could seriously damage your body. You can either accept the truth by someone who has nothing to gain from you believing what they post, or continue buying into what the scammer on this website continues to defend their action with by acting innocent and surprised that someone has pulled the curtain back and exposed their shady little deal.

I wish nothing but the best for all of you, including the scammer. That person needs help and I truly feel sorry for that person.
posted 8-Apr-2010 7:54pm

get off your high horse would ya! i hope you arent talking about me!?! the website i ordered from was no hiding anything here. hey maybe it is a scam...maybe not. shame on me if it is. the sad reality is this: you can get ANYTHING online if you know where to look. i found this forum because i know there are alot of ppl out there who want it. and uhhh...LOVE IT! why do you care what other people do so much? anyway, i am supposed to get my order of 60 pills tomorrow. i cant wait! i have had real success with adipex and i really dont care if it costs me. i dont think im alone. clearly we are desperate! LOL its true. I want to be skinny and feel great about myself. go judge someone else somewhere else. Geeeeeez :p
posted 9-Apr-2010 1:06am

I agree. Get lost you self rightous boob.
If you're a pharmacist then I'm the Queen of England.
Blow me.
posted 9-Apr-2010 1:12am

Oh crap....I spelled righteous wrong.
I hate when that happens.
posted 9-Apr-2010 1:25am

Anyway, Good luck, Artzee.
I hope you get nice and skinny for your wedding.

I've never used fenme butI've heard good things about two other sellers on
One begins with a P and one begins with an H.
posted 9-Apr-2010 6:09am

Who's the scammer here? Hmmm? Who's the boogie man?
You and your friend "Anonymous" are the ones who need help.
posted 9-Apr-2010 8:10am

Truth hurts and it is often discarded when people want to rationalize irrational behaviors. Artzee, if you are truly overweight, you should be able to get Adipex from a doctor. The cost is less than $30 for 30 pills at any given pharmacy (no insurance needed). I would suspect that the reason you are looking for it on this site is because you are using it for reasons other than weight loss. Good luck with whatever arrives to you in the next few days.
posted 9-Apr-2010 12:07pm

Some people use it to get skinny.
Some people use it to stay skinny.
What other reason is there?
posted 9-Apr-2010 1:44pm I said before, I have taken it under the care of a Dr., however only for three months...and I have to wait 6 months to get it again. I do not want to wait.
posted 9-Apr-2010 1:57pm

hey, thanks too! :)
dooobiee dooobiee dooooooo....i got my phen phen...dooobiee dooobiee dooooooooooo

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