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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 9-Apr-2010 2:59pm

Hello, I weighed 306, and am 5'10. I had a friend who saw this diet doctor in Northeast Ohio. I had to go see him in Hermitage, PA. I lost 96 lbs since August of 2009. His name was Dr. Hobbs, here is his number (724) 342 1080, best decision of my life.
posted 10-Apr-2010 7:28am

Wow! Almost 100 lbs! Congratulations.
I'm assuming he gave you a script for phen---isn't it great?
I love phen, it makes me happy.
posted 10-Apr-2010 7:47am

doooobeeee doooobeeee doooooo, I love my phen pills
doooobeeee doooobeeee doooooo, give me my refills
doooobeeee doooobeeee doooooo, I'm just too smart for my own good
posted 10-Apr-2010 8:23am

To the "Anonymous" poster above who, in just one post, called someone
"F-ck-Wad", "evil", "bi-polar", "loser", "stalker" "pathetic", "idiot", "mentally disturbed", AND who dragged someones children, spouse, and mother into their
diatribe...tsk tsk.
You went over the Nastiness Per Post maximum and you will be fined.
posted 10-Apr-2010 9:32am

Artzee. Have you ever considered Meridia. A lot of people have great benefits from this. It suppresses the appetite and also has a mood enhancement in place of the energy from Adipex/Phentermine which many have said they enjoy more. As far as another reason for Adipex/Phentermine. Granted, most people use it to lose weight and would love to use it as a maintenance supplement but there are also those that use it for the properties of the "buzz" or energy increase they receive when taking it. Many people become dependent/addicted to these properties and so you will find many people wanting to be on it for this affect. Some people have posted here in true honesty that they are looking for Phentermine for this very reason and no other. It is that very reason that this particular drug has had to come under regulation. It became apparent to the medical commununity that it was being used for other purposes aside from the weight loss property. It is an unfortunate reality. There are only two states in the US where a physician cannot prescribe beyond 3 months, requiring a 6 month break before restarting the medication. If you do not live in one of these states, then it would be up to your physician whether you could obtain this prescription beyond 3 months. Many people have been prescribed refills for over 12 months as they continue to lose weight. I have seen physicians prescribe it for maintenance well, although on rare occasions. People who live in the states where the physicians are restricted are often prescribed Meridia for 6 months and then are put back on Adipex/Phentermine once the break in medication has ended.
posted 10-Apr-2010 10:16am

Write shorter posts, or break them up and write more than one.
Maybe double space.
My eyes tend to glaze over when I see all that writing on a board.
I'm not the only one who feels that way so it's not like I'm trying to be a b*tch
posted 10-Apr-2010 10:23am

"Simplicity is the glory of expression"
(somebody important said that, can't remember)
posted 10-Apr-2010 11:53am

*sigh* Nikki I live in Ohio which is one of those states. Took Meridia for maint. but it didnt do anything for me...I am on a small dose of wellbutrin so that helps my mood just fine.

anyway...i started at 200lb and i am 5'1. i have lost 30 and kept it off for a few mos. Phen gave me that jump start that I needed and has inspired to me to be more healthy. Plus it gives me the energy to actually get up and move. It has been a real positive.
posted 10-Apr-2010 1:18pm


Sorry to hear you live in the state that won't let you take it more than 3 months. Personally, I think it is fine to take as long as it is working and people are benefiting from it. I have heard Meridia does not work for some people. Again, sorry but you are doing wonderful to have kept it off and so I wish you the best.
posted 10-Apr-2010 4:01pm

Have you ever tried an ECA stack? ( ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin )
I use it during long phen breaks.
You can pick it up at any Walgreens.
25 mg.Primatene (2)
200 mg.Vivarin
81mg Baby asprin
posted 11-Apr-2010 11:10am

When I want to get going the eca combo does work, but only for short periods of time.
You have to take it twice a day. It can make you feel a little shakey sometimes.

There are websites that sell these combos but it's easier and cheaper to get it at your local drugstore.

The Primatene tablets are behind the counter so you have to ask for it.
You'll probably have to show I.D. which is ridiculous, but you do.

This ephedrine in this product ( and others like it ) is one of the ingredients that degenerates were buying in bulk to make meth so now we ALL have to be treated like children.
posted 11-Apr-2010 12:21pm

I have never heard of the eca stack...thanks for the tip. I will do some research for sure. It has to be less expensive than getting phen online! thanks!
posted 17-Apr-2010 3:01pm

Hi artzee. did you get your order from newrxsales? was it real? ty
posted 20-Apr-2010 12:41am

phentremine 30 mg (blue and white) is no longer working for me! I tried cycling it out and didn't take for 6 weeks but then took them for 4 weeks and lost 3 lbs. I'm temped to try them with acai fresh diet supplements? or do you think I can take 2 30mg of phnetramine?
posted 20-Apr-2010 7:00pm

hey girls...they were bogus, but i got a refund after i threatened to notify my bank. the ones from newrxsale came from china, blah blah blah. i am sure you have read it all before. i fell for it- i knew it was too good to be true. they do look real though. i didnt know they would come from china! they are not bitter tasting like the real ones. i didnt even swallow one. ive been reading too many bad things about stuff from china. im just going to have to wait another 2 months and go back to the dr. bummer!! i miss the energy :(
posted 20-Apr-2010 7:01pm

oh ya and i tried the stack and it didnt really work for me. i know it does for some people though...just not me :(
posted 20-Apr-2010 7:06pm

i have heard of them 'pooping out' however it didnt happen to me. i dont think they are ever prescribed 2 a day, but have read on forums that people do it anyway. If anyone has...please let us know. :)
posted 21-Apr-2010 2:40pm

I have been taking adipex for a week today and have had horrible side effects. Dizzy, numbing headaches, throwing up, nausea, and no energy. Has this happened to anyone else??? I heard you had to get through the first week then things got better... I don't want to give up yetso any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
posted 22-Apr-2010 8:54am

Are you sure you got Adipex and not one of the generics?
What numbers or letters are imprinted on your pill?
I've heard of people getting headaches from some of the other brands, or not feeling the kind of energy they expeced, but never when it comes to Adipex.

By the way, not drinking enough water when you take phen can be one of the reasons you had a headache or felt dizzy. You need to drink throughout the day, approx. 64 oz.,to keep from getting dehydrated.
posted 22-Apr-2010 8:59am

Correction: expected
posted 22-Apr-2010 2:12pm

Anyone know where neaR Dayton ohio I could get a doctor to give me a scrip of these diet pills? I have tried everything else and it just dont work for me PLEASE help
posted 22-Apr-2010 7:43pm

there is a place in columbus...south german village medical center, on high st. google for their number. you have to have at least 30 bmi, and they will give you water pills. ohio law only allows you to be on for 3 months, then wait 6 months. sucks. good luck.
posted 23-Apr-2010 12:49pm

Does anyone know of a doctor in South Florida (Palm Beach area) where I can go to get phentermine 37.5
posted 24-Apr-2010 2:04pm

I thought there were weight loss clinics on every corner in Florida?
At least that's what I've read in other forums.
Try looking in the yellow pages in your area.
posted 24-Apr-2010 3:10pm

what r the numbers and letters that should be on the phen?
posted 24-Apr-2010 4:19pm

I need help finding a dr. in The Akron or Cleveland OH area? can u help me? i have never taken the drug but i see it is working
posted 26-Apr-2010 10:26am

is there a physician in columbus, oh that prescribes the whole, adipex, B-12 injection, water pill and vitamin program? there use to be one on west broad street near the hilltop. i've recently moved back to ohio and would like to start back on this program.....wink thanks
posted 26-Apr-2010 12:39pm

There are different types of phen.
Capsules, tablets, 15, 30, and 37.5mg.
Each pharmaceutical company will have their own numbers and letters imprinted on their pills.
Go to
Type in the word phentermine and then click drug images.
You will find pictures of the different brands of phentermine on 4 pages.
posted 26-Apr-2010 4:15pm

wow..I came to this site to see if anyone has experience with natural remedies to decrease the side affects for terminating somewhat long term (addictive) usage of this medication. I have been on adipex for almost two years, prescribed by a local physician in my area. I do have an addictive personality and although have known for sometime these have become my latest addiction, I wasnt ready to give them up for various reasons, until now. The dangerous bodily and mental symptons are taking a toll like never before. People can have very different cellular/functioning physical makeup, as well as, mental and emotional - which is all related and therfore each result will vary from person to person. Its ashame that there is so much critizism here when it appears that we are just trying to share our experiences. Good Luck to all :)
posted 27-Apr-2010 12:10pm

You have mental and physical problems because of phen?
Like what?
Are you still fat?
Are you insecure?
What's your PROBLEM?
posted 29-Apr-2010 11:46am

Mentally, I think people can become psychologically addicted to phen.
Physically, I don't see what the problem would be, either...unless she had some pre- existing conditions that phen could possibly have made worse.
No matter what medication you take you should know the risks before you start.
Stop complaining.
posted 30-Apr-2010 9:33am

Anonymous wrote;
"the dangerous bodily and mental symptoms are taking a toll like never before"
Sounds serious.
Like what?
posted 2-May-2010 12:24am

I am also looking for a doctor in KY who will prescribe me Adipex... I used before and lost about 65 lbs. I don't know where to now. If anyone has any info please let me know. thank you
posted 3-May-2010 9:19pm

hey. i know what you mean. i was on adipex for over a year and lost a lot of weight. my doctor stopped prescribing it to me and would not let me take it even for a few extra months for maintenance. when i stopped -- cold -- i had major withdrawals. i was so tired all the time i felt like i was in a coma.

no amount of coffee would give me energy.
i became irritable and easily angry.
i was nauseous.
i really felt like i was losing my mind.

about 2 weeks later, it slowly got better and it took about a month total to feel back to normal.

just keep telling yourself that it will get better. i still miss it but i would never go back on it after having the withdrawals
i had. i feel my doctor was irresponsible in just stopping me like that without telling me just how bad it would be and how addicted and
relient i had become.

i dont think we have to bash people on this site for asking an honest question. the post following the OP was very uncalled for and shows immaturity and unnecessary aggression. perhaps you dont understand because your too ignorant and closed minded to relate. either way, i would suggest you grow up and stop looking for people to rip apart.

if you are incapable of being sympathetic and understanding, perhaps you should take your Phentermine pill daily and google on over to some other forum that enjoys sarcasim and egotists like yourself.
posted 4-May-2010 9:32am

has anyone taken adderall during your phen breaks....or even for long periods of time for weight loss?
posted 4-May-2010 1:14pm

Has anyone heard of a doctor who prescribes Adipex near Atlanta, GA?
posted 5-May-2010 8:48am

I received red and white unmarked capsules from a seller on Ioffer.I stupidly took one and became quite ill.
Capsule had some kind of gray/off white powder in it.
Please be careful,try not to fall prey to the selling this fake chit.
posted 5-May-2010 1:59pm

I'm also looking for a doctor that prescribes Adipex in the Atlanta/North Georgia area. Any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! smile
posted 6-May-2010 9:50pm

i been on phentermine for a month now and i go to the doctor and they give me a b12 shot and and a 30 day supply it really helps me also i have lost 18lbs i could have lost more but i got lazy please do not buy this stuff online one its to high cost and second you can go right to the doctor and get it for 30$ plus a b12 shot
posted 7-May-2010 8:39am

Not everyone "can go right to the doctor and get it"

People who are no longer overweight still want to take phen once in a while, but they can't get a prescription for it anymore.

Where are they supposed to get it?

Losing weight is hard---keeping it off is harder.
posted 7-May-2010 8:56am

Who are you, the forum police?
There's nothing worse than you 'holier than thou' types.
Take that wagging finger of yours and stick it up your a-s-s.
posted 7-May-2010 5:36pm


posted 7-May-2010 7:23pm

hey. all i can say is if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

telling people to stick it up their ###, sounds like you can dish it out

but the baby in you cant take it! I agree. Growup and get over yourself.
posted 8-May-2010 12:31pm

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Look who's talking about self control. hehe
posted 8-May-2010 12:42pm

It's my kitchen.
Sounds like you can dish it out but the mommy in you can't take it!
Get over yourself.
posted 8-May-2010 12:49pm

I'm sorry, anonymous.
You're right.
I'm not the forum police.
I have no business telling people how they should post.
posted 8-May-2010 12:54pm

I agree.
I'm sorry, too, for acting like an a##.
posted 8-May-2010 9:31pm

you never leave huh? i see posts above with the same

juvenile flair. you must be the biggest loser

in the world to do the same things over, and over

and over. posting comments under other's names.

you sure are a degenerate. probably not married cause

no one would have your borish, idiotic personality. like

you said to someone above, YOU are probably fat, alone,

and have nothing else to do but post immature comments.

sorry but you get the A-S-S-H-O-L-E of the internet award.

(clap,clap, clap). F-you bitch!
posted 9-May-2010 2:38am

Awww....touched a nerve.
Sticks and stones. hahaha
posted 9-May-2010 12:29pm

Using bad language and getting riled up makes you look like a fool.
And a hypocrite.
I feel sorry for you.
posted 9-May-2010 12:34pm

There are so many "anonymous" posters here so I don't really know who is teasing who but it doesn't matter. You win. Okay?
Now, can we but please get back to the subject at hand?
posted 10-May-2010 1:18am

South Shore Weight Loss Center- 1-606-932-6254, 437 James E. Hanna Dr. South Shore KY 41175
firt office visit is $85.00 + cost of pills, you don't have to go back for two months. your next two visit will be $50.00+ cost of pills. The pharmacy is right next to the office. There is another office right down the street. but i don't know the name, and they give give you the pills in the office
posted 10-May-2010 3:10pm

Good point. I hate hypocites, too.
Okay. I win.

posted 10-May-2010 3:20pm

Anyone looking for a weight loss clinic in their area should look in the yellow pages.
Or, go online and look for Weight Loss Clinics in your state.
Most of them prescribe phentermine. As long as you meet their criteria you shouldn't have a problem.
posted 10-May-2010 3:26pm

oops....did I write hypocites?
That will never do.
I meant hypocRites.
(like LOL)
clap clap clap
posted 11-May-2010 8:31am

Does anyone know who the people are at that have phen ?
posted 11-May-2010 8:10pm

Try fittnhappy or hdeeh01.I think they're still on there.
posted 12-May-2010 8:08am

my doctor told me to stay on weight watcher while taking adipex, and to increase my exercise. She said to continue the WW lifestyle and when I get some wieght of my energy will naturally increase and I will be able to continue to lose and exercise more. Adipex is not for everyone, It requires close doctor supervision and you shoul need to lose a lot of wieght I need to lose 100+ lbs and have been doing WW religously for 4 1/2 month to lose only 8lbs. I would lose naturally but am not beening very successful
posted 12-May-2010 8:58am

You lost only 8 lbs. in 4 1/2 months with Weight Watchers? That sucks.
In 4 1/2 months Adipex alone would have helped you drop at least 20 lbs.
It's going to be easier for you now with Adipex.
The weight is going to come off a lot faster.
Good luck.
posted 13-May-2010 10:56am

desperatly seeking a doctor who will prescribe weight loss meds in indianapolis,indiana..can anyone help me out???
posted 13-May-2010 10:15pm

Hey!! I am so excited to see that many of you have lost and are happy using Phentermine!!! I have seen chats where they are so miserable it makes me wonder about taking them!!! I'm a 42 yr old mother of 3 (22,19,14) and have always been 120 lbs. When I lost my father and brother within a few months of each other, the stress and who knows what else, caused me to gain 55 lbs!! Imagine the horror of stepping on the scale and being bigger than I was when I was pregnant!! To the story!! My doctor prescribed me 37.5 mg Phentermine and in the past 2 months, I have lost 21 lbs. I watch what I eat (alot of fruit, veggies, cut out all cokes, spreads,& sauces (which is hard considering Im in New Orleans!!) I keep my calories at 1000 per day with no more than 12 fat grams; I also joined the gym and exercise 5 days a week 2 hours per day 30 min on the bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill, then I do the circuit of machines. I end with the torture device!! --ab cruncher!! I feel better than I have felt in years!!! Good luck you guys!! DRINK ALOT OF WATER!! The dry mouth syndrome does go away!!
posted 14-May-2010 8:29am

One of the added benefits of phen is the way it elevates your mood.
It's better than any antidepressant out there.
It frees you from thinking about food (which is such a relief for people with food obsessions) and it helps you to concentrate better on whatever it is you're doing.
posted 25-May-2010 7:52am

Looking for help finding the right person on ioffer or sell.c for phen.
Any help to steer me in the right direction so I don't get scammed!
posted 25-May-2010 1:15pm

I looking for a doctor in the Dayton, OH area who will write scrip for phem. I have did the diet but need a extra little help. I also go to the gym four days a week. Please help
posted 28-May-2010 2:33pm

i'v been taking it for 2 weeks know and it's common to feel hungry i dont like how it makes you moody and hate the world sometimes it made me depressed did anyone get that side effect just curious cause i really dont like how im feeling is everyone else getting that dizzy with it
posted 28-May-2010 2:34pm

im really hungry..............
posted 31-May-2010 9:16am

You said the phen makes you hungry, moody, hateful, depressed and dizzy ???
It has just the opposite effect on me.
posted 31-May-2010 5:15pm

Well I use Phentermine after having a baby and it works great but I agree its VERY DIFFICULT to keep the weight off without it... but I do believe it CAN BE DONE... good luck!
posted 1-Jun-2010 10:31am

"Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"
I hated myself when I was overweight and I hated shopping for clothes.
Now I love myself and I love buying clothes, especially clothes I never thought I could wear.
posted 3-Jun-2010 2:59pm

societies president extinctions running issue impact beginning
Pleasantly Plump
posted 3-Jun-2010 5:41pm

Hello, is there anyone out there that has tried the 15mg Meridia, because I went to the doctor today and that's what I was prescribed. I have had Adipex before, but it's not what it do for me anymore. I am really afraid to try the Meridia 15mg, because I checked it out online and there has been some deaths related to take this weight loss supplement, but for the most part they stated their not sure if the Meridia really caused it.
posted 4-Jun-2010 10:04am

Come on. Spit it out.
posted 4-Jun-2010 10:15am

It's not as strong as phen so you shouldn't be too worried about it.
For every medication out there, there'll always be that one person out of a million that had a problem with it. The odds are in your favor.
Pleasantly Plump
posted 4-Jun-2010 10:35pm

Thanks a bunch, but I went to the doctor today, and she gave a prescription for Adipex, so I guess I will try it again, but body is just not accepting it at this moment and time, but word to the wise I really have to do something, because I was also prescribed Zocor today for my cholestrol, my weight is currently 256, and I used to weigh 160-170, so you know I am just really on the edge.
posted 6-Jun-2010 10:20am

What do mean when you say your body isn't accepting it?
Does it not curb your appetite or does it make you feel ill?
I've always thought Adipex worked best when it comes to appetite control.
I never felt like eating anything when I took it.
It did give me headaches and a super dry mouth( constipation , too! Sorry, TMI ) but after forcing myself to drink A LOT of water throughout the day those side effects went away.
posted 6-Jun-2010 3:09pm

Hi. I tried Meridia for 2 weeks after having been on
Adipex for 3 months. I did not like Meridia. I felt
very moody, aggitated, hungry. I loved Adipex (Phen)
and I wish I could get another 3 months worth but have
to wait.

Phen was absolutely awesome! I have been off it now
for a month and I seem depressed and irritable and not
myself. It makes me mad that I could not take it more
than 3 months in my state. I was losing weight and had
no side-effects. I know so many people that are on it
for months and months...I'm still losing weight but
so slowly and every thought is about food sometimes.
When I was on it, I never thought about food until I
was hungry. Wish I could still take it.
posted 6-Jun-2010 10:52pm

Does anyone know of a good doctor in charleston wv. I moved here from fl. and adipex is a little harder to get up north. If anyone knows i would appreciate it or a place you can order it i have never done it before.
posted 7-Jun-2010 10:09am

It's crazy how strict doctors are when it comes to phen, especially when you consider the amount of other crap they're willing to prescribe at the drop of a hat.

Many overweight people will eventually require several medications to combat the effects of obesity.

Drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, acid reflux, to name a few, are regularly prescribed.

Once someone loses a lot of weight those drugs can be eliminated one by one. It happens all the time.

Phentermine is a simple, inexpensive pill that has been around since the 1950's.
So why don't doctors consider it the first step in fighting the "obesity epidemic" in this country?
Why not prescribe one pill instead of many?

Because there's no money in it, that's why!

From the drug companies to the weight loss programs to the hundreds of over the
counter products on the market, it's all about MONEY .

It's better for business to keep everyone nice and fat.
posted 7-Jun-2010 6:58pm

Well said !! I agree and it is maddening. Same reasoning as
to why perhaps no cure for cancer yet. Can you imagine if
we suddenly could cure all cancers? Think of the pharmaceuticals
that would lose tons of money for no use of chemo drugs?

Keep America fat and you have a multi-billion dollar industry that
feeds and lines the pockets of greedy investors!

I think Phen should be prescribed for as long as someone needs it
and as long as there are no ill side effects. It's my frigin body..right?
We don't regulate alcohol the same way and yet lets take a look at
alcohol abuse in this country.... All I want is a pill that is
helping me get healthy so that insurance companies don't have to
pay for a bypass 20 years down the road or high BP meds.

It's outragious! Thanks for the are dead-on!
lucy lu
posted 8-Jun-2010 6:44pm

dear Geeenic...just wondered where you got the pills from in the uk as a bit desperate to find official ones and don't really want to order from the internet??..many thanks Lucy
Frustrated in Florida
posted 12-Jun-2010 2:44pm

Does anyone know a prescribing doctor in Orlando, Florida? It seems virtually impossible to get a prescription here...
posted 15-Jun-2010 12:56pm

does anybody know of a dr who prescribes adipex in the cleveland akron canton ohio area? any leads would greatly be appreciated. please email
feeling good
posted 17-Jun-2010 2:42pm

I don't know of any doctors in Charleston, WV but I live in Fairmont, WV (about 2 hrs from you) and I have a doctor here that has a clinic and prescribes them along with B12 shots...great doctor...extremely supportive...he is extremely expensive tho (I was told by a friend she was told by his office $180.00/visit) however he does accept a lot insurance plans if you are fortunate enough to have it, and the pharmacy just down from it only charges $13.00 + tax for the Rx!! I have lost 30lbs in the past 57 days...still going strong! The only thing I do that I haven't seen anyone else mention is that I take it for 3 weeks then I take a week break and start over when I get my next Rx...I I go every two weeks for the B12 shot, it really helps with the energy level...Hope this helps! Good luck to you and everyone else! < Kuzbari Clinic 304-333-5111 >
posted 22-Jun-2010 9:00am

While reading this forum I have heard many people discuss the way Phen affects your moods and such. Well, first of all let me say, and not trying to be hateful, the "split-personality bi-polar" comment made in an earlier post was a little insulting to people who are actually afflicted with bi-polar disorder. Anyway,I have been taking Phen for a few months now and I also have bi-polar disorder in which I am not taking any medication for because I have had a problem finding one that actually helps, I love taking Phen it has had sort of a double bonus for me because while it helps me lose weight it seems to kind of help even out my moods. I understand that it would obviously not have the same affect on everyone and for some people it doesn't work as well helping with weight loss but much like many medications it is trial and error if one medicine doesn't work for you try a different one or just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. We have obviously all come here looking for some kind of support or information. I wish everyone luck on thieir weight loss journey.
posted 23-Jun-2010 12:00pm

how long does it take for a post to show?
posted 23-Jun-2010 12:28pm

Hello all, I'm new to apidex. My doc gives me 15 pills and a b12 shot every two weeks. I use to take xenedrine with ephedra years ago and I loved it. I kept the weight off to over a year until I had my son. Before I started the apidex I had a very high caffeine intake. Redbull and coffee got me threw 14hr work days, 3 kids,a husband and keeping the house running. Now I take apidex at 6am, do 60 min hard core cardio and by 5pm I'm tired. I force myself to do 60 min cardio at night. Do you think that because my body is use to caffeine the apidex is not working as it should?
posted 23-Jun-2010 7:55pm

anyone know of a doct. that will prescribe adipex in cleveland ohio?please let me know at thanks
posted 24-Jun-2010 2:29am

Up at 6am and doing 60 minutes of hardcore cardio and then work, kids, house?
Being tired by 5pm is normal.
Phen will last between 10-14 hours in your system.
Drinking a lot of caffeine while you're taking phen isn't good.
Drinking water with lemon in it while you're taking phen will make it last longer.
No kidding, it does. Try it and see.
posted 28-Jun-2010 6:31pm

I was on Adipex for quite some time and I think it varies for everyone, but I drank caffeine when I needed it. There were days, Adipex just was not enough...but I have can decrease the affects.. I found that taking your Adipex/Phen later in the day, after 11 a.m., helps you not get tired all depends on how your body responds. I did a lot of cardio too and ate very low calories which explains being tired...lets face it...your body cannot live off little cals!

Hang in what you have to do and you'll do fine!
posted 29-Jun-2010 6:23pm

I'm new to this site...pretty interesting though. I currently live in Ohio and cannot find ANY doctors that give Adipex. I've looked at a few sites online, but I'm leary of's alot of money to get ripped off. Any suggestions?
posted 29-Jun-2010 6:28pm

Hey there can anyone recommend a doctor for Phen in the boston area?
posted 5-Jul-2010 9:20pm

Does anybody ever answer on here?
posted 14-Jul-2010 12:59pm

I took Phentermine years ago and went from 247# to 165# and maintained it for well over 5 yrs. Currently weigh in at 262# after a miserable pregnancy. I took that that little white pill with blue specks for a year straight, everyday. I'm still healthy and suffer no long term complications. I ordered it online back then, but my advise to anyone now is to NOT to's not even the same pill/medication and it can really contain anything. I moved to northwest Ohio and continue to look for a doctor to prescribe it. There is a doctor in Mt Vernon ohio, Dr Brent Ogle, who will prescribe this to you right in his office as he runs a weight loss clinic too. GREAT GUY! If you start this program, take that pill first thing in the should be the first thing you do. Wait at least an hour before you eat anything and you'll be good to go. It works better that way.
Jezza - Belle
posted 15-Jul-2010 2:45am

Hi people i just found somebody that really sell phentermine and is not fake i just try it out and make some test and really works!!!!!

I gave this pills to few friend of mine and they also tried and everything go fine no complain at all!!!!!

You can send your information to his email address ,you can send your name and telephone number,he can ship the phentermine to your place,the shipment is going to be free and you can pay using your CC (Visa or Amex),you can try the product and if the product doesnīt work you can ask for a refund and they will refund it...

So send your information 24/7 monday to friday between 10:00am until 9:00pm EST .

His name is " Peter Lakewood " Just try him you donīt have anything to lose only your weight !!!!!!!
posted 18-Jul-2010 4:03am

I am givin a shot,I ordered today and was told they would be receive with 3-5 days and track # 48-72 hours.I will let every1 know how it turns out. Im hoping for the best. Seems like a nice person via the email conversations i had.
posted 20-Jul-2010 12:05pm

warning*** tammy and jezza are the same person. i found several posts on other forums (just google and you will see) that were exactly the same. Besides the broken english/ terrible grammar gives it away...
Maybe it is legitimate, but I wouldn't trust someone who pretends to be different people just to advertise. Literally this person copied and pasted the EXACT SAME POST on other sites. Lame.
posted 20-Jul-2010 12:11pm is still good.
posted 20-Jul-2010 5:34pm

I ordered from -I read about this source on the another forum.I was really hesitant to do it but it turned out great. The first time I received A159s that were excellent.I paid thro' Amex to make sure i can dispute the charge easily.But he proved his legitimacy by sending me right medication.
posted 21-Jul-2010 4:02pm

I got my tracking number from peter.

I believe i will get my package tomorrow.
NKY IN & Cincinnati
posted 25-Jul-2010 5:49pm

Dr. Lenighen - Figure weight loss gives Adipex or Phentermine with their program. I'm not 'obese' but wanted to loose 20lbs to feel better and give me entergy. He gave it to me, the doc is easy and they cost $100 for the first visit (or 90) and 90 for a refill every month. They have a coupon on their website. i think its the number is 859-371-4555. They don't turn anyone away. Also if you go, tell them you want 60 pills instead of 30, they will ask and its the same price!!!!

Good luck everyon@

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