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Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine)


Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant. It is one of the two ingredients in Fen-phen.


Phentermine comes as either a quick-acting drug (Adipex) or
a time-release drug (Ionamin or Duromine). It is generally only prescribed to people who are morbidly obese and thus are have health risks because of their weight.

Phentermine affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing stimulation which your brain responds to by turning off the hunger sensation.

Generally, patients only receive Phentermine for up to 12 weeks. Longer term use is not encouraged due to the issues of a tolerance reaction. Phentermine may become less effective over time, thus it's best not to use it for too long.


Phentermine was one of the two drugs in the infamous Fen-phen (which was withdrawn from the US market after it was linked to heart-related illnesses and deaths). But, it was Fenfluramine that was the problem with Fen-phen. So, Phentermine is still available.


Phentermine acts like an amphetamine and thus can be addictive. Because of this, it is a controlled substance.

Phentermine is linked to insomnia and may cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Essentially, it's a stimulant and has all the side-effects (both negative and positive) of one.


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  15-Jun-2006 8:28am created by bill

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posted 19-Feb-2011 12:49pm

Looking for a doctor in this state---looking for a doctor in that state---looking for a doctor in my state---tsk.
Look in your yellow pages for chrissake.
posted 20-Feb-2011 8:34am

Adipex is not a "category C" drug.
It's a schedule 4 drug.
posted 24-Feb-2011 2:52pm

Need a Dr in Lexington, KY. Really need help, have had two kids and just can't get the weight off. Exercise, eat healthy, lots of water, etc. Please Help!
posted 26-Feb-2011 2:57am

I live in NZ does anyone know a doctor that prescribes duromine?
posted 26-Feb-2011 4:27pm

Indianapolis Dr that prescribes Adipex is Dr. Collins. 3737 N. Meridian
posted 2-Mar-2011 8:20pm

I have moved to Washington from Dallas, TX. Does anyone know a doc here that will prescribe me Adipex/phentermine?


posted 2-Mar-2011 8:25pm

For all you gals from the Dallas TX area Dr. John East in Addison TX does prescribe adipex. He'll even give you a coupon and free samples!!!
posted 2-Mar-2011 8:49pm

For those of you in the Kentucky (or even Ohio or Indiana) area, there is a place called Figure Weight Loss in northern Kentucky (Edgewood). The doctor who originally founded it was Dr. Richard Lenaghan but since he retired on 9/1/10, it is now Dr. Weckenbrock. It is a great place to go with a staff that TRULY cares for the patients well-being. They prescribe phentermine 37.5 mg (dispensed in office) along with other similar weight loss meds for those who may not like or tolerate phentermine. The initial appointment waiting list is currently about one month but is really and honestly worth the wait to have such a caring staff support & motivate throughout your weight loss progress. Many patients come from Ohio or Indiana due to other patients referrals from their own experience and success and it is TOTALLY LEGIT!! It's a very successful, maintainable lifestyle change while participating in the program and after achieving your goal. The number is (859) 371-4555. If this message has helped at least one person out there who truly needs & wants help losing weight & is ready to do it, then it was worth my time to type this. smile. Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!
posted 8-Mar-2011 3:27pm

For the lady looking for adipex in ms. There is a doctor Keith Stanford in Grenda,MS that will prescibe adipex. His visit is $75 and CVS next door will fill it for $15. LOL
posted 8-Mar-2011 8:24pm

If you are looking for a Dr in the Central Ky area Email me and I will give you some info!! Email is
posted 10-Mar-2011 12:58pm

In Seattle Washington. Swedish Weight Loss Services will prescribe me Adipex/phentermine if you are in the program.
posted 17-Mar-2011 3:34pm

Adipex IS a "category C" drug as well as a schedule 4 drug. The category is information about the drug affects pregnancy. The schedule is information of accepted medical benefits and level of possible abuse or addiction.

Category C- it has not been tested and is not known how it will affect the pregnancy or if it crosses the placenta
Schedule IV- category of drugs that have less potential for abuse or addiction than those of Schedules I, II, and III. Included are diazepam and chloral hydrate
posted 21-Mar-2011 12:34pm

I'm looking in the buffalo ny area, does anyone have any information?
posted 22-Mar-2011 8:18am

Wrong again, friendo.
posted 22-Mar-2011 9:31am

Category A, B, C, D and X drugs.
Relative only to woman who are pregnant.
They shouldn't be sniffing around here.

Schedule 1, 2, 3, and 4 drugs.
That determines how f*cked up you are.
It can also determine the level of trouble you're in if they're in your possession without prescription.
Phentermine is a Schedule 4 drug and the least worrisome.
posted 23-Mar-2011 11:26am

I need a diet doctor in the San Francisco bay area in Calif who prescribes phentermine Hcl.
If you know, please contact me!
posted 23-Mar-2011 5:17pm

ADIPEX works wonders!!!!! but ive moved to start,fl anybody have any suggestions on where i can go to get started again...pleeze help had baby 2 years ago and now still cant loose 20 lbs im stuck i know it works but where can i go to get it.......
posted 23-Mar-2011 5:20pm

sorry i forgot to add an email address for the last or answers on here just pleeze summers almost here stuart fl
posted 24-Mar-2011 5:52pm

For the one looking for a Dr. In Ohio that prescribe Adipex Dr Lee in Cardington Ohio prescribes it. He charges. For the first visit and 50 for the second and third and that doesinclude the meds. Under ohio law he will only see you for 3 months then you have to wait 9 months for him to see you again.
posted 25-Mar-2011 6:54pm

People Looking phentermine -Adipex & B12 shot KENTUCKY or OHIO Dr Trace Curry has and office in Crestview hills KY and Evendale OH.... Indy is about 100 miles from you

He also does HCG if anyone is looking for that... i think that diet it Way Ex-stream!
posted 25-Mar-2011 6:56pm

OH yeah and from Dr Curry in OHIO you can only get it for 3 months but in his KENTUCKY office you can get it for 6 months... hope it help ya :)
posted 28-Mar-2011 5:33pm

Hey, I am not obese but I've put on about 20 pounds and need help losing it. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Little Rock, AR area that will prescribe Adipex?
posted 28-Mar-2011 11:20pm

Does anyone know if Medusa Health Care Center in Col, Ohio is still giving Adipex? The website is a joke.
Anonymous in michigan
posted 29-Mar-2011 9:53am

anyone know a doctor who will prescribe adipex. im in michigan sterling heights area.
posted 2-Apr-2011 8:46pm

I took adipex for two months and lost 46 pounds
1-3 pounds a day
lost weight fast
lots of energy
whole house was spotless
flat stomach
no hunger
helps your exercise drive

body gets used to the adipex and weight lost stops so you must stop the pills and re introduce after a couple of days
dry mouth
cant sleep

the pros out weight the cons so im looking for a dr in dayton oh had to drive to ky
posted 4-Apr-2011 7:42pm

for those in Mississippi Dr. white in Columbus, Ms. 39702 he gives you adipex and the lipoplex injections you choose which one you are guaranteed 25lbs a month and more. First visit $100 next visits $60 kmart fills prescriptions for $12. It works so go for it. office #662-244-8393
posted 7-Apr-2011 12:22pm

Dr. Bharmota in Columbus, Ohio prescribes Phentermine 37.5 mg her office number is 614-792-DIET (3438)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 7-Apr-2011 8:01pm

Ok I was going to call Dr. Bharmota but how much does she charge??
posted 9-Apr-2011 10:02pm

What do the real phentermine pills look like? What do the real Adipex pills look like? I ordered some pills online claiming to be Phentermine and they are white, oval and have tiny blue flecks in them. Has anyone taken pills that look like this claiming to be phentermine or adipex? Thanks!
posted 9-Apr-2011 11:26pm

Looking for a Dr in Indianapolis area that will giv anyone a phentermine script no matter what their current weight is.. im tall and weigh 135. Need the script to maintain. Please email me at if you know of anyone. Thank you sooo much in advance :)

To Anonymous: Adipex are usually white, oval and hav tiny blue flecks. So it sounds like the real deal.. I hope they are! :)
posted 11-Apr-2011 10:24pm

looking for doc in wv to prescribe phentermine
posted 12-Apr-2011 3:19pm

All of the non prescription herbal concoctions are made to look just like the real thing and are sold under names that are spelled slightly different than phentermine.
Look closely at the spelling, don't be fooled.
posted 13-Apr-2011 11:19pm

Any ideas for doctors in Macon, GA??
posted 14-Apr-2011 3:32pm

posted 23-Apr-2011 9:29am

How about a Doctor in the Philadelphia, PA area? Anyone know someone there who prescribes Phentermine? I'm sick of getting ripped-off online when I can buy legally with insurance much more cheaply. If anyone knows please share. Thanks so much.
posted 2-May-2011 9:40am

I am looking for a doctors office in or surrounding Columbus, Ohio that gives Adiphex for weight loss. Please respond providing the doctors name and contact info to
posted 7-May-2011 4:19pm

does anyone know who will prescribe adipex in monroe, la
MK 0659
posted 11-May-2011 12:41am

Does anyone know of a Dr. In Canton, Oh. who will prescribe adipex or phentermine? It has worked wonders for me, with no side effects.
posted 11-May-2011 11:33pm

Does any body know of a doctor in wichita ks that prescribes adipex or phentermine?
posted 12-May-2011 2:13pm

Any Drs. in the Cleveland ohio area
posted 14-May-2011 10:27pm

Need a dr. in the Clevelan/Akron area. Went to a weight loss doctor in Southgate, Maple Hts Oh. years ago and lost so much weight with injections and diet pills = went from 159-115 in 2 months/ looking for a good doctor that does this .
posted 17-May-2011 10:08pm

Has anyone been to Horizon Weight Loss in NKY. Wondering how it compares to Figure Weightloss Center?
posted 23-May-2011 12:58pm

I am looking for a doc in the DFW area that will give me diet pills, I need to lose about 60lbs
posted 23-May-2011 3:01pm

any body know of a doctor in R.I. who will do phentermine or something like it my bmi is 32.i need to lose 60lbs.thank you
posted 23-May-2011 10:29pm

I have panic attacks and prescribed adipex and Klonpin. Should I take the adipex, I need to lose about 65 lbs
posted 25-May-2011 1:57am

To the person who was wonderin if the phentermine pills were white oval with blue specs...yes my dr put me on them and mine are that color................
Now i have a question if someone can answer it...i have been really angry,sad,nervous,and just not myself lately. Does anyone know if PHENERMINE will do this to you???? Please let me know if u can answer this for me!!THANX
posted 6-Jun-2011 6:54pm

Hi Manda25,

Those side-effects are not unheard of, but they are rare. A 'sense of well-being' is a better description that a majority of users report. If I didn't get that sense of well-being, I would ask my doc for Bontril, Didrex, Tenuate, etc. It may be your personal reaction to phen, or symptoms of something else going on with your body. I wouldn't continue taking phen, under your circumstances.
posted 7-Jun-2011 11:12pm

How effective is Adipex? I tried the HCG diet last year and it was a complete waste of time and ridiculously expensive. I need to shed forty pounds, but I am nervous about Adipex causing anxiety issues. Anybody in the KY area have a favorite doctor that didn't just seem like a con-woman/man?
posted 8-Jun-2011 10:19pm

does anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system?
posted 8-Jun-2011 10:20pm

i meant how long does it take for adipex to get out of your system
posted 16-Jun-2011 2:09pm

Looking for doctor who prescribes phentermine in the portland or or vancouver wa area.
posted 19-Jun-2011 2:17am

To the person who was wanting the comparison between Horizon Weight Loss & Figure Weight Loss: I have heard several negative comments about Horizon.
posted 20-Jun-2011 1:05pm

hey does anyone know who sells real phentramin? or apidex? like the person said all the way up top, i ordered someone line i have tried it it but read that Lazarus labs is bull shyt! so im not even goin to bother. any know who sells it for cheap?
posted 20-Jun-2011 1:06pm

btw email email me any info u can give wheither ur selling it or what titel it" ur phenny"
posted 21-Jun-2011 3:55pm

I am looking for a dr in Fairmont / Clarksburg, West Virginia Area anyone have a clue.
posted 29-Jun-2011 2:15am

I have been on Adipex for a month and half.. I took it last year .. was effective... and had sm amt of live-able side effects.. this time ( month and half) I broke out with a bad rash and severe itching on my legs and arms and chest. It seemed to worsen ... when I got into the sun.... I had to stop taking and the rash and itch stopped within 72 hrs.... I am bummed... Has anyone suffered from a rash and itching?
Middletown Girl
posted 2-Jul-2011 1:18pm

I just went a few weeks ago to Dr.'s Diet Program in Covington Ky. Great, quick service and professional environment. Got my visit & 30 days of phentermine 37.5 & it was $60.00. I felt a jittery the fist 5 days, but my body adjusted & I feel normal now.
posted 7-Jul-2011 1:48am

does any one have a dr that will give you adipex in the ky/oh area. i have been doing my family dr but she will no longer help anymore. she says i need to eat right .. some please help.
posted 17-Jul-2011 4:18pm

posted 18-Jul-2011 11:15am

Need a dr in Atlanta that will pres, Adipex
posted 18-Jul-2011 11:22pm

Anyone know of a doctor is Miami, FL that prescribes adipex?
posted 20-Jul-2011 2:37am

Hello! cgggdcd interesting cgggdcd site!
posted 20-Jul-2011 4:13pm

Need a doctor in Cincinnati Ohio who writes for this.Anyone have a name?
posted 23-Jul-2011 5:01pm

Hello....anyone know of a doctor in Ohio that prescribes Phentermine in the Dayton/Columbus area?? Email with the clinic/doctor name. thanks
posted 26-Jul-2011 3:46pm

Taking Phentermine fora week no weight lost so depressed I have the energy and dry mouth that's I don't eat as much how long does it take to see any results. I am the same weight I was when I started
posted 27-Jul-2011 2:57am

Quote Pharmb885: "Hello! cgggdcd interesting cgggdcd site!"

posted 1-Aug-2011 5:54pm

I took the phentermine for the allotted 3 months and LOVED that I could think about food without wanting to eat everything! I could prepare a meal for my family without picking while cooking and also put some thought into meals. I lost aprox. 30 lbs. I need to loose 20 more. Is it possible to see another dr. To get a new prescription? I hardly ever go to the dr. So I don't know if this is ok? Can they see the records from previous visits if it's not ineir office? Any help would be appreciated. I am loving the new me and so are my kids and hubby. (; I just can't seem to keep on the right track with my exercise & eating without the added help. Thanks!
posted 2-Aug-2011 11:18am

Does anyone know of a doctor in Cleveland ohio I live in Willoughby Ohio so anything close to that? I really would like to stary this diet ASAP. I need to lose about 65 pounds
needing help
posted 6-Aug-2011 10:42am

Looking for a doctor in west palm beach, fl for weight loss. Anyone know one??
posted 8-Aug-2011 3:45pm

Question by Anonymous "Can they see the records from previous visits if it's not ineir office?"

No. Not if you don't tell them. Using a spare name (ie. your birth name) wouldn't hurt, either.
Unhappy with My Weight
posted 9-Aug-2011 4:05pm

Hi. I took Phentermine (Ionamin 37.5) many many years ago and it really helped me lose weight. I am having difficulty exercizing due to premature arthritis in my knees. My weight has soared to 220lbs (down from 236lbs) and I am a female only 5'2" tall. Still too much weight. I can hardly breath I am so uncomfortable. Does anyone know any Doctor who will prescribe Phentermine/Ionamin to me in Orlando, FL (or Central Florida for that matter). Please advise. Thank you. You can email me at I really need help losing weight. I can't take these cravings anymore. Please help me.
Unhappy with My Weight
posted 9-Aug-2011 4:21pm

Does anyone know what Doctor will prescribe Phentermine or Ionamin in Orlando, FL or Central, FL? Please help me. Thank you.
posted 9-Aug-2011 4:45pm

Noni, thank you!!! Has anyone ever sought out another dr. for another prescription? I've been off for 6 months now & really want to get back on. Let me know if you have & how it worked for you?
posted 9-Aug-2011 7:18pm

Anonymous, it has been 6 months since you got the original script from your Dr.? Why ever won't s/he script it again after so much time has gone by? It is not as though you are abusing phen. In my opinion, you are more than justified in seeking another doc. It's no wonder that alot of us prefer to order online rather than go to a freekin doctor.
posted 11-Aug-2011 5:18pm

anyone know of a doctor in Red Oak, Tx that will prescribe adipex 37.5
posted 12-Aug-2011 1:21pm

any one know for boston ma area please email i know on in west palm beach i will tel u when you email e i need on n boston plssssssssss
posted 16-Aug-2011 2:48am

DoeS anYonE know A DR or WeiGht loSs ClinIc in NY that prescibe PhEn?? Email me at
posted 29-Aug-2011 3:19pm

anuyone knw of webites or docs for weightloss in ny or nj e mail me at
posted 1-Sep-2011 11:33pm

I started Adipex last Monday weighing in at 282, this Monday I weighed 262, so I lost 20 pounds in a week. Unfortunately, I have not lost an ounce since then (it is now Friday).
posted 4-Sep-2011 9:41pm

Looking for someone who sells adipex or knows a Cleveland doctor that will prescribe it to only lose 15 lbs and keep me moving throughout the day.
posted 5-Sep-2011 10:26pm

Help my 20 year old Daughter has BMI 31 and over weight by physican statement of 24 pounds . Where can I get her phentermine near Findlay, Ohio. She eats great and works out so much--I do not understand why she is not healthy. Please anyone have an idea of who would prescribe ADIPEX??? Thanks, Kathy
posted 7-Sep-2011 1:30pm

I'm from Canada and I recently ordered Apidex on line with no problem and no prescription. I didn't find it all that effective so ordered Ionamine which was stopped at the border. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy it over the counter in the States, as I will be going to Buffalo in a few weeks and would like to get some.
posted 10-Sep-2011 6:35pm

In Columbus, OH you can go to Mesusa Health Care. Their website is: You can schedule from their website. $50/visit gets you 30 day supply. You can only be in their program for three months and then have to wait 6 or 9 months.
posted 10-Sep-2011 6:37pm

At Medusa Health you can get Adipex. Sorry I left it off previous post.
posted 12-Sep-2011 10:57pm

I have had 2 kids struggled with my weight more than ever and i really wanna try adipex and dont have a clue where to even start looking i live near warren ohio and was wondering if there were any doctors anywhere close that perscribe it and how much it would cost for appointments please email me at thanks
posted 16-Sep-2011 10:35am

At Medusa Health is there a BMI limit? There website says your BMI has to be over strict are they about that?
posted 20-Sep-2011 5:29pm

I love phen! I took it 6 months ago and an It made me have so much energy and feel so much better about myself! I lost 30 pounds in 2 months and went from 165 to 135! The only thing is when I take it in the am I feel great and am able to eat healthy. Then in the afternoon it's like my stomach starts to hurt my mood changes( I'm mean) and my appetite comes back! So now that I'm back on doc says take 1 in am and 1 in pm, plus once a week I get b12 shot! For anyone in or around Maryland(Baltimore) dr.Ehasani 4109924464. Prices are great also, $65.00 per visit(once a month), includes prescription(phen), b12 shot, and vitamins for the month:)
posted 22-Sep-2011 12:14pm

Does anyone know what site i can order adipex from that is good and honest and not steal my

posted 24-Sep-2011 11:19am

I love adipex but i travel from ohio to kentucky to get it !!! any1 kno a doc that will prescribe it in dayton ohio
posted 26-Sep-2011 11:19am

In Columbus Ohio at Medusa Health Clinic - is the wait forever? They only see patients two days a week. I don't want to go somewhere I have to sit for 4 hours. I went to Dr. Bharmotta in Dublin earlier this year - but only did 2 months because I got a new job. Now I can't get another month from her - it's been 2 1/2 months since I was last there - still have to wait the 6 months. Frustrating!
posted 27-Sep-2011 10:02pm

Has anyone actually gone to medusa in Columbus, Ohio?
posted 28-Sep-2011 10:20pm

Does anyone know of a clinic in decatur or huntsville that prescribes adipex
Dana Ce
posted 4-Oct-2011 1:29am

Hi,I've been taking adipex since mid july. my starting weight was 209, i now weight 167. taking adipex has given me the boost that i've need, it really has worked great for me.Along with healthier eating habits and walking 5 days a wk.t This is my last month on adipex, and i'm taking one every 2-3 days to gradually goal is 150lbs.T.he only side affect that i've had from day one is dry mouth, and about 5 days ago. I've been having throbbing neck pain, up to the base of the left side of my head.Not saying that it's caused by adipex,i don't know. but i did read here where another person was having the same problem.
posted 5-Oct-2011 11:56pm

I have been on Adipex or something generic sonce April and its been great. My pills have always been light blue with blue specks and this refill they are white with blue specks. My friend who has been on Adipex before said she never had blue w blue before. The white ones don't seem to be as effective. Anyone else experience this?
posted 7-Oct-2011 7:46am

Been taking phen for two and a half weeks lost 14 pounds so far....anyways is anyone taking as much as me ? im taking about 6-8 a day sometimes more. I dont sleep much lately and everyones noticed my mood swings. I dont want to stop though....???The neck, back , and other miscellaneous pains are because when your all hopped up on the pill your body doesnt feel as much pain... hence you wind up pulling your back and having muscle spasms all day cause the pill dehydrates you too.
posted 7-Oct-2011 10:22am

I can't speak for Adipex but as far as DUromine 30g it is really great. Side effetcs, ueah short temper, depressed and dry mouth. But once I recognise the symptoms i am able to control it and the result are great and fast. The only thing is that i used it 2 years ago and did gain over that time some of the wieght. I bought mine in central America and recently asked a friend to send me some and it got stopped at the border. Does anyone know a safe on line site that sells them? I live in canada. PS the pills I want are red and grey capsules.
posted 9-Oct-2011 12:51am

Hi Canada,
Don't use it myself, but there is a website for duromine mentioned about 1/3 from the top. Haven't heard anything about that particular site lately (the last 2-3 months) but for more than a year, no one was ripped off. And strangely enough, no seizures in Australia, which is notorious for catching parcels at the border. If they dare to ship to Australia, they surely will ship to Canada.
posted 9-Oct-2011 12:57am

Didn't want to mention the name here...with all the google-bots and whatnot. Besides, I have never sunk a ship, and I want to keep it that way.
posted 11-Oct-2011 1:25am

Does anyone know where I can get phentermine in the Dallas area? I just had a baby a yr ago and gained 80 pounds because I had my kids back to back. Please help me I will pay anything to be skinny again.
posted 11-Oct-2011 1:51am

Dr.'B' aka Dr. Branch. He is in Dallas. He is a legendary phen Doc. I used to be his patient until the Feds convinced him that it would be better for his future if he would limit his practice to Texas and bordering states. I never met the man (which was part of the problem), but he helped me and thousands at one time. Made alot of people feel better and look better. I don't have his contact info anymore, but you won't have a problem finding him.

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