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Pritikin Diet


This is a low-fat, high-fiber diet designed to reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise is also a main component.


This is mostly a vegetarian diet. Fats are kept to a 10% of overall intake. You are encouraged to eat 6-7 meals per day. Processed grains are also excluded. You are required to walk 45 minutes per day.

From the back-cover of "The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough":

By understanding our genetic "fat instinct," he explains, we can outsmart it -- balance our diets and slimming our bodies successfully. The exciting new discovery makes weight loss easier than ever, with a more workable approach for today's lifestyle and new food choices for a diet experience that's about satisfaction, not deprivation. This book includes:

  1. A proven plan to shed pounds--without hunger and withou drugs
  2. The real story on carbohydrates
  3. Tips on outsmarting the fat instinct by altering behaviors
  4. Helpful advice on resisting unhealthy foods
  5. 60 delicious new recipes and more


Nathan Pritikin started the Pritikin Program after he was diagnosed with heart disease at a young age. In the 1970s the founded Pritikin Longevity Centers and the Pritikin Research Foundation.


Many people have trouble staying on low-fat diets because low-fat foods tend to not provide a feeling of satisfaction.


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