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Quicktrim is a line of diet products being marketing by the Kardashian sisters which includes pills, shakes, cleanses among other items.


At its core, QuickTrim is a formula that increases your body's natural metabolism naturally so that you lose weight.

The QuickTrim system has many products you can choose from to suit your lifestyle. Burn & Cleanse is a good one to start with for the first 2 weeks. Then you can move on to the QuickTime Extreme Burn product to maintain your diet and keep your appetite under control. Fast Cleanse helps you lose water weight fast if you need to fit into some tight clothes.

Other products include QuickTrim Fast Shake which you can use like other diet shakes to satisfy your hunger without putting on extra pounds. Hot Stix are a berry-flavored drink mix you can add to water to give it a little extra. Sugar & Carb Cheater are pills that allow you to indulge in something sweet but prevent it from making you fat (they block sugar from being absorbed by your body).

Finally, Quicktrim Celluslim is a body sculpting gel that helps smoother uneven or dimpled skin around your waist, things and butt.

QuickTrim is widely available at many stores (like Walmart and GNC) and online.


See their website for more information:


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posted 10-Oct-2012 12:13am

you are a beautiful girl. Dont pay any attnetion to the haters. But I will tell you from experience the diet pills are very bad for you. They can also make you a nervious wreck. Just a bit of wisdom I thought I would pass along.

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