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Realize Band is a surgical solution to obesity. It's similar to a gastric bypass surgery, but it's less invasive since it simply puts a band around your stomach without cutting and re-splicing it.


Clearly, surgery is an extreme solution to a weight problem. But, for many, dieting simply does not work. You can waste years struggling with the challenge of staying on a diet. But, this is a serious health issue. The longer you remain obese, the more you are exposed to all sorts of serious health risks. Maybe it's time you got serious.

First, you'll have to qualify for this surgery. It's not for people who just need to lose a few pounds. You have to be at least 18. You have to have a Body Mass Index of 35 (or 75lbs over normal weight) and been this way for years unable to succeed with dieting and exercise on your own.

Your doctor will work with you to make sure you're committed to making this surgical intervention work. The surgery is really just a first step. It forces you to make lifestyle changes. Your stomach will be smaller, so you'll simply be unable to eat too much food. But, the degree to which you'll succeed with Realize Band is dependent on how well you're able to make long term changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Realize Band will both shrink your stomach so that it can't hold too much food, and it also causes the food to travel more slowly thought your stomach. This means you'll feel full much more quickly and simply wont be able to eat more.

Realize Band is packaged with a "REALIZE mySUCCESS" program that is tailored to your personality and goals. Once you've had the surgery, you'll follow this program to maximize the results from the band.

One of the nice things about the Realize Band is that it's adjustable (can be changed to allow for more or less space in your stomach) and it's entirely reverisble as well. It can be removed and you'll be back to normal.

Because of this and other factors, it's much safer than traditional gastric bypass surgery. There's less risk in the procedure and less potential side-effects after. The procedure itself is much less complicated.


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  28-Apr-2009 12:50pm created by bill
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posted 12-May-2012 9:01pm

The reason that Dr. Simeon's says not to incejt during your period is because your body actually produces HCG during the menstrual cycle. I may be wrong, anyone feel free to correct me. So incejting on those days would be a waste of your HCG. Also, the more HCG in your system, the faster you become immune. If I were you I would go ahead and start loading now to get your normal fat reserves up and then start incejting and loading for two more days after the period. I know I loading for a week this round, only because I have been on so many diets before and I wanted to make sure my normal fat reserves were full. I am on my 9th day now, and have not had even the slightest bit of hunger the whole week.See the first week is sometimes hard since you may get hunger pangs, that is why we load, so that our body can run off our normal fat for the first few days and keep us content until the hcg gets into our system and mobilizes the abnormal fat.Try to eat very high fat food, on my loading I had fried chicken, buttered biscuits, chocolate, donuts, peanut butter cups, chips, etc. LOL I feel so strange telling you to eat all that but enjoy it!Also, whenever I am in the kitchen I wear gloves, only because I live with 8 other people and there is no telling what has oil on it. That's right, even a drop of oil touching your skin will keep you from losing the next day. Be careful! Check all spices and foods for any sugar, oil, sugar alcohol, or aspartame(BAD).As far as shampoo and conditioner, I am using the same I normally do. I have just reduced washing my hair to once or twice a week. I have curly hair so this is actually keeping my waves a bit more hydrated. The easiest thing is to just use your normal shampoo and conditioner and just wash your hair less. But expect to not lose on the day you shampoo and condition. Normal showers are fine though, with -bar soap with no oil in ingredients-, just rinse your hair with water or use a shower cap.Btw, you WILL gain a lot of weight on your load days but don't worry, you will lose every ounce of it within the first few days! I have started the Dr. Simeon's Protocol (original and only true HCG diet) about 5 times but different circumstances forced me to stop. I am finally able to do a full round, hopefully with no interuptions.It has been 9 days:I started at 178 (after loading)I am now at 165Round 1 Goal .148 or less ^_^A note, DO NOT freeze your HCG, no matter what anyone tells you. Just refrigerate. I lost a $70 bottle of HCG because I listened to someone else and froze it. HCG is very fragile and freezing ruins it.Also, we can have vinegar and cucumbers on the diet, so some people say that means we can also have pickles. I have them sometimes. It's up to you, I have been losing fine. Just another thing you may consider if you get bored with your food.Another note , there is a diet soda called Zevia, that is sweetened with Stevia (a sweet plant). Zevia has no calories, no sugar, its all natural. I found a few cans at my local Whole Foods store for 99cents a can. I've had two cans in a week and a half, it tastes better than regular diet soda. Its nice to keep around for when you get a craving for soda. But don't overdo it.Email me if you have any other questions, I have a lot of tips for ya! BIGGEST THING TO REMEMBER! WATER < TEA < COFFEE GET YOUR LIQUIDS IN and DONT EAT PAST 7PM (so your body has plenty of time to digest and flush out all the food and your weight in the morning will be correct)

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