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Relacore is a an over-the-counter diet pill. The concept behind this pill is that excess stress causes tummy flab.


Relacore elevates your mood to reduce stress, thus allowing you to lose the body fat caused by stress. That fat is caused by Cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone in your body that is linked to stress. But, it's also linked to body fat, especially around your waist.

Relacore reduces Cortisol levels in your body, resulting in a mild anti-anxiety effect.


Like most diet pills, this product make a lot of claims that probably aren't true. The FDA is often chasing people who market these pills around, trying to keep them from making such wild claims.

Cortisol likely does have a connection to body fat, but it's hard to say to what degree. It may only be a mild effect.

Relacore's main ingredient is Magnolia bark, which is believed to have a mild stress-reducing effect. But, it's unclear if this has any real connection to Cortisol or fat loss.

Relacore is marketed and packaged in a way to make it resemble a prescription drug. Many feel this is deceptive.


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  19-Jan-2006 1:35pm created by bill

posted 1-Feb-2006 12:02pm

I haven't used Relacore but am deeply concerned about marketing as a feel-good remedy. Anybody remember "Farenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury?
posted 4-Feb-2006 11:28am

I have been on Relacore for 4 days and can tell a definite difference. I read somewhere that it is being packaged two different ways - with instructions on one to take 2 caplets 3 times a day and on the other to only take 1 three times a day. I started out with 2, but got a horrible migraine. I am prone to migraines, so I don't know if it was the Relacore or not. Anyway, I did cut the dosage in half. I can tell a huge difference in my mood and energy level. I have lost 3 pound in 4 days. I doubt this will work for everyone, but if your weight is from stress, it is worth a shot. I was quite sure my weight was stress/cortisol related, as there have been a lot of changes in my life lately. I gained 20 pounds in 6 months - all in my stomach. So, so far, I am pleased with this product.
posted 16-Feb-2006 3:54pm

i have been on relacore for about 15days and i can tell a huge differance i so far am very pleased it has also curbed my appetite and terrible habit of there fore i have lost about 9lbs sherry
posted 23-May-2006 10:11am

I am skeptical about using this product. I have a great deal of stress in my life right now but the only problem area is my stomach and with a high metabolism I am not sure if this will be the right choice for me.
posted 3-Jun-2006 8:32pm

I need to loose weight! help!!!!!!
posted 8-Jun-2006 9:53am

I have been using Relacore for about 30 days and have managed to lose 28lbs and I have gone from a size 24 in pants to a 18-20. My energy level has really increased I now exercise, walk and play sports with my family. Before Relacore I was lazy, overweight and lacked energy to do anyhting but sleep. Now I am motivated and energetic and enjoy being able to do things I couldn't do before. I would definitely recommend to give Relacore a try.
posted 20-Jun-2006 6:58pm

thanks for the tips i am gonna try Relecore!!! :)
posted 27-Jun-2006 5:00pm

I just started Relacore this week. I have lost 4 lbs I'm sure that is water weight. Time will tell. However I'm still hungery. Not bad but just enough thats it's on my mind more than I would like. Any ideas? And what about Chromium Plicolinare 500 anyone with info on that? Thank you.
posted 30-Jun-2006 1:42pm

I tried this product for three months and felt at first that I was losing the belly fat. However, it was just my imagination. It also did not control my anxiety and I still ate the same, without any weight loss. It is totally a waste of money like all of the other supplements.
posted 5-Jul-2006 8:04pm

Hey I just started with Relacore a few days ago....not sure if it has done much, but we'll see, anyone have any ideas on excersizing and/or eating healthy while having a full time job, and always on the go??? I am terrible with these things lol but I need to lose about 40 lbs. please lemme know :) thanx
posted 20-Jul-2006 12:13pm

i try relacore and i know it work i lost weight it really suppress my appetite to i wasnt really hungry at all and drinking my lemon juice help to.
posted 4-Aug-2006 11:14am

I used this product for 3 days & on the third day had to be rushed to the hospital for a SEVERE allergic reaction to one of the ingredients-BUYER BEWARE!!!! Let's just say the doc said it was a very close call-try turning beet red & not being able to breathe,,my throat literally had starting swelling shut. This pill is definitly not for everyone!!!!
posted 31-Aug-2006 4:36pm

Okay, I am seriously thinking about trying this product. But a few of comments are concerning me. I have some stress and my belly has shown up as a result. I am not over weight but would love to trim my waist line. I have started walking a mile in a half 5 days a week and plan to add some crunches later. I weigh 146 but want to get to 135. My BMI may say one thing but my physcial body says another. I need some sound advice on this before I try, plus I plan to contact my Doctor and ask him. Please help
posted 6-Sep-2006 11:41pm

its not like other diet pills- there is no energy rush that comes from taking it... in fact i felt nothing; no suppression of hunger, no elevation of my mood... in my opinion it doesnt work. hydroxycut however, does work.
posted 4-Oct-2006 1:50pm

I have used relacore for 4 months along with reducing my calorie intake to about 1600 to 1800 per day and have lost 105 has made me have more energy and mood level has improved alot. I own my own business and have alot of stress on a daily basis.
posted 8-Oct-2006 7:43pm

I haven't tried relacore, but am considering it. I weigh about 170, mostly in the stomach area, and I want to get to 140. Any ideas or recommendations? I have never taken a diet supplement before. HELP PLEASE!!!
posted 11-Mar-2007 10:45pm


Do we get side effects if we use relacore?
posted 2-Apr-2007 3:46pm

posted 25-Apr-2007 6:21am

i'm taking relacore and zantrex-3 as i saw in an ad that some people are using both. sounds bad.. but i guess u can say im feeling desperate. aside from that i'm taking diet classics. it's the same ingredients and they even put the brand on the bottle.. but it's way cheaper. hope i'm okay. as for now, i'm and can't sleep which is what happens to me almost every other day thinking about things that stress me out. but earlier today i felt the "upper" relacore said to give... but now i'm anxious again :( maybe i should try relcore-pm? it looked like the same ingredients though.. thoughts?
posted 18-Jul-2007 1:27pm

i have alopecia- which i got from stress, does anyone know if taking this product would further cause your hair to fall out?
posted 29-Jul-2007 10:56pm

For the person taking Zantrex and has it worked for you? I started taking the Relacroe today, and will begin with the Zantrex tomorrow...have you, or did you see a difference?
posted 14-Aug-2007 3:21pm

I was on relacore for 4 months. I lost no weight at all. What did happen was. I got seere EDEMA in both legs. (Swelling due to water retention in the legs) this stumped both my doctors, the hospital and me. It was only after I ran out of it and could not go to the drug store for a week to get more that the swelling started going down.

I attribute the EDEMA to relacore. Is it for certain that it cause However. the fact that the swelling went down only after getting off relacore, leads me to believe it may not be such a safe product after all..
posted 4-Sep-2007 11:38am

for the person that is combo pilling(relacore and zantrex) are taking recomended doses of each three times a day because i too saw an ad in a magazine.
posted 8-Nov-2007 3:38pm

I have been taking relocore for about 2 months now. I have not really changed the way ate nor do I exercise. I have lost about 10 pounds and I am not sure of my inches. I was a 16/18 or 18 when I started. Now I am a 16 and I have a little extra room in that size. My appetite has decreased and I believe my mood has changed alot.
posted 7-Jan-2008 12:42pm

Husband was on Relacore. He went through the 1st bottle (220 cap) and his feet and lower legs swelled a lot (Edema). It swelled so much that he went to the doctor. They had no idea what caused it. He ran out of it and I finally bought some about 2 weeks later. (the swelling had lessened some in the 2 weeks, however we did not put 2 and 2 together.) He went back on it and the swelling got worse. So much so he could only wear adjustable sandles, as he could not get his fet in shoes, not even his slippers. The doctor put him on a water pill to reduce the edema. it helped a little. It was only about 2 weeks later that it dawned on me to have him stop the Relacore. He stopped the swelling went down a bit.

He will NOT GO BACK ON IT. Only problem now is, what ever damage it did, his legs will not go down to a normal size. They are still quite swollen 4 months later! We had to go out to a specialty shoe store to try to buy extra extra wide shoes for him.

So I do not know what other internal damage has been done, however I am reporting it to the FDA medwatch program as diet aids are watched by them.
posted 9-Jan-2008 2:42pm

Relacore makes your hair all out!!! you get dizzy, blured vision, and headaches, I even was vomiting. Throw it away or don't buy it.
posted 27-Feb-2008 12:37pm

I was trying relacore with zantrex 3. definately dont recommend it. the relacore made me feel calmer, im normally extremely stressed out. i was really sick the first 3 days. i wasnt sure if it was the zantrex or the relacore. so i stopped taking the zantrex. and i feel so much better.

relacore is great for reducing my stress levels, it helps me lose weight because it supresses my appetite. but i think if you just took a vitamin/pill that only supresses your appetite, you'd get the exact same results. i mean obviously, people who are eating snacks all day long, or more servings than they should for meals, they will gain weight.

i wouldnt bother with it though. maybe for a week to help you reduce the need to eat, get use to that feeling of not eating so much, let your stomach shrink a little. then stop taking it and see how well you do managing your intake of foods.

the only reason i actually tried this was because of it reducing stress and helping with weight loss, plus it was a lot cheaper at walmart than anywhere online. 19.95 vs. 49.99, also the bottles at walmart have 120 capsules. the ones online im pretty sure have 60/80. i only took 2 for breakfast and 2 at lunch.

a side effect for me was feeling anxious, shaky, and i would space out randomly for 5 minutes at a time. i think it helps if your willing to eat healthier, smaller portions and exercise. obviously.
posted 6-Apr-2008 9:43pm

i just stard taking relecore and zantrex3 and im worry about what may happen !
any sugestion on how many times a day and what are the side efects of mixing this pills
a mother
posted 30-Apr-2008 2:18pm

I have used relacore before and plan on starting agian as I am now at my heaviest at 250 lbs. I just wanted to say when I used it before i lost like 20 lbs in 2 mnths and it really helped me with my stress and anxiety..i have a wedding coming up in october and I would really love to lose ALOT before then so hopefully relacore will help me agian!
posted 6-May-2008 12:29pm

I also just started taking relacore & zantrex 3. We'll see how well it works.
posted 23-May-2008 12:58pm

Anyone with just 20 pounds to lose , lost weight on this?
posted 26-May-2008 11:57pm

I didn't even get halfway through the bottle and started losing my hair . About a fistfull a day. I WOULD NOT recomend it.
posted 1-Jun-2008 1:18pm

u can get cushing syndrome which can cause teomers with relacore
posted 1-Jun-2008 1:20pm

don't drink relacore it is a fake at first it helps u lose weight then it makes u get lots of peoples and make your hair fall out truly honest thats why i stoped drinking it for good
posted 1-Jun-2008 1:21pm

i did not mean 2 write peoples i wanted to type pimples
posted 1-Jun-2008 11:07pm

posted 7-Jun-2008 9:03pm

I too have taken relacore. Only until I read this site, did I realize that this product is causing the swelling in my legs. I have never had this problem. I bought this bottle of relacore about 3 weeks ago, I have actually gained weight and my legs have swollen up. After reading the two anonymous emails about swelling in their legs-or spouse's legs, the light clicked on. I took my bottle of relacore to the trash and dumped it. I need to lose weight, probably about 50 to 60 pounds but this is definitely not the way to do it. Thank you to the two previous anonymous writers who discussed the Edema. You probably saved my life. You are right, one never knows what these products do to your body in the long run.
posted 12-Jun-2008 2:08am

I took Relacore and it made my poop very stinky. I experienced no male enhancement whatsoever. It does not work. I am still a heffalump.
posted 12-Jun-2008 3:00pm

I started relacore and loved the way I felt but I too started having really bad swelling in my legs and found on this site some others had the same problem.The swelling is so bad I have what appears to be a red rash under my skin.No more for me!By the way this was after only a few days of taking it.
posted 16-Jun-2008 12:53pm

I am a recovering anorexic...I lost 46 pounds in two months when I would do my own "diet"...since recovering I have gained some of the weight back and now im trying to lose weight in a "healthy" way...
I have been taking relacore and zantrax together for about a week...I dont own a scale so its difficult to say how much weight I have already lost but I can tell I have lost some...I dont feel hungry @ all during the day, And I find myself having to remind myself to eat...which can be good and bad for me since I have struggled with the diease. anyway, just letting anyone curious know... I think its a good combination and i think it works.
posted 16-Jun-2008 6:06pm

Hello everyone, I started "combo pilling" Zantrex and Relacore today... I am male, 37, 6'5" and weigh more than 250lbs. I tend to stress eat, which has caused me to become fat and lazy. I hope that the Zantrex will give me the zip I need to get up off my behind and I hope that the Relacore will keep me me from binge eating when I get stressed. I know that I only started "combo pilling" today but I have to tell you that I feel great and have gotten a lot of things done today. This morning I had a very lite breakfast and a very lite lunch this afternoon. It is dinner time and I have no desire to eat. Normally I eat a huge breakfast, a large lunch, I snack before dinner, I eat dinner and then I snack again before bed. Time will tell but so far so good...
posted 29-Jul-2008 5:06pm

I tried Relacore about a year ago, and I went from a size 16-18 in pants to a size 8-10 in a matter of 3 months. I started exercising about a month into the 3 months, and feel exercise helped me have such fast results. But like any other diet pill on the market it does different strokes for different folks. I am now in a size 14 and because I stopped working out and got busy with school and kids, picked up my bad habbits again. So back to Relacore I go, I was to blame for getting too relaxed again. Exercise and plenty of water were the kep for me! But Relacore gives me the head start I need. Good Luck!
posted 17-Sep-2008 5:43am

after 3 days on relacore, rash everywhere and no energy....very sleepy
posted 18-Sep-2008 12:03am

I have been taking the Zantrex/Relacore Combo for 3 days now. The first 2 days were fine, but today I doubled over with abd. pain a 1/2 an hour after taking them. Not sure what caused it. But IF it happens again, I am stopping one of them and see what happens.
worked before
posted 19-Sep-2008 8:45pm

Hi. I tried Relacore (or maybe it was Relora...basically the same thing) a few years ago. I often used a "carb receptor" in addition when I ate too many carbs. I lost two sizes and about 20 pounds. Very little effort on my part, no physical concerns from the capsules, and I was feeling good. I had plenty of belly fat, as well as stress. I quit taking it and the pounds slowly came back. I'm going to try it again!
posted 26-Sep-2008 10:44am

i started taking relacore and zantrex-3 yesterday i want to loose about 30lbs or more i weight 175 and im 5-5 that would make me so happy i only took one of each in the morning and took a relacore pm for night i did not do the afternoon one cause i had felt sick but everyones body is different you just haft weight it out and try if not then you will never know but today i am feeling fine i will start doing it 3 times a day after next week you should always start out slowly when trying something new cause your body could reject it then it says on the bottle to take 2 relacore and 2 zantrex well after about a month i will sart doing that if i can handle it goodluck to the ones who try it
wanna lose 12lbs
posted 30-Sep-2008 2:55pm

I've been taking Relacore for anxiety for maybe two weeks and I feel that it does make a little difference in that area. As far as losing weight, I haven't noticed a difference yet so I decided to add Zantrex 3 to it. The first day, I took 1 Zantrex at around 6pm. I was up until 4:30am cleaning!! It was nice for my house but not for my sleep. So day 2, I got up at 11 and took 2 Relacore and 1 Zantrex. About 10 minutes later, my face and neck turned bright red! I even turned a little red and was itchy around my knees and on my bum. It's only been 20 minutes and I can feel it getting better. I'll keep ya updated....
wanna lose 12lbs
posted 17-Oct-2008 2:17am

So I've been taking the two for the past few weeks. Not every day, but almost. Every now and then I get red and itchy, but not every time. I still have energy but don't feel as shaky. Maybe lost a pound or two.
posted 15-Nov-2008 12:23pm

Anyone out there that experienced swelling needs to be tested for cushing sydrome and other kidney disoders.
Mom of 3
posted 19-Nov-2008 11:56pm

My mom has started the Zantrex and Relacore combo, she is 60 years old. She told me her energy level is up and she feels great. Her appetite is curbed and she is sleeping well at night. I am going to start the combo tomorrow!
posted 25-Nov-2008 1:20pm

i hope it works for me . first day was rough thought i was gonna die.
posted 27-Nov-2008 9:50pm

Amanda....I too am 175, 5'5 and want to lose about 30-40lbs......I just started the relacore and zantrex 3 today. Had been taking carb interceptor pills if consumed carbs and cut out almost all carbs few days ago and have lost about 7lbs from that alone. I had been on Atkins twice before in my life and lost the 40lbs in three months twice....lack of following the healthy way of the after atkins diet, along with just not watching the weight creep up caused me to gain back 10 lbs this time.....I am not sure if safe to take the relacore, zantrex 3 as well as the carb interceptor on the days when I do consume carbs. Anyone know? I have no appetite but it says the zantrex is activated by food so I have to eat...Will see if can sleep tonight...might have to buy a bottle of the pm stuff.....I am healthy, 51yrs old and have 6-1/2 yr old twins who help keep me going..:) Please keep posting your results...any suggestions, please email me at
posted 23-Dec-2008 10:52am

A big THANK YOU to those of you who do take the time to comment I was trying to figure out what happened to me I ended up in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction my throat was swelling up so bad and the little hanging thing at the back was about 4 times the size and choaking me I woke up thank God or I would be dead I'm sure. I took 2 tablets before bed that night and 2 the night before. It has been almost 2 weeks and my legs at the bottom are swollen and I didn't relate that to it untill now either, thanks again for the feedback.
posted 19-Jan-2009 1:46am

I need to loose weight bad...I feel myself getting fatter and lazier. I would love to loose about 70 pounds. I have several diet pills that I have bought over the years and have not taken. I was considering mixing some. I'm desperate! I am 5 foot and right at 200 lbs...I have to get some weight off. PLEASE HELP!
posted 20-Feb-2009 2:14pm

I have been taking relacore now about three to four days and I don't know if this is the casue but I feel like I am starving to death and get really shaky. I am trying to diet but because I am so shaky my mind is telling me I am hungry and I east just about anything I can find. Anyone else feel this way?
The Daughter
posted 27-Mar-2009 4:35pm

My Mother took the combination she took Relacore Pm with Zantrex 3 and lost weight extremley fast and worked out with 45-1hr of cardio a day, had no side effects she felt she was too small so she discontinued the use. But i think i may try this I need to lose 50 pounds and I work out already and I think it might work Oh yeah 1 of each two times a day only is important you don't want to kill your self
posted 18-May-2009 12:44pm

i just bought the diet pills yesterday n will be here prob tomorrow, im 130 and want to lose 20lbs..i had a baby n gained alot of hopeing this works i will keep u updated
posted 13-Aug-2009 12:56pm

A couple years ago i did the zantrex 3 with relacore. And i lost about 20ibs bringing me down to my normal weight of 118-125lbs. it really worked for me, gave me a boost of energy and also helped curb my appetite some, but was still able to eat a meal when i needed, and not feel like i was starving myself. i also started reaching for the healthy food snacks which im sure helped. i recently gained alot of way from a medication i was on and stress, so yet again i am now taking the combo, and look forward to my results. :)
posted 16-Aug-2009 11:09pm

I have been on the Relacore Extra for 3 days and all it has done is make me sleepy. I've had no energy or mood elevation. I feel less stress because I'm sleepy all the time!
posted 21-Aug-2009 2:35pm

I have taken Relacore for a month and have lost my small spare tire and 13 pounds but I also starting reading labels and fat content of every thing I consumed at the same time I started taking Relacore. I excercise alot as well. I think it more psychological for me that this pill may have worked. I ride a bike 50 to 150 miles per week and in the last couple of weeks started getting nasty rashes on my upper thighs and other areas and the rashes stopped me from riding for a while. My skin seems to be drying out as well. I never had that problem before and I realized now it all started since taking Relacore. I done with it for now to see what happens.
baybee girl
posted 8-Nov-2009 11:39pm

i take relacore, acaipure and triothin 3x a day. combo pilling really works. two years ago i lost thirty lbs in 2 months this way. (i took relacore, hydroxycut and cylaris)all at the same time. im hoping to lose 20 lbs this time
Personal Experience
posted 17-Dec-2009 3:10am

I heard about Relacore and Zantrex 3 from a magazine and thought it was crazy at first to combo pill, but I had always been over weight so I figured I'd try it. I was at a weight of 298lbs and was 5'7, I was very unhappy with myself. I tried diet and exercise, but everything seemed to just get worse. Finally I got serious and I started walking, dancing and eating right while taking one of each of the pills twice a day, morning and afternoon, and surprisingly the weight started to come off. In about a few months I had went down to 150lbs. I know that from my experience it worked, but I always think the main thing is diet and exercise!! =) Well good luck to those who may try it =)
posted 19-Feb-2010 4:33pm

I have been taking relacore and lately its made me feel crazy! I get so angry at anything and everything. If anything I feel like relacore has contributed to my stress because before I wasn't nearly as bad. I get to the point where I just want to break things and thats def. not normal. Has anyone else had this happen to them while taking relacore?
posted 12-Mar-2010 2:19am

ive been taking relacore for a few days now and ive noticed that my appetite has decreased even though i have food on my mind, my stress level has gone down but thats because its making me sleepy, I dont see a mood elevation but i have noticed i get annoyed real easily and according to my mother i seam blah. I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the afternoon, ever since ive taken relacore i cant sleep at all yet im so tired and makes me zone out. ive most likely lost 2-3lbs and not sure if im going to stop using or not, but i honestly think its a waste of money.
posted 4-Apr-2010 9:35am

posted 3-Jun-2010 5:57pm

JUST START TAKING relacore A FREIND TOLD ME ABOUT IT i KNOW 1 THING IS THAT I DONT REALLY HAVE AN APPEITIE I EAt once or twice a day i hope i begin losing weight also i need to bad.
posted 13-Jul-2010 8:33pm

I've been taking relacore xtra for about three weeks.... Is it normal for me to poop 3-4 times a day? No it's not diarhea either! I'm don't mind if it is normal.... But if not I wanna stop! Anyone else experience this?I'm also a little bloated.
posted 13-Aug-2010 12:33pm

I took relacore for about 2 weeks. It made me feel not-so-good and I had weird dreams at night that were not occurring before I started taking it, and ceased as soon as I stopped. It didn't really help with my appetite at all. I wouldn't recommend it.
posted 12-Sep-2010 9:10pm

I have taken relacore and vitamin B 3 times a day, have lots of energy, have lost 10lbs in 6 days. I have lost appetite. do feel thirsty alot, and drink ALOT of water. Have had no bad side effects. Hope weight loss continues have about 100 to lose. Do only eat yogurt, lean cusine, vegetables and slim fast, and walking at least 1.5 miles 5 times a week. The combination seems to be working great, hope it continues.
posted 16-Mar-2011 12:59pm

posted 24-Mar-2011 11:35am

I just got my first pkg.of relacore extra today ,I just took one this morning and then going to take another one in afternoon. Im doing this way for me for the first week,then I may go higher dos.
posted 7-Apr-2011 1:20pm

I have lost 3 pds in two weeks, But I have hypertenion,,may have to go on high blood pressure meds.they are the worst to make you gain weight,,.
posted 15-Jul-2011 7:15pm

I just started taking relacore and xantrex3 today and so far I like it. It doesn't make me gittery like xantrex3 by its self...
posted 19-Nov-2011 5:37pm

I started relacore three days ago third day I have a rash allover ,mostly on my feet.I'm not taking anymore of this crap!!
posted 22-Mar-2013 11:13pm

I'm starting zentrex 3 and relacore tomorrow, yes I'm nervous but I want something different. I have tried so many things to lose weight and nothing beer seemed to work. So I seem an ad in a magazine about combo-piling so I really want to do it. Just worries me because there are a lot of people that has had negative things about it. So can anyone help please!?
posted 10-Apr-2013 4:19pm

I am starting the Relacore/Zantrex 3 today...I've taken Relacore before but wasn't disciplined with it. I took 2 Zantrex and 1 Relacore at lunch with a lot of water. About 15 min later I ate a normal lunch. The only change I am going to make diet wise is drinking diet soda in lieu of sugared soda. That in and of itself may make the biggest change! Ill update how I feel and what the results are if anyone would like to know :) good luck to all of you out there that want to help yourselves get healthier ❤
posted 13-Apr-2013 9:54am

Hi! I posted as anonymous last post but figured its be hard to follow :) I've been taking Relacore and Zantrex 3 for 4 days now. I started with 1 Relacore and 2 Zantrex. It made me just a little jittery as I took them on an empty stomach. As soon as I ate lunch I felt better. It did make me have extra bowel movements 2 times that day and everyday since. About twice a day. I have since started taking 1 of each with a 1/2 glass of milk and that seems to cut down on the jitters. I am very used to caffine though so it may be different for others who may not be...I am not weighing myself as I prefer to judge by how well my normal clothes fit...I haven't noticed any change in that and didn't expect to this soon anyway but I have a lot more energy! My daughter had to move yesterday and we worked for about 12 hours straight moving and cleaning (it was a disaster of a cleaning task! Really really messy and dirty) she's a teenager...anyway, I only had the 2 pulls in the morning and didn't slow down one bit all day! I'm not sure we could've gotten it done without the Zantrex! I was starving at lunch but I expected that due to the exertion. But was hardly hungry that night when we finally stopped to eat around 10pm! I didn't even finish dinner. I slept like a baby and woke up today feeling fine. Took 1 pill of each again this morning and within 15-20 min had to poop! Sorry for the personal info but I think it's wise to know that you will need a bathroom while taking this! A road trip or being in mixed company could prove to be embarrassing! Still feel good and peppy. Will post again in a few days :)
posted 14-Apr-2013 11:33pm

I want to start combo pilling with zentrix and relacore how many pills a day can I take?
posted 17-Apr-2013 5:07pm

Hello again! I have now been on the combo for almost a week and have been taking 1 of each Relacore and Zantrex 3 blue bottle 2 times a I said I started on 2 Zantrex and 1 Relacore but that made me kinda problems now as long as I take it with a glass of milk...I haven't noticed a marked weight loss yet but didn't really expect to this soon...I do have a lot more energy though and that has been great! One thing that is new now is that if I eat a meal with a lot of fat or oil in it I am having to have a bowel movement fairly quick after...sorry for the detail but yesterday I ate a Philly cheesesteak and I had to run to the I had a salad with homemade Cesar dressing and I think it had too much oil in I because I actually had to dash to the potty and what came out was mostly oil...not pleasant at all :( I wasn't aware of this effect....anyway, that's all well and good as long as I'm prepared and may e try to avoid oils and fats in too much quantity? Gonna keep at it and will post again soon!
posted 18-Apr-2013 9:43am

Constuctogirl, have you lost any weight on the combo Relacore & Zantrex? Are you watching what you eat or exercising/walking a bit?
posted 2-Jun-2013 12:22pm

For those combo pilling with Relacore and Zantrex3 and having negative reactions - try taking your 3 Relacore in the morning with a sensible breakfast. Then take 1 Zantrex 15 minutes before you eat lunch and a second Zantrex 15 minutes before you eat dinner. You shouldn't experience any headaches or gitters. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hope this helps.
diet girl 13
posted 28-Oct-2013 7:06pm

Just started combo pilling today, zantrex 3 and Relacore. Anyone have any luck with this method. I've read more positive then negative both in magazine articles as well as on-line. Anyone have any success stories? If so, what and how many pills per day? Thanks!!!
posted 20-Nov-2013 9:40am

today is the first day i started the combo pilling. i got relacore extra and zantrex-3, blue bottle. i took both according to the package directions which was 3 relacore with a full glass of water and 2 zantrex with a full glass of water. now im thinkin i shuld've lowered the doses because im taking 2 different kinds of pills. dont know. how do u all take them?
posted 28-Aug-2014 12:32pm

Hi everyone! This is my first day of taking relacore. Im 245lbs im trying atleast to lose 50 or more lbs. Im in awheelchair 24/7 cause i was in 2 accidents im paralyzed from waist down. I just had a baby about a year ago i use to way 173lbs i gain alots of weight after i had my child and i also have alots of stress also cause its hard being in a wheelchair. Can someone please let me know if this will work for me or no? On relacore it says take three tablets in the morning with a full glsss of water is that right or no please someone help and let me know. I seen alots of comments on here an im having second thought about relacore. Please email me
posted 21-Oct-2014 1:16pm

I just started taking relacore it seems like a good product to start off with, not a weight lost juckie but gain a few with age.
posted 30-Oct-2014 4:42pm

I have lost a 106 pds on my own 2 years ago and kept all off but 25 of it so I have been fighting those 25 for awhile loss 10... gain 5 loss 7 gain 2 I went from a size 26 to a size 10... and Im still that size 10 but not as comfortable... so I just need a little help.. I eat great... but I am under some stress with work 2 kids in college and I tend to over eat when Im stress out... or feel lonely or bored.... its really only a problem at night..... my great BF is a hard worker and is tired at the end of the night and I am not so I stay up and watch tv and find myself snacking... and who doesn't love to snack... now I had the will power before and I know how to eat to lose weight.... just this 25 yucky uncomfortable pds... ok so today is the first day and so far I noticed I had energy with out jitters and I forgot to eat....but i will check in again
posted 20-Nov-2014 2:16pm

Am I crazy? My first day of taking relacore in the morning, I became so tired and slept half the day. I need the sleep at night not during the day. Has anyone else experienced this?
posted 1-Feb-2015 1:31pm

YES! Lol I took it and fell out! The three dosages at once, I just can't take. It makes me feel much better (stress wise), but I have to reduce my dosage to 1 pill in the morning and one-two before bed if I want a normal work week. ;)
posted 21-Feb-2015 8:33pm

Healthy 63 year old who is over 100 pounds overweight. I just bought the Relacore Extra and the Zantrex 3 red box today - at Walmart - cheaper than anything I saw online. I will start taking 1 pill of each tomorrow morning with a glass of milk, and one at lunch with a glass of milk. Will let you know what happens. Would love to hear some more feedback from folks who have been on this regimen for a while...what they ate, how much exercise, problems. Are the people on here taking the Relacore pm during the day having the daytime sleep problems? I do not plan on taking either of these after 2 pm every day.
posted 5-Mar-2015 4:41pm

a few yrs back I was on relacore and I had lost about 4o lbs.i loved also made me not sweat the small things in life.but after being on it 4 about 3 months I was in a car accident and was put on steroids which made me gain the weight back and then some.when I was taking the relacore I had never felt better.i had more energy at work and at home.i also ate mcdonalds everyday but I would only eat a mcchicken ,small fries,and a diet coke.i am now taking adipex and have just started it.i am curious 2 see where this goes.i would highly recommend relacore 2 any1 who wants 2 lose a matter of fact I talked my daughter in2 taking relacore
posted 12-Apr-2016 11:50pm

I started taking relacore about 5 days agi. Appetite is curbed during the day but by evening I am starving lol. I haven't HAD to have a nap the last couple of days. No swelling anywhere. I'm not sure if I have lost pounds but my clothing fit better instead of being tight.
posted 27-Jan-2017 5:52pm

I did buy it for belly fat, but I didn't lose any weight. Now I just buy it because I like how it mellows me out :)

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