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Scarsdale Medical Diet


The Scarsdale Medical Diet is a low calorie and low fat weight loss program developed by Dr. Herman Tarnower from Scarsdale, New York.


The Scarsdale Diet is has a very specific, tightly-controlled eating program (when and what to eat) that you have to do for the first 2 weeks. Then, for the next 14 days, you follow as somewhat less specific program where you can eat more on your own schedule, but have to eat only the specific foods that it allows.

Examples techniques from the Scarsdale Diet include eating a grapefruit for breakfast and switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners. It is a very low calorie diet, coming it at only 700 calories per day.

This diet is not very flexible and it can be hard to stick with the very low calorie levels. But, some people respond well to very strict guidelines, with specific recipes and menus to follow. You don't have to work it out on your own, you just follow the instructions in the book and that's that. You will lose weight.


Dr. Tarnower first published his diet book in 1978. In 1980 Dr. Tarnower was murdered and this had the odd effect of getting his diet a lot of attention. It peaked in popularity shortly after that. In 2006 a movie was made about the murder.


No one really disputes that this works in the short term. It's a very low calorie diet. Most people will lose weight fast on this diet. But, much of that weight is likely from water loss. And, in the long term, this diet is very hard to stick with. Many people who do this diet will likely gain the weight back later.


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