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Slim-fast Diet


This is the most popular and successful diet drink weight loss program. Essentially, you replace one or two regular meals with a low calorie Slim-fast product.


Originally, Slim-fast was just a shake-like drink that comes in a can. There are various flavors like chocolate and vanilla. More recently, other products have been added, like breakfast bars and smoothies.

You lose weight by eating less calories. This is made easy by simply replacing a meal or two with a low-calorie drink or bar. You don't need to count calories (or points).

Along with replacing one or two meals, you're also advised to otherwise eat sensible meals.


Liquid diet drinks have a history that goes back to the 1930s.


Eating a lot of the same kind of thing, in this case a diet drink or bar, become tedious and boring for many people. Over time, you may tend to rebel against the habit and break the diet.


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  2-Nov-2005 9:02am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:08am last update by bill

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posted 18-Dec-2008 7:12pm

I personally don't like the taste of the Original Slim Fast drinks, but I do LOVE the taste of the WalMart brand ones. Anyone else out there like me?
posted 20-Dec-2008 2:08am

Yes! I feel the same way, the Walmart brand seems to taste better and its cheaper :)
posted 20-Dec-2008 2:10am

I am going to start Slim fast again, but dont plan to start until after the holidays. January 1st is my starting point. I had heart failure at 29 due to complications during my pregnancy and talked with my cardiologist about Slim Fast. He said it was healthy and would provide me with all of my vitamins and minerals along with eating a sensible dinner. :)
posted 31-Dec-2008 3:29am

Try Carnation Instank Breakfast shakes and make them with skim milk instead of 2% or homo it works!
posted 6-Jan-2009 10:17am

Hi all!! I'm a 29yr old female with 2kids i just had my 2nd child 14mths ago 5'4 and 170 pounds I'm carrying it very well but my stomach is big and I would like to lose 30-40 pounds before my birthday 04/01/09 yipeee I will be 30 soo therefore I will be going on slimfast diet starting today 01/06/2009 with excercise 2-3 a week for 20-30min.. Would this work really?

So would anyone like to keep in touch and be buds? I would love to have a slim fast buddy :) email me if interested
posted 12-Jan-2009 3:13pm

I started Slimfast on Jan 1 of this year (2009) and I've been doing great! My start weight was 198, today (the 12th) I am 195 and dropping. Here's my routine;
Breakfast - 2 cups coffee, slimfast around 9am
Lunch - SlimFast
Dinner - Whatever the wife cooks, just not heaping loads of it. I usually eat a snack or two throughout the day but it's a slice of peanut bread, or banana..
Exercise for about 15-20 min daily, and I started wearing a pedometer to get in at least 2 miles a day (including where ever I walk).
I don't intend to stay on Slim-fast my entire life, but for now it's a good "trainer" for my body to get used to lower amounts of food and lower calories coming in.

So far, so good.
Lonely One
posted 28-Jan-2009 9:37am

I do need the help. I have tried the candy bars from slim fast and they aren't helping. I don't really have much time to do any exercise because I babysit. What should I do?
posted 14-Feb-2009 4:44pm

Does this shake for anyone that doesn't eat. I myself have not really eaten since my husband left for iraq and qute often forget to eat at all if not horrible things like pringles, cheez its, and rice krispie treats. I am hoping to lose some weight before my husband comes back in two months but was wondering how I should go about it since I don't really eat at all. Should I start by eating less calories since I am used to that and then bumping it up slowly to 1300 daily to build my metabolism or should I go ahead and start off with the 1300 calories daily. I am wondering that if I start this diet and have never really eaten if it will make me gain weight if I start right at the max daily intake.
posted 20-Feb-2009 10:05pm

I am going to Wal Mart tomorrow and picking up the Slim Fast gear and starting this diet. I have never tried it before, but after reading this board I am hopeful. Last year, I lost about 15 pounds by controlling my eating habits... I pretty much stopped eating actually. But this is not healthy, and I know that now. I gained back all the weight last summer, and now I am in my freshman year of college and gaining the Freshman 15 I'm afraid. But I am determined to lose weight through diet and exercise this time. I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds, 20 if I can stick to it. Thanks for all your inspirational stories, wish me luck.
posted 26-Feb-2009 8:47pm

Anonymous- Feb 14:

You should really eat. I know that you must feel very depressed not having your husband around and well really not feeling like eating at all. I myself have been at both extremes at wanting to eat everything on sight and at not wanting anything at all. Thing is, by not eating you are actually hurting your body and is very likely the reason why you have gained weight or why you aren't loosing any. Since your body is barely getting any calories at all it's holding on to anything it can possibly get and storing it as fat as it thinks there is a famine, that is just how we are programmed it's a survival mechanism. So if you really want to loose weight, you need to eat. But I would start at 1100 for a day or two, then bump up to 1200 calories for another day or two and then get to 1300 and try to stay here for the rest of the time, or at the very least at 1200 not bellow. Another site I would recommend using is It is totally free and completely wonderful. They also have food and calorie tracking, a huuuuge database, a lot of forums and all that, as well as nutritionists available. Even a panic button for immediate help. Also have a fitness planner and tracker and thousands of video demos for exercises, and did I mention it's 100% free? I've been with them a while and love them. Oh, I also started on slimfast today and it wasn't so bad, strawberries and cream taste pretty good, though smelling it first thing in the morning, not a good idea... drinking it was fine. The morning was alright apetite wise, the afternoon was soooooooo much harder! I'll update later and tell how it goes. I want to use slimfast as a boost to loose about 10 pounds that I've been stuck on for the past 4 months! then I'll probably go back to my sparkpeople program, oh I forgot to say, they also give a personalized meal plan and all that too. Many options! try them out along with the SF site!

Hope I managed to help you a bit anonymous :) good luck! oh and remember that you have to eat to loose weight! (healthy and calorie reduced of course but enough! not the bare minimum! if you keep that up you'll end up loosing all your muscle mass!)
posted 22-Mar-2009 7:26pm

Alright, I weigh 175 in March and want to get to 140 by the end of summer. I eat a normal sized breakfast, and a light lunch. Then I go and play sports for 2 hours four times a week. But I'm so hungry after I go home so I eat a big dinner. So I think if I drink a slim fast shake for dinner, it will cut out alot of calories. Any advice?
posted 24-Mar-2009 2:23pm

I just came back from a cruise and gained 4 lbs. I went from 107 to 111 in a few days, crazy huh? Anyways, I came back and replaced lunch with one slim fast optima and started doing Billy Blanks tae bo celebrity fit. If you want a good cardio workout and nice abs, do that dvd!!!! I lost all of the weight and actually more in about two weeks. The shake is awesome for keeping me full. Yeah it has sugar/carbs but it's an entire meal, people. Don't forget about the vitamins. Also, I take whey isolate protein right after workouts. Oh yeah, I am a 21 year old active female. Hope this was helpful.
posted 24-Mar-2009 2:26pm

Hi anonymous,

I think a huge breakfast would be a good idea because you won't feel so hungry later on in the day. Maybe you should snack more as well, like fruit or fat free pudding, nuts. Having a slim fast for dinner would be perfect opposed to a large dinner because you won't be sleeping on all of those calories.
posted 24-Mar-2009 4:02pm

slim fast sucks, i was on it for 3 months and have learned that it is not proper Nutrition and needs to only be used for a short period of time as a meal replacement here and there. Do not take it longer, it will tear up your stomach and it hurts!!
posted 14-Apr-2009 4:14am

So...I'm 20 years old, had a baby, moved away from my entire family to get married to the man of my baby is now a year old come friday and i have gained almost 30 pounds...from what i've read, all you have to do is replace two meals a day with a slimfast shake or bar and excercize 2-4 times a week. I've joined the ymca 7 week cardio-kickboxing class(i'm a red belt kickboxer but haven't been practicing since before i gave birth due to the violence of it, i had lots of complications due to her being a huge baby and she's it for me) But anyway, i'm hoping i'm getting enough exercize in with the two one hour classes per week? And I was also wondering how expensive slimfast is...i'm a stay at home mom now with only my husband working so I don't want to be paying through the nose for a shake :P Please email me with any info at
posted 23-Apr-2009 3:19pm

Hello im 28 Years old and i need to lose about 100 Lbs im gonna start the slim fast diet with eating a Lean cusine meal for dinner with a fruit/veg snack inbetween also will be walking on my treadmil every other day and i just purchased Slim in 6 so im really hopeing for a good turnout the doc told me today if i dont do something i will have an early grave arghhh :( ANYONE out there over 100 lbs over weight and would like to become buddies? im in ohio Email
posted 25-Apr-2009 9:50am

hi im bout to start slimfast on april 25th i need to lose weight by the 15 august dis yeah how much do u think ican lose in that time im 5ft 3 and 26 stones please let mee know thank u
posted 3-May-2009 9:44am

Well I started on April 12 and I've now lost 15 pounds on Slim fast only drinking one a day and working out at the gym for about two hours on saturdays and sundays.
posted 4-May-2009 3:44pm


If you still need a weight loss buddy, I would like to volunteer! I don't have 100 pds to lose, but I need support and will continue to support you as well!
Let me know your progress. I will start my Slimfast next week, I get paid this Friday!! Yay! I check back for your answer

Happy weigtloss/life chage
posted 11-May-2009 5:17am

can you use the powder with water instead of milk?
posted 12-May-2009 7:40pm

hey jimbo i use water when i ran out of milk it taste ok but i just do it with milk u shud give it a try see wat is taste like for you good luck
posted 14-May-2009 8:27am

Hello All, i am trying very hard to loose weight!!! i workout regularly (about 500 calories/day workout) and eat very healthy throughout the day but dinner is when i loose it all:( I weigh 185lbs/ 5'6" and am looking to loose about 30lbs. I really need some motivation/ help getting off my chocolate craving. I was wondering if i should buy the canned shakes as opposed to the powder form so i can take it to work also for lunch... but is it drinkable or absolutely horrendous in taste???
posted 15-May-2009 2:59pm

June 19:

Hello, I want to say, Great Job! Keep up the good work! Losing weight can be frustrating at times but take it one day at a time. Remember if you slip up, just try not to again but don't beat yourself up about it. Just work out a little extra if need be. With all that said, I like the shakes, I don't think that they taste as bad as some say, but to each his/her own. They have a variety, so just see what works for you. I like the canned shakes so I can grab and go especially if I am running late!

Happy weight loss/life change
posted 15-May-2009 7:58pm

Thanks for the encouragement Dee; i froze down the canned shake and had it for lunch today n i kinda like itsmile I got a pack of the chocolate ones but was a little hesitant to get vanilla... I am also kinda looking for a weight loss buddy so if anyone is interested, I would be more than delighted and would definitely return the favor. I am not one to quit easily or loose hope!
posted 9-Jun-2009 5:25pm

I am looking to lose about 35 lbs. All the weight I gained while I was peregnant. I gaind 50 lost 10 already. I am wanting to go on the slimfast diet. The way I am doing it now is not good I only take in about 400-500 calories! I know, I know thats horrible! but my husband is deployed right now and I can get away with it without him yelling at But I was looking for a support buddy. I seen some people on here doing that. Anytakers!!!???
posted 11-Jun-2009 2:16am

Well, I don't know if this will help, but here it goes
I started the slim fast optima about 2 or 3 weeks ago, wasnt really active, and my dinner and snack choices were horrible...Then i stepped on the scale and it read 197...So with what I was doing while doing slim fast made me gain about 6lbs (I started at 191). So here I am thinking,"OH HOLY CRAP!!! WTF AM I GOING TO DO?!?!" So then I made the decision to get into the gym, track what I eat on, and actually follow the slim fast diet...I've been sticking to this for the past 2 weeks and have lost a total of 7lbs...Now I'm only 8lbs away from my 1st goal of 182lbs for a wedding (I'm the maid of honor) on July 4th. My long term goal is about 60lbs from my starting weight (I would like to weigh 137, but I'm ok if its 145 too) Oh yea, I'm 5'3, and I have a lot of muscle on me...Swim team, running around....and now doing 2 hour workouts that include biking about 2 miles on a stationary, briskly walking on a treadmil, lifting weights (Hip adductors/abductors are amazing!) and swimming my arse off in the pool... So My advice would have to be...If you are going to do this, do it right and donw forget to work out, it helps A LOT!!
posted 14-Jun-2009 2:45pm

thanks so much for your looking foward to start slim-fast and loose 20pnds.
posted 28-Jun-2009 2:39pm

I am so excited this time,I saw a old child hood friend,that told me that she lost an enormous amount of weight on slim fast,she look's great,and that has motivated me to want to do this!I have had enough with wanting a new ward-robe,but refuse to buy a larger size!GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
posted 1-Jul-2009 11:33am



Miss Guevara
posted 10-Jul-2009 1:54am

Hello everyone! I am a 29 year old female, 186lbs and completely unhappy.So I have decided to do something about it! And after reading everyones comments I am sold and ready to do this. If there is anyone out there who is also thinking about starting in the next few days I would love to have a slimfast buddy! I'm going for 20lb loss to start, but longterm 30-35 total. Hope to hear from someone out there! :)
posted 13-Jul-2009 12:02am

Hey all! I have used "slimfast".many times with results! I have never been super motivated until now. I am 25 5'9 and 243 I want to ger to 175 I am bigged boned! I will give a bit of advice... If you have a Target aroumf their version of slimfast is cheaper and taste so mich better! I am looking for all the support I can get so if you are willing or also need support please feel free to e-mail me at Good luck!
posted 15-Jul-2009 1:58pm

I just started Slim Fast a week ago - so far I haven't seen the scale budge, but I'm not giving up yet. I know I need to incorporate some sort of excercise, SO, that being said I will start tonight. After reading all your comments, it made me feel much stronger and gave me more motivation to keep with the slim fast and go that little extra step. I'm 33 so I think my metabolism is just super sloooooow. I'll keep in touch!
posted 26-Jul-2009 3:27pm

Slim fast is great..I mean I can eat 1 English muffin with a dab of butter, along with a slim fast and I will feel like I just ate a 3 course meal! its incredible. I have always been the kind to munch on things throughout the day but now I always feel full!
The other great thing about them is that they taste great, and you look forward to drinking them. I'm not the kind of girl who can get fixed on eating organic foods and whole wheat carbohydrates...I have tried that before, and could never stick to it.
Grant it, I'll have my fruit and vegetable salads every so often because it is VERY crucial to your metabolism, but I will not restrict myself to solely eating "diet" or "healthy" foods.
Lastly, slim fast is not intended to be taken by itself. Don't drink 4 shacks a day and expect to lose weight because you are shutting you body down.
Eat healthy, exercise, and you will see great results:)
posted 26-Jul-2009 3:32pm

Oops! I meant shakes not
posted 8-Sep-2009 12:20pm

I lost about 50 pounds in 3-4 months 4 years ago counting calories & exercising (a LOT). I got really comfortable in my relationship and have gained it all back and then some (YAY!). I just get so frazzled when I think about counting everything down to the calorie again so I decided to get some help from Slim-Fast. I go against the label and I mix my powder shakes with water instead of milk. I love dairy, but adding that extra 100 calories just seems unnecessary to me when I'm sure I'll have dairy at another point in the day. I've been very impressed with how I haven't been hungry. And, even mixed with water, the milk chocolate flavored shakes taste great! I'm completely addicted to chocolate and it's one of my major diet downfalls, but the chocolate slimfast shakes really satisfy the chocolate craving.
Normally, I have a bad habit of not eating breakfast or lunch while I'm at work and then I'll go to my 2nd job and then I'll get home at 10pm so hungry I could eat the couch & then I do. And then I go to bed. Well, instead, I've been having a shake for breakfast on the drive to work, a healthy snack (keeping it 100-200 calories), a shake for lunch, another healthy snack, and then a decent dinner. I'm not going to limit myself to only diet foods because I'm trying to set myself up for a healthier lifestyle (in the future, the shakes will be replaced with fruit or veggies or whole-grains, I just don't have the time to count the calories right now, plus chocolate, yum!). Since I work through the daylight so much I bought a 2nd hand exercise bike (the kind that works arms & legs) and have been building up riding to 25-30 minutes at a time 6x week. My BF and I usually take the dogs for 2-3 mile walks once or twice a week as well. This is a completely lifestyle change for me. I thought I had make the permanent change 4 years ago, but as soon as my life got busy again & I became complacent I lost my grasp.

So, this is it. I'm tired of being so unhealthy and I refuse to live like that anymore. Enjoy life!
posted 18-Sep-2009 6:40am

I just started this about 2 weeks ago. I have done the shake for breakfast and shake for lunch and worked out every day and nothing! I mean technically how can such a diet not work? I am down to 1500 calories or less a day! But maybe I am doing something wrong. So now I took out the am snack so I have a shake in the am a shake at lunch an apple before I work out and a lean cuisine meal when I get home which are between 180 and 250 calories. Then if I am starving I will have another apple. I drink the 8 glasses of water. what am I doing wrong?
posted 16-Oct-2009 8:18pm

I am doing a project on this and i would like to know where
it originated, who created it, and what is the success rate.
posted 30-Oct-2009 6:51am

Hi everyone.

I started this morning and need all the help i can get.
I am a 35 yrs old,weight= 200lp, height =5" 3, SO YOU CAN SEE MY DILEMA.
I will be raporting my journey week by week and if there is anyone that can help, that would be most welcome.

Kind regards
posted 13-Nov-2009 9:52am

well, so much for week by week report.
Anyway, this is the end of week two and lost 10lp so far not bad coz i cheated for like 3 times .
will report again next week.
posted 14-Nov-2009 1:34am

Hello. I bought slim fast today after being shown some old photos from 3 years ago. I knew I gained weight, but I didn't know I gained THAT MUCH! (25 pounds).. I also found an old diary and I found an entry were I was complaining about being fat at 135... Now that I weight 155 pounds, I want to go back in time and slap my 135 pound self. I'm 19 and every time i go out with my friends in public I feel like "the fat friend"... and im sick of it!! Hopefully this works for me. I need the motivation, and I need something easy as I hate preparing food (Hence why I always go for the microwave stuff)... hopefully this is the answer (along with exercise of course).. I'm also looking for a slimfast buddy!! If you are interested please email me at, even if you see this post 3 months from when it was posted! Good luck to everyone!
posted 2-Dec-2009 8:57pm

i need help of finding a way to lose 200lbs fast.i just started drinking slim fast yesterday 1 for bef,1 for lunch and a lean cusean frozen dinner for supper.will this do it?
posted 3-Dec-2009 2:48am

slim fast smoothies are lovely i have one for breakfast just to start my motabalism as i dont like to eat breakfast
posted 25-Dec-2009 9:18pm

I'm a freshman in college and I'm definitely gaining the freshman 15. I'm an athlete there and I think after our morning workouts I think its okay to eat a lot, espcially because the skinny girls next to me are. I hope these slim fast shakes will teach me to control my portions and lose the extra weight before we go to FL for spring training. Would it be bad if I used 2% instead of skim?u Also which is more preferred, just shakes,or mix it up and use the bars? Thanks :)
posted 28-Dec-2009 11:52pm

I love slim fast. If I feel my self gaining weight I start a slim fast diet. I been drinking the shakes for 1 month and 12 days and lost 13 pounds. I drink a shake in the morning a shake 4 lunch and salad and chicken breast or bake fish for dinner with fruit threw out the day. I never tried the powder and I tried the bars and didn't like them. Since it was a recall on the shakes I have no choice but to try the powder. Slim fadt works when u follow the plan.
posted 4-Jan-2010 3:41pm

I skimmed through all the posts... Ihave great advice for those who are thinking about slimfast but AFRAID of the ASPARTAME..(just look up a few articles on aspartame and if you werent already afraid you WILL be!) last night I bought twoslimfast canisters..then I went online to ead about aspartame.. now I wont use the slimfast I just paid $15 for... ( 2 cans wal-mart) so anyway I looked up carnation instant breakfast and wow not only will I save a dollar or two.... it has LESS fat, LESS saturated fat..LESS cholesterol... and everything else virtually the SAME (the calories, protein, all the vitamins, minerals) the ONLY thing missing was FIBER... 4 grams per shake (slimfast). so quick fix all that new fiber powder that mixes easily even into water..with no gritty feel or taste... well ill just mix that into my carnation instant breakfast and OUILA! slimfast without the aspartame!
I dont care about the sugar being higher..calorie for calorie basically the same... and im AGAINST dangerous chemicals a, I want to be HEALTHY not just lose weight and get a tumor or disease , headaches, dizziness etc etc..... I weigh 170, I want to weigh 155... so just 15 pounds to lose, (im tall 5'9") i also avoid MSG completely so I do not do any frozen dinners.....
im broke so I go to walmart and get canned beans, and canned fruit (mandarin oranges) everything is a dollar or less there.... almond slivers..these things as toppings , a spoon or two....make me feel im having something gourmet .... fill a bell pepper or a tomato with some tuna fish and put a half slice of fat free cheese on it and bake a few minutes....the tomato paste at wal mart is like 50 cents a can... it makes mega loads of SAUCE (just add water and spice)... and have that on a 1/2 cup of pasta with a littl bit of chicken...just my advice hope I helpd:) lets make 2010 the BEST ..any questions or just for moral support I can be reached at (thats a lower case "L" at end of citycryst"L"<---lower case,Susan)
posted 10-Jan-2010 8:28pm

I've been on the slim fast diet for about three weeks now. I'm 5'4 and weigh 205 lbs. This is Jan 10th 2010. I lost 5 lbs my first week and nothing since. I've started to walk a little more and drink more water. My body was actually in the starvation mode. I didn't realize that I needed to eat breakfast and lunch (the two meals that I was skipping)in order to lose weight. Hopefully things will turn around for me and I will lose some of this unsightly bulge. I believe in the slim fast diet that's why I'm sticking to it. I'm 50 years old and quit smoking 6 months ago. I feel healthier and am up for the slim fast challenge. Yay!
posted 12-Jan-2010 7:51am

I make my slimfast shakes in the blender (the powder in the can). Fist I crush up some ice, then add the milk, and pulse that together, then add the powder. I put it on the "smoothie" button on the blender for 1 1/2 tastes like a delicious's so good...and very filling...
posted 3-Feb-2010 4:35am

i'm trying to decide whether to do slimfast or the special K diet. a friend of mine did the special K diet and lost a lot of weight ( with exercise too, of course). i tried slimfast shakes before, it's good, but does not keep you very full. i guess that's why you need a snack to follow afterwards. anyway, if anyone has any information on which is better, slimfast or special K let me know. thanks
posted 3-Feb-2010 5:06pm

people say you will gain the weight back if you do this diet but that's not true...well you can if you had a habit of 3 drive throughs a day and go back to that you will but if you go back to regular eating but healthy staying within your calorie needs you will be fine...I'm a big fan of fast fixes so doing this and getting results is better than cutting calories and it taking double the time to lose weight... I like to have a shake for breakfast special k bar for lunch and another shake for dinner...I don't like the taste of the slim fast bars
posted 18-Feb-2010 9:30pm

starting slimfast diet tomorrow morning, drinking one for breakfast one for lunch and eating a balanced dinner, i need to lose 15 lbs by april 17th i am 164lbs is it possible to do with excersise everyday?
posted 22-Feb-2010 8:21pm

posted 23-Feb-2010 11:22am

I have did slim fast diet before lost about 15 lbs in 3 months, believe me if you do it right you will lose weight, but i would always say well i've been doing this for awhile its okay to cheat one day and that would always mess me up, but i've been doing it for a week now and i lost 3 lbs already, but i eat lunch instead of a supper,because i believe that u gain wait while u sleep because u r doing nothing,and lunch is earlier and by the end of the day i can work it off.
posted 23-Feb-2010 11:26am

sorry i spelled weight wrong, also it is very important to exercise, at least a couple of time a week for 30 minutes a day
posted 23-Feb-2010 11:35am

I guess i should give myself a name, well i posted the last two comments and i wanted to also say, that when i eat lunch it isn't healty but, mainly low calorie, like i might eat one taco or something to kind of mix things up and sometimes i eat a meal bar instead of a shake there are some really good ones now, or for a few days i may drink shakes and then only a salad and yes sometimes u get hungry, but try to think this isn't forever, if u start exercising your metabolism will kick in eventually and you'll get used to it.
posted 23-Feb-2010 11:37am

The main reason i even thought of trying this diet is because i personally knew someone who lost like 90 lbs in less than a year doing it, and that really boosted my courage.
posted 23-Feb-2010 11:44am

Also one more thing before i go, this is easy and very convenient, thats one thing i love about it, trying to plan meals and thinking about what i can or can't eat, make me want to eat even more, with the shakes its just east, i know what i can have , and its that simple, also its okay to have a healty snack,an apple or something.
posted 23-Feb-2010 7:08pm

Jireh,Thank you for all your advice,i will use it.and also for letting me know that someone you knew about lost 90lbs. in less than a year. that keeps me modivated to see it threw.Thank you,Jireh.
posted 26-Feb-2010 3:58am

I am going to start the slim fast diet starting today my goal is to lose 50 pounds that by drinking a slim shake for breakfast and lunch and exerices 5days a weeks for 45 minutes and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
posted 6-Mar-2010 8:15pm

I weigh about 160, and im in 9th grade. I have been reading on this slim fast diet. Tonight I hjust bought it... I hope it works
posted 19-Apr-2010 9:34am

iv started the slimfast diet today, but im mixing the shakes with whole milk, will the diet still work if im having two shakes a day and, 1 meal, and only fruit for snacks, opinions please?? i weigh 9stone and am about 5'5 but need to lose weight? xx
posted 20-Apr-2010 4:42pm

Having read everyone's comments I've just got to say that it really is a case of 'each to their own'. Fewer calories and more exercise = weight loss. However each individual wants to accomplish that is up to them. I've got to say that I really enjoy SlimFast. I love it straight from the blender when it's all creamy - it's a real treat. I feel full on it. I don't need to snack between meals either. It's great for work because it's quick, easy, and cheaper than eating from the restaurant at work. I'm sure with my normal diet there's no way I'd consume that many vitamins and nutrients. On slim fast my skin and hair feel great, and I don't suffer from hypoglycaemia or hunger either. Good luck to everyone who's trying it.
posted 23-Apr-2010 2:20pm

I am starting the Slim Fast diet tomorrow. After reading all the comments I am very excited and optimistic. I am 31 years old and have about 30 lbs I would like to loose. Good Luck to everyone =)
posted 26-Apr-2010 11:25am

Hi friends, i've started slim fast 13th of april 2010. lost 5 lbs in 10days. continuing with small small cheating :)). now i'm 13 st 4 lbs. target is 10 st. need all your support. Good luck everyone :)
mary jane
posted 27-Apr-2010 11:13pm

Hello people, i have to say i had thought about trying Slimfast, but changed my mind. i've done a bit of research and i've come to find that in order to maintain a healthy weight, you must make a LIFE CHANGE whether altering eating habits or exercise. Slim fast does work, yes but in the worse way possible. Three-four weeks into it, you notice a difference in weight, thats a beautiful thing. Although that weight you are losing is NOT fat, it is actually muscle. Because of the restricted caloric intake you are consuming day in and day out, your body goes into a mode in which to make up for the calories your losing, it steals from your muscles, not your fat. Technically your body is starving for nutrients, and the craziest thing about this diet is after you achieve your goal, you go back to your normal eating habits, and bam! your weight comes back and a hell of a lot quicker, only this time its ALL fat, not muscle. Now you have two options, stay on slimfast for the rest of your life (the easy way right?!), OR change your eating habits to a more healthier consumption of fruits, veggies, beans, LOTS of water, and limited amounts of animal protein. As well as Cardio and lifting weight. The weight does not come off overnight, discipline yourself and work on it and you will lose weight, and keep it off. I know this only because thats how I lost the weight, it took discipline, and patience, but i am extremely happy with the results. By the way, I am not telling anyone to stop slimfast, only educating them.
posted 28-Apr-2010 4:20pm

I gained 30 pounds of weight due to freshman year! (178) lbs. (double of freshman 15 LOL). I worked my butt off working out 5 days a week since last august (2009) till today. I am now 148 pounds after a year's hardwork and diet. I want to lose those last 10/15 pounds to get to my perfect BMI range. And also I want to look nice in my swimsuit this summer.:) I am considering Slim fast to kick off those last few pounds which won't budge.After reading all the comments here, I have decided to go buy it!
I'm really excited. Thank you to all the people who made the effort to write here and encourage others! :)
pimp daddy sugar cane
posted 10-May-2010 8:45am

It sucks make me peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a lot im faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
posted 12-May-2010 1:31am

Hello, I am in the market for a slim fast diet buddy! Started a week ago but looking for someone I can relate to & help keep each other on track! Feel free to e-mail me if you are intrested! Thanks a bunch!
posted 12-May-2010 5:06pm

I just started my Slimfast diet today. I think i am going to try replacing 3 meals a day for maybe the first week. I am 5'6 and 231 lbs :( I am so tired of feeling this way. This is my final diet i will do this and be thin and cute :) anyone with good words of incouragement please email me at
posted 25-May-2010 1:51pm

At my heaviest I was 250, now I'm done to 215. Just 1200 calories a day and exercise at home. I bought slim fast b/c my work hours changed Monday and I won't have time for breakfast at home. I thought drinking the shake during my 45 min drive to work would be ok. Well I drunk one yesterday morning and felt bloated after an hour or 2. Then I had another one for lunch. Around dinner time I felt weird. Kinda like a bubbling stomach and gas pressure where my belly button is. I assumed it would pass. Today I had another one for breakfast and all heck broke lose. I've been in and out the bathroom since I got to work at 5a this morning. TMI I'm sorry but massive diarrhea and stomach cramps. I have no sick time so I'm toughing it out at work.

My coworker said I must not be use to the fiber. I told her I eat plenty of fiber and track my intake on fitday. I always get a minimum of 20 grams a day. I also drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. IDK what is going on but I'll never have another can ever. As I type this I'm hobbled over in pain on my desk. I'll go back to fruit and veggies for breakfast. I thought drinking slim fast would save me money and time. It's so not worth it.
posted 3-Jun-2010 11:11am

HI, I just started the slim fast diet today. I had a shake this morning around 8 and so far I'm not hungry yet. I'm 5'7 and weigh 258, I also have high blood pressure. I'm hoping this diet will work for me. We are going on vacation in August so I'm hoping to lose around 30 lbs. I'm planning on exercising my butt off too. A lot of people have told me that this diet doesn't work and that it does more harm then good. I really hope this isn't true. I've done weight watchers in the past and lost 75, then gained it ALL back because I started college and working so didn't have time to exercise. I can't afford to do weight watchers again so this is my last resort.
posted 9-Jun-2010 3:17pm


Anonymous too
posted 21-Jun-2010 8:28pm

Hey Anonymous from June 9. NO meed to starve yourself. Yes, you may loose weight for the first 2 weeks, but it puts your body in a state of starvation and your body will start eating itself (including brain tissue).... Start with small diet changes and work yourself up to eating better and less bad stuff. Going Cold Turkey rarely works. Lossing around 2 pounds per week is safer. Be healty and take your time! If you have rapid weight loss you also risk having loss flabby skin around your body. Take time and let it slowly retract by lossing weight slowely.
posted 1-Jul-2010 10:37am

I've been on the SlimFast diet now for a month. I drink a shake in the morning then have a packet of sugar free oatmeal for my morning snack. At lunch I drink a shake but also have half a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread just to get some extra calories in. My afternoon snack is an apple or every now and then a 100 cal pack of popcorn. For dinner I eat a smartchoice meal that is usual around 250-380 calories and I might have a Special K bar for my night snack. I work out 5xs per week running/walking for 30-45 mins. After all that you would think there would be results right? I haven't lost a pound!! What am I doing wrong?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! My friend is doing the same diet MINUS working out and has dropped 10 lbs in the past month, whereas I'm working out and NOTHING! It's making me frustrated and unmotivated! please help :(
posted 5-Jul-2010 4:13am

Well this is to the comment above ^ you're supposto drink 2 shakes a day and for you're snacks, you're supposto replace chips and all that junk with fruits and veggies or a bar. Also, for lunch you're only supposto have a shake not a sandwitch too. Just cut down a little more and you'll probably see some result.

I personaly LOVE this diet, I drink 2 shakes a day and a frozen meal. I've lost 25 lbs in the past month, I'm hopeing on loosing 20 more & yes all you people that said this diet doesn't work, it might not it doesn't work for everyone and also it can be the way you're doing it, if you give up the second day then that's why.. to all you people trying slim fast for the first time, or that are trying good luck!(:
posted 5-Jul-2010 9:23am

However if you read the back of the can it says "Eat at least 1200 calories per day", so yes I eat half a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. It ads an extra 150 calories. There is no way I can get that many calories with the shakes and snacks. Also I do not eat junk food. Popcorn is a very good source of fiber and many dieting sites recommend it as a snack. 25 pounds in a month is very extreme. Doctors recommend not losing more than 10lbs per month, you might want to slow it down, because it doesnt sound very healthy.
posted 9-Jul-2010 11:51pm

Hello all,

I started the diet last week and I'm losing about a 1/2 lbs a day. I follow the diet EXACTLY as it is explained on the shake can and the website. I do NOT divert or add more food (fat calories) just because "I think" its going to be healthier. Really, it doesnt work if you add more're just adding fat calories which you do not need and which helped you get overweight in the first place. My advice is to follow the plan exactly as it is stated and you really will lose the weight!!

Here's my diet plan:

Slim Fast shake over ice (I let it chill for 2-3 minutes before I drink it. Or, have a cup of plain oatmeal with Ĺ cup of fruit (blueberries or starwberries).

Snack (2-3 hours after my breakfast
Piece of fruit (one small apple or 1/2 cup 1/2 cup of grapes) or 1/2 cup of low sodium & low fat yogurt (if you can, eat yogurt twice a day)

Slim Fast shake or meal bar or a Slim Fast soup OR pasta and sauce along with salad or vegetables [they offer 6 different kinds 'hot meals']

Slim Fast frozen snack or snack bar or 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese or 10 no-salted nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts)

Dinner (I donít eat after 7 pm)
A "sensible" meal of 600-700 calories (example: 4-6 ounces of poultry, lean meat, or fish...these are all baked with no salt, instead, I add lemon juice and seasoning or fresh herbs, 1/2 baked potato with no salt salsa on butter, margarine or sour cream), a cup of broccoli or peas and 1/2 cup of blueberries or strawberries). It's that simple.

Snack (I donít normally have a snack after dinner but if you are really hungry):
Piece of fruit or low-fat air-popped popcorn (only eat about 100 calories worth and do not add salt or butter/margarine, or a hard boiled egg (plain)

Drink 8 glasses of water per day (with 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice in your water)

Exercise every day or every two days for 30-45 minutes exercise daily. I do the eliptical every day for about 30-45 minutes. Tip: You need to build up a sweat in order to lose the pounds and you really need to build up your muscles in order to see your body change for the better. Exercise will not necessarily increase your weight loss because you will be increasing your muscles mass (this is what gives your body the sexy, beautiful shape and rids the ugly flab and cellulite from your body).

Here are some more tips that will help you on your journey to weight loss:

1) Get a buddy who is passionate, like yourself, and can motivate you to stick it out and not give up.
2) Stay away from adding any sort of salt (table salt, kosher, sea salt) to your food. Salt is just as bad as sugar (in my humble opinion although some would disagree) and will only make you look and feel bloated....itís the enemy!! Avoid it like the plague.
3) Drink bottled or filtered water and add Ĺ of a lemon to the water. The lemon juice is a natural cleaning agent that will literally clean your body from the inside out. The benefits are clearer skin.
4) Take a multi-vitamin daily
5) No soda's...not even "diet" sodas
6) Add wheat germ to your yogurt
7) Keep a journal. This is great way to track your progress and see what foods are helping you lose weight quicker.
8) Go through a magazine and look for a healthy body shape that you would be happy having and use that as your source of inspiration and put it on the refrigerator and bathroom mirror to remind you of what you can look like if you work hard work on your diet and excerise!

I truly wish all of you the best!

posted 10-Jul-2010 2:35pm

todya is 07/12/2010.its my second day on slim fast.yesterday I had a shake and a peach for breakfast.A shake and 4 pieces of whole grain crackers and 2 peperroni for lunch.I felt so full untill about 9 -10pm.I didnt have anything for supper.I down to 210.6lb from 214.4 yesterday.I know most of it is just water weight.But i will keep doing it.I went gym as well last night ,about 45 min cadio and 45min weights.
need more exercise!
posted 12-Jul-2010 8:34am

I'm on slimfast, but I've had to eat more food than the diet suggests. at 254lbs (male, 189cm tall) I 'need' 3000 calories per day. At first I was struggling to eat enough to eat 3000 minus 40% (safe calories) and I figured that the basic diet with extra was only 1800-1900 calories and I was starving. I upped to 2500 and felt fine. I gradually reduced the calories till I found 2200 was the safe limit where I wouldn't feel hungry during the day, but my days were dictated by eating at specific times, so going out from the house I had to ensure I was carrying food with me. I also started walking. 4.5 miles per day for a week (weekdays only) then to 6.5 miles for second week, then 6.5 miles twice a day in third week onwards. Each of these walks now take 80 minutes. 16 days in I'd lost 5.5lbs. This was when I found out that diets just weren't working for me on their own. I needed that extra exercise. When you realise the number of calories a day you need to eat based on your bodyweight and then the minimum exercise you have to do then you start to realise that most of us simply aren't doing that basic exercise allotment. For me, slimfast shakes are a calorie component of my diet now, they allow me to consume 220 calories in one easy drink towards my calorie count. I leave a post-it note open on my laptop each day where I tally up calories during the day. Two shakes, cereal or 2x poached eggs with each shake, a snack bar and fruit inbetween the 3 meals of the day, cooking the main meal from ingredients not processed food. Not eating after 1800hrs. Drinking enough water in the day. I cannot drink fizzy drinks, even diet coke, they bloat me and make me eat more. Then watching the calories I've written up to see if I've eaten enough. Making sure I buy a varied diet to replace all the items I am using to make up my calories. Facing the additional cost of footwear I'm wearing out walking so much and making sure I've got enough audiobooks for my mp3 player to take my mind off the walking! I'm more alive now, I can sleep less, I feel fitter. 10lbs down and I have 40lbs to go before I reach a stable weight. Then I will see how to manage calories and exercise to keep at that weight, to allow myself to have a varied diet and spoil myself.
posted 12-Jul-2010 2:49pm

slimfast day4(208.8lb) 07/12/2101
down to 208.8 from 214.4lb.
student loans
posted 13-Jul-2010 1:12am

Great site. A lot of useful information here. Iím sending it to some friends!
posted 13-Jul-2010 3:30pm

slimfast day5(206.2lb)
this morning im down to 206.2lb.
posted 14-Jul-2010 1:17pm

slim fast day6(205.4lb)
posted 2-Aug-2010 4:53pm

I think I'm going to try to do this diet seriously. I keep starting then stopping... I would love to lose 25-30lb (to get back to my High School weight). This thread is very positively motivating :D
posted 3-Sep-2010 10:42am

I need to find a diet that will work for me. I thought i was doing okay with whey protein shakes in the morning mixed with fruit, but then i found out i was consuming too much protein! I got depressed so dinners have turned into a fast food nightmare with my boyfriend! So now my weight moved from 268 (three months ago) to about 282 (yesterday). I'm 30 and I'm 5'6" tall. People say i look great, but uhm...who looks good at almost 300 lbs???? I'm disheartened. I don't feel like doing anything and i don't have a workout buddy that doesn't try and compete to lose weight. I'm going to just exercise alone. So i'm going to start slim fast in the next couple days and see how that goes. If anyone still posts here, please speak up! Would love to have someone to communicate my journey with! Anyone out there need a buddy?
posted 24-Sep-2010 9:51pm

I've been drinking slim fast for breakfast and supper for 5 weeks now. I usually have a lean cuisine (this fourcheese pizza is amazing) for lunch and nonfat yogurt and applesauce for snacks. I havn't been excersing like I should, only a few times for a few minutes a week, but I still have lost 17 pounds!
Ms. Motivated
posted 25-Oct-2010 2:15pm

To Bug> please do not lose ur motivation..if ur not happy with urself, keep at it, i kno u will be satisfied in the end!!! i just started this slimfast diet 2weeks ago along with excersise.. im 5"2 180 ish pounds, i wanna lose 37 pounds.. so i"ll keep u posted. come on we can DO IT!!!!!
posted 25-Oct-2010 4:27pm

Hey bug, I am on the grapefruit diet forum. I was on the grapefruit diet over a year ago, and lost weight. I was also on the slim fast diet a few years ago, and lost quite a bit of weight. I recently decided I need to get back on a diet, because i have gained weight again, and get tired and out of breath. Basically I don't feel healthy at all. Anyway, if you really don't like the slim fast diet, try the grapefruit diet. It's and easy diet just like slim fast, but for me I like the grapefruit diet more. It's cheaper and I feel less hungry, and the results are good. You will lose weight on that diet. You have to do what's right for you. You wont be able to lose weight if you don't like or stick to your diet. As far as fast food is concerned, just stop doing it! Fast food is just a train wreck disaster for anyone who is over weight. My boyfriend who is in good shape loves fast food, and since we moved together I developed a fast food, junk, and soda habit, that I did not always have. Eating fast food is a quick way to gain weight! If you want a weight loss buddy then I'm in! Just let me know if you want my email or something. You have to stay positive and have an I can do this attitude. It takes discipline, and don't forget to exercise too!
posted 7-Nov-2010 8:04am

i am just starting slimfast today i weight 220, must get out of my two, i will be good at 199.wish me luck
posted 29-Nov-2010 6:29pm

When I was a preteen up until i was 16, I weighed 128lbs and for most people that may seem a normal weight but when u have a skinny sister, I felt like i always stuck out and was compared to her. Well needless to say i lost 20lbs in 2 months! im not quite sure how but i did. Now im 20 years old and have relitively maintained my weight around 112-115 up until now. I weigh 123lbs and its killing me. I miss my old body and i cant fit into my clothes :( I plan on starting the slimfast diet along with daily exercise this week and hope to lose 10-15lbs before my vacation in march! Im sure i can do it because im quite active and i have drive! wish me luck:)
posted 1-Dec-2010 12:58pm

I started out at 147, I'm 140 a week and a half later!

I have only been on the SlimFast diet for a week and a half and have lost weight and feel results ALREADY! I chose this diet plan because I have a hard time counting calories throughout the day (full-time nursing student, mom of one year old, work part-time!) so the shakes make it easy to control my intake. From my experience, it is impossible to go on this diet and not lose weight. There is a lot of self-control involved (like when you mistakenly start your diet 2 days before Thanksgiving!)but if the desire to lose weight is there, you can achieve it. I'm curious to see after I get to my goal weight if I'll be able to keep it off because I do STILL feel hungry, but so far it hasn't been intolerable. I picture myself looking like Denise Richards in a swimsuit every time I want to break my diet. It's pretty far fetched but it works! hahaha. I am also doing a 25 minute On Demand Vinyasa Yoga video everyday and it seems to be doing the trick.

Good Luck Everyone and I hope this provides some encouragement! A few months of hard work is worth a lifetime of confidence!
posted 24-Dec-2010 12:27pm

I am planning on starting the Slimfast diet on Monday the 27th, I wanted to start sooner but with Christmas I decided I better weight. I am really hoping to be able to get to my goal weight or close to it at least of 130 by April 13, when we are going to Cancun. I used to be 120 10 years ago and before 4 kids, now I am at almost 160 and hate myself. I have tried many diets but can never stick to them because I an a picky eater. After reading a lot of the posts here, I really think that I will be able to do this diet and it sounds like it is pretty easy to lose the weight as long as it is followed. I was wondering from some of you that have been on this diet for awhile, does it matter if I have a shake or bar for dinner rather than lunch or is it better to have the meal at the end of the day? Any help with this would be great, I do not have much support at home and I really need to lose the weight!! Thanks and good luck to everyone else!!
posted 1-Jan-2011 2:15pm

i used slimfast for years. then i developed massive blood clots in my lungs, over a 1000. my doc just sat by my bed to sign my death certific since my o2 was only 70 and nothing they did helped. yes i recovered inspite of it all but had two more episodes over the next two years. no one knew why. the last one left me on 5 lt of oxygen for 8 years. that is no way to live. they har major problems regulating the blood thiners even though i never ate anything dark green. i really stuck to the diet. i did have a slimfast every morning for breakfast before going swimming 1-3 hrs. CAUTION!!! slim fast has vit K that can cause blood clots for anyone. once i stopped using it i was not only able to control the blood thinners but i have been off oxygen for two years now. please be careful when using anything with vit K especially if you have ever had blood clots. good luck everyone.
posted 2-Jan-2011 7:07pm

hello everyone..i am new to this diet..i'm 5'2, damn short, i know, and 150lbs. i would love to lose about 20 lbs. i bought the powder, the 3-2-1 plan and i am starting tomorrow, 3rd of january..i am not planning to have it twice a day; i was thinking to have a shake for lunch, fruits or low fat cereals for breakfast and a healty dinner like grilled chicken or fish with veg. obviously i will exercise an hour a day, i have plenty fitness dvds to choose from. will it work if i don't have that shake twice a day? and also, would it help if i reduce the carbs intake? many thanks for your support..
posted 8-Jan-2011 11:15am

Hello everyone I was weighing 160 lb before I was married and I loved it now I weight 250 lb ; ( not good am gonna do the slim fast any suggestions please I need help ... So depressed will this work ???
posted 10-Jan-2011 5:39pm

I just started this new diet, and I've been doing slim fast *to get my chocolate fix* a lean cuisine for lunch, maybe a special k bar but not all the time and then a sensable meal... Hopefully this will work after all it is what my dr. sugguested does anyone know if this could possibly work???
posted 20-Jan-2011 10:07am

i really need to get a little fitter for dress got a little to tight. I want to start this diet asap :) ive read good reviews i hope it works
posted 22-Jan-2011 11:22pm

I started the Slim Fast diet almost two weeks ago. I am 40 years old, about 5'8" tall, and weighed in at 189 last September. When I decided to start the Slim Fast diet two weeks ago, I weighed in at 184. I never really eat breakfast during the week, never really did. So, I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning, then I have to have my activia yogurt around 9:30-10:00am. I have a Slim Fast snack bar around 11:00am. Then I have a Slim Fast shake at noon. I have celery and carrots around 2pm. Then another Slim Fast snack bar around 4pm. For dinner, I have a 210-220 calorie Lean Cuisine meal. Then around 7:30-8:00pm I have a Weight Watchers treat, like the chocolate cream cake. I work out every day for 30-40 minutes. Plus, during the week, I started taking the stairs up the 11 flights to my office instead of the elevator. I drink 90oz of water between 8am and 4:30pm, then I go home and drink about another 20oz. I weighed in on January 9th when I started this program at 184. On January 17th, I weighed in at 179. I'm due to weigh in again on the 23rd. I feel pretty good, and so far, only had one day, where I really felt hungry. I'm going to continue for as long as I can. I would like to lose another 30-35 pounds. I agree with some of the earlier posts about it being a lifestyle change, breaking old habits. I also agree that this can get boring, so I am trying to change in up a little. Since a Slim Fast snack bar has 100 calories, today, I replaced a snack bar with 3 crab leg pieces that I bought at the grocery store. The package stated that 1 serving was 3 crab leg pieces and that only totalled 90 calories. So I feel that if I stay within the calorie range, I can change my snacks. I'm also going to start to change the flavors of my shakes. So far, I've only been drinking the Strawberry.......
posted 10-Feb-2011 12:54pm

Is anyone doing slim fast anymore? I have been on it for about 2 weeks and lost 4 lbs. I am 24 and began slimfast at 174lbs. I weighed myself last night and I was down to 171lbs. My goal is 140lbs. 31 lbs just seems like its so far away. I have not been doing any exercise, but my sister and I are going to a spin or zumba class tonight. I am going to try to do atleast 3 days/week.

I just feel like every slimfast blog I see, all the post are from like 2008. I was hoping there would be someone out there doing slimfast right now, bc I'd love to hear your story.

Let me know :)
posted 11-Feb-2011 6:51pm

Hey Nick -

I have the post above you. I started slim fast on January 10th, 2011. I started at 184lbs. After 3 weeks, I lost 8 pounds. The 4th week, I gained 1 pound, but that could be due to my laziness in working out that week, and all the food I pigged out on at a Super Bowl Party. :)

I try to work out every night on my Wii Fit. But, I'm thinking of joining Cardinal Fitness by my house. It's only around $20 a month.

Read my story above your post, and we can chat. Keep up the good work! And drink lots of water!
posted 16-Feb-2011 10:13am

Hey Melissa,

I am so happy to have a buddy to go through this with. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I know what you mean with the superbowl party, wings, hoagies, chips, and I just couldn't say no! I am back on the wagon, and hope to stick with it. My biggest downfall is the exercising. I am trying to redo my living room and paint and everything, so exercise is just the last thing on my list. I do not have a scale at my house yet, my mom said she has one I can take, but I haven't made it down to her house yet. I feel like all the stories I read, people are dropping weight so fast. I feel like it is taking me so long. But I guess cheating here and there isn't going to help lol.

Here is the serious question for our diet relationship....for the superbowl, who were you cheering for???? haha
posted 21-Feb-2011 5:19pm

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the difference was between the slim-fast 3 2 1 plan and the slim-fast optima. and what one do you think is better?
posted 22-Feb-2011 10:28pm

Hey Nick,
Glad to hear that you are trying your best to stick with it. I find myself getting very lazy on the weekends. And I find myself looking for munchies when I watch TV. My weight went up a little this past week, but overall now, I've lost 11 pounds. I feel like it's going so slow. I think I'm at the point where I have to jump start my workout again. It's like my body is resisting change again. But, I'm determined. I would like to lose another 15 pounds before Spring Break. I only weigh myself once a week. I mostly can tell my weight loss against how my jeans fit.

Ok. Now for the big answer..........I was cheering for the Steelers. And you?
posted 24-Feb-2011 7:25pm

Does slim fast really work ? I need something I can trust and I need to lose weight fast I hav let my self go and don't know what diet I should choose? HELP PLEASE!
posted 28-Feb-2011 10:08am


Yea, I went completely off the diet. But I am starting back up today. I still never got my scale, but I will weigh myself tonight. I would love to loose 15-20 lbs for summer.

I also got engaged in December, and I want to look good for my wedding. No date has been set, but I'm hoping that is a big enough motivation to get my butt in gear!

Hey Anonymous - Slim fast works, as long as you work it. Join Melissa & I, and we can all do it together.
posted 4-Mar-2011 9:41pm

Glad to hear that you are back on the diet. I know it gets hard sometimes. Like tonight, for me. I'm hungry. I just want to pig out. And I don't feel like working out. I'm tired. It's been a stressful week for me. My son got hurt at school and had to get stitches, and my daughter got in trouble at school for things that she said on her you tube video. I had wanted to lose 30 pounds before Spring break. It doesn't look like I'm going to make that goal. As of last Monday, I've lost a total of 17 pounds. I feel like it's going so slow. I'm shopping around for a cheap stationary bike now. I think I need to change up my workout a little. I think I'm getting bored with it.

Congrats on the engagement! Get a scale. And let's do this thing!
posted 7-Mar-2011 8:29am


I know, I did get a scale, and I HATE the number I see! 17lbs lost for you though, THATS AWESOME!!!! And your a mother of 2!!!! Now, I have no excuses. I am a mother of 1 hairy little four legged german shepherd, and I cant find the time to lose weight? GAME ON! I went to Costco and bought a ton of healthy stuff. So, I am excited to get back on the wagon. I have been trying little things, for example, my sisters and I went to Olive Garden for lunch on Saturday. We all got the soup, salad, and breadsticks deal. I didn't eat any breadsticks, which made me feel so much better. So, its litte changes like that I need to stick too as well.

I am going to make it a point to walk my dog for atleast 30 mins everyday. I am pumped to begin this, and I hope I meet my goal weight of 140lbs. Only 26lbs to loose! HAHA
posted 16-Mar-2011 8:52pm

Hey Nick!! How's it going?

I have had an awful week. I haven't worked out all week. :( I did buy a bike, but I've only been on it twice in the past week. I got real busy with my son. He was having some trouble with his schoolwork. God, I can't wait until Spring Break!!

Even though I didn't work out all week, I still lost 1.5 pounds. Which really makes me feel good since I totally pigged out at my friend's baby shower this past Sunday. :)

People keep telling me not to get so hung up on the number that you see on the scale. It's more about how you look and feel in your clothes. YEAH RIGHT!!!! Tell that to the 189 I was seeing on my scale back in September!!! And I'm not pregnant, so no excuses!!!

So, hopefully, I'm back on track now too. I also recently ate at Olive Garden and did the soup and salad thing. But I think I had 1 breadstick. Couldn't pass them up. They're just too good.

What did you buy at Costco? I have one by my house too. I don't shop there too much though.

Now that the weather seems to be getter better, I want to walk more too. I can take my dog too. I have a german shepherd too. Half german shepherd and half black lab. Just adorable. Her name is Clara.

Keep up the good work! Talk with you soon.
posted 26-Mar-2011 5:01pm

I am wondering if any one can help
I would like to start slim fast shakes I use to have the smoothies but they have been discontinued frown
I don't like milk or milk subsitutes can I mix the powder with water or coffee mate? ( milk powder) which I can just about tolerate?
I would love a slimming buddy if any ones would like to help me/eachother
posted 30-Mar-2011 2:34am

hey anonymous you used to be 160 and now your 250 ..i am 100% exactly the same weight wise lets do it together i need a buddy so email me at or to anyone wanting a buddy jus email me thnx
posted 30-Mar-2011 2:34am

hey flutterfly i need a buddy still lets do this together i jus started me at!!
posted 30-Mar-2011 8:52pm

Hey Nick!!

Where are ya buddy? I hope you're still doing this thing with me!! I didn't work out all last week again because I was so sick! But, I lost another 1.5 pounds! For a total of 20 pounds in 11 weeks!! YEAH!!! Just 20 more to go!!!

Hang in there Nick! Don't give up!!!!
posted 1-Apr-2011 10:41am

My name is Ashley and I am 24 years old. I am 4`11, weight 115lbs and would like to lose 10 lbs. Is the slim fast ideal for people my size. I`m not quite over weight for my height but I would like to go back to my 105lbs (which is still in the range of a normal BMI for my height). Let me know what you think.
posted 7-Apr-2011 5:26am

omg im scared that the slim fast will not work but im going to try it to marrow morning ive already brot it now so why not use it iam 164 and i want to get down to about 125 or 135 does any body have answers
posted 7-Apr-2011 5:32am

hi mya im aaliyah wow thats small 125 wow but heres how it works breakfast one slim fast snack apples or yogurt lunch slim fast snack again banana or mixed nuts and dinner brown rice fish sum type of veggie it simple try to get in 30 mins of cardio excise like run jog walk any thing to keep the heart beating fast eat a favorite food once a week one day out of a week like pizza to minmize cravings so you wont get tired of eat healthy foods hope this helps sweety
posted 24-Apr-2011 7:33pm

Gonna start slim fast this week. 5'4" 170lbs. Would like to lose the 25lbs. after I had surgery and was in recovery sitting on my behind. Any suggestions. I am just trying to see if anyone has had real results with this diet.
posted 30-Apr-2011 7:38pm

posted 12-May-2011 10:40am

Hi, this will be my second time on the slim fast diet. I first I only needed to lose a few pounds and I did. But this time I need to loose about 90 pounds. And I have the skills to do it. My advice to anyone starting the slim fast diet, is to exercise as much as u can. In order to lose a pound u need to work of 3500 calories. And of course you don't need to work that much of every day. The more the better, and I would like to say good luck to everyone and stay strong you can do it.:)
posted 31-May-2011 7:37pm

I just started today with slim fast, my mom used to do it way back when and I want to get healthy so i decided to try it for myself. For the past month I have been eating healthier and not eating as many calories as I once was. I'm 20 and 188 lbs...not a happy feeling at all. So far I have been doing good, going to start exercising more and hopefully loose about 30 lbs. Good luck to anyone else!
posted 4-Jun-2011 8:32pm

I have taken the slim fast diet before. It did give me great results, but when I had my two children I did stream away from the shakes. I am a 29 years of age and I have two children been divorced and remarried and I would like to say that really if you change your portion size from a regular plate to a saucer and eat only twice a day you will loose weight. I have struggled with weight my whole entire life going from 336 to 267 pounds, I can garuntee you that once you no longer use the shakes that you will gain the weight back. I dont even excercise and I am looking great. I do need to walk more to tone myself up though. If you eat choclate every day then cut it down to a regular bat one time a week in place of a meal. If you use whole milk then but it to 2 percent. If you use regular cheese cut it down to 2% cheese. Replace soda with a flavored water or sprite, just little changes that really makes a huge difference. I learned when I try to make changes in my diet I needed to make a life style change, or i guarentee you will be bigger than you are now. Try this: all of your fattening things you eat cut it down to one time a week for a starter. Cut out all sodas if you experience a caffine migrane than you need to drink 1/4 cup of yellow soda or coke and it will take it right away.(I did expierence this often, If anyone would like to email me feel free at I am so happy that I have made a lifestyle change I had to because my 5 year old was wearing a 7'8 and should have been in a 5 now she is just by mommy changing her habbits I still have a lot to go but I do my part and my body takes care of the rest I only weigh one time a month/ cant be focused on numbers because at the end of the day your body will tell you how you feel/ thats what matters/ you know when your doing great because you feel great/and have more energy......Good Luck to hang in their ti; next time take care of yourself and dont be stresses/ you will loose when you get fed up and tired of being stressed out/ be the best you can be and the rest will follow/.
posted 25-Jun-2011 10:29pm

if ur out there "LINDSEY'' u inspired me! now my diet starts today! but i thought ur only suppose to eat 3 times a day not 2..but ill try! thanks a ton! o ya and I have a daughter whos 14 and she wants to take pills,shes 140 and i think she should.Do u think its healthy for her? opinions from any one please!
posted 29-Jun-2011 11:51am

Hi all I did the slim fast diet before i got pregnant at 18 years old and I lost 2 stone!
I felt amazing! N now my son is 18 months old n I weigh at my heaviest 19.5 stone and
I'm 5"10. I feel really depressed. I hate looking at myself in the mirror :( I don't look massive
Because of my height but if I was smaller then I would look like a huge blob :( after having
My son I found it really hard to get back into dieting but now I'm really determined to do it!
I don't want to have any illnesses due to my weight .. So I started my diet on Monday and so
Far I've been sticking to it smile N I feel better all really but I'm not stepping onto them scales
Untill Monday smile x
posted 8-Jul-2011 4:16am

does the powder slim fast taste better then the liquid slim fast or similar?? just wanted to find out before i buy the powder slim fast.
posted 9-Jul-2011 12:26am

I was wondering I need to lose about 50-60 lbs by Jan. 1st as I am getting married. I need to loose it in a semi-healthy manner. I am starting the slim-fast diet tomorrow morning paired with a 2.4 mile walk/3 times per week. Visiting mom is always fun I say.. Haha. I am a full time college student, have a 5 year old daughter to push me up the hill when I need it, and a husband whose a great cook.. instead of him cooking 7 days a week I could take over 3 days and make healthier meals, but what if I chose to eat a lean cuisine.. would that be bad because of the sodium intake? Any advice is helpful.. I am curious because I don't want to lack nutrients and not lose weight because I am replacing a home cooked meal for a TV dinner.. but studying takes a MAJORITY of my time.
posted 9-Jul-2011 12:28am

@ Pyro - the already made liquids are good for on the go but I prefer the powder mix because I like mine a bit thicker which it tells you that you can add ice, milk and 1 leveled off thing of powder into a blender.. Don't think the taste is as bad as it is when it's a bit runnier.
posted 3-Aug-2011 11:00am

Ok after reading this forum i'm starting this diet on Monday i need to lose 100lbs i have done the low-carb diet and that works very well. But my life has changed i am now divorced and raing my son and it is so hard to do the low-carb diet when your child is a very picky eater! Also it requires alot of time to make and prepare everything and this sounds very easy and convenient!! I would love a buddy to do this with or at least motivate me i hate the way i feel and look and really need to loose the weight!!! i felt so much better when i lost all the weight before! My e-mail is
posted 29-Aug-2011 3:01pm

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to know if anyone has had success with switching up the meal plan. I was thinking about eating a sensible breakfast and lunch and then having a slim fast shake for dinner. I don't think I will do this long term, but I figure I usually eat the most for dinner and I've tried the shakes in the past so I know it can keep me full. I'm 31 and weigh about 150 so I want to loose about 20 lbs.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
posted 5-Sep-2011 6:57pm

I started doing slimfast jan. 24, 2011. In 23 weeks of using it I had lost 18 lbs. I make my shakes in the bullet blender with 1 scoop slimfast, 1 cup non-fat milk, 6 ice cubes and 1/2 of a banana that I would normally have as a snack. Tastes delicious and filling. I also split that shake into 2 even parts to drink at 2 different times so that i feel i'm having more shakes more often...just like they say to eat 6 small meals instead of 3. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for the evening meal with chicken or fish. bike riding 30 min. twice a day. Worked for me.
posted 6-Sep-2011 1:30am

Hi all! I have done the slimfast diet before, and I lost over 20 lbs. in 10 weeks. It was a great feeling! Unfortunately I then managed to get totally off track and gained the full 20 lbs back, plus about 10 more. Now, I am in a place where I feel like it is time to do something positive for myself. I need to get to a healthy weight that I am happy with, so starting tomorrow, SLIM FAST!!! I know it works, I have seen the results for myself. I am also going to join a womens only gym tomorrow so that I can get a workout without feeling awkward. Here's to new beginnings!
posted 8-Sep-2011 4:53am

I have been on this diet for about 3 weeks and lost like 6 lbs right away i have a shake for breakfeast a yogurt shake for lunch then usually an apple and then a lean cuisine for dinner and i am absolutely starving any advice????? On top of that i am completely at a stand still with weight loss!!!!
posted 18-Oct-2011 1:59pm

yeah , this is my second day
had 800 calories on shakes
and today im at work, have a headache.
took advil but in 15 weeks , i can loose 30 pounds!
so theres no reason to give up.
my head used to hurt every weekend when
i drank a 12 pack.. jajajjaja
posted 18-Oct-2011 2:02pm

yeah its 2 pounds a week that you loose..
i dont get this because in the water fast in 10 days
you loose like 8 pounds. im trying to se if i can do
800 a day, with advil, sugar free candy and 0 cal soda
posted 12-Nov-2011 7:33am

Hey I've been dieting for the past couple of weeks so have reduced my appetite and am ready to start the shakes today!! I lost a stone a couple of years ago on this plan so it does work:) if any1 is looking for a diet buddy let me know I need the motivation!!!
posted 26-Jan-2012 5:02pm

Claire, are you still looking for a diet buddy? I need one! For a little extra motivation!
posted 15-Mar-2012 12:38am

can slimquick cause blood clots, i have had blood clots start in my left leg and move up to my left lung(because of birth control) but they are gone now, but now i have to be very careful what i take cuz if there is a chance that they can cause blood clots i cant take them ,please someone let me know right away
posted 18-May-2012 6:05pm

Hi. Today is my first day on slimfast. It is a friday, but my thought was that if i started on the weekend it would be easier for me. I knew if I started on a Monday, by Friday I would be board or feel like I accomplished something and cheat a little. Then I would cheat again and again till NO MORE DIET. At least this way I have to go the whole weekend and then the week before I even think about cheating. By then I should be used to it and have a little more self control. I am 26 and I just had a baby 5 months ago. I am wanting to lose about 30 lbs to get to healthy size. Right now I am 168 lbs and at 5'4" that is considered overweight. Has anyone ever had any side effects related to the slimfast? I see with all the protien that it could cause constipation? I will try and post my weight weekly on here for everyone to see my progress! Wish me luck!
posted 14-Jun-2012 2:43am

Okay this is week 2 and im having a hard time staying on track, but I can do this... Is there anyone else out there thats serious about this too???
Jamie Lynn
posted 14-Jun-2012 2:49am

Does anyone need a buddy to stay motivated? I just started the slim fast diet and it would be great to keep in touch with ppl doing the same thing. I would like to lose at least
30 pounds by August...
posted 18-Jul-2012 11:35pm

I am 32 years old and weigh 142 pounds, I have been doing the slimfast diet for a month the first two weeks i lost 19 pounds. ont he third week i gained my weight back in two days i gained 10 pounds. I still drink my slimfast the same way and eat right. drink plenty of water, i workout everyday one day i gor running and walking and other days I do weight training.My fiance says I am building muscle but I don't thinks so I still have my jelly roles around my waist. Any advice would be helpful!!
posted 18-Jul-2012 11:36pm

Sorry I wiah i weighed 142 I weigh 242 pounds sorry for the error..
posted 8-Oct-2012 3:54am

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posted 15-Oct-2012 3:48am

I am starting the slimfast lifestyle tomorrow,I am desperate.and excited if anyone needs a motivation buddy let me know because I do too, feel free to email me
posted 12-Nov-2012 12:02pm

I'm on week 3 of the Slimfast diet and I'm down 8 lbs. I love the chocolate royale powder. I'm just hoping this continues to work.
posted 25-Nov-2012 8:44pm

Looking for weight loss buddy... Starting slimfast this week with exercise and wanting to lose 50 pounds by Easter.. Hoping it works, so tired of feeling ugly..
posted 27-Jan-2016 6:36pm

Can you mix spring water with fruit instead of milk..
posted 19-Feb-2016 1:30am

Yes. Now they have low carb in powder to. Just to to expensive if got family or don't have the funds. N keep u regular if u have lbs w that. Anyway have great day....
posted 3-Jun-2016 8:18pm

I only have whole on hand. I forgot skim milk at the store. Can I just water the whole milk down if so how much should I water it down?

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