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Slim-fast Diet


This is the most popular and successful diet drink weight loss program. Essentially, you replace one or two regular meals with a low calorie Slim-fast product.


Originally, Slim-fast was just a shake-like drink that comes in a can. There are various flavors like chocolate and vanilla. More recently, other products have been added, like breakfast bars and smoothies.

You lose weight by eating less calories. This is made easy by simply replacing a meal or two with a low-calorie drink or bar. You don't need to count calories (or points).

Along with replacing one or two meals, you're also advised to otherwise eat sensible meals.


Liquid diet drinks have a history that goes back to the 1930s.


Eating a lot of the same kind of thing, in this case a diet drink or bar, become tedious and boring for many people. Over time, you may tend to rebel against the habit and break the diet.


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  2-Nov-2005 9:02am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:08am last update by bill

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posted 10-Nov-2005 12:43pm

I tried drinking a can of Slim-fast for breakfast for a few weeks. It worked fairly well at cutting back on the number of calories I was eating. Also, it was very easy to follow, since you don't have to do any counting. But, after a while, I got really sick of the shakes.

I also tried Go-Lean shakes, which are similar. I still like to keep a couple of these in the fridge for times when my stomach is upset or if I just want a quick meal on the go.
posted 16-Jan-2006 8:23pm

What is the history on Slim Fast, where did it come from?
posted 18-Jan-2006 8:31am

"According to Good Housekeeping, the liquid diet drink trend began in the early 1930’s, with “Dr. Stoll’s Diet-Aid, the Natural Reducing Food.” This low-calorie product, a combination of milk chocolate, starch, whole wheat, and bran, mixed with water to create drinks that replaced breakfast and lunch.
posted 9-May-2006 8:50pm

who created the slim fast diet?
posted 19-May-2006 11:09am

if I drink two slim fast shakes a day and a piece of fruit or raw veggies as a snack, health choice frozen meal for dinner, would that be a good thing to do for loosing weight?
posted 19-May-2006 2:03pm

That sounds like it would be fairly low calorie, so I think it would probably work. As long as you could keep it up. You might get sick of it.
posted 1-Jul-2006 1:49am

I have never lost any weight with SlimFast. However, I do buy it for quick-to-go breakfasts. I found that regular SlimFast did not satisfy me for very long. Within a couple of hours, I would experience a sharp sugar low. I found that SlimFast Optima, which has less sugar and more protein, is a better choice for me. The Cappuccino flavored drink has replaced my morning coffee, so I don't get tired of the taste. I have not tried other SlimFast products because I read the labels and checked serving sizes against the numbers. Buy a regular cereal/granola bar and break it in half...same thing.
posted 4-Jul-2006 6:31pm

I have 75 pounds to lose for health reasons because I just found out I am on a cycle similar to my dead family memebers. I tried to avoid it but it did not happen that way. I just started this diet and I must say there is a difference. I tried it about 8 years ago and I lost about 40 pounds. After I stopped a couple months later I gain it all back and then some. Now I am back counting calories and a little scared. I hope this works and I can keep it off. Thanks for this web site.
posted 6-Jul-2006 8:57am

I tried slimfast drinks for a week once while in college (ie freshman 15, or in my case the freshman 20). But that got real old quick. Let me tell you what, those drinks go through you like coffee. They make you go to the bathroom alot, and I don't mean peeing. And being in college, you dont have a regular 9 to 5 schedule, so I ended up having to leave class to goto the bathroom all the time. My friends thought i was bulemic for a week. So needless to say, i stopped that. But if i don't have time for breakfast, i'll grab a shake real quick sometimes, or some of their muffins or snack bars....some of them taste surprisingly good.
posted 8-Jul-2006 2:27am

poor quality shake, good for people who don't really need to lose weight -
posted 18-Jul-2006 5:24pm

It works. Initially, its hard to keep at, but it works. I lost 30lbs a year ago on the slim fast program. I wouldn't do it again though.
posted 1-Aug-2006 11:18am

Check the sodium level on these shakes. To much sodium isn't good for anyone.
posted 6-Sep-2006 11:52pm

i tried this diet for a long time but my way of thinking was, "well i had a shake for breakfast and lunch, i can splurg for dinner" and then i ate everything that i missed out on for breakfast and lunch. the routine got old fast and i was mocked relentlessly by everyone. and yes, it goes right through you- that is one of reasons you lose the wieght. now that i'm semi comfortable with myself and my wieght i see that if i eat what i want, when i want it, and dont overeat, i stay within my "comfortable" wieght level. (which ill be honest is still 20lbs over "healthy" but i look great sooooo) for me *the compulsive overeater who bargains her food choices based on if she was "good" today* the diet worked on some level, but it wasnt a permanent solution. good luck to those of you who have self control
posted 7-Nov-2006 1:05pm

who created the slimfast diet?
posted 3-Jan-2007 10:41am

I tried the Slim Fast diet and I lost over 30lbs in 4 months. I found it to be very easy and simple. I had a shake for breakfast, a mid morning snack (a small bananna), a shake for lunch with some carrots and celery, a mid afternoon snack (cup of soup) and dinner. I usually followed the dinner menues on the label. I also exercised regulary (approx. 4x week for 30-45 minutes). It definitely made me full and lowered my cravings for food. However, with that being said, no diet will work unless you exercise, drink plenty of water and eat the right foods. I'm sure that if I was eating fast food for dinners, the weight would not have come off. It was helpful as it aided me in monitoring my caloric intatke. I also kept a food and exercise journal so I could track my weight loss. I have a very hectic career with very long working hours - so, it was also perfect for my lifestyle. I've more or less maintained my weight loss for 3 years now. It definitely got me on the right track.
posted 26-Jan-2007 5:44am

I'm tempted to try Slim Fast, but am put off by all the sugar in their products ... WAY too much! Sugar is bad for you and we're all becoming sugar junkies. The "sweetners" mentioned no doubt include Aspartame, which has had a lot of bad press and, in my view, should not be in our foods. I've emailed them to ask why they've not considered using Splenda instead, or better still, Xylitol ... a natural birch sugar which is good for dental health and low in calories (no reply as yet!). I know this would up the price, but I for one would not mind this if I was getting a healthier drink.

On the plus side, their products do contain vitamins/minerals and are quick and easy to prepare. I don't think there'd be any harm in trying it for a week or two, but certainly not long-term ... I want to keep my teeth!
posted 23-Feb-2007 10:48am

where did the name slim fast diet come from
posted 10-Mar-2007 2:15am

This product does not work!!! It has too much synthetic sugar and other garbage that you should never eat. This is what makes America even more fat and creates a marked for products like SlimFast.
posted 15-Aug-2007 6:33pm

Try weight watchers for long term, you will gain back anything you lose on these liquid diets. They are only short term fixes not long term.
posted 20-Nov-2007 8:53am

I think it works if you really stick to a regiment. Yes, you will get bored. So replace carrots, with celery with cream cheese. Bored of the drink? Try having a big breakfast, a light lunch with some meat and cheese, then a slim fast for dinner? Variety is the spice of life! :) I know...I got bored too! But I really believe the only time I lost weight on this program, is when I STUCK to consistent portions. Regardless of when you do the Slim fast drink, just make sure you do it consistently the same amount of times each day. Try it!
posted 1-Jan-2008 12:15pm

Slim fast does work if you follow the program! I am on my 3rd week and so far I have lost 10lbs.I have shake for breakfast, a shake and salad for lunch, and a sensible dinner. I thimk alot of the people here that as negative things to say about Slim fast has never actually ties the progra or did not follow it right..
blockbuster queen
posted 16-Jan-2008 4:07pm

i like the slim fast it's very good for you!!!
blockbuster queen
posted 16-Jan-2008 4:17pm

i'm addicted to slim really isn't good for you i lied!!!!!!
posted 23-Jan-2008 11:38am

Has the diet been tested using reliable testing sources?
posted 26-Jan-2008 6:50am

I've been using Slim Fast for under a week and am already seeing results. I was skeptical at first about it being able to control my hunger but I am pleasantly surprised that it does control my hunger. The Optima Meal-On-The-Go bars are great! The Optima shakes are great as well. I put my shake the freezer and let it semi-freeze and shake vigorously and open with a can opener on the bottom end (avoiding the pull tab) and pour in a glass. Variety is key to the Slim Fast Plan. I am sticking with it.
posted 30-Jan-2008 10:04pm

If been on the slim fast diet since the 11th of January. And it works for me; It's simple easy to use. Tastes really good now I usually and a banana or fresh strawberries combineing my breakfast and snack, its great and filling and I've lost between one to 1.6lbs per day. And I only go for a walk of four miles once a week. This product does work if you make an effort to follow it. I also have the slim fast plate for my dinner meal and it holds more than enough to get full.Give this product a second try I think you'll be pleasantly surprized at your weight loss.
posted 31-Jan-2008 11:43am

Slimfast is working well for me, seeing results within the first the powder where you just add milk, cheap way to give it a go to see if its for you or not...only 10 bucks in my local pharmacy, pretty cheap if you ask diet is for everyone, everyones different but i know i love slimfast right now, just looking to lose 10-15 lbs, and this def. helps keep me on track, and it IS affordable if you just stick to the powder shakes, i dont bother with all the snacks and stuff..
posted 2-Feb-2008 4:02pm

I did Slim-Fast in 2002. Shake for breakfast, snack apple, shake for lunch, snack apple, Healthy Choice Dinner. No soda, one cup of coffee a day and alot of water. I lost 30lbs in 50 days under supervision of a DR. Then I just went to a shake for breakfast and a light lunch (sandwich, veggies, fruit) and lost 10lbs in the following months. I kept it off until I got pregnant. 2 babies later I was 276lbs 5'11". In the last 2 years just replacing my breakfast with Slim-Fast I have lost 79lbs and now I have 40 lbs to go. I am doing 2 shakes of the high protien a day..Low Carb meals and lots of running to get ready for a marathon in Sept. It worked for me but I really wanted it to. Weigh in's are on Wed so I will see if it is working....197 last week.
posted 8-Feb-2008 8:43am

This sucks. Slim Fast sucks. My advice is to never use it. I gained 55 pounds on the diet.
posted 13-Feb-2008 12:51pm

Slim Fast doesn't work but it has a nice name a do have to say.
posted 15-Feb-2008 12:30pm

Slimfast DOES WORK!

Heres the thing, the people that say slimfast doesnt work, you will gain all the weight back, could be right IF you are not following the plan. Eating slimfast for lunch and breakfast and then wahtever you want for dinner, may drop you a pound or so, but its not about DIETING, it is about a LIFESTYLE. IF you learn to eat healthy, and eat more often and less portions, slimfast is there as a crutch for meal replacements if your in a hurry, i have lost 35 pounds and it does work people that know how to eat keep it off.
posted 15-Feb-2008 12:31pm

people that know how to keep it off, are people that life a HEALTY lifestyle, if you do not increase your excersizing, and your not drinking atleast 8 glasses of water a day, slimfast will do nothing, its LIFESTYLE not a diet people.
posted 18-Feb-2008 2:39pm

is slimfast the same as lighterlife and cambridge ???if calorie content is the same
posted 18-Feb-2008 2:45pm

lighterlife is shakes and soups and bars its plan totals just over 500 calories a day slimfast shakes total 200 per shake x3 daily if calorific content the same weight loss would be equivilent wouldnt ? the only difference is the cost lighterlife 65 quid a week as opposed too a tenner on slimfast obviously u would just have 3 shakes on slimfast instead of two and meal
posted 20-Feb-2008 2:30pm

well dear anonymous, 500 calories a day is under the catagory of anorexia, if the lighterlife plan totals 500 calories a day they are telling people to die in order to loose weight. And once you start that diet eventually your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto all the fat you have stored up and wont let it go because its not getting enough nutrition.

Slim fast does work. If you would have researched the plan you wuoldnt have look like such an idiot saying the plan is 3 shakes a day. You follow the plan for your health, and none of them say three shakes a day. You need to get ATLEAST 1300 calories a day and then plus more depending your gender and size and height. Slimfast incoroperates meals, snacks, and their meal bars, protein bars, protein snacks, smoothies, and shakes. They have a huge variety of products and if you follow the plan which includes water and daily excersize and combine it with healthy food, it works. If your an idot that would rather spend time saying how diets dont work than obviously you are not committed to loosing weight and would rather put diets down then put your number on the scale down.

have a nice day anonymous, slimfast is fabulous and it works.
posted 1-Mar-2008 8:14pm

Oh my god, nobody could GAIN 55 pounds on Slimfast. I can see maybe not *losing* any, but gaining that much? No way, unless it was 55 pounds of bull because I think you're full of that.

I tried it for two weeks and lost six pounds. Then I stopped because I was just too hungry.
posted 7-Mar-2008 2:52pm

how much milk do you put in each shake
posted 8-Mar-2008 4:46am

Has anyone tried replacing the slimfast bars with a Sero bar? These are really lush and only 135cals and also really low in carbs and work out cheaper than the slimfast ones. I bought mine from Ebay in a box of 24 mixed flavours (caramel & peanut / white choc & berry). My friend and I have both been using anything up to 2 bars a days with a healthy meal in the evening and have both lost over 10lbs in the last month.
posted 12-Mar-2008 6:24pm


I think you need to look into lighterlife. You can only do it if your doctors signs off for you to do it. Do you really think they would do that if its bad for you.

It works on the basis that it takes 3,500 calories to burn one pound of fat so if you under eat by only having 500 calories a day you can loose 3 pounds a week. Your body does not go into starvation mode and store fat as it is getting all its nutrition from the packs (milkshakes or soup). You go into ketosis which is the fat burning mode of your body. Similar to when on Atkins, however its better than atkins as you are still getting all your nutrition. Being in ketosis also stops hunger. The cambridge diet is based on exactly the same principle but cost around half the price.
posted 13-Mar-2008 9:58pm

I bought the shakes tonite. I am looking to lose 40lbs. I hope this works. I plan on following it religously...Pray for me..Yes I will exercise as well. I have to get this baby weight gone for good, its been a year, cant keep blaming the baby :(
Student Nurse
posted 19-Mar-2008 8:26pm

Hello,I am an 18 year rold LVN student i wouldnt saytat i am "fat" but i am sureley getting there i weight 162 pounds,an i would say not to many people would be able to tell i weigh all that! but i do want to loose weight asap!! im tryign to slim fst diet as well but the shakes seem so "sugary" after every shake i drink 1-2 glasses of water to releive the sugar taste perhaps it will do me good! i hop i loose weight. Everyones comments have been positive so yes i will stay to my slim fast diet and exersie everyday!!!!
posted 21-Mar-2008 7:26pm

hello! i have tried everything from the grapfruit diet to the lemonade master cleanse to lose may be time to get back to the gonna try the slimfast diet now!
posted 24-Mar-2008 6:06pm

i heard that slim-fast gives you gas and diahrrea is that true?
posted 25-Mar-2008 6:21pm

I think that 220mg of sodium in a single can of shake is too much for your body
posted 26-Mar-2008 3:55pm

You guys, Try the slimfast meal bars, they actually taste good instead of those sugary shakes, the meal bars taste amazing!
posted 26-Mar-2008 3:56pm

the lighterlife diet is only reccomended for people incredibly obese,not just overweight. So please do not try it. very bad for you.
posted 31-Mar-2008 9:44am

i am nineteen years old and the weight has just been creeping up on me and fluctuates according to the periods of my life i am in. i am dedicated to losing at least 20 pounds, and as of a week today i have been doing the slim fast diet. i work at 4 am and drink a shake and then maybe a few hours later eat a banana or a meal bar. then for lunch i eat a lean cuisine meal or a shake and some sort of fruit. between lunch and dinner i eat a slimfast bar then for dinner a lean cusine meal. i drink diet liptons green tea and at least 8 glasses of water. i feel completely full and do not have cravings, but they say that i need to eat at least 1300 calories a day, but i still come up short. should i eat more or just stay under the 1300? am i going about this correctly? i would really appreciate if someone could give me some insight. you can email me at any support would help.
posted 3-Apr-2008 1:12pm

I was on the Slim Fast diet for 3 1/2 weeks and I lost 5 lbs within a week and a half.I think this is a good diet if you keep on it, which I didn't and gained back the weight I lost. I am going back on it today and plan to stay on it. I am hypoglycemic(low blood sugar) and the doctors told me that I'm suppose to have a balance of carbs,fat and protein which the shakes are perfect for. I plan to loose about 30lbs. For those people that say that the diet didn't work for them and that they gained weight, well they didn't stick with the plan and probably ate foods that were unhealthy and too much fat.
posted 4-Apr-2008 6:13pm

Hey everyone! I'm 27yrs old and i weigh 218lbs and i'm only 5'2". I'm really desperate in losing this weight. according to the BMI charts i should weigh between 115 and 120lbs. I just started the slimfast diet today. Right now I am very positive about this diet. i have a six year old son and i just dont want to be tired anymore. i just want to have fun with him. if anyone has any positive feedback to give me, my email is
posted 4-Apr-2008 6:15pm

Oh yes, I also wanted to add that taking a vitamin in the morning, really helps keep you energized. I take "One A Day - All day energy".
posted 10-Apr-2008 10:24am

I just started this diet and I love it! The shakes fill me up a lot. I have the vanilla and chocolate ones. I do prefer soymilk though, so I will buy the powdered form next time. I don't see how people say they gain the weight back or they just don't lose, or they GAIN on this plan. It's very simple. Eat 1300-1800 cals a day, work out 30 mins daily, drink water.=LOSE WEIGHT. People don't admit to messing up this equation and so they just BLAME the product for them being lazy fat asses. This is supposed to be a way to get you on track and then you can substitute the shakes for healthful meals of 170-300 cals each. It's not realistic to say "Oh I have to do this forever or I will gain weight." I eat fruit for breakfast, have a shake for my morning snack, then I have light soup and/or salad for lunch, shake for afternoon snack, then a well balanced dinner. Maybe some air popped popcorn or a handful of almonds for a pm snack. It's very easy. Go run for 30-50 mins. It is NOT hard, people. Stay positive.
posted 12-Apr-2008 9:55am

does anybody Know if it is ok to mix the powder with water instead of milk?
posted 12-Apr-2008 9:25pm

I have been using this for about four days now, just in the morning for breakfast. I have lost about a lb a day. I am even mixing it with whole milk instead of fat free! It's only 70 extra calories. Then I have a low cal snack and whatever I want for dinner. (within reason, of course) I stay away from soda, drink lots of water and exercise for 30 mins a day.
posted 17-Apr-2008 3:50pm

i want to begin a quick diet of some sort and toiling between the cambridge and slimfast...................... any ideas? I have 3 stones to lose!
posted 19-Apr-2008 10:53am

i am goin on holiday in a month and i wnat to loose qyuatre - half a stone to have a nice bikini body!!
wood slimfast diet help??
posted 20-Apr-2008 5:32pm

I bought the cappuccino flavor by mistake and threw it all away--has a really unpleasant burnt taste! Bring back pineapple-orange and raspberry-cranberry--they were great!!
posted 25-Apr-2008 11:24am

posted 27-Apr-2008 8:57am

slim fast works so well that just by having a shake for breakfast and a shake + apple for lunch i lose about 5 pounds a day :) btw im 12 yrs old email me about questions at
FATTIMA hahahah
posted 6-May-2008 8:09am

Hello all, I have just started the slim fast programme today I need to loose 40lbs.
I am looking for a diet buddy. I am 26 5ft 6 and looking to loose the weight by xmas.
Any one fancy being my diet buddy then e mail me on THANKS
posted 7-May-2008 9:15am

It really works, but you have to do it exactly how it is. Two shakes or bar a day no matter if is breaksfast and lunch or breaksfast and diner. Also you can lose eventhough you don't exercise, but if you do you will see better results and quicker. Another thing is that you can add to the vanilla shake some fruit like strawbwrries, bluberries, banana any fruit you like, and it will feel you up more, (a lot more).

Good luck to all and don't forget after you have lost the weight if you come back to your all habits all the weight off come back again, and it happens with all the diets, so see it as a lifetime change.
posted 10-May-2008 8:52pm

I have been on again, off again, from Slim-Fast since I was 12 years old. I am now 27 and NEED to get rid of this nasty "baby-weight" that has gathered around my ass and abs and WILL NOT go away!!
I wanted to give everyone a heads up on how I make my Chocolate Royale shake taste the best-- I always blend the powder version up with a banana (or other fresh fruit) and 5 or 6 pieces of ice. I have also started adding flax seed to my shake to get the added benefits from that! Good luck everyone. I'll see you on the other side of fat-city!
posted 12-May-2008 8:54pm

so amber do u add milk also or no? i just started 3 days ago....and it's not too bad, but i am extremely tired all of a sudden--too much aspartame or what? i don't really get why there has to be sugar AND aspartame in it. It is just the amount of calories u consume........but most people need a 'plan'.
posted 15-May-2008 5:05pm

I have been doing slim fast for about five days now and I have already shaved six pounds off of my body. I have been working out too. This is what I do each day:
Pour 8 oz of skim milk in the blender, add 4 ice cubes, add one scoop of Slim Fast Milk Chocolate Optima powder blend and sip slowly for breakfast.
For a snack, I do a fruit bowl of one pineapple wedge, one watermelon wedge, six grapes and two strawberries with 1/2 oz of cottage cheese (lowfat).
Lunch is always at twelve and I eat whatever I want, but i cut it in half. If i eat a burrito, I cut it in half, if i eat pizza,its halved. I also go to to count and keep track of all the calories I take in and all the calories that I have burned. After that I eat a snack (15 Sun Chips) I drink about nine 12 oz glasses of water in 8 hours...I eat a nutrigrain bar or half of one and then I drink a slim fast shake when I get home and I toss a banana in the blender with it and it tastes awesome. I run around the track six times or do an ab workout. My average calorie intake is 1000 to 1200 If I do 1200 I excercise a little harder to burn off those extra 200. I eat every two hours. I have sixty pounds to lose. At the rate I am going I will be thin and my ideal weight by July 25th. We are already half way thru May so that 2 and a 1/2 months of committment to see serious results. Thats not much of a sacrifice at all when you factor in the benefit.
posted 20-May-2008 9:25am

Very Good Abs81. Keep it up.
I am going to start the diet today. I have 20Lbs to lose. I will drink my shakes same as you do one at breaksfast and the other one for diner.Do you think by just doing 30 minutes cardio I will lose weight too.

Good Luck. You are doing more than great.
posted 23-May-2008 2:27pm

Its seems like if you have alot of weight to lose this may work for you but like me I only need to lose 15-20 , it seema harder to lose such a small amount.
posted 30-May-2008 2:10pm

I started the slim fast diet on the 25th of May. I am a cancer survivor and the medication I take has totally slowed my metabolism and I have gained 20 pounds. I have always only drank water, no sodas, alcohol, etc. have never been a breakfast eater. So I tried all the other "diets" and gained weight with each one because of eating "six small meals a day". I do the shakes for breakfast and lunch, eat fruit and/or one of the bars in between, watch my portion size at dinner and then I'm not hungry after that. I've lost two pounds this week and that is making me very happy. I am trying slim fast because of the article in the People magazine last week where a woman has been on slim fast since 2005 and has lost over 100 pounds. Drinking breakfast for me is easier than trying to eat something.
posted 3-Jun-2008 6:34pm

i drink slim fast(4 hour hunger control) its a meal replacment and i drink it for breakfeast and lunch(with half of a sandwich or 200 calories) i also snack on the slim fast bars for the small 6 meals a day, its good for keeping weight off, but it deffinetly does not control my hunger and doesnt help me lose any weight.. plus it makes you go to the bathroom a lot due to all the liquid, i'd say its good if you are at your ideal weight already and want to keep it off, and don't mind making more trips to the bathroom than you ushally would if your seriously commited to loosing weight and not looking for an easy way out, slim fast is the way to go, but if you want a merical, dont waste your money..
i think the shakes are tasty :)
posted 4-Jun-2008 11:51am

Hello Everyone!! I want to lose 30lbs and I have been trying the slimfast now for 3 days I have a slimfat for breakfast, fruit for am snack slimfast for lunch, veggies pm snack and lean cuisine for dinner, does anyone think this will work? I have also been walking for 30-45mins a day. Also on the package of slimfast it says to mix the shakes with 2% milk does anyone else use 2%?
You can reply to me at let me know if it has worked for any of you

posted 4-Jun-2008 8:30pm

posted 6-Jun-2008 10:59am

I tries the slim fast diet a few months ago. I bought a box of the Optima Creamy Milk Chocolate shakes at Walmart. I followed the plan (shake for breakfast, shake + 200 cal or less for lunch, and I ate whatever I wanted for dinner). I had lost 6 pounds by the time I got done with the box. I did not exercise at all. I also did not gain the weight back. This was in like Dec. or is now June. Anyhoo....I am going to try and do it again and stick to it...I also plan to exercise this time....I comine my snacks with my lunch and/or breakfast...that helps takes self control mostly.....happy weightloss!!!!
posted 8-Jun-2008 1:17pm

posted 11-Jun-2008 10:01pm

I just started slim fast 3 days ago and lost 3 lbs. I would eat 2 bacon strips and 1 boiled egg for breakfast, 1/2 banana for snack before lunch, then for lunch I would eat 1/2 a tuna wrap, then an apple couple hours before dinner, and dinner I would have a slim fast shake and a piece of meat or chicken after my 45- 1hr cardio exercise. And have plenty plenty of water. I would also make sure to eat before 7 p.m.

I am only looking to lose 15-20 lbs and that is why I am drinking Slim Fast one a day.
posted 15-Jun-2008 10:40pm

I started Slim Fast today. I want to lose 15-20 pounds. I'm 5'4". I'm looking for a Slim Fast buddy! Someone to keep me motivated and standing strong :) Email me if you want a buddy too!
posted 23-Jun-2008 5:12pm

hi there i started slimfast today and cant find many good storys online untill i come here it seems more positive than the rest i have about 3 stones to loose i hope to do this for a few weeks then get into a propper diet but this will be the kick start i need im not following the plan to the letter im drinking 4 shakes a day and no meals but im having lots of water and tea with milk a few times a day just to get me into diet mode x
posted 1-Jul-2008 12:36pm

slim fast is a good method to loss weihgt
The time to start living is NOW...
posted 1-Jul-2008 3:03pm

I was watching a morning "News program" today and they were talking about the top 4 (of the top 8) diet plans in American. SlimFast was number 4, topped only by #3-Jenny Craig, #2 Weight Watchers and #1 The Volumetrics Eating Plan diet; a diet plan about techniques and recipes for feeling full on fewer calories. All of these diets were tested by consumer magazine with SlimFast having the most testing over the last 30 years...35 proven weight-loss test in thirty years!!!
I don't know about the rest of you but "35 Proven Weight-loss Test in 30 years" does it for me. I have 45 pounds to lose in six months - before my son's wedding in January 2009. With SlimFast as my "catalyst" to 'get control of' and change my eating habits AND exercising to "Walking Away the Pounds" videos with Leslie Sansone everyday I cannot fail - or if I do - it will because I'm trying to fail at it!
Here's to day # ONE with a SlimFast Chocolate mixed in with skim milk and added protein powder and fiber....see you in a few weeks with an update on the smaller me...
posted 2-Jul-2008 7:22pm

Hi, i just started slimfast about 3 days ago.I want to lose about 20 pounds. Would love a slim fast buddy.If interested email me at
posted 3-Jul-2008 12:12pm

Alright. I'm thinking of doing the slimfast diet becasue I wana shed 20 pounds. If I Do 45 minutes of cardio very day and stick to the meal plan, would I lose the weight quickly?
posted 7-Jul-2008 10:20am

Of course JUJUBEAN any diet that you follow the way it is supposed to be followed and add exercise make you lose weight, but you have to continue and not break it.

Years ago I did this plan beacause I wanted to lose 20Lbs and I did it in 1 month without exercise, after that I just make exercise for 1 HR or more 5 days a week and I maintained my weight for 1 year now I got married and again I got those 20 LBs again, but defenily this week I staring again. This plan Works.., but always keep in mind that if you start eating the same way as before the Pounds will come back again.
posted 7-Jul-2008 1:09pm

New Mom here!

I recently stopped breastfeeding and picked up the pace to lose the baby weight/freshman 15 that I have had over the past few years.

I chose Slim Fast for it's convinence and for the fact that I LOVE chocolate so it's seemed to fit well. I love this diet.

I use the online meal planner to set up on healthy eating. My main problem tend to be oversnacking and not portioning my meals.
I am beginning week 2 this week, I have lost 2 pounds last week.

I have been eating MORE food than I did before.
Breakfast- small bagel with jelly, Slim Fast Shake.
Snack- Carrots and Crackers
Lunch- Turkey Sandwich, Pear and Meal Bar
Snack- Yogurt, banana, blueberries
Dinner- Sensible dinner that they chose for me
Snack- Tortilla Chips and Orange Juice

All this working out to 1,700 target calories a day. I give myself an additional 200 calories for wiggle room for a snack or drink.

I am currently in marathon training for December. This translates into 2-3 mile runs during the week for 30-40 minutes ever other day thus burning around 400 calories a day. Added bonus-have noted a STRONG decrease in my time. I dropped 30 seconds off my pace. So even if I don't lose the weight- I am faster.

I love that this diet has made me evaluate my food intake and portion sizes, portions sizes! I weigh some of my food to check on ounces and really attack those Nutrition information and found really surprising results. For example- I was in Wal-Mart and I got hungry at the check out and picked up a bar of chocolate, 230 calories! What the? Well that's my whole lunch right there. What if I cut it in half? 115 calories? Still too much for such a little bar. Then I went to Trader Joe's and decided that I did need some chocolate and checked out these mini mint cookies with ice cream and I could eat 2 of those for 170 calories. I ended up just eating one.

I'm still a little hungry at times but once I eat that snack or get lunch it's all good and filling.

Any questions?
posted 9-Jul-2008 4:05pm

Started the slim fast diet yesterday and i already feel better. I'm not hungry like on the diets and have energy as well.
posted 18-Jul-2008 8:55pm

Thanks for all your comments. I'm thinking of trying the SlimFast plan, at least for a few weeks, to get my overeating back into control. I'm usually too tired and busy to plan ahead with food, so having it on hand is my #1 reason for this over anything else. I really appreciate reading about the variety of ways people tailor the plan to make it fit their lives. Maybe I can make a dent this time... (250lbs)
posted 26-Jul-2008 8:13pm

hey everyone, i am sixteen years old and i weigh 165 pounds and i am only 5'3. I got the slim fast shakes and bars today, and i am planning on starting the plan on monday. i really hope it works, i am so depressed because of my weight:(
posted 28-Jul-2008 1:15pm

starting slim fast today, i'm 22. would anyone like to keep in touch and be buds??
posted 28-Jul-2008 1:16pm

its actually
posted 4-Aug-2008 11:58am

Hey I just started it today...just finished my SlimFast Optima Chocolate shake now. At first I thought it tasted funky. It's soo sweet and soo chocolately...but then I thought why is that a bad thing? chocolatey sweet things tastes good...and if it works well thats a super big plus lol. I'm 19 years old, and weight 175 lbs. I hope to lose 20-30 lbs on this and then maintain my weight from there..I hope it works, reading this board has really helped =) I'm going to exercise everyday, have a shake for breaking, shake for lunch and then small low calorie dinner...of course I'll be drinking lots of water throughout the day. Will I be able to lose about 20 lbs in less than 2-3 months? I hope so. I'm so depressed everyday and I feel like if I were at a good weight, I would be so happy and just do the things I love.
posted 10-Aug-2008 7:36am

Im starting on mon. Im so exited and i hope this diet is the 1!
posted 20-Aug-2008 3:16am

hey I plan on starting this plan on monday...andybody wanna be my buddy email me at
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:54am

i started slimfast 3 days, i think it all tastes ok, i do really hungry around the afternoon but i think this is due to the fact i was so greedy before. hopefully this will get better as my stomach shrinks and to tell you the truth id rather the hungry feeling than the guilt i feel when iv eaten to much.corr im looking forward to my tea though ;0)
posted 17-Sep-2008 5:25pm

stop dieting mucle weighs more than fat your beutiful inside& out
posted 26-Sep-2008 10:10pm

I'm 19 and I weigh 180 ... I just started on Slim Fast two days ago (Today is my third), and I don't feel hungry at all ! but maybe this is because I usually don't eat too much ... Now in my Slim Fast diet I'm drinking the ones from "Low Carb Diet" (180 calories) 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and for dinner I'm eating some broccoli with breast chicken, or tuna, or canned corn ... etc ... NO SNACKS though ... and I just started to exercise 2 days ago too (1 hour and a half per day) ... I hope I can achieve my goal (I NEED TO LOSE AT LEAST 40 POUNDS !) I'm kinda afraid that this diet wouldn't work because I usually don't eat too much, But I'm still fat though ... some days I just eat a sandwich the whole day and I'm not starving ... and right now I feel like drinking 2 slim fast are way too much so I'm just gonna drink one for lunch and my dinner ... I had lost 5 pounds in these three days which indicates me that something is good wooo hooo ! so I think I'm gonna keep it that way ...
posted 9-Oct-2008 2:59pm

im to fat HELPPPPP!!!!!!
posted 13-Oct-2008 3:38pm

Re: Nikki
That's great to hear you're losing weight. There's a good chance that you've been over weight beceause you dont eat anything. What happens with that is that you eat something small and think you're doing your body good but your body thinks it's starving so instead of burning the fat and calories like you want your body holds on to it and stores any fat on you.
posted 23-Oct-2008 7:42pm

I started slim fast today. It fills me up so much that I don't even want the snack in between. Is this okay, or do you need to eat the snack between for best results?
posted 12-Nov-2008 9:09am

hello everyone ive done slimfast in the past and lost over 3 stone on it.i have a 2 year old daughter and since havind a baby i have put loads of weight on and cannot for the life of me lose currently 13st 10lbs which is really over weight for my height 5.4.
i have now had enough of being a fat cow and decided to give slimfast another shot so wish me luck and il let you know how i get on,its my third day now and doing really well no cheating as of yet!!!
does anyone want a slimfast slimming buddy? if so send me an email
bye bye for now x
posted 19-Nov-2008 2:40pm

so shelly hows it going?
posted 19-Nov-2008 2:40pm

with the diet lol
posted 2-Dec-2008 7:51am

I have been using Slim Fast for a while now and find it very easy and not boring at all. It sounds like the ones who say bad things about this program are most likely not the type who exercise. With all diet programs regardless of it's nature you have to exercise. I walk 3 miles a day plus I try to throw in some aerobics at least 2 days a week. I say get off your lazy butts and just maybe it will work out for you, after all sitting around doing nothing is probably what got you were you are now for not exercising in the first place. And with these comment's I even work everyday and some evenings and I still find the time rain or shine. So All you negative people out there need to stop wining and get off your rumps and get moving and maybe what ever diet your on may just actually work for you.
posted 3-Dec-2008 9:54pm

I did slimfast about 13 years ago. I lost 8 pounds the first week and about 5 the 2nd week. And that was all the weight I wanted to lose. That was after my first child. Now I need to lose 20-30 lbs. and am starting again tomorrow. Wish me luck. And to all who are in doubt, Slimfast DOES work. 2 shakes a day and a sensible meal(mine weren't so sensible either lol) and you will lose significantly! Good luck to all.
posted 8-Dec-2008 7:20pm


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