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Slim-fast Diet


This is the most popular and successful diet drink weight loss program. Essentially, you replace one or two regular meals with a low calorie Slim-fast product.


Originally, Slim-fast was just a shake-like drink that comes in a can. There are various flavors like chocolate and vanilla. More recently, other products have been added, like breakfast bars and smoothies.

You lose weight by eating less calories. This is made easy by simply replacing a meal or two with a low-calorie drink or bar. You don't need to count calories (or points).

Along with replacing one or two meals, you're also advised to otherwise eat sensible meals.


Liquid diet drinks have a history that goes back to the 1930s.


Eating a lot of the same kind of thing, in this case a diet drink or bar, become tedious and boring for many people. Over time, you may tend to rebel against the habit and break the diet.


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  2-Nov-2005 9:02am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:08am last update by bill

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posted 21-Feb-2011 5:19pm

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the difference was between the slim-fast 3 2 1 plan and the slim-fast optima. and what one do you think is better?
posted 22-Feb-2011 10:28pm

Hey Nick,
Glad to hear that you are trying your best to stick with it. I find myself getting very lazy on the weekends. And I find myself looking for munchies when I watch TV. My weight went up a little this past week, but overall now, I've lost 11 pounds. I feel like it's going so slow. I think I'm at the point where I have to jump start my workout again. It's like my body is resisting change again. But, I'm determined. I would like to lose another 15 pounds before Spring Break. I only weigh myself once a week. I mostly can tell my weight loss against how my jeans fit.

Ok. Now for the big answer..........I was cheering for the Steelers. And you?
posted 24-Feb-2011 7:25pm

Does slim fast really work ? I need something I can trust and I need to lose weight fast I hav let my self go and don't know what diet I should choose? HELP PLEASE!
posted 28-Feb-2011 10:08am


Yea, I went completely off the diet. But I am starting back up today. I still never got my scale, but I will weigh myself tonight. I would love to loose 15-20 lbs for summer.

I also got engaged in December, and I want to look good for my wedding. No date has been set, but I'm hoping that is a big enough motivation to get my butt in gear!

Hey Anonymous - Slim fast works, as long as you work it. Join Melissa & I, and we can all do it together.
posted 4-Mar-2011 9:41pm

Glad to hear that you are back on the diet. I know it gets hard sometimes. Like tonight, for me. I'm hungry. I just want to pig out. And I don't feel like working out. I'm tired. It's been a stressful week for me. My son got hurt at school and had to get stitches, and my daughter got in trouble at school for things that she said on her you tube video. I had wanted to lose 30 pounds before Spring break. It doesn't look like I'm going to make that goal. As of last Monday, I've lost a total of 17 pounds. I feel like it's going so slow. I'm shopping around for a cheap stationary bike now. I think I need to change up my workout a little. I think I'm getting bored with it.

Congrats on the engagement! Get a scale. And let's do this thing!
posted 7-Mar-2011 8:29am


I know, I did get a scale, and I HATE the number I see! 17lbs lost for you though, THATS AWESOME!!!! And your a mother of 2!!!! Now, I have no excuses. I am a mother of 1 hairy little four legged german shepherd, and I cant find the time to lose weight? GAME ON! I went to Costco and bought a ton of healthy stuff. So, I am excited to get back on the wagon. I have been trying little things, for example, my sisters and I went to Olive Garden for lunch on Saturday. We all got the soup, salad, and breadsticks deal. I didn't eat any breadsticks, which made me feel so much better. So, its litte changes like that I need to stick too as well.

I am going to make it a point to walk my dog for atleast 30 mins everyday. I am pumped to begin this, and I hope I meet my goal weight of 140lbs. Only 26lbs to loose! HAHA
posted 16-Mar-2011 8:52pm

Hey Nick!! How's it going?

I have had an awful week. I haven't worked out all week. :( I did buy a bike, but I've only been on it twice in the past week. I got real busy with my son. He was having some trouble with his schoolwork. God, I can't wait until Spring Break!!

Even though I didn't work out all week, I still lost 1.5 pounds. Which really makes me feel good since I totally pigged out at my friend's baby shower this past Sunday. :)

People keep telling me not to get so hung up on the number that you see on the scale. It's more about how you look and feel in your clothes. YEAH RIGHT!!!! Tell that to the 189 I was seeing on my scale back in September!!! And I'm not pregnant, so no excuses!!!

So, hopefully, I'm back on track now too. I also recently ate at Olive Garden and did the soup and salad thing. But I think I had 1 breadstick. Couldn't pass them up. They're just too good.

What did you buy at Costco? I have one by my house too. I don't shop there too much though.

Now that the weather seems to be getter better, I want to walk more too. I can take my dog too. I have a german shepherd too. Half german shepherd and half black lab. Just adorable. Her name is Clara.

Keep up the good work! Talk with you soon.
posted 26-Mar-2011 5:01pm

I am wondering if any one can help
I would like to start slim fast shakes I use to have the smoothies but they have been discontinued frown
I don't like milk or milk subsitutes can I mix the powder with water or coffee mate? ( milk powder) which I can just about tolerate?
I would love a slimming buddy if any ones would like to help me/eachother
posted 30-Mar-2011 2:34am

hey anonymous you used to be 160 and now your 250 ..i am 100% exactly the same weight wise lets do it together i need a buddy so email me at or to anyone wanting a buddy jus email me thnx
posted 30-Mar-2011 2:34am

hey flutterfly i need a buddy still lets do this together i jus started me at!!
posted 30-Mar-2011 8:52pm

Hey Nick!!

Where are ya buddy? I hope you're still doing this thing with me!! I didn't work out all last week again because I was so sick! But, I lost another 1.5 pounds! For a total of 20 pounds in 11 weeks!! YEAH!!! Just 20 more to go!!!

Hang in there Nick! Don't give up!!!!
posted 1-Apr-2011 10:41am

My name is Ashley and I am 24 years old. I am 4`11, weight 115lbs and would like to lose 10 lbs. Is the slim fast ideal for people my size. I`m not quite over weight for my height but I would like to go back to my 105lbs (which is still in the range of a normal BMI for my height). Let me know what you think.
posted 7-Apr-2011 5:26am

omg im scared that the slim fast will not work but im going to try it to marrow morning ive already brot it now so why not use it iam 164 and i want to get down to about 125 or 135 does any body have answers
posted 7-Apr-2011 5:32am

hi mya im aaliyah wow thats small 125 wow but heres how it works breakfast one slim fast snack apples or yogurt lunch slim fast snack again banana or mixed nuts and dinner brown rice fish sum type of veggie it simple try to get in 30 mins of cardio excise like run jog walk any thing to keep the heart beating fast eat a favorite food once a week one day out of a week like pizza to minmize cravings so you wont get tired of eat healthy foods hope this helps sweety
posted 24-Apr-2011 7:33pm

Gonna start slim fast this week. 5'4" 170lbs. Would like to lose the 25lbs. after I had surgery and was in recovery sitting on my behind. Any suggestions. I am just trying to see if anyone has had real results with this diet.
posted 30-Apr-2011 7:38pm

posted 12-May-2011 10:40am

Hi, this will be my second time on the slim fast diet. I first I only needed to lose a few pounds and I did. But this time I need to loose about 90 pounds. And I have the skills to do it. My advice to anyone starting the slim fast diet, is to exercise as much as u can. In order to lose a pound u need to work of 3500 calories. And of course you don't need to work that much of every day. The more the better, and I would like to say good luck to everyone and stay strong you can do it.:)
posted 31-May-2011 7:37pm

I just started today with slim fast, my mom used to do it way back when and I want to get healthy so i decided to try it for myself. For the past month I have been eating healthier and not eating as many calories as I once was. I'm 20 and 188 lbs...not a happy feeling at all. So far I have been doing good, going to start exercising more and hopefully loose about 30 lbs. Good luck to anyone else!
posted 4-Jun-2011 8:32pm

I have taken the slim fast diet before. It did give me great results, but when I had my two children I did stream away from the shakes. I am a 29 years of age and I have two children been divorced and remarried and I would like to say that really if you change your portion size from a regular plate to a saucer and eat only twice a day you will loose weight. I have struggled with weight my whole entire life going from 336 to 267 pounds, I can garuntee you that once you no longer use the shakes that you will gain the weight back. I dont even excercise and I am looking great. I do need to walk more to tone myself up though. If you eat choclate every day then cut it down to a regular bat one time a week in place of a meal. If you use whole milk then but it to 2 percent. If you use regular cheese cut it down to 2% cheese. Replace soda with a flavored water or sprite, just little changes that really makes a huge difference. I learned when I try to make changes in my diet I needed to make a life style change, or i guarentee you will be bigger than you are now. Try this: all of your fattening things you eat cut it down to one time a week for a starter. Cut out all sodas if you experience a caffine migrane than you need to drink 1/4 cup of yellow soda or coke and it will take it right away.(I did expierence this often, If anyone would like to email me feel free at I am so happy that I have made a lifestyle change I had to because my 5 year old was wearing a 7'8 and should have been in a 5 now she is just by mommy changing her habbits I still have a lot to go but I do my part and my body takes care of the rest I only weigh one time a month/ cant be focused on numbers because at the end of the day your body will tell you how you feel/ thats what matters/ you know when your doing great because you feel great/and have more energy......Good Luck to hang in their ti; next time take care of yourself and dont be stresses/ you will loose when you get fed up and tired of being stressed out/ be the best you can be and the rest will follow/.
posted 25-Jun-2011 10:29pm

if ur out there "LINDSEY'' u inspired me! now my diet starts today! but i thought ur only suppose to eat 3 times a day not 2..but ill try! thanks a ton! o ya and I have a daughter whos 14 and she wants to take pills,shes 140 and i think she should.Do u think its healthy for her? opinions from any one please!
posted 29-Jun-2011 11:51am

Hi all I did the slim fast diet before i got pregnant at 18 years old and I lost 2 stone!
I felt amazing! N now my son is 18 months old n I weigh at my heaviest 19.5 stone and
I'm 5"10. I feel really depressed. I hate looking at myself in the mirror :( I don't look massive
Because of my height but if I was smaller then I would look like a huge blob :( after having
My son I found it really hard to get back into dieting but now I'm really determined to do it!
I don't want to have any illnesses due to my weight .. So I started my diet on Monday and so
Far I've been sticking to it smile N I feel better all really but I'm not stepping onto them scales
Untill Monday smile x
posted 8-Jul-2011 4:16am

does the powder slim fast taste better then the liquid slim fast or similar?? just wanted to find out before i buy the powder slim fast.
posted 9-Jul-2011 12:26am

I was wondering I need to lose about 50-60 lbs by Jan. 1st as I am getting married. I need to loose it in a semi-healthy manner. I am starting the slim-fast diet tomorrow morning paired with a 2.4 mile walk/3 times per week. Visiting mom is always fun I say.. Haha. I am a full time college student, have a 5 year old daughter to push me up the hill when I need it, and a husband whose a great cook.. instead of him cooking 7 days a week I could take over 3 days and make healthier meals, but what if I chose to eat a lean cuisine.. would that be bad because of the sodium intake? Any advice is helpful.. I am curious because I don't want to lack nutrients and not lose weight because I am replacing a home cooked meal for a TV dinner.. but studying takes a MAJORITY of my time.
posted 9-Jul-2011 12:28am

@ Pyro - the already made liquids are good for on the go but I prefer the powder mix because I like mine a bit thicker which it tells you that you can add ice, milk and 1 leveled off thing of powder into a blender.. Don't think the taste is as bad as it is when it's a bit runnier.
posted 3-Aug-2011 11:00am

Ok after reading this forum i'm starting this diet on Monday i need to lose 100lbs i have done the low-carb diet and that works very well. But my life has changed i am now divorced and raing my son and it is so hard to do the low-carb diet when your child is a very picky eater! Also it requires alot of time to make and prepare everything and this sounds very easy and convenient!! I would love a buddy to do this with or at least motivate me i hate the way i feel and look and really need to loose the weight!!! i felt so much better when i lost all the weight before! My e-mail is
posted 29-Aug-2011 3:01pm

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to know if anyone has had success with switching up the meal plan. I was thinking about eating a sensible breakfast and lunch and then having a slim fast shake for dinner. I don't think I will do this long term, but I figure I usually eat the most for dinner and I've tried the shakes in the past so I know it can keep me full. I'm 31 and weigh about 150 so I want to loose about 20 lbs.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
posted 5-Sep-2011 6:57pm

I started doing slimfast jan. 24, 2011. In 23 weeks of using it I had lost 18 lbs. I make my shakes in the bullet blender with 1 scoop slimfast, 1 cup non-fat milk, 6 ice cubes and 1/2 of a banana that I would normally have as a snack. Tastes delicious and filling. I also split that shake into 2 even parts to drink at 2 different times so that i feel i'm having more shakes more often...just like they say to eat 6 small meals instead of 3. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for the evening meal with chicken or fish. bike riding 30 min. twice a day. Worked for me.
posted 6-Sep-2011 1:30am

Hi all! I have done the slimfast diet before, and I lost over 20 lbs. in 10 weeks. It was a great feeling! Unfortunately I then managed to get totally off track and gained the full 20 lbs back, plus about 10 more. Now, I am in a place where I feel like it is time to do something positive for myself. I need to get to a healthy weight that I am happy with, so starting tomorrow, SLIM FAST!!! I know it works, I have seen the results for myself. I am also going to join a womens only gym tomorrow so that I can get a workout without feeling awkward. Here's to new beginnings!
posted 8-Sep-2011 4:53am

I have been on this diet for about 3 weeks and lost like 6 lbs right away i have a shake for breakfeast a yogurt shake for lunch then usually an apple and then a lean cuisine for dinner and i am absolutely starving any advice????? On top of that i am completely at a stand still with weight loss!!!!
posted 18-Oct-2011 1:59pm

yeah , this is my second day
had 800 calories on shakes
and today im at work, have a headache.
took advil but in 15 weeks , i can loose 30 pounds!
so theres no reason to give up.
my head used to hurt every weekend when
i drank a 12 pack.. jajajjaja
posted 18-Oct-2011 2:02pm

yeah its 2 pounds a week that you loose..
i dont get this because in the water fast in 10 days
you loose like 8 pounds. im trying to se if i can do
800 a day, with advil, sugar free candy and 0 cal soda
posted 12-Nov-2011 7:33am

Hey I've been dieting for the past couple of weeks so have reduced my appetite and am ready to start the shakes today!! I lost a stone a couple of years ago on this plan so it does work:) if any1 is looking for a diet buddy let me know I need the motivation!!!
posted 26-Jan-2012 5:02pm

Claire, are you still looking for a diet buddy? I need one! For a little extra motivation!
posted 15-Mar-2012 12:38am

can slimquick cause blood clots, i have had blood clots start in my left leg and move up to my left lung(because of birth control) but they are gone now, but now i have to be very careful what i take cuz if there is a chance that they can cause blood clots i cant take them ,please someone let me know right away
posted 18-May-2012 6:05pm

Hi. Today is my first day on slimfast. It is a friday, but my thought was that if i started on the weekend it would be easier for me. I knew if I started on a Monday, by Friday I would be board or feel like I accomplished something and cheat a little. Then I would cheat again and again till NO MORE DIET. At least this way I have to go the whole weekend and then the week before I even think about cheating. By then I should be used to it and have a little more self control. I am 26 and I just had a baby 5 months ago. I am wanting to lose about 30 lbs to get to healthy size. Right now I am 168 lbs and at 5'4" that is considered overweight. Has anyone ever had any side effects related to the slimfast? I see with all the protien that it could cause constipation? I will try and post my weight weekly on here for everyone to see my progress! Wish me luck!
posted 14-Jun-2012 2:43am

Okay this is week 2 and im having a hard time staying on track, but I can do this... Is there anyone else out there thats serious about this too???
Jamie Lynn
posted 14-Jun-2012 2:49am

Does anyone need a buddy to stay motivated? I just started the slim fast diet and it would be great to keep in touch with ppl doing the same thing. I would like to lose at least
30 pounds by August...
posted 18-Jul-2012 11:35pm

I am 32 years old and weigh 142 pounds, I have been doing the slimfast diet for a month the first two weeks i lost 19 pounds. ont he third week i gained my weight back in two days i gained 10 pounds. I still drink my slimfast the same way and eat right. drink plenty of water, i workout everyday one day i gor running and walking and other days I do weight training.My fiance says I am building muscle but I don't thinks so I still have my jelly roles around my waist. Any advice would be helpful!!
posted 18-Jul-2012 11:36pm

Sorry I wiah i weighed 142 I weigh 242 pounds sorry for the error..
posted 8-Oct-2012 3:54am

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posted 15-Oct-2012 3:48am

I am starting the slimfast lifestyle tomorrow,I am desperate.and excited if anyone needs a motivation buddy let me know because I do too, feel free to email me
posted 12-Nov-2012 12:02pm

I'm on week 3 of the Slimfast diet and I'm down 8 lbs. I love the chocolate royale powder. I'm just hoping this continues to work.
posted 25-Nov-2012 8:44pm

Looking for weight loss buddy... Starting slimfast this week with exercise and wanting to lose 50 pounds by Easter.. Hoping it works, so tired of feeling ugly..
posted 27-Jan-2016 6:36pm

Can you mix spring water with fruit instead of milk..
posted 19-Feb-2016 1:30am

Yes. Now they have low carb in powder to. Just to to expensive if got family or don't have the funds. N keep u regular if u have lbs w that. Anyway have great day....
posted 3-Jun-2016 8:18pm

I only have whole on hand. I forgot skim milk at the store. Can I just water the whole milk down if so how much should I water it down?

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