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Smart for Life


Smart for Life is a meal-replacement (cookie) diet that also offers dieting service through centers.


Smart for Life offers organic healthy cookies as a delicious meal-replacement. Instead of eating a meal, you have some Smart for Life cookies which are low calorie and good for you.

The cookies come in a variety of flavors including: Chocolate, Pina Colada, Boca Banana, Maine Blueberry, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, and Garden Pizza. Other Smart for Life products are also available: Smart Muffins, Smart Shakes, Smart Soup, and Smart Desserts. Smart for Life even has jams, salad dressings, and coffee creamer.

But, it's not just about Smart for Life products. They start you out with a complete medical check-up by a doctor at one of their centers. Often, they can find a medical issue that has been preventing you from losing weight all these years.

Then, on-going counseling is provided to educate you about the best ways to lose weight, eat healthy and develop a long-term beneficial lifestyle changes. You then begin to integrate Smart for Life food products into you life while being monitored by the staff at your local Smart for Life center (or by phone if you don't live near a center).

Smart for Life products are designed to help reduce hunger and craving. You will not feel deprived when you eat a Smart for Life cookie instead of a meal. In fact, you'll feel great and you'll be motivated to keep making Smart choices with your new lifestyle.


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