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South Beach Diet


It starts you out on low-carb diet, but then you progress to eating healthier carbs and fats.


You switch to healthier carbohydrates (high fiber, low glycemic index) that don't spike your blood sugar. Also, you're encouraged to eat healthier fats and lean sources of protein.

There are three phases to South Beach. Phase one is similar to Atkins where you eliminate most carbs for two weeks. This jump starts your weight loss.

In phase two, you add back in healthy carbs like whole grains and fruits. You stay in phase two until you reach your goal weight.

Phase three is long term maintenance. You just have to stick to eating the right kinds of carbs, fats, and proteins are you can maintain your weight.

From the back-cover of "The South Beach Diet":

For years cardiologist Arthur Agatston, M.D., urged his patients to lose weight for the sake of their hearts, but every diet was too hard to follow or its restrictions were too harsh. Some were downright dangerous. Nobody seemed to be able to stick with low-fat regimens for any length of time. And a diet is useless if you can't stick with it.
So Dr. Agatston developed his own. The South Beach Diet isn't complicated, and it doesn't require that you go hungry. You'll enjoy normal-size helpings of meat, poultry, and fish. You'll also eat eggs, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. Snacks are required. You'll learn to avoid the bad carbs, like white flour, white sugar, and baked potatoes. Best of all, as you lose weight, you'll lose that stubborn belly fat first!
Dr. Agaston's diet has produced consistently dramatic results (8 to 13 pounds lose in the first 2 weeks!) and has become a media sensation in South Florida. Now you, too, can join the ranks of the fit and fabulous with The South Beach Diet.


The South Beach diet was created by Arthur Agatston, MD who lives in Miami, Florida.


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  2-Nov-2005 11:44am created by bill
  4-Sep-2006 2:38pm last update by bill

posted 4-Nov-2005 8:58am
edited 7-Nov-2005 1:18pm

This diet has worked exceptionally well for both my wife and I. It really is not that difficult to stick to once you hit Phase 2 -- even for people that need to eat fast food for lunch and such. My wife and I eat lunch at places such as McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, Burger King, and Subway on an almost daily basis and have still been able to stick to the Phase 2 limits and continue to lose weight.

The most common complaint that I have heard about Phase 1 is that it is difficult if you don't enjoy eggs. During Phase 1, we did scrambled eggs almost every morning. For us, it wasn't too bad -- but we were certainly ready for cereal after those two weeks! For others, that don't eat eggs, this can be a real struggle to come up with proper Phase 1 choices.

In any case, we're still on this and are quite satisified with it. I'm in Phase 3 because I have more than reached my goal weight -- my wife is almost done with Phase 2 as she approaches hers.

- John...
posted 11-Jan-2006 2:37pm

Just wanted to throw an update out that I admit to breaking these diet several times over the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years), but have still been able to keep the weight off. In fact, I'm still 5 pounds below my original goal weight. My wife and I, after reaching our goals, now "celebrate" by having a day a week or so where we pretty much eat what we want for at least one meal. We look forward to the day where we might go out to some restaurant that we have been craving and just eat whatever. I fluctuate probably 2-3 pounds on a regular basis -- always varying 4-7 pounds below my goal weight -- even with some cake and ice cream in there now and then!

In the end, I've been very happy with the South Beach Diet. yes

- John...
posted 15-Jan-2006 7:39pm

That's great! yes
posted 26-Apr-2006 10:19am

Thought I'd add some more notes about South Beach. While I like the book and concept, I am a bit disappointed with the new Kraft and South Beach collaboration to offer "South Beach" branded food items. I recommend that everyone buying these really read the labels (like you should be doing with any such products while on South Beach -- especially Phases 1 and 2). Many of the items that are South Beach branded DO NOT MEET the requirements listed in the book!

The South Beach cereals are good examples of this. The Whole Grain Crunch has 4g of sugars per serving -- while the South Beach Diet actually recommends only cereals with 3g or less! The Toasted Wheat Whole Grain Crunch does have only 3g of sugars, but has almost TWICE the calories (210 per serving) and TWICE the total carbs (48g per serving). Neither of these are good choices.

I've noticed this in several other South Beach Branded items from Kraft. I can't help but feel that South Beach has "sold out" a bit to do this thing with Kraft.

Don't get me wrong -- the South Beach Diet still works and works well if used properly. But don't get too lazy with your label checking just because you are buying South Beach Branded items. They are often NOT the best choice.

- John...
posted 26-Apr-2006 10:20am

Oops. Apparently, I was not loggeed in there.

- John...
posted 26-Apr-2006 11:19am

Good advise... I made you the owner of that comment.
posted 3-Jun-2006 8:42pm

I got no time to read a book, I need help now, now, now!!!
posted 12-Jul-2006 9:17am

My husband and I started south beach diet on 10 july 2006,i am happy tell you that today (12July)2006, we have already lost 3kg. i have never seen such quick results in so short time with other diets.the craving is competely gone. From Dipuo Kotu (
posted 2-Oct-2006 11:52pm

Yes, it does work! And you can get all the free info on the internet witout buying the book. Andd Phase one is the hardess ,but it doesn't last long.
posted 4-May-2007 4:20pm

I love this diet! I have made this diet a lifestyle instead of just a "diet." It really is easy if you are really serious about losing weight and living a healthy life. When I went to my Doctor (jan 2006) my blood pressure was 141/96, which isn't horrible, but not where it should be at the age of 29. My height is 5'5" and my weight was 277 and climbing. My Doctor told me to read the book. I don't care for reading, but by this time I made up my mind that changes had to be made and the weight wasn't gonna all by itself. My last visit to my Doc in April 2006, had me at a weight of 253 and my blood pressure was 118/80 (back to normal). Seriously, it's not bad, I'm on phase 2 and staying until I reach my target weight. My husband and I eat well. If you read the book and apply the fundamentals of good carbs and fats vs the bad ones you can't help but to lose weight and feel awesome! My husband started the "new lifestyle" with me and has lost waaaaaaay more than me in that same period of time. This is the best information I could have received from a book.
posted 15-Oct-2008 2:58pm

I got the book a while ago and based on some of the concepts in it changed my eating habits. However, my diet it still strongly carb and fruit based, even though they are primarily whole wheat carbs. I would like to try this diet, but I can't eat eggs. I have yet to see viable options of alternative phase 1 breakfasts that don't use eggs, and that will be the main issue that keeps me from this diet.
posted 3-Nov-2009 8:53pm

I'm in phase 2 now... I think this a diet I can actually do... I found some kraft snack bars a the grocery store today with south beach diet wrote on them and bought them .... can I eat these??? I'm worried now...
posted 17-Jan-2010 9:36am

I have done the south beach diet, and I don't eat eggs. I ate turkey sausage for breakfast instead. I know that is probably not recommended, however it gets you through to your snack and allows you to avoid the carbs. It worked for me.
posted 11-Nov-2010 2:58pm

im doing a paper on the south beach diet for biology, i need to know what complaints people have about the south beach diet. please post on here
posted 12-May-2012 8:36pm

+1 For Brittany!!! I'm 5'3 , so I understand the Pudgy thing too!!Basically, you need to get up off our ass and work out. No Motivation? You want that dress right? Diets don't work. That's becsuae you view them as temporary. You need to change your Eating Lifestyle. Start small and change gradually so you don't shock your body into holding onto your body mass. But that's not enough. You sound young enough. You need to get active. So get up off your bum and play a sport. Or, do what I did. Practice Yoga twice a day (morning and evening) for 15 20 minutes each. a 10 minute walk every day and cut out all junk and processed foods. MAKE your meals from scratch and portion control. If you aren't the one cooking, then maybe it's time to learn.Sugar is in just about everything processed. So maybe it's time to learn to cook for yourself from whole foods. You'll be amazed what you can do with herbs and spice, feel full, and feel great too!!

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