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The Ambrosia Advantage


Permanent change in eating habits toward a more healthy diet.


The main idea here is getting rid of all that is bad in your body. You do that by drinking a lot of water (64 oz for an average person - preferably bottled or filtered water), doing stretches (and perhaps some other physical activity), drinking tea (preferably herbal tea, oolong, green, or white, and no, not black), getting rid of meat in your diet (because most meat is laden with unhealthy stuff, like hormones and antibiotics), and switching from milk for soy milk.

NO UNHEALTHY SNACKS!!! If you want to snack, forget about chips or whatnot, snack on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other healthy food.

No soft drinks and juices, unless you know juices are 100% natural. If you cannot afford it or really need your pop, go for the diet option.

No white bread or white pasta.

No yellow cheddar. Yellow cheddar is not naturally yellow but because they add dye to it. Avoid food that has been artificially dyed in general.

If you ever feel weak or feel like you lack sugar, go ahead and have some chocolate. It is okay to go and pig out at MacDonald's or Pizza Hut every now and then.


It's working for me.

I'm down to 140.


It might be expensive for some people. It requires buying as much organic or healthy food as possible.

Some people just cannot live without meat.

This is a person criticism on what I eat, but I have high blood pressure because of enormous amounts of sodium in my diet. However, I cannot live without salt. It is one thing I will give up last. If you can, lower your intake of sodium to as low as possible.


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  17-Nov-2005 1:49pm created by Iseult
  17-Nov-2005 4:14pm last update by bill

posted 17-Nov-2005 4:20pm

I read a book about eating healthier foods a couple years ago. So, for a couple months after that I shopped at a health food store and ate whole wheat and such. I still eat some of that stuff. But, after a while, I got sick of it. I craved the foods I grew up eating, I guess. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I eat some. There are just some foods that need real meat to taste good. I never got the hang of Soy milk, though my wife liked it.

I've heard that salt isn't really that bad for most people. It does raise your blood pressure some, but it's temporary and that raise isn't necessarily what would cause you to get sick. I think they tell people who already have high blood pressure to avoid salt. I'm not really sure if that's true either, but that's what I heard.

Good for you for eating healthy. I think you're right about pigging out once in a while. I think if we're too strict with ourselves, we're more likely to give up.
posted 19-Nov-2005 10:10am

Good for you!
Keep it up!
posted 22-Nov-2005 6:44am

i think this is totally sensible and reasonable that dare i say, that this is ideal. smile
the one item that we should all always splurge on, is purchasing organic milk, rather than what the norm is. yes, it's pretty expensive compared to the alternative, but it's oh-so-worth it.
i've found personally, that normal milk, (no i don't drink the stuff, except for what's left in the bottom of my cereal bowl), gives me instant---instant---gut rot. people may call that feeling, "lactose intolerant". i don't believe that that is what it's simply that our bodies don't exactly like all of the liquid horomones and crap that we are trying to ingest w/ normal milk.
yes, soy is a good alternative...however, organic soy is really the only way you should go, if you are going to switch over to something else. soy can be just as irritating on your gut, as the normal horomone fueled milk. but then again, some people's bodies really accept that protien that soy offers....although i found that more often than is just a tad too harsh, so to speak.
so yeah....always get organic milk if you must buy milk....your body will indeed see the difference...
posted 23-Nov-2005 8:02am
edited 23-Nov-2005 8:38am

I used to drink Organic milk. I remember it seemed creamier than regular milk. So, you could get 1% instead of 2% and never notice the difference. But, it was super expensive and that eventually caused me to stop. Also, I think the store I go to didn't alway have it. I'm not even sure if they carry it anymore.
posted 23-Nov-2005 8:19am

yeah, organic milk just tastes better. it just doesn't carry that plastic-watered-down taste that the norm provides.
if i want to get organic milk around here, i have to make a trip out to my folks house and do the shopping out there, (35 miles or so). there aren't a lot hell of a lot of options for us country folk out here. although one would think that we would have an abundance of more natural options out here since we are in a community/area w/ pretty many Ahmish folk, (they aren't really ahmish, they are the meninites, (i totally spelled that wrong). they are pretty similar to the ahmish, but they allow more technology into their lives, such as driving motor vehicles and using electricity and such....their dress is VERY traditional.)
but yeah....that milk is totally expensive. last time i actually bought it, it was a bit over 5 bucks a gallon....ouch. i suppose....i could just smoke re-burns all week in order to compromise.
posted 23-Nov-2005 8:40am

You drink organic milk and smoke cigarettes!?
posted 24-Nov-2005 11:01am's bad eh?
i've been a smoker for just about 15 years already. horrid habit, but a habit indeed. it's like a friend. for when i started smoking, i had to smoke outside, of during that 5-7 minutes of smoking a cig, it was totally my time. my time w/ my thoughts and i'm discussing things out w/ a friend. just kind'a stuck. how lame and how totally weak i am, eh?
posted 25-Nov-2005 9:19am

Eh, we all have our habits, good or bad. I certainly have my share.
posted 12-Jan-2012 10:20pm

We've airverd at the end of the line and I have what I need!

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