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Weight Watchers Diet


You pay to join and attend weekly support group meetings. You limit your food intake by counting points.


Food are given a certain number of points and you are allowed to eat only so many points per day. You are are also encouraged to exercise.

This is essentially a low-calorie diet, but the point system makes it easier for people to manage. If you really want a piece of cake, you can spend the points as long as you don't go over your total points for the day.

Weight Watchers is a commercial organization. Thus, following the diet means paying for membership. Weekly meetings are held, so there is a social element that helps keep you focused on your goal.


Weight Watchers was started in 1963 by Jean Nidetch. She had been overweight herself, but had gone to a New York City obesity clinic and lost weight on a diet plan created by Dr. Norman Jollife. After her personal success, she started spreading the word with a woman's support group that ultimately grew into Weight Watchers.

In 1978 Weight Watchers was sold to H.J. Heinz Company. In the same year, an exercise plan was added. Later, Weight Watcher began selling food tailored to the diet plan.


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  25-Oct-2005 1:18pm created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:06am last update by bill

posted 22-Nov-2005 6:50am

during my years as kid, my mom was on weight watchers and she also tried nutri-system, (nutri-system is a plan where you purchase their food, and only eat the stuff that they make). weight watchers seems like a good idea. i can see how it would work....think of it as like a checklist of stuff you have to do for the day....for some it would totally work, with counting points and all. this method really makes you aware of portion size, and weighing food, etc it is indeed helpful in this age of super-sized this and that.
also, my mom "made" me do this w/ her. i was only 12 at the time, at best. may have been a tad younger, i don't recall exactly.
posted 3-Jun-2006 8:48pm

why should I watch my weight? I am frighten for it I want it gone, I don't want to see it any more.
posted 21-Jun-2006 3:59pm

safer and better diets are the ones that teach you how to eat properly...the ones that tell you that you can have foods that are bad for you as long as you don't eat them in excess. weight watchers is the best alternative if you want to lose weight and keep it off
posted 8-Jul-2006 2:32am

if you have enotional problems you should get your head checked, I guess you have a social based weight issue to benefit from weight watchers they really have no solutions that are feasable for the seriously overweight - however they won't blled your $$$ dry or offer you magic cures, they are worth a try , and don't cost much to do so.
posted 12-Nov-2006 10:48am

I think weight watchers is great.

I like the point system the best. However they have healthy foods that one can eat as much as they like.. at 0 points.
I think it works great because you can meet other like minded people.. and almost anything you like.
I live in England and love fish and chips which is and english fried speciality. 1 week I ate fish and chips like 4 times and still lost 2 pounds. I was gob smacked.. It really does work.. and its easy too ..

I think people find it hard to diet because no healthy fast food .. is availble.. for them. I am thinking of starting a healthy house meal solution.. freshly prepared everyday.. for people.. so they don't have to cook and end up in the kitchen.
posted 22-Jul-2008 11:09pm

I did this diet and lost 17 pounds in 3 months,I then got to the lowest points your allowed to eat.With that being said after that I stayed on the diet for 3 more months and lost nothing.I have only gained 5 pounds back and it's been almost a year.
posted 25-Sep-2008 11:09am

Now that Weight Watchers has added exercise, it is the most sensible weight system available. Establishing a minimum number of points is a health precaution. Whenever I reach a point that I'm not loosing weight (and still need to), I do an "honesty check", that is: weigh/measure everything for 2 weeks until I get back on track and above all - EXERCISE!
posted 21-Feb-2011 10:31am

would anyone be willing to share this diet?

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