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Word Fast is a diet plan based on God's word and fasting found in the Bible.


Word Fast is a diet plan guided by what was written in the Bible. The Bible has many references to fasting in it. Through fasting we can become closer to God. But, fasting (not eating) is also a direct way to lose weight. So, with God's help the two goals can be combined.

The Word-Fast program has a few components. Nutritional shakes are provided to make sure you get the nutrition you need. The Word-Fast book will teach you how to fast and use prayer for inspiration as you learn to fast for longer periods. It is based on the the 40-day fast of Jesus from the Bible. Another book on fasting by David Williams is also provided. A journal is included to allow you to keep track of your progress.

Each of these items can be purchased separately, or you can buy a kit that provides 10, 20, or 40 days of Word-Fast shakes, plus all the other materials.

The Word-Fast diet focuses on basic nutritional needs and the importance of supplementation when fasting. It's not about starving yourself, but finding a way to control your appetite, in a spiritual way. The result is that you'll be happier, healthier, and have a closer relationship with God.


The Word Fast diet plan was created by Stephanie Stieler. She is from South Africa but now lives in California. She is a successful business woman and servant of God.


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  17-Oct-2006 12:09pm created by bill
  17-Oct-2006 12:19pm last update by bill

posted 10-Oct-2015 11:20am

I drink coffee evdyaery, just one cup and that is perfectly fine. I also only drink it in the morning so it does not interfere with my sleep. Avocado fat is the healthy kind, and I call it? avocado oil, rather than fat. Avocados have so many good nutrients in them and I also eat one every day! Love them!

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