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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 7-Jan-2009 6:43pm

Sheri, how is it going with "Zelalean". I would really like to know if it works as well as the original "Xenadrine RFA-1" Thanks and good luck to all :)
posted 8-Jan-2009 8:36pm

does anybody know if the new RFA-1 interferes or could be dangerous with prescriptions??
posted 8-Jan-2009 10:36pm

so brad is it working???????
posted 10-Jan-2009 2:09pm

Okay, I am getting confused. Is the new RFA-1 working for people or not?
posted 10-Jan-2009 10:54pm

Hi Ok I wish I could get the original Xenidrine ! I loved it worked for me like a dream !
I want to try to the new rfa-1 like others on here but i dont have money to spend if it is not going to help me ...I know with the old rfa-1 u didnt have to watch what u ate and the weight still came off for me. It did make me not eat as much and not be hungry but when i did eat it was whatever i wanted ..Normally Mcdonalds
I am sure the new one is not quite that good but if it is near it im in !!
So anyone have any new results with taking the new xenidrine rfa-1 ?? I want to get this weight off so bad !!
My breast are so large after my son that my back hurts constantly Please any help ?!! Dianne
posted 11-Jan-2009 9:35pm

I just started on this pill. I had taking the old formula and it was awesome. This one seems to be working so far as I am not hungry at all. That's big for me. I will be posting my progress.
Good luck everyone.
posted 12-Jan-2009 5:30pm

This pill does not work at all like the old formula.
One with some answers
posted 13-Jan-2009 2:10pm

Ok so i have tried hydroxucut hardcore, and that worked like a charm, no matter how many people tell you that you will only lose water weight and gain it back when stoped taking the pills, they are only lieing. I went to gnc the other day to get another month on the hydroxy and he recomended the new xenedrine rfa. so i went with that instead of the hydroxy. Upon first taking the pills i felt a sudden rush of energy (within like an hour) it does crave the appitight as well. And i felt them alot harder then they hydroxy. But unlike the hydroxy the xenedrine gave me cramps, nausia (i threw up like the first 3 days of taking them, even if there wasnt anything in my stomache). So next time forget the xenedrine in my oppinion and go for hydroxy, sure it does cost twice as much but in my opinion work twice as better! ive been wanting to try ephidrine for the longest time and been having a bitch fit trying to find it ha. Thanks for providing a link! you guys are awsome!
posted 13-Jan-2009 9:03pm

Sheri, Do you have a Zenalean update? I'm interested to know if it's working for you. Thanks!
posted 13-Jan-2009 11:13pm

Sorry I haven't been on here in quite some time. Computer crashed and then I got sick. Anyways due to the fact that I have been ill for a while I was not taking the Zenalean. I just recently got back on it. From what I can tell so far Zenalean does provide you with energy and I do not feel very hungry when I take it. I do not think it works as well as the original Xenedrine. I don't find the weight coming off near as fast as I did when I took the original Xenedrine. I have only been losing an average of a pound to a pound and a half a week. I have not been exercises though. I hope to add some walking in and maybe that will speed things up a bit. I'll let you know how that goes.
posted 14-Jan-2009 4:25pm

Sheri, Thanks for your response!
posted 14-Jan-2009 7:37pm

So I just bought the "new" xenedrine from wal-mart..
I started off here looking for side effects, as the damn box has NOTHING.
I've previously taken Hydroxycut and Lipozene, increased water intake, and worked out regularly..and haven NOTHING to show for either. I was intreagued at the commercials for this product, and at only 20 years old I figured this would do me the best. I'm a little discouraged that I just found out this product is "new" and not working like it used to?
If anyone close to my age has used this product, or had any horrible side effects, please e-mail me! I probably won't remember this website, and as a nanny and full-time student don't get too much time on the computer.
posted 14-Jan-2009 7:38pm

My e-mail is amichelle00@
Any e-mails are appriciated!!!! Thanks!!!
posted 15-Jan-2009 11:27pm

Well...I used to use the original Metabolife 356, dropped 70 pounds, the original xenadrine sounds just as good or better. I purchased the "new" rfa-1, today at walmart, I HOPE HOPE HOPE it works, some people have been saying positive things, others not so much.... I'm starting in the morning, I'll keep you posted!
posted 16-Jan-2009 5:03pm

Hi I just ordered the 8 mg of kizen today I will let you know when I get it? I plan to take it with the Xenadrine RFA-1.
posted 17-Jan-2009 6:16pm

just did the same as lesa...i guess we will see what happends
posted 18-Jan-2009 2:22am

Where can I order the kiazen(?) ephedrine? Thanks
posted 18-Jan-2009 3:44am

hey everyone. just wanted to update a little. i have been taking the new rfa-1 for about a week now. 2 pills 3 times a day like it says to do and drinking lots of water. i am using the pills with a low carb diet and 30 minutes to an hours worth of exercise (exercise ball, tredmill, bike) i have lost 10 lbs so far. Im not sure if this is because the pills or the low carb diet or a mix of both but as time goes on i will try to determine what is making me lose weight. the most important thing is to stay focused, believe me it helps. good luck to everyone!
posted 18-Jan-2009 3:18pm

hey i wanted to know if people with thyroids can use xenadrine rfa-1
posted 19-Jan-2009 2:20pm

Heather are you taking both the ephedra pills and the xenadrine rfa-1 together or just the new rfa-1 by itself. How are you doing with your weight and energy?
posted 19-Jan-2009 6:24pm

cece, everyone has a thyroid
posted 19-Jan-2009 7:09pm

blue, i am just taking the new rfa-1 by itself with a low card diet and 30 minutes to an hours worth of exercise a day. ive lost 10 lbs so far which is good...and the first couple days of the low card diet my energy was way low i was really tired and just blah feeling and basically had to force myself to workout but now past the 5th day im normal. it depends on the person i think, my sister did the low carb diet for awhile and she couldnt sleep at all so she was completely opposite of me so i guess it depends on the persons body. hope this helps.
posted 20-Jan-2009 6:17pm

just got my pills in the mail today so i am going to GNC today to buy the xenadrine rfa-1 i will keep you all up to date....
posted 21-Jan-2009 12:08pm

good morning everyone
i'm glad i stumbled across this is a nice to read about others and their experiences with the original xenadrine formula... i too took it years ago with great results

it's been interesting to research all the various diet supplements out there... it amazed me to find one that cause a ' happy state'... it was called Fenphedra... and sounds like it alters the mind also... i'm actually nervous about while avenue to try...
I saw that Xenadrine RFA was back...and for a moment i did get excited
i'd love to hear current feedback from those that are taking it to judge if i should try it once again or try a JenFe patch

thanks everyone!
posted 22-Jan-2009 11:28pm

Thanks for your answerr Heather. Ilike almost everyone else on this site did take the old Xenadrine with excellent results. Since then Ihave tried probably 15-20 different diet pills and teas. The only one close to the same feeling was Xenadrine but a did not shed the pounds. anyway I just bought a pill called Thermodrine, I will start tomorrow. I am excited it claims to have the same ingredients as the old Xenadrine. We will see I will keep everyone posted. Wish me luck I sure need it. Although I do have a membership at a gym I get most of my exercise by umpiring girls fastpitch softball and refereeing both girls and boys basketball.
posted 23-Jan-2009 5:01pm

blue....definetly let me know how the Thermodrine goes..if you have good results maybe ill give it a go. I am making progress with the Xenadrine I just feel like i should be gettin better results with all the work im doing so it gets discouraging. know what i mean?! well if you want to email me on my personal email go love to know your progress. good luckkk!
posted 24-Jan-2009 2:23am

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated on here, everyone. Like most of you, I've just been very busy lately.

I still have not tried my ECA stack with exercise. I still have the 5 bottles of 8mg ephedrine in my dresser so there isn't much to report as far as my results are concerned. Sorry :(

To answer some questions I noticed on here, though, regarding if you should buy the higer doses...the answer (in my opinion) is NO. Ephedrine HCL is legal in Canada, but only in pills not containing more than 8mg. I'm no saint and it's not about the legality issue, but it's about the quality. If a company is manufacturing doses higher than 8mg, they are doing it illegally which translates to not caring or following guidelines. If they aren't concerned with the law then who knows if they are pure or even real. With that kind of risk I just can't justify puting something like that into my body. Even if it's not a harmful chemical, it could just be a sugar pill for all I know. Stick to Kaizen.

I've still continued to research as much as possible and unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that there is NOTHING on the market (legally) that can compare to the original RFA-1. There are A LOT of products claiming to be the same formula but when you read the fine print you'll see that it's not the same type of ephedrine.

There are prescription drugs that are stronger than the original RFA-1 that you can get (I'm not talking about Phen-Fen), but that requires a doctor visit and even then you're not guaranteed to get the prescription.
posted 26-Jan-2009 2:25am

Has anyone tried Maximum Strength Megadrine RFA? These ingredients look exactly like Xenadrine rfa. Also had the alkaloids, not extract.
posted 29-Jan-2009 9:35am

I just bought Xenadrine RFA-1 at rite aid. I always see the commercials but wasn't aware there were different varieties of Xenadrine ('till now). I was just taking a gander at all your reviews and I'm pretty excited. Hoping it wasn't a fluke that I got this one and that I'll be able to find it again! Wish me luck!!
posted 29-Jan-2009 2:15pm

Like everyone else, I missed the old Xenadrine and thought I was the only one looking for a clone of it. I feel like I'm talking to old friends when I read everyone's post. Do anyone if people with thyroid problems can use this product??? I am doing weight watchers now and just started walking and so far has lost 14lbs. in two weeks, but want to try RFA-1 for a little more support. Does anyone have any opinion??
posted 30-Jan-2009 1:50am

Melyssa, the rfa-1 you bought at rite aid isn't the original rfa-1 that the rest of us are talking about.
posted 30-Jan-2009 8:14pm

The NEW rfa 1 does not have ephedrine in it. It does have guarana along with caffiene anhydrous. I just started taking and noticed my appetite drop alot. Also it gave me alot more energy.
posted 3-Feb-2009 2:13pm

can someone with thyroids disease take xenadrine rfa 1
posted 9-Feb-2009 9:43am

i have just started taking the new RFA 1. its just my 4th day. i just had a baby 4 months ago and im dying to lose 20 lbs at least. ive noticed that since ive been taking the pills, ive been getting headaches. some worse than others. now because this is my 4th day i have started takng 2 pills at a time(like the bottle says) if my headaches get worse with 2 pills then i might stop taking them. m hoping my body gets used to them by now and it wont affect me anymore. ive always been 120 lbs and now im about 145 lbs. the problem it that i want to eat even if i dont feel hungry. even if RFA 1 curves my hunger.....i wil still eat. and im italian, i love carbs!
posted 16-Feb-2009 10:49pm

i just ordered the epehdrine HCL 8 mg tabs from sndonline. I did this because i just bought the new brand of xenadrine rfa-1 at walmart last night. and from what i read on here its really useless with out the epehdrine. I have severe allergys and maybe this will help me along with the chance to really loose some weight.has anyone had any luck with the epehdrine as a nasal decongestant? I pop three benadryl daily just to keep my runny nose in check. i was on prescription allergy pills but got tired of paying for them and running back and forth the dr. and the pharmacy when ever i had to refill them. one note...i have mytro-valve prolapse ....does any one know if its still safe for me to take the epehdrine?
posted 18-Feb-2009 4:49pm

Hi all, I just bought the new xenadrine rfa-1. I was doing research about its effectiveness and was disappointed to read the reviews. However, I loved Brad's idea about ordering from Canada and making my own ECA stack. I was wondering, has anyone else done that and with what kind of results? Thanks!
posted 18-Feb-2009 9:46pm

Hi everyone,

Well I to have to lose at least 25lbs to lose in 65 days when I am suppose to walk to the altar. I weighed 195, hitting the gym five days a week at 5am for an hour with a personal trainer. One month before my wedding i tore my meniscus, so I ended up having a KNEE ARTHROSCOPY the week of the big day. They repaired what they could and removed what couldn't. So am now in recovery can not workout and walk with a limp. I have a new date set I have 65 days to lose what I have gained from not being active. So I have purchased a bottle of revised Xenadrine RFA-1, I can do light walking on tread mill. I will do the low or no carbs, water, no meals or snacks after 7pm. I have to fit back into my dress that was cut down for me, so if I lose more that would be great too. So please Victoria & Amber as well as anyone else please keep me posted on your progress. As of yesterday they have released me to walk and I got my first shot of cortizone into the knee to help with swelling & pain. Wish me LUCK or I will have to find a new dress and that won't happen in 65 days.
posted 22-Feb-2009 4:15pm

bride-to-be: Try the biggest loser original workout DVD, you can choose what options you want to do. I had foot surgery less than a year ago and it still swells and gets sore, so I just do the warm up, the body sculpt - which you can do to suit you (I can't bend my foot so I do what is comfortable for me in some of the activities) and I do the cool down. There is no jumping around or crazy dance moves. It was worht the $10, my hubby even said he noticed the back of my arms tightened up.
Anyways I too have started the RFA-1, now I just got to go back and read everyones posts!
posted 24-Feb-2009 4:37am

I started to take Xenadrine RFA-X 2-19- 09 until now no result
posted 24-Feb-2009 5:19pm

I've been on the nes xenadrince rfa-1 for 3 days now and I've lost 5 pounds. I am eating almost nothing; toast for breakfast, an apple for lunch, and maybe like half a sandwich for dinner. I am forcing myslelf to eat this because I know I'll pass out if I have nothing. I've gone to the gym once since I started taking these pills and that was only for 30 minutes. However, I feel soooooo sick all the time. Maybe I am actually getting sick, or maybe its the drug. I am constantly nauseous but haven't actually thrown up. My head is spinning, I am so dizzy I can barely walk straight. I couldn't even drive myself to school this morning. I had diharrea a few times. I've slept maybe an average of 4.5 hours a night since I started this. I just can't fall/stay asleep. My heart is simply hammering, I can feel it about to beat out of my chest. I'm always lightheadded. I'm going to the doctor in a few days if I keep this up to make sure I'm not going to die or anything. The product is definitely showing results, but I'm not sure if its worth it.
posted 27-Feb-2009 3:18am

I got this in GNC, and it's done nothing for me. The first week I had tons of stomach cramps and diarrhea, and now in the second week I don't have the pains, but still have intermittent diarrhea. It's done nothing to curb my hunger at all. I'm still ravenous by noon, even after a decent breakfast of oatmeal. I haven't noticed any jitters at all...a strong cup of coffee would have more of an effect on my heart rate than this does!
posted 4-Mar-2009 12:05pm

I've been taking this product for a few days now. Has anyone noticed any side effects as far as like dilated pupils. I was doing my make-up this morning and I've either never noticed this before but it was as if my eyes are constantly dilating small then big. Is anyone having this problem. I'm currently taking it 3 times a day only.
posted 4-Mar-2009 12:30pm

Well I'm new to this blog however I just went to the drug store and bought the new Xenadrine RFA-1 and started taking it today and I am at 180lbs and want to lose about 30lbs by Summertime. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my results!
posted 6-Mar-2009 11:04am

Got the new Xenadrine at gnc and P90X workout in the mail. I'm 6' 230 lbs, big frame. I'll update next Friday after a week on pills and home workout video
posted 7-Mar-2009 4:27am

I bought the new RFA-1, thinking that it was the same forumula as the original that I had taken years ago. Even since reading this (hence, eliminating the possibility of a placeabo effect), I can positively report that it KILLS my apetite...without the nausea that I experienced with the original forumla. It gets me through my third shift, and my afternoon trail runs last much longer than they used to (without it). I'm not sure what they've changed, but I really dig the stuff. As for weight's working grin
posted 9-Mar-2009 12:38pm

Hey all Thanks for all the info.. I'm new to the pill the RFA-1 I am a little nervious about taking it I have never takin a diet pill before but Dang I am desperate to loose 40 lbs and all those other programs failed me .. I can't help it I'm a snacker & a late night snacker at that. ... What i have noticed is that I don't feel wierd or anything I just take it before I eat my Breakfast , Lunch, & dinner and I noticed I am so full that i can't even snack. Even if I wanted to. Im TOOOOO FULL>> I tried last night and I got one sweet maui onion hawaiian chip to my lips and i couldn't even swallow it.. I was Full.. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE This is my helper....
posted 13-Mar-2009 8:59am

I also lost lots of weight easily with the original Xenadrine. When we could still get the original formula I found that it worked for my cousin (Meg) and me, but another cousin (Jess) it did not work for she had to use stuff without the ephedra in it.

Anyways, I need to loose some weight again and am having a hard time doing so.

I was wonder (Brad & others) if you are having any luck with the ECA stack?

Also wondering if anyone has tried the Megadrine RFA-1, and if it worked?
Aaron, RD
posted 15-Mar-2009 3:03am

I used to take the original Xenadrine. I went from 280 to 220 in 3 months over the summer of my Junior year in high school, with appropriate carbohydrate cutting, protein boosting, massive intake in water and I worked out 6 days a week, for about two hours using plyometrics. I used to work at GNC and went through over 400 hours of training on various herbs and conditions and am two months away from becoming a dietician registered, so I'm somewhat knowledgeable both personally and professionally. When Xenadrine went off the market I wasn't that devastated because by that time I had went off of the pills and was strictly dieting and exercise. After that I tried, Leptopril, Hydroxycut (and the new hardcore version). These simply don't work for everyone like Xenadrine did. After the new bans on Ephedra Sinica of Ma Huang I tried to find the milligrams of Ephedra and the active components of the RFA-1 stack of course Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, bitter orange, guarana, white willow bark and aspirin. I researched them and found a wholesaler on the internet that sells all of these ingredients I ordered them in bulk 1lb-5lb packages and made my own tea using the milligram amounts on the original bottle. This seems like a lot of work but it has exactly the same effects. This is not a diagnosis for everyone to try but simply a possible way to get low cost ephedra.
posted 15-Mar-2009 4:28am

Believe it or not...I have found it in a couple of different places online, but I called the distributors prior to putting in credit card info with a few questions...basically...It`s old! Its not made anymore, not since 2003. They are using the mix and switch method or sending out old damaged bottles. The knockoffs aren`t the same! Time for the good old fashioned diet and excersize.
posted 16-Mar-2009 6:20am

@Aaron, RD... hey...I hope you get this, could you please list the herbs you purchased from them to make the tea? (and directions/recipe) thanks!
posted 16-Mar-2009 7:56pm

My co worker started taking the new RFA two weeks ago, has not gone to the gym at all. It took her apetite away. She came in today and has lost 10 pounds. I think I will try it now too.
Aaron, RD
posted 20-Mar-2009 2:16am


I found the guarana seed that I had to grind myself and the ephedra sinica powder at, each in 1 lb. increments. The recipe really depends on how much your tolerance is. If you have a low tolerance or are juts beginning I would recommend less than the following recipe.

24 mg about 1/3 tsp. Ephedra Powder
300 mg or 1 capsule of Guarana powder
1 200mg Aspirin pill powdered
3 T. Honey or Sugar but honey works better

Place in loose leaf tea strainer and seep in 2 cups of hot water for 2-4 minutes depending on taste. You can drink this tea up to 3 times a day. The ephedra in this mix is standardized at 8% so you get 24mg of ephedrine per 300mg ephedra powder.

PS. Ephedra has a extremely harsh taste when it is not in a pill. Drink fast if you don't like the taste. Instead of tea I sometime mix the same ingredients into juice, or my cereal in the morning.

This is not a diagnosis for everyone to try but simply a possible way to get low cost ephedra.
posted 22-Mar-2009 11:11pm

No sleep had to quit taking 2 before meals back to one. Poop a lot. Appetite lost still eat what I want, just less red meat. Take a vitamin for loss nutrition. P90X vids help too. 13lbs since 3/6/09.
Ken in Cali
posted 24-Mar-2009 4:24pm

Just started taking this (Xenadrive RFA-1 new formula)on Monday 3/23/09.....I am on a strict diet that consumes 1300+/- calories per day in 3 meals and 2 snacks....all healthy of course.....Those calories come from 60% protein, 25% carbs, and 15% unsaturated fats. I attend a nutrition class on Tuesdays so I know I am eating right. I go to the Gym on Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, I do a 10 min light jog with the tread mill set to 5.1 then I do 15 mins on the elliptical at a 45 speed (kills) the i do a walk on the tread mill at 3.5 for 5 mins to loosen the legs up some more....then I bust out 6 sets of 30 secs as fast as I can on the elliptical to get my heart rate to 150 - 155 then wait 30-45 secs to bring it down to 120 and then back again to 150-155 (you get the picture)wed. and sat. if work out with a group at a trainer. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I will update my progress on Monday.
Ken in Cali
posted 24-Mar-2009 4:27pm

I meant Xenadrine
Ken in Cali
posted 24-Mar-2009 4:28pm

Oh and starting weight for taking this is 351 lbs at 6'1"
Ken in Cali
posted 24-Mar-2009 4:36pm

One last note.....For those like Mandi that are having issues with dizziness and nausea....please eat don't have to eat junk food but give your body something to get the calorie burn started....also do not eat artificial sweeteners....they are a fat burn inhibitor. They do not allow the body to take the fat you have and turn it into a burnable calorie....look it up if you don't believe me
posted 25-Mar-2009 1:04pm

So I started taking the new xenadrine rfa-1 4 days ago and I have lost 4 lbs in the last 2 days. Not that I can say its directly from the pills because I am doing the billy blanks bootcamp abs and ultimate dvds 6 days a week and have been vigorously exercising for the last 3 weeks. But this is the first movement I've seen on the scale since I started. I'm sure these pills are helping but if your going to be lazy I would bet you woulnt get much of a result. But hey if these pills are helping me see a number change on the scale its just the motivation I needed! I have had zero side effects and its subduing my apetite and I have lots of energy. Make sure you drink your water and exercise with these and hopefully you too can get the ball rolling with your weight loss too! I'm 5'7" and 170 lbs looking to be 145 by july. I'll keep you all posted.
posted 31-Mar-2009 1:58pm

Sheri, do you ever come to this site anymore? I am so curious to hear how Zenalean works.

Or if anyone else has experience with products that are the same formula as the original Xenadrine RFA-1, for that matter (such as Superdrine RX-10).

I took the original Xenadrine for years and LOVED it.
posted 31-Mar-2009 2:23pm

Oh, and by the way... I've seen a couple of different posts on here about the original dosage instructions, and I found an old website that used to sell the original RFA-1 that still has the ingredient list posted. As far as I can tell, it's correct. As far as how many per day, this site said just two in the morning and two in the afternoon - and that's how I remember taking them, too. I don't remember taking them before every single meal.


Serving size: 2 caps, Servings per container: 60

Each serving provides:
Pantothenic Acid (calcium pantothenate)…40mg
Bitter Orange (fruit & root)(standardized to 5mg Synephrine)…85mg
Ma Huang (plant)(standardized for 20mg Ephedrine)…335mg
Guarana Extract (seed)(standardized to 200mg Caffeine)…910mg
Ginger Root…50mg
Proprietary Thermosynergist Blend…380mg
White Willow Bark Extract (standardized for 15mg Salicin), Ginger Root, L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, 3,3’,4’,7-Tetrahydroxyflavone, magnesium phosphate, DMAE(2-dimethylaminoethanol)

Recommended Use:
Take two capsules before breakfast or morning exercise session, and two more capsules at mid-afternoon. Begin use with one-half the recommended dose (one capsule twice per day) for the first seven days to assess your tolerance. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR CAPSULES PER DAY.

Please note: This product contains caffiene and salicin (a precursor to aspirin), and should not be taken by individuals wishing to eliminate these ingredients from their diet. *For best results, use as part of a reduced-fat diet and exercise program.
posted 1-Apr-2009 12:59pm

OK.. you guys are saying it's banned but I just bought Xenadrine Clinical Strength RFA-1 at Walgreens 4/1/09????
posted 1-Apr-2009 8:03pm

Has anyone tried the new Xenadrine Fruit Punch drink mix?
Ken in Cali
posted 1-Apr-2009 9:06pm

The new RFA-1 does not have the ephedrine in it......that is why you can buy it
posted 2-Apr-2009 11:06am

Hi I am new to these boards as i just found them yesterday. I started taking xenadine RFA-1 in the beginning for February. The first week of February I went to the gym for 3 days, and got lazy and stopped going. I kept on taking the pills, and stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago. I started going back to the gym hard last week, and started taking the pills yesterday again. I don't take anything with them, no extra pills, no extra herbal stuff, just the pills. Since February 1st I have lost 16 pounds basically just by taking the pills and eating much better. I didn't think they were working until I got on the scale yesterday and was blown away by the results. People can tell the difference. I am 100% sure that from now on if i take the pills, combined with eating the way i have been, AND going to the gym i am going to lose much more weight. I have dropped 2 pant sizes and fit into clothes i couldn't before. I started at 200 pounds, and now i am 184. I am 25, and 5'6. The pills curve my appetite, but you need to make sure you eat correctly and exercise.
posted 2-Apr-2009 2:02pm

Has anyone tried theromgenesis? sold in canada - made by Natures Lab. Just ordered 120 caps - contains Ephedra (supplying 30mg Ephedrine) 375 mg
Kola-Nut (281mg caffeine) 375 mg
White Willow Bark 50 mg
Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg
posted 2-Apr-2009 10:28pm

how long dose it show if you are lose weight or not?
posted 3-Apr-2009 8:38am

For me, people noticed the difference in about a week and a half of when i first started taking the pills. I didn't tell anyone I started taking anything because i wanted to see if they would just notice it on their own. But again, this is with the gym and good eating, i dont know how it works without doing that.
posted 5-Apr-2009 12:13am

This is the first time for me to take Xenadrine, I do not know if it really works. I just started on April 1st. What do you think guys? I am 170 pounds, I want to lose 40. I take 2 pills before breakfast and 2 before lunch. I walk for 1hr 30min 5 times a week and I try no to eat carbs, I drink 1 gallon of water a day. What else should I do, any advice? I was 202 pounds before but I feel like I am not loosing no more weight thats why I bought the pills but I would like to know if they really work or not.
posted 5-Apr-2009 1:21am

Try doing something a little more vigarous than walking you'll see results faster. And a big thing I have foung on these pills is that it takes time I have been using them for a month and I only just started losing weight like crazy a pound every day or two but I'm also working out very hard 6 days a week and weight training. Just step er up a bit try doing jog intervals or something instead of just walking
posted 5-Apr-2009 1:22am

Try doing something a little more vigarous than walking you'll see results faster. And a big thing I have foung on these pills is that it takes time I have been using them for a month and I only just started losing weight like crazy a pound every day or two but I'm also working out very hard 6 days a week and weight training. Just step er up a bit try doing jog intervals or something instead of just walking. And drink more water you'll pee a lot to begin with but it'll slow down after a week or so of drinking more.
Ken in Cali
posted 6-Apr-2009 12:52pm

Update.......Lost 5lbs in one week of taking the pills......stopped taking the pills got extreme stomach cramps and diarrhea....lost 5 lbs without taking the pills.....I will not be using them any more.
posted 7-Apr-2009 5:19am

I have never tried the old xenedrine but, it pretty much sounds like the medication called Phentermine which I took when I went to the doctor ( Medical weight loss). I went there when I was in Fl, tried to find one in Louisiana but had no luck. What remeber from the medical diet is that I can only eat 10 ounce of protein a day for the first 3 days until my body is in the ketosis stage (When your body uses fat for energy ). I know 10 ounces of protein a day for the first 3 days sounds like massive starvation but, when you take the pill called Phentremine , You have to literally make yourself eat and yes it's prescription. So if any of you live in Tampa Fl and wants to see extrordinary results, you should give it a try. I did buy 2 bottles of Xenedrine but kinda confuse cause one say 20% more with 72 capsule is much cheaper then the one that says powerful new formula with onlu 60 capsule. I read and compared the ingredient and it was all the same.
posted 7-Apr-2009 5:21am

Oh I forgot, does anyone know any diet pills that makes you feel happy I guess not high lol. That's the feeling that Phentrimine gave me and I love it. Keeps me moving all day with no jitters
posted 8-Apr-2009 12:39pm

Update...WOw It works! I don''t know if xenedrine has any ingredients to help detoxify your body but it surely helps.I've been eating pretty much the same, I just try not to eat late at night and my stomach got WAY flatter. I will keep you guys updated on the results. Should definetly give it a try.
posted 23-Apr-2009 8:31pm

i am only 21 years old, and not overweight so much. i have the extra love handles. i cannot lose these by just working out alone. i'm tempted to try these pills but fear that since i don't have a massive amount of weight to lose it won't work. i just want to drop 10lbs and get a flatter stomach. what do you think?
posted 23-Apr-2009 8:42pm

does anyone know how the thermogenesis works?
posted 25-Apr-2009 6:12pm

I have used and also sold RFA-1 and tried others and I can tell you nothing even comes close. I recenlty ran out and now am looking for more.

21 year old. This will make you lose 10 lbs. easy! In 2-3 weeks possibly. If you work out more.
posted 26-Apr-2009 3:15pm

I have used RFA-1 for one week,but it doesn't work. Why?
posted 27-Apr-2009 2:03pm

The original RFA-1 was a Godsent. In the summer of 2002 before my senior year in high school, I was 5' 7" 280 lbs, not great for a high schooler's self esteem. So I gave it a try. I used it religiously and by the correct dosage. I used it for alittle shy of 4 months and lost a total of 150 lbs. This was due to the pills and working as a drywall finisher with my grandfather. If you have ever spent drywalling and finished a new house you understand that one day of that is like a weeks worth of workouts times two. When I returned to school peoples' jaws dropped. I tell this story to people to this day and they never beleive me until I show them the pictures. Which it was hard to find a fat pic of me as I did not really want to be photographed then. Here it is almost 7 years later and I have gained back around 25-30 lbs but come on I RARELY exercised just regular daily activity and I don't really watch my diet so those gained lbs don't bother me. I recently have started a more sedentary job (sitting at a desk versus working on cars) so am noticing I'm loosening up the belt an extra noch. I really wish the original was still available. I do have about 60 pills left but there really old and probably not any good anymore. That is my story. That stuff was the sh*t and I think the ban needs lifted, just because it had side effects and it spiked national interest for a few weeks is not enough of a reason to ban it. Any drug has side effects, some you wonder how the h3ll do they sell that stuff? I never had any problems because I used it correctly! Quite punishing those that are benefiting because of a few peoples stupidity.
posted 29-Apr-2009 1:34pm

My stash was from the same time and it lasted me til last year...It still has potency...
posted 1-May-2009 10:43am

hi! i just bought xenadrine rfa-1 and i was wondering if there were any side affects besides heart explosive diarrhea?! lol sorry i know thats kinda gross but i have heard that some weight loss pills (especially Alli) can cause this. i want to start taking the xenadrine but do not want any surprises! thaks
posted 4-May-2009 7:08pm

The Xenadrine RFA-1 you have is the new kind. I have used RFA-1 for many years and never had Assplosions. Seriously never did.
posted 6-May-2009 2:53pm

Anyone have feedback on Thermodrine, good or bad? Power-Sports-Nutrition sales person claimed it had ephedrine but when I received my package there was none listed on the ingredients label. Trying to decide if I give it a go or no - can't find much info about it (and keep getting placed on terminal hold when calling for a return authorization... hmmm).
posted 7-May-2009 12:18am

I started on Monday the new xenadrine rfa1 but I can not sleep a lot like I usully did
posted 9-May-2009 11:00am

I started taking RFA-1 on Monday. Tuesday I had really bad diarrhea! I also took a laxative mon night, so I wasn't sure which one it was from. On wednesday I was fine and have been taking the RFA-1 everday since then. I have lost 5lbs! It really helps with eating. Make sure not to take the last dose too late in pm and you should be able to sleep better. Make sure to drink a lot of water and don't drink caffienated drinks. I want to lose 25 -30 lbs as fast as possible for summer! I use to take Hydroxycut and found that to be useless. I'm excited about the results I've already seen:)
posted 19-May-2009 12:20am

Hey everyone! I apologize for being away so long. Just been busy with work.

Today I was at Target doing some shopping and came across the new RFA-1. The packaging is EXTREMELY deceiving because it looks nearly identical to the original RFA-1. I remembered that I still had a lot of bottles of HCL tucked away and the price for 60 of the new RFA-1 was only $18. I figured what the hell and bought it. Starting tomorrow morning I will start the trials of combing 2 RFA-1 pills with 24mg of HCL in hopes of recreating exactly what RFA-1 used to be. I will not doing anything more or less than what I used to do when I took the original formula which means running 4 nights a week and cutting back on portions.

I'll keep everyone posted.
posted 19-May-2009 9:52pm

Just a quick update for those that care.

Today was the first day using the "new" RFA-1 and 24mg of HCL. I woke up like usual at 8am, at a banana, took 2 RFA-1's and 3 8mg Ephedrine HCL tabs. Came home for lunch around 12:30 and had to force myself to eat something due to the massive appetite suppression. Took my last dose at 4pm and it is now almost 7pm. It's far, far too early to give any real-world results, but I can say without a doubt that this feels exactly the way I remember the original formula feeling.

-Complete appetite suppression
-Elevated heart rate
-Elevated body temperature
-Loads of energy

I will keep everyone posted on my results as often as I feel there is something positive/negative to report.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in the new formula and the company that now makes it, go to Google and search for "new xenadrine rfa-1 review". The first result is the page to read. I'd post a direct link but for some reason this forum isn't allowing me. It goes into detail about Cytodyne (the original maker) being bought out by the current company and it explains what the current ingredients are intended to do.

posted 20-May-2009 1:25pm

I've been taking rfa-1 for about 3 weeks and for the past week have been combining an 16mg of ephedrine hcl a day with it. I've lost around 15lbs so far with eating less, doing smaller, more frequent meals, and being more active. Mainly just calisthenics as i have no weights or access to a gym right now. I made the mistake of not weighing myself before i started. I didn't get a scale until i had already dropped a notch on my belt. Either way i seem to be losing about 5 lbs a week at this rate. Not sure wether or not adding in the extra ephedrine is helping or not yet. I'm not taking nearly as much as Brad is. The combination of the 2 rfa pills and 1 hcl 8mg pill gets me rather wired and i don't know how well i'd handle adding even more in. Once i tolerate it better i may ad in a 2nd 8mg pill with the rfa.
posted 20-May-2009 5:10pm

@ Anonymous

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one on here trying this combination. Last night (the first day of using the combo) was somewhat difficult to fall asleep. I'm usually in bed and asleep no later than 11, but last night I don't think I actually fell asleep until close to 1am.

24mg of HCL is a lot, even for me. I have loads of energy all day long, but I am also quite jittery and have a short attention span. If you are not used to ephedrine I do not recommend anyone starting at the dose I am using. Granted this is only 4mg more of HCL per dose than the original RFA-1 had in it, it feels quite a bit stronger.

I am not going to take the final dose today at 4:00 like yesterday to see if that helps me fall asleep like normal. Once my body gets used to this I will go back up to 3 doses each day.

It is also nice to see that you are having success with this combo. Did you get the idea from this board or did you come up with it on your own? Also, what brand of HCL are you using?
posted 21-May-2009 7:46am

I got the idea from reading here. I bought the Kaizen HCL on the website listed above. Another thing i'm doing is drinking A LOT of water. Well over the 8-10 cups a day that are recommended on the Xenadrine. I used to drink 2-3 sodas a day at work, plus some coffee, and then more soda at home. Now it's none of that and all water.
posted 21-May-2009 10:47pm

I'm 20 and nearly 200lbs and just started the new xenadrine RFA-1. I've been exercising for 30-40 minutes a day on the elliptical and am on a lower calorie diet. I was wondering what kind of results I can expect, if any? I started taking the pills on Tuesday, but I'm not using 6 a day like they recommend (I'm only using 1-2). Thanks in advance!
posted 21-May-2009 10:56pm

@ Anonymous

Glad to hear. Keep me as well as the others posted on your results if you can. I look forward to hearing how your results compare to mine.

As far as me, I skipped the last dose yesterday but took it today. I think my body is adjusting to it because I didn't feel nearly as jittery today. I am drinking nothing but water and juice (100% juice. No additives.). My breakfast consists of fruit I'll drink a bottle of Super Food from Odwalla (which is suprisingly tasty considering it's horrible color). I haven't started running yet as I am waiting until payday to get some decent running shoes.

I don't have any results on the scale yet, but after only 3 days I think it would be pretty ridiculous to expect any.
posted 21-May-2009 10:58pm

The above post is from me. Forgot to enter my name.
posted 22-May-2009 6:09pm

I started the pills last Monday, May 18 and I have lost 4.8 pounds (today is Friday 5-21). I'm taking six pills a day like recommended. I have been working out consistently with at least 40 minutes of cardio a day and I have reduced my calories. However, I was on the same diet and workout plan for the past 4 weeks. It's really providing the motivation to keep eating well and working out.
posted 24-May-2009 11:24am

The original ingredients were: Pantothenic acid 40mg, Bitter orange 85mg, Ma Huang 335mg, Guarana Extract 910mg, White Willow Bark (blend) 390 mg. I wasn't sure if anyone had answered Sheri, but according to her post, it seems like her pills are 1/2 the original formula. I saved my last empty bottle when I heard it was banned.
posted 25-May-2009 6:36pm

The one week update:

Today it has been one week since I began taking the new RFA-1 and 24mg of HCL with each dose.

I feel great!!!

I have lost 5lbs according the scale, and what's even better is I can notice it in the mirror! My belt is too big now so I now have to go get a new belt. My shirts are fitting better already and my jeans could be pulled down if I didn't have a belt. I don't wear baggy clothes at all so that should give you a good idea.

My body has become fully adjusted to the supplement and I have very, very few of the side effects still. I'm still a little jittery, but nothing bad at all. It also seems that when I take this supplement it elevates my mood as well. I just feel more upbeat and happy in general. I start my running routine Wednesday so I will update again in another week with my results.
posted 26-May-2009 11:35am

It has been 2 wks that I have used rfa-1 and I have lost 7 pounds I'm also doing a low calorie diet. I was 173 and today am 166 I want to lose 20 pounds more. Am 5'8
posted 26-May-2009 11:59am

I was the anonymous one who posted a few back about taking HCL w/ the RFA-1.

It's been just over a month total now and i've lost 20 lbs so far. I'm up to taking the 6 rfa-1's a day and 16mg of hcl with each does. I don't get so hyper and jittery any more so i've debated upping it to 24mg like Brad is. I'm just about to start following a regimented work out routine as compared to the sparatic exercise i've been doing. I'm actually only about 10 lbs away from my goal weight but i would like to tone up a bit to go with that. Ill keep everyone posted.
posted 26-May-2009 2:05pm

bob what was your wieght before and now
posted 27-May-2009 2:26pm

206+ down to 186 now. I say plus because i didn't weigh myself before i started and i certainly had lost some weight before i ever jumped on the scale. I lost enough that i had to go a notch tighter on my belt before stepping on a scale.

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