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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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Anonymous kisses
posted 6-Nov-2010 10:11am

so please keep me posted too!! thanks!
Anonymous kisses
posted 6-Nov-2010 10:18am

posted 6-Nov-2010 1:28pm

I'm doing good. I've lost a total of about 55lbs. When I first found this board 2 years ago I was at about 220lbs. As of this morning I am 165lbs.. Not going to stay on the stack much longer because there isn't anything else I really want or need to lose. I'll still stay on here and check in daily, though.
posted 6-Nov-2010 3:42pm

I'm at 155 as of this morning. I used to be 200. I lost 50 pounds while on the stack. About 2 months ago I stopped stacking just cause I was being lazy plus I stopped eating healthy. I had gained 5 pounds back. Just started eating healthy and stacking again recently so I'm hoping for a little more weight loss. Even before I stopped stacking I seemed to hit a plateu when I hit 147-150 thats when I got discouraged. I'm back at it again and will keep everyone posted.
posted 7-Nov-2010 10:35pm

hi everyone i need some advice,
the scale hasn't budged in over a month, but i keep losing inches... i know i shouldnt be complaining but i did a one month bootcamp consisting of lots of strength training and circuit training, and although i saw a difference in my clothes and how they fit on me... the scale claims ive gained a few lbs. its just frustrating. i've decided to switch up my E in my ECA... ive been doing bronkaid but have bought primatene out of curiosity. ive tried to do some research on ephedrine sulfate vs. the HCL (including Brad and others experience with it on this board a few years back) to figure out if there is a difference as some react differently to each...i dont trust the kaizen brand HCL or pure ma huang from ephedra outlet everyone has tried because when you order online, you can never be sure of what you're actually getting. Also, based on what ive read - just because a product says ephedrine alkaloids doesn't mean it contains the correct alkaloid (there are 6, 5 of which out of the group alkaloids have no effect on weightloss) and apparently herbal formulas are just as unreliable because you can never be sure of the amount of ephedrine you are getting... (hence why he pure ma huang made no difference for me)
so, buying an HCL product that is sold in stores seems more reliable despite the guaf aspect everyone seems to be so worried about (still not sure how to approach that issue, guess i'll just have to deal)...
ANYWAYS, what are everyones thoughts? as of tomorrow i'm going to start doing just straight cardio... no more strength training, to see if it makes a difference. the HCL in primatene is technically stronger (25 mg of sulfate = 19.5 ephedrine, 25 mg of HCL = 20. 5 ephedrine). but up until recently i was taking two bronkaids, 1 no doz and 1 baby aspirin 2X a day, equaling 100 mg of ephedrine a day (sometimes, i couldn't always handle the amount only because it made me a little too wired)... am i to take up to EIGHT primatenes (at 12.5 mg of HCL per pill) to make sure the dosage is comparable to the bronkaid??

HELP, thoughts?
Anonymous kisses
posted 8-Nov-2010 10:17am

@v Strength training causes you to build muscles therefor putting on muscle weight. Its not a negative thing but can screw with you if your watching the scale. If I was you I would wait until I get down to my goal weight before I start and type of weight lifting. :) (Just like you thought)
Anonymous kisses
posted 8-Nov-2010 10:18am

How many boxes of bronkaid can you buy at once and how many in what time period? 249.6!
Anonymous kisses
posted 8-Nov-2010 10:19am

(at pharmacy)?
posted 8-Nov-2010 10:51am

Depends what state you live in. In California at CVS, you can only buy one box at a time and I think the limit is a couple of grams total in a 30 day period. I buy one box of 60 a week and have never had a problem.
Anonymous kisses
posted 8-Nov-2010 11:42am

hmmm... I live in nc. I bought one box of 24 last week so if I buy another one this week I quess it should be ok.
Anonymous kisses
posted 8-Nov-2010 2:23pm

I go to work very early and dont get a chance to work out until late. (by then all my energy is gone) Is it ok to take a 5 hr for my work out or is that too much caffine??
posted 8-Nov-2010 4:33pm

Only you can answer that. You need to trust your body and how it reacts. If you have a feeling that taking an energy drink on top of the eca stack is too much, it probably is. I personally would not recommend you do that. But, that's coming from someone who is taking twice the normal dose of Bronkaid. Just listen to your body and do what feels right.
posted 9-Nov-2010 11:38am

Currently, I have lost a total of 37.2 lbs which puts me at 147.2 lbs. I'm still religiously taking 2 doses a day of this ECA stack. I have noticed a slower rate of losing weight (been on it since Apr. 24th) but the few times I have tried taking 3 doses a day I don't really like how I feel.
Recently I was looking at pictures of when I was in high school (at my goal weight of 115-125 lbs) and realized I don't actually like how I look at that weight. I may increase my goal weight to 130 lbs. Either way, I have another 15-30 lbs to lose.
posted 9-Nov-2010 7:43pm

@Kel ~ I'm so excited for you about your weight loss. I noticed the same issue about weight coming off slower after awhile. If you come across anything that helps it accelerate let me know cause I've been stuck at the same weight for what seems like forever now.
posted 9-Nov-2010 9:07pm

hi you guys...
updates... as i am now officially an ECA expert...

i have been doing tons and tons of reading. everything from types of ephedrine (sulfate, hcl, herbal ephedra) to dosing to what body builders are using to supplement their stacks (yohimbe, green tea, etc) to what others do for their exercising and cycling....

as you all know i switched to primatene and so far so good, got my boost and an accelerated weight loss. i don't take nearly as much hcl as i did sulfate (couldnt handle 3 doses of 25 mg and i was taking up to 100 mg of sulfate and was fine) so clearly for me, the HCL has been more potent. i was worried about cycling however, as i have read many different things: some say cycling is necessary, but some "medical' studies have shown it isn't necessary and that although you stop feeling the effects the thermogenisis is still there... and so i didn't know what to think or do considering that A - none of us want to throw our money away and continue taking the stack if it is no longer working for us and our tolerance has risen, and B - if we still have some weight to lose, i know for myself, i didn't want to cycle off...

SO Anonymous916 - here is an idea for you to accelerate your weight loss but continue taking the stack, this should give you an extra oomph without having to cycle off...

i read in various places, that when people get off the stack for their off time, they take benadryl to counteract the effects. this should essentially bring back your metabolism to its original state and so when you begin to take the stack again, its as though you've never taken it and BAM you're feeling the original feelings everyone experiences in their first few weeks of use.
three weeks ago, i was told to buy claritin (which is also an antihistamine) to help me with my allergies at night, and during the week i took it i noticed that my ECA doses were hitting me harder (and this was with the sulfate that i had become worried was no longer working for me) and i couldnt figure out why...
so how do the two stories intertwine? i have read that if you choose to continue taking the stack, but hope to avoid building a tolerance to it, you are to take an antihistamine for two or three nights a week. overnight, your metabolism begins to slow a little, also allowing you to sleep if in case you have taken a dose too close to bed time (which sometimes happens with me) , the next day you first dose hits you harder because the antihistamine has countered its effects during the night. this prevents a continuous building of tolerance and allows you to stay on the stack for as long as you need without having to up your doses to dangerous amounts...

i've decided to do this 2 nights a week... as well as use an albuetrol asthma inhaler (for my third dose) that was prescribed to me due to my allergies that have literally left me coughing up my lungs. because i am using two (although safely, not at the same time, and i made sure to ask a pharmacist before i chose to use both) methods of boosting my metabolism together... and because i am worried about building a tolerance and dealing with issues down the road, i am going to utilize this little fact, knowing it has helped me before...
i would try it 916... and if it doesn't help then okay, but at least give it a shot
Anonymous kisses
posted 10-Nov-2010 7:20am

248.2! :)
posted 10-Nov-2010 9:23am

Hi Everyone! Great site!
ok, so I used origianl xenedrene formula when it was real back in 2000. Lost A LOT of weight from July to November (at least 40lbs) and even more after that. Not sure how much bc I don't weigh myself. Bc over the past 10 years I have slowly gained it all back. Since it was banned I have always searched for something similar and never found it. Just last week I ordered Zenolean with ephedrine. But I didn't want to wait for it so I also decided to buy bronkaid, nodoz, asprin to use till I get it. I started on Sunday 10/7, today is 10/10. I have had great energy. And although I don't weigh myself, just use my clothes and how I feel to determine weight loss I feel great and feel like I have lost some weight (3 days in), hopefully its not just wishfull thinking! I'm going to go try on my jeans later and see if they feel any different...will let you know the results.

My question is has anyone tried zenolean or did I waste my $$?
posted 10-Nov-2010 2:04pm

Jitalia623 -
I believe someone on this forum already tried it a while back... but when it came time to report the weight loss there wasn't much to report. The ingredients in it truly are great... synephrine and green tea to name especially. however different things work for different people, and stacks i have purchased pail in comparison to the stacks i make myself because you never know if what your getting is how much they claim is in the pill or if it even is what they claim... i tend to stay away from ordering online because i dont trust websites...
also, the ephedra in it is herbal... basically this can either be hit or miss with you. either youll love it and it will work, or it wont but youll never know until you try. does the website offer a money back guarantee?? if so, then thats a good sign. and use it for a week and see your results...and if u hate it send it back
honestly, your bronkaid, nodoz, aspirin stack... i am pretty sure you'll see great results from that.
its up to you to decide
posted 10-Nov-2010 4:10pm

Thanks V!

I am going to use the ECA until I run out, evaluate my results, then prob cycle on to the zenolean. But right now I am happy so far with the ECA.

Wish me luck & I will update the site with my results.
Anonymous kisses
posted 11-Nov-2010 8:49am

247.6! :)
posted 11-Nov-2010 7:32pm

Thanks for the info V.... If I end up trying it I'll let you know how it goes.
posted 14-Nov-2010 9:13pm

Hey! Where is everyone's updates?? This site is so great, lets keep it going:)
posted 15-Nov-2010 7:47am

Hi everyone, I'm so glad that I found this forum. You guys are a great resource, and very inspiring!

I took the original Xenadrine RFA-1 back in 2001-2002 and lost 35 pounds. I'm female, 5'9", and went down from 168 to 133. I had a swimsuit model body, and was so happy. I maintained that for several years, then I quit smoking in 2004, and settled in around 145. I was happy enough with that. I was thin & shapely, and I didn't mind the weight gain so much because I was so much healthier and stronger from quitting smoking (I had met my husband & we wanted to start having kids, so I did NOT want to be smoking any more, or ever again). I had my first child in 2006 & had no problem losing the baby weight and getting back down to 145 while taking Wellbutrin for postpartum depression.

However, I just had my second baby in April 2010, and I had gained more weight this time around from the fertility drugs I took to get pregnant. I have been taking Wellbutrin for the past 3 months, but I have plateaued at 170, and really want to lost these last 25 pounds by May 2011.

So, I just started the ECA stack with Bronkaid this weekend (I stopped the Wellbutrin because they are contraindicated). So far I have just lost 1 pound. I am OK with the weight loss coming slow & steady, as long as it does come off! I love to work out, but with two kids under 4, time to work out is harder to come by. Still, I find at least 30 minutes to work out 5 days a week (mostly jogging) so hopefully that will help with the loss. The best thing that I have felt this weekend with the ECA stack is that I have NO appetite. I have been forcing myself to eat, whereas usually I am an all-day grazer. I am also going to try to go low-carb.

This stack doesn't feel quite as great as the old Xenadrine, but even if it's only half as effective that's better than nothing. I live in the DC area, so if any of you guys want to march on Washington to bring back ephedra alkaloids, I'm game ;)

I will post my progress & let you guys know if the stack works for me. I love reading your success stories, so keep it up!
posted 15-Nov-2010 5:43pm

welcome to the forum. it is by far the best with the most supportive people you will ever meet. I feel like every other forum is judgmental and this one isn't!

Does your doc know you stopped taking wellbutrin? Yes the bronkaid stack contradicts this medicine, but don't you think it's important you stay on it for your mental health? have you discussed alternatives with your doc so you can continue taking something that will help but won't contradict with the stack? be careful

don't get too stuck on the scale - don't make that mistake like i did, watch your clothes.
also, i didn't notice a substantial weight loss till a month in... and neither did anyone else around me

You may have to experiment... i take primatene and love it

good luck!
posted 18-Nov-2010 12:38pm

posted 18-Nov-2010 12:39pm

posted 18-Nov-2010 2:13pm

If I want to increase my stack dosage, how should I do it. Right now I am taking 3 times a day - (1) bronkaid, (1) baby asprin, (1) nodoz.
posted 18-Nov-2010 4:05pm


That's a question you need to ask your doctor. No one on here is qualified to give you advice regarding your doctor prescribed medications. I can't stress enough that you need to speak to a doctor about that.


Always start slow when increasing. If I was in your shoes, I would double my dosage during the middle of the day (2 bronkaid / 2 aspirin / 1 nodoz). If that feels good for you, keep that going for a couple of days and then bump up your first dose of the day to the same. Repeat that process until you have increased all 3 doses.
posted 19-Nov-2010 9:54am

Thanks Brad! The only reason that Im a taking the anti depressant still is because the side effects are so bad. Because it doesnt help with my depression!!(I feel like is holding me hostage!) Im depressed because Im FAT and lossing weight is what has alway cured that. :)
posted 19-Nov-2010 4:06pm

I wish I or someone else on here could give you that advice. I know it's frustrating, but you really should consult your doctor. Especially since you are taking the ECA stack.
posted 21-Nov-2010 3:49pm

I have 8mg ephindrine, so do I just take enough to equal the 25 mg. So (3) ephidrine, (1) baby asprin, (1) nodoz?
posted 21-Nov-2010 7:33pm

oops...spelled it wrong..i meant ephedrine..
posted 29-Nov-2010 12:34am

Hi all,

Was so happy to come across this website. I have spent the last couple hours reading it and am thrilled that people have come up with a semi-substitute for Xenadrine.

I have tried losing weight by dieting and exercise over the years, and have come to discover that I have a woefully slow metabolism, which is no great surprise. Seriously, I smell food and gain weight. I tried Xenadrine in 2001, did no exercise whatsoever and managed to lose about 25 to 30 lbs. at that time. I must say that I ate better as a result of not having as many cravings. We had a short love affair, Xenadrine and I. <sigh> Oh, how I long for it again!

Since seeing these posts, I have just ordered the No Doz, aspirin and Bronkaid. I really want to lose about 40-50 lbs...currently at about 200.

Anyway, can't wait to give it a shot. Best of luck to all and thanks again!
posted 29-Nov-2010 12:11pm

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and I'm tempted to try the ECA stack, but I'm just curious, has this stack caused anyone to have constipation or increased bowel movements, regardless if you're eating healthy or not? Back when Xenadrine w/ Ephedra was legal, I was on that AND a low-carb diet and I exercised and I lost over 80lbs...the Xenadrine caused me to have bowel movements (not diarhhea) everyday and that helped tremendously, plus the increased energy and appetite suppressant. It would be great if anyone who is on the stack right now, can let me know how their experience is going.
posted 29-Nov-2010 3:55pm

Shelby - I find that bowel movements should remain pretty consistent and at least once or twice a day (which is technically healthy) when on the stack, moreso because you're subconsciously eating better and therefore food passes as it should. in the past, when i was about 20 lbs heavier prior to the stack, i would eat too much and rarely went to the bathroom. many people will tell you that part of your weight is the food stuck in your colon/intestines causing someone to be as much as 10 lbs heavier if there's waste stuck for up to a couple of months. this is precisely why some diets start off with a master cleanse, then proceed to eating healthy. eating well not only helps you lose weight, but makes you feel light and produces normal bowel movements that don't inhibit weightloss.
posted 29-Nov-2010 5:05pm

V - Thank you for that info!
posted 30-Nov-2010 2:24pm

I've been on the stack for 3 weeks with no signifigant weight loss. I don't weigh myself just judge by how my clothes fit. For the first 2 weeks I took (1) Caffine pill, (1) asprin, (1) bronkaid 3x a day. The 3rd week I started to increase: morning - (1) Caffine pill, (1) asprin, (1) bronkaid: afternoon & night (1) asprin, (1) Caffine pill, (2) bronkaid.

I haven't had much of an appetite so I eat a snack in the moring and one (healthy) meal a day usually dinner. I also drink LOTS of water. I don't live a seditary lifestyle but I will start today to get on the treadmill for about 1/2 hour - 1 hour to see if that changes anything.

I would like to lose about 40libs. Any suggestions??
posted 1-Dec-2010 9:49pm

Shelby - your welcome!
anonymous - don't get discouraged. i think i didn't start to really lose until one month in. even now, i lose very very very slowly. all i can suggest is you be patient. or try other forms of ephedrine... like primatene or pure hcl which you can order off line. I've been on the stack since July - that's 5 months as of today. I didn't notice a weightloss till the middle of August. As of today i'm down 20 lbs. DO NOT increase your dose just because your not seeing your results as quickly as you like / you're not feeling the affects as strongly. it is still working, increase VERY VERY SLOWLY. give it some more time... we aren't all as lucky as Brad who loses a lb a day haha. and if you're a female... expect the weightloss to be slower, it just how it is.
posted 2-Dec-2010 12:11am

Shelby ~ V's right when it comes to all the food stuck in our intestines. Especially if you dont eat healthy a lot of the food gets stuck to the walls of your intestine and doesnt pass through. One option that I've recently tried is colonics. I did the first one a few months ago to help cleanse my body and jumpstart my weightloss. On my first colonic I weighed myself before and after out of curiosity and had lost 2 pounds! That was 2 pounds of poo! Colonics are not a means of weightloss at all but it does stimulate your colon to contract which pushes the poo through your intestine. That way you dont have a build up of poo for days, weeks, months or years. For me, it makes my stomach feel very light and encourages me to eat healthy.
posted 10-Dec-2010 9:43am

Anyone still using the stack? Any results to update us with? Brad, how's it going? Thanks
posted 10-Dec-2010 3:59pm

I'm still stacking. I haven't increased my dosage or anything, but I feel I have definitely hit my plateau. I've been hovering right around 165lbs for over a month now, but I'm actually really satisfied with where I'm at. Starting next week I am going to start decreasing my dosage over about 10 days and completely stop. I'll start again in a couple of months if I feel I need to.

I still check in here on a daily basis, so I read everyones posts. Just because I'm not posting, it doesn't mean I'm not here. I just don't have anything significant to share. But I will still answer questions the best I can when someone has them. :)
posted 12-Dec-2010 2:55pm

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I just glanced at a comment about bowel movements, and thought I'd share my insight. I guess I'm naturally one of those people that can go a a few days without having bowel movements, but when I'm on the stack, I use the bathroom 2-4 times a day. It's a great feeling, honestly. I weigh 228lbs as of this morning, and have been stacking the last week to lose what I had gained back all the time I hadn't stacked (6lbs in a week and a half). I met a woman who's pretty much given me the motivation to get that beach body back, haha. Starting back at the gym tomorrow, and I'll do my best to try and be there once a day.

I don't feel the crazy energy I used to while I was stacking, but it definitely peps me up throughout the day. The appetite suppression is still incredible, though! I can easily eat no more than a footlong from Subway a day, and not feel hungry. If any of you are like me, though, and don't eat breakfast, you need to start! I never thought I'd see the day I had to force myself to eat food, haha. Cheers to the new 'us' next year!
posted 22-Dec-2010 11:08pm

Do you ever increase the no-doz?
posted 24-Dec-2010 4:05pm

Hi Everyone:

I used to take the original version of Xenadrine back in 2000 and lost a total of 100lbs in less than a year. Fortunately for me, I managed to keep the weight off for 9 years. I recently had a baby and would love to lose the 45lbs that I've gained. I've tried the new Xenadrine, Alli and Stacker 2, but have not managed to lose any weight. I would like to take the Xenadrine/Ma Huang combo that I've read about in the above posts. Should I take the clinical version of Xenadrine along with pure Ma Haung (2 Xenadrine to 1 Ma Huang)? If the clinical version is not the version I should be taking, please let me know. Also, I used to take 2 Xenadrine in the early AM and 2 around noon. I didn't take it around 5 because it would keep me up at night. Should I stick to that dosage? Thanks for your help.
posted 24-Dec-2010 6:20pm


I had increased my no-doz to 3 at a time towards the end of my cycle, but you should only do what feels comfortable to you personally.


Opinions may vary on here, but I would not recommend anything other than Bronkaid+Caffeine+Aspirin. I have tried every stack mentioned on this board and that is the only one that gave me the same results that the original Xenadrine did. Plus, it's much cheaper.
posted 24-Dec-2010 6:20pm

PS. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!
posted 25-Dec-2010 10:14am

Thanks for the advice, Brad. Where can I purchase the Bronkaid and Caffaine? Are they in pill form? Does it matter which aspirin I purchase? What dosage should I take?
posted 25-Dec-2010 1:12pm

@ Anonymouskee

I don't know where you live, but if you have a CVS Pharmacy close by, they should have Bronkaid there. Caffeine pills can be purchased at pretty much any grocery store, pharmacy, etc. Aspirin will vary on opinion. I take adult 325mg aspirin, but others only take the 81mg.

Everything you need to know should be on this board for you already. :)
posted 26-Dec-2010 6:55pm

Should I purchase Bronkaid with HCL or Sulfate?
posted 26-Dec-2010 9:23pm

As far as I know Bronkaid is only offered in sulfate.
posted 11-Jan-2011 3:03am

How's everyone doing?
posted 17-Jan-2011 1:28pm

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all doing well & having a great new year so far:)

I have just swiched from a bronkaid ECA stack to pure ephidrine that I bought online. The pills come in 8mg, so I have to take 3 at a time to =24mg. Has anyone done the pure ephidrine, I am a little nervous because the directions say not to exceed 4 pills in one day..and I am taking 9 a day (3-3x a day).
I am hoping that this works better. I didn't have results like the old xenodrene while on the bronkaid. Brad I wish I could lose 1lb a day like you:)
posted 19-Jan-2011 12:27am


Everyones body reacts differently. Bronkaid worked wonders for me. I dropped over 40lbs in about 8 months using it and stopped taking it when I hit 163lbs. Don't give up. What doesn't work for one person might work for the next. I tried the pure ephedrine HCL tablets in the very beginning and they didn't do anything for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they work for you. :)
posted 24-Jan-2011 11:16pm

I also tried the hcl 8mg pills in the begining and it didnt work well for me. All my weightloss has been with the bronkaid stack
posted 25-Jan-2011 8:21pm

I would like to know where can I buy the real ephedra, which site is legit, I was looking at, but my God that Paul guy is so rude you cannot even ask a question that he gets so defensive and it got me thinking if I want to buy from them. Thank you
posted 25-Jan-2011 9:08pm

I've been taking the Bronkaid/NoDoz/baby aspirin stack twice a day for about a month now and have lost 10lbs. I know that it's due to the stack because of my constant loss of appetite and disinterest in food. I'm almost finished with my first box of Bronkaid and I've noticed that the decreased appetite is the only effect that I'm experiencing now- no jitters, elevated heart rateor high energy. I think my body has become accustomed to the dosage. Brad, at what point do I cycle off for a week or two and is it wise to up my dosage to 3x a day? I am noticeably thinner and would love to keep dropping pounds.
posted 26-Jan-2011 8:32pm

Do any of you have experience ordering Ephedrine HCL from Canada ? I live in the US and would like to know which companies will ship to me. Has anyone here done business with ? I've heard good things, but want to make sure...
posted 27-Jan-2011 3:37pm is a site I've ordered off of before... honestly, I never finished the two bottles I bought because I had serious doubts as to what it was they actually sent me. I believe the supplements were nothing more than a CRAPLOAD of caffeine.. like everyone else, the ECA with Bronkaid and Primatene has helped me the most.

Just because the side effects have decreased DOES NOT MEAN the effects have worn off. SLOWLY up the dose, but know your limit, as I have made the mistake of taking more because I thought I could handle it and went 24 hours without sleeping.
According to various websites, all of which at some point have been referenced by both myself and Brad, it has been stated that the effects continue to work for a period of time depending on the individual, even after you stop taking the stack, especially if you are continuing to watch what you eat..
for example... for 3 weeks I only took one primatene (12.5 HCL) every once in a while if I thought I needed it... no effects, but continued to drop (and this was around XMAS)... when I went back on the stack last week to drop a few extra lbs before my vacation I was smacked in the face with a dosage I thought I could handle. I basically started from scratch... and I had been taking the stack for 5 months prior non stop. It really depends on the person: listen to your body, up the dose slowly, and cycle off when you feel it is right... but again NO SIDE EFFECTS DOES NOT MEAN THE EFFECTS HAVE WORN OFF, so please be careful

Rojo - please reference HCL bought from Canada as it has been discussed numerous times throughout this forum... never had experience with personally, i won't ever buy online again... you never know what you can get. but just because one thing worked for me, doesn't mean it will for others and vice versa...

good luck everyone
posted 1-Feb-2011 9:47am

Anyone have experience on the eca stack and drinking? I have done it a few times and it making me violently vomit at the end of the night. I attribute this to the stack but it cld be a conincidence??
posted 1-Feb-2011 10:40am


I rarely ever drink, so I can't say from personal experience, but I wouldn't think it would be a good combination for a couple of reasons.

1. You probably aren't eating as much, so you may have had an empty stomach which ends up making it harder for your body to break down the alcohol. You'll get drunk faster and have a much better chance of ending up with a hangover.
2. You're mixing a very strong upper (ECA Stack) with a very strong downer (alcohol). This would be similar to drinking Red Bull and Vodka. Your body is being pulled in two different directions (faster and slower).
posted 1-Feb-2011 10:45am

Another thing I thought of that relates to the first part about having an empty stomach is that, depending on what kind of alcohol you drank, your blood sugar may have been too high. Alcohol like whiskey is notorious for being turned into large amounts of sugar in the blood. My mother used to get really sick whenever she would drink Coke and whiskey. Her body couldn't handle the amount of sugar that was put into her blood and she would end up vomiting, having cold sweats and severe stomach cramps.
posted 1-Feb-2011 1:48pm

Thanks Brad! Your comments make sense. BTW, just noticed all my spelling and grammar mistakes...oops:)
posted 1-Feb-2011 3:56pm

No problem!

And no need to apologize for grammar and typos. No one's judging you here. :)
posted 10-Feb-2011 1:51pm

-ECA Start date: Apr 24, 2010
-Start weight: 184.4 (size 15/16)
-Current weight: 141.8 (size 8/9)
-Total weight loss: 42.6
-Goal weight: 130

11.8 more pounds to go! Super stoked summer is around the corner here!
I swear by this stack (I'm sure my lack of posts don't show this); the availability of ingredients, the cost point, the results... what is there not to love?!
posted 10-Feb-2011 2:03pm

That's great Kel! Congratulations!! Which stack are you on and how do you take it? I just switched to primitine from the bronkaid. The Bronkaid made me feel a little sick.
posted 13-Feb-2011 10:32am

I found a bottle of xenadrine while cleaning out a cabinet. Any suggests to find out if it is the "good" kind or the kind that doesn't work. It doesn't say anything about ephedrine in it.
posted 14-Feb-2011 4:08pm


Look at the ingredients on the bottle and see if anywhere it says that it contains Ma Huang or ephedrine. Even if by some chance you did have a bottle of the original formula, I'm sure the half-life has passed and probably wouldn't be of much use.
posted 16-Feb-2011 10:02am


2 daily doses of:
-2x Bronkaid
-1x 81mg Aspirin
-1x No Doz

Occasionally, I'll do 3 doses in a day.
posted 16-Feb-2011 5:10pm

How can you handle taking that dosage, Kel? I take 1bronkaid/1nodoz/1baby aspirin in the am and 2 bronkaid, 2 baby aspirin, 1 nodoz in the afternoon and I can barely stay awake after 3pm. I'm afraid that I will be a complete vegetable if I increase my dosage. Does the stack make you tired at all?
posted 17-Feb-2011 10:49am

@ Anonymouskee

From the start I've been taking this dosage; I got my dosage information from this blog. Are you asking how am I awake or can I sleep? I remain to have normal sleeping habits, 8 hrs a night. Sometimes, I even take a nap around 5pm.
posted 18-Feb-2011 9:02am

@ Kel

Is that dosage making you tired during the day? With my current dosage, my body shutdowns around 3pm. This used to happen to me with old Xenadrine as well. I would be full of energy in the morning, workout for 2 hours and crash or shutdown about 1pm. I would spend the entire day sleeping. Does anyone else have this problem taking the stack?
posted 18-Feb-2011 4:55pm


It used to make me really tired during the last half of the day, but that went away after I got used to it. Your heart is working 2 to 3 times harder than it's normal rate when you're on the stack, so your body becomes fatigued much quick than if you weren't taking it at all. It's a completely normal side effect when taking an ECA stack.
posted 19-Feb-2011 12:35pm

I'm glad you all mentioned that you sleep fine on the stack. I find myself so tired and thought it was weird bc I was taking so much no doz! But what Brad said makes sense - that the heart is working harder so we get tired. Thanks. Love this site!
posted 1-Mar-2011 9:55pm

Just checking in with everyone to see some progress reports. How's everyone doing with their stacking?

I'm seeing some great results since I started it again two weeks ago.
posted 3-Mar-2011 7:13pm

Hello all! I spent the last couple of hours reading this.. very helpful as well as interesting! Amazing it has lasted this long!

I just wanted to give my story.. it may help someone out! I am a 5'5'' 22 year old female who has struggled with my weight for quite sometime. I started the ECA stack back in September. My starting weight was 197lbs. I joined the gym & dropped to a 1200 calorie a day diet. While at the gym I do an hour of cardio as well as alternate upper and lower body resistance once weekly.

I have stuck (minus allowing myself one "cheat" day a week) to the diet and exercise regimen combined with the ECA stack; my current weight is 145lbs. I started in a size 14 and am currently in a size 6. (And as for most woman, we stress about what the tag in our jeans says).

I am a RN so I know how difficult it is to eat healthy, I work 12 hour shifts with only a 30minute lunch & who knows when that will come; therefore, I had to learn to stop eating out of the vending machines. What has worked for me is I pack all kinds of healthy snacks.. and I eat every three hours (on the run- protein bars, fruit, veggies)!

I hope this gives someone motivation! If I can do it, then ANYONE can! You just have to make up your mind that losing weight is really what you want; and that you have to work at it, there is no "miracle weight loss pill".

posted 4-Mar-2011 4:52pm

I started back up on the Bronkaid stack this week and my god, is it kicking hard. I'm actually extremely surprised that the tolerance went down as quick as it did. Still hovering in the 165-170lb range.

Welcome! It's always nice seeing new people come in and find this page useful. What stack are you using? Keep up the good work! You're 22 and an RN? That's impressive. :)
posted 8-Mar-2011 2:09pm

I haven't been around here in ages. It's nice to see some of you guys still going strong, especially you brad! I got off the stack and got lazy for a bit. Turns out i have a condition called hypothyroidism which means your thyroid doesn't produce as much hormone as it should leading to weight gain, water retention, generally laziness, depression, etc. I've since gotten puts on meds to help correct this problem which has helped my metabolism start to increase but i'd like to start taking the stack again. Unfortunately i don't see my Dr. till the end of the month to ask him if this is a safe thing to do.

Regardless of that i'm picking back up the p90x routine to get my self in better shape. Keep up all the good work guys!
posted 8-Mar-2011 2:17pm

just checking in!...

down 20 lbs.... i couldnt be happier with the stack. i'm almost afraid its too good to be true and the next time i go back on and feel i need it, it wont work!! lol

at some point i was taking 2 bronkaid 2X a day

i dont know how i ever did that, because in the last month i've only taken 2 bronkaid 1X a day and been just fine... occasionally throwing in a primatene as a second dose (which is only 12.5 HCL)

the stack has given me a bit of anxiety... so when i feel like my mind is racing i do take a break. other than that, ive been very careful, taking aspirin because im convinced my healthy blood pressure has to do with it. im not sure if it aids in the weightloss benefits, but if it keeps everything else working as normal i'm down to keep using it... health is always #1

so, that's my update... i know its been while since ive been on here, i hope everyone is doing well!
posted 8-Mar-2011 8:47pm

Thank you! Yes.. I graduated in December with my BSN! I love it! Nursing is an amazing job!

I am using 2 Primatene tabs (25 HCL) & a 200mg caffeine pill twice daily. One when I wake (4am) and the other around 2pm(ish).. I've been taking it in 6 week cycles with 2 week breaks in between. Once I start back after my two week break, I take 2 Primatene tabs/1 caffeine once daily then proceed to build back up to my twice daily regimen. I suppose I've been lucky, no tolerance yet.. but I am so glad I did my research & found this combination! I was taking the fat burner, Lipodrene, and I hate to think about the amount of money I wasted! I have found this to be a more afforable and effective alternative! XOXO
Kristina <3
posted 13-Mar-2011 1:45pm

Hello! I'm so happy I found this! I love reading what everyone has to say! I am planning on making my own stack today or tomorrow. I live in Cali so I don't really know what the allowed amount to purchase here is.. Does anyone know how much I should ask for? I'm 5'5". 160pounds. Have been doing ALOT of research on where I can get ephedrine and I've concluded that making your own stack with Bronkaid is the best way to go. So... Since I'm new, can anyone answer my questions that I have?

1) so I can buy Bronkaid at my local cvs or walgreens, correct?
2) how much should I ask for? Or does it come in boxes?
3) since I don't have any problems with allergies, will taking Bronkaid affect my health?
4) can I take xenadrine (the new one) with it? Will that count as the caffeine part?
5) should I even bother with the aspirin?
Thanks everyone!!! I love reading about everyones success with stacking on here! It has really motivated me!
posted 14-Mar-2011 5:09pm


1. If you have a local CVS Pharmacy, they should stock Bronkaid.
2. From what I've seen it comes it 2 different boxes/quantities and these are your only choices.
3. No one here, other than maybe Sherri, can answer this. You should always consult your doctor before you start taking the ECA stack. There are risks involved with taking it.
4. You can, but I wouldn't personally recommend it. It's significantly more expensive than just buying your own caffeine and aspirin tablets.
5. I personally recommend taking the aspirin. I've seen amazing results with the stack and have always used aspirin. Other people don't take it and still see results. It's debatable.

Welcome to the boards! :)
Kristina <3
posted 14-Mar-2011 9:00pm

Great! Thank you so much for your help! I actually ended up buying a box of Primatene at Walgreens instead of Bronkaid. Today was my first day taking the stack. I took the stack 3 times today... And my appetite was completely non existent today. It feels so good! I have always had a problem with over eating, and this seems to put me in control of what I put in my mouth. I feel very in control today and my diet is clean and spot on.
I'm hoping this suppression of appetite won't go away after a few weeks of taking my stacks. Of course, my energy is also thru the roof. My workout was longer than usual, and my mood also has changed in a positive way. But back to the appetite part haha : is the lack of appetite the main reason one would drop fat on stacks? Since I don't have time to workout EVERY day, I think the cut in calories will probably be my main reason for dropping weight.
posted 14-Mar-2011 10:01pm

That's great to hear! It's a combo of a couple different things. One being the appetite suppressant and the other being an increased heart rate/body temperature. So you're eating less while burning more calories than you normally do without the stack.
posted 14-Mar-2011 10:51pm


I agree with Brad; there are risks involved, but listen to your body. Since you started out with three stacks a day you may want to watch your blood pressure, heart rate, etc. because you are throwing your body into somewhat of a "shock". Also, make yourself eat. I am never hungry while stacking, but if you skip meals it will hurt your progress in the long run. Once your body burns a certain amount of fat it will move onto muscle and this doesn't happen once your "Fat is gone", if your body does not have food to burn for energy, it will in turn "eat itself". Like I said I am never hungry, but I make myself eat things protein packed: protein bars. shakes, chicken breast.. those types of things! I am a female and have had great success on this stack! I wish you the best of luck! XOXO

To everyone:
I work in the Emergency Department and during lunch today I spoke with two doctors about their opinions on this stack.
Both doctors pretty much said the same thing, to be careful! They warned that my heart rate and blood pressure should be watched constantly! And that while I am taking this do not do any heavy cardio and to avoid all caffeine other than what I am taking (200mg/dose). Also, they recommended that I cycle on and off to give my body some rest; take no more than four week cycles at a time with a week to two-week breaks. They compared it to the prescription diet aids.. that when those are prescribed, they give it in 30 day doses. This is to have you come back in and let them make sure your body can handle it. One of the doctors also mentioned that this can become addictive and to watch for that. Pretty sure most of you knew all this, but I wanted to share! It all comes down to listening to yourself and what works for one may not work for another!
Kristina <3
posted 16-Mar-2011 1:17am

Thanks so much Sherri and Brad.
I plan on being on the stack for 4 weeks as recommended, then get off for a week. I have a question.. I've heard many different answers on this one : what is the estimated number of extra calories burned a day while taking eca stacks? Let's say a person takes the stack, and doesn't exercise, with no change in diet. How effective would the stacks be?
posted 10-Apr-2011 11:02am

I happened across this website and can't tell you how thrilled I am to find you all. I too, have lamented the unwarrented 'seizure' of the best all-around weight-loss/happy pill from the shelves - darned irresponsible athletes, ruined it for all of us. Well after reading and absorbing all your stories and recommendations I was ecstatic to realize that I could zip around the corner and buy the ECA stack - and so reasonably! I've tried everything since the loss of that precious Xenadrine without ever getting the same results. I felt great on Xenadrine, I never got my usual twice a year allergy/sinus infection, and (regular) for the first time in my life, and went from a size 12 to 4 in about 9 months. My metabolism was through the roof - typically I'm a pretty laid back individual, but with Ephedra I was much more motivated and couldn't wait to get to the gym and work off my excess energy. I am back up to a size 10 and would love to burn off that fat. I am just so so much happier thin! I went out and purhased my stack ingredients so here we go!
posted 12-Apr-2011 7:54pm

Back in 1998, I took the original RFA-1 and lost 66 pounds in 4 months - I went from 208 down to 142 pounds and 28% body fat down to 11%. Since the ephedra based version went off the market I couldn't find any suitable replacement. I did find some on-line retailers selling Megadrine and Superdrine, but they are not as strong as RFA-1. I went to my local nutrition store, the guy sells no-name ECA pills. He suggested I try Roxy Lean ECA. He sells it for $55 Canadian. I bought the Roxy Lean March 19. This pill is the absolute closet thing to the original RFA-1. I started off at 177 and now I am at 160. I am losing approx .5 pounds a day. This completely suppresses my appetite and it gives me a ton of energy. Also note, I have only gone to the gym once since March 19. I did notice it greatly increase my heart rate when I tried some cardio. My goal weight was 165. I never thought this would work the same way the old RFA-1 did. I am going to keep taking it for another week or 2 until I get to 155. Looking back at pictures when I was in the 140 - I was way too thin. I am 5' 10. I will keep you posted....
posted 16-Apr-2011 2:32pm

So glad I found this forum! I've gone back to page one and skimmed to page six so far, but I stopped because I am going to go run out and find some Bronkaid right now to make my own stack. If this doesn't work, I'm ordering the Kaizen ephedrine tablets.

As for me, I remember my first bottle of Xenadrine RFA-1 in high school, 2001. I took two the first afternoon and weighed myself the next day. I was down *6 pounds*, I almost passed out on the scale! Granted, I'm sure a lot of it was water weight but I was hooked. After they banned it I was able to find it for a few more years, but paying ridiculous amounts for it ($200 a bottle). Since then I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. Nothing compares. I had my fair share of scary side effects with Xenadrine but I still search for it every once in a while hoping I will find some miracle bottle still floating around. :\ What I wouldn't give to get back to 110 lbs...

Well, wish me luck. My self-esteem has hit rock bottom low and I could really use a running start to get back on track. I hope this works.
posted 23-Apr-2011 10:15am

I've lost 4lbs without working out. Actually today is the first time I went to the gym since I started the stack. I'm feeling great with the stack, takes care of my ADD and I'm more chatty.
posted 9-May-2011 1:57pm

I started taking the stack at the end of December 2010 and so far I've lost 22lbs. I was taking 1 of each twice a day. Because my weight loss has halted, I'm adding another dosage. I will check in in a month. If I'm lucky, I'll be down another 10 or so lbs.
posted 23-May-2011 10:21am

I started the ECA back in Nov. with minimal results. Been on it ever since, cycled off for a few weeks. Just started back up hoping, Praying, that it will work. I decided to increase the ephidrine to 3 pills of primitine so I am hoping it will work. Oh, and I am taking the CVS brand of primitine, its cheaper..any suggestions. Please advise any hepful hints or a new way to do it...I really want this to start working. I also go to the gym 4 times a week & do mostly cardio & some weights...HELP! HELP! HELP! I would like to loose at least 20 lbs asap!!
posted 24-May-2011 5:07pm


If you aren't seeing any results using Primatene, switch over to Bronkaid (also sold at CVS). Primatene is ephedrine hydrochloride and Bronkaid is ephedrine sulfate. I think the majority of us on here are using the Bronkaid and have seen amazing results with it.
posted 24-May-2011 10:54pm

Thanks Brad! When I started in Nov. I used the Bronkaid and I would get sick..maybe I'll try it again when I use up the rest of the Primatine:)
posted 6-Jun-2011 10:09am

I have increased the Primitine to 3 pills 2x a day. So I take 3 primitine & 1 nodoz 2x a day. It seems to be working! Yeayyyyy:) Hope I see some more results in the coming weeks!

How is everyone else doing???
posted 27-Jun-2011 9:58am

Has anyone found an ECA blog that is more current and more people participate/share?
posted 28-Jun-2011 5:14pm

This board was definitely alive and going for about a year, but lately it has tapered off dramatically. You should probably look at it as a good thing. People don't look for help when they no longer need it. :)

Anything you could possibly want to know is already here. Just look back a little bit.
posted 1-Jul-2011 4:22pm

Greetings, all!

I'm a 37 (almost 38) y.o. female who just started MiniLean 25/100 (25 ephedrine alkaloids/100 caffeine), twice a day. Note: I did get it from "that's" -- which some people here seem to think offers questionable products.... so we'll see.

Stats: I'm 5'1, 123 lbs as of last Saturday. Goal: 105. I first tried Xendadrine in August of '01, at 120lbs, and by October was down ten lbs. without exercise. I lost 5 more lbs. 'til December, reaching my goal of 105. Then I started exercising like mad, now that I didn't fear the gym, and by June of the next year was down to 100 and kept between 100 and 105 for over a year. I didn't even have to to much cardio; mostly light weight training and pilates daily, and I had a very toned body. I think I was 19 BMI and 18% body fat! Man, those were the days.

Like many here, I've been dying to find something that will work like the old formulas I used to take back in the day. I will give this MiniLean a shot for a month (then I'm off on vacation) and keep you posted as to its progress. If it doesn't work, I'll go off a few weeks and then try the stack you all seem to recommend.

So far, it's day four, and MiniLean has *totally* gotten rid of my appetite. I'm making sure to drink lots of water, no caffeine, and eat even when not hungry. The Minilean is better than what I'd tried before from That'sWholesale... Lipodrene made me VERY jittery and uncomfortable, whereas I remember Metabolife and Xenadrine giving me a "lift" that wasn't jittery. But we shall see... I'll try to keep posting once a week. And if anyone has any advice, let me know!

... and nice forum!
posted 5-Jul-2011 2:39pm

Down to 119.5 this past Saturday. However, considering I drank lots of water and didn't eat past 6 p.m., I don't really know if this was due to the ML25/100 or a combination of mind over matter and just being diligent! That said, I was encouraged by the 3.5 lb. loss since I usually lose only 2 to 3 lbs my first week of a diet. I will post again this upcoming Saturday (I only weigh myself once a week). Since I splurged a bit over the 4th of July weekend (still didn't eat past 6, but went over my 1,100 calorie daily goal), it will be interesting to see if I lose 3 lbs again, which would be awesome. Even if the formula isn't true ephedra, so far just the appetite suppressant seems to be working well. Fingers crossed!
posted 6-Jul-2011 12:52pm

Great job Gardenia! Keep us posted on your results:) I'm also going to check out the pills your taking. How much did they cost you?
posted 14-Jul-2011 12:42am

Wow good to finally find this board again.

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