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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 19-Jul-2011 9:39am

I took the original Xenadrine from 01-02 and lost 40 plus pounds. I kept if off for about 2 years, but gained it all back eventually. I've since (3 years ago) had Lap Band surgery. It made me lose about 30 pounds, but have gained it back!! I am now taking the Primatene tablets 1/3x day, and am having minimal progress. Thanks for this board! I will now get the caffeine and aspirin. Personally, I feel like the Bronkaid is better for me, since I tried it for a while and had nice effects. Also,according to my scale I've only lost 4 lbs, yet I'm down a pant size..HUH??
posted 19-Jul-2011 2:22pm

@Jenn - That original Xenadrine was definitely the real deal, its too bad that it is no longer available because it was an add-in to the Patriot Act. It sounds like you are taking the Primatene alone, definitely stack them with the caffeine and aspirin for a better effect. By the way, how long ago did you take the Bronkaid? If you just finished the Bronkaid and went straight into the Primatene, your body might need a little time off because it could be accustomed to the ephedrine. How long have you been on Primatene and Bronkaid?

Your scale says 4lbs, but your pants say one size smaller? That sounds like a good problem to have! Then again when we start a new diet, we have a tendency to retain some water. The fat may be gone, but your body could be retaining water keeping your scale higher; eventually that will wear off and the scale will be more true.
posted 19-Jul-2011 6:25pm

I took the Bronkaid for about 3 weeks, 1/3x day. Now I'm taking 2 Primatene 3x/day. Altogether it's been about 5-6 weeks. I agree, I may be retaining water because it is really hot out and I drink water like it's going out of style...
Thanks for the info.
Will keep you posted!
posted 5-Aug-2011 11:56am

I started on this stack in April 2010 weighing 184.4.
After a year+ of being on it (rarely taking breaks from it, I know, I know- not good), I lost 43.6 lbs, weighing 140.8 in May.
I recently took a month off from it and started back up today, 143.6 this morning so I didnt gain too much :/
Anyways, I'm still trying to obtain my goal of 130 lbs and I'm hoping the month break from the stack will rejuvenate it's effects for the remaining 13.6 lbs.
Im taking 2 daily doses of 2 Bronkaid, 1 NoDoz, and 1 baby aspirin.
posted 5-Aug-2011 5:14pm

Good to see you on here again, Kel.
posted 8-Aug-2011 10:54am

Glad to still see a familiar face (name) still on here! What do you think about the claims to take Benadryl at time to keep the effects of the stack?
posted 8-Aug-2011 11:02am

I haven't heard anything about that. What's the claim?
posted 8-Aug-2011 12:09pm

V posted on posted 9-Nov-2010 9:07pm: "when people get off the stack for their off time, they take benadryl to counteract the effects. this should essentially bring back your metabolism to its original state and so when you begin to take the stack again, its as though you've never taken it and BAM you're feeling the original feelings everyone experiences in their first few weeks of use."
posted 14-Aug-2011 6:21pm

I've been taking the EC stack since April with nominal effects, but it has helped me sustain I suppose. What do you think about substituting the caffeine pill with an energy drink? I would think it delivers the same effect. I'd like to know what others opinions are...
posted 14-Aug-2011 8:26pm

I've read thru the posts and think I'm going to try the ECA stack since I was a huge Xenadrine RFA fan.
I have one question though. I drink a good bit of coffee in the mornings. Should I skip the caffiene on the morning dose or just take less of it?
Thanks for the help
posted 17-Aug-2011 8:20pm


I would scrap the coffee for the time being to make sure you can handle the amount of caffeine. Or at least, if you don't mind the taste, switch to decaf and have your stack. That way you don't feel you have lost the effect. Once you know you are okay with it, I would gradually reintroduce coffee to your routine; that is if you just can't go without it. Too much caffeine can mean problems sleeping, jitters, irregular heartbeat, etc. Let's not forget you will get a stimulant effect from the stack as a whole, too.
posted 17-Aug-2011 9:11pm

hi guys! long time no seek/talk/post.... i check in here every so often so see what people are saying and doing.
Kel - the claim i had about benadryl was made after several boards had people saying they took it on their off weeks... does it do anything?? im not sure... i never tried it.
I'm still in good shape, in fact a few lbs lost... i took a break from the stack as it gave me some anxiety (which is normal, but i got tired of the feeling and was where i wanted ot be so i stopped)... i found that primatene helped me better than bronkaid but to each their own. yea, if i ate more id gain a few lbs but once i went back to eating healthy i dropped them quick so ive actually been able to maintain quite well... for the last two weeks ive taken something called oxy elite pro, just for the sake of trying it as i was curious. from what i read it didnt compare to the stack, but a friend of mine tried it and i decided to as well....

well, it has given me great results, im not quite sure how, especially after taking the stack, but it contains ingredients that help push the thyroid gland to metabolize faster... there is caffeine in it but as far as i know no effect on the nervous system...

i will always be a supporter of the stack... but this supplement is a little welcome break from something so strong.
Crystal from Toronto
posted 25-Aug-2011 11:39pm

The new EFX formula: I too will purchase and use every second day - to give my body a break from the Ephedrine that's found in the Orginal Xenadrine see...

I have 2 bottles of the Orginal Xenadrine from 2000 - I only took a few back in 2000, found it incredibly strong, so I discontinued. The massive energy mixed with slight nausea was a bit too much for me - I only took 2 pills that first time, but the racing heart and extreme appetite suppression didn't seem 'right', quite frankly, it scared me. I was looking to loose 6-8 lbs and wondered if taking this pill was worth it for just a few lbs.
So I tucked the bottles away (can't remember why I didn't just throw them out?),anyway, I am so glad I didn't trash them...I have managed to pack on 38lbs onto my 5'8" frame in the last 6 years. I can't say I've tried everything - okay, I have tried nothing - I was surfing the web for diet pills when I stumbled onto this site, and I am so happy I did. The postings have been very helpful!
I take one cap of the Original Xenadrine RFA in the morning and that's all I need for the entire day - the energy and appetite suppression is amazing - and there is NO question about the efficacy of the product even so long after its supposed expiry date!
I am down 5 lbs in 7 days (probably water...too good to be true) - I would like to loose 1.5lbs a week, not more.

So if any of you have old bottles of the Orginal around don't trash them, you might want to try one to see how it still works.
Florida Girl
posted 4-Sep-2011 10:14am

Well I havent been here for like a year or two but is anyone still taking The Pure Ma Haung? Ive tried it before and it worked but I dont wanna try it again unless I know that people are still using it and seeing results incase ephedra outlet switched out whats in the capsules. Thankyou :)
Panhandle Girl
posted 4-Sep-2011 10:50am

(Florida Girl) Panhandle Girl was the name I used from like 2009 on here. Glad to see that you're still here Brad and Kel btw :)
posted 8-Sep-2011 9:02am

@Florida/Panhandle Girl still here, trucking right along :) I've been taking a little breather from constant stacking and boy did the scale show it this morning! Back to stacking and for me:
August 11, 2011 - Recorded Body Weight of 142 lbs
September 08, 2011 - Recorded Body Weight of 148 lbs

Panhandle Girl
posted 10-Sep-2011 11:56am

Yeah my scale went in the wrong direction too. Ive been off it for like a yr and Im gonna order some more next week and get back to stacking. Good luck with your weightloss:)
posted 13-Sep-2011 8:15am

Has anyone else noticed a different kind of feeling when using the Walgreens version of No Doz?
Panhandle Girl
posted 8-Oct-2011 11:51am

Well I decided to go back to Prestons old version of the bronkaid/no doz stack (no aspirin for me-I cant take aspirin bcuz my doctor suggested against it bcuz I have thin blood.) I like the Pure Ma Haung better but I have to order it which means using my debit card (Bank of America) which I still havent used since Bank of Americas new charge of 5$ a month just for using a debit card-thats insane so haven figured out yet. So im gonna use Bronkaid and No Doz cuz its the only thing I can buy in stores with cash that has a similar effect to the Pure Ma Haung. Keep ya all posted?
p.s why is it so dead here latley?
posted 2-Nov-2011 8:51am

I still peruse here a few times a month. I've been back on the stack for a couple months now. At first just the ephedrine 8mg tablets and no doz for the first couple weeks. I then added in the aspirin and i forgot how much of a difference that made in the energy levels and hunger suppression. I drop a notch on my belt in the first month and i can still "see" weight being dropped but i havent gotten on a scale in months. Not even before i started back up on the program. I moved a couple months ago and havent even unpacked it yet. I really need to get back into exercising as that helped tons with weight loss. But i ve gotten lazy and my new place is 4 times as far away from work so i don't find nearly as much time to get things done any more. I really need a kick in the ass to get myself going.
posted 8-Nov-2011 8:23am

Make it 2 notches on the belt now! I dont even think i went down that far on my belt when i dropped 40 lbs the first time around. Of course i was also working out so i was putting on muscle not just dropping weight. I certainly looked better then. I really need to get myself on a scale. I went from 215ish down to 176 before. I'm sure i'm not down to that yet but 2 belt holes in 2 months certainly isn't bad for minimal exercise, AKA walking the dog, taking the stack twice a day, and eating better and less.
posted 17-Nov-2011 8:38am

Well i'm going to be stopping the stack as of today. 1st because i went past the weight i had wanted to get down to and 2nd because i'm all out of ephedrine as of my morning dose. I wanted to get down to 175 and i made it down to 171 in the couple months i've been taking the stack again. I'm sure i'll pick it back up at some point but i'll probably just go get some bronkaid again next time around. It's been a while since i order the ephedrine hcl and i'm not sure where i got it from how ever long ago that was.
posted 18-Nov-2011 11:45am

@Bob Way to go for surpassing your goal! That's awesome!
posted 5-Dec-2011 3:25pm

Thanks Kel. No the real trick is keeping it off.
posted 6-Dec-2011 12:08am

funny... i can keep it off. i just cant seem to lose anymore... ive plateaued ... any suggestions anyone?? not quite sure what to do. in the past ive switched up working out, or eating at different times, or even going back an forth between primatene and bronkaid. for the first time in a very long time i cant seem to shake the scale...
posted 14-Dec-2011 12:51pm

You could try the ephedrine hcl if you wanted. I can't recall where i got it but the site is listed in this thread somewhere. I don't what your dosage is so i don't want to say try upping that. That's really a call between you and your dr. Perhaps a different work out routine? I had good success with p90x. It'll kick your ass but you'll get in shape.
posted 21-Dec-2011 10:39pm

Wow, I haven't been back to this site in ages... glad to see some people are still seeing results =)

I hopped off the bandwagon some odd months ago, and I've just been doing it the old fashioned way: diet, exercise, and lots of water.

Hope everyone else is doing good.. it's good to know we all made some impacts on people's lives. Keep up the good work, guys.
posted 31-Dec-2011 5:06am

I was recommended by a friend to use the ECA for weight loss. He swore by it, but I was really nervous based on all the medical websites I read. After spending hours reading all of your posts I am very relieved to see people can use it safely and successfully! I want to give a special thanks the Brad, Kel, V and bob for your continuous posts and updates on your awesome progress! I have enjoyed following your journey and hope to join you soon. Happy new year everyone!!!
posted 18-Jan-2012 10:27am

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's been doing? I recently picked up some primatine to give a try. Of course that was only because the 3 cvs' i stopped at had no bronkaid. I don't think it really has the same kick for me as either the bronkaid or the ephedrine hcl.

And where the hell has Brad disappeared to?
posted 27-Jan-2012 8:42pm

Hello all. I recently started the eca stack 2 weeks ago. I am a 32yo female with about 30lbs to lose.
I used the original hydroxycut about 9-10yrs ago & had amazing results...lost 20-25lbs
& wasn't getting that much exercise, just the typical stuff that we all do day to day. Then when it was taken off the market :( I slowly gained it back. Then later started a low carb diet & my job @ the time was very physical...lost the 20 lbs again. a new job as a banker. I new I'd gain the weight back. I did about 3 yrs later. Damn!!! So, I bought I treadmill & power walked my add off 30-45min sessions 4 x's a wk, calorie counted, the whole damn shabang for 6mo & nothing happened. Wtf!!! So after tons of research, eca seems like the next route for me. I have built my wag
posted 27-Jan-2012 8:49pm

Stupid phone...Built my way up to 25mg e, 200 c, 81mg a...3 x's a day except the a I only do with the morning dose. I only get minimal exercise do to my long hrs @ work & exhaustion @ the end of the day. So far I haven't noticed any weight loss, but I understand it can take up to 2mo for results. I just hope this works bc I am going crazy. Any thoughts??
posted 13-Feb-2012 4:06pm

anyone have experience with the generic's; ie CVS brand Primatine, jet alert caffine pills and equate brand advil. Do you think this would have anything to do with the weight loss. I have been on the generic for a while and no results, I'm wondering if that's the problem? Comments please!!!
posted 14-Feb-2012 11:29am

I can't speak for the jet caffeine but i've used both the cvs brand primatine and the equate aspirin and have felt a decent energy boost and appetite suppression with them. I still prefer the ephedrine hcl best and bronkaid as 2nd though.
posted 17-Feb-2012 12:50pm

i have been using the cvs generic primatene b/c thats all i have seen available, along with generic no doze & low dose a. i haven't noticed any real results either & i've been on the stuff for 5 weeks. i wouldn't think that brand name would matter b/c the ingredients are all the same. i'm still not giving up hope doesn't take over night to gain weight & neither does taking it off. i am hoping to lose a few lbs @ the 8 week mark, but will over all give it 6mo with a lil cycling & if nothing happens, to hell with the stuff. but, i was recently able to find brand name primantene 60count for a cheap price, so i will stick to that. primatene has ephedrine hcl, which is supposed to be stronger that ephedrine sulfate, (which is found in bronkaid). anyway...i've read a lot in here & it kinda sux that no one really writes anymore. where is everyone??
posted 23-Feb-2012 3:08pm

just a lil update...since using primatene brand, i have lost 5 lbs in a week! i saw nothing with the generic. that's crazy b/c the active ingredients in both are the same...25mg ephedrine in 2 tabs, i don't get it.
posted 29-Feb-2012 10:50am

Ok, I started the primatene brand instead of the generic and hoping to see some results this week. Will keep you posted.
posted 15-Mar-2012 11:09am

ok, i don't know wth is going on...but i've been using the eca stack for a lil over 2 months now with no real results. i just don't get it. my weight just keeps bouncing around 5-10 lbs up & down. why? i've read so many posts on here about successes & i've been all over the internet & it's the same. well, not with me. i eat very little & drink a gallon of water a day. i do drink alcohol though...maybe 1-2 beers or a glass of wine each night...if that. don't know if that would make an impact or not, it's not like i'm chugging down a 12pack. i do drink heavier on the weekends, but whatever. gonna continue on the stack for a couple more months in hopes of some real weight loss.
posted 16-Mar-2012 7:45am

Anyone else notice No Doz is off Walgreen's shelves? The generic was even taken off. Anyone have any recommendations for what I can use instead of No Doz?

Also, Wal-Mart has cheaper bronkaid than Walgreens. Walgreens is like $12, Wal-Mart is like $6!
posted 19-Mar-2012 9:50am

I went out of town and that Walgreens had the generic Walgreens brand No-Doz. I guess it wasn't pulled from every store...?
posted 3-Apr-2012 7:04pm

Wow! I had a computer crash several months ago and lost all of my data. I had this site bookmarked and couldn't find it again for a long time.

Glad to see some familiar people still posting here. I went off the stack (using bronkaid) about a year ago. Gained nearly all of my weight back. Decided to go back on it again last Thursday. Fingers crossed it works again.
posted 7-Apr-2012 12:09am

@ kel
Went to Walgreens today and was told that I could not purchase No Doz as it was being pulled from the shelf. I went and got the generic brand Awake and they said I was able to get that. I live in NY.When I asked why they said they didn't know just shows up in the CPU that they need to pull it from the shelves and cant sell it. HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMm
posted 17-Apr-2012 3:03pm

This so funny to me. I thought I was the only one out there who missed the original Xenadrine RFA-1 pills so much!! I love those pills, and was so mad that they took them off the market. I am really glad I ran across this forum, you guys are awesome. I have been trying to find that "special pill" but it just does not exist anymore like the orginal did. So I went to Wal-Mart today after reading through almost all of these responses (took up all of my work morning haha). I bought the Bronkaid for $5.98, the aspirin for $0.98, and I had to go to my local Pharmacy for caffeine pills (go figure!) $1.99 for the genereic no doz and $6.79 for Vivarin. Which is alot cheaper than anything out there right now! BTW-No Doz are no longer at WMT and I did not find anything that looked like a generic alternate to it. Which is why I went to my local pharm. Plus at Wal Mart they took my license and typed in all of my info for the Bronakid. So when I was at my local pharm, I asked for some Bronkaid, they didn't have any and ordered me some boxes, which will be there tomorrow for pick up. YAY! So altogether my total stack costs $8.95 using genereic caffeine pills or $13.75 with Vivarin. That is a steal! It beats the $50 doctor's visit and $23 Rx for Phenteramine I was on. BTW I lost 32 pounds in 9 months using it BUT it turned me into the Hulk- I was mean and cranky to my family, and I am a happy person. I was at 189 last Feb. and I got down to 157. I have been off of them for about 2.5 months and I weigh around 161-163. I am trying to get back down to 130 or 135. I am 5'3!!! So I will do this stack and hope that I will get the results from the orginal RFA-1. I love cleanses and fasts, so this stack will be exciting to see if it works. I do exercise, I usually try to power walk every other morning and I do my abs all the time, I love working my core. All the wight is in my arms and butt/thigh area. I am so glad I found this site. Thanks!
posted 17-Apr-2012 10:01pm

Welcome, Kelli! I've gotten back into the habit of checking in here every day or two like I used to now that I found this place again. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you.

Good luck!
posted 18-Apr-2012 9:41am

@ Brad-Thanks!

So I took the stack this am as soon as I got up, then I remembered that I used to take the original RFA after my morning routine, right before I left for the base. Now I remember why; my hands were so shaky I had a hard time putting on my make-up lol. I haven't felt this UP and energized in a loooong time. I am so glad that I found this site haha! I have no appetite, and I am really thirsty-like I used to be, and I need to chew gum...just like the old days ahhhhh. I also have that happy euphoric feeling that I love. No more mean Hulk from the Phen, thank goodness! I was taking a water pill but I will not be taking those anymore since I have found my secret weapon. Thanks for the ECA stack combination everyone! I will report my progress as I lose my last 30 lbs!
posted 19-Apr-2012 9:50am

@ V- Thanks for that website; hotnfit regarding the aspirin. I was at my pharmacy yesterday buying more Bronkaid =) and asked one of the pharm guys there about aspirin doses and he was very adament about not doing 3 pills a day of 250 mg of aspirin as I have done within the last 24 hours. Then I saw your post on aspirin and I am sooo going back to the pharm to get baby aspirin haha! Thank YOU so much!
Hotnfit says:
"The "effective dosage" at which aspirin was added to the EC stack was at 325 mg. 325 mg of aspirin 3 times a day puts you at risk for developing ulcers and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Again, if you would like to use it to decrease risks/chances of high blood pressure, stick to the 81mg aspirin".
posted 20-Apr-2012 10:18am

So I have been on the stack for 3 days. I did too much too soon yesterday after only 1 day on the stack-obviously my tolerance is not where I thought it was. I was very VERY nauseous last night and had to empty my stomach to get rid of the horrible feeling in my head and tummy and overall lethargic, doped up feeling I had going on. I tried three doses yesterday instead of two. I will be only doing two doses per day for a few more days. But on Monday I weighed 166 and this morning I weigh 151! Now I know it has alot to do with last night but still, that is amazing results. I can't wait to have my pre-2 kids weight back (circa 2004)!
I was also looking up online the ingredients, ALL of the ingredients, in the original RFA-1 and I came across this article on (see below). SO I was thinking if I could find something with all of that stuff in it and supplement the Bronk and aspirin with it then I would have the original RFA-1. I ordered "Alpha Hoodia" (from Amazon) which has everything in it that the original had minus the ehpedra of course and I will let you all know if it works as well as this ECA stack or if I wasted $25 on the herbs. =) Because Bitter Orange was a key herb in the original formula as well, that is why I was thinking of all of this. Where the ECA stack is awesome, it is missing Bitter Orange.
I will do this formula: 1 Bronkaid, 1 Alpha Hoodia, 1 low dose aspirin 2x a day and see what happens. If nothing then I will go back to 1 Bronkaid, 1 caffeine pill, 1 low dose aspirin 2x a day.
I should get them tomorrow (Saturday).

"Xenadrine contains 85 mg of bitter orange, an herb used for weight loss and appetite suppression. Xenadrine also contains 910 mg of guarana extract, which is a natural source of caffeine and thus serves as an appetite suppressant. It is unclear why Xenadrine contains 105 mg of white willow bark, as white willow bark does not have any known weight-loss properties and is usually used to treat pain or flu symptoms. Xenadrine contains 50 mg of ginger root, which is normally used to treat nausea and other gastrointestinal problems. Xenadrine also contains 225 mg of a proprietary thermo synergist blend, which may have appetite-suppressant or metabolism-increasing properties".

Have a blessed weekend!!
posted 23-Apr-2012 9:55am

Ok-so I re-weighed myself and I have actually lost 10 pounds. And the herbs are a great supplement to the stack. But I am only taking baby aspirin, not the 250 mg aspirin. Lots of energy and loss of appetite. But still- 10 pounds in a week is awesome!
posted 24-Apr-2012 12:24am

That's awesome, Kelli! Keep us posted.
posted 2-May-2012 3:29pm

Update: The stack is still working. But the baby aspirin was not cutting it for me. I have gone back to the 250mg aspirin and I am now taking 2 Bronkaids 2x a day with caffeine and aspirin. I feel less hungry with the regular aspirin then with the baby aspirin. To each their own though.
posted 2-May-2012 10:04pm

Wish I could say the same, Kelli. For some reason it doesn't seem like the stack is working for me this time. I completely feel the effects and I'm taking 3 doses a day (9:00, 12:00, 3:00), but I've lost MAYBE 3-5lbs since I started again. It's been a little over a month and I have no clue why the results are so slow this time. It's a little disheartening honestly. Like I said, I can feel it in my system. My appetite is completely eliminated and I have loads of energy, but the weight doesn't seem to be going anywhere (at least not nearly as fast as before). I'll stick with it for one more month. If I don't see any definitive weight loss by June 3rd, I'm going to stop the stack.
posted 8-May-2012 10:46am

Kelli I also noticed a big difference in the appetite suppression and energy levels by using a regular sized aspirin over the baby ones.
posted 9-May-2012 10:29am

@ Brad; Yeah, I have slowed down too. But I am only doing it twice a day. I am stuck @ 11 pounds. I keep going up and down. Maybe it is because I am woman but I do have more energy. Just no added weight loss. I am going to to try 3x a day and see what that does. I take a water pill some days versus the caffeine pill in my morning dose and that seems to jump start the weight loss. Have you tried Bitter orange? It was also in the original xenadrine.

@ Bob-I like the generic aspirin-it only has 250 mg of aspirin in it. Have you lost wieght as well?
posted 9-May-2012 10:14pm

Hi everyone,

I feel like I know some of you regulars already. I started reading this message board starting with page one (answered alot of my questions along the way)and was glad to see its still active once I made it to the last page. I found out about this ECA stack on Sunday 5/6/12 after spending most of the weekend researching (mostly out of disbelief that there really was a way to recreate the orginal effects of ephedrine). Bright and early monday morning I hauled over to CVS bought the following:

-Bronkaid (2 boxes)- the "E"
-CVS brand Caffeine Tablets (200MG EA) - the "C"
-Green Tea Extract Capsules - the "G"
-Fish Oil Capsules (look for the odorless ones if u can, fish burps are gross lol) - the "F"
-Baby Asprin (81mg) - the "A"
-Vitamin C capsules - the "VC"
-Pill box organizer (has 4 "boxes" per day to make things easy)

Started first thing that morning 5/7/12(monday:
Day 1:
8am: 1-E, 1/2-C, 2-G
12pm: 1-E, 1/2-C, 1-G, 1-VC
4pm: 1-E, 1/2-C, 1-G, 1-A, 1-F
(Drinking 1.5 gallons of water/day)

Decided to be a bit more brave tuesday cause I wasn't jittery or wired like I wanted to be, so I went to a full "C" at each dosing and added a second bronkaid to my noon dose. FINALLY!!!!!!!! The euphoric warmth of ephedrine kicked in! How I missed it's sweet embrace! Spent some time researching today and came across this "board" which has by far been the most informational and helpful one on the internet (I had already found all the links referred to on earlier pages) and still found this one to be the best, personal and real information.

Sooo, now that my Intro is over, It is Wednesday 5/9/12 and I have had 3 days of the stack I am down 8 lbs (hopefully not just water cause of the amount of water I'm consuming). Next my personal stats/history weight issues:

I am a 24 year old female from California, 5'10" and started Monday 5/6/12 at 325lbs(I guess I can tell yall cause I don't know any of you lol and you guys seem very suportive lol).

2003 I was at 185/190 which was a size 11/13 pants for me. Now at 325lb I'm in a size 22 and miserable. ALOT of Crap happened over the last 9 years, I was binge closet eating, didn't care, weight pilled on like crazy and I hit 337 at my worst and broke down. I've tried every "magic" pill I could find, atkins, weight watchers, I've had personal trainers on/off for 3 years, did HCG+500cal diet which was the only other thing that kinda worked (got down to 270 mid 2011) but come on 500 cal/day I felt like sh*t and had no energy whatsoever(then more crap happened and I bounced back up).., the lemonade/cayanne/syrup thing, seriously everything. from February 2012- this past sunday 5/6/12 I've been personal training 3x's a week and eating healthy and only dropped from 337 to 325 (12 lbs in 3.5 months aint working for me) So I'm SUPER happy about the 8lbs in 3 days. My goal is to get to 190 then see what I look like (my frame is tall and kinda stalky even when I was at 190, I looked more like 170 for my frame).

Back to the stacking info. I eat a banana for breakfast with or without granola depending on my hunger(i've never been a breakfast person), lunches have been Tuna sandwich or Sushi or grilled chicken and vegetables etc, dinners I usually have fruit (canned pears, apple, etc) or chicken/veg. or a progresso light soup. Pretty sure my calories are around 1000 or less per day but I'm not starving or staring at the fridge with desire. Also drinking water like a fish all day non stop. Dropped sodas cold turkey and its not bothering me yet-knock on wood, not driving through anywhere other than el pollo loco for skinless chicken breast and mixed veggies when in a hurry. The first two days I hardly pooped lol (anyone else have this?), but I've been peeing like a race horse since monday lol and finally had a normal poo (perfect according to Dr. Oz's poo chart)SOOooo... to finish up my now novel, I have a few questions and gladly accept any questions or suggestions you guys have for me!

1. For those of you that have lost all your weight and gained some back or fell off the wagon at some point, what happened when you came off? Did you revert back to old habbits or did your body just not work properly? I know Brad weened himself (This was my plan later down the road but longer than a 10 day ween).

2. Cycling vs. straight through til goal weight? I've seen people doing both, but haven't seen the results of cycling?

I'll be a regular and keep you guys updated on where I'm at, would love to hear your guys starting weights/dates, todays weights, any tidbits that helped or burdened you along the way.
Gonna stop typing for real now :)

posted 11-May-2012 11:47pm

Hey peeps!
Update: 5/11/12 hit 314lbs this morning for a total 11lbs down in 5a days


Hoping someone will check in this weekend!
posted 14-May-2012 3:38pm

Congrats Christina96! Keep it up!

Kelli at the moment i'm not taking anything at the moment but i've been considering picking it back up again. I don't have a ton i want to lose this time but the quicker it goes the more motivated you;; be for other things.
posted 18-May-2012 9:38am

Hi Christina! I am new to the stack too and it is amazing if you use it everyday. I got off of it for 2 weeks and I gained 5 pounds! So now I am back on it. I use it 2x a day. Some people do it more, but I have to build up to that, otherwise I get sick. I also noticed the constipation issue the first week. There is a drink called magnesium citrate you can get, it is like 99 cents and get it in the cherry flavor (the others are nasty) that will help with blockage. Drink half the bottle one night then the other half within 24 hours and you will feel better. I hope this helps you!

@ Bob-I ran out of aspirin so I stopped taking it, I kept forgetting to get the aspirin and I gained 5 pounds! Just in 2 weeks! But once I started to take it, OMG my energy level sky rocketed and I had very lite meals. It was awesome.
posted 27-Jun-2012 10:57pm

I thought I was the only one who missed the original Zenadrine RFA-1 with Ephedra! I just purchased 600 ephedrine pills online, to be shipped from Canada. I can not wait to get them. I am currently 5ft 11 and 325lbs. My goal is to drop 100lbs. I know for sure I will be able to do it with my trusty ECA stack. I think its a shame that they took it off the market, because it is the only product that I have ever been successful with. So glad that I found this educating and motivating forum.
posted 2-Jul-2012 7:27pm

I received my 600 count 8mg Ephedrine HCL! I ordered Them on a Thursday and received them that Saturday! I am stacking with 200mg caffeine, and 81mg of Aspirin with 24mg Ephedrine HCL. So far so good.
posted 5-Jul-2012 10:17am

Over the last month i've dropped 11 lbs doing the bronkaid stack and not changing anything else. I'm at the point where without exercise i won't really lose much more. I really need to get myself in gear. Figuring out some changes that would allow me to maintain this or lower weight permanently would be ideal. I don't want to go on the stack every few months because i put back on the weight i lost using it.
posted 10-Jul-2012 1:53am

@Charleston-Chris. I would love to find out where you ordered the 600 ephedrine pill from. In the mid 90's I worked out with Ultimate Orange and I LOVED it. Have you tried the pills yet and do they work - are they real? Would love to get some info from you on where to buy and if they are effective.
posted 24-Jul-2012 7:26am

@AprilD: The easiest thing to do is to google 8mg ephedrine HCL and you will find websites from Canada that ship to the USA. I'm leery about mentioning the exact website I use because you might be the FUZZ and I don't want my good thing to get messed up.

On another note: I just had a break through. I found out that the ECA stack ratio is 3-2-1. (25-32 mg of Ephedrine HCL, 200mg caffeine. and at least 100 mg of aspirin.) I know a lot of folk are saying just one 81 mg baby aspirin is enough, but in my experience its not, I take two now. I remember back in the day when I started stacking I was using the 325mg aspirins per dose, so a dosage of 162 mg isn't terrible at all, in fact its just right. I suggest everyone try what works best for them. I am learning what works best for me.
Chef Lucky
posted 25-Jul-2012 6:05am

I used to take the rfa1 back in 2000-2001 and I was oh soooo happy. Been looking ever since for it and like everyone else on here I have tried everything else and nothing worked. Not ecai berry or metabolite or ANYTHING! For a health condition I need to lose a lot of weight fast will this eca stack "really" work because I'll go get it tomorrow! I took the xenadrine when I was 20-21 now 32 does that factor in at all? Thanks guys and gals
posted 26-Jul-2012 7:35am

@Chef Lucky: Yes Sir the ECA stack is the TRUTH. It really is effective.
posted 26-Jul-2012 10:10am

Hey guys, I'M BACKKKKKKKKK :) Pick back up on the stack after taking a couple months off. Over the last 2 months, Ive gained 5 lbs so now in order to reach my 130 lbs goal, I have 18 lbs to go. Hopefully the 2 month break will jump start these last few.

Hey stacking girls, have yall noticed the stack prompts your cycle? ::sorry guys!:: This never happened to me before. During my 2 month hiatus, I would take a dose here and there but it would make me start. Its doing it again now that Im back on it 2x/day.weird, huh?
posted 7-Oct-2012 8:49pm

,@MD Thanks for visiting and great job on taknig charge of your health!Wow, I've written this article a while ago and it's interesting that my views have somewhat changed on fat burners.I first came across this stack minus the sesamin a long while ago, but the best write up I've seen of this can be found on this stubborn fat article</a>.With that said: in general, I wouldn't recommend this stack, the ECA stack, or any fat burners for someone like you. I believe fat burners have a couple uses:Use temporarily to give you a quick jumpstart on your fat loss (e.g. you never worked out before, and you are starting to diet and exercise). This helps with energy levels and gives a great motivational boost.Use temporarily to help you burn off excess fat for some kind of bodybuilding competition.It seems like you are already hardening the f**k up , doing what you need to do, and it'll just take time to get you there. There's no rush to get there right?I'd rather see people cure themselves with good habits and good diet instead of just taknig some pills. Note that when you take fat burners, there will be a point when you will have to stop taknig them (health reasons). The last thing you'll ever want to do is reach a fat loss plateau while on fat burners. This is because when you stop taknig them, you won't know what nutrition and exercise intensity your body needs to even maintain that plateau.Circling back to the diet. What's your macronutrient in your diet exactly? Have you looked into something like intermittent fasting? I'm currently on LeanGain right now, working out 3 days a week, and it's giving me ridiculous results (best shape of my life without using any fat burners). 3 months ago
Panhandle Girl
posted 18-Nov-2012 8:48pm

Well since I've been here last I don't even live on the Florida panhandle anymore lol.This seems to be the name I've used for the past almost 3 yrs though so figured I'd stick with it lol. Last year of college too and boy is it kicking my butt this year. I think I'm experiencing the freshman 15 4 years late lol. Ugh well I really dont feel like order the Pure Ma Haung that worked so well with Brad the first time. It worked for me the first time and even stopped my bingeing (which is the only thing thats everr worked to stop my bingeing.) I've taken it several times since though with largeee months breaks between but I just never got that effect again. I wonder if they changed it? I really didnt feel anything with the Bronkaid/No Doz/ Apsirin stack either. I'm just at a complete loss and dont know what to try. I've been googling looking for something new to try but I honestly dont trust anyone like I trust you guys. I'd love for something to work for me the way Pure Ma Haung worked the first time. It miraculously stopped my binges and the fat just melted off. Like I said I've used it 6-7 times since looking for that same first bottle experience but I couldn't get it. What should I try?
posted 23-Nov-2012 10:12am

Giovanna has a very good point about getting your habits straight instead of using a stack or whatever to reach our weight loss goals. But then those of us that come here on any regular basis seems to swing back and forth on how well we hold up to our regimen.

Panhandle Girl I had great luck using the Kaizen Ephedrine HCL. More so than i ever did bronkaid and i felt it helped more than the Ma Haung personally. I believe Brad also used it for a while with success as well. There's currently a place called gorillajack dot com that has it on sale for 50% off the norm. I just order a months supply a week ago and it showed up tuesday from Canada. Maybe that's something you'd like to look into.
posted 25-Nov-2012 11:08am

Thankyou Bob I'll def look into that right now!
posted 13-Dec-2012 10:13am

Let us know how it all works out for you if you decide to try it.
posted 20-Jan-2013 11:49pm

Well I ordered the Kaizen 8mg like a week ago from GorillaJack. It still isn't here but I also bought asprin the other day at Walmart and they didn't have caffeine pills. I was so shocked. I got no doz from there before but giras they dont sell them anymore. Maybe I'll have coffee or tea or something. Do I need the caffeine? Anyways about how mucj were you losimg on the Kaizen?
posted 23-Jan-2013 9:00pm

@Bob what's the combo when using Kaizen Ephedrine HCL 8mg from Gorilla Jack?

2 Kaizen Ephedrine HCL
1 No Doz
1 baby Asprin

Bronkaid seems to be constantly recalled and I want a reliable source again.
posted 24-Jan-2013 11:19am

@Kel today is my 1st day using it, but I'm using 2 Kaizen with 1regular asprin and I don't have caffeine pills yet ,but when I do i'll add them, and then 1 ephedrin in the early afternoon. Cause everyone said 24mg was the best.
posted 28-Jan-2013 10:22am

I'm going to try using Primatene now...

2 CVS brand Primatene (Ephedrine HCL 12.5 MG)
1 CVS Caffeine Caplet (200 MG)
1 CVS Low Dose Asprin (81 MG)

Start weight: 184.4
Current weight: 150.4
Goal weight: 130
posted 29-Jan-2013 12:41pm

Tried to respond yesterday but my posts kept not showing up so lets try this one last time.

PanhandleGirl - Caffeine is required for the stack, aspirin is not. If you haven't picked up some c yet then stop wasting you e for the time being. The combination/synergistic effects of ephedra/caffeine is what gives the amazing weight loss results we all use this combo for. You could always drink a cup of coffee or 2 with each dose. In the past 2 months i've dropped 21 lbs and gone from a 34" to a 32" waist and counting.

Kel - Im taking 3 8mg kazien hcl's, 1 200 mg caffeine, 1 regular aspirin 3 times a day. 1st @ 6:30 am, 2nd @ 10-10:30 am and 3rd @ 2-2:30 pm. I get to bed between 9-10 pm and have no problems falling asleep relatively quickly.

Bronkaid is gone from the shelves around myself and i haven't seen primatene for an even longer time. Primatene is ephedrine hcl like the kazien brand so using that should be just as good but i found bronkaid to work better than the primatene and the kazein hcl to work better than bronkaid. Go figure. I haven't really been following an exercise regimen. Walking the dog regularly, hiking/playing frisbee golf, etc. I've been collecting the needed supplies to get back in the swing of things recently so a full on exercise routine will be coming in the next couple weeks. As for what/how I eat I avoid fast foods like the plague, eat less in general as my stomach shrank during the initial appetite suppression i got from the stack which is great. I eat breakfast @ 7 am, 1st snack at 9:30 am, lunch @ 12 pm, 2nd snack @ 3:30 pm and dinner at 6-6:30pm. Breakfast usually consists of eggs/toast/potatoes or a bowl of cereal, 1st snack is always half a pack (3) pb cracker sandwiches (95 calories), lunch is usually half a sandwich, slice of pizza, more breakfast or occasionally a burger. 2nd snack is the 2nd half of my crackers and dinner is usually something made up at home (pot roast, chicken w/ rice, pasta, ham w/ potatoes, whatever) but every once in a while i do go out with friends.

I think i answered everybodys questions. If there are any more let me know and don't forget to keep us posted on your progress then ladies!
posted 4-Feb-2013 10:14pm

Thankyou. I think I'll have to order some NoDoz then. I hate s&h charges, but I couldn't find it arpund me gor some strange reason.
posted 4-Feb-2013 10:39pm

Just ordered so hopefully it will be here by next week and I can resume stacking. Luckily I prob only used like a weeks worth. I'm glad caffeine makes a difference cuz I wasn't really feeling much.
posted 6-Feb-2013 12:15pm

PanhandleGirl it doesn't have to be NoDoz brand. Any 200mg caffeine pill that your local drug store or walmart carries will do. In fact you'll find the off brand at walmart, jet alert i think, is a lot less money and has more in each package.
posted 14-Feb-2013 8:25am

So how's everybody making out here?
posted 5-Apr-2013 8:17am

Oh no! I'm asthmatic and I also excnrieepe heartburn. So, they can be connected? So many things to consider and so many things to do. As I understand from this, it's a digestion problem. Asthma is respiratory. How can this be linked. I would need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.
posted 5-Apr-2013 11:42am

Hey everyone! Havent been here for a while but have about 10pds that I wanna get rid of an looking to get back on eca. Question, has anyone had the kaizen hcl delivered to usa recently as the gorilla j**k. Website has a disclaimer about not shipping to US. Im in NY u think they will send it anyway? Havent ordered in yrs and I dont remember it saying that upon chk out before. Thanks
posted 8-Apr-2013 1:44pm

Dandy, I dont know how recent that message is but i ordered from them 3-4 months ago and a couple months before that without any issues.
posted 10-Apr-2013 5:37pm

Thanks Bob! I will order and post back with how it goes.
posted 16-Apr-2013 3:00pm

Let us know how it works out.
posted 19-Apr-2013 11:09am

Placed an order but recieved an email about US orders and them updating their website. Did anyone else get this when ordering from gorilla j**k? Idk
posted 19-Apr-2013 11:57am

As far as i can see it's still listed for sale/shipping to the US under the product description/shipping details. You can always try googling the kazien hcl and see what you come up with. There is another site listed somewhere in this topic where a few of us ordered from but i don't recall where that was any more.
posted 20-Apr-2013 7:19pm

This was the notice I recieved. Doesnt say they wont ship, not sure what this actually means Iol. So I will wait a week or so and see. If not ill try something else.

Order Confirmation

This is a notice to all US and International customers.Canada Post has recently changed its requirements and regulations with regards to US and International shipments originating out of Winnipeg. As a a result there will be an extended delay in shipping your order. We are working on making the necessary technical changes to our website and systems in order to comply with the regulations. Once we have completed the changes to our website and completed testing we will be able to resume shipments. You will be contacted at that time to see if you would like to continue with your order.

Hope all is well with everyone else
posted 23-Apr-2013 9:57am

That doesn't appear to be a refusal to ship. It's just that your order is on hold and they'll double check with you if you still want it when they can ship.

I'm quite curious how this will turn out as i'm sure i'll end up ordering some more in the future.
posted 24-Apr-2013 3:52pm

I agree, thats why I made mention that I will wait. The confusion was the whole website regulations and testing comments lol. Also, I ordered from there over a year ago and never recieved any message so I just wondered if something was a muck. Well no charge to the card and no word as of yet. I will definately let you guys know. Til then I will implement my no carbs after 3pm and see how I fare . Off course I will also have to start my TapOut XT. Sheesh what we do for beauty :)
posted 25-Apr-2013 6:46pm

has anyone tried hellfire? does it work?
posted 30-Apr-2013 11:12am

The different kinds of ephedra and which ones are effective and which aren't have been explained a few times through out this thread. You should go back and find that info. With that knowledge you should be able to determine if those pills are worth the purchase or not. A lot of the "legal ephedra" diet pills on the market these days don't have the effective kind in them and there for aren't worth the trouble.

I tried green stingers a while back. While quite powerful stimulant wise, i hated how they made me feel and stopped taking them after a week or two.
posted 2-May-2013 9:37am

@Amanda-Nope I never heard of it
@Bob- Still no word yet :(
posted 13-May-2013 10:44am

Thanks for keeping us updated. Sucks there still hasn't been any word. I've got about a 2 week supply left so i'm very interested in how this all turns out for you.
posted 27-May-2013 1:30pm

@ Bob -So still nothing guess its a no go. Guess I will reasearch something else
posted 28-May-2013 8:27am

Dandy, let us know what you find out. I'm going to be looking myself in the near future.
posted 16-Jun-2013 9:16am

Hi all. I've been stacking (1 bronkaid, 1 aspirin & 1 caffeine pill) 2x per day for the past month and I've lost 17 lbs. I've also been eating about 1250 calories a day and working out 7 days a week, with a daily 700 calorie burning goal. I'm feeling that the stack is no longer effective. Should I increase to 3x per day even though I won't be able to sleep at night or should I cycle off for a month to regain the effects I felt in the beginning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
posted 17-Jun-2013 8:27am

I think i'd cycle off instead of taking so much i couldn't sleep. But just because you don't notice the energy and what not doesn't mean that it isn't working any more.
posted 24-Jun-2013 11:45am

I found another place in canada that carries kazien hcl. I emailed them to find out if they'll ship it to a us address or not before i placed an order. I will follow up with you guys to let you know the results.
posted 20-Aug-2013 10:11am

I still haven't had any luck finding any place to order more Kaizen HCL from. I did however find a walmart that had a few boxes of bronkaid left in stock so i picked up all they would allow me too.
posted 18-Nov-2013 11:17am

Hi all. Just wanted to give you an update. I decided not to cycle off. I'm now down 56lbs with 32 more pounds to go. Yippie!!!
posted 20-Jan-2014 12:44pm

I can't seem to get the same effects from this stack as previously. I'm taking 2 bronkaid, 1 aspirin, & 1 caffeine pill and I feel jittery as all get out; uncomfortably, in fact.

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