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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 27-May-2009 11:22pm

Has any body heard about D4
posted 28-May-2009 11:19pm

@ Anonymous

I had never heard of D4 until I read your post. I've done about 2 hours of research on it today, and from the reviews I'm reading it sounds like this stuff is amazing.

For those of you that would like to learn about this product go to... they are they makers of this product. They offer a stack on their website for $199 that includes D4 and T7. From everything I've read today the combination of those 2 together provide incredible results. I am still a little skeptical about the whole thing, but after reading so many reviews from "real" people all praising this product, it's very hard not to want to try it.

You can read reviews on this stuff at...

What's really nice also about those reviews is that they are very recent.

I personally am going to continue using the combo of RFA-1 and the 24mg of HCL until I am out of the RFA-1. I am now running about 2 miles a night and I am on a VERY low calorie/fat diet (no more than 500 calories a day). If I don't see good results by the end of the bottle I will give that $200 stack a shot.
posted 29-May-2009 4:37pm

Well the reason why I asked was because my boyfriend told me that D4 works realy good I have been using it for 4 days and a have lost 2 pounds and 2 inches.
posted 29-May-2009 5:45pm

@ Anonymous

That's really good to hear. Not to take away from what you've lost, but typically the first weight you drop when you take a pill like this is merely just water weight. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to actually see "real" results.

If you don't mind, could you keep us updated weekly on your results and what your routine is (ie what you eat, how much you exercise, etc). Like I had previously mentioned, if after the bottle of RFA-1 is out and I haven't seen the results I want, I am going to give my money to Cellucor to see if they can pull it off.
posted 29-May-2009 7:41pm

Can anyone tell me how exactly Xenadrine works, specically as it relates to low carb dieters?
posted 29-May-2009 9:53pm

Xenadrine with Ephedrine elevates your heart rate which causes your body to burn more calories. It is also an appetite suppressant and energy booster. That's the very simple explanation.

As far as how it works with someone on a low carb diet, I don't notice any side effects out of the norm.
Anonymous (Lupe)
posted 29-May-2009 10:17pm

brad yes you're right the fist thing you loose is water. I was first taking hidroxycut but i got a realy bad rash so then i waited one week for my body to get clean and then i started to take xenadrine for two weeks and I lost 6 pounds. But I knew it was just water so my boyfriend came one day with D4 and told me that D4 was better. So I started to take it on tuesday. And I have lost 2 pounds and 2 inches. What I do is a low calorie diet and I run 30 min and I walk for 30-35 min 7 days a week. No alcohol or chips which I love :( for example in the morning a 1/2 cup of oatmilk with 8oz of 2% milk. For a snack I'll have a cup of papaya then for lunch I'll have tuna with baby carrots for snack I'll have 1med orange for dinner I'll have a salad with chicken for for snack I'll have more fruit. My dinner is before 7:00 pm and during the day I drink lots of water. I know it's hard but when i need some chips what I do I'll have 1 or 2. Am 5'8 and I was 173 today am 165 and I want to loose 15-20 more pounds. Am giving my self 6 months to loose them by the way my name is Lupe
posted 30-May-2009 1:06am

I just bought the Xenadrine RFA-1 from Walmart - will start it tomorrow. The only thing is I don't really have time to exercise. I wonder if it it'll still have some effect. I don't have much weight to lose, just the stubborn 10 lbs mostly around my waist. Wish me luck. PS - is it possible to buy the HCL in stores? I'm nervous about online purchases.
posted 31-May-2009 1:38pm

@Lee: Are you in the US? If so, then I would say not it's not possible to legally buy HCL in a store here. Well, maybe if you found some really shady store that sold it on the shelf, but selling HCL is illegal here in the US.

I just ordered some of the 8mg from snd today. I'll let you know if it is delivered to the US ok. I've ordered various products online before from or GNC and have had no issues. This is my first order from snd so I am a little uncomfortable.

I'm planning on combining the HCL (maybe 16 mgs) with the doses of Xenadrine RFA-1.

I'll update with my progress.

posted 31-May-2009 3:37pm

@ Lee

If you aren't going to exercise while taking it, don't expect to see results. This isn't a magic pill that is going to do all of the hard work for you. You have to put in more effort than swallowing a couple of pills.

It will still suppress your appetite, but if you aren't working out then your body instead of burning those calories is going to go into "starvation mode" and store every little bit it can. You'll be wasting your money and your hopes.
posted 31-May-2009 3:45pm

sharing my Xenadrine results.

I decided to go on a diet cuz i figured it was time to lose a few lbs, I started off with hydroxycut i took about 2 days worth of pills, then they threw down the recall on it, so I had to switch, the guy at GNC mentioned xenadrine, so I decided to give it a shot. since April 15th I have lost 22lbs (5day a week workouts). Im not sure that is good, or as fast as others may want to lose the weight. But Xen deffinetly seems to starve the appitite.
posted 31-May-2009 9:45pm

Thanks Bill - no, I'm located in Canada. I'm doing my research online on where/how to safely order HCL without getting ripped off... not easy. So advice would be great.

Brad - point taken, after starting xenadrine yesterday, I got a huge burst of energy. I just ran for 35 minutes, which I'll gradually increase. I"ll definitely be adding exercise into my routine, especially with the amount of energy I've got now.
posted 31-May-2009 10:03pm

If anyone knows if I can find HCL in a store in Canada (smallest quantity just so I can try it out), that would be ideal. I'm still hesitant about online purchases...
posted 31-May-2009 10:25pm

Sorry for the barrage of questions guys... but I'm reading online that it's dangerous to take HCL on a daily basis for more than 7 days. Is this true? Do you guys take it daily?
posted 1-Jun-2009 1:10pm

@ Lee

That's very good to hear about you running. Believe it or not, you'll get to a point very quickly where you look forward to running because you just feel good when you do.

As far as buying it from a store in Canada, yes you can. Granted, I have never been to Canada, but I have read many, many times that you can buy the Kaizen 8mg tabs from most nutrition/body building/health stores.

I know you are hesitant about buying from where most of us have gotten ours, but I can assure you that it is 100% legit. I have placed 3 orders with them over the past 8 months and I have never once had an issue.

As far as it being dangerous or not, yes there are risk factors in taking something that elevates blood pressure and heart rate. I am not a doctor so I can not give you advice that you should take to heart. However, I used to cycle my usage of HCL on for 2 months and off for 1 week. I've never had any health issues, but everyone is different.
posted 1-Jun-2009 2:50pm

I just went into my local Wal-Mart and bought Xenadrine RFA-1......i read above that this was discontinued in the US....i have a hard time believing that Wal-Mart would still be carrying this as a staple weight loss supplement. Maybe ephredra was taken out of it.........??
posted 1-Jun-2009 3:18pm

ok, after reading the previous posts i see that this must be the "new formula" without ephedrine. i am sure it will work......even if it is only a little extra kick then its worth it!
posted 1-Jun-2009 7:16pm

Good luck
posted 1-Jun-2009 7:53pm

Thanks Brad. You're right. The energy I get now is amazing - and I'm normally a sluggish person. This is great! I decided to take a leap and buy the HCL online... found the Kaizen 8 mg, 50 tabs for like 15 bucks, including shipping... paid with PayPal, so I didn't have to give CC. Looking forward to receiving it.
shawna 6/2/09
posted 2-Jun-2009 12:45pm

Question..... just wondering if the Xenadrine RFA-1 powder mix is okay to use instead of the pills??? How many drinks a day would u recommend? Thank u!!
shawna 6/2/09
posted 2-Jun-2009 12:46pm

or maybe can u use drink mix and the pills and how muchb of each a day?
posted 2-Jun-2009 1:05pm

I think you should take the pills and the mix. I don't think the mix if that strong by it self
posted 2-Jun-2009 2:15pm

ok. i took my first two pills about 30 mins ago....i will take them only before lunch everyday until i need to up it to twice a day and then 3 times a day......i feel high! i am all jittery! i have taken adipex from my family doctor before and this is the same, thirst for water, and lack of appitite. i will eat lunch in about 20 mins..........this is just what i needed!
posted 2-Jun-2009 3:13pm
edited 2-Jun-2009 4:57pm

Well, I bought some RFA-1 drink mix. So far so good. I feel a little energy boost, but not nearly as pronounced as the old formula of Xenadrine with eph. Also, I am much thirstier since I started taking these drinks. I'm following the directions and taking the drink about 30 to 60 minutes before a meal.

My schedule has been quite hectic, so I haven't exercised since Saturday (I started taking RFA-1 on Sunday). I'll resume exercise (swimming) tonight.

I ordered the 8mg eph (600 count) from SND. No word yet from them so I don't know if they've shipped it out to me yet or not. Hopefully they don't sit on the order for a week before sending it out (had that happen with other vendors before).

What was everyone else's experience with SND? Did they ship in a resonable time or did the order seem to fall into a black hole until oneday it just arrives at your door?

EDIT: I went to the website, sent them an email and they responded quickly saying that my order would be shipped out today. COOL! Not so fast... I went back to the site a few minutes ago and the site no longer displays the SND site. O.o Instead it now displays a generic cPanel page as if it is a brand new server installation.

I wonder what happened, and I wonder if I really will get my shipment. :(

posted 2-Jun-2009 5:48pm

@ wapowell

Just went to their website and it seems to be up and running as normal.
posted 2-Jun-2009 9:53pm

I ordered HCL from, and just got an email from Canada Post with the shipping status and that I can expect its arrival June 3... totally took care of my fear of online purchases. So I wanted to ask you guys, when I get it tomorrow, what should my start dosage be? I'm still doing 1 xenadrine 30-60 mins before a meal. I think I'm going to stay at this dosage, because years ago when I took the xenadrine at the 2 pill dosage, I remember having a hard time sleeping at night.

I'm on a low carb diet, running 35 mins, haven't stepped on the scale yet.... will do that after a full week and send an update. BTW - I think it's great that I stumbled across this site with all of your support.
posted 2-Jun-2009 10:03pm


If you had problems with sleeping when using the original RFA-1, you should probably just start with 1 8mg tablet of the HCL. The original RFA-1 had 10mg of HCL per pill, so use that as a reference.

Results on my end are positive, but much slower than I remember them being with the original RFA-1. There's a local Dr in my area that for $80 a month will prescribe Phentermine along with monthly weigh-ins. I've done a lot of research on that product and it seems to be very positive. However, most people that take Phentermine have a significant amount of weight they want to lose. I'm only looking for 25-30lbs.

I don't know if I have posted my stats yet, but I'm 26yrs old and 5'11" weighing in at 205. I want to get back down to the 185 area.
posted 2-Jun-2009 11:56pm

@Brad - Yeah it looks like I was having a DNS issue with my internet provider. From my home computer the SND site loaded a weird cPanel page, but from my iPhone (not using BrightHouse's network) the site loaded fine. Hmmm,.. All's well now though.
posted 3-Jun-2009 7:27am

I've ordered from snd twice now and have gotten both orders within a weeks time.
posted 3-Jun-2009 11:56am

hi i am taking the new xenadrine rfa 1 with a diet and exersice should it works ?
posted 3-Jun-2009 3:24pm

When you take eph with RFA-1 do you combine it with anything else? Just wondering if RFA-1 and eph make a ECA stack, or if something else is needed.
posted 3-Jun-2009 4:06pm


The original RFA-1 was based on the ECA stack, but it just had more ingredients. As far as the new formula, I know that it has caffeine in it but I'm not sure if it has acetaminophen. I'd have to look at the ingredients again to find out.

The whole reason why I had so much HCL laying around is because I tried the ECA stack several months ago. If you scroll up a ways on here you'll see that I talked about it. However, I never saw ANY results from that. My body felt amped, so I know it was doing something. It just didn't do what I wanted it to. I gave up on using HCL for a little while until I came across the new RFA-1 formula in Target one day. Figured I'd try adding the HCL to the new formula to simulate the original formula. It's now been roughly 3 weeks and I DO have positive results, but they aren't the results I remember from the original formula. It just seems that I'm busting my butt more this time around than I originally did and am having less weight loss when compared to before. I'm not taking anything else. I'm just drinking as much water as I can throughout the day and eating a VERY low calorie diet. Basically just water, fruits and veggies, and tuna.

I remember after one week on the original formula I had dropped 8lbs. It's been close to 3 weeks and I haven't lost as much as I should have.

I'm going in to a local doctor that prescribes Phetermine next week. It's $80 a month, but that's what the new RFA-1 formula and having to order HCL would come to be anyway.

I'll keep everyone posted.
posted 3-Jun-2009 8:52pm

Brad, just a thought, do you have more weight in the mid section than anywhere else? Do you think you could have high levels of cortisol? Because sometimes when you work out, eat right, taking suppliments but see no or little results, it could just be stress causing high cortisol release bringing more fat to the mid area. Are you stressed? By your last post, it sounds like your diet is pretty good - low carb and high protein. Or maybe you're eating too little calories?
posted 3-Jun-2009 9:33pm


Yeah, the majority of what I want to lose is in my mid section, but it isn't just that area. I'm a graphic designer and deal with high levels of stress on pretty much a daily basis due to clients always needing their jobs ASAP, but my body has always divided excess weight the same my whole life.

You bring up a good point of possibly not taking in enough calories. My body may still be trying to hold on to everything it gets due to such a low level of intake. The Dr/Dietician next week should hopefully clear these concerns up.

Thank you for caring, though. :)
posted 4-Jun-2009 10:53am

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site. I just got fooled into buying RFA-1 too.

Brad, by taking 2 pills a day along with "Kaizen Ephedrine HCL 8mg" from, along with some exercise, do you think I will be just fine? I need to drop 20 - 30 (currently at 240 lbs).

posted 4-Jun-2009 4:01pm


Everyone is different and nothing is guaranteed. However, everyone on here so far that has used that combo along with exercise and a healthy diet is seeing results.

If you do decide to use HCL with RFA-1, keep us posted on your results.
posted 4-Jun-2009 4:02pm

Whoops. Forgot to add my name to the above post again.
posted 4-Jun-2009 10:13pm

Thank you all for posting your knowledge on this blog. i have found it to be very informative. I am interested in trying the satcker and would like to know a couple things from the people who are using it.

One: Is it still going to well for those of you who have been using it for a month or more?

Two: It is my understanding that after 2 weeks your body grows accustomed to it and its effects start to dissipate. So, is anyone cycling - perhpas using it for two weeks - off for a week - and then back on?

Three: I live in the US but, I am heading to Windsor Ontario next week. Does anyone know exactly where I could buy Ephedrine HCL 8mg in a store. Kaizen brand, I suppose?

Thanks for any info!
posted 4-Jun-2009 10:36pm

Just an update - today, I had one 8mg HCL tablet with my morning xenadrine, then another 8mg tablet with my lunch xenadrine. As for my dinner xenadrine, I didnt include an HCL. The energy level is through the roof, I ran for double the time today than I normally do. The appetite is totally supressed. My mouth is constantly dry - like I am always thirsty. I drank about 2 litres of water during the day, and another 2 litres during/after my workout.

Now it's night time, and it feels a little like a crash and burn - very tired, little dizzy and increased heart rate. It might because I didn't sleep much last night. Tomorrow I might just take one 8mg tablet for the day.
posted 4-Jun-2009 11:20pm

Guys, this has been great information I have the RFA-1 new and I have ordered the kaizen. Im in the US and they say its on its way so we will see. I am currently taking the old RFA-1, had some left over from the original bottle (a gajillian years ago)and I saw that someone on here said that it should still be good, who knows. I felt more energy today and I did two workouts so it must still have some power to it. Took one in the mornin (round 8)and one in the day (round 3). I thought I would take the old stuff till the kaizen arrives. Well so far so good. I usually do not upgrade to the two pills at a time I feel like 1 is enough and I generally dont take one before dinner because well I would be up forever. So I take one in the morning before a 45minute run on the treadmil and one during the day at around 3pm so that Ill have energy before my evening workout (P90X). So when the Kaizen comes I will take 1 new RFA-1 and 1 Kaizen twice a day at these same times. What do you guys think? Thanks again for all the great info
posted 5-Jun-2009 1:19am


I haven't yet been on it for a month. I'm just now hitting the 3 week mark, but I can say for certain that my body has built up a tolerance to it. I have actually added in another HCL (now totally 4 at a time) as well as another RFA-1 (now totally 3 at a time). My body really isn't that sensitive to caffeine as I used to drink a large cup of coffee each morning and anywhere between 1-2 BIG sugar free Red Bulls each day. I in no way at all recommend anyone take the dose I am taking. As far as where you can buy it in Canada, I don't know specific locations. I do know that there are actual brick and mortar SND stores (not related to If you go to you can find locations.


That's very good to hear! I'm really happy that this combo is working for you! The way you feel towards the end of your day is very similar to how I feel as well. There definitely seems to be a significant crash that tends to make me feel somewhat light headed and tired. I have a strong feeling that it is due to such a low caloric intake on my end.


Welcome! If you have any questions once you begin taking the HCL, there are quite a few people in this forum now that should be able to help you out. I wish you the best of luck and don't forget to keep us all updated on your results. :)
posted 5-Jun-2009 1:19am

I can't believe I did it again.
posted 5-Jun-2009 5:09am

You know, you can just create an account... it's quick/easy and the site will remember you.
posted 5-Jun-2009 9:45pm

Never knew that. Neat.
posted 6-Jun-2009 12:21am

Thanks Brad. Has anyone tried the making the tea like Aaron, RD suggested by buying the herb ingriedients? that sounds like an interesting idea.
posted 6-Jun-2009 10:40pm

Hey there Brad~! Thanks for updating your results, I have just went over this forum and read all your posts. I have decided to take the plunge and I have ordered Kaizen Ephedrine hcl from a website I found here on this forum, along with the new non ephedra xenadrine formula you can find at target for the caffeine boost. I have been using ephedra products since late 2001 while I was in the Army. I obviously haven't been taking it on a daily basis and give myself breaks for various time periods and I am still alive and kicking lol. I wanted to ask you something, when are you working out? Are you working out before you take the pills or right after, or take them in the morning and then work out late in the afternoon (8hrs kinda time frame) ? Just fyi, I normally would take RipFuel, or Xenadrine an hour or so after my workout early in the morning and that would kick start my day. I made the mistake of taking some before our morning workout and ended up throwing my guts up on the baseball field. Sorry for the long post, I will be on the lookout for your response!
posted 6-Jun-2009 11:18pm

Hi everyone, I have been taking the RFA-1 for about a month and I have not been working out as much. So of course not much weight loss. This question is for the ladies. Sorry guys. Has there been a change in your cycle? Either longer than normal and/or heavier? Other wise I have no other side effects, I have taken many diet pills before
posted 7-Jun-2009 12:13am

Hello everyone..Starting back taking RFA-1 today..Lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks last time.. now going for 30
posted 7-Jun-2009 1:01pm


I wake up every morning (Monday-Friday) at 8am and eat breakfast. I take my first dose (32mg of HCL and 3 RFA-1) at about 8:30am. I go to work and take my second dose (same amount) at 12. I eat lunch at 12:30 which is usually an orange with some almonds or a plain tuna sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread. I take my next dose at about 4pm (same amount) and I get off of work at 6pm. I then eat dinner and then go for my run at 9pm each night.

So the easy answer to your question is that I take my last dose about 5hrs before I run. I would like to take it an hour before I run, but since I run so late at night I doubt I would be able to fall asleep if I took the last dose that late into the day.

I would love to go running at about 6 in the morning, but I am not a morning person haha.

Hope this helps you and I'm glad to hear that this forum has helped you as well!

Keep us posted!
posted 7-Jun-2009 1:04pm


I wish you the best of luck, but I urge you to read through the last 6 months of this forum to give you an idea of what the new RFA-1 formula is about.
posted 8-Jun-2009 1:35pm

I am now highly considering staying on this combo of HCL and RFA-1. I stepped on the scale this morning and I have dropped 14lbs in just over 3 weeks.
posted 8-Jun-2009 3:23pm

Hi everyone. For those that are skeptical of ordering hcl from an online vendor, I am happy to say that I ordered from SND on 5/30 and got my shipment today (only took 5 business days).

Now, let the weight loss begin!

@Brad - Good job! 14 lbs in 3 weeks is very cool. I hope to have similar results.
posted 9-Jun-2009 1:18am



I'm not sure what happened. I checked it a couple of days ago and was incredibly discouraged with how little had been lost. I step on it today and it was a shock. I actually picked up the scale to make sure it was dialed in correctly.

It's also nice to hear that SND is still an excellent source for HCL and you're happy with their service.
posted 9-Jun-2009 10:24pm

You know whats supper hilarious? I don't even have a scal. Gotta go out an get me one of those.This is my second week and I was at the doctor last week and was weighed so I do have a starting point.
posted 10-Jun-2009 11:38am

I have been on this diet for 3 days and I have lost 3 pounds..
posted 10-Jun-2009 6:19pm

Alright, so I went to that appointment today for the doctor/nutritionist and I left with a months supply of 37.5mg Phentermine for $80. The doctor was very nice, but overall I felt like the appointment was just for show. He basically just discussed what you should and should not do to lose weight (which is everything I've already been doing to the T), took my weight and blood pressure then just handed me a bottle of Phen.

I know that any further updates will not help most of, if not any of you, out. But if it DOES work, I would like for you all to know of a different option as opposed to the HCL and RFA-1.

According to him I am starting at 210lbs (which is more than my scale at home says) and I will go back in in a month so he can "evaluate" my results.

Fingers crossed.
posted 10-Jun-2009 8:41pm

How did you find this doc? I assume this isn't just a regular primary care doctor but rather one that if from a weight loss clinic.
Was the doctor visit and the Phen $80, or was the $80 just for the Phen but the doctor's visit was extra?

If after a month I'm not getting as good a result from the HCL+RFA-1 then I'd like to try Phen also.
posted 10-Jun-2009 9:43pm


There is a local paper in the city I live in that always has advertisements in the back. I was just flipping through it and saw an ad claiming "Lose 20lbs a month for only $80 a month". I sent an email and the actual doctor wrote back fairly quick.

It was $80 total for the consultation and Phen. I'm not sure exactly what this office specializes in, but it's in a very rundown part of town and while I was waiting to be seen it seemed like the majority of the people there were getting ready to take drug tests. This place isn't related in any way to my actual healthcare provider. Like I had mentioned, it seemed like the whole consultation was just for show. Don't get me wrong, he was very nice and answered the questions I had, but it just seemed "unprofessional" as far as what I would expect for something like that. He never asked if I exercised or what my diet consisted of. He basically just talked about what most people already know when it comes to weight loss (ie. exercise, eat healthy). I won't even be seeing him personally for 3 months. He said for the following two appointments it will consist of seeing the nurse, having her weigh me and refilling my script.

The Phen I was given is the time release kind. You're supposed to take it first thing when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and it works for 12 hours. I got out of his office today at 2 and couldn't resist, so I took one. It's now 6:30 and I'm not sure how to describe it. I have a lot of energy, but it's not the same kind as with HCL. It's VERY smooth. I feel very alert and coherent, more-so than normal. My appetite has never been this suppressed from a diet pill. I am somewhat worried about sleeping tonight though, or at least at a reasonable hour. Even though it's a very smooth energy boost, I can already tell that it's going to be very difficult to fall asleep.
posted 11-Jun-2009 11:09am

Brad in what state or city is the doctor
posted 11-Jun-2009 4:02pm

Northern California.
posted 12-Jun-2009 9:50pm

Hi I'm getting ready to take the new RFA-1 but was wondering if anyone takes other prescription medication with this? I currently take Cymbalta for depression, Synththroid (sp?) for thyroid and Estratest for estrogen. They say not to take this with prescription medication, but do you think it will hurt me? I have about 50 pounds to lose and am going to try this with eating better and exercising
posted 12-Jun-2009 10:37pm
edited 12-Jun-2009 10:47pm


You should not take ANYONE'S advice on here to heart. No one on here is a doctor which means no one can tell you if what you take will be harmful or not, especially without a physical evaluation. You should only take what you read on here as other peoples experiences.

With that being said, in my opinion I would not suggest you take RFA-1 without permission from your healthcare provider. You are taking some fairly intense medications that are in place to help you. If you add in an appetite suppressant as well as the other ingredients that boost your energy there could be severe consequences when used in conjunction with your current medications. The 3 medications you listed ARE quite powerful in the sense that they are altering your brains chemistry. There really is no sense in taking something like RFA-1 without your doctors consent.

I'm sorry if this is coming across rather harsh because I don't intend it to be. Your experiences would be welcomed here with open arms so long as you are responsible with what you choose to do.
posted 13-Jun-2009 10:53am


I agree 100% with Brad. When thinking about mixing any supplement with prescription medications, your first stop should be your healthcare provider. Though some people on this board have experience with RFA-1 and other supplements, you need your doctor to evaluate the contraindications when taking RFA-1 whilst taking prescription meds.

I can certainly relate to the desire/need to lose some weight, but safety is always the first concern.
posted 14-Jun-2009 3:14pm

can you smoke marijuana while taking xenadrine RFA-1?
posted 14-Jun-2009 5:22pm

Thank you, wapowell. I'm glad there's someone who views taking supplements like these as serious as I do.


I used to know someone who smoked marijuana and took the original RFA-1 without any negative side effects. You should refer to my previous post, though. Granted you wont have approval from a doctor due to the marijuana, it still falls under the same category of mixing multiple substances.
posted 14-Jun-2009 5:54pm

so i shouldnt smoke it ? or like can i
posted 14-Jun-2009 7:01pm


I'm not saying yes or no. I was just saying that I knew someone who used to smoke daily and took RFA-1 without any negative side effects.

I personally wouldn't combine the two, but that's me.
posted 14-Jun-2009 10:36pm

well i smoked it and i feel fine lol
could i be able to drink alcohol
posted 14-Jun-2009 10:43pm
edited 15-Jun-2009 12:06am


If you are trying to lose weight you shouldn't be drinking anything other than water and some juice occasionally.

Alcohol turns to sugar which then turns to fat. You do the math.
posted 15-Jun-2009 11:49am

Started My Diet on Monda June 8..and now it is The next week over and lost 9 pounds..Loving this diet
posted 15-Jun-2009 4:03pm

@ Amber

What diet are you on?
posted 15-Jun-2009 9:44pm

I have been taking the Xenadrine RFA-1
I drink a shake in the morning
Lunch turkey and cheese wraps
Dinner-baked meat or grilled with SMALL salad
But i also do 5 miles a day!
posted 15-Jun-2009 10:06pm


I'm glad to hear you found a combination that works for you.

How much water would you say you drink daily?
posted 15-Jun-2009 10:10pm

I just started taking Zenalean Pro yesterday. I feel fine. I loved Xenadrine (original) I lost 30 pounds in 1 month. I hope Zenalean works as well. : )
posted 16-Jun-2009 10:29pm

I have now been taking the new RFA for two days. I have lost 6 pounds and a and inch to an inch and a half in different places. My belt is one notch lighter. I am alert but not jittery like so many others have mentioned. I am very awake and don't feel the need for a nap(s) like I usually do. I also stay in a great mood. Don't know if I can attribute this to the drug or to the weight I've lost and the hope of more. I also don't think I get jittery because only tons of caffeine can do that to me and I don't think there is enough in xenadrine to cause that effect. I also don't take it on an empty stomach as is recommended. I don't take any meds or vitamins on an empty stomach. I eat something that has a little bit of substance, like some crackers or a piece of cheese. Is there anyone else that is taking this with small meals?
posted 16-Jun-2009 10:31pm

Also, if you'd like to follow my progress and comments, I have set up a blog. Not as nice as this one (it's my first attempt with the 21st century!), but the info is there. Everyone is welcome to visit and comment. Support is definitely welcomed!
posted 18-Jun-2009 2:43pm

Lisa, What is an example of your daily diet and excerise...I am currently taking RFA and I have lost 9 pounds in my first week and not so much this week.. please share
posted 18-Jun-2009 4:42pm

Amber, I am blogging all of it at I'm not eating much, but what I am eating is healthy. As for the exercise, I haven't changed anything. I don't have a regime. It's just normal everyday walking for errands, etc. Haven't even been on my bike or swimming lately. 7 lbs. in 3 days. Sure hope I don't plateau after the first week!
posted 19-Jun-2009 9:30am

Well, I think I fell into the same trap I did years ago on the original RFA formula.

While taking the new RFA formula and adding in 16 - 24mg of eph My appetite dropped like a rock. I had energy and the jitters went away after a couple days. So far so good.

However, what I didn't realize was that I ended up eating too little. I started feeling VERY depleted and sluggish. I thought I mustbe getting sick because I was still eating and drinking water. But when I really looked at what I was eating, I was taking in just under 1000 calories a day. OUCH!

So, just a minor set-back. I eased up on the RFA and eph, and now am watching very carefully that while I do have a supressed appetite I am taking in enough calories to not put my body into panic mode.

So far, just a couple days since I resumed and I am feeling much better.
posted 20-Jun-2009 2:08am


I have been on 37.5mg of Phentermine for 9 days as of tonight. I am officially stopping. I have not lost a single pound, and even worse I discovered that I have been consuming on average around 450 calories a day. I say just discovered because I really haven't noticed/paid attention to the lack of caloric intake due to the appetite suppression from Phen. I was just never hungry so I didn't think anything about it. For those that don't know, a caloric intake of less than 1200 a day does NOT help you lose weight. I was naive a while ago and thought "If my body burns 1400 calories on it's own, a low calorie diet should equal easy weight loss.". I was very, very wrong. I will be going back to what DID show results, even if they weren't as fast as I would have liked and that's the HCL and RFA-1.

I don't know if it was from the Phen or what, but I have noticed a NEGATIVE effect on my attitude as well. For the most part I am a very easy going person. I was in a construction zone today and came up to an intersection with the lights flashing red indicating it was a 4-way stop now. I know for a fact it was my turn to go and halfway through the intersection another car decided to turn as well. The driver laid on his horn right as I passed by him, and without even thinking about what I was doing I turned and looked at him REALLY quick and stuck my arm out the window with a middle finger. It sounds funny as I read it, but the quickness that my body/brain reacted and with such an negative reaction was NOT me. It really did feel like I was someone else for a second. Kinda scary.

Final conclusion: Phentermine is not for me and I will resume the HCL and RFA-1.

Goodnight everyone.
posted 20-Jun-2009 11:22am

Wow, I fell into a similar set of circumstances recently too. I had the same results. I became wicked irritable, VERY weak, just wanted to sleep all day and all night... it was a bad place to be.

I eased up for a few days, upped my calories (just up to a reasonable level, not over the top), and resumed RFA and HCL.

So far my body is feeling much better and my mood has improved greatly.

I hope you'll get to feeling better soon. Good luck when you resume RFA and HCL.
posted 24-Jun-2009 11:26am

Hello just like to know if anybody taking RFA-1 had any side effects. started taking it last week had to stop because my tounge and mouth tasted like a mineral and my tounge looked like had cuts and a white film like and tounge very sore.
have lost about 4pds first few days not hungry but after that yes.
posted 25-Jun-2009 8:15am

Brad or wapowell can one of you explain me more about how much calories we have to consume in order to lose wieght! Am kind of lost
posted 25-Jun-2009 5:19pm


It all depends on your sex, age, height and frame.

The rule of thumb is to burn more calories than you consume, but that's where it gets tricky. You can't eat 100 calories a day and expect to lose weight because your body will start to think that it is in a starvation state and instead of burning calories it will save them. If done long enough, your body will start to burn actual muscle in search of the nutrients it needs. That can lead to Ketosis, which if not treated can lead to death (granted it would take quite a while for any fatal side effects to happen).

The magic number I have found is in the 1,200-1,400 range. The pounds are starting to come again now that I've upped my calorie intake from roughly 450 a day to about 1,300.

Just be smart about what you eat and don't starve yourself. Drink nothing but water and make sure that whatever you eat is AT LEAST 50-75% vegetables and/or fruits.
posted 27-Jun-2009 2:37am


just do ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin ECA

Don't waste your money on any ingredients/formulas.

Caffeine and aspirin are cheap and easily obtainable.
posted 27-Jun-2009 11:52am

Hi everyone,

So similar to many of you, I used Xenadrine RFA-1 back in 2002 with GREAT results. Still havent found anything quite like it. I've doen the ECA stack off and on with some results. Here is a tip for all of you: I used to order the Ephedrine HCL from the interent (Kaizen) brand and then found out you can actually by the stuff at local drug stores like Walgreens. The name is is in tablet form and is sold over the counter. It is used, like Kaizen to treat chest/broach problems, however, I walked in last month to Walgreens and there it was behind the counter WITHOUT a perscription. The only catch is that they have you register you first and last name beacuse you are only allowed to by one pacakage a month. Each tablet contains 12 mg of HCL and comes with like 30 tablets for $10. Hope that helps, it elimnates the shipping etc fromt he interent.

Brad-Im alos from Nor Cal and am going to see a "doc" next week, sounds smilar to your experience. Are you inthe Bay Area?
posted 28-Jun-2009 6:34pm


That was already discussed last year on this forum. Look back to around June-October.


True, you can get it through the Primatene Tablets, but it is MUCH more expensive than ordering online. 60 tablets of 8mg Kaizen can be had for $6.99. 24 tablets of Primatene is generally $5.00. Not to mention if you order the Kaizen in bulk (1,200 tabs).
posted 28-Jun-2009 8:33pm

Yeah that's true, I just found it to be easier than ordering it and I was able to get 60 12.5 mg tablets for about $11 at Walgreens. So with shipping and all that in comparison to the 8mg tablets it balances out, unless you want to buy in bulk as you mentioned.
posted 29-Jun-2009 5:59pm

been on RFA-1 for two days now and finding it harder to breathe than usual and a bit nervous
should i stop straight away or let my body get used to it??
posted 30-Jun-2009 4:07am

If you can't breathe please stop
posted 3-Jul-2009 10:20pm

where can I get the rfa-1? does it contain ephedra?
posted 4-Jul-2009 2:21am

I've been taking Zenalean for 3 weeks and gained weight. I have been doing tae bo and eating better. I do not recomend it at all. I wasted my money. :(
posted 5-Jul-2009 11:21pm

Thanks for all the comments. I started taking the Xenadrine RFA-1 yesterday and so far I feel fine. No shakes or jitteriness. I would ideally like to lose 15 to 20 lbs. Currently at 120 lbs. which is the most I've weighed. I am 5ft and turned 40 this year. Most of my weight is in the mid area. I had great results from Xendrine about 5 yrs ago. Hope the same with this new product.
posted 6-Jul-2009 11:03am


If you would read through this thread (even just from this year) you would be able to answer your own question.
posted 8-Jul-2009 12:09pm

Hello everyone,

Before I started taking the new Xenadrine RFA-1 I thought I should do some research first and I found this site and I have found all the comments very helpfull thank you to everyone.
2 weeks ago I was 288 lbs at 5'6 I'm now at 270 lbs, I'm on a good diet having 3 Servings of Proteins per day, 4 Vegetables, 3 Fruits, 2 Starches, 2 Fats and 1 Dairy i'm also staying away from Wings, Ribs, Bacon, Sausages and Hot Dogs and doing 40 min of cardeo "Tae bo" a few times a week oh and I can't forget I'm also drinking nothing but water 6 to 9 bottles a day. I'm NOT a professional and I recomend anyone starting any kind of diet or exercise to see there doctor before they start....
posted 8-Jul-2009 8:23pm

I was wondering with the RFA-1 do you have to take 6 pills a day?? And if so, can you cut it back and still have the same results. I just have stomach fat to lose (10-15pounds). Let me know
gator girl
posted 9-Jul-2009 5:35pm

What is HCL?
posted 10-Jul-2009 11:47am

HCL, in this forum, is sometimes used to refer to Ephedrine HCL.
posted 10-Jul-2009 5:02pm

What's the difference between Xenadrine RFA-1(new formula) and Xenadrine Ultra?? I went on the Xenadrine site and it shows Ultra...Thanks!
posted 10-Jul-2009 10:57pm

Since I have that Zenalean stuff i went out and bought the Primetene tabs and started taking them together. In 2 days ive lost 3 pounds.

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